The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 12, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1935
Page 4
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jC'~ A Shopping We Will Go To McGraws' ForlPrices Low POSTTOASTIES 1 10c 48c 21c 13c . 25c SUGARS bag... OXYDOLr gebo * POTATOES u : GINGER SNAPS •HOMINY size, 3 for TOILET TISSUE NAVY BEANS ft. for 23c 25c 17c 17c From Our Meat Department Swiss Steak, round, Ib. 2lc Beef Roast, tender, Ib. 19c Pure Ground Beef, Ib., 15c Beefsteak, cubed, Ib.. .27c Veal Steak, boneless .27c Beef Liver, per Ib 17c Bologna, per Ib, .....17c Minced Ham, per Ib. . .20c Fancy Bacon, no rind, 35c Pork Sausage, per Ib., 21c Dried Beef, %-lb. pkg. I2c Give Us Your Order Pure Lard, 2 Ibs. 35c Beef Pot Roast, Ib 17c Pork Roast, lean, Ib.. .21c Pork Steak, per Ib. . .25c Beef Boil, tender, 2 Ib, 25c Veal Roast, boneless, 23c Frankfurters, Ib 17c Fancy Bacon, per Ib. 30c Jowl Bacon, per Ib. . .21c Pork Chops, per lb...28c Boneless Ham, center, 35c for Dressed (ihickens Visit Our Store This Saturday. See Our Large Display of Vegetables Under Vapor Spray Delivery Flour, Sunbonnet 5 Ib. bag 25e Butter, Fresh Tiplon Creamery per Ib. 38c Climalene, large box I9c Pink Salmon, tall, 2 cans 25c Paliuolivc Soap, 3 bars 14c Ritz Crackers, box 25c Oleo, Kingan's. per Ib 15c Corn Meal, 3-lb. bag lOc Powdered Sugar, fine, 2-lb. pkg 15c Shredded Wheat, 2 boxes : 25c Raisins, 2-lb. pkg. 15c Churngold Oleo, fresh, 2 Ibs 31c Bliss Coffee, Tasty per Ib. 23c VaniHa Wafers, New Arrival per Ib. ISe •Camay Soap, 3 bars 14c Prunes, Del Monte, 2-lb. box 21c Mustard, quart jar .... 13c Soda Crackers, large 2-lb. box 18c Vinegar, quart bottle lOc Clean Quick Soap Chips, per box . .29c iBabbitt's Cleanser, 3 cans .lOc Fancy Peas, 2 No. 2 cans .25c Graham Crackers, 2-lb. box 21c Wilson's Milk, tall, 3 cans .21c Maxwell House or Chase and Sanborn 29C Pineappk, Sliced or Crashed No. 1 size per can lOc Wedding Oats, 2 boxes .. -.. .19c Beans, choice, 2-lb- pkg 19c i, No. 2 can .lOc -Bed. Seal Lye per can lOc ^XJalumet Baking Powder, Ib 22c Golden Brown Sugar, per Ib 6c Lima Beans, 2-lb. pkg. 19c Fork and Beans, Swift's, 3 cans. —25c Lifebuoy Soap, 4 bars ; .25c Nutro Milk, tall, 3 cans ! .18c lacaroni or Spaghetti, Bess brand 2 boxes 9c freal Northern Beans, 3 Ib. pkg. 21e Fresh Produce For Your Sunday Dinner button, bunch ...; — 5c Lettuce, crisp, per Ib 15c IjEfflery, large lOc , per Ib. 8c Potatoes, 4 Ibs 19c :awer, head 23c ;oes, each 5c , Our Mothers, 2-lb. can ..... .lie federal, 6 boxes 25c pej Cleaner 3 cans 25c jr, it-It pkg. ;.....19c Cake 13-egg, large ....S9c Bananas, nice, 4 Ibs 21c Head Lettuce, 2 heads .15c New a Tomatoes, 2 Ibs. /—25c New* Potatoes, 4 Ibs 25c Green Onions, bunch 5c Onions, No. 1, per Ib lOc Strawberries pint .. 