Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 22, 1956 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1956
Page 15
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MONDAV; OCTOBER 22, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE MONDAY EVENING 6:00— (4) News — Ed Keath (5) Weather - Puppets (36) Film Feature 6:03—(5) Sports • Ingham 6:10—(4) Weather - Carmichael 6:15—(4) Les Paul & Mary Ford (5) News - John Roedel (36) News - John Daly 6:20— (4) Torch Parade 6:30—(4) Robin Hood * Little John i* Injured and Robin sets out to locate a doctor. The one he finds turns out be be a runaway serf. (5) Frankie Carle (36) News, Weather - Hayward. 6:40—(36) Bowling News - France Laux 6:45— (5) News - John C. Swayze (36) Political - Democratic 7:00— (4) Burns and Allen - A reporter for a TV magazine is assigned the job of covering a typical day in the life of George and Gracie. (5) Sir Lancelot (9> College Mathematics. Orient Express — Ad- gerirs on film. "13th (36) venture Spy". 7:30—14> Godfrey, i.'ii Tairnl .Scouts • Arthur Stanley: (.",6) Voice of Firr-slonc — Jerome Hinpf, haw is Riit'st to niRhl alonz; with 14-year old KOI can pianist Tons: 1! Jlan. Howard Barlow conduct. 1 ! the orchestra and chorus. 7:4.")—(!ti Onrral Psychology— "The Psychology of Individual Differc-ncrs". 7:.")5—13) Political • Republican S:00— (41 I Love Lucy - Little Ricky gels stage tright and dashes Ricky's hopes of a stage carcrr as a drummer. (.")» Medic: "Homecoming" Hanson's disease (a lorm of leprosy). (36) Bishop Sheen - Subject tonight is Lenin, the man who brought Communism to Kwsia. S:;>0—<4> Political - (SPECIAL) Sec. of I-abor .lanves P. Mitchell speaks from a labor rally et Me- Kecspor', Pa. ir>> Robert Montgomery — (COLOR) (iporg? GiandJer and Mary Grace Canfield star in tonight's story of a man who is retiring from the hetic life of Bii advertising agency to the farm. He discovers vhat it is not so easy to give up ad writing (9) Your Health (36) Movie - John Wayne slars in the western "The Trail Beyond". 9: CO— (4) Studio One - Kathleen and RobcrTHoward Lindsay are the authors to tonight's comedy drama of "The Crime* of Peter Prouse". (9) "Shakespeare on TV— "Richard III". 9:30— (5) Federal Men — Walter Gn*R7.a stars. "The Case of the Losing Gambie". (361 Reporter's Roundup— Thomas E. Dewey is pies!. 9;.15—f9) Bookmark - "Andersonville" by MacKinaly Kantor is reviewed by Ralph Morrow. 30;00—(4) Stage 7 - John Ericwi Stars \r\ "Cold Harbor". Civil War story. (51 So!d;rr* of Fortune— "The Monster of Loch MacGora" <9) Weather for You (3fi> News - Hayward 10:10—136) Weather - Hayward 10:15— (36) Boxing - Bout fought Oct. 8th. 10 round welterweight fight between Joe Micelli and Danny Giovnnelli is reported by Chris Schenkel. 10:30—(4) Broken Arrow — 15) Do You Trust Your Wife? 11:00—(41 11:10—(4) On TV! Will. John /V. Jonet (5) Bandstand 10:00—(5) Home, Arlene Francis 10:30—(4) Strike It Rich 11:00—(4) Valiant Lady (5) Tic Tac Dough ll:15-(4) Love of Life 11:30— (4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You 11:45—(4) Guiding Light TUESDAY P-M. Noon—(4) Recallit and Win fa) Charlotte Peters 12:30—(5) As the World Turns 12:4&-(4) News 12:50—(4) Community Album 1:00— (4) Our Miss Brooks (5) Homemaking 1:30— (4) House Party (5) Tennessee Ernie •2:00—(4) Big Payoff (5) Matinee Theatre — (COLOR) In "Woman Across the Hall", a middle-aged woman tries to learn all she can about a glamorous new tenant.— (4) Bob Crosby 2:55—(5) Political - Democratic 3:00—(4) Brighter Day (5) Queen for a Day 3:13—(^I Secret Storm 3:30—(4) Edge of Night 3:4")—(f>> Modern Romances '4:00—(•)) Gil Newsome iji Russ David Show •I:30— MI Krfxl Mofgie fit Playhouse • "Skip Hcmv'ii'r slars in the drama "The Soil". 4 : :>0—<4i LAO>C, Listen, L'.-Hrn 5:00—MI Mickey Mouse Club ifi> Wranglers Club (.