Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 5, 1926 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1926
Page 6
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PAGE Sli f THE lOLA'DAILY BEGISTER; SATDBDAY EVENING. JUNE 5. 1926. Sl'liPHUK SPRINGS, iARK, HAY* OB IS ONLY OFFICER.-=^^ JdHN BROWN HELPS EVAXGELIST USES tXIYEBSITY FOR SUMMER iHOTEL, Mayor H. M. IKwildsdnTcelrTbat tlie Greatest Need Hodel • and Baih Home.- ' " <W. T. S.) Sujphur Springs. Ark. June: 4.— It Wis an epocliaT thlngrof course, for ByrU and AmundBch-io rc^lb- tec with'that Polar flight, ^utJiqrc, too, ont may Well admit. Is a most • yitai; disclosure. • l*ouriiiis'who trot their (win sixes along the Ozarlc trill have discovered tbo motorists* heavep. It 1^ in Siili^hur Springs. There Is no record to: show that'anybody ever was arrested (or truffle luw vlola- , tlou in this town and,the sonorous drawl of tlie-eourt in other ;to*ns 'BU aridoft the trail the effect of which jis to extricate some ten dollars more trdm the mazes of your h^lllold, has an utterly lorelgu . sound jhere. , Theitown lias no cop. Of course, there is Mayor HI M. Donaldson. And true chough he is justice of the peace and could serve as town ; marshal in a pinch. But there Is • no nepd for the services of a ' policeman. in fact, court las not convened In. Sulphur Sprlnfs for sixteen months and the last infraction of the' law which Mayor' Donaldson can remember was such a minor affair that he waves it aside as '. unimportant and indicates thai one may as well write a record o,t two years in. Sulphur Springs without an arrest. >o I 'se for B Court. , "I have not had a sitting 6f the mayor's court for sixteen months." the mayor said today, "and things Ju the law^ violation line are so ^uiet here that w? dp not need a Ibrce of men to kiep the peace. I am the only officer in this town and there is nothing for me td do at the job of officering." The ;.niayor's chleft perplexity is; what to do witli the tourists. Here it is. Juno anj£ only a few short y^eqks -away is tho annual chau- tauiiual of the Federated Women's . Clubs bf the southwest, taking In an _are!a ^of seven states. > More thaii a- thousand jcliib women will •come to SuljJhur^^Sprlngs for the week', long program."-Artists from New .York-and Chicago will 8U|)- l)ly the talent.. The chautauqjw is given chleflyifor and spojisorcd by the club wbmpn. 'j*<f "What ,1 ani going to do to provide i/laccs for iull theH ,e women to slay. Is more than I know just now." the mayor said. "Of ••ourse, some way'will bo fo;jndit<> provide \\xa recjulrcd accommodation and the club women will be properly enlbrlalned. - But just the same, I w;Ish; somebody would ljulld a hotel herb. Our most' serious pr<jblcm Is tlie hojel; situation. We meet ;lhe need as <he sea.son for tourists como on ljut It is a problem which only'.can b? permanently relieved • by the coiistruction of. a Bew hotel. The relief in sight for this year's ses,3ion of the club women's chau- taiiqua is the turning of the John Brown dormitory into a hotel. This will give several hundred club; w'omen "excellent ; accommodation: otherwise unobtainable. The John prown university Is the school the evangelist whose name the school ^bears and the' greater inumbcr of the students are sons and daughters of modest homes, in college by virtue of the willingness of Bt-own to - receive them and to give them employment- which •will provide the necessary funds to. meet the expenses of thej student. Mayor Donaldson says there is no boy and girl problem in Sulphur Springs. i ' -AMce, Qnlpf Town." ; "We have a nice, quiet town with :(he best possible environment and atmOsirfiere iot the development of youth. Most of. the young folks here; are. students at The Brown nniver.sily. But when they complete their education, they li>ave — just like the honie'.bo'ys and girls. Sulphur ts'distinctly a heallh resort and honiA town boys and girls cannot stay here entirely for their health's sake." ' Sulphur's famous mineral RjrriiiRs draw lliouHiiiids of visitors to lUo town each tt«'.nson and many : .of tbcni slay the year round. If Mayor Donulilson had Aladdin's laiip for imly a day, lu' would wish ^fir a hiM |>l and a biith IIOUNC and then Sulilhgr'a cup" of Jo'y would bo ruhnliig ovi-r. ' In thn nicantliiio, tli<-ri:''i< (he great. Owirk colony, nearby, where hundreds of summer lionicH owned by oui of town residents yearly furulHh.ran atixlljiiry or touriHt poiuil.'