The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 11, 1935 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1935
Page 7
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, c TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE OR TEADE REAL ESTATE TOR SAIiE-T-Property north edge Goldsmith; acre ol ground; good "7-ropm. house; good barn^ 20x30; out buildings. J. H. Mitchell, Goldsmith. p-165 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—Home grown potatoes for seed or eating. Phone Tipton 14X0. P-165 FOR SALE — Super clean hard coal tor brooder stoves. Phone 66. Edna Burkhait Co. c-tf FOR SALE — Lamson's Mineral Oil, 98c for half gallon, only at Rexall TVug Store. T-Th-S-tf FOR S> I — Tip-Top chicks, prove-.-che.cheapest for farmer or ponltryman; a few started chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c-tf FOR SALE — Concrete gravel, mason- sand, delivered anywhere.' Ezra Overdorf, Phone 136R, Arcadia. p-S-M-Tu-173 FOR SALE —- Old Hickory floor enamel, 69c quart; makes like new, and only at Rexall Drug Store. c-tf FOR SALE OR TRADE — Remington typewriter. No. 12, in good condition. The Tribune Press. t £ FOR SALE—New Remington No. 8 noiseless typewriter, shopworn, regular price $79.50, sale price J61.5.0 cash. Tribune PresSJ tf • IMPORTANT—Order chicks . In advnncc. Hatch each ,'Mon. Heavies $7.45 per 100; Ij7.25 per 500: $7.00 per 1,000. • Large type White Leghorns • $G.!>5 per 100; $6.75 per 500: :' $6.50 per 1,000. Few started chicks. Hoosier Hatchery. Michigantown, Ind FOR SALE—Team coming 5-year- old horses, real ones; used 3- botto'm tractor plow; 7-ft. I. H. C. horse, disc; 7-ft. grain binder; new and used tractors and farm implements; get my prices before you buy. Butz Implement Store, Hobbs. Telephone 33X8;; Tipton. c-tf FOR SALE — Baby bed, at 459 Mill street. -163 WANTED—Lawn mowers to shaj- pen; guaranteed work; new handles and rollers. 126 South Main. c-M-W-F-164 FOR SALE—Brooder house, 9x 12, good condition. Warren Vantis, Phone Ekin. P-163 WANTED — Everybody to know you can buy nice wall paper for 8c double roll. Rexall Drug Store. c-tf FOR SALE—Cow with calf; three miles east on 28. Buell Haskett. P-164 FOR SALE!—Complete lunchroom equipment; best season now for lunch and gasoline; well established business; bargain if sold at once. Bunch's Lunch's. p-163 FOR SALE — Green tweed coat suit and black satin coat, fur trimmed, size 16; fur neckpiece; all in good condition. Call 4374 or 124 West Washington. c-163 FOR RENT FOR RENT—Rooms for housekeeping. Anna Hooton. c-166 FOR RENT—Semi-modern house, 127 S. Independence. Phone 600. L. S. Todd. p-165 FOR RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as $3 per week. Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. FOR RENT — Modern heated apartment, well located; apply Mrs. Cora Foster at Jewelry Store. ' c-172 WANTED WANTED — Used litter carrier. George's Dairy, Phone 39X7. p-p-164 WANTED—Boy. Palace Cafe. c-163 WANTED—Your furniture to repair. Ves Bunch. ' c-16 WANTED—Girl. Palace Cafe. c-163 WANTED—Garden plowing; work guaranteed. Ira 0. Baden. Phone 3536. P-191 WANTED—To make your window screens and re-wire window screens and doors. Frank Tiete- man, 703% North Independence. ' c-163 FORD DEALERS OFFER BEST USED Used cars with lots of good service ahead of them and the reputation of the Ford 'dealer behind them. Many makes—taken in trade for the fast-selling Ford V- 8. .: UBEBAL GUARANTEE. SMALL DOWN PAYMEWT AND EAST - TEEMS THBOUGH THI UNIVERSAL CREDIT COMPANY. TOUR OLD CAR AND AS, LITTLE AS »S A WEEK BDTS MAN! OP THESE DBPBNPABLE USED CARS. ^^^F ^^^ ^^T^^^^^ USED CAR 1931Mo4«l A Coach A Coach, f »nder w«Hs A Coupe »*• WANTEJD—Voung men of ability, capable of devoting an hour a day to study of advertising, architecture, electrical engineer- Ing, radio, air conditioning, etc. International Correspondence Schools, Jack Cunningham, representative, 1834 South Adams St., Marion, Ind. . c-165 MISCELLANEOUS WALL PAPER CLEANING by expert; 50c room up. Claude Jolly, Phone 168, p-163 EXTRAORDINARY mattress sale; for ten days, through special arrangement with National Mattress Company; don't buy until you see them 'and get low Charles West to Help Push IS A LIAISON OFFICER (By United iPrcss). Washington, April 11.