Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 9, 1926 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1926
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yOLUMEJXXiXJ ljiQ.^85[ Th/ Wertlr Begliter, EataUiibMl ifef The Iol» DoUy Bcgl»ter, KstaUbihed 18:|7. lOLA, KANS., WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE S, 1926, BucMMor to Th* loia Daflr ulectotcr. The lola IMIr Record and loU Daily; Index. EIGHT PAGES MAN KILLED IN DROP OF « « • * <• y Cm-ter Dead, But !^ i • . ' / ' : Cable Snatches J. M Floyd From Death WORKMEN WERE ON SILO H Fl!vjSHI.\G TOririlES WERE BE^ r>G APPUEP TO BlJiS. ' CEMENT CRIPS BODY LIFE'S E>D IN AX i.>STA!«iT TO (HANITK MAN. traiflc dlmflx (Vimplrtlon of Huliilliii;'Inrxpllrable Ui W. D. Carter, sixty years old, of Chanutb, plunged ninety feet to his death at (i:fiO o'cldt'ki lust nijfht when the cement forma on H ;«trir- ak'o hill in course of con^truc- tir >n at ..the plant of the Mon- anch Portland company at iliiniboljlt coUaHpefl and hurled ('antcr amost tfeadlon^J to thfc bottom rtf the bin. \ .]. Floyd, of Humlibldt, was snatched from yawjning death by a steel cable', which catfpht the falling, body and to which Floyd clung until a crew of rescuers reached him. Carter and Floyd,,-employees of the'Monarch Portland, were atop the Islto or storage bin putti/ig on ihe tinisbing touches sucli -as is done in all cases ot cement work finishing. -.The bin. is something more than' hinaty feet hiph and the usual forms of lumber had 'bpen coaBlructed to hold the •green cement" which was poured during yesterday. When M appeared that the ce-;' meht had sufficiently "set." Carter' and Floyd went to tiie top of the bin :o complete;the worlc. Body »roi>s.As If Shot. Suddenly • tfa-e cement forma cracked" - and tollapscd. Carter dropped like a. shot to the bottom of the tiin. ' He was dead when rescuers found him and crumbling cement bad almost cngiilfed him,, ifartih Roos, : conitable of Humboldt, said" this morning. Constable Roos. wbo' worked with the. rescue crew in the hope of •. eztrirating Carter alive. from the pile of cement said that despite the ciemenl debris wh,ifib almost covered the victim, there were- few marks on the body. . _•''.]' Carter's body was taken;!to the LeltzNach mortuary and later se.nt to Chaputel where the family resides. •• • i Floyd, who; was .saved from death l)y ..rlutrhing a cable: which checked hi« fairing body, was un- injiiroili' Suspended in midair, almost, eighty feot up Floyli clung t'liaciously to tlie calilie though the miniito.^ plaps'lng ] between his fall and the' arrival;of rescuers seeraed to him as if fh*y,were days. fnveRtiRators today said they wr-rt^ un.iiblc to give the cayse' of th" iollapse of "thei qeraent forms." It was dyrlafed thatitlie formsVexft built o( good material and in the iijiual manner by good' mechanics. Th» "'silo" or storage bin was tt)»' fln;»l of a s«rieR ofsfveriil bins f>rtHt<'(i hv th" Monarch company ffif thf Srorajre, of raw material for the manufacture, of cement. Trap .Shoot Jttne II. , The. nt'xt regular" shoot of the Ixaak Walton club will be held on th*' raijjre on Friday afternoon -at .1 o'clf^k. June 11. Many Rhooters whn are members of the KIk ti-am will be out to practice for their ri'xt match. IJiseusslon of the orpction of a cabin an the rivrr for l 'n» use. of dub members will be featured at the meeting. • THEW|:ATHEIR FORECAST FOR KA!fSAS-Lo. cal. Hhoweni or thandentorms tonight or Tbnndajr; not mndi change in temperature. • Temperatare—Highest yesterday SO, at 5 p. m.: lowest, last" night 63 at 7 a. m.? normal for today. 