Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 7, 1926 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 7, 1926
Page 2
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PAgE ijwO V ' raEIOLAi)AIi;y REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING. JUNE?. 1926.: ^ - . : ; : ; Jb^ I ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ' '^^^^^^^^^^ ^"''or 'brasbt' ^^^^^^ ^ at. home afte^JuIy 1 at DuW I". Mary " L^^ ' i ^ . . / cWl5ren"^Mn "nd °Mrs.'^'^^^^^ » ^'^''^^^''^•a ^^ffiil^ 'ffl JBSB I II; Red apples and cheeses and little i The bride hag lived in lola most j^^p^ey Here arethe three queens of CaUfornla's bathing beantycamlval at Lo» jj,„g son helped Mr. ij ^^^^^^^^a^^a » I Hll Ji»-!^ T ii , .wares of her' life until the last two years Mr. T. M. Bartels. brotbei' of Mr. Angeles. At the left fc^ Misa Joan Alden. who- ulll compete in eastern pg^y Abbott celebrate his birth- " ' ^j^Tn^tTT^l^^B F^KtTHr To tempt young Jansje from her whep she was employed as the ste- L , Bartels. who is a great great tournaments: center. Marcelllne Arnold, who won Urst prize for person- [j^y j^g^ week. i ° "*^^^M ^^fe«BJM < ]f[!l\"''-'^'^Mwt cares. tlon agent at Creve Coeur, Mo. The ,,„cie R„bbrt Langsford and the aUty. and, right. Mtes MabeJIe Per^^ Mrs. Leslie Heeding. .Mr.s. Low- ^B^^^Z-^^^ ^ B J^^ M P I ffl Gnarled, bent old women with bridegroom is a foreman with the RUc ^ey children, also was a gue ^t. - , costume man and Mrs. E. E. Wright motored 1 ^^^^^^^fcB^ B ^Tl 0« I 13'' "an-u wrinkled face Missouri Pacific Uallway at Dupo, others present Tifere: Mr. R. T. • • — . '. ,; to Moran Friday andtook dinner , ^1^^^^=^^^^ ISBErniii In every doqrwSy\slt making lace. III. ^ Travis anil daughters. Miss El a jng; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L ! Ross, UCIUC AP UII^DAT nT *'Jth the former 's aunt. Mrs. Cranw I'll^^^ <iffl ^BH .Irii ''t ^Gertrude 'Huntibgton McGiffert i ^ * _ . Travis. and Miss Blanche Travis. M I SS Ruth Thorma^n, Miss Helen RIliWj Uf . inilJnDULIl 1 ^r.J After dinner they drove to HET „ - - ^^^^^^ I^KCT^II in "A Florentine Cycle and Other fcntwaln nJUi uaroen rany. - brother -in -law and nieces of the ^^f^ Mlas Virginia Smltii .Mr.s C Brouson and attundod the t;iber- 111 -Jrr -ji-, ^^^^B'^najii I -A^ Poems." ' J''^" '•'Ln^b^^ . a- -.^^.^i^S^^^ iffllllKSv • • ship campaign of the 'f ep^Las- joe DoggeW and Mr. Carl Ritchey. gnce Barber Rev-J E Reynolds JtH'*5^^^?...^*'** Mr. and Mrs. Charlie McGiilnis m : #r ^ig^^ J^iPBsHlUliN -a .fit. Timolhy's Episcopal, Chtirclu sics" class of the FMrst.Me^^^^^^^^ ! Z^LS^BJ^ari'otAhSS; • AT LEAN.