—President Roosevelt lias named CEarles West, former Ohio! congressman to "lobby" for new deal legislation in congress, j West, a former College professor who was defedted for t Democratic senatorial nomination last year in OJiio, already is prices; ends with big auction of I acting as a contact 1 man—of liai- everything in store, Saturday, April 20, and giving away of $19.50 niture. mattress. Foster Fur- c-164 USED IMPLEMENTS, ETC. — Farmall tractors, used and new; Fordson; five John Deere double disc harrows; I. II. C. tractor disc, good shape; Allis- Chalmers. used 1 year; culti- packer. used 1 year; rotary hoc, good shape; feed grinder, good c ndition; -1 used mowers; 2 John Deere S-ft. binders; ono Champion, 1 Osborne, 7-ft., 1 peering. 7-ft., cheap; 5 two- row cultivators, I. H. C., P. & 0. and John Deere, one good as now; wagons, used and now: 1 John Deere spreader, 1 I. II. C., 2 Black Hawk; ajso one 11- year-old gray mare; used trucks and new; 2-1. H. C. 2-ton; 1-toi. six speed; one 1932 Chevrolet, with stock rack; all dual rear wheels. Hull Bros, Court St. c-165 son officer—between tho -white house and the house of representatives. His activities are an innovation in the new deal administration. He is to the Roosevelt administration what Waltcjr Newton was to Mr. Hoover amj Everett Sanders was to Mr. ministration. Goolidgc's ad- work-relief bill. Ho ofiice of House Spei MONEY TO LOAN FARM .LOANS—Reasonable rato Fielding & Fielding. o tf CHADI) .SIGNS 4'OXTRACT. Will Coach Xt!\-t Aimersnn Team Three VeaY-s. taie tile security .session. (By L'nitf-i! J'rr-ss). Anderson, April 11. — Archie Chadd, coarh of Anderson's suite high schooj .basketball champions, today held a new three-year contract as athletic director u'.icl coach at Anderson high school. I HI-KI He was reported to have received ] status. an increase in salary. Chadd, a.graduate of P.utK-r university, was sought by several other schools and colleges: it was Democratic kicks about patronage, about lack of cooperation on various vital issues' between congress and the whip; house, inspired the choice .cjf West. West "sat in" 911 the white house social security bill fonfi r- enco Tuesday night. He attended meetings of house leadership groups on plans for ending t stalemate of tho fe-l.-SSo.OnO.OOO .stays near I lie ker Joseph W. liyrns waiting for! phono calb from the white house. Humors were current that ho might. he added to th«; white house secretarial staff. If so, he would give President Roosevelt that need'.d ollicialj direct contact between admilstratjion and coi: 1 gross that tin; white house has lacked.' so far at least as the; house is ••onceriied', ;.ince 1932. Previously there! had been reports he would brj made- budget director. Later that; was- discounted. Now then; are! Tumors that eventually 'he will I IK; placed on tho economic security h:iard — MATHHRS TUT AT.: I Completion of States' Evidence : Was Indicated Thursday. (By Dnitca JPrcss). : I Lebanon, April i 11.—Completion of the state's evidence in the murder trial of Theodore Mathers,- 21, Coalmont, was scheduled in Boone circuit court today. ! Mathers is accused ot slaying the Rev. Gaylord V. Saunders, former Wabash minister, after j a drinking party in Indianapolis Feb. 2, 1934. | Masil Roe,-21, Coalmont, pal of the defendant, who participated in the drinking party and witnessed the slaying, was the chief prosecution' witness yesterday. - j He admitted buying the death gun for Mathers but denied knowing of any plot against the former pastor's life. The weapon was purchased after extracting! a promise from Mathers that it would be used only in self defense under extreme circumstances. The defense drew from him two points supporting their case on cross examination, however, when he said the former Methodist minister "kissed him and Mathers during the drinking party and that Saunders allegedly tried to kill Mathers on two previous occasions. The defense has pleaded insanity on the allegation that the former pastor was demented and had forced the defendant into unnatural relations with Mrs. Neoma Saunders, 35-year-old widow of the slain 1 irian. Mrs. Saunders was tried on the murder charge here last her and was acquitted on a plpa BlL'BRf! SUMMER SMS Variety of Jacket Lengths Also Feature Show at Dress League. . DOTS ARE STRESSED New York, April 11.