Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 9, 1948 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1948
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD.. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9. 19 IS Phone 4GOO for a WANT AD Taker Police Doubt JBattlesliip Missouri To Pace Gravedigger's JFleet On Cruise In Carihhe Murder Storv Another Man FJH.CS Dcalli Penally, Bui Drunk"? Talc Checked PHILADELPHIA— (XPj— The homi WASHINGTON—M'j—The Baitle- i.ship Missouri heads an impressive I Meet th:il. will put to sea next [January on u Caribbean tra.inins | cruise. i Two carriers, four cruisers, eishl, 1 destroyers and 1'our mine-layers will jcomplcte- the flotilla. be the first assignment ., cide squad today doubted o former j r or y, c ij5.ooO-l.on battlewagon since gravedigger's story that he commit- I p,.p si[ | cnt Truman iasi, week viROi'- ted a Philadelphia murder l'orj ollsl y < , lL . n j c[ i re p 0: -|.s that the Nav.v which another man faces possible l tt . ns ' sc ,, c ii n ,r i 1(!r lo join the ".nol.'.i- iwas sending her to .loin the execution. , ,jbair fleet. Herbert Leroy Gulembo, 20. told I The Sasinaw, Mich., police he Silled' 43-year-old Mrs. Kfithryn Mellcr, artist and writer, when she resisted his advances. Then. Gulembo said, he fled Philadelphin upon learning his job required him to dig' the victim's grave. Ncjrru Convicted Bayard J. Jenkins, a 19-year-old 1 Negro iceman, was convicted of the — slaying. Sentence was withheld . . „ announced today if, is taking 5.1GO Reservists from the cast en 1 ! half of the United Slates on three cruises to the Caribbean, the bulk of them in the Missouri group. The cruises are all cf two- \veeks duration. Sailing from East Coast ports January $ will be 4.280 Reservists from the First, Third. Fourth, Sixth They .... . . Missouri, the Carriers Kearsargc Ninth Naval Districts, be billeted aboard the pending outcome of his appeal. The first degree murder verdict—without a recommendation o: mercy—carries the death penalty. Gulembo'.s .statement yesterday that he fatally beat Mrs. McP.or and left her partly nude body on a bed in her fourth'floor apartment started nn exchange of communications between police of Sagina\v ar.d Phil- _ u .__. _, adelphia. ers with 550 Eighth District Re No Specific Knowledge servists aboard, will leave New Detective Captain James Kelly! Orleans January 23. of the homicide squad said Gulem- I bo's answers to specific questions .o asked by Philadelphia, police indi- OJ-M catcd he had no first-hand knowl-j ' (Continued from Page i) and Lcyte. the Cruisers Fargo, Portsmouth, Hun ting ton and IJuneaii, the eight destroyers and the four mine layers, Sailing 1 the same day from New Orleans will be four destroyers with 330 Reserve officers and men from the Eighth Naval District. . The third cruise, by four destroy- Shoe Warehouse Damaged By Fire BALTIMORE — </H — A six-alarm fire last night charred the interior .of the Jay Dee Shoes. Inc., ware' house. It destroyed about $150.000 'in, its owner xiiul. i President Jacob D. Kaplan eM.i- !maU-d damage to the building, o\vn- 'ed by tlie E. T. Newell Company. •WASHINGTON— IX';— Police said : :)l 535.COO. a 2D-year-olcl bartender confessed : The blaze, fanned by a UO-mile today'to the hotel room slayir,;:' ot'iiin hour wind, brought out 20.0CO Charles J. Hincs, Mndison, Wis-'mcileineiu-scekiiiK persons—accord- house painter, for his $1.000 rinn. lini? in police estimate—10 crowd be- Assistant Chie, r of Detectives!hind the fire lines. Robert V. Murray reported the orn:| Forty Tamilies living near the confession. .warehouse were directed to leave an a r lender A <l mi is Ivillinii For Ilinii U. N. President I British Send Reinforcements Supports World! To Bolster Hong Kong Forces — PARIS— i/r:— Tin- presiden Nations Assembly of !,hf an- i SINGAPORE — (.'Pi — The British] 'Army announced today it is sending |TJ g Touri-sls Help Run reinforcements to Hong Kong "i"!~ . ' view of the cleterior.itinir .-situation | (Jp Canada' Liquor Sales Ijnik'd Nations Assi.'inuiy r..i--> .i»- in China, ( , r . noiuuvd Unit In; pL'rsonal.y agrees: A communique announcing :hi\ OTTAWA, One—I/I')—ihc with 111.