The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 12, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1935
Page 5
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i THE TIPTON gAILY TRIBUNE KAOB Pl.Vfc Every Day Prices! Woodbury s Facial Powder 25c and 50c Boxes Woodbory's Cold, Facial and Cleansing Creams 25c and 44c Jars Woodbury's Soap Originally 25c Now lOc or 3 for 25c CCc Russian Mineral Oil 39c 60c Syrup of Pepsin 49c 50c Milk of Magnesia 39c 50c Inana Tooth paste 39c Sl.C5~l!:do-Vin 98c : Old English Floor Wax 69c ; .c Johnson's Floor Wax 69c 75c Johnson's Glo-Coat - •. -59c Paper and Paints keoau's Drug Store II,.IJVIT.V — Phone -1«. West Side Square |j Will Ryan. .Margaret Hyan, and ,—» • 1 P" I j Mrs. Frank Hower. bccia! bvents ! • —~ Junior Art Th.: Junior Art I.'MSue will in. . t Saiurday morn in;; at 10: "0 ''"'' l iiYlocl; al tin- library. A full at- - - -i.'ii wa- i" Legion .\n\iliiirj. ;, .!• :•!. Mr~. .1. K. .. -' !i--i!,- of inn r-! The AimTii-an l.euiou Auxiliai;' : - . p l"ii. i Inli \oi- :u,-i ; n tin- arniory Thursday ev- . . i :1 il..u:itii.ii in .-ninp; with a ^ood alt.-iuiaiue of . i: I...HI euiiiiu'i. and :n.-inli(-rs pivs-m. :'.:.;iiiiiii' -1 to liinin.- the Imsine-s session in . i; . of till' president. M 1'S. -,,:, v..i 'i. -ar.l .\mna s--vcral matters ., \v!:ii a P- ill. all wire disi-ns.^ d. and a niiniher of - v, ,,,-, ..; i|, :1 ,n,v,-.!. inlen-liim letters read. Plans :;-:. .. ., ,;. l!.: : :;pi \\.-iv .•ontiinieil lor the annii; 1 .! .,-• , ,: >,-.!. v. nil t'ie l'op]iy Hay to lie held in the near i. .. .:.:!:!!-. lai,i!i i r. i-.;!iii'.-. and i verythiiiK possible ,;.. --,.•!.,:• ..-.i.e.;. i; ii. i:u: dor.i' I.i make this the ; .:;.i-- iii-.'-i poppy sale ev. r held in Tip- JUNIOR PROGRAM. * \Vill Be Presented at Presbyterian Church Sunday Afternoon. LKXTEX SERVICES. Cliina :4ho\ver. luiu'li at small tables to the fol-^ nv.esis: Mi,=s Craves, Mrs- Miss Jlartha i -Collins .uier- Culvert fliavi s. Virsinia Taylor, Splendid Meeting at ' Methodist tained at her Home ,,n \V.-L Mary llanvy. and Mrs. John Men-I t Th Highly At a recent business meeting of the Junior .Missionary society i-f the Presbyterian church the following olliaers were elected for the coniins year: I'residcnt. Janei^ Heckenhauer; vice-president. Betty Jane Havens; secretary, Betty Jane Tatman; treasurer. Ldilh Smith. The society is sponsoring the following program to be presented i'aliii Sunday afternoon at l:uu o'clock, in the Presbyterian ohun-h. Prc/luil'.. "T h e Processional from the Crucifixion," Stainer, Mrs. C. B. Stemen. Hymn. "Fairest Lord Jesus." Response. Invocation, Mildred West. Scripture reading, Floreiife Louise Rosenthal. Sons by primary department. "The Swing Song." Ke.-itation. "An Kastir Welcome," Marilyn (Jreen. Dialogue, "Tile Little Worm." Mary Collins and Kveretl Smith. Piano solo, Phil ilnfline. It e <• i t a t f o n and cliuriis. "riliring's Messengers." Kstber Smith. Mary Knima Banta. Barbara Whistler, ,)<>y Tiinmer ami Judith Collins. * Violin solo. ''The Uosary. Edith Smith. Rt ailing. Anne Camren. Voi-al dii"l. .lane Wi ri and Betty .lane Tatman. Exercise. "Two Lilt]-- liullis," Donald "litrhiTi. Joy Tiinmer ami Harry Lew Floyd. Vocal solo, "Hail To Ihe Risen Lord," Howard Tnnnier. Our Sn.'i. ty. Margaret Ann Ilo.