Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 5, 1926 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1926
Page 5
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TtepJAMEK^ WIRE HKAVT I RKALr/ntG SALKS tAVSH itK ^tmos. . Xarlji VfrUiii of Iteieiiililrltr Showed .V<!(:I »ecliiH>>< of One to Fh% ; : VoMs.. (By- the j^ssoototfil Pr <»>«s) New yprk, June 5.— Heavy realizing sulesj :«oinbincd with sporadic bear snllinK. turned the course of j)ric?s reactionary' - in today's brief session ot the niarlcet,' after an early period of ;irregularity. Net declines of 1 to neafly 5 points were spread over the iiijlustrial {roup, but the rails disjilayed a relatively firm undertone, in" quiet trading. i ' , Kansas (ity tJraJn. • Kansas City. June S.—Cash T 'heal:, receipts, r >."i 'cars; 2 to ic 1iT!-her; No; 2 dark hard Sl.GSW 1;G<;; So. .1 darit liard $l.«I(fr So. 2 hard Jl.ti2© 1.65; No. 3 hard $l.nO fi ICT,; No. 2 :red fl.ns CI l .CO; -N^i. 3 red ?1.54 <a- i.r.8. 'i Com, unchanKcd <o ^^c highor; No. 2 white 72 7214(>; No. .{ •white 70',-_. ;ffi 71>-jC;:i No. 2 yellmv 72V, Hi ~:U:-. -Vcj. ;i"y.-ri<)w 71 7X1,60; No. 2 mixed 7lfe (Ti 72c; No.-3 nii.x- •(.•.l.fiUVj liv 70«,i.c... Outs. iinchanRi'd; .Vo. 2 VJiitc 41V- ft «2'..cs No. .1 white 40iii ry, 41 U. Rye 87d Barley- 50 (S' Clc. KnO'r ih'2r{ /T/' 1.24. -Milo ai)aizf-*1.27 (ff l.lja. •- Kiiiisas riiy,-.--f:loVe: .1.1 ly $ 1 .':J2 Vi.; S.-jit. J1 ,^7 ; i ).•- «.(.inhef no iradins; Cmju: July 7i''i,c; ^epl; T.'J'.-j ; Di 'creiiihcr 72-'Jic. KanMi.*!'City l.hi»>(iH-k. ' . Kanxas City, Jniio ri. .,/l!nfteil ; Stall's I)ei,-.irti )ii -iil of lillurc) Cattle St)i»; (•:il\-s -2'>: (•()(n|>ar(d witii a wnr-k nKn: led :,| C<TS sli-a<iy;- l -'ic hlfthcr; .liKht iwclKhtM (ip most; li(;ht ytarliiiKH uneven, sii-aily lo 2[)i- ,h'iKhnr: h' avy Htitcr .H ?!t.!iii: 'iilxe^ y ^i -arlliiR.* |l».^(.^; ^' K I'' ^iri-rn PAGE FIVE MERCttANDISE tlood ThUigs to Eat S7 CriERRlES— 65c pen^llop. Phone ' your orders. Phone 964F11. A. G. Speegle. j • Household Goods BAR&AiSS—In nevr goods, rugs, mattress, springs,. heds, trunks, traveling bags, and all)kinds of v furnitur'e. Brysoa furniture Store. REFRIGERATOR—110 lb. cap^a.eity. good condition, price $13. 206 S. Jefferson. W. H. Root. , x SPECIAL; SALE— ArmBtrobs Hno^ . leuni rugs, used- pianos, phono-^ ; graphs, furniture stoves. ' lawn • mowers, two invalid chairs, 6 shovel riding cultivator=?. mowing machine; .easy'payinent.^. C«rtis Bargain Store. I^Harna. • •\: Wheat: Machinery and Tools 61 POLITICAL A>.NOUytE.MENT . •r. : ^ A For Clerk of thi> Court ..J— I licrehy announce that I am a'^candidato hojcre the Republican voter.s for' iioiniuation to the otiica of Clerk of the District Court. Having had teveral years experience In clerical work I can pledge an efficient and (»urteous admin- i.«tratian, 'should .1 be nominated and elected. li. -M. GUISGOHY. For Clrrk of the Coiirt. ' —I am a candidate for the Republican^ nomiii;;lion to the office of Clerk of the District Court. Fteling cai>a')lf; ot performing the dutit-H. of this (ifflie, I sHaU aiipro- rlale ih" sTipport of the taters .'it /the primaries, and if nominated and l ^'locteil, will proml .'Je to' perform ^he diiticH 'of ihe offiite in an effi- Icienl and courlfoiis manner,^ Q Kujyi) IJ. GUKEN. For Clerk nis«rk( Conrl. — I aui n candidate for I he lie- publican noniiiiiitloti for ihe office )f Deeds, snbjeet to the decision if the Republicans at.the primary, t nominated and elected. I pledge he same' unremitting attention ihat 1 have given to the duties of he office since I assumed lts;re- sponsibiliti('.