Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 22, 1963 · Page 54
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 54

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1963
Page 54
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U - Bedlanis Do/7y hcU Saturday, June 22, 1963 S33629—Palhcgyl. Loul» A and Beverly G Tratl No 4SS; lyju 42 and 43 Ex Therefrom S 5i!.rs Ft Lot •tZ and X 4.0t Ft Lot 43 JKS.M :i33<i42— Bouchc. ISruce J and Gloria J Tract ,Vo 4U3 Lot S3 and .V r.9.51 Kt Lot 3< El Therefrom N 24.32 rt Lot 53 J2U.S3 333714— r.<!nt. Robert G and Doris A Tract No 4Sgr, I^ts 21 and 22 El Therefrom S 30.S4 Ft I-ot 21 J27SJ2 n3.17I5 —John/«on. Clarence T Jr and Ellen Oninge Grove Tr W 12« Kl J»t 4 BIk 14 and 8.25 Ft St <;losed AdJ on .N" JliO.90 S337i>0 —O.5troir. Seymour and Pearl Et .M Hishland Tract I'tn I>ot ] BJlc 10 and Pin N 2J.25 Kt Vo.- cated Ptn Pumalo St Uesc as Bes at a PI on S LI h"d Vacated St E 100 Ft from it.s Intersection Thereof with \V U Si Blk 10 Th N 123 Ft Parallel with W LI Sd Blk Th .S i'J Deg tr. .Min OO Seconds E 21S Ft to W LI Tr No 4373 Th .S AlS W LI Sd Tr to S U Sd Vacated Ptn Pnm;ilo St Tli W 21S Ft AlK Sd .S Li to POB Ji :7.01 .13:',Sir,—Sn')dpra.»-s. Harold E and N.'Jthelle K Onin^je wrove Tr Ptn Lot l:lk 3 rje.«c aa <'oin at NE Cor .Sd Lot Th W Al:; N LI There of 141.1.-. Ft Th S <) OcB or. MIn 40 S». .iiiils E 'J5.4:' Ft Th E Parallel Willi .Sd N LI to E Li .«d Lot Th -N AlS Sd Li to Poh ..J.-.71 .74 33::S.'):!—.Mayoro*. Robert G and Mar >;nret Orali'^e Grove Tract S 73 Ft Pin Lui 2 Ijlk 3 Desc as (•oin at Pt OTi .S Li Sd Lot lt.-,.iO Ft W uf SK i.V,r Tliereof Th .V 0 Ut;; (i: .Min 111 S.-.-c)iid.s W 321.33 Ft to N Li Sd Ijit Th W AlK .Sd N 147.7'; Ft Th S (I Ues H .Min 43 Se,-.,„rt., E .721 .2 )1 Ft to S l.t .<d Th E A !K Sd S Li Hr..30 I-'t to I-UU $S.43 .3.73 '.'.L'— .Slnnili. Vir;;il II and Evel \ii l;;ie OriiiiKe 'irove Tr;ict W f.^'' Ft E If'l Ft Lot 1 Ulic 3 .N ir.l.s'i Fl .Tnd K\ S 20 Ft SllS .ao 3 :;::Sli'l-l —Stiod ^rass. Kent 31ichael nnd I'ar 'ili' l.»- Oranm? throve Tract Ptn I,..t 2 IJIk 3 <"om m I't on .V l.i fii Lot nhicii Is .V y.i Vf.s x: Mill n:, S .ioEid .s \V 1)4 .43 Fl from NE i-or Theriof Th S 0 DKZ 0 .7 .llin <(i Se .oiids E 321.7; Ft tn S Li Sd Lot Til N s ;i rJeK 31 .Min 40 S .-.M.iids \\" I4 .7.:.i) Fl Als S<1 S LI Til .V (I D<-? 11 .Min 4.7 Se .nnds IV 321 .31 Kt i„ N Li Sd Lot Th S S9 Il .-K 33 Min 03 Se>-onds E 147.70 Ft Altr .Sd .V LI to PfIB Ex S ;p'.33 Ft Thereof !18 .S6 333Si;0-3—SnodCTa?.-. Harold E nnd Nalh-He E (irance Grove Tract i'tn Lot 2 nil; 3 Com at Pt on .N' Li Sd Lot 2 whiel, iK N .