Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 9, 1948 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1948
Page 9
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Phone 4600 for a JEA2CC Aft EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD.. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1948 NINK Farms To Get * * First Results Of Atom Tests By EGBERT E. GEIGER WASHINGTON—(flV-T h e' fl r s t major results of atomic energy experiments on farm problems probably wil! be available to-Ia-incis in time for the 1949 growing season.' This was .announced meeting of '40 farm scientists, most of them from state agricultural col- n, n & -n leges. They came here to prepare |Home To Be sold 1949 form research program us- seeds and livir.i? creatures to utomic radiation. If the experiments are successful new crop varieties mijrht be tailor made" to 'fit climatic and other conditions In various parts of the United States. 1 Scientists have known for a. long time that atomic -rays change the genes of plants and creatures,'- The genes are the factors in llv.'ns celii that determine, the 'hereditary characteristics which seeds or animals hand down to their offspring. The problem is to control the changes that occur, so they are beneficial. inp new atomic "tools." Scientists have hinted farmers may expect new information..concerning the 'use of phosphorous 'fertilizers. That's where atom's energy enters the picture. Can Detect Kays Experimental phosphorous IE made radioactive by exposure in an atomic furnace. " This, radioactive phosphorous sends out rays which can be detected by certain Instruments. The phosphorous Is fed to plants md by using the instruments scien- •tists can learn how the plant uses T.he phosphorous It picks up from the solL • This Is only one of dozens of such experiments .underway • .throughout the United States. - The program, tacked by Atomic Energy commis- idou funds, will be enlarged in 1949. Create Netr Plants '' AEC Chairman. David E. Lilienthal has hinted that researchers are attempting to create nei? varieties of plants—and even cattle—by •L&NDON—C/P}—Hunstanlon Hall, ancestral home of the Lord High Admiral of' The Wash, Is to be sold because of the "impossible burden of taxation." 'Home of the Le Strange family since the 13th century, this old landmark stands on the Norfolk shore of The Wash— MacArthur Says Reds Use Japs As Slave Labor By HOWARD HAXDLEMTAN TOKYO —' <IKS) — Gen. Douglas MacArthur recently charged that Soviet Russia is using half a million Japanese prisoners as forced or slave labor to help develop the Soviet war potential. N. I. Generalov, highest ranking civilian diplomat in the Soviet mission to Tokyo, told- Communist members of the Diet that the charge is false. He said that the stories of the. repatriates, themselves, -would prove It. .So far the' stories'ha/ve been on Sen. MacArthur's side. Approximately 800,000 Japanese Have been repatriated from Soviet ureas, and the stories most of them wires, digging coal, and working on | tell -not complimentary. A Few Favor tile Kussians j A few do favor the Russians. The 'most subtle of these are the repat- Iriates who say conditions were aw- llul, but they were awful for both Russians and Japanese. .ie Siberian railroad which the Russians reportedly are expanding. He added: Humor of Nil Jap Workers 'At tilii from the time of our departure internment camp, die ship. One Manchur'ian News Agency. He spent 'Lack? We cannot even work think- These repatriates claim that theiiumor.was that there were no more Russians are completely free of race 'Japanese working along the Siber- rejudice and treated the Japanese ilan Railway line. Howev- ™° «<"•• s equals. ' wa5 °. ulw the contrary. Most repatriates, however, merely : v,-e stopped at a station tcll-a story'of oppression nnd Hard- icrowd of Japanese prisoners. time we saw a 'Coming up toward the train they me story was told by Yoshikazu Isaid with tragic countenances: ,ar.o. 59, former director of the, "'When on earth can we get Amar.o, two years and eight months as a ling of this 1 ." , > t , - - • • central j Amano said the- food situation :v;is so bad Japanese had to eat •Vmano said that throughout the 'what edible grass they could find to area Japanese are working as in- 'supplement their diet. Once, he said, dustrial laborers, laying bricks for '.they were given nothing, but pota- factory buildings, burying electric I ,oes for two months. ,. . Uses Artificial Heart On * • L O N D O N— (INS) —Dr: Viking Olam Bjork of the Surgical Clinic of Stockholm's Sabbatsberg Hospital revealed in a recent issue of "The Lancet" that iie has successfully -used an artificial heart on a dog. He says