The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 15, 1981 · Page 53
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 53

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1981
Page 53
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(Continued from Page 8) puters and lasers to create an extraordinary array of strange new art forms. GD ® © OD (S) 13 Movie "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" (1977) Richard Dreyfuss, Francois Truf- faut. After sighting a UFO, a power company employee becomes obsessed with finding the aliens' land- Ing site, g Q O O © (10) 03 <B Archie Bunker's Place ( 6 ) Soundstage "ABBA In Concert" ( 9 ) In Search Of... (13) Code Red (JD Movie •&•&•&% "The Graduate" (1967) Dustln Hoffman, Katharine Ross. While being urged to date a neighbor's daughter, a young graduate is having an affair with her mother. HBO Standing Room Only "Sherlock Holmes ~ The Strange Case Of Alice Faulkner" 0 In Touch 8 College Football Michigan at Purdue 0 Movie -tiirir "The Longest Yard" (1974) Burt Reynolds, Eddie Albert. A former pro quarterback doing time In a Southern prison Is given the job coach- Ing a group of convicts for a no-holds- barred football game against the guards. 7:30 O O O ffl (10) 0 0 One Day At A Time Ann finally steps In to help Julie and Max deal with their marital problems. (Part 2) a I) People To People O O (S CD • Movie **4 "North Dallas Forty" (1979) Nick Nolte, Mac Davis. Groupies, pill-popping and all-night partying begin to take their toll on two fun-loving but over-the-hlll football players. g Q) O (B O 0 Masterpiece Theatre "Edward And Mrs. Simpson: The Little Prince" After contracting malaria on a safari with Lady Furness. the Prince of Wales (Edward Fox) returns home where he Is Introduced to Mrs. Wallls Simpson (Cynthia Harris). (Part 1) g O O O ® (10) ID 0 Alice Mel's timid cousin comes to visit. ( 8 ) Nova "Artists In The Lab" A look is taken at the 20th-century pioneers who are using computers and lasers to create an extraordinary array of strange new art forms, g SUNDAY 6:00 O Sports Center 7:00 O Best Of The NFL "1970 Dallas Cowboys And 1972 NFL Highlights" 8:00 O College Football Mississippi at Tennessee 9:000 Wrestling 9:30 CD Scholastic Sports Academy "Basketball: How To Set A Pick. Defensive Rebounding" Guest: Danny Schayes. 10:00 ©Wrestling HBO Inside The NFL CD Cottege Football Air Force vs. Notre Dame 11:00 O Sports Center Phis 11:30 OGD NFL '81 OD College Football '81 (10) CC NFL Today 12:00 O O NFL Football Regional coverage of Baltimore Colts at Philadelphia Eagles; Buffalo Bills at St. Louis Cardinals; Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers; New York Jets at New England Patriots; Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins; Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons CD NFL Football Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers O O OS) (10) (D (D NFL Football Los . Angeles Rams at Cincinnati Bengals 00 Wichita State Football Highlights O CFL Football "Eastern Conference Final" CD Greatest Sports Legends "George Mikan" 12:30 CD Scholastic Sport* Academy 1:00 O O CD NFL Football Houston Oilers at Kansas City Chiefs 2:0003 (E <B> 13 College Football '81 2:30 ODaXQ) 13 NFL's Best Ever B NFL Today 3:000 O0O) (10) 00 NFL Football Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions GD Western Outdooreman O CFL Football "Western Conference Final" 3:30(13) College Football '81 4:000 College Football Alabama vs. Penn 4:30 O TV Quarterbacks "Alabama Vs. Penn State" Jimmy Houston Outdoor* Suixiay. tWeinfecf 1$, 1681 The Sallna Journal Sunflower Pa^e 9 " Sunday November 15 7 p.m.