Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 5, 1953 · Page 11
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 11

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1953
Page 11
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Home Workshop •" A Feed Trough Designed to Keep Chickens Egg-Happy Poultry farmers say the way to keep a hen egg-happy is to give her elbow room at the feed trough. Experienced chicken raisers figure that every 100 hens should have not less than 30 or 32 feet of space at the feeder. In a 20 by 20-foot house con- tining 100 hens, four reel mash feeders, like the one sketched here, should he provided if the poultry raiser wants efficient feeding. , Thus U-bottom type of feeder) minimizes waste and keeps the; feed clean. Reel mash feeders get their name from a revolving piece of lumber at the lop to keep hens from roosting or perching over the trough. This revolving piece of 1 by 2, or 2 by 2, is pivoted on each end. Over all measurements of the feeder are 4 feet long, 21 inches high and 16 inches wide. Eighth - inch tempered pressed wood hardboard Is used for the trough portion. A detailed plan of this feeder is available without charge from! the Farm Service Bureau, Suite 2637, 111 West Washington St., Chicago 2, 111. Ask for plan AFB-183. The Daily Register-Mail, Gal6.i,burg t 111. Monday, October 5, 1953 11 HOMES FOR AMERICANS 6TART WITHIN A QUARTER MltH OF A MAIN TRAVELSP ROAP - CAZBWL TRAVELSJZZUSE THEIR. A5H TkAY A LIGHTED CI 6 ARET L £ UKE A AK TIME BOMB WHEN THROWN INTO X \ PRY ROADSIDE &*A$$ OR TIMBER , * Stunning btaufy—Rich Mahogany finish, deluxe brass trim. 'Ar Not on* but two exclusive Dual Chamber Burners-* use one or two! ir Tremendous capacity—Heats a roomfull or big housefull. 'A-Four big Radiant Doors—for quick spot heat! it Automatic Power-Air Blower (Add one or two) saves up to 25% on fuel—gives you forced warm air circulation. it Mechanical or Electric thermostat (optional) for com* pletcly automatic heat! £ Features galore—2 Waist-High Control Dials, Auto* matic Draft Minder, Humidifier, Waste Stopper, You can see it now at Bill's Appliance Sales 14 Years on Henderson St. 568 N. Henderson Si. Phone 6172-6 HOW A SPLIT ' LKVKL house works is shown in this "3 -D" plan for a good-size family—four bedrooms, two baths and powder room lavatory, Sleeping quarters arc only six steps up from the main floor. Playroom, garage and laundry arc only six steps down from the coffee room. Cellar with heater and space for workbench, adjoining food storage room and dark room for photo fans are six steps down from the garage level. Features include den with indoor barbecue Fireplace, covered porch entered from den or dining room and open terrace adjoining coffee room. This is plan M346 by Rudolph A. Malcrn architect, 90-04 161st St., Jamaica 2, N. V. The house covers 2(198 square feet. Says Draperies Are Important-Select Them With Care Draperies can transform a "problem" into one that is attractive and livable. The secret lies in your choice and use of materials, says Dorothy Iwig, home furnish ings specialist, University of Illinois College of Agriculture. Take time to study the room from all angles before you decide on your draperies. Unless you are Report Sales Good ' Production and sales of plumbing and heating equipment are very satisfactory, according to the Medvin Tradeletter. Manufacturers' July output ran about 40 per cent above the same month a year ago. Wholesalers sales in July were between 5 and 10 per cent over July, 1952. Contractor-retailers are 5 per cent ahead of all of last year. replacing all of the old furnishings,[that is in proportion. Light or pas you'll want to be sure that thej tel colors and informal materials the new draperies belong — that tend to giv . e a feeli , ng o£ s Pa ci ™s. ... . , .. ness even in a small room they fit in with the rest of the room. It is possible to select a fabric for draperies that will complement the colors in your rug, the upholstery and even the pictures. If there is considerable pattern in your present furnishings, then a material with no pattern will usually be the wisest choice. A plain material with interesting weave will convey the idea of de sign or pattern, relieving the plainness. If your room is larger and spacious, you