Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 22, 1956 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1956
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 19o6 Heirloom .By John CnHen Mnrphy Handwork o-? THAT'S SSE/7, PEC/IUSS MDIV M6 LIMES, CHAMP. T4LK OHWELU...IWOWT rr UNTIL NEXT urtewep 48OUW0 /a FEGUM ' TMI$ MI*S Mirrow YOU WOUT 66 /SH4M6D TO ,'T SUPPOSED tO Y6«S *E7B 4 i IS WJBMtV BiSKf! HOW 6E *BCU wiTH MS ! LET'S / PO OW YOUR KNOW SOWETHIMS 4BOUT. BE- TWB6W US, <Vff OU3HT4 W^Kg 4 TCRftlPIC IMPRESS/ON ! YBM TO SETTLE DOVW i " ^ wit« tue BISHT SET tOLUUd, SOW. MISS W4lTlM(S. THE STORY OP MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs THE BERBYS Ky Carl Oriibert ML <smr/B£r irs lST SHF'S PETER, ISMt rr „ DANGE!<OU5 J. > TO DRIVE THOSE I OLD CARS JUST AS LONG AS THERE ISN'T A SCREW LOOSE IM THE D(?IVE(?' nrrsHAUw AT CAVBIWE IM GOING TO HAVE A HOT ROD WHEN I Gf?OWUP' VOU WONT EWBJV SEFWHAf era/fi ALOIS.' SLADTO srevoi// BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgsir Martin DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney THE JUN\OR CUJS. KT COU.E6E \<o &0\N& TO TVX TO WHAT OTHER i DID FOLJS eoop Occos TO PAN; AMD A\ADE '. A LITTLE BOV "The Lord's Prayer" In filet crochet--* handwork that will be a t.ri?nsurcd heirloom. Make thi» panel for your home or church. I-5oth Catholic nnd Protestant versions included in Pattern 879. Directions, easy-to-follow filet chart, material requirements. Semi 25 rents In coins lor thl» pal lorn— mid five cent* for each (mttorn for first-class mailing. Send to Alton Teleurnph, 6B, NetMllerraft Depl., P.O. Box 161, Old Chelsea Slatlon. »\v York 111, X. Y. Prinl plainly T'ntlern .Number, your Name, and Art- 1 dress. : Our i,'ift to you '-two wonderful patterns for yourself, your horn* j -printed in our Laura Wheeler | Neodlecraft Book . . . Plus dozens of other new designs to order —crochet, knitting, embroidery, iron-ons. novelties. Send 25 cents for your copy of this hook now— with gift patterns printed in U! VMHftT • ^^o^scx\ V\OV1EV FOP. THE LOiJiE.'XVMO -It5 LITTLE 6O THE SMITU FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith I YOUVE. V \H TU& S- C v YOU, V GE.OU&\£P/ ^^ S-o-o Flattering TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT FOR: JUNIOR EDITORS ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamliu HE DECIDED TO COME ALONG, . ANP THAT COULDNt > WAS \Tl HELP BUT AS LDNS AS WE SOT FISH T'FEED/ JUST HAVE , HE TO SO BUY/ HEV, SHOULDN'T/ 'IM A FISH.. I WAIT/ BE AW / WE'RE ALL TROUBLE. I OUT OF SARDINES ...WHY NOT GO CATCH MM A MESS OUT THERE IM TH 1 CRICK? OUR BOARDING'lIOUSis VvTth MAJOR TlOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams _. H6 .... .., i SAW KLOTZ THE BuTCH£? > k ><3 ^AT c LAST MISHT, MA306/ UE"^? rVE 6e £^ W'ASAS HAPPVA5 A X^l LlkT&A LITTL& WITH A ^ ^ A PIS HEBOUSUT y ? STROOS FELO^f^BOT . ^^^.j--;^! WAIT/OID y<30 SAV kMOvJ YOO WEE& J ~^-^^s=^\ 'BOOSHT THE AGE OF CHIVALRY - 1 ^E- BOOSHT IT FROM YOU .1..* VOLJ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Bibsser YOU?/ B ur ' You'ee ONIV Twe . SCOREKEEPER/ FOR ONCE MBODR IS SCORE ? AW, WE 6OT T)p£D OF THAT A LQM6T)ME? A6O/ / IT IS NICE" NOT WAVIN6TO CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner WHYAREM'r you PtMINS BAU. WITH THE OTM6K, PAt> GOT A CHIP OM YOUR «MOULPEtZ, EH? WEU.MAVBE VOU CAN ,?