>A MEMOBIAf. and daughter of lola. and .Mr. Par- WLMTX ' iJ^M^^^^ ThP Church school was held at Episcopal Sunday school; of which Sunday a« the Baptlut Temple MP (-lyde Barber Mr Ilarrv W ^ ,™ \ ^. mele of Carthage, Mo., visited with 'J'S^Bnniinid with c O^I ^Rl • Hk thJ usuThour 9 30 i ^tL Zni- M^^^ Remsberg Is the The Sunday school was back to ^;-„er and J^anS ^l^^^^^ |ffljF ^^S^i^J?'Ho.^ m^f^m.' ^ ' A nicn"^w^s P °anne^^ the , winners noi ^al in attendance as a whole, „u°"^^^^^ Here on War to Denver last week. o'^S^^:^-^-^ ' L\J^'^ « ' ^ Tifesday a kerside Park for the Saturday night wU^^ .Alf. aid Mr.s. Ross will lake a , RolarianUiuenllon. Mr. andJV!r .s. P. A. Berpten and • ^^S^^^^i:^^^^.^ fe ^C ;7i.ii,i,„r^ party on the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. though one or two of the adult .i,„-, «..„-i,«nff- 'pin in nninto in ' Mr. and Mrs. Hess of Savonbtfrg, -r --^^I!!^" IB y§t Tfir evening- prayer was coh- ;»<^"e BilW^^^ (Francis Culver) were callers at the Holten home ' ' "St^^^::-!!^ JtLd L™ReT^^^^^ , . , h ^Te'aner ^pln ^L 'r r HUMBOLDT, June ^S.-The Me- Friday • i 5.Year Gnarantee ^^T^ ters. rector of-St. Andrew 's fplB- "veto eight 9. <:lock^ ^ • At the morning service the paa- The bride is the youngest daugh- morial Day services at L^anna. .^he Gas City Division o^ . - C »)f . i . ^^''-t «f---St "VplsS S w ^Tr ^e ^TrSuon ^yeayn^'^n! T^s th ^aYuie man who doeroS }± A ?^h Sdio^r'^h''the ^T^s^^ ^^'^r 'r '^l^./^T f^eTomJ ^of'^rlil 'Vidl^'d^^^^^^ ' tO Y(^ul HomC ;h !;?!^%y.':^rto'i ;^oK ^r ^r^SrS^':^'^^'liv^.^^ s.^^-U'^SXS^^e^iiiss^ Ki^^S- M^^'^ I :?;"- ' TubspJieTHisweek. . ious J^tf ^,';^^°:iIbwin?'r :isLs'^ t-d S gten a ^SJinlf oSa'g ^c person who wiif ev^'get any! ^'J,^r "'"of'\he Tzs^'crnsrof 't^ f"''^'' T .""""'"^''^ ^r'^VT ^ut ^'Za^m^'rud^ViL^DX U^OTV^ RATtCPV P H CfTDIf mMPANV ^".^•^Isl-nVKf c5r "c^herr^^^^ o^"--mVc "1rr i^fJ^f t ^^^^^rl^ ^^T:^^'!^^ V't^l^ f^t^U^C^.ir'-r^^Z:^yl^ Sgrtr^'^'r nu "m4^^ frrie^Je^"^^^"" "^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^ COMPANY ministry comes unbrckenly from ° ,„^J*i'^-^'^"-'^ 7°^^^^^^^ is required o him as exem^ she has held various positions, and They were Mrs. E. W. Haglund. " 115 Wcst Matiison Phone^282 the time o? Christ; "Ot, founded by. allowed to .ee Another feature, mnj. rnnlvea^t^^Mm as exem the pa,t two months has b.-en .v,iss Helen Rounsavell. Carl Sar- Besides the decoration of the Le- - ' • Henry VLII, nor at °th«r "me :^,f-VclyirwiIIis Mrs Dene tions of the other cheek, and the L^^^'^P '"/''"t, ""'^ ""' a"'' ^- T. Cannon. glon of Honor, the Duke of York, , • : • • since the apostles^ establlsherf the ^\;fbe Sted with the refresh- second mile, in the sermon ou the H'gh School. She has been em- Miss Mary Louise Amos, who bas second son of King George, is en- " ' ' ' . i v .h.,le church, ita doctrine has Blllbe assisted with tue rerresii ^^^^^^ . .