*i6> Movie - Eddie Dean stars in "Prairie Outlaw*'' 5:30—io) Roy Rogers SOLOIST AND DIRECTOR—Mrs. Martha Deathcr- age, soprano, and Robert Oldharn, pianist, of Monticello College faculty, greeted by Civic Orchestra Conducter Max Steindel at Sunday night's dress rehearsal for tonight's concert in West Junior High Auditorium.—Staff Photo. At Civic Manorial Kaar To Speak at Area Distributive Ed Conclave The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart MONDAY fcSD (NBC) 650 KC p. S:S *• 3:5 6 5 .3 7 M .IS .» .45 8 :!S :8 9 .M .IS JO 45 101 11! A. ft:S *- 0:3 7 K as JO .45 Bob intnim Freddj MurttA New» Notebook; Hits Newn: Snorts M*n on the Oo Mormn 8««tty One Min's Family Bob & n»v Show Henry J. Taylor Vorhee* Orchestri Mu>,ic ConlraM* Election: Huntlty Meaner; Orch. Entertainment New* Night Music New* Night Musie News Sign Oil RXOK (ABO) 680 KC Newt. BiUiooM Ballroom Ballroom Ballroom News Ballroom Newt Newt Sports Barlow's OrchMtfa News: Crabl« Bill Crable News Bill Crabl* Ballroom Ballroom Music Hour New»; sporti ' &MOX (CBS) 1120 KC N*tv« Sports Digest Lowell Thomas News: Queen Roy Queen Hawk «- Day ton. O. : : :: I Amos 'n Andy Eyes of Faith Critical Issues World News Harry Fender News; Fender Harry Fender tUVR (MRS) 1880 at First Five .. M News First Ftv« Newt SnorU: Allett Duvt All«t) Sports News: He»tt*r Gubrlei Hestter True Detcctlvt First Flv« ?\-eW5 Gil Newsom* Melody rtm« News Rhythm Suite Smooth Sailing Thought tor bay TUESDAY John Hoedel Arfi Notebook .Today « AlminM AP News News Weather Tune Uo Tlm« Early Show Weather Early Show News Bruce Hayward Weather Bruce Hayward Country Journal Saluta Ozark Varieties Weather World New* R»x Davis Clockwatcher Jack & Jerry New* Jock It Jerry News Jack & Jerrr AP News Fd Wilson Show (5) News (5) Weather Movie - Terence Morgan and Joyce Howard star in the mystery "Shadow of the Past". (5) Ray Anthony Show — (DEBUT) A new musical show. (36) Weather 11:20— (36) Nitecap - Norman 12:15—15) Weather 12:45— (4) Thought for the Day TUKSDAY, OCT. 23rd A.M. 7:00—14) Good Morning — Will Rogers Jr. (5) Today - Garroway Capt. Kangaroo News Garry Moore Ding Dong School Arthur Godfrey 8:00— (4) 8:55— (4) 9:00— (4) (5) 9:30-(4) i Entertainer i \Mnsl Also Sell Sponsor* sProduct i By CHARLKS IMERCKR i NEW YORK .¥— In the cashiers' j offices of radio and television it | is not considered enough for an j entertainer simply to entertain.j i He also must sell the sponsor's: j product. '! In li^ht of the strongly commercial trends now developing in tclp-, vision it seems clear that enter-; lainers who sell their sponsors' t products will, be the entertainers j who survive—regardless in somei cases, of the audience ratings of; their shows. i There is a reflective piece alongl these lines in the current issue ofj Sponsor Magazine, a trade pub-j lication concerned with TV and radio advertising, in which the question is asked: Can Elvis Presley sell soap? Soap being the commonly accepted term for any advertised product. In this instance Sponsor is not concerned as much with Elvis specifically as with taking him as the symbol of the many rock 'n' j roll entertainers on radio and TV | who attract huge teen-age audi ences. But what can the younger gen-> eration buy? Sponsor replies: | "Every day 10,090 new prospects j move into the teen-age market. This year about 750.000 teen-agers got married. The median age of marriage for women is 18. About one-third of all first children in the United States are born to women 20 and under. Obviously, if the late teen-agers are going into house-keeping and raising families, then they comprise a growing market for appliances, j furnishings and cars." j As long as advertisers believe j rock 'n' roll addicts buy their pro-1 ducts, there will be rock 'n' roll, j If they come to believe there is no! commercial return from