72; excess or deficiency yesterday 0; ezcesa since January Ist, 177 degrees; this date last year—highest 91: lowest 68. Precipitation for the 24 hours ending 8ti7 a. m. today .36; toal fot tbl9 ^ear to date 12.26: deficiency since January 1st 3.34 Inches. ni>Iatlve humidity at 13 noon yesterday, 82 per rent; 7 a. m. to- d,ny, 97 per cent: Imrometer reduced' to sea Ifivcl, .10.06 Inches. Sun rises. i\W a. rri.; sfls 7:44 p. m. i . . • RiwdN and M>«ther F.lwwh^ro. Cloudy, roads XOAH: Kansas City, Hutchinson. Coffeyvlllp, Pittsburg, Oltawn, Topfkn. SprfnkllnK. roads, good: .Sallnn. Cleur, roads good: Arkannns City, WIchlln; • AS JO THE BIG IDEA C. Olf C. IMSER.S OFFER NIG- nESTiO>8. PrupoHnlH for the Good of the Com- mifnity Discnssed at To- day'H Dinner. ASK BOARD TO NIP PENALH nm TAX Meninrial aHall - Frop«irty. Delln- qn^, Wi<s AdTelrtised ;/ For Sale.,' Payment on Ijiack taxes, j accrued d-.irini: the years when there wa.s r.n provision. in the law for the ni;iini.^nance- of, the building, was ina -if reiontly by the board of city < 'imrriispionprs. , Mav.\r Harnioh Hobart. chairman ;"f th..: .ity himrd. said todayilhat ttiirn iho hall ta.xcs came to the ."i'lministration unpaid, the exigency pr r;ii«ir .s the money for Itmnediate • pavMji'nt-ran-.e, too. so tlie commi's- filiii)«rs arranged: for the payinent- l»i tiivt; il;i> buililipg frofn sale. : T .Miay city atliiinuy RaV Enfield i«r':-'! l»iii)rp 'tli<' boatd of coiin- I 'immfsslijnerw'and usked on be. haif of the ilty ihal 'thc penalties aililcd ii. tht! i!iii)riivt .>ment fitx levied n5 :iiii !*t thi' hall property bo rifiiii(>.'d. . Mr. Sufldd pointed tli;ii Willi rvo [»rovlfson In the law: fur raising |^nn<>y for'the upk<'<^P 'M, I hi? hap, xov.'rul yearn had paH.icd with no rni.>HnH of raising : nvi -nuc fof taxis or afiy other ; it.Mn. .Now the hull hfis a. fund which Is ' r.ilH.'d by -direct levy. Thi> "county commission took 'the application under adTisement. The commissioners are In ses- .-ion for their regular monthly meitlng. Last week at the noonday luncheon of the Chariiber of Commerce, blanks were placed before those present under the heading "W^rite down your suggestions." -The idea was to have the^ members put in writing whatever'suggestions they thought might be for "the good of the order." Today most of the talk time at the luncheon which was held at; the Portland Hotel was oc- ctipied by the secretary in reading klie replies whjch had come in on these questionBaiws, and here are Boihe of them: 1 "Edit a creditable illustrated folder! setting forth the facts about loia. the pro rata cost to 1 >e borne by'all .who uap them." "Aggressive effort for more In- diistries to provide employment for. later.", V " 'incijease activUr in gaining good vfill of trade territory,, especially the farmers." . "More good fellowship tours." "Help eliminate the use of the, wordj'undertaker."" "GFve more attention to aeronautics and suitable landing fields." "Sell the Junior College to parents of high'^school graduaites as the beat place to send their children id college." : i , "Find some meians to increase parking space about the sijUare fifty percent." VGive toiiriats who come to or through lola a decent tourist park to'camp in. It Is.'embarrasslng to be unable' to direct people who patronize us to a piarn where they can camf without paying ifor the privilege." • ./ ; "Beautify our streets, eliminate conge.sted traffic by opening up parking space and da away with curb gaFollne pump.s that are a detriment to traffic." ".More attention to poultry b|usl- ness. continued boosting of dttlry I Continued on Pag© 8. Col.-2.) BURKHART TO ILEii^GUILn DISCHARGES J^LL OF DEFENSE j ATTOJI.NETS. CONSOHATION FROM EXPERIENCE PLOT TO GET MONfY HALE AND RA.1ISET ISSTIGATE PLOT TO KILL 0SAGE8. , . Day of Auto Crashes Ends 1^1 No Injury Bnt Damage to .Harhines InToIrrd >VUI Renrh a Consldera-' . -ble "Sum. A day of motor crashes ended last night with extensive damages to the automobiles but no injury to hiotorists. Despite the- rigc^rous efforts ot Conductor George Vosse, in charge of a Missouri-Kansas-Texas railway tj-ain, a coach on tire lola- Moran "accomodation" backed into| a Jewett sedan tiriven by Mrs. W. O. Lenhart 317 S. Cottonwood as she attempted to arpss the tracks on North Jefferson avnue.i about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. The' Lenhart