15c &wansdow$ Pake Flour, pkg. 29c Enoxall So#p, per can -33c Saniflush, till ....................19c 0. JL Soap, krffe bar —. So E IS ENOEO IN A COUNTY) BAND. More Comment on Plan That Is Before Legion Post. 1 ' (Contributed.) At the regular meeting of the local Legion Post last Tuesday evening, the idea of a county band was put fotiward and discussed. Each Post of the American Legion has as a part of its regular program, a community project wherein i^ endeavors to serve in time of peace even as it did in time of war. A major portion of these projects is among the next coming generation. America is becoming more and more music-minded, and the idea of sponsoring a county-wide band, organized from among the; children of school age,i has merit and promise of lasting benefit that cannot be lightly gassed by. Any Denied Espionage Charged, project that will bbnefit the chil- g ut Admitted Writing dren of our county jis worthy, and Derop-atnrv the Post is to be! congratulated .uerogaiory for giving serious' consideration to the project. I The plan, while still embryonic is to organize from among , the school children' of!the county, a, band that could receive instruc- Naturalized American-English Teacher In Berlin j Is Acquitted. j MAN WEPT ON STAND (Uy UniliMl J'rctw). j Ucrlin, April '12. — Kidiaui KoicltTCr, naturalized America n formerly oE Cleveland, wont <M» Emery Dark, W. Vf. Dragoo, Dr. and his stay, at Munich — •!(> n-liioli I. L. Roller, George Cllne Harold Fretz. [ A mis-statement i has given the! returned from ri<:v.-Iaml in :-<i|i-i wrong impression 'la those notiP"rt his ag-!d he took ully conversant wjlh the motiva[n<i(fs «-liir::i "\\-cre not \---ry ;<'n.- and facts, that the citizens of | plinionlary io (Vriir.tny. Windfall are in need of financial gardiiiK liw>iis iiu^in;: tion during the summer months, j trial loday uharscd v , iUl and would be open to beginners, i treason. j' This organization would be dis- Tue charso concerns an alU-sli- inctly separate and inaependent tion ()f espionage, and ho vr.:i f any other like organization in j tricd | K . fo ,. 0 tiio div.-idLu "pwi- he county, but woitld be open for i, )IoV . colll . t C0m p 0 scd nio.sily i-i' membership to anyi child in the | Nazi . ii wUU , u ; . all . j ml);isc a..- unty whether a member of an-j deatl , sciitonto. Possibly in-cant:" the r organization jor not. Hopes . ol - American intvrest. in tin: trial, re held by the members of thoj expressed during tiio near;;.- H> acal post that this band would j mouths lie has b.ien in a N-'.-.i ecome proficient jenoiiph to be i prison, his hearing, was public.' alten to the Legion state cohvcu- American Consul Raymond .11. ion at Indianapolis, and maybe Ceisl was in .niurt ID watch or.; he national convention at St.! for IHK interests, and Ann nY:n: .ouis. This is a dream that can j m wvqiaiKr c(>n-e,spoiiuV»!s aueni'.- e made to come tr|Ue. i ed. —~ A committee nf the local Post | The Nazi juil;:.^ calb-d the •!'!- vill meet Sunday I afternoon at; yiar-ohl t'-aelu-r n( Kii' 1,1 !!;•• :00 p. m. at the Armory to study ! stand at Ilic Ix^lm-inr of li'-< liis proposal seriously and inten-: hearing, and in- told of !iis lif.'L ively. This committee is coin- I'alr osed of William Baslcy, chair- desi-ril' man. Judge Frank Russell, Dr. I!. I "philosophic pacifist" and as Chance, Judge C. W. Mount. [ "seared rabbit." On-;i-.:i:n:>lly M^rs. Bnrbora Wnggner iPorinerly Uved In I'rairur Townsliip. Hi rvolis. insiil.'iied. I ; liiiji.'