<;. ' ZiCLLA FIlEE.iaA.N. " For Connty Altorney. , The undersiKUcd respectfully announces l.'i.'i randldany for the office lif County Attorney of Allen county, Kansas, subject to thc; rules Af the •^tepublican parly, at lyimary Election to be held .\uRustj3, ]!t2G. The suffrages of the ekctor.'! will be j;reatly appreciated by "me. 1<KN.NETH,II. FOUST FOK;SnEinFF, . I desire to announde that. I am a candidate for • the" Democratic liopiinatinn . for nlieriff of Alle^h <:ounty .ntid will mo.Mt .((incerely appreciate thf' good will .nhd good words ot my frtenili^. ^IhaVe served three y-nrs as under-sheriff and having devoted myself loyally and falllifiilly (o the diillos ot the offlci mUi-i yearllns-i fn.S.'i; liglM sir'TH publican noniiiiation for ihe ofiice I ^^,1 ^,^^1^,,.,, ,,^j,„^,,,,„,,, g„ r,,^„). ?<.,"7r ,rii.diMin w.lKhiA T'X-jol f.'brk of the District Court and'^,,,^ f„r'Fiicce.ssfuI official conduct, as Kr.iHsiTS in lilioraLMUiiply, sli-a<lyl respectfully Hoiicft the stipporl of j ^.jn ,|,,,,,,|y ;ippr'< late promotlo'n Ui. iU: iDw.r: hiavy li<JI'.f r.s., i-'oo.l jih,. voters at the primaries llav- ^j^^, liand.'j of the public. aK;iur- anil choH'e cowi;. « ailli'-rs -aii'il ciil leVs viteaily: lii-Ii'-lwcn .gfadcs I oWK' anri htills l .i to J.'.".c ilrnv<-r; veals T J O C hluber; sto; k> rs and feeiler siper; Hit to. -.Vii: lower; bulk prici'i; fojlow^ fed sd'crs and yearVngs iS .'JTi ^fi Tcxii.s gr.i .'-.'4 stier.s $,"..7 ."i'</ 7; l<<l In-ifcrs il'ii .'<: nn-diuni to good butcher cows ii'TidM'r; goodjto choii-e ve.alA Sl'i 'frll..'".!.''; stockers and feeders il-lr s..-.ti. . • . -• Hogs 2 .rtOO; Btroni to 10c higher; mostly Kic higher; top $14. -'i.^ on I 2ui> poiind averages; bulk of sale 's'il4 'ri 14.."**/: d.sir.iMe ISO to 2 :!fr pouiifls J14.4IP1I 14 .<r.; 240 to :i2.-. pouiwls $l .-:.!(«iTf 14.J.-.; f.'w light' lights arotinil SI t .r.ii; st'-aily; |ya<k- itig sows $i2.r)ii«i; l;!. Sheep.-2.5UU; for week: Iambs steady ho low^-r,: top $17.2r,; l )ftti -ri graiiis isativc Colorado".'*. Arizouii's and California's fl*>.2')'ii' 17.1"; islieep 2'. to ;r.iic-lower; 2 (dd T'-xas wctjier.s ."iij;- ago,] arrival.s mostly ?7.."jii1(S; evvis .dowjiiwaril to $ti ..'>ii; fat ('Wes l.-trwe- ly'ifC; few • .. ^,,,. inj; been Deputy Clerk for the past three yearfi I T-'d I am (lualiUcd by »xperrciue' t<* (lerforin the diities of the office atid shall be gifaleful for the "prouiotlon. GLADYS M.VUMO.NT. For Coniily tlork. I ;^ish to announced that I am a candidate for the office ot County t.'Ierk. at the coming Primary, subject to the decision of the Republican voters. Having had twenty years accounting and pffice experience, 1 feel that I i am well qualified t,o perform Ihe duties of the office. ]l will appreciate the support of the voters, and if nominated and eleeteil, will prbmise to perfoim the duties of the office in an efficient and courteous manner. W. ID. CLARK. ( hicat'o ; Grain. Chicago, .