it. how-: ever, its vogue on the air will be- j gin to die. Exceptional Children's Council To Meet The first meeting of the school year of the Alton chapter of the International Council for Exceptional Children is slated at 7:30 tonight at North Junior High School, according to an announcement by Irving Ffiberg, director of special education of Bethalto Community Unit 8, and president of the chapter. Joe Hobbs, Mason County superintendent of schools, is to be the speaker. His subject will be "Special Education and Teacher Recruitment." Francis M. Kaar. executive di- | rector of the Greater Allon A—o- rintion of Commerce, will speak lo a group of distributive educa- i tion and office occupations student 1 ^ at an Area II conference j on Tuesday al Civic Memorial ; High School in Beihnlio for stu- j denis from Alton. Bethalto, and i Wood River hich schools. i Kriar will speak to the boys j from thc^e classes on the Ken- j U. S. Olympic Team Betters Six Records 8 S JO .C 10 11 12 p. ML 1 ONTARIO. Calif. .-? -The U.S. track and field team cracked four oral subject, of what it takes to j xvor id and two American records be successful in business. He , ;,, a wa rmup event hern Saturday, has entitled his speech, "Make j VVorW marks ^ m impiwed in it \\orthwhile." J , ho ]OQ me|(?1 . Si sho( pu ,_ hammpr The girls will hear Miss Doro- j throw and mile relay and Ameri- ih\ Paddock. President of the : ,. gn records were bettrrrd in the Alton Business and Professional ; 5.000 meters and hop, step and Women's Club. Mi'-s Paddock jump. JK as 3 M .It JO .45 News Sports Greene County Teachers To Hear Hobbs CARROLLTON — Joe Hobbs of Havana. Mason County Superintendent of Schools, will speak at the first meeting of the year of the Greene County Teachers Education Association Nov. 13. The time and place will be announced later. Mrs, Hazel Price, Carrollton is president of the association. Past Board Members CARROLLTON - Past Board Members Club of the Greene County Homo Bureau will have a covered dish luncheon Wednesday in Hillview at. the homo ol Mrs. Charles Arnold at 11 a. m. A program has been planned for the afternoon and each person will bring a covered dish and her own table sen-ice. Mrs. F. Wagner of Greenfield president of the club will preside at the business meeting. News SporU Ncv.s Art'i Nolfbook Bondstand Bruce Havwird NfW« Bruc* Ha.vwu-d World Newi Clockwalchor ,* Newt Ed Wil-on New* Breakfast Club Arthur Godirey Ed Wilson News Bandstand Trua Story Girl Marries Whispering Street* Arthur Godfrey Kitchen Club Howard Miller Real Door Prize DETROIT «•) — Jim Lowery, a truck driver, won a 57,000 truck trailer as a door prize at a trackers' convention. That WHS three days after he had sold his home "because it was too much to handle." So hr took fhr equivalent of the pri/e in cash and bought a new home. Screen Tonight at 8:12 l». M. Paul Newman, P. Anfrell "SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME" Tonight at 7:00, 9:55 P. M. Bill Elliott, Tom Drake "SUDDEN DANGER" Tuesday — Wednesday FAMILY NIGHTS Adults 25c, Kiddle* 2 for 25c DISTANT Itown at 8:20 P. M. Shown nt 7:00, lo:o(l P. 1*1. News; Wilton F.d Wilson Bandstand ftevu* News: Heattcr Carl Mclntire Art's Note nook Carl Mclntire News: Weather Playhouse Party Top Thirty Wendy Warren Backstage Wif» Helen Trent SOURS: News News: Revu* Gil Newsoma Newt Bruc* Hay-ward News: Headlines Ma Perkins Dr Ma lone Our Gal Sunday Jack 4: Jerry News Playhouse Party Queen for a Day News; Kaywird Bruct Hayward Right to Hapoiness 2nd Mrs. Burton Nora Drake Entertainment Jack & Jerry News 5-Star Mfltinca Hilltop House Young's Family Brace Hayward Strike It Rich House Party Phil Stevens Ed Wi!.