<;» DcK 53 Min ",1 .Se'ond.» U' 144.45 Kt from K1-; C.r Thereof Th S 0 Vea 03 Min 4'/ .Seconds E 321.33 Ft to S J,i Sd I»t Th N DcK 31 illn 411 .Seconds \V 145.;'0 Kt All: Sd S LI Th N « Deg 14 Min 43 Second.-; W 324 31 Ft to N l.t Sd lyit Th S fa Iiec 33 Min ij3 Seconds E 147 .76 Ft Ale Sd .V LI to POB Ex S 73 Ft and Ex .V 177.33 Ft Thereof fl4.70 333501— "Jl .sl. Oscar P Jr and Barbara Sue Tract No 3771 Coiina P.irk Lot 10 J734.42 333S;iO—.Toliii.'^oii, .le.s.«e .1 and Pearl M Tr No 3S7a HiRhL-ind Park Lot 43 Ex Co P.d J4ir.34 331101—lohn.son, .Tesfe D Orange Grove Tract N 133 Ft W 143 Ft Lot 1 Blk 3 Ex N 20 Ft In 13th St J3S.17 331113-1—Olialo. Allilllo West IllKh- lands Tract Ptn Lot S lilk I! Com at a Pt 10 Ft .\ of SE Cor Lot 17 Tru'-t cue Th at R/.\ I-: 113 Kl to W LI Arden Ave Tli .V d DeR 03 Mill ni Sei<.nd.'. \V AK Sd W Li to it.'! intersection i\ith SWIv Li FooUiill i>r Th .V i;r. Dee 73 .Min 31 Second." W AlK SWIv Li Kootliill Dr to iiK Iniersectlon with NEly lYoloni^ation of SE)y Li Lot IS Tr ii\K:\ Th 20 Dec 20 MIn 29 Second.s W 16 Kt to .Mo.«t Ely Cor Sd Lot 1? Th Coot S 26 Des 2S Min 2a Seconds W Kt Alc SEly LI Sd Lot IS to SK Cor Thereof Th .S 0 l>e^ 06 Min 30 Seconds W 70 Ft AlK E Li Sd Lot 17 to POB $14 .70 331125—Kent. Ann Et Al \Vo.>;t Ilich- lands Tr Well and Puninilic Pit Located on NE Cor Lot 2 Blk 3 S54.6S 3.74I7S—Waite, Caller Jf and Marth .i. F Tract No 4630 Lot 17 Ex All Mineral RiKht.i Without S E jrSLoi- 331215—Itogorp. Dale E and Mary J Tract .No 5056 Lot 12 J455.2(! "342.15—Bonadlman, Joseph E Trustee Tract No 5203 Lot 7 JS9.24 33430S—D and J Builders Tract No 6141 Lot 11 5221.56 3343S4—Swanson. Robert G and Marie A Tract No 6103 Lot 42 ..tl74.03 3343S5—Gorian, Halff and Jlarilyn P Tract No 6103 Lot 43 J1S4.S7 334337—lleer.«, H W Inc Tract No 6103 Lot 13 S173.05 334403—Denison. Dennis and Sylvia Tract No 6103 I>il 23 $176.11 .334404 — Bondamin. Joseph B Tr Tract .No 6103 Lot 26 ....S17i:.20 334407—Cairney. Charles J and Edith E Tract -Vo 6103 Lot 23 ..$173.23 334416—Hcer.s. Jolm <: and Elaine Tract No 6103 Lot SS JIS4.04 334417—.Mc Nnmaro. Sibley .1 and Mary J Tract No 0103 Lot 39 S226.37 334434—Stephenson, Dwaine E and Patricia U Tract No 6103 Lot 7 J2S3.40 334439—Bondiman Mc Cain. Inc Tr 6236 Lot 5 $S6.76 3344S3 — Personalized Construction Co Tr No 6136 Lot 21 $641.64 334430—lieers. H "W Inc and James V Johnsini Tr No 6436 Pin Lot 16; Within iJiL 3 Blk 7 West Hichlands Tract $411.62 334307—Siciird Develoiimeiit.