(nne. 5.—Clo.^e: Wheat: julv ilA^ i; ;' Sept. $\:.>,S'<i; .jjecem- h.r $1.:!7V;. Corii': J U I M 72 D <"<>MiiI )»'r ••7 .*'C.' Oal.s: July Id December 4:!''„c; Rye: .luly December it 'i '^.^c- Sept. 77Vi; Srpt. 41%; Sefit. i)3%c; : ( hleairo l .i^e^^^K•k. : Chicago, June '>. (I'liiled Slates r>ejiarlineiit ol" .•\griculture)—Hogs 'X'lixy; mostly sk-aily; spots s rOng; (liKility Voiisidereil; 241) to , ;tilO .pound l)jit( hers largely $i;!,;»i)'(/ H.l'.'i; Ijiilft desir.-dile 210 . IKiUiliIs flotsii, $ i 1.00;; prait leal top $11.00; majority ;|r,ickiiig sow;) ; at i\'^X>:^'<l I2 .!»'i; few sorted killiiis pig.s $14 ..-.(i(fi .ll.7.";: Atag.-?: $12.2.'. ilowii; shippers' l.ooii; estimated hohlover i:t .'iiMi; jiart held off inni;-, Idl; beavvwelgljl bog.i $l.'}.ri.'i^; liiedium $» Iff 1,4..'..'.; ;li:«Ht j.i:!,7oij 1 I.e.';: light light $i:^.7r.«i' lit;.'.; pacliitig .xow.i' $f2..".'li/n: . slaughter pig:i $14r'iJ,-l C.ittl..'; l .'i'M); compare.I with-.n w.f-k a;:o: wi 'ighly steers jifii.r lo .-^iug part of caHy advance still l.'.r- to 2'ie hjgher; yetirlings dre ..steiHly 'to Zfic lower; only choleo , yearlihgs hrdding sfeftdy; lighf yearling sharing ma.xihiiini - idecllne; fa( cowts and heavy heif- irs ir. U) 2r.c higher;' canner|i and,' riiUcru'iDc fo.l.rt; lower; buJI.^ ai;e' Kteailv" vealers .Vie to 7r>c highei:; slocker.s anil feeders .scai^ce; strong to ir.c up; •e.\trenie lop (leavy steers $; .yearlings ?l<t.2">; load $l<^,"r.; week 's bulk prices follow: j fed stei-rs SS.S.'.tfj 10; fat cows jr >..'itiifi '7.:{.'.; heifen: ?7:.'>u'i( ;».40: canners and I'ulterp $(.2r.'?M.T.'>; veal calves 512Vrf 1.1.25; ;t.<.ckers and Ifeeders ST.r.O'Tj8.75. _ Sheep S.itoO; fpr week: arounfl '.".M.iMiO diret^l and .".S car.S|from iby feeding stations; toilay's mar^ k.-t nominal; compared with a Week ago: desirable fat lamiis around 2.5c higher; 'better grade Virarling^ •sharing advance; iir-bo-. tweeii lamb.s and yearlings mostly 2'..- to .'.jic lower;- fat sheep .5o'c hiw.-r; Week's top"priees: fat lamlw Sls .iiK: jyearlings $16.90; feediag lambs ?I4: hulk prices follow: lat lalubs $J7..-.Ufi Is.75; eiills Sl.llfi S14; .feiirfine: Vambs ?13.25<<n3-.S5: fat ewe.s $r,Mfi.7. MAMEf F'tr Counff Clerk. • —I wk-h to announce that I am a candidate for renomination iind re-election to the office ot County Cl^rk, subject to the decision ot the Republican voters at the primaries, ,aiid shall greatly app— ciate the support ot my friends. GEO. SEY.MOUR. at the liand.'j of the public. aK ;iur- ing all of fareful, Impartial and efficient attention to the duties of sheriff in, the event I am nominated and elected. OLE OLSEN. For Sheriff. —I wi.'^h to announce that I shall bo a caridldale for the ofCic:.; of sheriff at'the coniing primary, sub- jeft to the deci.-Ion ot the Republican voters. I Khali appreciate yoar fiipiiort and it nominated and elected shall pertornrihe duties of the of'Ice to the' very best, of my ability. - H. D. SMOCK. For .Sheriff. —I wish t'9 announce that I am a candidate for the office of Sheriff, suiiject to.the decision of the Democratic voters .in the prim-'irles. aud| Fhull appreciate the s\ipport of my friends. G. M. STAFFORD. • For Sheriff. I hereby announce that I am h candidate for SlVeriTT of Allen Couil- tv subject to the ilecdslon ot'ihe Rii- Spcndlng Monejo^isely Is a Science , Dollar Diplomacy i.s a subject that you can't learn out of a book. Every day. tkonomies is a study school can jTive you. But experience teache-s '.sen.sible people the way to go about getting one hundred cents on the dollar.