Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 25, 1939 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1939
Page 6
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VINDICATOR AND REPUBLICAN, ESTHERYILLE, IOWA, THPBSDAY. MAY 2S, 1939 Country News WEST EMMET Miss Vernke Wheatley spent the week end at her home. Forty friends and patrons of District No. 2 attended the closing day picnic held Friday in "White's woods. In addition to the usual fine picnic dinner and treat of ice cream, a lively ball game furnished - entertainment for the afternoon. The Chris Nygaard family attended a closing day dinner and exercises at Superior school Friday, Betty and Catherine being high school students there. Mrs. Claus Martens and Alice visited Wednesday afternoon -with Mrs. Will McNeal near Dunnell. Mr. White's father who is spending some time with his son's family has been in poor health. Mr. and Mrs. Claus Martens and daughter Alice were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Manthey at Estherville, Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Milo Anderson "of Rush City, Minnesota who were married Wednesday of last week. The newly weds were on their way home from Pocahontas where they spent a short honeymoon. Milo is the only son of Art Anderson and Kate Nils who will be remembered as former residents of Superior vicinity. V.R. t At The Grand Sunday and Monday Wallingford Vicinity i Agnes Spear who has been employed at Sigourney visited last week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Spear. She has accepted a position in the Thursh Beauty .shop in Estherville. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Quinn and family of Lone Rock visited Sunday at the Ed Farris home Alma Nelson visited last week in Minneapolis with her sister Mrs. Lloyd RefseU. Mrs. Ann Bringle of Superior visited Thursday with her mother Mrs. Charles Christian. Mr. and Mrs. Don Fuller of San Francisco, Calif., visited last week at the J. O. Kasa home. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ellingson ano family visited Sunday at nie flans Sandvig home at Graettinger. The LDR met Tuesday evening with Mrs. I. G. N'ess, Mrs. George Gunderson, Mrs. Ole Refsell, Lena Gunderson and Emma Refsell serving. Mr. and Mrs. George Stubbs of Estherville called Tuesday afternoon at the Ray Scott home. The High Lake school taught by Helen Helgason had their picnic Wednesday at Wolden's Grove. Mabel Torreson of Des Moines visited last week with her brother C. L. and Ted Torreson and their families. Keith and Inez Miller of Ringsted visited last week with their aunt Mrs. Norman Larson. Mrs. G. B. Osher entertained the members of the ladies aid of the Graettinger Methodist church and a number of friends and neighbors at her home last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Charlie Brown, Mrs. Kenneth Starkey and Mrs. Eugene Berg were assisting hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Huntley are the parents of a daughter born, May 14. Her mother Mrs. Winters is helping care for them. Mrs. Egeland who has been here several months visiting her daughter, Mrs. Wil DeWall before returning to her home at Roland. The boys 4-H club Father's Future Advisers met Thursday evening at the Oscar Peterson home. .Talks on Farm Tools were given by Harvey Lundy and Glenn Groth. ALICE FA YE and TYRONE POWER enact a climactic WM in the stirring human story told in "Row of Washington S*»>». 