> '""^ ployed to teach in the ciK -schools been teaching In high sc^^^^^^ .. e - d^mfted-in no way froni n ,e run- 'uen^^^^ Esther An- Tbe swimming pool ^Mll be open y*^"""- T\^J ''':'j'^™ j_ ' A J i* T» - tj f v damenlais of Christ an belief The ^be guests were, i^sineryvn Thlirsdajr At :two o 'clbck .^'C..*^"^!"'^,,",?'!,''"'' "''^ him as a reward, for -his servicfs K ptflCrPr An^ TOr K P ^Jlllf «»' r ' Episcopal church of England long der^^^^ afternoon .MisA Francis 'V--^ •"««•• Mrs. N. A. Armel and with the Grand Fleet. XVC^l^LCX ^Vld L%JL XVCaUlLj^.l ; anticipated, the protestaut ^refor ^otts.^axme lerreii.^ww^^^ «ar .^^^^ ^ ^^^^^ „„ attended lolu High School one mile son motored to Kansas City mation in demanding religious J^J^ig^jJ^j^^^fn*"^ The hbstess^s Siyo a free exhIblUou To ladies ^f"^ 1?' ^^'l" w""* "''^l "^'"^""y'- ^""^ ^ husiness trip. • - • . lioerly, freedom ' from PaPa>^^"'f"™ .- ^ ' oluHlierice. etcetera: ,pe govern- were. Mai^ca Hu^^^ Bg^^^^^^^^ \ J ———^ . ir^ent of the Episcopal church in (•nrd.^^^P^^^^ Mr. Frank Taylor of Boston, # ' • • . ' •^ , this cotintry was patterned exactly KuehnK Mass.. arrived here last-week for Qi-k J- l.** ^ ' J a<ier that of the United Stat08 wuiis, ... able for all who desire to make Presents Sfndents In RecHal a visit with his mother, Mrs. Rich- IP BS HT ISI ^^^^Ish ^ UUtStanCllIlg MaVta^ rCatUreS lude'Sdence and Ihe framers of ..l^'^tS. e^lJ^^'"^^^^^^^ I.lrkersoh-Bobne day 'night at the Baptist Temple, ^^r ^to 2Ld th" UoaHan conv ^n- ' E OlM^Sill V ^dT/lSknJTnl the Constitution v^ere 5P i^copal- ^^^^ E,k, Ruth Elizabeth Dickerson, the She will be ass sted by Mrs. L. W. „on. He will stay here for about ^HStf^^^^^^'^ i si lUh.ghl> energized, urbuknt and ians. who performed a similar ser- f_X,, ^I^^^TS daughter "of Mr. arttl Mrs. Simmons, organlst .and Miss Aman, ten days. f .^.^.^^^^^^^^^-^'^^^ = ' --_^;^S=»^r STn No idfc" ai^r " vice for the church. It produced >nvlted. hociai coramntce. ^ Dickerson and Mr.. HarolJ da Wulf, .soprano, of Humboldt. .8 Mrs. Edna Parker of Washing- vWif^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^^^^^ , w ° _ ^ the King James version of the 1lrpH ,f »n Thnivh Sorrlcpq K- Boone, son of .Mr. and Mrs. S. B. PUP» of Miss Jeanette Kalis. ^ ,„„, D. C. perhaps better known \\W hV^B[W^^[l\\\' \W- /iiii'^'^"'T^iT^BPliBtf ==*M^ 2 - W ashes cleaner. The Gy. Bible and in 1549 prepared the ^""*fth^"*''""d,V^^^^^^ Boone, of Colony, were united In The piano students taking part here as Miss Edna Bailey, came _LlLi. '"'"^''^ ^ . Book of Common Prayer in Eng- J^ff-X^l^, \^ marriage at 2 o 'clock Wednesday will be: Miss Hazel Cline. Harold ^gfe Friday night to stop with her flg^BJ^lLi \\ i I ?i -jiiiiii.* n • \\ ''^shout the water; , -Ush. spcond only to the Bible as wer^'d«^^ „ ^MMT ^ ' I il . 