^ And sen.sible spenders in lola have made the AE C Cla.s.-;i{ic'd Ad.s their .hand-book of practical economy. Tliey recuj?ni'/i«;,in- columns' and columns of little ad.s the reliable opportunity guide that Ihty know any thin;? about. :li yoci like'the idea of- getting your money's worth i —and ibp- niaximum satisfaction in the bargain—you will iil:o"(:h& praitical and convenient .service A- mhi can give you. . . Kft-p your eye on the Clas.sified Columns! The, A-n.C Classlned Ads sAlwiiys (lie Same - In Serrlce Ahvajs l)lfrereiit--ln Ojiporfunitj' V * •;• V V V • V v' ••• ••• '•• [• • 1 = and shall greatly appro-j imblicans at the. pr.inary.. I sh.ill For Connty Treasurer. This in to announce that I am a candidate fijr the , office of Coutily Tr<asurer, stibject to the decision of the {leimblicaa voters at.the primaries Ih August. I shall aiiT-i-eciate the support, of tho peo- pii' and if nomltiated and elected .^hali give iiureniltting attention to lh(! duticis of the office. O. W. HOLMES, give my undivided .-vtlention to the duties of the oflice ill of my nomination and election and shall deeply- appreciate the support of aiv friends. —n. F. HALHERT: For Sitpt. of I'lihlic Insfnictlnn. —I wi:!h to announce that 1 aih a candidate for the office ot County Siiperinlendenc ot Public Instruction anil respectfully solicit the supimrt of the Uepiiblican voters at (he i}rfmarie.s, and shall greatly ait- preciate the help 'of my 'friends. MISS DOLLY ADA.M9. For fonnfy Snpcrlntendent. \ h''r-»l)y ntinoun<?i3 that I am a capdlilaie for renomination to the office ;)f County Superintendent of Public I Instruction before the Re- pul^lican prlmari <'S. It nominated and el./rted I pledge the same unremitting attention to the duties ot tho office that I have given them in Uic past. I shall greatly appreciate the support of my friends. FLORENCE ROUND. For Conntj- Attorney. —I hereby aiinounce that I will be a candidate for the Republican nomination tor County Attorney ot Allen County, at the primary, August 1U2I',. 1 will greatly appreciate your support and your votes. J. q. EDWARDS. For Reiflsler of Deeds, j —With gratetUl appreciation; pt the favor done me by the voters at he last election I wish to 'an- hot^ce that I 'am a candidate for re-election to the office ot Register For -Stale Representatfte. —I ln?feby>annoiince my candidacy for re-election as State Hoiy- resentative of the Se.venlecMth Dist. I appreciate ti;e s-lpport received] in the ,pasl and, shall be grateful i to the vot,ers of Allen Connty for ' tli.'ir support in the coming cloc- ilon. LOVONIA M. DO.VICA. For Coiinly rreiisnrrr. —I wish to announce that I am a candidate for the office of County Treasur '.T. subject to the leeision ot the -Uepubliran volert:. and I idiiill appreciate the support of the voters at the primary In August, J. K. WALQUIST. For Coiih'.y (oinmisHloner. I wish to aiitiounce l.liat I am a candidal.' for eonimissbitier from j iiouk. REAL ES'r.