The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1949
Page 13
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r TTJRSIMT, JULY tf, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams AU-KKjHT.' ^ RIGHT/ THAT CXP BO* WAS HUFFED BECAUSE. IT LOOKEP LIKE HE'D HAVE TO WAIT--NOW HE'S HUFFED WHEN HIS WATT IS UP/ TH'DOC SHOOTS "EM OUT A BACK DOOR SOYHEY WON'T SIT BACK. "DOWN AN 1 FINISH TH ; STORV/ LOOK s-w^i-'.r-n > r\«f%, j in*? M6DICAL M/" SAYS Ofit *1B60* A PCRtOO Of= Ee*T OUTDOORS vJM€*J CecupecAT IMG FtfOM GOUT/-— COULD T LUR6 VOO TO TAUt A COOL SO300CK4 V^JlTUME AT . 6EAOT1PUL MlfslK 30*JCTIOI^? AKiD-. 6R-—- HOW ARE V0L>« IT'S LISMT6 A*1D MUSIC THAT POTS -We KOP OM PULSE, «C>T M&V8e I COULD < STAWD IT A ^ x SOU HA>J& 6DOT 1(0 £ \ stout* {.CFT FOOT _ .IS IS GALLOPlhJG GOUT, POP - HEROES ARE MADE-MOT BORKJ B11THBV1LLB (ARK.)' COURIER HEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE THIRTEEN ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Irate Citizens Po/icemen Get Drunk In the Line oi Duty; In Interest of Science MIAMI BEACH, P!a. —i.-Fi— .Three Miami Beach policemen recently sat down at a (able with a I fifth of 100-proof bourbon and got I drunk—with the blessing of their I iuperiors and In the Interest of I science. The trio were serving ax guinea pigs for the city's .new "drunko- :7iet*r." a device for measuring the I ;xtent of Intoxication. All drnnk 1 :wo, four and 10-ouiice shots of xuirbon then breathed into a sterile ialloon. The alcohol content was SlOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like your present floors beautifully refinlshed, or iJ you wish new hardwood, asphalt or rubber tile, or inlaid linoleum floon . . . Charles Wood can do the work expertly and at x reasonable cost. Call 2273. FREE ESTIMATES : Charles Wood ; Arkansas Paint Co. Phone 2272 CLIPPED ANGEL Copyright, 1949, NEA SERVICE, INC By Give Grierson Cornish ri son • ish i] I'HK S I'llH 1 i Mike MeTfttg, • «(•!•« entflnrft. bmm b**M hired fcj Cory 1'Ai-Mfll. a btautll«l y»mmg noraiiB. t • If-nm why t kr l>nrk AMKt-l mine, l^hfrhrd fr»M htf falser. !••*< pruUuoinjt »• li 414 IK Ihr i>«»(. M ikr Hnd» •*Biptlajt* fc«- takr> rritm ibr mint- **d which • rv •NHlrcrd i*frei] r. «h«w kfK^cr urr cunlpar ihnv 1» r»- T«•«!(•* h« Kii£K» <tl thp roHiyaar •ABM? oftlcr. but (*orj !• a HIV! Iliac 1*t ftr* »N7 or her old *-™pIo.T<-». Hlkf <!»«•• iran-hr* for • dunMT Minv thni wUhl dlMpv««- *l lh* • (»!(•• urr. HP flnd* (k« A !••;•• ••!•« «n •!>)<• loan, b»l llirr* l» •* 1kri>nprh whlrh IN* or* »»• b«-rn (»ke-it. nn •! K-mpl !• Bandr •• JH il*e'» lire. Mfkr h*K • ikrwry thai while •«'• xruuMd thr •&(•«• prn<1»ell»* wffl »nddenl7 rl«*. H«I »in." h«* «nd* "l" *°'** '*" • . • nkrr, •till fiifln«|reri Jakt- Wk i »»h» wtlh i assay figures that Effle had jiven me over the phone and tared at them. I knew the outfit that did my assay work in Seattle—they'd been in business ">fl years and Ihey didn't make mistakes. I tried to remember Tuesday night. Supposing, on that last sampling at 2 o'clock in the morn- ng I'd betn so dog-tired that I'd taken loo much from the pay- streak, not once, but from all lour levels? And supposing that for once in my life I had succeeded in lying a genuine reef knot? • • • Vf AYBE Riggs was okay. Maybe everybody was okay except nd I was a nasty-minded. W« ip&rt oo effort in providing KD KXTKA cverydaj prescrlptioD liervic* which meant extra con- .venlencc ro vou Peel free to can on UB a.t any time Prompt delivery acnrlu Phon* 507 WOODS DRUG STORE XIV had an extra special dinner at the boarding house that niglit, for somebody's birthday— or so I'm toid. I didn't eat any. I sal in my room upstairs and waited for my mind to stop running around in a huge circle to |1 could think more or less co- j herently. I The thing that had me looping was that the impossible had happened. I had personally sampled the ore from the working faces of the mine and that ore had gone into f the mill bunkers on Wednesday. , 1 had seen it there with Uncle Jake. The low-grade was there • and the high-grade was there. j On • perfectly normal produc- i tion schedule, by Thursday afternoon it had been milled, concentrated, dried and loaded into a ear. With $1S ore concentrated ten to one, that car had to run J1SO to the too. Instead, it ran leas than $50. Why? That was the hundred dollar question. I dug up the slip of paper with the ground undei the loading suspicious old crock of 37 years, overdue for retirement and prematurely toured on human nature. And yet, lex than three hoars aro somebody bad tried to kill me! At that point I must have fallen asleep, even though I jvas sitting up and fully dressed. 