can'use heavier materials, bolder colors and larger patterns to good advantage. On the other hand, If the room is small and the windows are small, you'll want to select a pattern Shop for fabrics at dress-goods counters as well as in drapery departments. Ask questions about care of material, performance and the need to allow for shrinkage. Quality of material is as important as color and design, and the time to determine it is before you buy. Tip for Thrifty Homeowners Home insulation saves redecorating dollars, says the U. S. Bureau of Mines. "The decrease in drafts within the rooms of an 'insulated house reduces the play of particles of dirt and dust upon walls and ceil ings," states a Mines Bureau circular, adding that "the life-expectancy of all types of interior decoration becomes necessary less frequently." Pointing out that full-thick insu lation can pay for itself through fuel savings in two to five years, the National Mineral Wool Association cites the Mines Bureau's statement concerning reduction of decorating costs and adds: "Other dividends from mineral wool insulation includes increased comfort which is the primary objective, and fire protection. Also important is the increased resale value of the insulated home." GIVE YOUR paint job the brush off with a lack of know-how about brushes and — well, you'll wish you brushed up on this subject You can dip the cat's tail into a can of shellac, but undoubtedly you'll be the one to get the shel lacking — not the surface you're working on. The brush you use for each paint job, and how you use it, are as important as the quality of paint — and sometimes more so. You can get a can of paint for a small job for a buck or two and ruin a brush that costs three or four times that much. Or you can use a cheap brush and ruin the job. From experience, we can say that the only sensible use for a cheap little brush is to apply tree paint to a bulldozer scar — and for that a paddle is acceptable. A good paint brush is one of the finest of tools. At the same time, it is one of the most complicated to handle. To get the best results, you can use a brush only for the jobs for which it is made a flat brush for flat surfaces, a round or oval brush for round surfaces, a narrow brush for small surfaces and tight places. And it's up to you to take care of your brushes. A GOOD PAINTER, one worthy of being called a decorator, one who works in homes where woodwork is treated like furniture, will use an old brush for the first and second coats and a new brush for the finish coat. But that new brush will not be the way it came out of the store. It will be cured and possibly broken in. All new brushes are bound to have a few loose bristles. You can bring these out in two ways. Firs*, twirl the handle rapidly between your hands. Second, after preparing the brush by an oil soak, paint a dozen strokes or so across a| rough surface. This trial course] will bring out any loose hairs that; didn't show up in the dry run. j The oil bath is very important to a new brush. It will lengthen the life of the brush, make it easier to clean and improve its working qualities by preventing the porous bristles from absorbing harmful pigment particles or thinners. Here's how to give a new paint brush its christening in oil. This is a method recommended by the Paint and Varnish Brush Division of the American Brush Manufacturers Association. It is prescribed for bristle brushes as well as those of bristle and synthetic fiber mixtures. Take a piece of heavy wrapping paper about five times the width of the brush and twice the length of the bristles plus the metal or leather ferrule. Fold the paper around the width of the brush. Then fold the paper from the edge of the bristle back to the top of the ferrule, being careful not to bend. the bristle. Cellulose tape will hold the ends of the wrapper together. Harig the wrapped brush in a container of raw linseed oil, supporting the handle to keep the brush upright. The oil should be deep enough to cover the wrapper and flow into it, so the full length of the bristle will be soaked. The brush is left in this bath for 24 hours. But the longer it stays in the oil, the better. Since washing is only part of a bath, this baby requires a rub down. Stretch a wire across the top