^llun of several • thousand. TlitK Is due to the fn'rt that a large pcirrHtage of summer home own-: er.'i! desire to change locutions in the; ()zarks from, season to season. In accordance with ;f his wish, tbci owner dffers his cottage fbi- rent and then takes one at B«lla Vista, .atjd the Bella 'Vistalsummer nome "owner rr;nts out his cottage and t.nkes one at Monte Ne. So on throughout the Ozarks, frequently giving the tourist who caniiot afford a simmer home their Oppf>r- . tunlty to rent one. iSulphur is happy In her tranquility and her 1 health giving springs. Slje'does not envy dr covet or wor- irv.' \ "We've got one of the best towns' for home life and health eeekers to. he ' fpun I . any-where," Mayor Donaldson ^ays. vwith such an advantage as that why should we worry, only thaf new hotel " And the mayor says under breath ^that he hopes tlie tctwn will iulld one. if no one else dp'es. ' Everv day is lohg enough for the things, that ought to get Into it; no day is long enough for the other KlnC ol things. ' " ! Los Angetes Bey Iffafc ; , .(By the Associated Freaa) "Washington.^ June S.^Herbert Wenlg, 17 yeatr old Los Anselea boy, has, emerged froi^ the ranks bt 2,000,000 hig^ iBchopi orators as' th4 1926 national champion. He will defend the youtii of America fa^the first oratorical contest here ifn oVtobe 'r. 'With alx other regional champions In the nation-wide contest.con- ductcd by a group of newspapers to foster;study of thef constitution, Wenig delivered his oration last night before a crowded auditorium, and was adjudged best by Chief Justice Taft and Associate Justices Vandcvanter, Sutherland, Sanford and Butler. : • Four girls and three toys competed in the final test. Mlsdj Myrtle Posey, 17. of Washington, was rated second, and Miss Helen Bylund of New i York, was awarded third honors.' Thomas P. Clt^ary of Philadelphia. Joscpii-^f.^^llarky- of Augusta,. Ga., Kfiss^-Tlulla F. Ilearman pl\. Minneapolis, Minn,; and Miss Ana 'Hardin of: Louisville, Ky.. were the otncr cohtcstants. in addition to the cup signifying his victory "in the third national contest, Wenig and the other six finalists will be taken on a .it.wo months' tour of Kuropc, starting next month. • First to congratulate Wenig was John Also, IC year old Japanese .sl,udent of the Hollywood High School, where Wenig,Is a senior. Also won the' Flollywbod elimination contest, and Wenig was awarded the place of substitute. Illness prevented tlic Japanese from competing further, but he came to Washington to root for his substitute. CANiMlLmA VISIT BELGIUl^. GAS cinr NEWS Hom REGULAB 8EBTICES SUNDAY AT BOTH CHURCHES. Mr. SUL Frlee ud FarnOr of Kan. YlBttifig In Gas— ^enoaali Mention. Unkno>yn soldier at Brussels, Belgiam, during their tour'of Hartford, Conn., and the Putnam Phalanx, Hartford, three American militia regiments with picturesque histories, dating back to Colonial days, visit the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Brussels, Belj^um, during their tour of Europe. The Connecticut regiment wears the black bearskin hats and the Viijginians the white decked caps. ' EIk& .Varksmen: to C,hla>«;d. The .N'ational Convention'' of the B. P. O. E., which Will bo held this week in Chicago in Julyf probably will bring together 50,000 *br 60.000 men from all parts of the" country, —one of the biggest national meetings held by any. organisation. ' A feature. oT the convention this year will be sporting events of all kinds, trap shooting being among the number. Each local lodge desiring; to do so is invited to send a team of five men to compete in this event, and the lola lodge has selected the following as its competitors: O. H. Parkenitig D. C. Dullea Boss Arbucklo Angelo Scott ' . Roy Hair. These are all members of the Izaak Walton Gun Club and in making the selection the committee having ._the matter in charge wont <>vcr the records of the Club, cho'sing the five Elks who had made the highest average score diiring the past ypar. The "Safety Campaign" wjhich