The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHBA8T AHKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEEDITKl ^ VOl., X.XVl)—XO. 250 Blylhevllle Courier, Blylhevllle Dally Ne-vs, m v'riii,'\m i n MH/AVQAC TI'MOMIV i<v<iT<»*r ,- m.> Blythevtlte Herald, Mississippi Valley Under. IlIA IHKVILLK, AUKANSAS, IbKSDAY, JANUAHY (>, 19IU SINGLE'COPIES FIVE FLASHES mm OF •DIES HERE Pioneer Planter Came to County in 1861: Served With Forrest. TAKE MAXIF.'S TITLE . I NKW YORK, Jan. :C (Ul'l— Th=t ftltle Athk-tlv Commission toila> I denilvcd SM\ Schmelulg of his | j lille of world's hMvyu^ljjlit boxlnj tliaiupion. • . ; ' v j AHKHNETHY AKHESTED REPORTS 1S[ ST. i.ouis, Jan. 6 lui'T-The'Situation in Arkansas Not!National Red Cross Will! I St. Louis Star published a copy. I A n I A n • 1 I I I I I V \\! \ <\ •risiiicd story tnday in which u As bad As raiutcd by Help nuance Work o) Italian Trans-Ocean Air Squadron 'sail! Charles V. Abernflhy, negro ( kidnaper of Adoluhus lluscli Or-, ihu-ein, luid been arrested in Kan-i City and was cu route by • Caraway Payne Declares WASHINGTON, Jan. 0. lUP)- Judge Clanmce Leolin Moote, 94, oldest living graduate of thc Uni- j automobile lo the Clayton, Mo'.' Chairman John Barton Payne ol vei;uy of Mississippi and ••••"•-'•• • •- • • » -* "— '" • "-- • Lccal Organizations. promin-, ja c-m pioneer citizen of Mississippi county, died at the family residence here nt 1:30 o'clock tills atternoon following a seven weeks illness. Distribution ol food among destitute families, chiefly (rora rur^l custody of Sheriff. Al Ull; the American Red Cross today dial- I sections ol the county, conlinuml of St. Louis county. lenged press report of food ric;s .in Arkansas and denied comiUbns there were as bad as deserted yss- |Goodlellows. TYPHOON KILLS 31 MANII .9, r. L, Jan. 6 (111"]— tcrday on the senate floor by Sen- Amnjjemens are incomplete but.; Thirty one persons were known (o ator Caraway of that stale, luneral services will he conducted 1 j, e dc . ul| 25 wcre among the listeO Payne gave the Red Cross ver- UiurEUay. missing, two motorships were Ark., Ill testimony betore Hit 1 s-?n- county. sim [;, an( j four towns were in ruins slon of the incident al England. here today while transfc I liol of relief activities volunteer r of confront llij 1 organism- A native of Miaissippi he Lowndes attended private schools in Georgia and Mississippi and later was a student at the Mississippi State Teachers college- which became tils state university, from which he was graduated in 1558. His parents were Jr.scph I. nnd ' Eliza Gregory Moore of near Col- '. umhus. Miss. . ! Enlisted in 1863 \ Threa years after graduation he i became n resident of this county! when he assumed charge of several in (he wake of the typhoon that ate appropriation committee which swept the Philippine rirnvincrs of is inquiring into the adequacy ot i Cr °s s . c - (Ion which has handled the situs!- (Ion up to date, to the local clnn- ter of the American Red Cross wafe In progress. . ! The Goodfclloivs will continue to function i\s an auxiliary to (he Refl and has liv^ti here since that lime. In 1863 he enlisted in the Confcd- j ci-ntc nrrny and served under Ocn- \ era! Nathan Bedford Forrest for! three years. He went through the; war uninjured. A. Cunningham, thel Surigao Cfbu and Nejros. the administration's relief program, i chairman, and F. A. White null 1 iRoscoe Crafton, members nt thet ' Feed Hungry at Kngland I executive committee, have, promj: ENGLAND, Ark.. Jan. 6. IUP)- fced. The relief prcgram will be car- ; One hundred and cighty-tliree ap-1 >'l«l °" without changes in organt- plicanls for food rcn.uislticnj were j ;iation or jx-rsonncl except such as filed this morning by drouth strick- ni ' c »ece.