<on News Woman In Hous* Mary McBrid* Carl Mclntir* Ed Bonner Carl Mclntlr* Art's Notebook Car) Mclntire Ed Bonner Phil Stevens Matinee Ed Wilson News Matinee News; Matinee Matinee News: Newsome Gil Newsome First Five News will discuss World Today." The atter-dinner 'The Business Kin?. University of 'California speedster, ran the 100j speaker in ' moters in 101 , ha , equa ] cc i the) the evening will be Jerry Tratt- ] performance turned in last" sum- ler of Trattlers Clothing Store i mnr by Wjll1p \villiams and Ira Wood River. Trattler is a ; Mur . crns0 n of the Army, currently up for approval as a new world standard. Parry O'Brien, former Univer- of Southern California shot) putter, again brat his world re-' cord with inches. member of the Toastrnastcr's Club. The other events of the conference will include a reception, _.. tour of the school, dinner, and a ' " " record dance wiih intermission entertainment. Officers of Area II are: President. Charles Nasello of Alton, D. E.: vice-president, Stanley Cox of Bethalto. D.E.: secretary. Jim -^ay of Wood River. D.E.; treasurer, Miss Janet Dchner of Alton. O.O. Club. , Courlney . y vinsston , N . j., Car A special guest at the confer- ; , ti>1 JcnkinSi Cambridge, Mass., ence will be James Allen, state : Anli(1 . So well. Pil , s burgh. and Lou president of Distributive Educa-1 tlonPSp New Rochcllc . x . Y .. rani tion Clubs. James was a D.E. ! the distanrf ln ,,, P W0 rid record-': lit Next 5 Years Says State Will Need » 10,500 More Classrooms Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily ' THEATRE \O PARKING PROBLEMS AT ROXAXA THEATRE TONITE & TUES. Paul Newman—Pier Angel! "SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME" 9:03 Victor Mature—Janet Leigh "SAFARI" Color Cinemascope ":30 SELECTED SHORTS By D0\ E. CHAMBERLAIN Telegraph Correspondent SPRINGFIELD. 111.. (Special) toss of 61 feet, 47^1—Illinois will need approximate- i ly 10.500 more grade and high BoVton College's Harold Connol-! scho °' classrooms in the next lv threw the hammer 213 feet 8i five schoo! >' ears ' including the inches to improve a world mark currenl >' ear - according to State ol 211 feet 8 inches held by Mik Schot)1 Superintendent Vernon L. hnil Krivonosov of Russia. . , .. . , The mile relay team of Tom approximately 6.300 of the add,- DuPage Other dosvnstate — $207,025. was next with S1S7.9S9. allotments included: Adams $73.888: Broun S60S: Bureau S7.278; Cass $1.524; Edwards 53,720: Effingham 55,731; Hancock $358; Henderson $150: Madison S103.609: Montgomery ,$S.073: Pike 54,892: Rock Island Nickel). Champaign. He said that | S116i528; s , aair $ 9 o.283; Saline '" $16,376: Schuyler S41; Warren S825; White $7.084; Whiteside 511.363; Will 59,533; Williamson i $11,766; and Winnebago $111,438: tional classrooms will be needed for grade schools, with about 4,200 needed for high schools. Nickel! said that a 1954-55 sur- i NOW! THRU WED. JOHN O'HARA'S FLAMING PORTRAIT OF THE JAZZ AGE and the guys and gals who made it rock'n'roll I r^lesiLfi Thingsiulife vey revealed that about 19,000 j State Highway traffic deaths hrenkins time of :j;OS.6. The old; children were on a half-day basis < vve! - e doUT1 ( or September but up mark of 3:OS 8 was set by Ameri- in Jlve counties- Lake. St. Clair., for tne firs t n i ne months of this , DuPage. Cook and Winnebago — y ear . September fatalities totaled Warsaw, ! and that h uollld 1ake sl ° nlillion , 187. down four per cent from the Ind.. established a nnv American to P rovidfl adequate housing fa-j same monlh last ye ar, while cupalions Coordinator at Alton rreo rd by wmniii" the r i 000 meters cihties in distncis where bonding j those {or the n i n R m omhs end- Senior High School; Mrs. Mary! in 14 . 