of the can and draw the flat side of the bristles against it to remove the oil. Or hold the brush on a clean flat surface and squeeze the oil out with a round stick or screw driver. Another twirl is now in order. Hold the brush in a clean empty can and give it a spin between the hands to throw off remaining oil. Then rinse it in turpentine, dipping it several times. A third twirl will remove the turps. When you are sure the bristles are dry, comb them and smooth them into their original shape with a steel comb. Now you have a brush that will; stay flexible and give you faster; and smoother spreading of paint! But try it out on that rough sur-| face for any remaining loose bristles. Make Do IT'S EASY to store a vacuum cleaner hose when you make a rack out of an old wheel rim of a balloon-tire bike. Cut the rim in naif so the valve stem hole will be centered. This accommodates a bolt for mounting the rack on an angle iron. Damages Surfaces Harsh, abrasive cleansers may damage the surfaces of enameled and vitreous china plumbing fixtures, the Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau warns. Available from plumbing contractors and dealers is a cleanser which cleans fixtures without injuring the surface. It is said to work equally well on glass and tile. Gain Shown in Boilers For Automatic Firing Exactly 9*4.2 per cent of boilers sold during the first six months of 1953 were automatically fired as compared with 89.7 per cent in 1952, The Institute of Boiler and Radiator Manufacturers reports. In 1948 only 50 per cent of boilers sold were designed for automatic firing with oli, gas, or stokers, the Institute points out. Pointing up the trend towards smaller and more compact boilers are figures on average weight of boilers compiled by The Institute. The average weight of boilers sold during the first six months of 1953 was 1,091 lbs. as compared with 1,448 lbs. in 1948 and 1,620 lbs. in 1945. Statistics on boiler sales released by the Bureau of the Census are given in terms of the number of pounds of boilers sold. Since the Institute figures indicate that the average weight of boilers is constantly decreasing, the Bureau of the Census figures do not correctly reflect the gain in the number of boilers sold annually. Equipped with toe - operated wringers, galvanized steel mop- wringer pails take the stooping and bending out of floor washing. Disabled persons, rehabilitated into employment in 1952, increased their earnings from $16,000,000 to $116,000,000 per year. Estimates indicate these people will pay back in income taxes within four years the full $21,000,000 cost to the federal government of the vocational rehabilitation program. The first pure nickel coin is believed to have been a 20 centime piece issued in Switzerland in 1881. FOR RENT FLOOR SANDERS FLOOR FINISHERS PHONE 4216 GALES.BURG w COMPANY Simplicity keynotes this attractive bedroom decor, with its quiet but dramatic contrast between the darker coordinated colors of walls and rug and the lustrous pastel tone of the draperies and gracious diamond-quilted chromspuu coverlet. GETTING GAS HEAT? 6tt it at Its but: MudterClimotol mm ~ Hm SEI roUR FAVORITI m ~ m ™ HEATING CONTRACTOR Distributed by WILLIS STEEL CORP. 156 N. Ac«d«my At last! I AN ADJUSTABLE FIRESCREEN | THAT YOU CAN OPEN AND CLOSE ! JUST LIKE YOUR FINE DRAW DRAPES!! IRESCREEN CHAIN and S $ 1 O P B A R -•rrCUSTOMFTTS YOUfi FKCP1ACEI NO MOtES TO DRR.L OR PUNCH! •-^ PATENTED MAGIC KESSUSf FITI mw mm mm mm mm <m* mm am mm mm t WILL FTT YOUR FUTURE HOME TOO I ••^ SAFE FOR CHILDREN! m mm. nmms w $ MUUITES! ^«-»~».*flniy JI^9S complete BLACK BROTHERS Main and Seminary Phone 4822 let Ik Take Down Your Cantos Awnings for you! We'll check them for needed repairs... store them for safe-keeping ... or You'll want to enjoy a sunlit home this re-covered with new canvas, you'll save winter with your canvas awnings stored money by choosing your favorite color and away tor safe-keeping. So let us take pattern now. Call us for a free estimate or down your awnings and check them for come by and look through our complete needed repairs. If it's time to have them stocks. Galesburg Tent & Awning Go. 'The Complete Awning Service" 500 North Henderson Street Phone 8-1292

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