—Little change in the silhouette of new summer dresses, "with the exception of skirt fullness and; .different jacket lengths, was shown at the third annual summer-fashion show given by the Dress Creators' League of America yesterday at the Hotel Astor. • Printed dots, ranging from pin to large co^'size, were leaturec in' a variety of materials including sheers, crepes, taffetas, chiffons and satins. Navy blue was the important color with other shades of blue and gold and rec next in importance. A. brighi shade of green was used for contrast on many of the spectator sports costumes. Some vivid col or combinations were offered such a garnet with a grayish blue and chamois with navy. Skirt fullness was obtained through pleat detail. Some of the skirts were fashioned with smal half-inch pleats from the waist line, while others had only five or of temporary insanity. She w^is I s j x j nc hes of these pleats on th Decem- t accused of giving Mathers with which to. buy the Run. JIKU) FOR MURDER. iiian Mother Says She Pushed Two Children From Train. wli:.;-h will probably- rival the Veterans administration in size — if the inunenvrn d bill is enacted this i of | Wr.-jt's actual administration h:'.rf graciously and easily reported. He has been here for two years. 111. coming from Canton, THE DAILY WHEEZE Patient: : "Have-you been a dentist very long?" Dr. Huchhalter: "Xo, I was a riveter till I got too nervous to work up high." Everybody is now rushing to help the farmer—spend his hard- earned money. Good Used Cars REDUCED m PRICE; To Fit Your Pocketbook-^ Priced From $50 Up Factory Rebuilt Maytag Ford Truck With. Rack: New Delco Batteries ! $4.95 Exchange ! Service Motor Co. Bnlck — Olds — Pontinc : CMC Tracks — Frlgidalrcs Used Car Bargains A. H. HInton and Plymouth to obtain more "politeness" from administration agencies w h c n congressmen seek nformation or jobs. Former Kep. iToft' Busby. D., Miss., is working fjor tho fedora! deposit insurance! corporation. Foiyner Rep. Uns'sbll ICTTzr-y. n.. Miss., is on tho horjie owners lo:in corporation payroll] The duties of each include those! of l;e< pin:; congressmen informed (in loan:;, jobs and other matters which might, unless explained, arouse congressional resentment. ('6.MPETK AT J1XDTJKSOX. Tiptiin County Track Teams to Sleet Others TTicre May 1.1th. Assignment of : tors for high schoi were announced ~T L. Trester commls Indiana High School Athletic Association, accordin: Press dispatch to icctional cen- >1 track teams iiursduy by A. isioner of the : to a United he- Tribune. Tiptpn county is; assigned to Antlcrson as the sectional center and will contest wii h track [teams from Howard. Ma llson; Boone, Clinton and Hamilton counties. The track meet May llth and Tip|< schools will havei will;be| ! held >n county high earns entered. BOOM FOB Mc?f UTT. Grcenlee Boosts Goi crnor ;ori : Running Mate for loo&pvcu. Portland, April 11.—-Qoyernor Paul V. McNutt -wn i described aa man "Who has mide a name tor himself and, has! every 'state in the( fleas E. Greenlee, executive secretary^ •cratle meeting heri '\3reenleie, . guhernatprtel on respect in InatlonJV i by „ \ or '* a ijklmo 'Ms (Fly tTnit Boi-lin. April . 11.— Mrs. Kliza-. belli Freundlich. brooding over | her poverty, murdered her two i sides. Fullness was also obtainec by front pleats from the waist line, which in most cases was fitted. Inserts and back kick pleats were also shown. Necklines .for the most par were high with sleeve treatments in the jackets stressing shor puffs and elbow-length fullness Shirtwaist styles were shown in children today them, clasped in by throwing each other's arms, from a moving train. . \ The childnin^ \vere, 4..b6y of jii and a baiiy daughter, three merit is old. Thfi boy was holding 1' baby in his arms as; the train sp through Westphalia. The mother. SI. opened the door and thrust thcjin out. sports and evening wear. Capes and