-- enthal. Offerliiry. "Pai|iief Flenries." Mailley. Exercise. -Tin- Cross," Jam 1 Collins. Mary IMen Haven-'. Mary Ann Kohlingi-r. drari Collins, liai-h'-l Hoseuthal. Cretcheii (ll'een ami Martha Havens. Bapii-^mal service. Hymn. "Ilrm-aili th- 1 Cro.-s of Jesus." Benediction. Rev. Tiinmer. Washington fli Ailing with a china shuvvi-r in ' i! ••iha'.l. al! <•( Indianapolis, and •Martha Hi'!. Agin s Bowlin. Mary ('hurch i.ast Xight. "Good But Not Good Enough" Indianapolis, whose marria-.- m v,i .. I);iVM! <'.imploii. I!-ny Comp- I)r. lioh.-n Colliiis of ihi.. ei-.y f| ^ r ; ,tj,, rin.- Alth. rr. Cl:»dys i will take place April -". Vl ,,., v Ilridce was enjoy..! i!u:-inu I Ir.' ..j, M evening ^"iih hirh seoi - pi !:•'••• award, d in Cat ii'lriii.- Altln-rr and A pies Howliu. HaMi. nian-.-he IJoyd. \vas the sermon topic of Rev. J. l)h. Mrs. Paul Slf-sii. | Floyd Seelig ul the Thursday night Lenten service at tlie Kemp Memorial Methodist church. His Mr-. Paul Xewliirk, j discourse was based on the story ity. i of the live wise and the five fool- Loose leaf recipe books. I ish virgins. Miss Lois Slone was the soloist Mrs. Harry Crfmbs, Dr. Louis Foster and Dale Morehead. The Friday evening topic of Rev. Mr. Seelig will be: "The Master's Call." This will be his last sermon of the series. The concluding sermon will be given Sunday evening by the Rev. C. G. Yeomans, district superintendent of Kokomo. Cutting Case. Washington, April 12. — Tha senate elections committee yes- for favorite recipes for the of the c-veninj? and the two terday overruled the motion of. '"' ''''"'"' "' ''" p! :•!"-- j^. who' is particular. The pivai-hc-rs. Rev. .I. Floyd Seelig j Senator Cutting (Rep.. N. M.) for irave< waj iir, to In m v :i,. ine Press : '"d !£ey. John Ward Rose sang a'dismissal of the election contest dining room w!,•',•.- ,:,.- .aM, v.:^ TvibunePreS5. set wtUi lnv. ly. \eli.pv.- I'arryin:; 0111 t!i! briii' 's .-i.lor•'-. the rhina hi in^ the ::il't of !!i..- uroup to the briil.-ele'.-i. The c- a- lerpiece for the t:'.hl v --'~ a li.v - ly boini'.i. t of yellow .i. i:-.|iiii> :'.r.-l orchid sv.-i-et p.-as v. ilh tall y.'l- low ii:Ml! -ll 1.1'.'--1S »'ll Miss Collins s-jrv.-il a il.-!i ion; Koliiiisiiii'llaiiiinei SATURDAY ONLY! New Soring Dresses $4.85 $7.95 Values to Si5 00 Sizer, II, 1G. 13 Only The Ladies Shop Ritz Bi M> I I : <> . Atha Ray. i-:in:!- -.u..-k lias -il .:ii; : Tin- iilm\i- - ( - all M.U . W. dii'Miay and v.Tll take wViii i lii-iii iiia-a/.iin-s. playing card-. .^iik ho--.-, and silk underwear. 