Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 8, 1948 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1948
Page 18
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EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MP, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1948 Radio Ringside By John M. Cooper • NSW .YORK, '(INS) — The best ttory of the. week' about giveaway programs is not about somebody .who won a Jackpot, but somebody who didn't. Producer Sam Levin e was just finiihinf. up "Take, a Number" on Mutual the other afternoon when someone knocked on the 'control, room door. It was an FBI a&ent. The agent said he was very anxious to make, the acquaintance of.a certain gentleman who had appeared us a contestant during the first part .of the program:, • Levlnc and his. assistants made'a ouick survey of the studio, but the • contestant, who. had failed to win anything, had'gone. Theniie asked .the agent why the sudden interest. The reason, according to the --•FBI man, was that the contestant had been married four • times—the last three ceremonies being slightly bigamous: One of the wives was listening to the show in California when the "-' long - *> u £ bt "husband" appeared on it. She called the local oops; who called .the FBI ;. in New York, who arc still looK- Vice-president 'Elect Alben T, ' Barkley may be a-guest on the Horace Eeidt • Show- -next. Sunday ..when the grand finals of the.year- ' long talent .contest are-held, in .[Washington. The winner in the contest, who will be chosen'by audience -applause, will"get $5,000'in cash " and movie and radio contract.. • Contestants are .Dick Contmo "of Fresno, Cal, Stanley Morse of Zanesvllle, 0.,.John Munpall of Flint, Mich., and Fierce Knox, . »f Oakland CaL .'Ted Steele, the singer', has jus "sioued .a ten-year contract wit General-Mills, the big soap oper sponsor, for- a daytime televisio; • show on WABD, New York.-. He get ft total-of-$1,500,000 for a-half horn- program daily. Monda through Friday, so it's reported. NBC is huddling; over a. replacement for Jack Benny, who ' coes to CBS on Jan. 2. Among those mentioned for Benny's . '• Sunday niRht time slot is Red SkcKon. It's a nice time slofc- . except that Benny will still be, over at CBS. . , . NETWORK PROGRAMS Youthful Actor Al.TTtr to prtTlom* FBMl« HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured young actor 4 Interstice 5 Accomplish 6 Nostrils ,7 Place 9Rip 0 Slice :l Horses 23 Cravat ^1 Plural suffix 25 Mixed type 26 Higher 28 Chinese measure 29 Closed car 31 Iron 13 Unit of «nergy 34 Cavity 35 Feel 37 Make Into law lOHebrexv deity 1 Suffix 42Kight (ab.) 43 Area measure 44 Catch (colL) 46 Soaks 51 Exist 52 Of'the ear 54 Preposition 55 Unclosed 56 Titled again.- 58 Tightened ; 30 Direct 51Swcrves VERTICAL 1 Waltzes . 2 Waken 3 Repose «Fish eggs 5 Chemical suffix I 6 Final ••• 7 Detest 8 Chilled 9 Chapter (ab.) 10 Gear- 11 Encounter 12 Is of use 13 Sea nymph 18 That is (ab.) 21 Vocalists 22 Meals 25 Analyze a sentence 27-PiiblIsh . 30 Lair FRANK MORGAN 32 Greek letter 35 Spanish title 36 Puffed up 38 He has had a successful 39 Courses 45 Tie 47 Pedal diglti 48 Finishes 49 Diminutive suffix . 50 Cooking utensils 51 Church recess 53 Vehicle 55 Single 57 Pronoun S9 Exclamation ol Inquiry Mary Hawrth's Mail Ll'L ABNER By M Capf HE.'S'MINE.y-AH'LL DRAG OVER TH' FINISH LINE, KARRV UP W1F HIM.- ??-WONDER'WHO OUR CHILLUN LL LOOK LIKE.-THAR MAM MY, OR THAR PAPPV RUSTY RILEY By Frank God* MERE'S A DOGS, SILL < AND I DON'T THINK THSRE'S 'A LOCK Ol SHACK, ww IP WE !CAN FIND A WAY TO GE~ IN . NOPE.' NO LOCK! COME CN - 'V5 GOT . .QUIE KIPS.'... i THOUGHT i <rr is SOMEBODY, BILL.'. LOOK.' A MAN WI7H A LAWfER.M STEVE CANYON By Milto, \Caaiff not b» Included. ..I . WIDNKDAY, DKEMBIR « . Iv«nina. Roport'15 MIn.