^TE TRANSFERS "> l.ssued daily lr(?ni office ot •••, V lola .Xij.^tra-.'t Company. : •:• I <• • •> •> •:• •:• •:• •;• * <• 4 •:• •:• <• •> (iluue i. iri2l'.) L. C. Sar:.;! ;;iMi ivif.- .Myrtbi .\. to^Charhs W. I', iii-e. .\'',j of If.i 11 a :'d ;;ll of lot. IL', bloik I. I'aliii<;s Ijii .\ild. lo Lallarpe. .$1. Mac Lov.'. a widow, to .1. T. Tredway. S 'ii of lot 12 block.''., original town t)f l.aya; i>!'-?1. ; Cust'er Davi;;. shf riff. Jo .hdin R. \Valii'ii:it, .S '.-i)f .-^W'^i and lots 7 and .s I'.f Sec* 1:.-.. Twp.'2i;,"ft;;. i:t. containing lb!.!);*- acres. I.AGT;AM)I:. (.\tr.-. .\iva Kia<k%l June t.- ituili; Arthur and liver.'tie ,\Ivers .'^pent .'iloiKhiy afier- iioon with Kii.-^.si'. Flat-k. . llarv.y l-Iaslwood was a busin'i s.; e ;ii!,r in iola Saturday. I;ry ;i!) Itaa.iotn sjient Sniid:.y in wMi iiis cousin, Clarence Hansom. .\Ii>;. Karl 1).•-,;!( line ;ind Mi-;:-. Cl.-i.iy.s lKd|ivd I'f ra l ^ove witii -ioiii.e papi-riiig Tuesday. Kliniiiia liaiighcrly s|>.nt Satur- dav al'i'-moon with her si. tor, Mrs. Fla.k. Mr. ami -Mrs. Clatjile .Myers were at the jmreiital "\VHt.l My< r.s honie .S:itnri!;iy','. V. niii^. : . .Mrs. Lov.- p. ;it .s(.;:vi 'r.d days last we.-k with ii 'T djiuglit'-r, .Mrs. Chailey tlerd-ion. .Mr./and .'.i:-. .Mva na<k an.! itns--~'-!l ,itl.l i -.'.e -iit Kla'k .'-pviii .SiKiilav In r.;iil lrp.^ with .Mr. aud .M IS . it. A. Kla< k. ^ r.irs. Swm .lolinson lia.l some d.iital work iloni- at. .Moran Sal- iir.Iay. , Mr! ami .Mr-i. Will .Myers .-lii'l r.:l.;!'> •.snii to .Mililn-.l 'I iiesday ev. aim ami w-r.! cull'r.i al Claud.- .Mrs. Jo.- K. ;•.!.• ..Mp.-nt Friday wlt'iiIi'T d, .^Irs. .Mary Aumvioiivi!; Automobiles for Sale }1 FdlH) ROADSTER—19J3, starter, id in Cher, good top, tender braces, ^ooil tires, original, paint, shock absorbers. Small .dqjvn payment, b.-ilunee easy terins. .McCarthy .Motor Co., 212 S. Wash. Pho. S9.1. FORD CAR.S—Al! mod^Ls, prices and .best quality In town. .New and used tires and tubes. Special heav>- duty Justice" Mastet oversize 12.000 mile cords ilii. Champion Standard coni, $8.75. Tipple Motor.Co.. 20G Sonth street. I'hone fjS2. The reliable used car ijealtr since 1918. AntomoMles for' Sole NASH—1923 touring, good tires, paint good, spare tire, 1926 license, motometer. Nash Motor .Sales Co. ' . Auto Trucks for Sale 12 FORD—One ton Ford' chassis and Steele cab. .Motor in M shape "6 cord firt?S. rear tires ;33x5, front, oversize. This would make a dandy job for hauling gravel. Mcf Carthy .Motor.CO-. 212 South Washington. Phon< 893. £_' Anto Accessories, Tires, Parts Vt FLATLITB LAMPS—More than a million,pairs, in .ictual operation: there must bo a reason. McCarty IJaftery Station. PORTAdK CORDS — Full sized 30x3'/j (Selberling; built) at mall order prices. See fhero at "B. T. Barber's Garage, 209 West street. Phone 515, TIRES A.\D 'HTBK.S-4 each. 32x4 cord, fine condition. Call at 702 South Cottonwood. ' f TIRE SPECIALS— ThiB week only new cords. 32xi: $19; 20x3%, $10. Iola Auto Wrecking Co. Motorcycles^and Bicycles 15 MOTORCYCLf>-^1924 Indian motorcycle and sidecar, sell cheap. 435 North Elm. . ^' . Kcpalri^—Ser>Ic« Stations.; IC AUTO REPAIRING^Weldlng and storage. City Garage.": P. B. Qood- ale. 214 N. Jeff. Phone 172. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Senlees ;tl)ffered IS -PARAIER3 ATTENTION—Get your binder rollers at-the Iola Plaafng • Mill.' -Phone 404. 404 .»forth- street. GOOD USED CARS—Thousands of Unused miles. In open:and closed models. Cash, .terms, trade. Marr Auto Supply Co. HIGH GRADE USED CARS—At attractive prices; terms .to !suit. Used Car Exchange, 212 S. iJeff. MAXWELL SEDA.V—In good;condition; Overland sed.iri for sale or trade. Rosa Arbucklc Garage. the first, Allen f^oiinty di.slrict ,subject to the Reinthli'.an primary; I shall very deeply appreciate the support of my friends .-in.l If.tiom- Inated and elected shall, give my very best attention to the duthrs of the office endeavoring to servo the people to the best of myabil- rtty. F. H. ,McFARRE.V,.Sr. June .1 of this year marks the fiflietl! annixeirsary of the flr.U iiitroduction-of lacrosse into Eng- lamr by twelve members ot the .Motitreal club. There are three difficult things in life: to keen a secret, to forget an injury and to make the best use of your leisure. * . ' itiiss-i p'lark i -pent \V.'ilnej;day with NIC AU -.T-i• I Inldr .'P. AXNOt^NCEMKNTS lVrs<inals < XuTICiC—I will not be T 'l^ponSibie for' bills roniTacied for by' iny wife, Mrs. Viol;i Jeffers-—W. A. .leffe-s, • AUfEGMOTlVE Automobile Asenrle* A I)(M)f;E BROTHERS CARS--Graham IJroth.efs trucks. Sales and service. Kllis-Swnnger .Motor -f:o. GRAND , M6T 0R CO.—Hupmobil Wiltys-Knight-Overland sales and Kervii-e. Dependable used .cars IIG (West Jackson. Phone 60. l.'t2'J FORD .COUPE-fLike new; 192.''. Ford touring: 3925 Ford coupe, lots ot extras, extra good; 1921 Oldsmobiie six touring, chean: 1919 Oakland touring, good condition: Ruick six touring, iheap. Hobart-Sleelo X»otor Co. GUARANTEED USED CARS— r .TJICK. 2 1920 ROADSTERS. CHEVROLET, 1921 TOURI.NG, K.^^SEX. ia24 SIX COACH. E.SSEX, 1921 SEDAN, retlnished. FORD, 1921 COUPE. FORD. 2 1925 TOURLNGS. FORD, 2 1921 SEDA.NS. HUDSON, 1925 SEDAN, like new. OAKLAND. 1920 TOURING. OVERLAND, 3 1924 tOURI.VGS. Some Other Good Buys in Cheaper Cars. BUD WHITE MOTOR;. CO. 219 a, WASH. PHONE 180 Moving, Trucking.'jStorage 2."; CORR TRANSFER CO.—Packing, storage. long distance hauling. Reasonable rates. Phone 140. Professional Serrlces 38 SURGERY—Medicine, X-ray. Dr. P. Lenskl. ' Phones: office, 886; residence, 1126W. SURGERY—And consultation. Dr. Gi S. Lambeth. Office'phone 256: residence phone 615J. Hours. 1:30 to 5:30. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Male .MARRIED .M.\N—Wanted, for farm work; steady job tor right party. S. H. Weith LaHarpe. ', .MARRIED MA.\—Wanted to work on dairy farm. Apply W. M. Stafford. Phone 946-21. PORTER—Wanted at once. Apply in person. North Side Barber.Shop. Ilelih—Male and Female - S4 STENOGRAPHER—And bookketip- er experienced, wanted at once. Address Box 272, Iola. Kans. FINANCIAL Business Opportnnltlcp 88^ RESTAURANT—For sale or trade for Iola property, ; located at Paola. Phono 1246. Inqtilre 20? South street. ' Money to Loan—Mortgages 40 FARM IiOANS—Quick service and reasonable rates. A. D. Haw- tliorne. 213 S. Washlngtqn. FARM LOAN'S—5% base rate. 5, 7 or 10 years. Prepayment option. Stewart ft Funk. FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms 5%, dty 6%. Long or short time. R. M. Cnnnlnglram. WALKING CULTIVATOR—.