-end (9) LawrenceWelk (13) Movie 6*6 "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" (1977) O Maintenance • Shop Blues "Ta| Mahal" & American Trail 8:05 OD Atlantic City Alive 8:30 O O O 05* (10) © (B The Jeffersons Florence's new career flops and she returns to the Jeffersons expecting her old Job back. (Part 2) G The Heritage Singers 9:00 QD CB S) The Paper Chase "The Man Who Would Be King" Franklin Ford Ill's father, visiting the university to recruit students for his law firm, puts pressure on his son to be th* star of the class. O O O <H> (10) O 0 Trapper John, M.D. Gonzo and Trapper's cooperative care program bags an unusual mixture of participants. (8) 03) Masterpiece Theatre "Edward And Mrs. Simpson: The Little Prince" After contracting malaria on a safari with Lady Furness, the Prince of Wales (Edward Fox) returns home where he Is Introduced to Mrs. Wallis Simpson (Cynthia Harris). (Part 1) g O The World At War (9) News 0 All Creatures Great And SmeN II CD Town Had 0 Come On Along 0 Movie -ir-tr-tr-tt "Ordinary People" (1980) Mary Tyler Moore. Donald Sutherland. A guilt-ridden teen-ager trying to put his life back together after his brother's death and his own suicide attempt reaches out to his complacent father and his cold, reserved mother. •R' 9z05 UP Nows 9:30 CD Independent Network New* HBO Movie 6V4 "In God We Trust" (1980) Marty Feldman. Andy Kaufman. A naive monk Is sent out Into the world to raise money for his impoverished monastery. 'PG' OJohnAnkerberg CD English Channel "The Australian Ark: The Farthest West" / "World In Action: These Are My Children" / "Science Magazine" lOflO O O O (5 O GD O (B O (E> O 03 IP (10) (B (D (Q) 13 Q) News (D © 03 Firing Line "The Economic Lot Of Minorities" Guest: Thomas Sowell. (6) Season Ticket O All Creatures Great And Small II (9 ) Kung Fu (D Matinee At The Bijou (TJ) John Callaway Interviews G) Benny Hill O The King Is Coming 0 Sports Center 10:05 (D Open Up 10:30 O O QD Bonanza O Charlie's Angels ®QD ©13 ABC News O Movie -h-to-tr "Cactus Flower" (1969) Walter Matthau, Ingrld Bergman. (£ Movie £4 "The Monkey Mission" (1981) Robert Blake, Keenan Wynn. O 0 <H> 0 Donahue "The High Cost Of Starting Out In The '80s" (6 ) No, Honestlyl O Movie 4££ "The Man Who Loved ' Cat Dancing" (1973) Burt Reynolds, Sarah Miles. QD Sunday Extra (10) Tom Oeborne Iowa State vs. Nebraska 0 Jim Dickey CD Donahue "How To Marry Money" CDGunsmoke 0 Contact 10:45 (£®IH) 13 NashvIHe On The Road 11:00 GD CD 0 Inside Washington (6 ) Sneak Preview* Roger F.bert and Gene Slskel review "Co Co Chanel" "Halloween 2" and "Priest Of Love." (R) 19 ) Movie 66<A "Silver River" (1948) Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan. 0 Movie 666 -Dirty Harry" (1972) Clint Eastwood, Harry Guardino. (13) New* (TJ The Lawmakers OD Don Fambrough & University Of Michigan Football 0 College Football Oklahoma at Missouri 11:05flB Movie 666 "They Died With Their Boots On" (1941) Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havllland. 11:10 HBO Movie 66V4 "Fade To Black" (1980) Dennis Christopher, Linda Kerridge. 11:15 ® ® (S) 13 On Target © Movie 66 "Challenge The Dragon" 11:3000® Come Alive CD © S) The Lawmakers Q Entertainment This Week On the beach with Margot Kidder; Gregory Harrison discusses "For Ladles Only"; Joe Namath hosts "Nashville Palace." O O ® (B Movie 666V4 "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (1963) Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle. ( 6) Matinee At The Bl|ou (D Today's Growing Intimate Family ED Tales Of The Unexpected 09 Target SD Sports Probe 11:35 (13) M*A*S*H 11:45® ®(H) 13 News 12:00 OO® News (10) Movie 66V4 "Rescue From Gllll- gan's Island" (1978) Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr. OD Face The Nation 0 Comedy Shop 0 College Football Air Force vs. Notre Dame 12:05 (13) Movie 666 "Play Misty For Me" (1971) Clint Eastwood, Jessica Walter. 12:30 O Look At Us O Movie -frit "The Virginia Hill Story" (1974) Dyan Cannon, Harvey Keitel. GD Mission: Impossible O ABC News 0Qunsmoke 12:450 Movie ** "The Attic" (1979) Carrie Snodgress, Ray Milland. 12:55 HBO Hepburn And Tracy 1:00 O Insight OD (10) News 0 News (Time Approximate) 1:10 (9) News 1:30 ®0 News OB Pastors Study (Time Approximate) 1:40 (9 ) Cromle Circle 2:00 OIS) New* (Time Approximate) ® Movie 66 "Her Kind Of Man" (1946) Dane Clark. Janis Paige. 