Is ntagddin all (he plants of ih^Le- lllgh Portland Cement company is on at the loia plant of thb company and thus far has been 100 per cent success. Not a single ac- cldcnt of any sort has occurred, and.the men In charge of the cam- puitin hope to make a clean record for the. entire month. Along with this safety work and as part- .of it comes the general "clean up"' campaign inuring which the plant it: fairly combed inside and out. all the dark corners cleaned out. all the litter and dirt hnd scraps gathered up and disposed of. and paint applied where it is needed. "The men who work in the lola plant are proud of their work and their firm and jthey air co-operate most heartily iin the effort, to put the plant in t^c very front rank. No man can (jet a blessing and kepp it all to himself without hav-; ing it like stagnant water ih Jiis soul. CARDS ARE FEARED rpHE St. Loiiis Canlinals X seem destined to .be the most talked-about team in the National League this year. Already with the start of the'aeii- «bn almost at hand, rival man fkgers aro conceding {he Cardinals more than a chance to win theJ 'pen- rant ' The Cardinals are managed by ftpgere Hornsby outstanding Ktarof ch^ National League, one of the (reaiefit players that has ever yrared the>:game Here Is his a'.ze- •jp of his t^l club "Yoii can 't take a thing fi»r itrantcd In haspbull liut 1 am tioliig :o be a terribly disappointed IKT- fon If we are not in the race from otart to flnlsh •'In the hrst place we have the spirit You can't hav*. a winning iMill club without It Spirit IB_ UH Important us l|liihty to get resultii; "The Cardlnolt) can hit the old ball It fake» mmhty flne pitching to atop the attack p( my ball ;Club. . '"Our drfcniKt i» perferUy satis- ractor> and we appear to be well rttrUflrd with •nbstltutes at all positions. «6' HE SHOULD HELP . ,T)ILL .KILLIPBR IS going to 11 provf a great helpi ^ no belter couch of pitchers U) the country - He la going to, Im prove my pitching' staft 1 ; "I see most of the other .Sattlmal League managers and many of the tiasehall experts fear for my~iwirl- ••rs "There Isn't a. majjr league man ager who wouldn't welc-ome a star left or right-hander and I'm no ex ct'ptlon Pos.tlbly there are certain flaws In my pitching hut try to nam« a major league pitching staff that hasn't 'em » "I am positive my pllrhing wlH be • considerably - better than - rival National League clubs are willing to admit ; "It Was a pretty good staff last season. - I have every reason to l>e- lleve it will be much better thila year.' . * • • • ^ "1 am sure Johnson, for ssveral years with Detroit; Ilunttlnger. who has gained his big leaguo experience under McCraw,.and Vic Keen, who p ^rformeid well. for the - Chicago Cubs, will help. ' . ' T\yO REAL RIVALS 66 '|IJ'Y dope'is that the Cardinals J.VJI are Ijcttcr. than five other , Clubs In the (caguo. That leaves two we must prove our HU|M>rlorliy over, the I'irulcs and the GliintB *• • ' 'Both are great clubs, but frank> 4y I fear the Giants more than the Pirates. McGraw can always be d^l pendfd uixm to have u great cltib and his pitching la sure to be mucn improved , *•^•y - t'Tho Pirates have two probloms.- pne at second tmse and the other in the outflcld. should Max Carey's illness handicap his play. Carey Is a'ri'markalile ball player and means much to the Pirates . j , • • • . "I am going to be disappointed unle-ss we are up itiere from start to flnUh."' and Mrs. Earl Hedrick .of Kansas City, drove down here Sunday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Grant Lawrence, leaving in the evening for Wichita. They left Mrs. Mary Hedrick for a few days visit hefore going to Hugo, Okla.. where she will make an extended visit among relatives hefore returning home. . '—Bulk fly spray and spraiyers arsenate of' lead- for potato hugs, liquid roofing, millet sudan and soy beans. Tredway's Feed Store. Mr. Harold Grover is teaching a group of boys the Boy Scout work. While they are not fully organized yet the yotingsters are quite interested in the work and arc studying to become real Scouts. The parents appreciate Mr. Grov-r er's efforts in such a good -work and at the same time teaching thein to enjoy thc'^asks they might otherwise shirk. They