<vsir.y to meet the rcqulre r en and hungry farmers who milled • lnents Ol lhe national Red Cross; about outside of Red Cross head- ; funds of which will be available "quarters here. hereafter to supplement local ra- ' The relief program progressed sources. : Depends Upon lineal Support . Cil , Jxra ,_ lui5 Ulllclauj . lU!lyor „. Roy Walton chapter chainnaA. Defense at police M. Williams stated .that records i a "« C. R. Babcock. dlsasler chairt- show 726 families have been issued ™ a ». nre tnc officers of lhe locil ration orders U> date and this num-' chapter who will be In any direct, .her probably would be increased by ' charge. The" change, Uiey pointed A $50 fine and a scathing d=- : 203 today. | out. implies no lessenbg of local v.jivji u^ uiMuiiiuu iiiuigi ui ^u^cikii rt * * f\tf rr ' — ,.." 0 ...... r . ~ D . *w.. (housanil acres of cleared lands Oll?nended 'JtBlCer Oilers smoothly under the direction of lo No Court Trial Today. After the war he went to Sans j nunciation were meted out to J. Z.' FurlKer -Mistress wns feared as. responsibility, as lhe help available ....= D | X and there . "Jack" Ozinent, suspended police- [ result of lhe action of lhe board i from tnr national organization Is known Grider' man. by .Judge W. D. Gravette in 0 [ directors of thc Citizens Bank dependent allogetlur upon t h e -.?ml yenrs. Mr.! police court this morning In con- an( j Trust company In turning th" ! maintenance of an effective local _ ...Iss uicy Bealei victing Ozment on a. charge of as- : affairs 0 [ thai institution over I volunteer organization tor carrying Cook in 186S and moved to Chick- sanlt and battery. Ozment appeal- thc state banklng department The - - - • asawba, which is now Blythevlllc.; ed the case to circuit court maklnBj bank closed temporarily five day Nine children were born to this un-1 bond set at S2aO. ' - - •"" ion and. those who' are now liv-1 The officer, wli ins are: Mrs. R B. Noicn. Miss, by M. G. Qoodw Souci, near Osceoln. and farmed the well known plantation for several Moore married Miss TEIIFTO GRIFT- L -,_. , . . . Crews of'.Twb, Forced \ Forced Down at Sea, i Picked Up by Steamships NATAL, Brazil. Jan. 6. (UP)—A ;rou]> of Klant Italian seaplanes attempting one of (lie most ambitious squadron flights in mllllnry aviation history, arrived on the coast ot Brazil today after n swift Journey over (he south Atlantic from Africa. The first six.planes ot the squad 1 ron of 13, led by Italian Air Mln-, islcr Halo Hnlbo, reached Natal at 4:10 p. m., (2-JO p. .in. enstern standard time) 'completing a non- --3 slop Irnns-nccah flight of about'1,- shown nt lhe right as his own)800 miles In 11 hours and 10 mln- jj Tliij l>et!lnnln(r of the lonj; trans- Atlunllc Journey by n mjmulron of tvtolvt* Italian seaplanes here Is plclineil at Orbclcllo. Italy. Above you SIT soira of the craft as they were lined up, inolnrn running, ready for lhe lake-olf. Oenernl Halo Usilbn, Uaiinn Air Minister, and connnnntter of the Illght. plane was put Inlo the wilier. Thi? plnnrs on the- were firsl scatlcrcd by storms leg of the trip, but utes. They averaged about 100 miles per hour. Ruin fell Intcrmitcntly nil afternoon. ' they were reunited nl CMilagcmi.i Four more planes of !thc squad-. Spain. The iTmulndcr of the illn- crnry Ineludcil Kcnllra, Morocco; Villa Clsncros. Spanish Gold Cofisl; Bolninu, Porliigurse West Africa; with the announcement that It and reD P en ; d. on the work, and in any case will bJ insufficient to meet all needs without continued local contributions of money and materials. The Ocodfellows grocery store, It was reported an effort would ills nativo state lo look after his, resented the defendant. land interests there 'but returned j Wlnborn was the first witness to Cross, had placed $1,500 in a St. P la " thllt w111 . te ullt »i'o effect Louis bank to be released to local here tomorrow or as soon as the here in 1919 and has resided here take the stand and he testified that; Red Cross officials for relief work I "cccssary arrangements can be since. . j the cfflcer struck him at least twice ! here. Well Known in MM-South I flnt l P'ssibly three times. He also Feared an Episcopalian, the de- ' declared the officer cursed him. cearod became a member of the I The trouble resulted from a dls- First Presbyterian church after his! P"te over the discovery of a dollar church ceased lo hold regular ser- ', 1)i!1 1" the grocery 'store where vices- Winborn worked by Ozment's. As a member of a prominent : daughter. V/inborn kept the dol- ; family and having the unique dls-J ' ar bill if, any customersj tinctlon of being the oldest living I had lost 't ° r if it belonged to thoi graduate of the University of Mis-1 store." •Sssippi, Judge Moore was widely According to the evidence Oz-1 M or ] p | known. He received many letters! n: ' 3nt wcnl to ltl e store to relover' lllv ^ lcl frm time to time from admirers i'h" *> 11 & r biu and failing to. find throughout the tri-states and was! Winborn discovered him nt n near-| frcquenlly interviewed for stories I b >' restaurant. Two witnesses who concerning his life as n university I Fal[l the y were al lhe reslaurant. jmade. A group of local merchant; I met with Red Cross officers this ! morning nnd reached an agreement | upon a standard set of prices for I gocds to be specified In Red Cross i orders. Grocers io Gel Orders Applicants for food, upon inves- j tigation and approval, will be given | orders for certain specified Items. : These orders will be presented to Five Lives Taken by North Carolina Storm ron arrived Inter, making 10 ot the. . 12 which left Africa to complete » the flight. Thc second group nr- rlvcd nt 4:35-p. in. ' acres* lhe South Atlantic lo Porto Two planes were reporlcd by rn- i. Nalul, Hrii7.ll. where the plnnesUllo to have lauded at-sen, one be- 'J were due to rest tonight before j side the S. S. A'.Honlo Mosll, which 4' proceeding ilnwn lhe lo Rio | look It In tow, and the o'.her near ^'T: : _ ' de Janeiro. • I lhe equatorial St. Paul rocks,' som= £{ !.*• 1416 miles norllienst of. Nntnl. A |f I nearby cruiser picked up Its.crew; P I A leaking radiator forced tlic first vf (plane down and - motor trouble'$ | caused the second lo land. : ;f The filghf; which, started from'-:* 1 Lake Orbctcllo Ir. Italy Dec. n, will. . continue lo Slo DC Janeiro lalcr. •'. Thc pinnes lefl Bolainn, Porlu- r\ > • • Decision m NORLINA, N. O., Jen. 0, (UP) — ' A tornado swept the northern sec .tlon of Warren count today nnd : killed five and Injured one. .t • ! Properly damage was estimated Injury >t' over ?100,000. The smiis torna- Snil 1 ilflvTnrlav DtKei- l(l0 •"" llour cavller vlslU!l1 Cnswell OUll UKCiy JOQd),. VJiner county North Carolina, about 71) Cases Dis|3osed' o(. miles west of here, causing prop- OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 6.—All the evidence in (he case of R. E. McCullough vs. Morris Blcck nnd Charles Sclmffucr, n suit for $20,000 damages for personal tniurles ] growing out of an automobile accident on the Blythevlllc-Lciichvllle road, was in when the civil division of circuit courl adjourned lhe first day of lhe term late yesterday. Thf Jury wns instructed and arguments of counsel were in progress this morning. The case was crly damage which ran sands. thou- of nimklin any r" 0 ^ 110 ' 11 who will honor them j due to reach the jury before noon u at the prices agreed upon, and lh= '~ J — "*••- — " '- '—- •-'-' today. This wns thc only jury trial taken up yesterday. J. T. Coslon of Osceola is representing the plain- lift and C. M. Buck of Blytheville and Jack Appcrson of Mctcalf, Met- cnif & Apperson of Memphis ap- ------- -----.