-tea ME WHO OWN? THIS ,-7 SHOULD -, BUILOINQ? T7 * mu ^—,,-•••— -^J YOU?NOW VOU WON'T G6T AAUCH HELP FBOM THAT UTTU MB. MASEfJ, THE AABNT FQ« THE&UILPING, HA« A»J OFFICE IN TM6 N6KT ALL6V,., TO •^-^ VOUB U—20: «8 PRINTED PATTERN Our new Printed Pattern— makes sowing a cinch! Dreamy style, this shirtwaist dress—and Before gunpowder changed the methods of war there was a period known as the age of chivalry. The word chivalry originally meant a knight, but now It means the courtesy and hoaor for which many knight a became renowned. In those days there were no large cities. People lived In scattered groups In and around large castles, under the protection of a king or baron. This leader gathered about him a band of knights who defended the castle. Knights also fought In tournaments and went on crusades. Hero Is a knight In armor. Color the picture with your crayon* and then paste it down on cardboard, Cutout the parts carefully, and fold back the end* on the dotted lines so the knight will stand. The big helmet was used In tournaments. It covered the neck and head completely, and was well padded inside. The lighter helmet waa worn in lesser combats. You can put either of them on the knight by folding the tabs back around his head. The sword can be slipped through the slots of the right hand. (Anthony La Spada, Chester, Pa., first submitted this Idea. If you have an idea send it in care of this newspaper and It may be worth 9 10 to you. Violet Moore Hlgglna; AP Newafeatures). 10-22 "You've got to realize, Markham, that management lias iWhat '' ould l>p prettier than a many vexing problems todav—of which your are only '"''T' on of rioh W(X)1 lweed True Life Adventures Tomorrow; A King FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ()!• dressy -;alin' Klatlcring in j ihit-o sloi-vp versions; sew-easy | for you! ! Printed Pattern -1G14: Misses' j Sizes 11', 14, 1C, 18, 20; 40. Si/« K) takes 2\ yards 54-inch fabric. Directions printed on pach tissue pattern part. Easy-to-use, accurate, assures perlect (it. Spud 35 cents In rolns for thin pattern—mid five cento (or each pattern for fir*>i-Hii.sH mulling. Send to ANNE ADAMS, rare of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dcpt., 24S W. nth. St., New York II, N. V. Print plainly Xante, Address, Size, and Style Number. LITTLE CROCODILES NO R IS OR <3IVEM — .NO HOLP6 ARB BARREP.WlTH PRIMITIVE MAIM ANt? MUKJ7BF2. OF <OAMP?M0 AN OTFOWENrrs HOU71KX3 HIM UNPERWAT^K Tp I7ROWKI i k) Ki^ IMHO y-n, 'Could 1 borrow the boys for a minute?" i MIDDLESBORO, Ky. # - A fire was reported in the carburetor of an automobile. The fire truck sped across town with il.s siren blasting. | Pulling lo a stop new the automobile [irefightors jumped oil' (he truck, ready lor ucllun. Then Fireman Pele Mai-see went into action. He ran to the blune, huffed, nuffed and blew the fire out. Flying Cur|K>t City Needs New Airport Because the ancient city of Baghdad is rapidly becoming a modern air center, Iraq's Development Board will spend some $22,500,000 on rehabilitating or relocating its airport. The airport's runway and building facilities have not kept pace. The city now is served by five major international airlines and seven Dictators are often found behind iron curtains and bridal veils. "DON'T WE TEMPTING" ADVlCfc TO GIULS Japanese police this year warned young womtn to bt careful about their appearance during the four-month period from June to September. There has been u recurrent Increase in assault cases during those months. Tokyo reports. Pojice records showed that half of such offenses occurred In this summer period. The warning said that a girl in revealing dress or with an enticing manner was "u temptation." primarily Middle Eastern lines, Including Iraqi Airways. Basra is served by three major international lines. \.

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