capelet sleeves were also im portant. Trimmings included 'pat ent leather, lingerie lace, and con trasting colors. : In spectator sportswear ! chamois-colored silk dress was shown with a hip-length jacket Wide lapels on the ' jacket were edged with navy grossgrain rib At she claimed the door i Free Painl Demonslralioq One Vase ijainted, FREE to Each Lady" One Sample Can Varnish Free as Long as. They;.] PNTERPRISE PAINTS-•'• FEDERAL VARNIJ jFactory Demonstrator — 10% Discount on AH 8 || ONE DAY ONLY — SATURDAY, APRIL 13 129ConrtSt. Hull Brother LOWER ELECTRIC RATES. Tipton County Included in Proposal to • State Commission. :! (By United Press). |Indianapolis, April il. — Electric rate reductions on wholesale energy sold to municipalities were proposed by three large utilities in a 1 1 hearing before the plublic service commission today. i'Mayors and town board members of 35 Indiana cities and towns, appeared before the commission and heard the proposal of the Northern Indiana Plawer Company, Public Service Company of Indiana and the Tracjtion Light and Power Company. ] J! The reductions woul<l result in annual savings to the municipalities in excess pt $38,qoO, figures ot the utilities showed!. i] ; Representatives frqm Tipton' county were among' those bearing the petition made by the Northern Indiana Power Company. • !• The,three utilities propose to iiiillify existing contracts with the municipalites and write hew con- t^acts under a new schedule of dates. The energy is sold to t'*e citizens and towns aU wholesale between the hours of 1Q;00 and 4.;00 p m., at the door of*«. „,,... n court house m the City of Tiptdnj<srl Tipton County, Indiana, at pa'"' sale to the highest bidder, rents and profits i for" a term to exceed seven years, by year, of the following real estate in Tipton County, In--..* diana, to-wit. Commencing one hundred thir-'j ty-two (132) feet west of the . northeast corner of out lot numbered forty-eight (48) in the" town, now city of Tipton, .Indiana, and running thence south one hundred and (198) feet; thence west (66) feet to the west line of lot forty-eight (48); thence no on the west line of said out forty-eight (4S) to the south of Jefferson street; thence east POLICE SCHOOL. _ I c Schc State-Wide Police School to field in Indianapolis. be ; (By United Prc$sl. ; Indianapolis, April 11. — A state-wide state police school for state and local officers will "ue held here ,May 13-17 it was announced toH'ay. the south line of said street sixty-six feet to the of beginning, and being (66) feet off of the entire side of out lot forty-eight (48) the town, now city, of Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana. Should said rents and profits *•> not sell for a sum sufficient-to sati isfy said execution and decree, I will at the same time and place offer for sale at public sale, the fee simple of said real estate,:or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution-and, decree, said sale to be-made'with- out any relief whatever from .valuation or appraisement laws,.and by virtue of a foreclosure of mortgage on said described rear estate. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and official seal' this 10th day of April, A. D. 1935. REUBEN A. CARI^WELL, Sheriff of Tiptoa County, Indiana. PURVIS & PURVIS, Attorneys.for Plaintiff. 163-89 75-Sl ; The school will be part of the public safety institute recently announced by the Purdue university department. * Included among .the speakers on the program will be President •E. C. Elliott, of Purdue;- Al Fosn-j ;ey, state safety director; repre-i sentatives of the U. S. department! of justice; Joseph B., Drewniak.; Milwaukee, Wis., • police depart- j ment; Sergt. Ge.orgcj Schattle, j Cincinnati, and Arnold Miles, BIG SALE NOW ON! . Home Trade Shoe Store bon. as were the three-quarte sleeves. The dress was of thi ,ii III-M. snu uiai.mi.