car was to.ssed ten feet clear of the rails but not before twa' wheels, a running board, fenders. ^ dooi" and other parts of the car were crushed or badly^ damaged. • Mrs.: Lenhart was uninjured. Conductor i Vosse gave signals frantically to the origineer and to Mrs. Lenhart. observers said, but neither seemed' (o understand. \ To the.; motorist. It seemed that the track f was clear and it was safe to make the crossing. The •"^nginemen did notisoo the approaching car: There Is no flag­ man on the Jefferson avenue crossing. • ,,. Kennrib OlHoa Injnred K^iftiottrOTiten, driving his motor c^ir w<>st nt the interxectinn of Sycamore and East street at fi o'clock yesterday afternoon, caught the full Impact of a motor mr driven by IlolM'rt Trout.' The car wrts oxtenHlvcIy damaRcd and OlKcn received jSeveral cuts and brulsi'8. Several stitches wore taken In OUen'jt arm to close a cut. Mr. Olseri ia the aon of Ole Olsen, iindersberlff for Allen county. Federal AnttmrlfJeit Prisecnte Vw> Beninse Killing Orrnnt on Indian Reitenatfon. PawhiiHka. Qkia,,. June 9.—Krn- est fiurkhart today pleaded guilty to the killing of W. K, Smith, Fulr- fiix rancher. Th« j/Iea of gulUy was, lndlc«tod at the oiienlng :of lli» Irlal (his morning when, ^flcr a whispered «oiiVi-rsa(lon with Judge Worteo, llurkhart announced that he wanted all or the dofcnso altorneya discharged and his case put Into the hands of Flint Moss of Tulsa, : The c.ourt then adjourned uptll 10:30 and MO.IR and the state's attorney wont Into conference. Tpon ret-onvenin» tho plea of guilty was entered. , The killing of Smith was but one of several murders in the last five years tl^at authorities have linked into an extensive murder plot to slay weathly Osage Indians to get possession of their porperty. The federal government started the Investigation because some of the deaths occurred on iiidian res- tryations. Indictmients were returned ngcinst the alleged conspirators. l)nt the cases were taken over by :h?istate when local courts decided that United j States authorities had no "jurisdiction. Some days after Burkhart's trial started,, the supreme court in Washington reversed the district]federal court's decision, and It Is believed the remainder of the cases will be tried in the federal court at Guthrie. Burkhart declared that state's tttonieys had'not extended hlin riemency bat that l)l8 attorney, Flint Moss, tboiight it:advisable to "come clean."' He said he relied upon Moss to get bim elemency In the case if, possible. •, He declared he had not been Influenced by officers. ; "I want to know whether or not you are guilty," Judge Worfen said. • "I want to know whether statements about Hale are tnift" "Statements I made to federalJ agent."!, were not niade under force.' They did not punish me, just kept me up." • ' • ) • .Moss asked that sentence be de-- ferred. It was set as June 21. Moss declared that defense attorneys should be given vindications. "Burkhart told ime that at all limes he had told them that he had never told his lawyers the truth and at all times deii>ed he had driven Hale's car lap lb Rip­ ley to tell Ramsey to tell Kirby to 'do the job* of blowing up Smith's home. ^ , "The actions of defense counsel have been honorable and upright." Smith. hiM' Osage Indian wife. Rita, and a white servant ^ere killed in an explosion that H de^ •nolished their Fairfax homef in March. 1922. Rita Smrth was ^sls- t ^r of .Mr.e. Burkhart. as was Anna Brown, who wfts shot to doath. May 21. 1921. 'The three were daughters of th<; late LiJ!zle| Q, whose $2,000,000 estate, the autjbor- ifies claim, was sought by the conspirators. W. K. Kale, known as "king of\ the Osages" was accu.<ied of being the instigator of the.plot. He and John ' H-nmsey, an alleged accomplice, are in jail here awaiting trial on a state charge of killing (Continued on-Page 8. Col. 2.h A STATE BANK FAILS COOLIDGE MUST MOVE Exerntive Xanslon ;Shoiri<l Hiive Repairs; Mr. Lord Asks for iSMjm Workliiff Fnnd- (By the A.