20th Century-Fox production in which they co-star with Al Jofawa. The film, which opens Sunday at t*e Grand Theatre. feature, many of the heart songs mud hit songs of yesterday and today. The next meeting will be June 21 at the Ted Torreson home. Annie Anderson and her mother Mrs. L. P. Anderson of Grtiv- er visited Monday at the H. I. Spear home. Verna Jensen returned home from Chicago where she had been employed through the winter. « Mrs. Chester Anderson was a patient last week at the Coleman hospital suffering with pleurisy. Mrs. Ed Herke of Osgood visited Thursday afternoon at the home of her sister Mrs. G. B. Osher. Raymond Berg of Gillet's Grove visited Thursday with his Synopsis When the wealthy foster parents of, Marjorie Wetherill both die she finds a letter telling that she has a twin sister, that she was adopted when her own parents couldn't afford to support both of them and that her real name is Dorothy Gay. Alone in the world, But with a fortune of her own, she considers looking up her own family whom she has never seen. A neighbor, Evan Brower, tries to argue her out of it and tells her ie loves her and asks her to marry, him. She promises to think it over but decides first to see her • family. She goes 'to their address, finds that they are destitute and gradually persuades them to accept things they need. When the doctor calls to see her mother she notices that he seems particularly interested in her sister. Marj'orie goes to church in Brentwood, where her "family used to live, and becomes very much interested in the young minister there. She .. then sees the nice home there that her family had owned and determines to buy it back for them. She consults a lawyer and makes plans to purchase it in order to give it to her father as a Christmas present. Thirty-second Installment "He took me—to a dreadful • place! It was awful! Everybody - was drunk!— I was frightened. I - made him bring me home. But I ..found he was drunk too! He would• 'n't stop—and let me out—!" ; She gave way in another burst of. tears, and he put both arms : . about her and held her close again, as if he were comforting a little . child. "Oh, I 'm so—so— glad you came!-I though he was—chasing —me!" -f'^jj'JEeitfc Sheridan's face suddenly V'Wnt Trh'ite and',his lips touched "for; an.instant tie hot wet lashes - that^layuon. the.* wet; cheeks- ; •' etfa ^^Fp^ttea^f^^dry;: 'There," he said in a matter-of- fact voice, "now let's g»t iroinsr'. The sooner we get home the less for anybody to worry about. Now, put your head down on my shoulder and rest and forget it. It's going to be all right. I'd like to get out and whale that friend of yours, but I guess I'd better confine my efforts to getting you home. Now, cheer up, little girl, and don't try to talk about it. Ill fix things up at home for you. Straighten up your face and put on a grin and we'll face 'em out Ready? Here we are at Aster Street!" He helped her out most tenderly and went up the steps with her. The door opened at or:ce and a much scared Ted stood behind it, white with anxiety. Marjorie in a dark robe stood just behind him and their relief when they saw the doctor was almost amusing. "I brought her home. I hope you didn't worry," the doctor said comically. "She preferred my company to the fellow she started out with, and the pleasure was all mine." "Okay!" said Ted gravely, his face relaxing from its anxious strain. And Marjorie put her arm around her sister and led her upstairs softly. Betty closed the door softly, faced around toward her sister, and spoke in a low shamed tone "Marjorie, I've got to tell you that you were right, and I 'm ashamed! I don't know whether it was a regular night club I went to or not, but even if it wasn't, even if nights dubs are a great deal different from that one, I never want to see one. as long as I live! And I never want to see Ellery Aiken again either! Fm cozy edP i Marjorie pat her, arms around her sister and kissed her lovingly. fYoh precious «fater! There mm to sleep as soon as you can." They were just sitting down U, breakfast the next morning when a messenger came to the front dor with a special delivery lettet for Mr. Gay. His hand trembled as tie took the letter which Betty handed him, and the family were utterly still while he opened it. Then, as he read, a new look dawned on his face. A look of self-respect in place of the dejection that had been making the corners of his mouth droop habitually. Read it, Mother," he said, his voice husky with feeling as he [handed the letter over to his wife. "Read it aloud!' 