-u LIIU uu.ii , kick-uleat shirtwaist style hav - (CJn( . opened accidentally and they fell j ing a vest of navy^blue with .gold| j^, ,, I buttons. One sun-backed dress of ^ ^ .1 pink had cloth-covered buttons running entirely down the back. Sheers, chiffons and nets were -Comforts, Blankets, Quilts SMITSON'S LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING Phone 120 F i-g . out. Police worn suspicious and cross-examined her severely. Finally she broke down and hystcn- callv admitted the crime. She attributed distress. her action to She said she economic had intended to commit suicide by leaping after the children but lost her nerve. MYSTKKlOl.S SliOGTIXG. Deputy SlicrilT at 'Vinc^nnes "\V;is AVoundcu. the materials used in afternoon jacket dresses, some of which had full-length coats. A white-dotted navy satin .full-length coat was shown over a white washable silk dress in the shirfwaist style. One printed chiffon dress had a lingerie lace collar for trimming, with a patent leather belt.- The skirt fullness was concentrated in I SPEEDWAY ENTRANT. Mauri Hose, Who Finished Set-cm! in 1934, Is Back Again. (IJy L'nitfl 1'i-css). Vincennes, April 11. — • State and local police joined today in investigation of the mysterious shooting of William Atwood, s;»o- cial deputy sheriff at a rdadhouse near here. . Vic Farley, taxi :driver, was Sought as the assailant. | Atwood, recovering from wounds in his right side and arm, said he was shot wjille standing in front of the rqa'oTiouse aftbr forcibly cjjecting ' jFarley. T hfc shots camp from automobile driven by Farley, tho deputy said. Try a Tribune \Vant-Ad. Chickens Raise your chickens th RED COMB !wky. Big,! healthy, full i - j chicks — roasts early whea the j and pullets to j f eathertd to sell are high this fall and < winter whe eggs" are ' the front. ; In tho evening styles a white embroidered navy net was offered in the shirtwaist style, with puffed short sleeves, tight-fitting %vaist and full ankle-length skirt. Printed chiffons with pleated contrasting net capes were well received One dress, which employed stitched taffeta as a trimining-, .had cuifs and wide lapels ol .this material. j • TOO SWIFT". FOR; Former County Auditor Trimble CMIUC Home to Get His Breatlf. ! (By luiilted Press). : i ; . | Former County Auditor, Ki Trimble who has! been -yisltin.g at the home ofjj his daughter Mfs, C. C. London-ind family!in Evanston, 111., for j the past three /sfeeks had to comejjhome for a breathing j^pell and will return' to Evataton JMonday.' i p": '. .,••• ; -; ! . i ; Mr. v Trimble thought he know 'i omeththg: jabput politics!!. Jbut irhen he_watchBd the rMBntjelec- "on thero and saw many persons ptlng In siveral dlflocent : pre- ncts all l| the same. day,| he inld-'nqt tikleve his eyes > and -V,, Th'erpjare .21 pijecincte in ric iheii, to show bh electlon4,,are f' . .• r I " ' ' 5. J *" ' the Indianapolis, April ll.^The entry of Mauri Rose, Dayjton, O., for the annual 500-mile speedway race here May 30 "was recorded today. Rose finished pecond last year, 27 seconds behind Bill Cum- min'gs, Indianapolis. ' ( . Rose will drive the [four wheel j drive special in which Frank Brisko led' for 67 laps last year, if; is powered with a fojur-clyinder ftfilier motor. | • ;' \Cummings' victory was protested last year by Rose, Who claimed the winner improved his position while the yellow cautiinfflag was showing. The protest was'denied. BREAD— 1%-lb. loaf ... KROGER GROCERY BAKING CO. 9c SCICIDE THE* Is Advanced In-Death j.; ' . lis Gosport. of Teacher ;, (By United Press). 3 j; Spencer, April 11-— -A. theory of suicide was studied by authorities today in connection with the death of William Bt rton, 24, (jjosport school teachler, found dead In his wrecked automobile [I j Burton purchased a bottle of poison at a local drug store shortly before, fi.e was :foiii|d dead in t »o car. The .bottle lay empty in ' • ' '• ' •''""' YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 106 East Jefferson St Radio Repairs LINEBACKS . BLUE B A Coal With Heating Qualities Don W. Erie Street \otico of Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate.i, Notice is hereby given .that the ideralgned' sheriff of Tipton mntjr,Mridlana, by virtue of an icutipn, -with' decree! attached, led folune. b^ ttoCptesk of 'the' " m ,<JtosnltJ3oa^,trt-aik aptlow See the New Electric Refrigerat H. J. SCHEADEE^ dCPENNI 116-118 Soot^-ljto ' -^-s-j

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