- ultimate objective o[ C:'r- l depnnun; bv U , E year's end. said the: cn.m Bureau repo ,-v Davis' movement for worM gov- sc( ! racl tou - nl i o;l of the Si.uh Cihur- $,ra.OOC,000 was spent on r o'n.nvni.. ka. Rifles was coins to the British beverages in the dominion Peak Mark Hit In Population WASHINGTON—(jPi—This country's population reached 1*7,280,000 oii October 1, the Census Bureau estimated today. t-li at Is .the hlfthcst ever „—,„.., on —i,vi—The C-ira- recorded, the bureau said the raw ot u ' ' ' , nm , t ., | ivili increase has slowed down from lost poits th.xt, . pacCi Nevertheless the 1S43 N. 10 jnfessioi,. warenouse \\eie uiiiru.uu LU JL-U\I; Murray "said the man told him hi;| their homes during the height of the struck up an acquaintance with the;fire, but firemen succeeded in con- Einstei: 48-year-old in a tavern and! fining the blaze lo the flaming:, ncllt , s went witii him to his Ambassador] building. ! i.n c.nnv hotel room Tuesday night after no-! ticing the expensive diamond ring: f'l.~ ..1- r py-. TTol- Hints'wore. The ring was found inj'-' 1 -" 1 ^ •*- '•' -•• " ls br.'JIerbcrt V. Evan of Australia. I ho Assembly president, to!:! Davis .his in a letter made public UK! distributed by the U. delegates. Attached to I ho document, were copies of petitions from Prof. Albert in and other world govern- irlei-s asking th? U. .N the bartender's room. ; (Continued from Page i) "I wasn't Boinc to kil: him." Mur- ,],,,(_ lht . .if ray quoted the man as saying-. Codes Checked (Continued t'rom Page T) In 1.037 and ]!)38 such a chai would have meant destroying books used to deciphe was to divert attention from wiinv, he called the G. O. P. Congress' convene a special "Peoples Peace Assembly." "Sympathize V/itli Movement" "Every man of yoori wi'.i". said EVHU-. "will sympathise with Hie broad objectives of your movement, deeply s h a r i n g the desire for failure lo deal with the hfcli cosi:' '"''For' myself, I would go further of liv-ns and other problems. |:.r.d reatnly wee, with the ilti.n..,.e I Diversionary Action | objective of world federation ai.d 1 The term "red hom.iR" is ™.v; world ( citizenship." Q ^ in 1327 and i\>w such a change diversionary action. Tl - colr ' M rro!li : o " 1 * 1 . 1 '^f^, QI , ),\, i de ',',i objective would have meant dcstrovini,' codf'a. Ions time belief amor.p hnniersi-i. ,.' '„„,,. .Yniw-n-p -W rebooks used to decipher 'messages. ! that trail do C s can be turned I rpm! ^P 1 '. 11 '^ l ^ in f r practical and Those were the years during which a trail by dragging a re:! heri-in-^^- . , ' d ,.' a ^' ccs " tow!n .d s such an large numbers of "top secret" and;across it. _ ! obi >ct'ivo' , ... other classified documents were pi> i Mr. Truman did not elaborate fered from th= State Department ! his description of the committee , ,. v => u i '" edge of the crime, . „ "We're convinced that Gulembo is n trying- to mislead us in some way j working, hard tip Communist party! k. He said that, as one step in I tivities Committee has been told. told them to set Even now. officials said, a basic (D-Tex) who change in the communications se- speaker of the jj«.,.^ ~ —. ctirity system may be difficult ami iDomocratic-cor.t.-ol.ed Congress.The | |plain implication appeared to be! House in the new objective if they noble and ;he Unitec called on All iMacliines that the man we have con- p^ec g. the ' s. ."'had They recalled that when youth:.,! I ha; Mr. Truman does not believe victed is the one who murdered ch erncr Motor Co. Mrs. Meller." Kelly stated. 'members emphasized Kelly wired Saginaw police to ask nol .hin p^ec g. Ln'made out to tl- unsuspecting I fist Jnmes McM, in de = ' i committee ;po<:t in the Moscow Embassy last' there was'Mny. State Department code ma- the House will continue the nittee's ".ifc. On that, Mttndi (.ommci.te:'. -Jf I can souse the feeling oC_thc ,1 to support ibjective.i ^..j., ^,,.. -.. - in his Palais Chaillo:, office last Monday '",',„' mornin'.g. Their chat was described |.is cordia:. Three weeks before. [Davis was hustled out of the Palais Gulenilx) questions regarding the c j a j s 0 | when he for crown colony. Informed military sources said the outfit's departure had been speeded up because of -..he Comini:nisc advance south through; credit, China. The Ghurkas were uivcuuu nu; ~—°, ~~-~~ ... ~, .