«soclft«J Pre.«w) • Washington. June 9. —The disclosure that President Coolidge might have to be away from the White House for six months this year because of the nece.ssity for repairs to that structure was made today by Budget Director Lord, who transmitted to congress a request for 1350,000 for repairs to the building and {2.S.00O for temporary executive quarters. The Tool of the White House long has been regarded as, unsafe and .Mr. I.«rd explained tliat the work had been contemjilated for jioveral years'. He estimated Ihe time the presldatjt might be forbed to live elsewhere on ^ihe basis of reports by experts. Karars Foaad Gnllty. (Hy the -UfieJat*-*! Prr ^.O •• {..Awrence, .Kans. Juno 9.—Warren KarnoH. who WSM found guilty uf Mccon <l degree murder by a district court Jury There yesterday, wa« sentenced to a term of forty years. In the state penitentiary by Judge Hugh Means today. Karnes was convicted of the murder of "^Vllliam K. Moak, owner qf a taxl- cah business In Lawrence, March 2. 1928, XTLBEKKf STATE iBA?ri; FAILS TO OPBH ITS DOOBS. An Inspcetlon By Other Bankws Shows isajm Liabilities; WIU Pay In Foil. ' (By the Awoclated Press) .Mulberry. Kans.. June 9.—The LMUI berry State Bank was closed ttiis morning. . A'' sign on the door stated that: "bad notes" ma^ it necessa.-y to quit. This is the second Crawford county state bank to fail within a week, the Frontenac Slate Bank closing last Friday. The .Mulberry State Bank, capitalized at $20.1Xi(h Is the , oldest bank" in .Mulberry7 \lt has a capital of $20,000 with^surplus and iindiyided profits of $11,000 according to the last statement. Deposits were $250,000. The bank's-inability to collect on loans caused its difficulty. Reorganization of the bank about two months ago occurred when a number of local persons bought a controlling interest In the institution, t. L. Dawe Is the ca-ihler. Examination of the bank by other bankers last night, it was stated toda^showed that the bank's bad pap^would not exceed $50 000. It wis said that the bank would pay off the depositors in full. The banking {'department did not make public the amount of the withdrawals: It placed T. J. Rhodes, deputy bank commission- ier, in charge of the bank. The Mulberry State Bahk operated under the depositors' guaranty law. «Lar?ro Withdrawals." Topeka. Kans.. June 9.—The .Mulberry State B^nk. which was closed this morning, experienced ".some large withdrawals" recently, W. S. .Kennedy, assistant bank commissioner, declared today. In thp absence of Roy L. Bone, state bank commissioner Mr. Kennedy awaited word from the bank's officers before sending an examiner to take charge of it. | (By the AssorlatPd Pr».w), Geneva. Jnne 9.—Dr. Alfranio Mello Franco. Brazil's representative who absented himself from the opening meeting of the-League of Nations council, took his seat at hhe council table When today's session began. ALFRAMO TO tOrMIL. Absent Because of Sickness, Bnu BiUaB Delegate Retarn««. Secures Tenants Withm Few Days Zeal. Intelligontly directed, enabled the Pilgrims to an existence from ,and .secure a haven in the .Sew World. Today, while our problems are more complex than those of the early settlers, the method of solv- ini; them remain.^ tfnchanged. Zeal is the necessary factor. One of the complexities of modern life Is that of real estate ownership. Citizens own hoiise.s and apartments which they must keep t^antcd.' The zeal to arcomplisli this Is directed intelliKenily and ffflciently in lola by the cla .ssifted section of th? Register. Dr. O. L. Garlinghouse secured tenants for tiis .small i^uburban farm wlthim aday after he hail inserted an ad in the classified col- nmns. BIG RAILROAD MERGER XEW YORK CESTEfl BEP0BT8 C0XS0LIDATI05. Fonr Snbsldlary CompsnJM Are iTolved In Transaction; Cap. / ital Stock Increased. 