Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 22, 1956 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1956
Page 6
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P AGE SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1950 Rocket' Motor Caravan At Edivardsville Tuesday Grand Jury In Second Week EDWARDSVILLE—The Madison County Grand Jury was back in session for its second week today but there still was no indication tlwt hnd been launched into three nia.ior criminal eases expected to he presented to the body. There were no witnesses observed outside its quarters when th« grand jury went into session this morning, leading to assumption that the investigative body may have been reviewing testimony given before an earlier grand jury in the Bobby Gene Carr auto trunk murder case, or possibly may have been voting on indictments in routine criminal cases presented last week. The current grand jury, impaneled last Monday at outset of Ihe October term of Circuit Court, is expected to investigate alleged use* of state funds for purchase of office equipment for the insurance agency at Granite City operated by imprisoned former state auditor Orville E. Hodge. Slate's Attorney Fred P. Scliu- man, previously indicated an in- EDWARDSVILLE -- Scheduled to make «n appearance Tuesday at 9:30 a. m. is the "Bit: Red Rocket," motor caravan traveling from Oklahoma to South Bend, Ind., for the Oklahoma- iN'otre Dame football game Saturday. Ken Evers of the local chamber of commerce has been named reception chairman and. together with chamber secretary Albert If. Pnuli. and president Reid R-oyles. will meet the caravan before it reaches Kdwards- ville. Tlw caravan is headed by a ]<)04 model car that the three local men will meet the motorcade in an automobile of 1909 vintage, it was reported today. PREPARING FOR REFORMATION DAY — Dr. William B. Hcync, St. Louis choral director, conducts rehearsal of ISO-voice area chorus at Trinity Lutheran Church for sen-ices scheduled for Sunday morning, Oct. 28, in East Alton-Wood River Community High gymnasium.—Staff Photo. ^ Slight Rain Causes Four j Auto Mishaps Wet pavements caused hy tho first: dribhle of rain in Alton in more than three weeks contri- I htilod to four out of six motor- j vehicle mishaps reported to Ihr police within a period of two and a half hours starting at 3:35 p. m. Saturday. j Four motorists in as many .separate collisions rcporled their i vehicles had pone into iitvon- |trollahle skids when they sought j to stop on the slick pavements. All told, nine traffic accidents were listed Saturday by the police, one marked by an injury case. But Sunday made up for the somewhat more than normal Saturday crash toll with an apparent accident free day. Not a single Sunday crash in Alton had been reported to police up to fl a. m. today. The one injury mishap of Saturday's listing was recorded at 4:30 p. m. after collisions in line of traffic on Main street hill, near E. Broadway. Police were informed that John Beiser, 29, of 2707 Palmer Ave. stopped his car at the Broadway stop sign. Mrs. Nolia Jorn, 58, of 3529 Franor Ave stopped her sedan to his rear. Then a sedan driven by O. W. Blair of Clifton Terrace was unable to stop. It lumped the Jorn car, pushing it forward against the Beiser car, Mrs. Jorn complained of pain about her neck and back from the jolt, the police report shows. Starting the afternoon mishap series was a collision at 3:35 p. m. at Main and Edwards streets between a coach driven by Edward W. Cook, 21, of 2401 Alby St. and a sedan driven by John W."Peter, 27, of Staunton, both cars incurring fender damage. Then in rotation came other collisions. A sedan of Wilbur J. Johnson, 18, of 508 Stowell St. met bumper and grille damage on E. Fifth St., near Central, when it skidded after a car slopped ahead of it. Brown