.'lf variously us Friends in Prairie township were grieved Friday moaning to receive word of the death o£ Mrs.; Barbara (McKay) Waggner. age 31. former resident of that com-, munity which occurred at her home in Kirtlin at 2:-10 o'clock Friday morning. She hail been ill for the past two years suffering with a tumor growth, and durir.^ the past several days her condition became rapidly worse. although everything possible wr.3 done for hor. Barbara McKay was born in Prairie township. March M. 1SS1. the daughter of Thomas and Armilda (Chastine) McKay. She was married in 1905 to Di'.i'l Forrester, and to t!iis union was born one daughter Eileen. About eighteen years a?:o. Mr. Forrester was burned to death while working in Huntington, when a boiler exploded. : ON June 20. Mrs. Forrester remarried, her second huslinnd being Klza WugKiier of Kirklin. and since tlieir uiarriam 1 tlie couple have resided in tint town, although the deceased made fre- n.uent visits to her old home in 1'rairie township. Surviving; besid' s nre the daiiphtor. Hoone; the father. Kay. ;i]|il a sister. I'.rillain. the biltfr tnj-'ollier in Frankfurt. Her niolli- er. Mrs. M«:F\ay. and aimtber -fitter. Mrs. Adc-iiiif, Rayls of Knutli Tlend. were killed ii> an accident two years nsn. Mrs. Wagi'ner w:is [if ili^' Liberty B.ijilis devout Christian \vil''. uei" Hbnv. l>el*ivc.d by liiii'v: her. FiiiirNil si "vii-i s will, b" co:i- dt'ct' 1 :! Sunday afliTTmon :it -'.("> n'i IDC!:' at tin 1 T.ilii-riy . I5apli:: ! '•hiiivh. vitli buri;!l i:i tiio Liberty ri-nu'lcry. tiio husband Mrs. Eileen Thomas M.-Mrs. Hattif two residing a member church, a -'iMu-r 'i'i ; ' all wile. v.'ept. Hoirtt'rrr nci milled . th.-'f i!iiri:>;;| :•.••' This Interested TJs— Maybe It Will You, Too help for their local high school >and, of which th^y can rightly le proud, and whiqh would probably contribute several capable nstruments to the proposed coun- y organization. Windfall has plenty of money fbr its local chool band and is In no way ask- ng aid. The local Legion Post is county wide in itsj membership, nd is county-wide Jin its interests and community spirit. Let's got behind this idea i^nd boost. 1'ri.soner a r.:! •; • in I'.' streets with guns. Ha denied any espionage ;'.c itirs. \.\MKI) VICK CIIAIUMAX Dun Teetor fiiven OHice of .Audiinotive ICiiK ! \Vli:il is (In- difiViviir" ;M:iiici:uria iiiul Main-Inikiio? I Tlie present, empire of Ma:ichii- ;i;no came into existence March 1. 'I'.)'.',:!. :uid embriu-i s all Cu- fo'r- Inier ChiiH'so province of Maiichu- iriu e\-c«-p> South llaiichiiria lUiil- jway Xone'(lu7 sciuare miles .lap- 'aucse i-iiiitriilled" and Kwanittuui; in Sucii'iv i l.:!o*j siinare miics h;-K5 by .la- Hammond, April 12.—William Lamb, 21 years old, serving a twenty-five-year sentence in Indiana state prison oh a robbery charge, eluded puUrds at a railway station yesterday and escaped. He was en j route hack to the penitentiary after testifying for the state in aj Crown Point trial. i Mi-.N'titt ISoosled. Andcrson, April [12.