'I li ' j Iji::: ^1,;'^^"^'^Hn^toS > a masterpiece of English Litera- "ewe of 3^^^^^^ i |T U.. 1'!^. I ^Z\i^J^^l\.LT1^. .J^ tu^e." Sunday school at the united Breth s. Franklin, pastor of the Moran Stadler, -Marjorle Osborn, CecM resident. She will remain for a " : 1 JKtoJz^-l I •= ' This was the last ..R,^^^ Pettlt. Miss Roberta Warner. .Mlsi In this city. ' I "^^SUSff \\ ii^^=i , , "V , • • ^ ••tJtiiiday -Tilght -service • conducted .JYffj"^^^^^^ The-homo •-was .-dKorated- with--H^lea.Kdhlen Miss. Lucille Wagner .> ' : I \ '. •] ! Ua iT "^u'''T' I L^P"?''5* ty! Rev. Sumner Walters ; ^ Lite, at ine ^mo^^^^ i Jl | I ! j til the world --=0 11«. ordinary iie - will go . to the boy's "d"'^.P'»^'^^^^ = JtJ I !. M iU : ^^^^ wash per hour. Tub cump in Uie Ozarks, where ,hp ^-^^'^^^^^ by hef, father, wore a gown . of Miss Leitzbach and Mrs. Waugli \^rnbn Kemmerer. returned to Mlr ^^^^^^^^^==«-jiU^^^ ^^^.hL^- r""""* han been appointed chaplain, and T ^^obsg ye t^a day^hom y^ will white satin trimmed In lace, and playing. her home " yesterllay. Mrs. Asher ^^W^ i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M ord.noor washer,. , in several weeks the -new rcrtor ap,.ve." Miss Lawn Fisher led ferried an arm bouquet, of KlUar- .. is the sister of .Mr. Keniraerer. • ^^^^^^n^^D 1 ^SH^^^^^^^M^l ^B ^^^Ir -dB 4-Most compact washer made from Smyrna. D aaware,' wMll ccjme J, jg^^^jjg J _ ney roses, ferns and lar^ Dalr'es and Diiylifthf. . Mrs. John Schultz fs here from -•illllllllll ' iTC^^^^Sa A - takes floor space onfy 25 to St. Timothy's thurch. The Rev. ,^.3 ^g^^, J „„j g^^^^^^^ , u.. . T. r.,.,. .... ^rr^^imi i -.^^ = ^1 '"^^ ^""^ -Mr. Walters- will be great y miss- Mrs. Fulton led. the discussion, on „h »i.''f"„„Ji'*''i^,^", ^ ducts either to customers in the Iting her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. \M r J ill |^ ||||l|Uij»^ TTTiT'^I^^ if 5 - Cast aluminum tub - can't ed. not only for iiis interesUfag and 3n Inspiring w^^^^^^ blllJ _lM Mllfe: r( ^ I ll ' M ^TTK^ 1 ' w^rp. rust. rot. swell, split nor informative addresses and sermoii? an j helpful service. Tiie evening ^°J'„ Pi'^;^),™,^^ .Mr. George Walters of Fresno, lap ===F4 BW-"- i ftlj J^B^SHbl i ' • ccrrod^tub cleans itself in 30 but for liis genial optimistic .spirit meeting was .begun with music by Th «Vrwt!i''Sf™- , . necessary to do a great deal of C .ilif.. Is here this week, the guest rnh jj i^Jf^ - Wi^^jS^^^fBm - :• \ " ^°"-<fe among his parisioners and other , he orchestra. The congregation. ...