0 College Football Alabama vs. Penn State Sports this week November 15-21 6:00 GD CD 0 Sport* America "Mens International Congress Fast-Pitch Softball Championship Game: Camarillo Kings Vs. Tulsa Firebirds" ( 6 ) Soccer Made In Germany Argentina vs. Germany 0 Sport* Center Pfcw 6:300 NHL Hockey Edmonton Oilers vs. New York Rangers 7:000 College Football Michigan at Purdue 10:000 Sport* Center 10:30(10) Tom O*borne Iowa State vs. Nebraska 09 Jim Dickey MONDAY EVENING 6:00 0 Sports Center 7:000 Best Of The NFL "1975 World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers And 1975 Cincinnati Bengals Highlights" CD College Football Northwestern vs. Ohio State 8:00® ® O ID (13) <H> 13 NFL Football San Diego Chargers at Seattle Seahawksg 0 College Football Oklahoma at Missouri 9:00 0 Tennis "Benson And Hedges Men's Championship Singles Semifinals" TUESDAY EVENING 6:000 Sport* Center 6:300 Sport* Look 7:00 O NFL Gam* Of The Week CD Tennl* "Benson And Hedges Men's Championship Singles Finals" 7:300 Sport* Forum 8:00 O College Football Notre Dame at Air Force WEDNESDAY EVENING Made In Germany Argentina vs. Germany Philadelphia Flyers 7:00 GD d) © UNL Football Highlights "Iowa State" O Sport* Talk 8:00 0 CFL Football "Eastern Conference Final" 9:30 0 College Football Auburn vs. Georgia THURSDAY EVENING 6:00 O Sports Center 6:30 HBO Inside The NFL 0 Sport* Look 6:35 O NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks 7:00 0 The NFL Story: Line By Une 0 NBA Basketball Indiana Pacers vs. Kansas City Kings 7:30 GD S) 0 Outdoor Nebraska 0 Sport* Forum 8:000 Top Rank Boxing From Totowa, New Jersey. 9:30 0 NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors vs. San Diego Clippers FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 HBO Inside The NFL 6:30 O NHL Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs at Pittsburgh Penguins 0 Sport* Probe 7:000 Billiards "Miller King Of The Hill Tournament" 7:30 CD MI3L Soccer Denver Avalanche vs. Memphis Americans 9:00 O GoH "World Match Play Championship" (Match 2) from Great Britain. 10:00 O NFL Game Of The Week 0 College Football Grambllng State vs. South Carolina State 10:30 03 d) <Q> 13 High School Scoreboard O Sport* Center SATURDAY 5:00 O Ootf "World Match Play Championship" (Match 2) from Great Britain. 8:00 O Sport* Center 7:00 Q Professional Rodeo From Masqulte, Texas. 0 Scholastic Sports Academy "Basketball: Conditioning, How To Shoot Off The Dribble" Guest: Carol Blazejowski. 9:000 Sport* Center 9:30 0 College Football Review 10:00 0 University Of Michigan Football 0 CFL Football: From The 55 Yard Una 10:30 0 College Football Preview Hosts: Jim Simpson, Bud Wilkinson. CD Scholastic Sports Academy 11:00(5 GD 0 O 0 ®> ( 13 > 0 ® 13 NCAA Football Q Sports Center Plus 12:00 O O (B d) College Basketball "Hall Of Fame Tip-Off Classic" Brigham Young vs. Virginia 1:000 Women's Tennis "Federation Cup" from Tokyo, Japan. 2:00 OOd) Wrestling 2:30 GD Western Outdoorsman 0 Soccer Made In Germany Argentina vs. Germany 2:45® ® O O 0 <H> (13) 0 <H> 13 NCAA Football 3:00 O O GD CD O SportsWorld Women's World Powerlifting Championships II (from Honolulu); Charlotte "500" auto race (from Charlotte, N.C.). CD S) © Sport* America "1981 Big 8 Women's Volleyball Championships" Q Sports Center Plus 3:30 O (10) 0 Sport* Saturday 15-round WBC Lightweight Championship bout between Alexis Arguello and Roberto Elizondo(live). 5:00 O Sports America "National Cycling Championships" 5:050 Wrestling 5:30 O Sports Probe 6:00 (ED Soccer Made In Germany Italy vs. Uruguay Q Sport* Center 0 Sport* Look 6:30 CD GO 0 Outdoor Nebraska Q Gymnastics "USGF Single Elimination Championships" Jim Hartung vs. Brian Babcock and Kathy Johnson vs. Kym Flschler CD Speedway 7:00 (13) Sporteweek 7:30 0 Auto Racing "DIRT Schaefer 200" from Syracuse. New York. 3:05 S3 Football Saturday • . . . . 8:50 CD Bowling "World Cup Tournament"

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