— nbo . . Kiadlos Hour- l-15-Sportn: Mualo Tlrno-nbo ' You luifl Thcalor— obi »:45-N«w»ca»t by . LowoU Thomas C • 7:00-Supper Club-n Tho Boulah Skit— cbn ' Now. ana CoromeBts.ry-».bc Fulton Lowli. Jr.— raDi T-ic—News n.nd Comment— nbt T J^k Smith SSow-cb' -., Dally Commentary— aDo ' Dinner Eato — mb« nn • • TiSO-Srnoothlos Wo-nb 1 ••- Bob Crosby Club— cb« - ijona Banger —--—.,. News Comment—moa • T:45-Nows Comment—nbo • • -- - NOTTS Broadcast—cbs SporU Commen'—:™ D " g-OO-Blondle & DacwooU-nbo " MrrCharnc'.oon. nrama-cbi . iho Amateur Houi>-abc . • can You TOD TMs-n>bs ._ •"- •-'in -Groat Glldorflloc 1 " 1 *" 1 ^ 0 ' '"»? Christian Drttmn^Bb».. HlCh Aflvonturo Dramo-iobi - Gardner Saya—mb» 'Editor's Note:' Girl wonders it she's • Justified in, • Jilting sweetheart who;refuses to return from city-.where; fit went ostensibly to seek .prosperity. DEAR MARY.HAWORTH:, I am d' 'girl' 19 'years old, • .writing .-from Puerto Rico; my homeland, to .OSK your help; with a 1 , difficult-problem I have met./I have followed, your writings In our newspaper, El Mundo,. and have 'developed confidence in, your judgment. -. I' am employed in. an- office and study at night to complete my education. .1 am now-in the'fourth year- of •'high school. and Stephen, my'sweetheart, he!d : a good position in the same office, while studying at the 1 university, until last July. Then' he decided to go .to-New York to find- a'-better job'at larger salary, to save money for-, our wedding Since being in New' York, he has' changed jobs five times ' and lor.'this reason I begged" him to come home, saying that I would break our engagement if ;he.dld not. Hopes Firm Stand May Conquer Him.- Also' his family has urged him to come-home,-.but'he has .decided, to stay' where. he. is, and therefore I did '"break ' our engagement. Only vesterday I returned to hlrn all h'.s letters' and'pictures.. It is my hope that-on receiving these, he will return to me immediately, as;I feel he will- do it he really loves me. . I wish to make clear that he my'first love; . that I was very happy, in his company, that we never -quarreled or had any serious disputes, 'and' that since' he went to' New' York' I -haven't gone to any - recreational events. Have I done right in talcing' a firm stand? And do you think I love him truly? Please'advise me. E..B. True Love Cannot . , Exist In Vacuum DEAR E. Br: Much poignant poetry' and classic fiction-;to the.con- trary, true love'.cannot- exist, one- sided, in a vacuum. True love is a dynamic '(i.-e,, 'active and growing) relationship of mutual consideration within a'framework'of steady close companionship. Romantic fever, which is. something else .again, Is-rather akin to frustrated' passion. In each case the palpitant emotion has to do with' fantasy-glorification of a per-son whose' "every 'day" self is still somewhat a mystery. :o the "lover ; or who, due to circumstances, seems unattainable. Through past ages, this Lype of situation or. chest-heaving • agitation has been much celebrated in music, song and. story, as being love of celestial caliber; and yet a more ignorant, neurotic, or mistaken concept of ''true love" is hardly conceivable. Actually what the tormented • devotee is • proclaiming is psychological maladjustment to reality and' bafficd hunger for lovc- rolatedness-that he knows not how ,o engage and perpetuate In serviceable terms.. Man's fn Flight From Cooperation Warm congeniality, or a spark of affinity felt in first meetings or in tentative courtship thereafter, may lead to 'true love; -but only i: (1) the.pair mutually desire, sincerely and spontaneously, to 'establish positive unity in dealing with life, and (2) use their- intelligence and appreciation of each other to guide them .in developing corresponding social patterns that make this possible; : • • . Unless this course is happily pursued, .with sense of collective 'gain father than personal hardship, .the potential ol love existing between them