„ Shiaapore when Hed rebels attacked States helped run up the^bill. the"Bntish in Malaya, last summer.I _ _ • - -_ . . The Army communique said that, 1 aleStlllC J5l(l in view of the recent arrival .of re-i ,~ • * , T> ^ inforcemena at Singapore "the time! (Continued from Pass i) . . . ,. ^.-..i. T"nMiK.ii'4jn in ic ^3n 17 nil l3eVero ^d i ^^'l^ ini ° n * thC ! eX T^ i0 buS 13 ^^i^ 'the statistics bureau doesii'ljaboul; 466.000 persons_ in-t. Canadians to hog all thej^oversens and^bou^.. that "several million"! Population growth in the flat has arrived when lhe Sixth Ghurka Rifles must go to Hong Kong- to bring the garrison up tools proper strength again, particularly in view of the deteriorating situation in China." Chinese Admit (Continued from Page i) near Suhsicn and joined with troops from the Hwai River line. These sources said P^ed units are attempting to cross the' Hwai some •<0 miles northeast of Pengpu, where the river makes a wide northern bend. It is expected the Reds, if they car. cross the stream, will try to cut the railroad south of Pengpi: to prevent reinforcements from reaching the defense' line. The line is anchored to Pengpu, headquarters for the ^asc defense barrier before Nanking membership. Israel is No. J3 on the " about 1,800,000 persons, an average increase of about 200.000 a month. In the corresponding;- period o£ 1947, there was an increase of about 2.100,000 persosn, an- average of over 13.000 a, month. • • Since the last actual count on April 1. 10-10. the population total has risen by about 15,500,000 persons. B-36 Finishes from Page i) list of applicants. The General Assembly is to take up Friday the British resolution for a Holy Land settlement, with Britain, the United States, France ancj China reported by top U. N. dele- Hates to be agreeable to further t uonunut-u- jjujjj jra S t ^ proposed amendments which would | Port Worth, and after several calls strip out references to both the from the AP and his own phone U K.'s 1947 partition plan'and re-,check with. Washmeton headquar- visions of thai plan .suggested by 1 tcrs, he chuckled and said: - "I can't tell you everythi..^, but 11 tell you what I'can." • The flight was not a record for distance. In. October, 1S46, a Navv Lockheed Neptune patrol bomber Hew from. Perth, Australia,'to Columbus, Ohio. 11,236 miles. ' . The Air Force liopes to -stretch the '3G's bombing range to 12.00C miles. Count Polke Bernadotte, the slain j mediator. This would leave little but the proposal to sat up a three- nation Conciliation Commission, Policy Makers. (Continued from Page i) The agency started operating; last April 3. By current reckoning its Hope To Stall Iteds [fiscal vem oui.v ± iuiu imn.* «• Nationalist officers a; Pengpii| ca ]] e( j '".second annual program." I'l i lit* I ,_„„ ,^.1. • _ i- -r* i *"» N-V-. rf.», *,-. Ti preser.t funds wi:i run out next April 2—leaving three .moneyless months before the start of the new fiscal year July 1 and ECA's so- headquarters saw hope to sta'l the Communist drive or. Nanking for : involved.> to make a. speech . , , .,j, peace and world government months. wont oe /.•^rJivom the Assembly balcony. At the moment, howeve >n iis ac:iv:t:cs. | • _____ —: ' • I liitle more than a hope. on the uncertain i ECA Chief Paul G. Hoffman lias jsaid he will ask about $1,250,000,000 ' He rroundinsr | Re( I S Coillp I all surrou kind of buildins; Mrs. Meller lived i wav involved.i s,ov.uv™. „•»...« »..*. >,...,.. = ~ u _, f !pv»ionmpnts in. on which floor, what types of: fhe owner of the company has a not disclosed. , , . .. in,^ «m'inruirv- '' i stores were on the ground floor, nic kname that's well known here, McMillan had worked -n the em-1 the ^ inr ' lll *; tf , ,, ccl , told ! (Continued from Page i) and other pertinent facts. i: ind hc - s had it longer than a cer-|bassy code room. The State De- ; i i..o com. .1 l $ - .-'„,,,,„. i Sl;H: , y s | ;ies speeded the airli.' Gulembo already had told author-! tain Russian politician. j pr.rtir.ent said he deserted becaii.s^so fa_i th.U trie b«uc uep. ities the slaying occurred in April, whilp actually it 'was in June. The answers wired back here regarding the description of the building "were I Just as wrong as he was about the date of.the crime," Captain Kelly; said. Mr. Cherner always himself as "Uncle Joe." advcrtieslof the'wiles of a. woinan it la Soviet agent. ./^ c | ( I & n I- CbMlCJlL i (Continued from Page i) i might also meet objection from the President. i -1. He had no comment on the dis- ( -' ^ti 1 u.