^"^MVaryprl^^^^^ thus "f the Schultz family. HL L : I! 111^= \,W\M ^^^KKB = ? " t 6-Easily adjusted to your friehds. At ian ; early date, the inciudii, the Odd Fellows and Re- ^'"^^^^^ , ^^Si ^'^^i H ILfln HlflHH = i J^ight. height of tubs. large .parishl .ousP^which has been bekahs I sang America. The sing- "3^^^^^ Enectricity Is r .ipidly coming to .Miss Myrtle C. Dick.spn. > the MP PM__ra^HBK| ; I; 7 _ Qothes can be outi in or completed at' Ft. Scott during his ins waa congregational throughout. ^9 ^Mll*'''-- ^IHIIBFI : ' Len ^t whu" w^ U ™n ministry wiirbe dedicated and the as thisi was the annual memorial JWBtmSsi^ - ^ taken out while washer is run- Rev. Mr. Walters has extended an .service- The Rev. Mr. Tudor used and M7S J r wn ^nn Mr^^^^^ lighting. It is claimed that wlier- The position carries with It a iL ^^fffffS^ESB^^ gnn , T «' Mrt-,! ^r^^rii. nviJatlon to the church people the theme ".Odd Fellowship , Tri- "^Vaione Mr^^^ • ^^Jjjfit ^^^^^^P'^ i ^^^jji^i ^ I JuT SwJn ^^STf JS^^- here to attend. Bishop James Wise „n,phant." His lext was Rev. 15:1.1. afi/go^n" Glen Dft^er^in and ^''^m dilring working hours It «aves and dollars a year. 1 . : fL^-^tJ^(^^^^K^^^ ^^SP i, festshXatomaSfor • ., win make the dedication address. The auditorium- was filled ^11" I I IL " . "' i ^ffl^S^^^^^^"^ ^^tiillP^ SerSorb^^^ ^ The. Church Service Fr?"' camejto worship and Franklin Mr O W Beach '» this more true than in th. work , ^ ilMimMm^^SSmn^^ ^ ?^aS.bto^" J™^t .meeting was i ^nnounced^^^^^^^^^ NotlCC *''T^^^P^^^^^^ tension -r^eaT ^ll parS «. in tbe home of Miss Grace Acres. come. dnuehtors r.orrnJn« r ^v- OTWI irJlv. trie ghts can Im placid where . :l ' lUM l-T . ciovri * <• * Tonight Is church night and the ,^^3"^™^^ CitV WatCF USCrS A\ ^ Tf- iT^l yif \ ^ • f -u, - soprano, pupil of Jeannntte Kalis- delegate will be elected to repre- ^J"^^^^^ .u. i, ' ^ , ^ .ivcaow 18 *ui vvuim x^duersnip First BapMst Temple. 8 o'clock. the local chprch In the antiiial B°rron M^^^^^^ And ^o overcome this ^add oiie,; tea- V Wff •,<•. - fle.iSlon at Independence four Xsoone • in the house the washing machine, «Po°n^ul of Rub-No-Mpre Washing - . W. . Services at First .Helhodlfit rhurch months hence. ^ , After the breakfast most of th^ Ptimp'nK system, vacuum sweeper I'^ff'^^^ Original Gc Water . .' Sunday-.was an «n«.st,ally flue ^^JJJ; company lef?'wit ^^^^^^ V - - - ' • - ' • • ^ ^ day at the First MethpdIstEplBco- Atjhe I^bjIfrian.Chn^^^^ ^ bridegroom for their new home a P""""'' ^w^. ut^ u t,\. J ffBlttJl^^Wt^ II A^' J^^^ ^ pal cl)urch. The SUnday sdhool at- The record'showed an Increase tulle south of Gol6ny. Mr and work much lighter. Besides Its 15 household n ^ges M^VMMmfAB I n>P^f #• S^CBIVIsC MWM tendarice .showed, an Increase of of twenty-two In attendance yes- .Mrs. Boone will take their honey- — • ^- " ^he only cleanser that will W • 1 . ^ ^^n^WwB • •• • Vl i^ore than 100 over that of last terday^t the First Presbyterian moon trip this fall