Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 5, 1953 · Page 9
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 9

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1953
Page 9
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Use Foreign Mission Theme For Meeting of Bethel Raptist Women Talks on relief work in Germany and Korea were given at the Bethel Baptist Women's Society meeting in the church parlors Thursday. Mrs. Roland Holmbcrg, program chairman, discussed the relief projects. Letters from missionaries in Germany were read by Mrs. It. II. Holmberg, Mrs. Charles Mitchell, Mrs. R. N. Sward, and from Korea by Mrs. John Haun and Mrs. Roland LaFollcttc. Mrs. Ragnar Bluckcr and Mrs K. 0. Carlson sang two duets, "The Name of Jesus," and "Nearer Home." They wore accompanied by Mrs. Roy Pearson Jr. Mrs. Mclvin Huffman read the scripture and Mrs. Harvey Gunter the prayer. Reports were given as follows: Mrs. It. N. Sward on church group; Mrs. Bluckcr on home missions; Mrs. Robert Norton on foreign mission; and Mrs. W. II. Allen, the visitation report for September. The volunteer committee for October visitation is Mrs. Mark C. Cooper and Mrs. C. 0. Nelson. Mrs. Mary Smith offered the closing prayer. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Robert Morton, Mrs. W. II. Allen, Mrs, Harold Brumficld, Mrs. Floyd Condreay and Mrs. Marion Condreay. flat ion CI lf\ew jftroductd and Pastor Shows Film For Martha Circle The Martha Circle of the Trinity Lutheran Church recently enjoyed a potluck supper at the church, with 16 members and their families present. The Rev. «I. L. Raymond led the devotions. Mrs. Paul Peterson president, conducted a short business meeting. A film was shown by Rev. Raymond. On the committee for the eve- ing were Mrs. Hilding Johnson, Mrs. Phillip Strubcl and Mrs. L. R. Frankcnberger. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, Nov. 5. READ THE WANT ADS Ruby Invites You fo visit her new Gift Shop Just north of Main— 69 North Henderson St. Formerly Ruby's Restaurant ecipeA By ADELINE KERR (Dally Register-Mall representative at the annual Newspapers Food Editors Conference. New Recipes from the Conference will be found on food pages this Thursday and succeeding Thursdays In the Register-Mail.) Chicago—Food editors from city newspapers all over the nation are being sumptuously dined and entertained this week, in Chicago by food companies from all over the nation at the Annual Newspaper Food Editors Conference. Newest products are being promoted and top-notch home economists from the famous test kitchens of the various companies are introducing the latest In recipes, methods and foods in delic'ous concoctions that vary from ways to make scrambled eggs seem like something new for breakfast, to the most elaborate of viands for formal dinners. All this Is done beautifully Amidst a setting of buffet breakfasts, glittering luncheons and dinners — held mostly at The Drake Hotel, but moving also to other famed spots in Chicago. On hand to greet the 130 food editors are officials of the host companies Bing Cherry Torte Today's luncheon at the Racquet Club of Chicago, was sponsored by the Quaker Oats Company. Oliver J. Dragon, renowned gourmet of Dragon City and star of the famous "Kukla, Fran and Ollie" television program on Sunday afternoon helped Mary Alden, director of home economics for the Quaker Oats, introduce the new Aunt Je mima Yellow Cake Mix. Food edi tors sampled the new mix made up as a Bing Cherry Torte, a lus cious concoction elegantly decorated with a flaming cherry sauce (Recipe on this page). Tonight for dinner, the Bordon Company will host the editors with a dinner at the Svithiod Singing Club. Informality was the keynote when the Angostura - Wuppcrman Corp. welcomed the visitors with a buffet breakfast this morning in the Gold Coast Room. Sampled were specially prepared breakfast dishes flavored with a blend of tropical herbs and spices known as Angostura aromatic bitters — this added to the milk in preparation of French toast, as a perk-up for creamed chipped beef and as a dash for fruit combinations. Food Prices Lower Opening the conference, C. D. Buddie and J. Donald Scott, rep resentative, and John E. Wood man, president of the Chicago Chapter of the American Association of Newspaper Represents tives,, gave the welcome. Present were Paul S. Willis, president of the Grocery Manufac turers of America, Inc., and Dr. B. T. Shaw, administrator, Agri cultural Research Administration, U. S. Department of Agriculture. "Lower food prices have been a restraining influence on the cost of living iti the past year," stated Mr. Willis, and pointed out that the latest food index is more than two per cent below the peak of a All Workers - Residential Division Community Chest Campaign Organizational Teas at home of Mrs. R. H. Fell, 1461 North Academy St. October 7,8,9 - 2:00 P. M. ATTEND THE DAY OF YOUR CHOICE! Bing Cherry Torte Prepare 1 package Aunt Jemima Yellow Cake Mix according to package directions. Pour into two greased paper-lined 9-inch layer pans Drop '/i cup drained bing cherries over the batter in 'each pan. Bake in a moderate oven (375 degrees F.) about 25 minutes. Cool 10 minutes, then remove from pans. Split each layer of cooled cake in half, using a sharp knife. Put whipped cream filling between the layers and around the sides. Spread a thin layer of cooled cherry sauce on top of cake. Garnish with a few bing cherries. Store in refrigerator. Add 1 cup bing cherries to remaining sauce heat and pour over torte slices when ready to serve. WHIPPED CREAM FILLING Soften Vh. teaspoons gelatine in Vh. tablespoons cold water in custard cup; set in a pan of hot water to dissolve gelatine. Cool slightly. Whip 2 cups heavy cream until stiff. Fold in Vz cup confectioner's sugar, the softened gelatine and 1 teaspoon vanilla. CHERRY SAUCE Mix together 2 tablespoons cornstarch and V6 cup sugar in a saucepan. Slowly stir in 2 cups cherry juice. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until thickened. Cool. Flaming Cherry Sauce: Add Vi cup brandy to the cherry sauce just before serving. Heat, but do not boil. Pour 2 tablespoons Cointreau over the hot sauce and ignite. Ladle the flaming sauce over the torte slices. year ago, while rents are up five per cent, medical care is costing three per cent more and transportation and household operating expense—not including food—are up two and a half per cent. "Of every five dollars spent on groceries, on the average belter than one dollar goes for hidden taxes," said Mr. Willis. Analyzing food costs, he stated that less than three cents of the average grocery dollar goes for net profits of processors and distributors combined and this is 3% cents less than in 1939. Meetings were also conducted today by the Kretschmer Wheat Germ Corp. with Dr. Clive McCay, professor of nutrition at Cornell University as speaker, by "Junket' Brand Foods and by Admiral Cor poration. Admiral Corporation "The refrigerator of the future may be atomic-powered and may bear little resemblance to the present-day gleaming white up right kitchen appliance." That's the opinion of Mrs. Vivian Over and, director of home economics for Admiral. Deluxe refrigerators in 1975 may open automatically whenever the housewife activates an electric eye. They may have an all-plastic cabinet which will be molded complete with foam insulation. There will be a trend toward freezer space at the bottom, refrigerators to match kitchen decor, some counter-height units- with refrigerated pull-out drawers, instead of a large door. Speaking of electric ranges, Mrs. Overand forsees a built-in pressure cooker and a deep fat fryer as a possibility as well as an auto- Conlour Sheets Need Not Be Problem Sheets U It I', AN A—Contour sheets have plenty to recommend them. They; stay in place once they are on thej mattress, (hoy do not wrinkle and they .spend the bed-making job. On the other hand, some homemakers maintain that contour sheets require more space to store and more time to fold neatly than do the regular sheets. Catherine Sullivan, home management specialist, University of Illinois College of Agriculture, says contour sheets are easy to fold, once you have the knack. She suggests that you follow stepby- step directions for the first sheet or two until you have the method for folding well in hand. Once you've mastered it, you'll fold the contour sheets as quickly as the regulars. Start by folding the sheet lengthwise and bringing the selvages together. Let the corners hang free at both ends. (The corner pockets should be right side out.) The next stop is to place the sheet on a flat surface, such as the table or ironing board, with the selvage edges toward you. With your left hand, grasp the extreme left end of the sheet and tuck the top corner pocket down into the bottom one. Then fold the left end of the sheet over the selvage edges. This gives a diagonal fold at the end. Fold the other end in exactly the same way. If you plan to iron the sheet, do it at this point. After ironing, fold it in half lengthwise by bringing the center fold to the selvage edges. Fold both ends to the middle; then fold in half again as many times as are necessary, depending on storage space. The Raily Register-Mail, Gaiesburg, 111. Monday, October 5, 1963 0 Win-A*Couplc Class Mrs. T. W. Jolly reviewed the book, "Prayer Is Power for You" by Dr. Daniel Toling for members of the Win-A-Couple Class of the First Christian Church. The group assembled in the church last week. Roy Cameron, president, conducted the business meeting at which time a discussion of plans for the chilli supper, Oct. 26, was held. Refreshments were served and Mrs. C. W. Highlander, class teacher, presided at the coffee service. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Huff and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Newbcrg were in on the event. CHURCHILL P.T.A. BOARD Churchill Parent-Teacher Association Board will meet Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the school. Former Resident* Note 55lh Anniversary At Elmhurst Home Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Johnson, former Gaiesburg residents at 133 Blaine Ave., celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary at their new home in Elmhurst with a family dinner Sunday. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson and their sons Dick and David, Miss Anna McCabe and Miss Marian Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a retired C. B & Q. engineer. The Johnsons were married in Gaiesburg Oct. 5, 1898, and lived here until July of this year, when they moved to Elmhurst where their son and daughter live. The Johnsons arc members of the East Main Street Congregational Church. t. T. STONE PARENT CROU> Dr, W. Lyle Wlfihfte of tftO* College wilt speak at the fttifcltftg of the L. f. Stone Parent tSdtit&i* tion Group Wednesday morning when members gather Jft the homt lof Mtr. Emery Jobe, 484 Lawf erica Ave., at 9:30 o'clock. A nursery will be provided. If you have too little will space for your furniture, try bringing it out into the room and grouping it for conversation. miKD CHJCKEIf SUPPER Thuriday, Ocfobet I Qllion Community church Adulti S1.2S Children tsa Serving beglnt iti 5. Fried chicken, mslhed potato**, gravy, tlaw, peai, lweet potato**, pie, coffee, roll*, plckt«« and f«ll?> Sponiorad by OlUon Cemetery All'n malic toaster. Television sets in 1975 may be two-faced—with a picture on both sides of the cabinet. When placed in a wall opening, such a set would permit the same program to be viewed in two rooms. Sunday evening, food editors of the four Chicago papers in conjunction with the Mcllhenny Company welcomed early arrivals at a cocktail party in the Georgian Suite. (Continued from page 8) Miss Rabenau— Modern miracle for dry, lined skin! Helena Rubinstein's New Lanolin -Vitamin Formula For the first time in beauty history, Helena Rubinstein combines two modern miracle ingredients in her new Lanolin-Vitamin Formula — copies nature 's way to help your skin look YOUNCER, SMOOTHER, SOFTER! VITAMIN A for beauty from without \.. Vitamin A, recognized by medical science a* the Skin Vitamin, works on the surface to melt away and actually prevent dryness and flaking. •EAUTt FROM WITHIN .,. Lanolin, the beauty boon most closely resembling natural skin oik, works below the surface {or all* important moisture to plump out skin, smooth out wrinkles, revive a younger look. UNOMN -ViTAMiN FORMULA ... is so readily absorbed, so grease- free you'U apply it to your skin daytimes under make-up and overnight without leaving a trace on face or pillow. For speed, for ease, (or fabulous results you'U say you've never used any*/ thing like it in your life! NOTI AMIES, sorriEi It guards high vitamin content against destructive light, preserves effectiveness for you. 1 50 1-MONTH 5UPPLY 50 2-MONTH SUPPLY *M #*fca* **w« tea i Mrs. C. E. Bergwall, the bridegroom's aunt; Miss Marilyn Lowell, Miss Lois Hornbaker and Miss Betty Byers, all classmates of the bride at the Gaiesburg Cottage Hospital School of Nursing; Miss Verna Larson and Miss Helen Nickas, the bride's cousin. The newlyweds are now at the Wisconsin Dells where they will spend two weeks. They plan to reside in Gaiesburg where both are employed, she, at the Gaies­ burg Hospital and, he, at Howe's Bakery. Mrs. Wright was graduated from the Gaiesburg High School in 1948 and the Gaiesburg Cottage Hospital School of Nursing in 1953. Mr. Wright was graduated from the Gaiesburg High School in 1947 and attended the Gaies­ burg branch of the University of Illinois in 1948. Guests attended from Etan, Calif., Texas, Peoria, Chicago, Rock Island, Knoxville, Kewanee and Farmington. Three Travelers Tell Baptist Women of Recent Journies At the meeting of the Womans Society of the First Baptist Church, Friday, Mrs. Howard Fox gave an account of her trip through Europe. She attended numerous churches and in particular the church in England where her fam ily had attended for years. Miss Alice Bruhn who also re cently returned from Europe, in reporting her impressions, said that through the Baptist World Al liance the churches in Europe are feeding the hungry, clothing the needy and assisting displaced persons. The Rev. F. L. Gilson, who was the final speaker on the program told of bis tour of the United States and Alaska. He said he was particularly impressed wih the Missionary work in Alaska and the great number of churches that are jbeing built. Rev. Gilson also com mented on the increase of non- segregated churches. , Mrs. John Hast, president, was in charge of the meeting, devotions were by Mrs. Roy Oberling, Mrs. J. J. Herron read a few verses from the Bible and Rev. Gilson closed the meeting with a prayer. GARDEN CLUB The Gaiesburg G^>-den Club will meet Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Anderson, 153 N. Henderson St. READ THE WANT ADS MUSIC PARENTS CLUB Music Parents Club of the Hitchcock Junior High School will hold a get-acquainted tea Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the school. READ THE WANT ADS •J&k 7 -DIAMOND 3 $fes CLUSTtR ( S >7Q 95 IN CRIOIT I \J • ON CHfDlf $3 Down, $1.50 Weekly 241 E. Main fashion dictates a new hair cut! to $150 You'll love tht exciting smartness this eye-catching curly cut . . . the up- to-the-minute cut you'll groom with jus* a sweep of brush. ' Coil Cold Wave $7.50 _„ NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY GENERAUYI Beauty Selen *Men«nine Flee* — Mions 4411 — USE YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNT — PENNEYS ALWAYS FIRST OUAIITY DP NOW! BUY SHEETS AT PENNEY'S — SAVE! PENNEY'S NATION-WIDE* MUSLIN SHEETS... OUTSTANDING VALUE! Lovely pastels in famous Nation-Wide muslin. Made to take constant hard wear. Stop in tomorrow! 81x108 2.69 42x36 Cases _57c PENCO FITTED TOP and BOTTOM Yes that's right. 1 fitted top sheet and 1 fitted bottom sheet for one low price. Cellophane wrapped. High count, super smooth. No worry about messed up beds nowl Save yourself work and time! For % Sheets. Full Sl*t.

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