-^- v ~ „--,-ns found G3 documents which could aovict agcni. ibe released now without hurting The change from the old "hand'national security or the ptiohc m- codos" to machines was made in tercst. These probably w;111 , (. the early stages of World War II.! made public. The Saue Dcpa t- Can Bo Copied ««•« :s contmtung to Check 0,-Te. ti.133 tons brought to Berlin was the second largest in the airlift's history, Ar'ffuc Mail. lril"nicMl INO'te iputc between Foreign Aid Adminis- ^^rW^S^ hi Je^^l^nK 1 Ye 1 ? % the dav of mv operation-Election!shipping of recovery goods. Dav-and Jt was the biggest thrill 5- He knew of no plans to call a o.''my life to learn he also wast new labor-management conference Dullin'" for me " : to seelc a -formula for labor p-eace. Letter Quoted i C. He is doing his best to prevent, The President's letter read: I the deportation of a group of "I am told that you have been < Eslhonians who sailed to America tcrs they are no more secure than inputs to Whittakcr Chambers. very brave and cheerful through sonic trying times. Such a fine spirit from Sweden in a small boat. He before-agains; being copied by foreign governments. They are simply turned over to commercial radio and telegraph systems for actual transmission. " . :.,.,...:„ All doc-jments transmitted in code:^.\;." Rep. Rankin (D-Miss) said again today. Yesterday's of D fill the three-month gap has maoe no statements on the second annual program, except that probably will cost less than the year because of progress so I formidable defense for Nanking aij ' jj ar itime Protest What the result in Congress maj- It is pinned ... — , a , say they have encircled — to Join <- irs| . alone; the Hwai River and offer a, ' ...„— - . aiSO IS tnu DUse J.U1 UUJJ. j-uu -WJJJ^JJ, Earlier, bickering between eastern jvcrr( .j CO i rmn i^ E r of the east China sector and western sector Bcrlincrs rro , lt " Y et it seems to be in regular centered on mail and . The Soviet-controlled state railway refused to provide freight cars to carry away garbage from the two-thirds of Berlin under British, French and American occupation. The deadlock over mail distribu- IcU chief of the Jus- The deadlock over mail d:smbu- rl's Crimina: Division, tion meanwhile swamped post. of- committee ft letter;fices on both sides with undelivered - imnLLcir *••• j'-i'i"-* -• committee from i letters and packa on _ i n "Top secret documents-those m-j • added lie didn't know whether it ^Ulllt.- LJ\j41% LUtll-.T. ^JUVU <1 JJJj^ ,J K ..JU .lul-n-vt Il\. is a .splendid asset and it gives mchvoiild require l-SK.slation to prevent iuj great pleasure to send you this their return to their Soviet-dom-j vclving national security to a. sup- word of good wishes. Keep'the chin inn ted homeland. ! erlativc degree—usually are read by, up! With" your many friends count- \ — — — . 'only a handful of ;r.s on'you. I know you won't let.Cuban President Honored • may be stamped s them down." ! WASHINGTON — Wj — President, or restricted. Frankie is the son of Mrs. Helen i Truman surprised the president of •\Vcjciechowski, a —'••—• -"•'•• ""•••<'--. --- other children. Many Bcrliners liviiiff in Hie Rus- that point. This is headquarters for the new Hwai river line. 105 miles northwest of the capital at Nanking. It also is the base for Gen. Liu Chieh, . contact only with units operating directly out of Pengpu. Joan Davis Divorced of .the battle currently raging Maritime be seen. It could cost EGA some friends among legislators who represent . between ECA and the Commission remains to Hoffman has given notice that on January 1 he will slop giving American shiplines a 50 -per cent f hare of "bulk goods" recovery ship- LOS ANGELES — (/Pi — Coinedi-jmenls to Europe. ECA is not war- erne Joan Davis' divorce from her! ranted, he said, in maintaining the ex-vaudeville partner, Si Wills, is ; 50 per cent ratio, in view of the Reds'Shtui' (Continued from Page i) we frequently hear "Fascist" employed as a general designation of political opprobrium,!)