5c Post Toasties and Kellogg ! s Corn 1 ft f'lakes, large A vt Lye, Hooker, AC \'., dozen ^uv Matches, Ohio Blue Tip, large Oieo, Standard, Modern, Churngold, 1 C- per Ib *J«Bread Tipton twin Q _ loaf OL Babbitt's Cleanser, , 5c size, (3 for .... Kraut, 2 J / 2 size, . «_ per can •'*' Swiss or Round Steak, Ib Boiling Beef, per Ib Chuck Roast, per Ib Pot Roast, per Ib Ground Beef, per Ib Short Steak or T- Bone. Ib Pork Steak, per Ib. more arlii-lis to donate is asked in call Airs. James Collins at 1:::.::. Mrs. Maude Mitchell at •l'-\'.\. or Mrs. Paul (Iraham at :;i:!.v and-Minu- one will call for the -ii'.s. The iie.-a nieetlns will he a piii-hin --upper Wednesday even- in--. April -I. at the home of Mr-.. Myrtle Plain-, for the innni- li'-rs and their fainiliis. The fol- lnwin^ Friday, April 2<i. several nienih' rs ill tin- hn-al auxiliary \\ill uo to Frankfort where they | will attend Ihe district mretins. and all who can do so are urged Til.- remainder of the evening wa« in chariri! of the hostess. Mrs. Haskett. who served lovely refreshments. Thursday evening at the home I of Rev. Mrs. Kilna Smith on North Independence street. Rev. Mrs. Smith united in marriau" Lloyd Robinson of Tipton and | Miss Hilda Ann Hummer, daim'i- ler of Mr. ami Mrs. Harry Hammer of Sheridan. Both are line youim pople the sroom hein^ a • sou of the late Krnest Rohin<:.n. j liis mother residing • on North | Oak street in Tip)on. Immediately after .the ceremony they left for Sheridan wjiere the bridegroom is employed by; the Hoosicr Fence Company and The bride has for some time been! inployed in tlie Hirden Cafe ii Tipton and has made a number '.if I stanch friends in this city. HAT AND HKAI;TY SIIOPPE CONTINUOUS oHOW SUNDAY duet number. Pp-.-cial delegations attended from the Sunday school classes of brought against him by former New Mexico Representative E. Dennis Chavez. ; SA1E CONTINUES! Dresses, $2.95 and $5.95 Coats, $10.00 DELMAR BEAUTY SALON Blue Jacket The coal of satisfaction; burns good any place you put it. Edna Burkhart Co. Registered Dealer. Home, 1149. Office, 55. Phones 130-27 RE'S Phones 130-27 COvIEDY — 1HVIN 3. COBB ALSO COLOR E3EL ANa^OS NEWS No Traces of Thieves. I-or liaskctliall Team. There will he a community haskel sii|iper ill honor of the Prairie high school basketball team at Ihe Prairie school building Tuesday evening. March 1C. All residents of the community are requested to take note and arrange to be present to enjoy the supper and the program which will follow. Mrs. John Rickard. yesidinu northeast of Tipton, was here Friday doinR some shoppiiii: and was still mad over the disappearance of -12 fine Tiarred Rock hens from | her place. The chickens were tak-| en Tuesday niKht of last week | and the matter reported to ihej officers who made an investi:;a-1 tion but have found no trace of the fowls. Amy Sea Spring Hats Roode Hat Shoppe 3O3 South Main Food Market. 