AVomen are the purchasers of clean sinks and tubs and dissolve • • W • MkmW^^^m r • •^^^ ^^M. Sunday. Such a fine, attendance at Sunday; school and there was a The bride Is a popular member ninety per ct ^nt of the jewelry sold lipon rinsing. No sand left to clog ^ M^^^^^^ -'^^^ ' i the beginning of th^^ summer good audlencje at the morning ser- of the younger, set In (Jolouy and drainpipes... rM^. M^K^^^T A Ml ^|-.| ^ VS' months spealcs well of vthat might Vice . ^ „ „ • • _ . ; •^•:A^r • Afl^ ^Taia^i^maa fl ifl HkW MMihtmmtk be expected for the summer. The^ Rev H. O.Mathls.D. D and respected young farmer In that - . ' IVHImV limlV ftVllnil'lll2if*lf ,jir llillllll . Dr. Bascom Robbins of Kansas, used for his. text Rom. 3:23, "All vicinity.. «pmrie^.V I^H H H AJBimV lwM.Wlm^llMM»^ W'IMK City was the speaker at both the liaVBSliinerf," and Ezek. 18:20. "The • • • « ^-^Im mi ' 1'* ^ "' ^- .^^r J -^iL »T*»»^*» ^^^if •^••^'•^^/••.^ ••V«P »W looming and evening services. At soul that sinneth. It shall die." The IBBilKSPMMgS^Ml i 1 HgBWBBBWBBWMHB • ' ^ww^ «^ v« \^ ' -the morning hour hB irreached on theme was "The Reality of Sin." The iharrlage of Miss Foreste I^BMBSQ^rSSSffl I I iSSsl^BBil^BBBKH ^tttjm^L tfim^Mt » A^l/'T* A'' Wp'M^ MT 1^ ' -••The Transfiguration" and 'drew Hf. said lii part: ^, ^ Margaret Huggin? and Mr. Ralph • m0P^*^. ' **im\Wi^^jHS • U/UOil Wifil U WAAm W A%3 JT M^MlijCi • M ' ' ' ~' five lessons of gi-eat importance.. "Sin Is not therely error of which LeRoy Ross, of Mildred. Kansas BS ^S^^ sISI • Thev ,were as follows: "Immortal- we can be rid by denying Us ex- took place In the home of the MM * • ...... .. • ity, bodily resurrection, the fact of istence: nor is It necesiary «vil bride at 1015 North Sycamore // TWO P(M*ULAR U • T^O a week's washing with a May- hot-througCiOiit an cnfare washing— H heaven, recognition of loved ones which must be tolerated since It street. Sunday at noon, June 6 \\ yi li WPi ^ n iH I J tai at our expense and without i for tubfiil after tubfiil. ' That water • in heaven an.l the divine snprem: capnot be cured, gm^^^ The Rev. J. E. Reynolds, pastor of |l f Ij*-^ ^ II !• oMigation of any kind. Let it stays clean because the dirt setties • \ J acy of Jesus Christ. At the close evidenced by the terrific economic the First Christian church offi- ft I •••rMB^^J. Hlfm/m#lA 11 WI«HS« V"" ^.x.c.\ ^^i^^t- H of the sermon he spoke briefly waste It causes. The post of, pre- elated, using thrdouW^^^^^^ iJ I »PrHHi-nillilK fl • prove that it washes a tubftd of with the sedunrat trap beneath the H concerning the work of Bethapy Vention. detection and punishment ni.ony ^ ff Vf VI \/CUl * A VV"t# 11 | dothes in 3 to 7 minutes. That it . gyratator. That the tub cleans itself • , Hospital and the progress that has of crime; the loss of production on Preceding' the cereniony Miss 11 • ffl H washes 50 potinds of dry clothes in- in. 30 seconds after, the washing'is • ' been made in the pa .st^ ten years, the part Of cri^^^^^ ti Offerln? Early WetlBiiylng AdvaiiUiges. W • one hour. 