meet at the Christian church a couple of times each week. Our anger, and impatience often prove much more mischicrt-ous than the things about which wc are angry or impatient. —Phone yoiir Want Ads to 1^ Stars in Weight Events LAHARPE NEWS NOTES CHAMiE 1> TRAr> TIME EFFECTIVE Jl XE 6. .Miss Alto .Xci.Innis (ioes to California to S |H >nd Sniiimer nlth .Mother. Bud Houser: captain of'the Unlverrtty of Southern Callfomta track and. fleli team, is one of the igi ^test weight .men In all athleUc history. HoUser's speeialUes'are the'ahotput and discus. He holds the world rMord in the I latter event, with a toss 'of 158 feet 2H- Inches, .and haa pot the leaden pill within a few Inches otj t'be Ute'Ralph Rose's record-smaahlng serformaniM ot 61 teet established many years ago. Bouaer;! a aenio^ _ (Miss Opal Mitchell) LAHABPE, June .I.— Alta .McGitinis Ic^t for Califoriiia Wednesday where she will spend the summer visiting her motlier and other relatives: There will be a change in,train tinte on the. Mo. Pac. railway to take effect Sunday, June 6. Relief agent Cecil Alvis was unable to say definitely juSt what the change would be. .Miss Pauline Rebman left the first ot the week for Denver. Colo., to spond the summer with her sis-^ ter, .Miss Knima Rebman. .Mr. 'W. H. Payne'* brother of Cherryvale, who has been here' visiting, called bx the accident to hi:* mother whd feU. and broke Iiur hip, has returiicd home. .Mr. Cuiil Alvis. who Is relief agent at the M«, I'ac. depot wlUle Mr. Kred lleuthman Is taking' a niiielv day vacaMcm; expects-his family to arrive the first of Jhe week for a visit with him. .Mr. Albert Busley of Pratt. Kas.. is here visiting his mother. Sirs. .Sorah Busley atid brother. .Mr. Hurry Busley andj family, who are hcrO froin Colorado, and to visit other relatives and^friends. -^Kor Sale: Milling equipment. 1 8-Iiour power Stoveif gasoline engine. 1 stone burr. 1 line shaft and belling. 1 2-hole shellcr, 1illatform scale, scoops, dish heatfhg store, 1 corrigated iron covered - crii) 12 ft. by 40 ft. C. T. Harris, LaHarpe. Mrs. Nanetta Hurlock and little daughter Joanne were here from Bartlcsville oVer Decoration Day visiting their aunt, Mrs. -G.- WJ Chewning. and Mr. Ghewning. .Mrs. H. E. Limes has retelv*^ word that Mrs. Anna Hiner of Reed Point. Mont, will be here to spend vacation and to visit friends. Mr. L^e Grover is iherc from Kansas Cjty Jo spend the vacation with his mother and lirothcf. Harold and other:relatives andfrienda. Therx> |waS one of his fellow salesmen.iin town this week who gave Mr.| Ernest Payne quite a recommendation as a salesman aj)d says he i^. making quite a sncces^ on the roa&... His friends here are glad to hear of his good fortune: Miss lone Potter of Tola is visiting at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Henderaoa Mitchell. Mrs. .Mary £. Hedrick and .Mr. (iLEKDALE. (Clara Tarman.) James Hosley left Sunday aft ernoon for Pittsburg to take up college work this summer. Loyd Heath aiid family and Chalmer illftsley iook dinner at V. W. Heath's Sunday.. Rose and Ruth were afternoon visitors, A severe electric storm with wind rain and hall visited this neighborhood Tuesday jnight. The barn belonging to V. W. Heath was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Chalmer Hosley and, Mi*. Hosley took Mr. V. W. Heath to loIa Wednesday to look after his insurance on his barn and contents.. Our phone line is dead and news [Is scarce. i E. M. Hosiery, Jess Ross and Guy Hickman were chosen as appraisers to' fix a price on things lost in the fire of V. W. Heath's barn, Loyd Heath and family spent Wednesday at V. W. Heath's. W. P. and Mrs. Van Pelt and Elizabeth called Wednesday evening at V. W. Heath's. A lady friend from Garnett is visiting with Mrs. Hubert 'Whitcomb this week. We can't call to get names on a:ccount of the telephone being out of commission. Kelvinator kefri^eration for Years W E know that Kelvin­ ator will give you yearsof care-ircc refriger- atida .because it has given it to others since 1914. It. requires no replenish^ ing because i!t uses electricity tp diill your own refngerstor. Ask as aieat tbt lam am tf • Kdmndttr. nfiigttatieii. Kelvinator •The OM-es-t D«m«sti-c E.l cc t ri c R e f rLfe r at-i»« . .' ^\ (Mrs. A. P. Holten) GAS-CITY, June 4.