and Rock Spring drive, collision occurred between a sedan driven by Walter Presley, 71, of 408 Bluff St. and a sedan driven by James Ashmore, 40, of 1119 Main St. E. P. Bright of East Alton, listed rear bumper damage done was station wagon while it was parked in the 400-blouk of E. Broadway. Two cars met damage in a collision at Broadway and Langdon which resulted in both be- THIS CHEERFUL GROUP from Southern Illinois University is comprised of the now SIU cheerleaders, who made their debut in the SIU-Eastern Michigan clash at Carbondnle Saturday. The newly-elected members arc (clockwise) Susie Short, (lower left), Belleville; Pat Spurrier, Sesser, Jim Whittenberg, Carhondale; Karen Campee, Lebanon; Mary Edna Jackson, East Alton, Barbara Chamncss, Carterville; Sue Theschner, Elmhufst; Paul Jones, Jlciiton; and Alice French, Carbondale.—Photo bv SIU Photo Service. Collinsville Motorcycle Enthusiast Killed GRANITE CITY*. III. UF> — A 50- year-old Collinsville, III., motorcycle enthusiast'died Saturday in the collision of a car and a motorcycle at the intersection of slate highways 111 and 35. Suite police identified the dead ; grand master of man as Richard Stanley and the. Council and Royal car's driver as William Brooks, L'S, of Kasl St. Louis, III. Fred 0. Ellis Honored At, Masonic ftamjnet Alton Council No. 3, Royal and Select masters, uas host to a banquet and reception honoring Fred O. Ellis. moM illustrious the Grand and Select masters of the Stiite of Illinois on Saturday evening. Oct. 2(1. at Police said Brooks told them the jibe Masonic Temple on Slate Niagara's Recession The ledfie of Horseshoe Fall is being worn away at the rate of about three fee! a year, but tho cutting away at the Ameri can Falls is much slower, the rock bed moving back about four to seven inches a year. Both are parts of Niagara Falls. quiry would be undertaken by the present, grand jury into possible overcharges to schools in the county by a Springfield trucking firm for hauling federal surplus food to school lunch cent- "BROTHER, WHAT A PROBLEM I" "Finding iome of the thing* I needed to buy was a real problem-until I discovered the Yellow Pages." Everybody look* In the YELLOW PAGES HIS REPORT CARD MAY BE YOUR FAILURE Did you know that ncarsightedness is most likely to develop between the oges of six and twelve? — and often very suddenly. At the first sign of poor vision bring your child in for a professional eye examination. = ^/T^//oV/^~/// / • Jiena/udMiUiwwd accident occurred when Stanley. northbound on 111. tried to turn left as Brooks started to pass Ihe cvclist. Auto Mishap Police learned at 5 p.m. Sunday that Charles T. Meyer of Belleville had been moved by a motorist to Alton Memorial Hospital for examination of a possible back injury incurred in a mishap at Marquette State Park. According to an account given the police, the Belleville man's car stalled on a hill, then slipped backwards to collide \willv a tree when brakes failed to hold, ing removed by a towing service. One was a sedan driven by P.obert Cooley, 20, of 2838 Lincoln, Alton Rt. 1; who was booked on a traffic, charge and a statiomvagon driven by William A. Gross, 26, of 731 Spring St. Skidding contributed to a collision between a coach driven by Harold F. Olden, 21, of 2826 Viewlanrl and a parked sedan of Ernest G. Kolb, of 1124 Greene St. which was at the curb in the 1200-block of Main street, Olden said his car slid when he applied brakes as a car approached from the opposite direction. Last collision of the day was at Belle and Hamilton at 7:30! p. m. Cars involved were a coach driven south on Belle by Eugene Weaver, 30, of 250 W. 19th street, which was attended by 200 guests. The women of Alton Chapter Xo. 775, OES prepared and served the dinner, with Mrs. Willis dishing and Mrs. Fred Smalley in charge of the arrangements. The