? people ^ho don't recognize its" real .significance as used by the Rcds'.Vw .Many, "of course, use- "Fascist" hi connection with any totalitarian redme. If we accept "thai as its definition, it .applies to "all. Bolshevist governments.'.^'biiKf.pbTiotisly doesn't apply to'^all v iinti-Corn- munisis. •'» v« v_ : "w final _ _ "he fnal decree was entered yes- 'vessels. , cargo rates of American -i-llt; iJ, Jai uc^i cc « do *-iiui_ik->-i ,t ^-j , , ^..k-w-fc.. terday at her request. She and Wills, i The Maritime Commission yeslcr- now a. screen writer, were married'day held a special two-hour meeting in Chicago in 1931. - jat which, it was learned, the agency They will divide—six months each.drafted a strong protest to Presi- —custody of their daughter, Bev-ident 'Truman against the ECA crlv, in. (decision. WARM AIR FURNACES Immediate Inttallattm—Estimates fee —Three Years' to. Pay Replace your old, vrorn-ont furnace with a new Kalamazoo The "steel ring" radiator front is already welded, on. Not on ordinary furnaces.. . '.'." IniUllcd by eijicrt ratcliiniia KALAMAZOO SALES-SERVICE . i!^0 Columbia Ave, Cumberland. Md. 2613-J A Wisconsin boy shot himself in the foot so he could look Iik2 a hero to his girl friend. Now he hasn't a . widow with nincicuba last night by awarding him the Legion of'Merit. The award to Dr. Carlos Prio Socarras was made at a stag dinner given by Mr. Truman a few hours after the h fo Cuban -d leader's arrival Hffis'o^i Hai.k.n also'told reporters people| ^ vcreL corfic'enliii 1 are getting sick and tiied o. li.s .LCict, coi.iK.enti.i. ^^ Rooscve] .- s -cmu'ations j An inler-dcpartmcntal group recommended las'; year that the same classification system be extended t< UlLlOOlllulllsfUll -J^ ->u^.in M\, -• .„„-.,_.,-. . all government departments. The:ings there. ean .... .igainst the committee in broadcasts from Paris. Mrs. Roosevelt is an American delegate at the XTN ineet- Wliitc House shelved the proposal after widespread protest that it could mean suppression of legitimate r.ews. . her Rankin told reporters tacks" on the committee give "aid and comfort to Communists throughout the world." GIFTS of LEATHER MAKE LASTING GIFTS... LEATHER JACKETS Capeskins and horse-hides in your favorite styles by famous makers. Lined and unlincd. $20 to $35 LEATHER LUGGAGE Two-suiters and Companion cases of top-grain cowhide. Ruggedly built. 825 10 S72.50 (plus lu.\j GLOVES Capesldns, deerskin, pigskin and mochn. Unlined, wool-lined, fur-lined. $2.«)5 to $55.30 THE GUM F.BBML • Pitted and unfilled lealhcr cases for the man who travels . . . even only oncc-in-a-while. $4.50 to $12.30 (plus tnxj Y OU'LL Cecl like singing too—when you have one of these fresh-from- the-factory Fireball engines in your time-tested Btiick. • It's a swell Christmns gift for the -whole 'family—the gilt you'll enjoy lor months or years ot motoring. Just think-today's Btiick power for your pre-war Btiick! New bearings, new pistons, new rings, new electrical • system, new carburetor, new clutch—new everything as shown by the list at the right. We can make delivery now —install this new engine in one to two days —because engine production is running ahead of car production, so there's no waiting, no delay. The cost? Even less than a thorough overhaul. .Arrange time payments if you wish. Charges vary slightly for different models —but we can put new power in any Buick built since 1937. Come in —let us send you carolling joyfully forth behind the wheel of a fresh- powered car—for aMerrier Christmas, a Happier New Year — from the thrill that only new.power can bring. NEW Cylindor Block... ..„ _ : .~',^ ~ NEW Crankihoft and'-Bcaringi ' : NEW Connecting Rods ,"•' ;_ •" NEW Piitonl, Pint and-Rlngi ..NEW Push Rodi and;Tnppi!tV • NEW Oil Pon "-'C-' NEW Oil Pump and Screcnf.^,'; NEW Thermostat ond. Homing NEW Carburetor . •" . , NEW Air Clconcr " "'. .".' NEW Manifolds NEW Water Pump : --'~ NEW Camshaft ' ; ' " ' _ NEW Timins Chain ond.Sprockeli NEW Cylinder Hcod .,/,;' NEW Volvci and Springs ;*'"'•>; NEW Rocker-Arm Assembly.,",':. NEW Flywheel Hauling NEW Flywheel >••- '-•-• NEW Clutch ' :,''•" '" NEW Bolantor ',, NEW Fuel Pump --:: •• -; NEW Distributor • • ;^NEW Spark Plugs _ ...."' 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