—Mr; Roy Ensminger of Hartford, Kans., tailed, 'on Dell Adams ^Wednesday. Mr. Sam Price and family of Kansas iCity; are visiting with his father, Mr. Jtosepli Price. Miss Faye Viirry returned to Kansas City> nio., and was accompanied home by Miss Bertha Woods, who .will spend the summer Vadation there. Mrs. O: N. Pope and Mrs. Blanche Thornton and children of Heplcr, Kfans., apent the week end with relatives in Gas. Preaching at the M. E. church at 9:45 Sunday morning and SiJnday school at 10:45. Epworth League 4t 7:30 Sundky evening. ' Sunday school at the Church of God at 10 Sunday morning and prcacjiing at 11. Youiig people's meeting at 6:00 and preaching at 7:30 Sunday eveniiig. Mr. L. <?.-Curry retdrned to his work in Eureka,Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Fullmer. Mrs. C. W. Ha'ckett and Miss Jessie Hackett look dinner with her; sl.s-. ter, Mrs. E. E. Wright Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Boycr of -Mildred visited 'with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. rC. Martin, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. A. Wilson are the happy parents of a son, horn Monday. May 31. Mrs. G. F. King of Chanute is visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Harry Pop.e. WhmYduTMnkof Think oft Bat|dries; Rejuvenating Repairing of All Kinds 222 SouOiSt. Phone 56 It is thfr habit of making sacrifices in small things that fits us for malcing them in great, when it is asked of us; " Russian .women have the reputa- UoQidf heing liorn politicians. lOLA HIDE, F€B * WOOL CO. Ill 8. Oldo Fhone ISO? Egg8.-_.JH ———21c No. 1-Hens 20c No. 2 Hens 18c Cocks _. _'— 09 No. 1 Springs __-28c No. 2 Springs _24c wm Come After Booltry.- Tfe trni Appreciate Tour BaalDess. B. A. JONES, Prop. SKATING RE>fK West Street—lola Afternoons 8 to 4; ^Ifhts ?:30 to 10 Children^ Saturday Morning 9iS0 to 11 Ifie . GOOD'ORDER TUOS. H. BDWLUS, President G. R..B01VLUS, Casiiler Allen County State Bank lOLA, KAXSAS ^ Established a Qaarter of a CeiUury Capital Stock ............ .$ 30,000.00 Surplus and Undiv. Profits 150,000.00 Deposits 1,0()0,000.00 ISTEBEST PAID ON.TIME DEPOSITS } SAFETf DEPOSIT BOXES FOE BEKT U E. HORVILI.E, President ^ F. O. BENSON, Cashier A .W.-BECK, Vice-President ' E. D. LAND, Asst. Cashier IIAICRY SHIVELY, Asst. Cashier lOLA STATE BANK WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITiS Capital Stock ............... $50,000.00 Surplus ..$43,000.00 • \ Have Yflu a Hou^e for Rent? Or for Sale? anything!? Use the Classified Columns! Want to buy -^built to meet present-day performance siandards Here is a remarkable, new type of ixxrtor car, differeirt iii performance, comfort, and ease of dri'ving from any- thiog ypU have ever known before. It is a,completely new departure iii •atomobile engineering . . . designed to meet present-day performance ' standards. \ - " Simply in fairness to yourself you should study the modem standards of design, before buying any car today. Today's modem car is designed for road speeds of fromf40 to 55 miles per hour. That's why yoa can run the new-tjrpe Overland Six at high apeed hour^fta* hour withdut.excessive wear at^ tear on the motor. And why ordinary, balky, oldCashioned cars quickly go to* ruin when pressed above 45, Today's modem car has a full pres- •arq>feed oilingisj^stem.. That's why the Overland Six will run mile after mile at top speed, without the slightest friction. Ecch pari operate smoothly in a bath of oil. Modem engineering has made possible a lower gravity center." The Overland Six' fairly hugs the ground. Without sideWsway, slipping or wandering ... it is always under perfect safety control. The Overland! Six is. a completely engineered haftionious integral unit... designed to meet the'hew American performance staiidards. In fairness to yourself see this automobila. $ •OVERLAND SIX SEDAN- Tlie new WILLT8 FINANCE PLAN rJWIP r !«•• BoncT down, timBltsc modthiT wmaOMT and tfaotownccredit' <9MC iu the tedofcrr. : 'Mptleaif.o. L/acbnj,. m mene Iht tItU h change ptIceM and tpteificaUo^$ wllhoal nmllet. GRAND 116 West Jackson MOTOR CO. Phone 60 '•>:/'-'t--^ -

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