—Speaking at a Democratic imectins here last night, Lieutenant Governor M. Clifford Townscnd urged that the president be given "tho"serv- ices of our own nationally known and outstanding Governor Paul V. McNult for a helper as vice- president." The Indiana niiMiiticrs of li* Automotive Eiriiiioerin:; Sncii'i met in tlie Athenaeum at Indian-1 riinislered. apolis Thursday ni^hc in tlie r'-;--;i- lar monthly dinner moctin:; the discussion being on piston rip;; problems in Diesel engines. Harry M. Brambcrry. engineer of the : pau under lease from j [:otli the latter were ubl; • Japan as a result of Ivt; rianosi; war and are st-pari $1.25 Indo-Vin ....98c 40c Castoria ..L...29c 35c Vick's ...... ,.29c GCc Syrup Pepsin . .49c 30c Brorno-Quinine, 25c 75c Nyseptpl ......49c if not lieliahted ^^^^^^^^^•OKEHIuQU^^BU [Don'tbeOldat40, i Be Young at 70 i Be a REAL Man, Hem Oyster Tonic I EM-to-UkeTifeMi I Pep up glands. • blood and' organa I new way. Feel, act * years younger. Re- | suits oesin over- I night. » :—' Take ncvr dis- • "• covcry, OSTREX. I ivr oysters, government Prepared from raw oysters, govi • inspected. Contains organic clement, found « I in raw oysters, which doctors say ia the I 1 greatest &land inyJKorator. OSTRLJC con- * I fiins this eland invisorator in powerful, • COXCE-VTRATED form. I Also contains special bl ____ . blood-regenerating l Iron and 2 ingredients advised by famous 1 I Iron and U ingredients advised by famous g American University Doctor who saya they I prolong the prime of life. 1 Don't be old. worn-out. OSTRES tablcU • invigorate glands, blood, organs of both I sexes. Get package here today. Take at 1 meals and bedtime. If not delighted with • quick results, manufacturer refunds money I • you. paid for this package. Value $1.00. " LSPECIAL this week 79c.J Sue Front Drug Store \\IVK HAS MOKK' LIBKHAL LOANS. Mr>. l.-.iv/.i- S'lai-p .\:-l;in.!i' llivurn- S< nate Passed a Bill Ucnetitlng anil Ciistodj of Chilli. .Owners «r Homes. Mrs. Anna L. Shafip, operator at' Hie IC',-inpt(iii Telephone i-x- :\u^. lilvil au . action to-.- divorce from her husband. Loyxe Sharr. Kt-'iupiun a'ltomubili. 1 me- .:h:iiii'". in- which siie in asking the iT.stodv-of tlp-ir ten-yf-ar-old son, John William- Sharp. • Tli-'i parlois were marrivd April :(. Hi:;:> and have notjsinci- lived iu""lln r lnc(ii".'i:il;ibilit-' and ' iv/iiel trcii'ViU'Mt is !i-iv.-ii as lii .I.i:ii::iry tl:-! lnH '•'••''•'"'> ;V1I:: rii'lii^l ;L divDi-cn :-fU'rl.Iii'!i:i- :ius- ,7<>il bud heard, the c-yidi'.u-- uii'l •.!!.• wifi' is now hiiviu-r hoi- (Jiffs .»|>|iivcia!i'i;. Vi'asliingtou, April 12. •— The i-:»natc today passed a bill liber- ;.!;.:in^ federal loans to distressed Imme owners, and increasing the r.mhorization for Home .Owners J.(i:i:"i Corporation,bonds by 51,- 7"iii.Oiui.OOO. The "measure was ?ent back to the house for approval of senate amendments. It ijicrr-ases the bond autluui- : ;alidit Id $-1.750,000,000, so (ho i-.'.ri"> i1 -;i;ion can take care of an •.. l!;:•,;•.;• ,1 1.7'in.OOO requests for T!'.'.: m< mbers of t?;? h..-;:l A a;-, •.-ri • r.ii I.".'nun .Anxiliai'v v.-isli t'( ?xpr,..^ lii-ir thaiiLs jlo :•:! w!io vc^iv.nnl'.-d u> lh"ir i\;;u-':-i tor. :!!!.!< hi':-". iinderwe:'.!-. r:;:y:!!:c irari!-. ;in.-l m;:;.'i:x;n' s t<> !i> l.'-';'~'.i '(j tiif Vti'Tans' lic.-'jita! :!t Mai'-: ion.. : TIi. 1 .-:.