'By the Associated Press) -Vew York, June 9. —"The New York Central Railroad Company tiiday announced plans for consolidating its principal subsidiaries— the .Michigan Central, the Cleveland. Cncinoati. Chicago and St. Louis, and the Cincinnati Northern railroads — through long term leases. At the same dme, the company will increase its aiithorized rapital stock from $400,000,000 to $500,000,000. HendrlrkK VNIU at Pomona. 3. D. Hendricks, former dean of the lola junior college and principal of the high .-school, is visiting relatives at Pomona Kans. Dean Hendricks ha-s not determined where he will locate for the next scholastic ye:ir. Today In Wasfalnirton. IBy thf- .Xs.vcUit.-l if >rt -ssi Farm relief is before senate. Campaign expenditures investigation begins. Senate finance committee takes up French debt. Returns Fr»m Iowa. (By the AuoclatM Pre».s» Dea Moines, Iowa. June 9.—Returns from 2,433 precincts ont of 2..747 In Iowa for United States senator (Repnbllcan) give: Brookhart 207,218. Clark 63,062. Cummins 135,855. Elckelberg. 5,030. Reardon 7,100. . Returns from 2,238 precincts out of 2.347 for United States senator (Democratic) give: Files 11.665. • Finely 7.5fi4. •Murtagh 12.274. t ' Porter 25.870. . OCR FOLKS AT E,3[F0BIA. Twenty.Three Allen Connty Sto- dents at Teacfeers CoDegcw I —r— Allen connty is reprinted by twenty-three students of a total of 1892.enrolled for the 1926 summer session of Emporia Teacher^ college. They Include: Golda Ther­ esa'Fronk; Elsmdre: 'Mabel Irene Upshaw, Gladys Mabel '^Iggins. Carlyle; Grace Cenie Miller,; Hazel Grace Wallace, Genera; Freeda Viola Hume, Katherlne Lovella Moore, Humboldt; Bertha Amy Funk, Mary Jane Roberts. ,La- Harp^: Marlon Irene Wilcox, Moran; Laura Andruss, Herbert Horace Brunell, Ellzabefh Lydia Callaway, Edith Elizabeth Dolllson, Edwin i'. Edgcrlon. RCHRIO- .Maud Foster, Oelore Opal Oammon, IJalh- erine Mary Goss, Heltn Elisabeth Logan, Ferol Marglfr Meade, Olive Merht McDonald, Rose Emma SIcka. Matele Sedalla Wcsthrooks lola. CRIMINALS ARE SHOT OFF/CER WOr.\DED SERlOtSLY . i> Gr!* ncuT. Famoos Gnnmen Are Killed In a'{ Battle TVItb the Police of PIcher.iOklahoiBS. Lightnifig Causes Heavy Loss At Home of Golden B, Davis, ] Candidate for Kansas Governor Lightning last night caused .damage estimated at around $3,000 at the hpme of Golden B. Davis. Republican gubernatorial candidate. ; The mammoth barn on the Davi.s farm wa.s destroyed and with a fei'ge quantity of farm product.s, livest (V :k and farm equipment.' .Following a vivid flash when a4* Httarra broke over Indiaii .Greek sixteen miles northwest of lola, or four miles west of Colony, the Davis bam suddenly became a mass of flame. .Neighbors aroused by the storm and townsmen ^n Colony saw tBc tvd tide rising high in the sky and many drove or walked throtigh the storm to the Davis farm. Fear that the Davis home and remaining buildings might . take fire (iaused squads of [Volunteer firemen to form and beffin the pro* tectlon of the bnUdlngs. At the Pleads yot Gallty. Ed Fudge, arrested yesterday by police chief Dodd for possession of entered a plea of not suilty before municipal judge J. C. Edwards and trial was set foe next Tuesday. GIVE POPULAR NUMBERS Protrrara for Band Concert >ext Thnrsdsy Mftht WHl Please tlie Public. - height of the fire, a heavy rain began to fall artil tfce work of .the volunteer firemen was discontinued when It wan .seen th.ii the elements would extinguish the flames. The barn fire had ^alneil too gre^at a headw.iy to bo checked, however, and Included in the loss were. Twenty-one pig.t. Car load of baled hay. Seven hundred bu.thels of corn. Four hundred bushetn of oats. So far as could be learned today, the gubernatorial (Candidate carried no Inaarance. Popular numbers are featured on the program for the weekly band concert in court house"' park tomorrow (Thnrsday) night. . Selections such as "The Prisoner's Son." 'Rose Marie," and "Oil, How I Miss You Tonight"" predominate and those to whom popular melodies iappeal will find this one of the most pleasing concerts the lola band, directed by Mrl J. V. Roberts, has given. An overture" b]^ Rossini and "Ser- enata" by Moszkbwski will appeal to tho.