has no vital significance. It is rio.better than the "flash in the pan"-or transitory infatuation. . Therefore,, evaluating your problem I think CD have the capacity 'to lovo Stephen, but (2) that his present course of action amounts,' unconsciously or. deliberately, to rejecting.your devotion; and (3)-that-you've.shown intuitive wisdom arid profitable foresight In breaking tbe engagement. Your capacity to Move, plus your desire to love realistically, is your guarantee of'finding true love eventually; -so don't feel defeated by Stephen's.defection, and instead of waiting to -hear from him,.do your best to get back into social circulation immediately. M. H. -~ WHY, 3 CHEETAH; BUT you LIKE •'-si TO DANCE ME6&E/\ DOW T KNOW EESSKEEP /AMVOPyoU ' DON'T-WOREY.' ^/OH,6oy-I GUESS HESTAH TEACH <LtA\t$ FANCY WOULD YOU QUEKK/THEW yHINK TWICE IP yOU TEACH CHEETAH.'jSHE SAW ME NOW. BEES FU r $UE MUST BE PUMB > 'SEN -UEC HEW?.'YOU PROTECT CUEETAIj-IQU, 6ET PLCNTy KEECK* — Bin-EETWONT ' By Al« - Mary Haworth counsels tbrouuh her column not by mall or pcrnonal fSt«v"; W . Write h« in car. o( The Evening Times. ' (OopyrlRlit Tho Wnshlng'-on Pojt) (Dlstrlbulotl by Klnz l"outurc.i Syndlcnl 9-15— News Broaflciurt-mbs - Groucho Mar Family Tneatcr— mbs for 6 Ulnatos mb» Tlrnc-abc .. Playhouso-mbs 10-30-Curtain Timo Drama-rrt>o Caoltal Cloakroom---*" -• - Moredlth Willson-.Show-abo . Dance Orchestra— mb> • 11-15-Nc-ws «= -Judge Sets Execution .Date For Two Negroes - : - WASHINGTON — .(/?) — Court Judge 'Alexander Eoltzoff to day set December 10 as the'date 10 the execution of Reginald -J. Wheel er 28 -and Jesse James Patton, a for,'the-murder of a druggist. • -'A twelfth reprieve for. the tw : negroes expired today. It was grant cd by- the TJ. S. Court of Appeal JastJ-riday, only a before they were to have gone to the .electric chair :.:James .J. .Laughlin, one of tti defense attorneys,- said he wUl ffle •'». .petition, lor rehearing v(lth the "-Supreme -Court, which twice has refused to-review the cases. The-' men were convicted. of. the holdup, murder in June, 1946, or Maurice : L. Bernstein.- The Worry Clinic ===By Dr. George W. Crane •Bailor's Note:'."Horac Scr.n:" re- fan to .usasic or work-a-day n«m- ccncc Today's .discussion. Includcn » ro'jgS-test-ol practlcnl gumption. It. shows' how ' much groj mutter -wo actually are uslnc- in contrast to wriM Jc may have Inherited. -A man may have- J superior .brain biit let. It rust out in idleness or childish Pottle. CASE S-233: Bert' L.,. aged 26, is working in an advertising agency. "G'ee Eddie sure had a'swell layout for our ad,", he remarked to ft companion, as he'stepped into the >levator'in the .building where my People v-ho don't know how to carry on a conversation, feel that they must be doing, something to avoid embarrassing pauses, so they take their cues, from tobacco or liduor -advertising :aad blurt out 'Wanna drink?" or "Wanna smoke? When you young people selcc your mates, however, . be sure to avoid these parlor robots and me- lie added -for iWU-lU bl*tOL. JrfiAi^v-. - -- - -- . ehanical. men or women wlio lack enough originality and social ttate- 'tag to carry. on a conversation. office Is located. '"It was. the nuts, emphasis. Words Clothe The Mind I Shakespeare wisely' warned us to mend our speech lest it mar our fortunes. ' "Even in a*man, such use of slang detracts from his personality and makes his associates give him a lower rating mentally. And when girls employ, it, we find them-, dropping -even lower in the social scale -since slang generally has a masculine, vulgar flavor,, decidedly, detrimental to charming- femininity. : • Although we-have nearly fourteen billion nerve cells,, it lias been estimated: that, we'use but 25 per .cent of our brain capacity. .. From the sterile language and _ . . ,.. . J,'U_ -n.