14c 13c 14c 22c Ki-nilall's Store, Saturday. Loy•al "Workers Class. . ICast 1'nion. Poi-ahontas euchre and (jranco K. of I', hull Saturday night, April i:;. Public invited. Quilt -awarded. c-164 DANCING SATURDAY NIGHT CASTLE INN South'of Elwpod Beer — Sandwiches Four Hours' Dancing We Loan Money For Home Purchasing, Home Building, and Home Remodeling or Improvements. The Tjpton Building and Leap Association LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT Conn- Af'--v -::!! mi'! See ; Two Bij>- Shows l-ni- P:i- e of One DONAID WOODS NED SPARKS -- V.'Ill Sucardo Cortes 3 Bm Acts SATURDAY NITE i ONLY 001 Young Beef PORK, VEAL and GENUINE SPRING LAMB Swiss Roast Off Arm, Choice Cuts, Young and Tender, Ib. 20c SWIFT'S DIXIE BACON £:.25c PURE LARD— 2 Ibs 35c SMOKED HAMS —Swift's Oriole Brand, half OO or whole, Ib. GROUND BEEF Ground Twice; Especially Fine for a Loaf 2! b ;;29c Swill's Premium or Slar Hams, Whole. Ib. 25c WaSfel Steaks No Bone, No Waste Beef or Veal, Ib. 25c PORK LIVER-Per Ib. , ,. .15c FRESH BEEF BRAINS-2 Ibs 25c We Can Give Yon Any Cut oi Genuine Spring Lamb You Wish—Not Mutton Jewel Shortening, lard substitute, Ib. 15c Smoked Picnics, 4 to G Ibs., Ib 19c Beef Pot Roast, Ib 18c Steak, 3'oung and tender, Ib .20c Loin or T-Bone Steak, Ib. 25e Rit Boil, tender and meaty Ib. ... .15c Bacon, sugar cured, no rind, Ib 30c Cottage Cheese, creamed Ib lOc Icy Bay Fish the finest you can buy, per Ib There's Plenty of Difference When Compared to the Cheap Grade. Choice Cuts Roast Young Bed ib. 2flc Cut From the Best Round, Lars/e Yellow Onion Sets.^3 Ibs.. ... .25c RedT Yellow or White Sets, small, Ib. 19c Early Michigan Cobbler Seed Potatoes 100-lb. bag SI- 35 Potatoes, Large White No. 1, Peck 12c Pare Cane jaotti Bag, 10 ibs. 49C ChocolateCovmd Grahams » J9c Powdered Sugar, 3 Ibs. 21c Peanut Butter, per Ib. 18c T. N. T. Brown Soap, 8 oz. Cakes, 10 bars "BED BEAKS, RED KIDNEY BEANS "to POEK AND BEANS- 21c 15c No. 2 cans, 2 for Oj^pisir^Ftour JOjb^sack^^^ „ . ~,_. „ «.- f" . .29r Ramo Coffee, special, per Ib '..tid 25c 89c Nut Oleo, 2 Ibs. .. Salad Dressing, quart jar -. Quick-Jel, 4 boxes Lifebuoy Soap, 4 bars Kraut, 2V2 size, 3 for Pard Dog Food, 3 cans Prunes, extra large, 2 Ibs. ... Salt, 10 Ibs., 19c; 100-lb. bag Castile Soap, 7 bars for .... Swift's White Laundry Soap, ^0 for 27c Pineapple, 2Y 2 size, can • • • • -l- c Wheaties, pkg. • -^ Ammonia, quart ...-.-• • • - 10c Sunbrite Cleanser, 6 cans 25c Pancake Flour, 3 pkgs. .25c Vai Camp, 4 cans .25c Soap Flakes, 5 Ibs .........-'. -27c Toilet Tissue, 1,000-sheet rolls, 4 for 17c Imperial Tea, y z !lb. -- 15c Grajiam Crackers, 2'Ibs.,: 21c Soda Crackers, 2 Ibs. . : .fi.. . -. -17c Pea'phea, lairge 2% aize, 2 for -.25c atwch, a fiw,^4.-.-. .|.L...:::-:... ,1?P -jtoh. ^-^.^'"« - - ^ ^fetfe Ramo Coffee, special, per Ib. .. Gold Medal Flour, 24 Ibs. $1.Q& Pastry Flour, 10 Ibs 39cf E-Z-Bake Flour, 5-lb. bag 27c Eisquick, large pkg. ..'.' 29c Spaghetti, large can, 3 for 25c Fruits and Vegetables Head Lettuce, solid, 2 for 13c Grape Fruit, large, 4 for 17c New Tomatoes, 2 Ibs 23c Bananas, 6 Ibs. 25c Strawberries, fancy, 2 boxes ......25c Apples, Winesap, 4 Ibs -I9c Celery, per bunch •, 5<? Lemons, large dozen -lite California Oranges, large, dor-, 30c,\' Sweet Potatoes Jersey 4 Ibs. . Green Beans Ib. Turnips and Parsnips, Ib Q*een Onions, bunch ........ .wwh

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