Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 9, 1948 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1948
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 19*18 Phone 4600 for-'a WANT AD < Taker EDDIE' DOWUNG, born cc. 9, Your Individual Horoscope 1S94, at Woonsocket, R. L, as Joseph j first. Nelson Goucher. the 14th - of 17 \ MAY 21 children. As a boy ' he sang for pennies around saloon doors, van away to 'Boston and changed Hs name because Goucher was mispronounced so of t- • en. He worked a a cabin boy, a "song, p 1 u g g c r." and became a Look In the section In which you!- tilrth- duy comes und .Ir.d what your outlook Is, uccordlng to the stars, For Friday, December 10, ]!M8 MARCH :i to APRIL 20 (Arlcsj—Better take it calmly; don't talk out of turn or take unreasonable chunces. Bar any thought bl getting something for nothing. Be reasonable In speech and notion. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus)—Today stresses . sagacity, • diplomacy In all business. Try for greater Income. Check any tendency toward intolerance, Irritability. Point to a cleaning up. csscn'.lal duties vaudeville headliner. Actor, pln\- Eddie Dowlincj director and producer. "The Glass Menagerie" was his prize. Red Cross Goal Lower WASHINGTON — (IP} — The ' Red Cross lowered its sights today, set"ting Its 1949 fund raising goal at $60,000,000—one fourth less than this year's total. Basil' O'Connor, president of the organization, announced' lost night that B. Roland Harriman, New York banker and rail executive, will'direct next year's campaign scheduled for the month of March. to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Looks '.{like an easy day for you if you but. run J'true to your better Zodiacal traits; be open ' and aboveboard in dealings. Tact and Kindliness stressed, especially after 1 p.m. JUNE 22 10 PULY 23 (Cancer)—Keep !n touch with outside happenings, all important propositions. " Good outlook' for the ready worker, lor smartness. Traveling,, buying, building plans, favored within rcuson, JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—Excellent planetary Influences' today. Advantageous for new,- well-planned ventures, .for honest trading, manufacturing. All useful occupations, employment in general, have fine prospects. ' AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (VlrgOl —Don't take that unnecessary chance or listen to Idle talk and you can achieve much toward what you have wanted. Some extra help may come' irom loved ones, friends almost forgotten. SEPTEMBER 21 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —Bo completely unselfish In your dealings and contacts with other/; and reward will. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tube*' Fluih Out Poisonous Waste TOien disorder o£ kidney function permits poisonous matter to rcmnin In your blood It may cause mitrcinc backache, rheumatic pains, lee palna. loss of pep and energy, set- tins op nights, s-wclHnc, puf!lnesn under the tyci, headaches and diaancss. Frequent or' iomty passages with smartinj; and burning' •ometimc3 ^iows there is something wrong .with your kidneys or bladder. • Don't wait 1 Atk you." drujnrist for Boon's Pills, a ^stimulant diuretic, used miccessfully by millions for over 60 years. Dean's jfivc happy relict.and will help the 15 miles of Kidney tubcefluih out poisonous waBtelrom yoar blood. Get Doan's Pills. bo doubled. -Your pentunslve, nnuiriilly plcnsitnt self cun urn things out in iln<;i- fashion. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER. 22 I Scorpio)—Some uncertain spots today. As- poets U'nrn against beins too sure or things: rather be on guard 'or upsets. Don't let money run through your (Incurs. Your example Is being watched. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 (Sagittarius)—Seek ways and menus of ir.crcns- Ir.g assets—build up your reputation, ynur standing in gencrnl. Direct your activities in constructive manner; stress dependability. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capricorn)—Go after tlilnRf in dignified, modest. 1 but determined fiishion. Stars Invor tht rightly energetic go-getter. Avoid questionable companions, undercover Schemes—NO GOOD! JANTJARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aqunr | iurt)—You nro montly on your own. Bturn' j lu'ipL-eus mixed, not very helpful today. (Don't VMS for things; build your iid- ' vnnUBi:* »nrl iivcnifie benrnt.