- :)rtJrl--."i a "»!•/! m'.ich; pleasure for tlie boys, and the ;,'rne:-;ni.4 n ^pon.-'e is much ap- pl''< p i;:t"(l Iiy !.'ie Tiiiinn ladies. Tribune Want Ads Pay. SATURDAY ONLY! New Spring Dresses $7.95 "values to §1&.00 Sizes 14, 16, 18 Only The Ladies Shop Ritz Eldg. Atha Ray. XOTK: <)m- entire stock has been cloM-il out.' The above ilr esses are all XE1V. It:'inaiiis Very III. iVllO Mrs. Frank Claybau; has been a patient at the Uerd ,)f Ila.T-i Memorial Iiosjiital in Richmond for sevc-ral weeks folli'V.-rnit an <•!>- rriitiim for muKtoid troublR. ri-- In the selection of Indiana of-j mains seriously ill. Wednesday ficers Da n Teetor. ffirmer Tiptou j .Mrs. Omer Uoyd and Mrs. Rliza resident and :ni oiTicial of l!ie Per-j Tioyd visit«d -the hospital and feet Circle Company! was chosi-n s^ent some time with tha sick second vice-chairman; | v.-oman. Perfect Circle Compnny erstown, gave an illustrated Inc-j ture on piston At the Dliina. At the Diana Theater Sunday, Monday lumbia's CO-! Daily Uililf Qiiiitntion. Ho that is slow to anger -is better than the might}'; »"d Uo thut ruleth his own spirit than he- th takoth.a city.—Proverbs 16::!2. and Tuesduy will be ^..."Let's Live Tonight," | ""eth his own spirit than he- those two continental i he Mrs. J. A.. l)cclae,r of Norlh Main street is reported to Tic Kct- tlng along very nicely following a tonsil opera t! morning. She cam operation In a sp and ijras able to r home Thursday at OH Thursday e through the end id manner, sturn to: her ernoon. | j . ^^™^« li^_ii. favorites, Lilian Harjvcy and Ti;l-| |io Carminati. The him is a romantic comcdy-flrama. hy BracUby King which Gene Majrkey udaptiid I j_-_ to the screen. It tells the story of an caser young American jjirl, Summerin.n In Monti-. Carlo, w|io falls in love with a! man she believes to 'bo a poor j hut honest gigolo. A! rather polKiiant theme develops when sho discover.-; th;tit ho is a wealthy, dehpnalr man-pf- thc-world preferring!to love oftjsn but not too stronsljf. Dlsinhcayt- enod, shB oncoura?^s a younger ind more romanticj suitor, oijly Tribune \Yunt Ads Get Results. B tiftar.^ i .-.TVcie-- M- A'JJeift Sbrc ostonXtore IVtSTSJPZ-SOVAJir'lf I1PT3H. '..1 Every Day a Cloudy Day FOR SOME-PEOPLE • It iai surprising how many people there are whose Vision is TERB.I,- BLE anii they don't know, it at all.; • Jf yo£ vjill came in, a,! " test of your yi^i .beonade *2T •***£.—. WAI Tonight and Saturday Shows 7:00 and 8:45 Admission lOc and 20c Ken Maynard and Kis Wonder Horse, "Tarzan," in " " PHANTOM THUNDRERBOLT i - • A Western Picture Full of Thrills and Action! Also Serial, "Law of the Wild,".and Cartoon Comedy <H;J: I.ATI; S.VTI'IJDAV XKJHT SHOW Mary "THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS" SSTRA ADDED ATTRACTION On Our Stage — Saturday Night Only "THE GREEN VALLEY HOT SPARKS" Vew S6:i!;s, S'ew (ia^s, JN'e.w t'liiforms and Kvcrytliiu SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY Sl'XJ>.\V MATIXKK a O'CLOCK , Id- and lot '• — ADMISSIOX — Nights; l()i- and The Successor to "It Happened One Night" He called it moon madne: She called it LOVE' /ni'C

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