\lmoM' . new 4-shpvel, $20. Good buys in ^sed binders, mowei^ and rakes. Shaniion's., ' • • • Money tci Loan—Mortgages 40 -',. Mnsical .Merchandise 62 PRIVATE MONEY—To Joan on city-property. low rate. long or short time.' Stewart & Rank. UVE STOCK Horses, Cattle, Tehlcles i8 BROOD SOW—With seven pigs; a high grade one. Phone 999F4, . COWS—4 or 5 purebred and grad^'- Hblsteins, to freshen impiediatc- ly; also Kimbal organ. C. A. Connett. 3 miles northwest Leanna. HOLSTEIN COW—Fine six year old, giving milk. . Hobart-Steele Motor Co. .MILK COWS-^Five Hol.stelns, ex^. tra good, giving f/om 5 to; 7 gal. per day. G. If. jTaiinahili, Ver^ non. Kans. - ; STOCKJ-FulI blood Duroc gilts, will farrow soon. Will Ensminger^ Moran. ' SOWS— Ten nice piggy sows.. wil| fallow right away: wliite, red'and black ones; c- extra gooil milk cows, just fresh; one riding »iil- tivatoV; one walking cultivator; one; dlrfc; one mowing machine; one top buggy; one surrey; four wagons; one set work harness: one extra good bay iriare. 0 years old. will w^igh 1.100 lbs.; 10 good Ford cars, all kinds .1. C. nnicbpr. Poultry and .Supplies 4a BABY CHICKS—Several breeds. Minmer - prices. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. Phone 446. FRIES—.Nice 2 lb. and 2<-i- lb. fries. -Mrs. Grant Uillbe, East Lawnv Phone 975-13. MILK 1 FED FRYS—Fifth house south Kentucky street bridge. Mrs. Lee. Smith. \ . MERCHANDISE Articles for .Sale .51 lii\BY CARRIAGE—Largo size, good condition, cheap., Call at 20 • .West CampbeJl- street. FENCE — Just received carload American fence and barbed wire. Get our prices. jMlen County Implement Co. ICE BOX—Butcher's size. Stevens make. No. 1 condition, size 4x5%. 9 ft- high: also 22 gal. lard Chal­ dron at 1023 North Bnckeye:- NEW_ CA.MP SUPPLIES—Canvas covers, trunks, suitcase.s and bags. Henninger's Furniture Co., IIS West .Madison. Barter and Exchange ,'JIA GROCERY—And general m^-rchan- idise stock to exchange for Iola property. First class stock and fixtures. See .M. A. Schlick. Blinding .Muteriiils o3 STONE—Suitable for sidewalks, cheap. Call 1142 or see Roy I'er- klns. 417 South Elm. Hnslness and Office Efjulpnieni hi BLACK BEAUTY AXLE GREASE. Closing out our stock Black Beati- ty axle grease at cost and below. Hobart-Steele .Motor Go. ORGA.V—In good condition. - Iii• fiutre .".OS Scott street, J Want«l To Buy 60 FUR-NITURE—Wanted. Bird's new and secomi hand store. .'Humboldt phone 173 or Iola 113^W. FURNITURE—Of "all kinds for cash. We sell on payments. See u,s before you buy or sell. We also do ,draying~-»nd - plumbing; Phone 903.. Chimney Sweep Store.; W.A.NTED TO BUY—Furniture of^ ^all kinds. We will pay highest Icash price. • See us before selling. 'Bishop.Sales Pavilion- Phone 367. .A -1 ROOMS AND BOARD Rooms Without: Board. t» nooM —Pleasant sleeping rooih fpr rent: Man and wife pr"pterred. .'.l .T K. Wa.shington. Phone .S73W. Rooms for Housekeeping 69 AI'ART.MENT-r2 room modern, close in. ^\lso sleeping. room. Realionable terms. 202 Ka.Ht street Phone 636. ROO.M.S—Two light hodsekeeping and one sleeping room;, modem borne. 210 South Buckeye. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flats 74'' APART.MENT—Small cosy fur- i -i nished apartment, in; adults. ^ fiione 103:?. Mouses for Rent- 77 BirXGALOW—Six room modern, clnse in. garage. John Reuther-, >oIa. - -i BT'CKEVK. N. 214—Seven room hiodefh, no garage;' or ;will sell. .Mrs. Ida Faddis. Phone 639. COTTAGE — Convenietit, closets, pantry, screened biick poreli, electricity, water, growing garden, convenient for .emplovcii up town or factories. 2o6 South Eliii. EL .M, N. 41.'.—3 room house, elec-, tricity. city water, garden; paved street. Phone 929. ,1 FIRST. S. 411—Five room crn for rent. Phone 12S3. mod-' FOURTH. N. 310—Small-furnished^ . p hbiise; large ra-spberry patch. 'In^o,^:quire 421 North Cottonwood. HOUSE—Fhrnishod 5 room mod- . ern, garden spot, $30 mo. Intiaire ^16 S. Sycamore. Phdre 1096. HOUSH:—Six room modern at 305 North St reet, for $20 month.V Phone I4S0J or 236. ' • IfOUSE-^Seven rooms^ furhikhed ';; or unfurnished, cheap.. 60X;North street. Phone 14.^'7.1-.- k THIRD, S. 201—Four room honse._^| :j corner lot. in good condition. In-• " Hulre 205 3. Third. Phone 1232W. : REAL ESTATE, FOR SALE DESKS^For sale; 2 roll top, 2 flat top and one high desk. Williams Typewriter Emporium, Rm3_ 10-11. Globe BIdg. Farm Equipment Hii>iincss Projierty for .Sale 82 GARAGIi>-And filling station. flVe modern ] cottage in North- Ottawa, on Red Star Route. Will take lola property as part pay-; ment. John Reuther. \ " " Farms and Lanil for ijialc 83 HAY LOADER— With galvanized overslats, $2 .5. B. G. Walkec, mile south of river bridge. MONEY—To loan on farm and city property. Jackson Realty Co., over Brown's Drug Store. .MOWING MACHINE—.New Emer- son-Brantingbam stanidard machine, 6. ft.- cut. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. WALLIS TRACTOR—Secoml hand; new Deere Ibandem di.^ with tractor hitch. Steele, 203 .S. Wash. ^RECKI.ES AND HIS FRIENDS JUST LIK^ MOM DOES. BYBLOSSER' WE DO SOT RETAIL. East Monroe aiid Elm. Phon* 876. We paid the foiloSvlng prices today: / Eggs, lods off — . J„^21c •-No. 1 Helns „^.l 4-.,2flc No, 2 IlSns ..J-^ -j—17c Broilers . L 1.—'25 C Legho.-nflj and Black UrolIern-.-20c Cociks' - .08c Ducks - 10c Green Hides r^. .. ._,i.45c Horse'HIdea I*;7B Posltry JInit B« EnptT Grawetl. QU.AJtTKR SEf:TIO.N—Gpbd land in Brule-County, S. D.,- seven miles .south of county seat, on higliway. ,55 acres cuUivatibn, balance in pasture and hay. This farm can all be cultivated. Possession March Ist if sold-before it is released: might consider trade." Call or write K. W. Dao.f:- Jittle. Iola, Karis. Houses Cor Hale HOUSE—7. room, modern, east •. front, corner lot. with garage.--,-' A. D. Hawthorne. : : . •; ; HOU.SE—Good four - room. electriGPS light's, water at door;: also -gDO ^;%i~ building lot, east front. Intjuire'' 604 -Sorth Sycamore. HOUSE—'Modern five room; newly papered and painted, or will rent to responsible party; garden spot and garage. H. A. Laymon. p WALNUT, S. 320—As we have .decided to move "in apartment over cafe, will sell oii^ seven room modem home; can bo liandled with part caali. Sec ' Ji. H." Hart at Hart's Cafe. i £ Lots for Sale 85 LOO'S -Two residence lots on' South Washington Ave., reaspn- pble. -Phone 263. 'To Exrhbnge—Real Estate 8S cbTTAOE— Ftfr sate or exchange; , dandy mbdern< basement and garage; also partial modem cottage; best terms. Dr. MItcbelL i

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