2 2s Jra D " lvis of Philadef-i P 0 "' 61 " has been e - Nhausled - He ing Sept, student at Allon High School and graduated in June, 1956. Teachers who haxe supervised . calls in 3a - l2 jn Loncion the plans for the Conference are ; y tlle ji ax 7 in j c _ x O f Miss Maiy Lou Focht. office oc- ' O'Neal, distributive education coordinator at Civic Memorial High; Joe Grohovsky, D.E. Coordinator at Wood River High: and Herbert Ross. D.E. Coordinator at Alton High. 3 Fires Reported In Alton Over \Veekend CALL 3-3500 Television Servict ALL MAKES EXPEWENCED TECHNICIANS Guaranteed Part* and Tubes Milo Wells. Inc. 2618 Slat* f H 3 3 S 0 0 For Fast TV Service Bring your net to our shop in the morning. Pick up before 5 P. M. Square Deal Shop 720 G. Broadway Ph. 5-8411 Alton CPA Named NEW YORK — Guy McCune, Alton certified public accountant, has been named to the membership committee of the American Institute of Accountants, the national organization of certified public accountants, it was announced here today. Of t!m>p weekend fire alarms, the most serious was answered by j No. 'J company at 9:1") p.m. -Sat-^ nrday, lo .Seventh and Spring! where a sedan owned bv i phia leaped 51 fert 11 inches in the hop, step and jump for another U. S. record. Paper Chooses Rookies Aparicio And Robinson September 30 this year totaled 1,491. up slightly more than one per cent for the same period in 1954. Dorsey DORSEV — Mr. and Mrs. James Laurence of Bethalto and Mrs. Deldia Schmidt of Wanda General Assembly." The j vLsile , d Tuesday afternoon with school year (1955-54) for i Mr. and Mrs. Gus Heuer. said many pupils attend schools in basements and in temporary structures. Need of a deficiency appropriation to meet an increased use of school bus transportation, is foreseen by Nickell. He said "undoubtedly a deficiency appropriation will be required from the 70th last j which statistics are complete; Mr and Mrs . Leonard Bertels j show that 7.000 buses transported j and children were visitors this ; 2GS.OOO pupils to schools, as com-, wei?k o[ Mr and jj rs> Fred ST. LOUIS .•? — Cincinnati! pared with R'-'"> busts transporting! Heine sltiBsjer Frank Robinson was a' 42,155 in 1945-4G. j ;\i rs \yalter H:-.usman spent nnf f ?< i.- BM • unanimous choice and Chicago, Special education. Nickell said.! Wednesday at Boyd Memorial unnsoi (,s K. win .si., was, \ V hite Sox shortstop Luis Apari-; cost , h( . . state> S 6.471.542 for the i Hospital, " Carrollton. with heri > j , it ,. , , ,, ,| ' " ..|-.... ITUM (ll(T .Miilf OU.1 1.1 ,.»'t- IUI HI'- damaged by the that ol owed. t , 0 dirin ' t miss it fm . in the Rookie i ln3 5. 56 school ycar . H e certified a carburetor flasli. Chief Le«is. 0 f the Year poll conducted by The| da : ms {or lh is amount last week i and State Auditor Lloyd Morey, the major | Urbana, is processing state mother, Mrs. Pearl Atchison, j who is a patient there. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Steelman ! spent Wednesday in Barrow. said gasoline leaking from the fuel j Sporting News, line blazed and damaged the car-j Robinson, who tied boretor and hood. j league rookie record for homers | checks to pay county "claims, i "Mrs. Earl Heuer of East Alton ' Earlier Saturday, at 2:10 p.m..; with 38. was named on all 197! Special education inclu'des home | spent Thursday with Mr. and' No. 3 company put out a grass j ballots, the baseball weekly an-1 classes for physically handicap-'Mrs. August Heuer. fire at 620 Rozier St. The other | nouneed Sunday. The willowy; po d children as well as public; Mrs. Hilda Tcderick of Prairie- fire call was listed as unnecessary. | righthander batted .290 with S3' school district programs which ! town visited Wednesday after- answered by No. 4 to Washington | runs batted in. He had 27 doubles,; provide tutors and special equip-: noon with Mrs. Frederick Aljets. gerous. and Brown streets, where a leaf.G triples and stole S bases. bonfire had been reported as dan-j Aparicio polled 15S votes. Runner-up in the American League with 20 was Rocky Colavito, Cleveland outfielder. Aparicio, a .266 