----- — .--, , , r i = ,..-~..~. ..^.. uu . .^^ ... uo ... > ,..^,,w^. peared for the defendants. Thc Cobb Undertaking company P? uild : wmborn ran and atterj of Dun kj in countj', is a complete: The national Red Cross will as-j 'Other cases disposed of include is in charge of funeral arrange-1 being taken into custods^ at Me-, loss from „ fire that . originated: sist only in the purchase of forf. the following: County, Near Homers- merchant will then attach them to '11 D r« 1 i h '-' ; invoice foi presentation to the Vllle Burns IO liround. j Red Cross for payment. Arrange.=, — ^ . - , , I menu have been made lo permit stuf,?nt and of those historic days! lC5tificd tnat lhe officer strucK: HORNEKSVILLE, Mo., Jan G (UP)! immediate payment for all groc?r- In thc southern part of this county, j Winborn knocking him to the | _Bone fchool building.mode! school ics thus furnlshec!. West (Virginia Coal Shaft Scene of Fatal Early Today;-. Blast guest' West, Africa, cnrly today. Liner Collides With Float in Dense Fog : CHARLESTON; -wV, VA, .jan.;.B .•), (UP)—Elchl men" wei'e killed IH'R, an explosion In n mine of the pony nt Glenn Itoeers, W. Vn.. early today, accordins (o reports | (he | lar bor. NEW YORK. Jan. 0 (UP)— Tha icr Ocornc Wnshlnjtciivof.i-JhB'- Fiaslcrn Sfcani5lii(i company made' Its pier nt the foot ot Murray street, today aftsr coillding with cnr float In the dense fog over j from the furnace : again struck by Ozment while en-1 S t r0 y e d clothing of : : route to thc police station, witness-1 Tne building, a part of the Hoi--, j rs testifvd. nersville consolidated system and ; RP IhfA Kv PpKWps , 7'^ ,°' n , WaS . P i aC nv,-'?r*L y looted near the Arkansas line, was DC Used Dy reDDleS jail but released by Chief Goodwin.• vnilled at more lhan ., em and V L r- 1 1 i Jtavanaugh rielu to medical supplies, and j R. G. Jones vs. Plant Seed corn- must bs furnished ; pany, et al, dismissed on motion of plaintiff at his cost. P. M. Barton vs. Oscnr Williams. The Goodfellows store wns clos- LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Tlie Ut- the grocery clerk. ' - lui.i.Eu n*-»i iiiv mrtaii9<v3 niic, «i\a • . . . . ]ail but released by Chief Goodwin. • vnilled at more lhan $]6000 and ed for several hours Ihis • No charges were preferred against- carri ., d insurance to lhe amount of " nd ln ttlat tlme a « ood 5lMd cro '' i ' d ... .,...,. i ]j ad gathered. The crowd was cr- ! $0.500. dismissed on motion of plaintiff at his cost. R. P. Berry vs. Will Scott, th Rock Travelers will continue to; Chief Gcodwin declined to state: According to Nelson B Tinnin -• • di business during the 1931 season ; today how lonj O/jnent's suspen-' who w m, hjs ;vifc and M | ss Zetta ' o'clock new supplies of food arrived [want of prosecution. of the Southern Association at the. slon will be effective. • Mae ' c,\na were teaching "in the nncl lts distribution was rerunu-.l.! Louvina Record, ct ELECT OFFICERS GF ._ A. Butt Heads Mississippi County Association; Harrison. Blytheville Group. The Iwo building nnd loan associations of this city have elected officers for 1931 nt the annual stockholders meeting. 1 ;. In the Mississippi County Building nnd Loan association, A. M. ! Bult wns reclected president. Other officers named ore: Jake Un^- vlce president; B. A. Lynch, secretary; J. Louis cherry, treasurer; C. A. Cunningham, attorney. A. M. Bult, J. A. Leech, J. Louis Clnr- ry, Jake Ungnr. C. A. Cunningham . E. D. Ferguson, A. B. Falrncld. C?