he clamped both superior and inferior venae cavae (the two large vessels which open into the right auricle of the heart) for 33 minutes. This rendered the heart bloodless but maintained the blood- flow -to the brain alone with the cardiopulmonary machine it h e artificial neart.) Dr. Bjork said the dog survived "with no sign of organic damage and became father of eleven puppies." "Must Maintain Circulation Dr. Bjork- said that during a bloodless intracardiac operation it is necessary to maintain an ode-1 quate circulation of oxygenated blood through the brain. This is done with a perfusion apparatus capable of performing the work of both the heart and the lungs. Dr Bjork said that there was a considerable . fall in blood-sugar during the circulation of blood in the perfusion apparatus. Glucose solution was added by means of a drip feed. The sector concluded: "Animal experiments have proved that the perfusion apparatus ca:l perform the functions of heart and lungs for a sufficient time to permit bloodless intracardiac operations. "Dogs have shown no ill-effects after half an hour's perfusloa of • the brain." : ' . ' The'British medical Journal, "Th« Lancet," commented: "The aim of these experiments is to isolate the human heart from the. circulation while It Is opened- for operative procedures.. "This new work is a great step forward, but- it leaves us a long way from this goal." Canned Bananas MELBOURNE — (INS)—Canned bananas, processed in Queensland, are now being prepared for export. The industry is the first of its land in Australia." It is' expected to return more than $3,200.000 a year to grow- . ers. A year, before they were able to overcome discoloration, which has always prevented the successful processing of bananas. It is claimed •» that.the canned product will retain its condition for at least five years. a great bay Lincolnshire. between Norfolk and | It 'Was damaged by j ! Q) Q> fire in 1853' but many priceless tapestries and old- paintings still hang on its walls. Its owner, Bernard Le Strange, the Squire and hereditary N Lord High Admiral' of The Wash, Bays he' is obliged to sell the hall and gardens because of -heavy taxes but' will keep the rest of the estate. . The title "Admiral of The 'Wash" was conferred upon an ancestor of the 46-year-old owner by King John for protecting the shore against invasion. With the title went the right to everything washed ashore On a ten-mile stretch of coast. Le Strange has moved his family to a stone stableman's cottage on the estate. Knapp-Moriarch, ELECTRIC TOASTERS G> Q> Streamlined-toaster that jivei you ' in just a few minutes, golden, crisp toosrcd bread. 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Drugless Health! NO MATTER how long you have been suHermff from stomach, kidney and rheumatic ' distress, and what dniRS you have tried before, you can, now, hope for relief if you take GEO-MINKKAL. With your eyes SEE the results seven days after yon start taking it DRUGGISTS, Chemists cannot make GEO-MINEEAL. It comes from the earth—Nature's laboratory. Contains NO dope, NO alcohol, NO oiL ONLY .Nature'* mincrals-^the oldest, most Tellable remedy for rheumatism, arthritis, kidney and stomach ailments. Wonder Minerals FOR THOUSANDS of yearn, sufferers, on advice of doctors, go to mineral Kpring* to pet cure, or relief. The Ute President Koo»«- velt nscd to go to Warm Springs in Georpa. H« was helped or would not have ROD* there regularly twice a year. WE HAVE »U heard' of the miraculous springs of Lourdes, France, and. famous Thronion in ancient Greece, where, according to legend Hercules, the tod of eternal strength and yo«th, drank Its waters and bathed to be forever youns. IF YOU ARE a sufferer, and can not . tro to the mineral springs, try G15,0-MINERAL which contains a blend of the same minerals that can be found at the world's best sprint*. The minerals in it may work miracle*.. Amazing Results WATCH your elimination from your bowels two or three days after you start ncu>r GKO-SOXEKAL. The waste, black, as coal, will break away and you will SEE it! Also examine your urine. Yon may see imparities-rpoisonous waste— coming; out of your kidneys, and feel the relief. Be sure to watch fdr all this to realize the priceless ralne of GEO-MINERAL. GEO -MINERAL is not a physic, and does not interfere with the foods in the intestines. It .gets down to the root, cleanrnff and purifying, throwing away poisons — ;ras. toxins and bloating. Not like physics, oils and cathartics do. but hi a Natural, harmless, safe'way. 100% Guaranteed! WE URGE you to try GEO- MINERAL. Go to your drnz store NOW and get one bottle. Use it seven days. 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