<;c who care for the heavier selections. The complete program follows: rt and .M .March ... Berry Overture. Barber of Seville, Rossini 'The Prisoner's Song" Massey Selection, "Rose Marie" Friml Vocal S^Io—"Oh How I .Miss You Tonight" Mr. Floyd Kelley Surenata Moszkowski Popular Selections. Feist's .Medley, of Popular Airs, Arr. by Sclacca Sherry Dies. (By the AsiiociatiH) Pre.i<i) New Yorki, Juno 9.—Louis Sherry, noted restaurant- man, died In his apartment In the Hotel Ambasr sador this afternoon, according to the Xew York Snn. (By the Associated Picher, Okla., June 9.—Lee Fournoy. and Charles Mayes, notorious criminals, were killed.^and Grorver McCleary. police -patrolman, was critically wouhded in a gun fight here early today in which two other officers participated. Flournoy and Mays were shot down almost instantly^ killed by William Schmoothbach. mercbaat poUceman and Deputy Sheriff M. L. Woolsey of Picher. McCleary was accidentally shot by the other officers while he was attempting to go to their assistance. The-fatal shooting took place on a downtown street in Picher about 2:30 o'clock. Police said the shooting came as the climax to a night of drunkenness and revelry in which nonntoy and Maye? had attempted to "shoot up the town and had been engaged by Woolsey and Schmootbbach in- a running gun battle in motor cars, in which nearly a score of shots, were fired. The death of Flonmoy and Mayes encfed two criminal careers covering a period of ten or twelve years that had made both men well known to police in Missonrl, Kan- .sas and Oklahoma. ' They fell fronubutlets fired from high powered rifles. Mayes, 33 years old was shot . through the heart and fell in his tracks as be stood beside a motor car in tAc street. Flournoy, 31, vras shot thru the body. He died in a few minutes. Both Flournoy and Mayea we?re reared In Webb City. Mo., where they began careers of crime. They were.arrested many times on charges of robbery, burglary and ptb.^ er crimes and Flournoy served Jail and penitentiary terms. Both men carried to the deaths scars of btillets from previous encounters in daring escapades. Mayea, Shot'and crlticaMy Wotjnd- ;(Continued on Paj^e S. Col. 2.) No Divorce To Mrs. Rena^ Court Says Jnd^ Robert E. CttllI.<ion Declines SejiaratloB to Both Wife and HostMind. • Mrs. Vesta Reno this morning was denied a decree of divorce from her husband. Chester Reno, by Judge Robert E. Cullison 4n the Allen County district court. Mrs. Reno had accused her husband of non-support and alleged that he falsely accused her of improper conduct. Judge Cullison previously denied Mr. Reno a divorce. Despite the fact that Mrs. Reno declared from the witness stand this morning her conviction that Mr. Reno and herself could not compose their difficiijties. Judge Cullison adhered to ' the feeling that a reconciliation might be possible" some time and asserted, his opinion that both ^ere to blame for domestic infelicity. While the divorce trial was proceeding, Mrs. Ida Gillham was filing a petition In the district clerk's office; seeking a divorce front her husband, Walter Gillham, whom she says is In jail at Erie and even when he is out. it is alleged, he is unfaithful and does not support his wUe. Dorothy Boyd.' colored, flleil suit for divorce from her hu.sband. Lowery Boyd. Jadire I. G. I.azelll RetQiied to (irant the Injunction. Says DNpalrIk rny th- A^-i'""l-''-U Pr.'sH) MorganiDwn. W. Va,. Jun» 9.