reception was held in the lodge hall with the Rev. Clyde Todd giving the invocation. Alvin Simpson, thrice illustrious master of Alton Council No. 3. introduced Fred O. Ellis, the guest of honor. The Rev. Harold Leu, guest speaker of the evening, spoke on Freemysojirv snd sonie of the historical events in the growth of our country that can be attributed to the efforts of the Freemasons down through the years. Everett J. Watson presented Fred O. Ellis with a gift from his many frionds. Lloyd James, T.I.M. of St. Clair Council No. 61 of East St. Louis, presented Ellis with a letter of appreciation \vhich was signed by the officers of St. Clair Council. The Rev. William Kimbrough pronounced the benediction. Americans buy about 300 million dollars worth of phonograph records a TRUCK DRIVERS RECEIVE RINGS. Harold E. Baker, (left), vice president of , . „ —« .. . _. . _ .» „* j _ rtil. n ...1 n M n I/ tlrtltttnc it* 1m ltd* a M\Mj\J*.JM. T JLJ i»«x.^ XJ" *-*• .•«»»•»»•»• •.*• m-mmm - — » \ - - — r T *. Ruan Transports of DPS Moines, presented rings to Theodore K. Holmes, who has a 25-vear perfect record and Jonas Wagner who has a 27 year perfect record, at dinner meeting Saturday night at Hotel Stratford. At the right is Fred Rose, manager of Illinois Ruan.—Staff Photo. Dope Suspect Is Killed Bv Police CHICAGO wi — A 32-year-old man. suspected of being a dope | peddler, was killed by police bullets Sunday when he tried to shoot it out with detectives who had halted him for questioning. Narcotics detectives said they shot and killed John Lope/, of Chicago after he hnd fired a shot at them through the window of his car. The detectives said they found four ounces of heroin valued at 55.000 and a bag of marijuana valued at S300 in Lopez' car. Detectives Miles Cooperman and Sheldon Teller said they followed Lopez for several hours, finally curbing him after a three - mile chase down Lake Shore Drive. Police said the car Lopez was] driving belongs to Herman J. Smith, also of Chicago, and that Smith telephoned the narcotics detail saying he will surrender today. Comily Dwellers Live Longer Than City Folk LOS ANG?:LKS W-A scientist says country dwellers live five years longer, on the average, than their smog-breathing city cousins. Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel prize- winning chemist of the California Institute of Technology, said "People who live in smog-free cities will live perhaps that much longer than those who dwell in the; smog." Capture Man .Man I.ontlrr NAIROBI, Kenya. W> —The almost mythical loader of Kenya's -Man Man terror gangs fell screaming in the bush Sunday near Nyeri, ending a hunt of three years. An African policeman fired at a flash of leopard skin and brought; down "Field Marshal Sir" Dedan j Kimathi, the 35-year-old master-j mind of the Man Mau campaign I to drive the white man out of this British East African colony. Kimathi, deserted by the remnants of his once powerful follow-! ers, was clad in a Jeopard skin and armed with a .38 revolver. He suffered a slight wound in the thigh. I Princess Margaret, now in Kenya on a tour of Kns| Africa, was told of the capture in Nairobi, 100 miles away. She was asleep in a Nairobi hotel when Kimathi was shot and was i;iven t'.c ii"ws when she visited ft British military hospital in Nairobi tins morning. Kimallii was charged wi'h carrying a lethal weapon — a capital offense under emergency regulations governing Kenya. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily 1 ; !