'and there was « ring of triumph and relief in h>> voice. The letter head was of a well known and respected firm in the city. "Mr. George Gay, 1465 Aster Street, City. My dear Mr. Gay: Having known of your connection with the former firm of Hamilton, Mclvor and Company, and being in need of the right man to head our accounting department, we are writing to know whether you are at present open for a position, and whether you would like to come to our office any time this week between thv hours of two-thirty and four to |ta!k over our suggestions T Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Very truly yours, Martin Heath 6 Company." 'Oh! George!" His wife beamed at him, a look such *a she must (have given him • on Ther wedding day, * look so faff of treat and triumph - that laa£ Ma; aHEty parents Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Benr. Mrs. Nels Osher l» ill at her home. Mrs. Minnie Hiedecker in helping with the house work. Dinner guests Sunday at the Harry Resh home were Mr. and Mrs. William Moore and Leonard and Mr. and Mrs. Hal Resh and Phyllis Ann. Arlene Rustad returned to her work at the Glazier cafe in Graettinger after being ill with flu. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Ehler* have moved to Rodman wherr they will be employed. Mrs. S. T. Berg visited Thursday and Friday at the home of her daughter Mrs. G. B. Osher. Quite a number from here Attended the hand concert Riven by the Estherville high school ban.! Wednesday evening. Gordon Ellingson and Betty Sampson were among the players Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lnrson an.I family of Cylyider visited at the C. B. Larson home Thursday. Ernest Osher, student at Ames, visited over Sunday at the K. It. Osher home. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Mirkleson and family visited at '.he Prte Aanonson home near Graettinger Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rolfson ami Judith visited Thursday evening at the Glenden Thu home neat Gnrilinfrr R*». X«ni »Ml «Mi .fr:.»Tn-! i*» baraUaamat* imm *t VUpi* Hill Sun4ar urmnr Diftner ra^»t» I'JMM »t * T. ShiJey home »*rr Or »r ! Mr» CVmo Shtley an.l J ---n <--f linger »r*d Mr *rs.! M-« !»' -n «U mis »n»i rfattghtrr «f :i .\'>.-r. Mr*. Chri» J »i»r>W-. ft.>. home W*>hv«-»'lay fr T, :i. J , man Hngpita! *kr» s.-,.. »*wra! *wk« re*-»w» r*g fr m » major <sper»lio«. Reuftim at R»*en» Rett ('.»•>• A family rrum»»r, «»-. *«>; > Sunday at the Fupfr IWtf v - <• and thcae attrmimc *<rrr M: »• f Mr*. S T. Berg, Mr. ami Vr. C B. Osher. Mr and Mr* Rsi ,«.-wt HenT and famirr «n.i Mr Mt« Lowe) tWrg at tiiiii-U (,'imr. Mr and Mr*. Rric Erk^n sml TVi Berg a»*l two jrhildrrn of Kut.S. »*n, Mrs. E<l Herke ami family of Osgood. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Ber» »r>.l family of Osjrond. Mr »n<t Mm Leonard of Ayrshire. Mr* t" W Bergstrtim and daueMT, Mr. Ida Benr»trom. Mr. and Mr* Harry Osterdincer all of !>*« Mi»m« Mr. and Mr* Ray Se«!t »rt.| Phyllis «ml Mr and MM Tol Nel««n. Theodore sn.l t>«rny vi»U- ed Sunday »fteitiooi» with Mr« I) H. Scott in K*th«rrviS!c Mr. and Mr* T«ifiy Ssarom visited at the William Stsmm home north of (Iruver Surxtay. Mr. and Mn, dareno i'hns- tianson visited at the Euirene Berg home Sunday afternoon will give your fee* a "breathing spell" this summer. Tho're Air-Cooled! s 5 oo LEUTHOLD- TIBBETTS CO. TOsn't anything! to forgive. l*nv safe <,„w so thankful jroo_ara awe fie badrreeehred face all • No Extra Charge for the Fun.., S URE, this big, flashing silver bullet of a car LOOKS life* fun—but you don't 5 know the half of it! A new kind of eogioe, 99 h.p., lets you own the rati —an amazing Fourth Speed Forward* fecit like "wings". A "Weather Eye"* free* travel from dust, dirt, chilling draft*. Special soundproofing, 117-inch wheelbase keep you rested. At night you sleep in Nash's big Convertible Bed. An this extra fun costs no mora in a Nash. Ltmk at the price 1 # ,'o**. <PO-L\J I visa can swsaraoOT imts TNI CM IVMTaOOT WIS W$ mmmt ytm m irtPt it. Ymr NmA iatkr km *•* rtady, with

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