-i**|- f\T . Remember, the Sphinx has never been the emblem of happiness, so learn how to talk! Exercise Your Mind rxoiii "-uc; one* ,111* j.u.^^w.—o- — death of'originality ory the part of our' current generations, I sometimes/ wonder if we . should even admit a 25 per cent rating! ' "Waana drink?" asks the young 'mar.'when .he takes his girl to-" party. .•/Wanna -cigarette?" he later inquires. Animals can , — drink when they really need fresh water, but even' the beasts of the field have enough intelligence to 12-B:. avoid the psychological error of pouring : irritating substances -.into ;heir stomachs for sociability sake. Animals thus don't have stomach ulcers and cancers nauseated stomacas of the species labeled "homo sapiens"! Even an ass has too much horse sense to Jeopardize 'ts health, a ; though it is too dumb to carry .on-a i conversation, except in the Biblical case where Balaam's donkey spoke to aim. Apparently -thousands of modern Americans are dumb A " both counts. Mankind was given a superior brain for the purpose of intelligent thinking. • Those who'have inherited such a superior brain but complacently live at the plane of an 8-year-old youngster,-are betraying their heritage. Your newspaper is the chief edu- dance?" he. concludes, oat ional'medium in your communi- . i; ,_-i ..x-n i-, oc at ]east for pe,^ past 18 years of age, for that is when the average person drops out of school. Thereafter, his principal and often almost his sole contact with] cultural and educational topics is the newspaper. • So what do you read in this newspaper? 'Are you content with the front- page ''headlines, thr sport -e- sults and the comics? i If so, you are living at the intellectual levelof.a child in the early teens • for those are the chief .features ol-aie paper.which -children Wanna cancer ^c. LUAIUI^^WU, and then his conversational .skill has stretched itself' to .-the breaking point.' . • Why People Drink II it weren't for alcohol and to- oacco/' plus a dance orchestra, I wonder, if the.modern youth would be 'much more entertaining than the old wooden Indians in front of . • Do -you read the editorial page, the foreign news, the financial page, and any of tbe columnists? That is where the heavier material is placed. It is too much of a strain lor a child's mentality. It is-usually of. college level in- its educational content. ij'rlght by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) (CCJ1J- ..'.3&U WILL HAVE TEA WITH ME THEN, AT' FIVE, 'MRS VAN DOON f BUT, MADAME, I AM WOT ABODV6UARD... NEVERTHELESS, IF 1 CAM BE OF AID... SOMEONE'S AFTER I DON'T KNOW WHO IT S...THEY'VE SEARCHED MY CABIN.' VOU MUST PROTECT MEJ . VES...YOU ARS MR. KNOCKED?; RIP KIRBY, THE FAMOUS DETECTIVE? I'M NEDDA VvAN DOON.. AIO I'M ^^ FRISHTENED; BUGS BUNNY OUV WITH V/OUUP THIMK. O' USIN I AIN'T L2TTIN' NO MEASLV ICE CUBES DEFY S. 3UNNY .' ws N-NESD ~^~\ I I LL ICB CUBES W* \\ E^ THE U-LEMONADE; N> v* is A BUGS/ ^ JIFFY/ yfe; WHAT ARE YOU G-SONNA By Edgar Mart** BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OUO t\OVVOVi "TO-tt - By Lynian ODGOSM.'- r ,,^.<ERSTHE-GO/.. RACING TOWARD US TYLER'S LUCK f SORRY, ALETT/4, BUT WE CAN'T STAY FOR THE ,BIG SHOW/ AMD COMING. WITH FOLLOWED BY. ALL SOON MY WARRIORS WILL. CEASE THEIR SILLY WORSHIP-DANCE FOR THE SILLY SACRED GOAT- AND RETURN HERETO DESTROY YOU— ay Merrill Bl FRECKLES AND'HIS FRIEND3 ZITHER? MM. DOMT PBCKOM i wwe. YOUN& FeaeE.—^.Bur.i.ecs MODERN &MCRACKS - - &U<5Sy. SELF TRIMKAIM- LAMPS. STREAM- 6UTTONHOOKS AN" . BUT Tms IS POSITIVELY GRUBBLE'S LAST STAND' L GOTTA HAVE DOUGH TO BUY A CHRISTMAS PRESEMT, DON'T I 1 ? DRNIM& ALL OVER ALL. YOUC. FAULT, SUGAR/ . ._ COUNTY LOOKIMG- FOR A ZITHER! I MEAM TO SAV-, ALL' tiy Dudley Fitha HIVA, SAMPSON/ CO YOU AND MYPTLE WANT TO CCAAE TO MY PARTY? WHOSE PARTY APE WE GOING TO? . 00>OL! WANT TO co. TO A PAGTY ? HOLD THE PHONE, AND ,'LL ATHK AAVOT the and

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