« will favor you. Romance fnvored In p. m. j FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces) — [All things considered, vibrations loci; more I favorable than 'not, Expec: a chance d'.:r- llnR afternoon In money and business af- ifolrs. Be sensibly keyed up. alert,, on the !job. 1 YOU BORN TODAY: Hove rr.uch talent ifor both the business and artistic world. I If you study and apply your aptitudes. Tone down bluntnuss, argument. You have clour insiglit, are quid; to discern. but muy olten speak your mind before ' considering consequences. Pond of good 1 thlnps in life; tisuully on Llmi;. you cx- • puct others to be. too. Ambitious, resent ''dictation. If you control your fttulLs you ! can become almost anything you wish. Real estate, bunking, !a\v, the arts- arc in lyour line. ' | BlrthdflLe: Ceciu- Pranck, Pr. composer: Thou. It. Gullnuclct, plonnc'r tenchor or thu deaf in U. S. (CopyriRht, 10J8, KinR Fenturr.s Syndicate, Inc.) King Richard I o' England died of a shoulder wound inflicted by a crossbow bol; during the wars in Prance, a wound which was fatal because of unskillful treatment or his own Jack of care. ' Los Angeles county, Calif., .holds .first place as producer of airplanes, having 11 plants engaged in manufacture of aircraft and aircraft engines. Theiiiers Still Active ROMM—(/P)—Italy's critics have, long since pronounced tlia theater "dying 1 , dead." But it refuses to lie down. Some 27 companies are registered to tour the country in the 1948-49 stason. 'j Their stars are big names in Italy —Dina Galla, Renzo Eicci, Umberto Melnati,' Anr.ibale Ninchi and Antonio Gandusio among them. If theaters are not as crowded as •'••"• if von can usually find a good sea', however late -you book 'except on first nights) the stage still has many loyal followers. Milan, Turin, Genoa, Venice, Tri- ?ste, Boiogna, Florence, Naples, Palermo anu Rome . have aooci theatrical traditions, but many small towns uf 20,000 to- 45,000 inhabitants also have good theaters. What do they go to-see? Anything --ranging from ancient Greek tragedies or Aeschylus and Sophocles to Shakespeare and modern French i-laywrights, with some of Eugene O'Neill and Thornton Wilder. Eva. Oscar Wilde was revived TRUSS FITTING By Akron. Graduated Experts, also Abdominal Supports," Elastic Hos• " iery and all types of surgical appliances. Private. Pitting Room. Ford's Drug- Store Cumberland 01 N. Centre. St.' Advertisement LEARN TO DANCE WINTER DANUt oTUDIO If. i. centre it. Dm Darling Shop PHONE 4300 for Iron Flrcmn-n Hcatintr. SyKtema . . . OH; Gn,s'or Con' . . . alAo Stokers. Call t«-NOW! Phone -1410. American Home Modernizers 43 N. Mechanic St. Phone 4440 Good old Brand ^QUART *3 " P.NTS $ 2 " PRINTS $ 1" 09 86 PROOF 40% Straight Whiskey 60% Grain Neutral Spirits NEW YORK • SAN FRAMCUCO , LQ5 AN&ELES PEK1N.1LU SAIJSAUTO.'CALIF AMERICAN DISTILLING COMPANY ; : 1; I'NC. . . - The Potomac Edison Company "4.70% Preferred Stock, par $100 © 100 We maintain active markets in the 3.60% Preferred Stock, par $100 (old) For current quotations, apply to Mr. A. B. Collmus 29 Court Street, Frederick, Maryland Telephone —Frederick 5 'New hsua oBerod only thtoagh protpoctus. Alex. Brown & Sons Member* flc.vr York, BAltimore and Wt*hin£ion Stock £j:c Afe/n&arj JVaw York Curb Exchange. (Astociitt) .' Baltimore December 9, 1948. Washington New York Winiton-S*l«m en the itage and radio a"few week*. ago, with "The Importance'ol Being' Earnest." '< • tl > ;; < Oiie-Eigliili Muck Laridt? EAST LANSING, Mich.—(-IN8)—' One In every' eight Michigaiy'acre* is much land. J. P. Davis/'soils scientist at Michigan.. State^College, reports the vast acreagesioi''irmdc land, is being used 'for^such crops as celery,' onions andCmin'C* EVENINGS ".. till - XMAf in in S T U D I OS Fine • -.'.vr Camera Portraits. » 60 N. Centre [Strict Phortf 740 •• Appointment' Not-' Ntciitiry' NE DIAMONDS Aj brilliant o* rh* Chi-islmo* Star . . t fm« dfomomii from our »uperb i*tetfto« of skillfully mounted slonci. Choose thil MjprVme jymbol of your devoTion now while our vloc-is or* bulging with the moit gorgoou* offermgi we have yet be«n prtYilcgcd TO diiploy, Eoch itonc U brilliantly cut to reveal the full measure of every ihimmcring f . . . then mounted in icttingi of loviih design for a brnothiMi Christmas ofTaring, For Her Christmas Surprise 8 DIAMOND PAIR Matching settings in rich. }4k yellow gold, 3 radiant diamondi ia the epgage- ment ring, 5 fiery stones in the band.' Trim and lovely .sot- ting to show the important large diamond, $29-95 14lc yellow, gold en honccs .ihc bullion diamond, 2 side dla- morris l^npliclty. Select Kers now "^ ThriH Her With This Magnificent 12 DIAMOND BRIDAL SET 12 brilliant diomondi . ... eoch orw superbly cut, wpcrbly mounted. Chooift this glamorous ; duetle in 14(c yellow geld. Sparkling center diamond enhanced by 4 nonds. 14k Beautiful Tailored Creation BRIDAL COMBINATION In 14k Gold Large, brilliant diamond in ihc engogement ring . .' . beautiful wedding bard to mcteh. Rings are richly tailored for elegance-.and Simplicity. 7-DIAMOND WEDDING BAND A 14k gold wedding bond ol' on amazing low price. 7 radiant diamond* for shimmering beauty. $1.00 A WEEK Diamond enlarged to show detail I Mans FIIM; • DIAMOND RING Radio-Phonograph FM CONSOLES For a big. selection of Sparton Radio-Phonograph' • models come into .our store and get a demonstration. Available in o ' wide range of . styles and $U.J.- 95 . prices .... JL • JL Jt; to Man's-Quality RING A stunning pair, 12 diamonds set in rich, precious platinum'. $495.00 *•**' . Lovely twin row wed-' ding band in 14k gold. 13 fiery dla Lovely auqtte. 3 glowing diamonds in each 14k yellow gold ring. costume Jewelry MATCHING THREESOME For Bride and Groom monf, Engagomont ring and Man's Diamond Ring in a rugged 14 k gold sorting, UK YOU» craw ^&&^.^3fe^S^^3^;!^>^^>>?^^

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