- There were 100 passengers aboard. Meanwhile thc Will N. Page, a, Mysllc* Steamship company freighter, was aground nt Shlnno^ck lighthouse, but wits said la be in no immediate .danger. Hold Prayer Services '; at Methodist Church telephoned to n. M. Lnmble. chief of the department of mines. The explosion occurred at 4 A. :u., I^ninbie was advised. Between forty and fifty tiicn were fin the mine. Rescue crews were dispatched Immediately from Charleston. Lainble said he understood all but the eight, men escaped. He was Informed they were trapped under Ions of sltite which crashed from j the roof when (ho blast let RO. i -The mine Is 20 miles from Beck- 1 Special prr.ycr services arc beb:g Icy and 90 miles from Charleston.! hcM at the First Methodist church Lnmblc said two mine inspectors ' each night this week, through Frl- !md taken chnrgo of the work.! day, In carrying out the program They Inspected lhe sliafl ycstcr- ! of thc southern Mclhouisl church day, hr said, and remained nt the [for "Make Membership Mean mine club over night, Lumbie snldjMore". lhe cause of thc explosion had not] O. C. Barnes was In charge of been ascertained bill he supposed ! the first services Monday and Mrs. It resulted from Ignition of 'a gns i W. I. Dcnton, as president of the pocket. The department of mines i Woman's Missionary society, is con- laier uns advised four bodies had: ducting tonight's meeting. E. D. been recovered. Haygood Named Head of Southwestern Athletics' Ferguson will lead Wednesday, A. O. Hudson Thursday (ind | lor,' the Rev. P. Q. Rorle. the cios- i Ins service. i Thc services begin -at 7:30 o'clock. I,-. however, and shortly after 1 ;missed on motion of defendant tor j ,.„' shMe and ' Roy WnUo ,, nr p ,„_ MEMPHIS. Tcnn. - Jimmy Hay-! j Will Probe Indiana vs. HoisD- old stand— Kavanaugh under new ownership. Meld— but : . The mile Rock school Board, at Alaskans Ignorant special meeting last night, grant-! ., 101; ^.,,»», ,.CLC icai.uiiiB in 1 1 u.- ------------ — ---- ....... , I building at the time, the fire orig- I( details for handling supplies in ; nold of Rutn - el al - disuussed on | nas ! Inated during lhe noon hour and t( i e 'u^ " r e completed at a me?:- i m °tton of plaintiff at r.,s cost with- , Hes ed the new owners of the Listlc; H-ck club a lea^fton the old field.i thereby ending the suspense in. uring had gained gr.?at headway before '"g called for 4 o'clock this after- [ out prejudice. discovered. All efforts to- noon thc store will be closed pur- j Jofse Ra l'P vs ' Jim rane. Ot Business Depression- warrt ex-tingutshlnar the flames were manenlly tonight. ! futile. The building was n brick SEATTLE. (UP)-On» part of th'- structure and was erected in 1920 already being made by Barnaul Is Chairman ot 'dismissed on motion of plaintiff al Znl a Harr!son W3S ^1^1^ | his cost without prejudice. j preside-1 of the Blytheville Build- rcclors. In the 20 years since this | good, freshman football coach af was formed each yeir i the university of Alabama, has re-, shown an increase with 21 EC- • signed lo become director of nth-' matured and paid oi:l and Un j 122nd series to be pnld March 1.! 1 1931. Office Sale Charges have lived since last fall. Ljiitheprint company of and Loin association with thra Fund Seeks to Encourage i oy business ae- t he Board of Educallcn toward the presslon. I rebuilding of the school, according Alaska—most parts of It-is un-. t 0 F. c. Parks, president ol lhe : aware that it Is supposed to bo af- • Board, and it is probable that a I?' i. PL • »• D J Wr eni r plr St tDHStian Board motion of defendant. Defaul ment OH accou George W. Barium was elected Interest. '••; c'.her officers: 1:1 ! president; W. M. . dant. Default Judj- i and m! , nag( , r . j. nt for S4S9.GO wit.. • r . Harrison S D. Gillen. vie? DllrnSi : ,. ret , ry , . filctcd by "hard times." according i twenty thousand dollar structure chairman ot the board of the First . w - v - Martin vs. A. V. iullcr,| B here. bama expires on March 1st. was Coach Dm Mc- Rlar nuarterbnck nt Vnn- . derbilt Ur.'