'That it washes the most done.: 'cLraL'^rSnY.v'"" - Sr^^ 4 J 0.X,.<ULE /I • deHcate fabrics-^the.finest silks and. Let it prove that the conveniently • ; • "^r^=" D :^' Robblns had e ?S5^Stf'1!^''^ li^^l ^Jh""''^"^'" '""^ (l TUESDAY Bltd WEDNESDAY )} | ^ Sently ^ byW: That it Plac^l--t wx™g«;^ins^y ^- • Hv. , i\ tbe greav'privilege of visiting ten dlsease.^^^^^^ The bride was gowned In white Ji |l • W«shcs the heavy, bulky things-Cven justs itself to a hmidkerchief or a i ; of the countries of the Medlterrm-. tbfeT^^ 11 n . Ck»«4J*J 11 • gwasy work-dothes and grimy play- blanket, and wnngs both dry. • Y eanseaandofcoupeincluded he '088 pro^^^^^^ TOSl jlir6ud6a 11 dothes dean as new. That it washes Wash with d Maytag at home. , • ^^^^='•|lkor ^^iar^^^^^^^^ T ^- ^^CUUCU 11 . eonar »d euff edges without hand- You .^Je convinced.of its_ui,^^ Robbins made 1,1s audience see ««<'h year «n the United States ## THa^lPC WnAaf 11 • tubbing. washabihty by the tune your washmg • With him the wonders an4 the J ^ne. Camels sin In its grossest ^rt'^^^"^^^^^^^ U lUdSUCb H 0601 Jl . • Let it piwp that the satih-smooth. is done. Remember, if the Maytag • . - glpr^ of the land of Palestine. And ' ' ._„, wrone ''doine Betlrgette over pink satin and a ff laiKe Rlzfe packages— Hegnlar pack, 15c Tal- IJ • ' cast aluminum tub keeps water piping doesn't sell itself, don't keep it. H as he told Of places 9nd events his T^^^ ,|% onrof the most popnlar oer^tly freih stock, f| • *^ , . * ' ' SenTe^'o7Ve'\%ro'ef ^^^^^ pe^ pkg. ' U • Defef red Payments You'llUeveT Miss Kre %nd walke^"^! hfghSs IA A lift* ff • • With the Master. ryuU Ka "°s Cuc «o^^^^^^^ Afte /the.cJ^lTa twfSourSe ^"^ )' " ^ ^-. •- : ^ r . > 1 At Uie mdmlng serTic^ the qngr-^ J^"^* OL!? -nd delSi to thl in »"»«>»«>«» »«» *ewd to the-follow. |l | -H IHM. Land nan? the old "Hlorv Kone" Quate remedy for sin by the. gift Of LVOV —.1 11 ^^^^^^^tmm^^^^^^^^^^^^^a^ % % V ^^V^H^ M^^^ ! Heights, haw received pn Invlta- cpd, each: must decide for him- ^J^^^^t^KcaaAuoAvummukXt^ MM flRI^^HI^^^H^HH^H U • - tipn to: the marriage of Miss Mary .M -nrhlDh he will take wu^t WMP wwig^* am . « m the evening.. [The Rev. Mr./on?8 The people b« this clinrch are G^tlAaWrlwrfttWto^ ' IfBSIffll^mRS^^B^^^B^^HHH -i-AV^ ,«««r « ^.-Xr-urtir^^JS^^- „„„ ' *!|||— js4nephewotlMrs.Tueiiand'isi lookins!^^ - luBD^^^^S^Bi^n^HHH ^^n • Night |>lione^m7W ; . > ^?lwne 198, jMy 1 . ^ A

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