1 dreamed 1 was chased along a tunnel by Uncle Jake and young Riggs «nd the tough character from the Argus Mines, They were pitching chunks of ore at me and yelling, "Yah! So you don't trust us. eh?" The mouth of the tunnel appeared ahead and 1 made a desperate leap for safety—and landed flat in the mud below the chut* at Arguf Mines. I fell off the chair when 1 made that leap, and even though I was partly awake 1 started to scramble out of th mud. That woke me up completely, but the dream was so vivid 1 could still almost feel the smooth soft surface crl the mud under my hands. And then I knew wha4 w*» wrong with Am* Mine*. That mud had no right to be smooth! If the mine had been operating the week he/ore, then rated at .180 or better in each Policeman—.150 Is considered drunk. i They agreed it was a staggering ! ordeal. 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Your Studebaker Dealer Offers You More! 1919 Ford 2-Door Sedan 1948 Sludehaker Land Cruiser 1917 Studebaker 5-Passenger Champion 1!)37 Chevrolel 2-door, has new rings. 50 OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludehaker D«il«r" Railroad & Ash PHont SSS •STUDEBAKER ONE AT A TIME / WHAT OO LPJCR- TO j R u E J y ' <Vfc>0 ' Klor -fo Tea AMY- SOCV, BUT TUKT I WAS TO K ONE Of THE OW'JERS OF THE loos UKe \OffbTug HE "Kao i& /CRUWST ALL Tile ./HUT! THIS SAMB CAUS TOR. FULL 'So what If Dorothy it snobbish? W« need tome dues- paying members, and you ought to ie« th« swell feeds her mother throws! 1 ' ' PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMEER IT'S THE SAME THING ALL OVER AGAIN! I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT VACATION, I CAN'T Come On, Anyway HY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE HILUHS, INSKClOe GROW Of THE ^f VOO WERE HOMIClOe SQUAD AND MR. VIC FLINT K( RIGHT HERf.ALEX WANT TO Kh40W WHiRt I WAS AT M\_ PIAYING GIN. ONE CmoCK THIS MOBNINS. t^irto &IN. ALIBI OR NO AllBI. WE'RE TAK INS VOU IN 1C THi STATION, RAPP. / .m , <.( WE'LL SWEAR IT IN COURT. BESIDES, THIS TIM6 IT HAPPENS TO BE TRUE. WASH TUBBS is'o Touchdown BY LESLIE TURNER you SAID LUCKV LEW KAaKVs LUCK FAILEO HIM OUCfi OIG...ftT THE IIWE OF THE BftWK R08SEKV. RUT- VEAH. WHAT PUZ2USME 15 WHV HE'5 fcLWAYS SEEMED TO PlfrCOUR/kGE OT«EB6 FROW LOOVCIUG FOe THE LOOTl 1W1NK. OF OULV OME EE&SO*). ITfe FMJUSTIC...BLIT IF I'M RIGHT. TM*T WAS PERHAPS fHE LUCKIEST DW HE EVER HM)! FKIS BASE'S GOT VOUK BOX,GIG ! GKAB IT! BUGS BUNNY / SHADPUP / AN' PLAY... V BALL THREE/ »if! Shol, Huh? BY V. T. HAMLIN L' WELl.THAT SHOvVS VOU \ OR A BANK ROBBER WHO'S WHO/ YGOTTA BE J OR SOME OTHER IMPORTANT PEOPLE A SUCH VAKM1MT TGITCHER PICTURE IN TH' PAPER HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Is Thai Good! YMVlX "VO XWNM. YOUR »VM«> TOR fe MUCH MOWV W(S\T .•hute oiighl to have been criss- :rossed back and forlh with hundreds o( (ruck tire marks It wasn't—because no ore had jver come out of the Argus Mine. T WAS about to open the door and walk downstairs when it jtruck me It would tx foolhardy o advertise my movement*. H was not more than an «ighl- - r oot drop from my window to the jround and I was confident nobody saw me. ! kept in the shadow of a fence, by-passed several louses, and cut through somebody's cabbage patch to th« main street. . could see a sedan parked across the Hi eel and the silhouette of somebody sitting in the front seat. At 3 o'clock ID the morn- ng they weren't there to »dmir« the view. 1 sneaked back to the lane and came out in the shadows a hundred yards farther down, The overhead lights in the main tunnel were off but the electric clusters in the mill oust a faint glow near the portal. Once inside 1 moved along the left-hand wall until 1 came to th« first old drift. I couldn't u»e mj headlamp because it showed too much light, so I used a pockH Dash and shaded it with my hands. 1 was looking for tracks, »nd not the kind made by animals, human or otherwise, but iron rails. I found what I wanted, opposite a cross-cut about hundred feel back from Ihe porla 1 found it when 1 brushed a si the muck from the tongue of switch and tapped the stee gently with my hammer. It wasn't like the others—covered with great leaves of rust that crumbled Like corn flakes. Underneath the muck the metal was clean and sound—and that meant that it was used regularly. (To B« Continued) FOR SALE ConcrrlR culverli U Inch lu inch, plain or re«nfurced Als« Concrelr Building Blocks cheaper than lumbej for barns chicken huusci pump houses, tenant houses, (not sheds We dellTer Call us for free estimate . . . Phone 691 OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO.

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