.vcraty where he played R(nvboUcm , Republican, L. Ginrd. trens- Smith nnd Taylor, attorneys. The directors are: Zal Ison. J. L. Guard, E. D. j •of the auxiliary schooner Boxer.'rooms will h? used until the com- night. Other officers named were:'^Lepanjo Lumber company vs. T.; fj e ]() m;ln w ^ Burn-, am] Oar don Wright. This association, whic'- has paid out .-. n:nnb.*r of seri?f. was organized in 1920. <s ' ' ' c , . . -. cc y ar es. a i twenty tousan oar srucure o e oar o e rs . - - . . . , Ha Study 01 Constitution to Capt. S. T. L. Whltlan, sklppsr will be erected. Improvised class- Christian church in a n^cting last. et al - answer of defendant filed. . oi'Ien. ' 1 PHTLADELPHIA (UP)— Francis wncn he returned 'here after hisi pletion of a building unless it is M. T. Meon. vice chairman; J. Cc- N - Arledgc, et al.. by consent cause H. Thole, late Philadelphia attor- i nnniiai.crisUe to isolated communi-1 found that sufficient room exists In cil Lowe, secretary. E. M. Terry, transferred lo chancery court foi about pro-er in- : ties along the Bering Sea nnd Arc-1 the Central school here for ihe t:easurer. fHa1 iuth of the conn- tic Ocean. ! studcnls, in which case they will Followin r.tils of the Con- "Alaskans live off the land, and j be transported hero In the school thc bo?rd ney, felt-strongly struclion of the youth try in thc fundame: _ _. ____ ____ ____ ...... _ ____ ____ _______ _____ , st'itution of Ihe United States." ' nobody has to suffer from hunger ! buses When Thole's will was probated; up there," he said. "I'd rather be. It was found that- he left a fund'brc^e in Alaska . than be down I "(o encourage an Intimate knowl-ihere with S300 arid no ]cb. When| edge by our young people of tho ! the $300 Is gone, you're up against ' trial. A. B. Adams vs. Cliff Locktvart n 10u4. In 1007 he was head coach nt tlcnd»rson-Brown coile»c. In 1925 he went to ioulhcrn college at Lakeland, Fla. as football coach and to Alabama in 1927. Meyers Brothers Lease Main Service Station prosecutor to Indiana to cooperate with federal officials there In investigating charges against Rep. Indiana. accept2d who Is alleged to have money from candidates for post- Clear Streets Aftev Pennsylvania Hurricane Constitution, to safeguard It j it. but noBody worries in Alasta. against minorities who seek to en- so long as they're able to eat fish." force their whims, caprices and unwise experiments upon their f;!- lowmen." The fund, which will be handled throrgh thc Philadelphia Board of Education." provides for $.25 prize? for essays on the Constitution. Wi'l Keep Cotton Co-op Office in New Orleans ^ NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 6. (UP^-I Headquarters of the America! 1 ("•"(ton Cooperative association will no', be moved from New Orleans Rushing's Grocery En*?red by Thieves Houston or Dallas. E. F. Crsekmo; ' I general manager, sold here today. Rushing's Grcctry store. 821 West I Crcekomer said the unfriendly at- Wninut strcci. was enlcrecl by titudo of the New Orleans cott:n RELICS DISTRIBUTED . Ihicves lasl nl°hl and a small, exchange toward the cooperalive PARIS. CUP)—The French Coun-i quantity of tobacco, candy and would not affect the continuance of cil of National Museums has dis- • groccrirs stolen police were inform-' its headquarters in New Orleans, trlbuted its year's purchases of \ cd ty the proprietor. A. Rushing, Both Dallas and Houston havo relics to- different museums. The today. • been endeavoring to obUin the ci- i Sam Rores, Little Rock attorney, Louvre's share Includes n number Entrance to t'-.c store was gained , operative headquarters, Increasing ; will present Governor Parr.cll's of ancient Chinese vases, Mcsop^- by borln? a hole Ihrough the rear: their efforts when the attitude or pian for reorganization of the sl»'« tamlan c'tlorv nnd a collection of door ni'd llftins the iron barjthp cotton leaders her? tocamo an- > governmental structure in a lallt small Japanese statuary nnd cnani-i which secured thc door from the. (3-;c-ni«t!c to the federal farm i to that body, according to J. F- sis. Inside. | beard. Carter, secretary. 