\ Group To Study Aloinir Radiation I'MTKO NATIONS. NY. 1' N. committee meets her* privately tnday to siudy worldwide rlnta on n rniestion hfl* gnf iuio I' S. politics — how atomic radiation riffn'ls man. The llS-iuiiinii Scientific Committee on the Kfferts of Atomic Radi- alion will spend about two weekn cv.ilu.itiiiK «"<! Mimmari/.ing mori Ihnn .'W papers on the subject from more than 'JO countries. COOK'S PAINTS Bugs In The Cooler MEMPHIS JP — When C. B. Thrasher's air conditioner went on !, the blink he called a repairman | to "come get the bugs" out of it. j The "bug" was a half-grown opossum which had built a cozy nest in the window-type cooler. ALTON CIVIC ORCHESTRA TONITE, 8:15 WEST Junior High School Helps Heal and Clear ITCHY ECZEMA St. and a station wagon in which j ant , Ue u relievea J. K. Spellman, 62, of 1132 W. ju . hing of 8urfaC e eczema and skin Ninth St. was starting a left ra8 hes. It utops scratching and so turn from Relle into Hamilton, aids faster healing. Buy Extra Weaver's car slid when brakes '^Strength Zemo were applied, the report slates, iforstubborn cases. How Can Sfroffon Shirk the Blame? 6% HALT CORRUPTION RESTORE INTEGRITY to ILLINOIS GOVERNMENT Uil i't. NX >M If All III. Iri. CllitM <>!..«vtlin F.I til. S«. J. r. MlM»kt» DIVIDENDS AT PIASA BUILDING & LOAN ASS'N. THIRD AJVD STATE STRKKTS, ALTON, ILLINOIS. Alton's Oldest Association — Since 1887 At our last dividend date, June 30, 1956, 5'/j % Annual dividends were earned on the installment savingi plans of this association. Dividends, of course, are contingent upon earnings. In addition to this unusual high dividend paid by Piasa Building and Loan Association, each account is insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. INSTALLMENT SAVINGS PLAN 1. "C5" STOCK 600 I'rr lhait Prr Month— V»lll« 1100 At tUlurltjr 2. "II" STOCK foil SI HO Per Shirr 1'itr Monlh—Vulni »100 41 Malurllr Phone 3-3031 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ARE OPEN SATURDAYS TILL NOON SAVE 95 ON A NEW OVER Cleaner and Tools H«( Hoover'* famain cleaning action ... it bee I* at it tweepi aa it cleans, on a cushion of air. Cleaning Tools make It th» belt 2-in-l cleaning combination morvejr can buy. At llii* tremendous saving they won't last long, to (top in now and order your de luxe Hoover at — SAALE BROS. WEST MO. I'Uone Skyline '8-2434 Stnro Hour*: .Monday through Friday 8:30 A. M. to 8:30 P. M. .Saturday* 8:30 A. M. to 5 I 1 . M, FACTORY Clearance SALE Discontinued colors, patterns, odd lots, etc., but ALL MERCHANDISE GUARANTEED PERFECTI Closing-Out 22 Decorator Colors of Famous SHADOTONE ENAMEL SHADOTONI FLAT Reg. $5.86 to $7.39 $ S^ Gallon 60* QT.-ISc Half Pint rour ChoJt. SHADOTONI SATIN Reg. $6.71 to $8.00 *- $ 749 Cho'e* ^^ „ „ ^•^ Gollo* 6Sc Qt.-I5c Half Pint WALLPAPER CLEARANCE Every Roil Worth TWICE AS MUCH 6 LOVELY DESIGNS your *• Choice I 40 CHOICE PATTERNS roll Average room corf* only J3.29 for Sidtwall and Border/ 30 QUALITY PAPERS Your Choice roll INTRODUCTORY SALE 38 Kxciting Colon Famous KENFLEX VIHVl FLOOR TILE Con be installed on wood on concrete on, obov« of BELOW GRADFI FIRST QUALITY Guaranteed-for-Lifel Reg. 17 e <» TILE KIT GIVEN with ROOM ORDERI Now 1956 REGINA FLOOR POLISHER Complete whh brushei, «tc. Reg. $64.50 Hn» Quality. 16-ft. Extension LADDER WHILE THEY LAST 10 95 • ^H^ Complete COOK'S PAINTS 8 W. Broadway Phone 5-5812 octor»«Coroner»Madison County - Dr. W. W. Billings ALTON, ILLINOIS Served a» your Coroner from 1932 until 1945, resigned to serve his country in the United States Navy. Served in the First World War in the army. When a death occurs NEVER is a lawyer, merchant, farmer, accountant, undertaker or laborer asked to determine the cause of death. ALWAYS A PHYSICIAN IS ASKED AND ONLY HE CAN ARRIVE AT A CORRECT CAUSE OF DEATH. PLACE THE CORONER'S OFFICE UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF A PHYSICIAN WHERE IT BELONGS. ELECT; AN EXPERIENCED, QUALIFIED, HONEST DOCTOR FOR CORONER. ELECT DR. W. W. BILLINGS DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE ELECTION: TUESDAY, NOV. 6, 19S6 COMPLIMENTS: 0. CARSON QUINN

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