batter, led the American League in stolen bases with 21 and ii] total chances with 756. He played 152 games, tops for major league shortstops this year. He had 142 hits and 55 runs batted in. Tolls Merchant .Marine Test Date Rep. Melvin Price announced today that the annual competitive examination for appointment to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, N.Y. will be March 16. Price also said that under amendments to the law each member of the Illinois congressional delegation may nominate 10 candidates for admission subject to the competitive examination. The 15 candidates from Illinois scoring ment. The special education programs, Is'iekell said, are in force in 95 of the state's 102 counties. The City of Chicago receives $3,087.476 and the Cook County country towns receive 5987,982. Kane County school districts received the largest allotment for ALTON CIVIC ORCHESTRA TONITE, 8:15 WEST Junior High School Iceland's population now I he highest examination marks will ( be selfdcd lo enter the acadomv. : Sliced pineapple may be dipped in a fritter batter and fried in deep fat. Seive sprinkled with confectioners' sugar for a luscious dessert. WE REPAIR Any Make of RADIOS, TVt, WAKIIURS, QAS »nd EI.KCTKIU KANfiKS, I »il ind Dependable Service. We Art A> (''lute At Your 'lelrpllune DIAL, •MM I WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES 85« STATE ST. ALTON ALUMINUM Storm Window*, Doer>, Air Mailer TIU-O-Mitlo ALUMINUM Jtlouult Door IV Thick I'OUCH KNCLOSUUK Jtloqil* Double Hunt Wlnelowi. free Cillinilet OK.NAMKNTAL IKON RAILINGS—COLUMNS ALUMINUM AWNINGS N'« Uvwn Payment, 36 Mot. Cox's Horn* Supply Co. North Alton lo the Wedge 5-1618 , Rei. V-UI6 Attention . . . Mr. SALESMAN or SALESMANAGER HOW BIG ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS? Are VOU interested In rapidly rising lo Hie Siu.OOO to $33.000 or more Income level'.' Former investment. Insurance or talus experience helpful, bi-t not necessary If you «r e sales-minded,' alert and ambitious Complete training given tucc«»ful applicants. No investment or travel required. The St. I.ouU regional office of the national dUlrlbutor of one of America s fastest growing mutual investment funds. UNITED FUNDS INC , with several types of investment programs including Perodic or Systematic Investment Plans. U expanding its sales organization The men and women associated with us are enloying the highest nings in the professional selling field We are Interested onlv In responsible and bondable individuals IN ALTON. ALSO PRINCIPAL TOWNS ear lull lime, financially Write fully or |>honc I'Arkvlcw I.'JJ.M, Interview by appointment. Henry M. lirllerud, Ileklclrnt Vice I'rckidcitl WADDELL & REED, Inc. 7 N. Brent wood, Clayton St. Louli S. Mo, SPAGHETTI SUPPER Sponsored by S.S. Peter and Paul's Parents' Club in Parish Hall WED., OCT. 24, 1956 5:00-7:00 P.M. Adults - 75c Children - 50c (Desserts Extra) Music on records will be furnished In auditorium abovt dining room. YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN Gordon Dan Ernest Stietee MacRAE-DAlLEY-BORGNlNE-NORTH COLO* tef OB LUX* THE DRAMA OF A WOMAN BETRAYEDl At 1:00 3:05 5:10 7:20 9:25 HOLDEN-KERR Extra! Bugs Bunny Open 12:45 Daily PLUS CARTOON KIDDIES AD.MITTED FREE FREE PLAYGROUND 50c Till 5 Then fioc. Child Iflc TODAY & TUES. Always 2 Color Cartoons—Kiddies Always Free Marilyn's Biggest Hit! WARPATH TERROR! -CKIl KBUWMT-HCHMP HMTDN-MVIO MWMN • A UNIV«SAL'INrtRfUDOrtH HCTUffi ROD CAMERON I. CAIDOl NAISH MAIT CASIU A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE TUES.-WED, * All Cinemascope Duo! IKTO A WILDERNESS OF THBV RODK: ACTUALLY FILMED IN PILLARS A FE SKY RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN'S Jungle Thrills CAROUSEL EOROBNMacRAE'SHlfiltyW toitlli t, rUNDV KING

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