1 for 2 b irimr 2 mcmbc C r e c3nv™ !! lhi1 m !f Md at Pontiff's cost with prej- l , vrek udice. | _ ' . i A. P. Barham vs. Lela Wells, ct ! Report* for 1930 showed that,,,, M &M )ud<jmenl or, contract substnnllal progress had been made • for $2]0 wl[h ln [ erast at 7 _„,. cn , n 'In various deparlments of 11* from Dec. 10, 1929. Allotment slis- •tosWp 15laddmom1 '" " m talned. 1 i W. L. Berrv vs. W. n. Dvers-. i ' ,et nl., answer of defendant filcl ! 'nfJiKriinl 1 A-iJar. *n Conllnucd for term and set for firsl : .nausmai Leaders to . day or nexl tcrm Hear Parnell Program j. A. Alexander vs. EHIS & L=W: . Is. n corocratlon. demurrer of • L. | LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 6 lUP>— N8»llnB flled. Industrial leaders of Arkansas <••;!! w. A. Shedcian vs. Brlnklnv me:t in a conference of the A>soci- Bros., answer of defendants fllcd. ntcd Industrle'l of Arkansas here r UMn i, jr.ip qv, nr ,i, ,. s H#w»r : Thursday to discuss further dcvel- 4& n ? 1eD ^ ZL*% ; cprrcnt of Industries in lhe state. j./L,,.,.,,. „,„., Searching of Carolina Automobiles Protested DANVILLE. Va.. Jan. 6. (UP) — An Interstate aspect was given to the strike of 4.000 -union textiK workers here today by complaint of Gov. O. Max Gardner, North Carolina, to'Qor. John Garl.ind Pollard, Virginia, that Virginia na- scarching North Caro'.lna cars and trucks. fcndit Gets $25,500 in Jewelry Robbery UNKOrrOW.N. Pa., Jan. C. lUP) —Work of clearing streets o! de- The Moln Slreet Slatlon, located brls and rep alrlnj homes and stores nt the corner of Main nnd Fiff.i d( , ma g cd yesterday when a wind el sircets. has been leased by .Meyers h , lrrlcanc velocity SWC pt d!s- ; ° M^ x Mever. Damage will totnl SoO.OOO. Ths who staled that J. D. Smith had Et orm reached Us greatest Inlensl- been placed In charge. ; , v at Un i 0 nlowii, but other nearby Tlie station was leased from F. B. communities were struck. Several Joyner, local agent for the Texaco w-ers Injured but ncne seriously. company. It Is understood. It was . . completed last July at a cost of ; nnrrxlmately $15.000 and was op-' WFATHFR eratcd by C. L. Bennett for several " _____ ' ; : ARKANSAS—Fair and warmer in • western ond central portions to- lOCOMOTIVE ATTACHKD night: cloudy nnd vnrmir Insoytr.- WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. iUP).crn portions. —A Frlsct' locomotive wns recently : attaclifid here by Sheriff R. B. War- According to the official weathfr ner to obtain payment of fines n" observer. Charles Phillips, th; min•"•) "-ilnrt the Unri In circuit lm uro temperature her: ye?ierday CLEVELAND. Jan. 6. (UP)— A | court. Thc decision of the court was 33 degrees and thc maximum bandit escaped with S25.500 in Jew- ; for fines aggregating $5,000 was of- 59 degrees: cloudy with 0.5 ;n:-os It Is reported that Germany is dry and cash today after holding firmed by the U. S. Supreme Court ot rainfall. On the ssra3 day a ys»r building an airplane designed to up the Greenwood Jewelry store and when the company refused ago ths minimum temperature wai carry 120 persons and having a and binding th/ proprietor nnd | navment lhe sheriff seized n last 46 degrees nnd the maximum 64 .cruising radius of about'5000 miles, clerk in a back room. locomotive. -decrees; .90 Inches of rain. defendants filed.

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