— The attempt of tJi" I'/ilNvl .Mino Work«!rs of Am'-rici t.i "obtain an Injunction asnUiMt four < oul com- ' panlta to re»tr:iiii tJiem from opor-! ating In alleged violation of fin-iin- lonf agreement met doU -ar In .Mon-^ >|:t>n#alia cAuniy court li>rc today. Judge I. O. Ijizi'iil rola^'il tn grant the injunction. ' ; The union itoiiKht: ito prevent operation of cTtaln' Scott 's • Run mines covered by it union wago agrj-emenl. The petition for tho injtiiiction. the 'fir ;^t. ^f its kind la th^ history o( thi- -sniiners^ organization, askcil that the compuni^? be restrained from ofjerating at fa scale lower than tli; union scVale; from employing other than union tninerSand from evictitjg unioi> members from company houses." liefendants in the'^ action were the' Pursglore Ctial Mining Company, the Conncllsville B.v-Produet Company; the Arkwriglit Coal Company and tlje Cleveland-Morgantown Coal Companj-. EndeaTor to Reach Solntion.' (Bj thi- Ax .-">'-l .i >;fl £'r>->i»» Geneva. Switzerland, Jun" ,9.— The I.^agu<! of Nations council, at a private meeting this afternoon; decided not to discuss the heart of the council reurganizalfon problem at the present sessloiv.; ' Instead, an endeavor will be-.made to reach a solution by diplomatic negotia- tlmis "With Spain and Brazil before the September meeting. ^ AN INJUNCTION MEETS DEFEAT rSlOX SEEKS TO STOP WORK IX COAL -HISES. FIRST CASE OF KIND FOUR jnMXG tO.UPASlES ARK DEFENDAXT.S. CONFIDENT FOR DOTY Splendid Record As Soldier I<i t'> Be Cited In Order tio .Save HU Life. > . {By the .\ps.wi;iteJ -Presa) Damascus^ Syria, .tune O.-r-Tw > citations in- army Trrdecs and h : splendid record as a soldier before the enemy are looked upon confidently to save the life of Bennett J. Doty of- .Memphfa. T^nc. who is-new being held oh charges of desertion from the French Foreign Legion in. Syria. That is the opinion e.^pres.sed by a high ranking officer of the general staff to The .Associated Press, today. •'^•i-*'.'It Is extremely Impossible tha' Doty will be even c6ndemned in death."; said the officer; who received the ccrresponilent in the absence of the French comnrandeV- ln=chlef. General Caiiielin. , . '. "A soldier of proven valor, like Doty, could nor hbve yielded to homesickness" the officer added 'The specific charge entered. against Doty in the orficidl doci.- raent is "abandoning hi.s iiost .t/:- fore arnied rebels." . - r The American consul here.-Jar!.-.- ' H. Keeley, Jr.. has obtained ;«.!• services of a I'".>ncli officer r >i" Doty's defense t.eforo the c" tr" martial. The offirt-.r. tmpre';', ri^ wUh the," American's, record ' f. r . courage in face f>f the enenjy on riV occasions undertook voliintarHy i ? defend him. The 'charges, if proved, entail-tt-"' death penalty, but it is understocit the extreme penalty will not h'^ demanded by the- military jiidiciril officers, now enffagpd In the. VT-. quiry. . They will presant ,their r,-i-, port about June 1.',. - ii PIncbot Testifies. CBy th<> A -'-.-'T -iatcW rr.i.-.-» Washington. Jnne 9.—Goyernur Pinchot told-the .or .nate carapa ;?:i fund committee today he and .r.- state wide orRan :7 .*ci (7n had; c •::- tributed something over ll.=)4 .ui>-' to his unsuccea.sful senatorial cair- paign against Senator Pejjipnr ani! Representative Vare. u - MOTOR CAR IS ON COURT TRIAL TODAY ^Tachine Belonsinc: to Charles' WILson. of Colony. May" be Sold by .Sheriff. A motor car, the property oC Charles Wilson, of Colony, is .on trial In the district court today. The car owner previously entered his plea ot guilry to a charge ot violating the bone dry law." v The trial today is t^o detertriine 'whether liquor was unlawfally placed in the car. « Nurses Graduate. , <Bv the .^^<so.•^lt .••I rr«-ri) Wichita. K;ins.. Juno 'O.-frr.-i" niirsftrt; form<-d the first class to graduate from the nur.-es' schmw nt the new Southeast ()^^teop:^thlc B .-.ri- itarlum. Dr. If. <'. Wallace, mt::.- her of tb<; rieiiUy and advisf.r.' hoard of the hoHpituI. pre .-4entcd tL-» diplomas. Government .Statids ['nlted. il'.y ttU! AH-*'" iMiie.l »"n-«i> Paris. June ;> The ninth govefn- ntfnt of Arlstirli! Urland Ktaii^T united.'.-a least for tho preset!'. The tension raii.«efl by the the, sand and one run>ors of chanijtew or. reiiignations. .In the mini.sfry.'H«< r.'t to have been., lightened after k' meeting of the cabinet council >:ii3 morning. "\, . - -is

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