-* No ] Tr No 6277 Lot 13 S3i;'.31 331311—lladjes. Louis W and Jua nita M Tr .No 6277 I>ot 11 J314.i« 331512—Lot 10 $333.gS 331514—Sijrnrd Developments No i Ti- No 6277 Lot S $361.64 331316—Lot 6 S343.26 .3345IS—Lot 4 $351 334520—Lot 3 $352.48 33(521—Lot 1 $373.12 331539—Aragon. F James and Aenid J Tract No 6344 Lot IS ..$212.55 S34541—Sherlock Homes Inc No 2 Tract No 6314 Lot 20 $101.72 S34639—Buck LIndsey Corp All Min Rls Without S R Tract 4756 Lots S to 26 Incl in Lot 4 Blk 23 Orance Grove Tract $23.92 334640—Buck Bahbit Corp All MIn Rts Without S E Tract 4736 Lots 1 to 7 IncI and 27 to 3S Incl in Lot 4 Blk 22 Orance Grove Tract $15.74 331641—Wilson and Fields Cnd H Int Min nts Tr 46?3 Lot 13 $o.4S 334642—rnd U Int MIn Rts Tr 4SS3 Lot 16 $3 .1S 334643—rnd '.i Int Min Rts Tr 40S3 I..ot 17 $.i ,4S 334644—Und ',i Int Min Rts Tr 46S3 Lot IS $3 .4S 334013—Und U Int MIn Rts Tr 46<;3 Lot 13 $s.nn S340IO—Und Ini MIn Rts Tr 46S3 Ixit 20 $5.4S S31647—Und u Int JBn Rts Tr 46S3 Lot 21 $3.4!! S34C4S—Und M Int Min Rts Tr 4653 T-ot 22 $5.4S 334643—Und >i Int MIn Rts Tr 46S.1 I.,ot 23 $3.4S .131630—Und u Int Min Rts Tr 46S3 Lot 24 $3.4S 334631—Und >i Int MIn Rts Tr 46S3 I-nt 1 $3 .4S 334632—Und 4 Int MIn Rts Tr 46R3 Txit 2 $3.4$ 334633—Und >i Int Mlh Rts Tr 46R3 I>lt 3 $3 .4S .334634—Und U Int Min Rts Tr 46S3 T.ot 4 $3.4S 33)633—Und l.i Int MIn Rts Tr 46S3 Lot .3 $5.4S 334636—Und H Int MIn Rts Tr 4SR3 I-ot 6 $3 .4S 334657—Und . Int Min Rts Tr 46S3 I/M 7 $3.4^ 33)63!=—Und u Int Jlln Rts Tr 46SJ T-ol !! $5-4$ 3346;!>—Und H Int Min Rts Tr 46«J I,ot 9 $5.41! 334«6i>—Und u Int Min Rts Tr 46!!3 T.ot 10 $.7.4S 3346SI—Und u Int Min Rts Tr 4$i!3 T,ot 11 $3.4S 354662-Und H Int Jlin Rts Tr 46.« T.ot 12 $!i.4.? r346«.3—Und Si Int Jlin Rts Tr 46S3 vin T-nts 13 and 14 J.7.4R .154664—Und H Int MIn Rts Tr '6S3 Ptn I-ot« 13 and 14 $5.45 554665—nuek Gordon One Corp All MIn Rts Tr 4691 L^nt 37 ....$7.16 331666—All MIn Rts Tr No 4691 Tx.t W $7.16 334667—All Min RU Tr 4691 Lot 3 .1 $6.32 S3466S—All JJIn Rts Tr 4651 Lot 34 $6.32 S34669 All Min Rts Tr 4651 Lot S5 $6.32 554570—Ex All MIn Rts Tr 4691 T/ot 3": $6.32 334671—All Min Rts Tr 4691 Lot 31 JS .32 33467:—-\lt MIn Rts Tr 1691 Lot 30 $6.32 334675—All Jlln Rts Tr 4S91 Lot :» $6.3; S54S74—All MIn Rts Tr 4691 Lot IS $6.32 334675—All M'n Rts Tr 4691 Lot 27 $6.32 334676—Buck Fiflwii Corp All MIn Rts Tr 4691 Lot 3 $6.32 334677—All MIn Rts Tr 4691 Lot • S3i67S ^Air Jiin' Rts' Tr' V65V 'lit'l $6.32 »MI<»— Buck Xine Corp Al! Min Rts Tr 4S90 Lot 4 »7.1S 3146&I)—All ilin Rt» Tr 4630 Lot 3 $7.16 J31681—An Jlln Rts Tr 4590 Lot 2 : $7.16 3H6S2—Buck Babbitt Corp All MIn Rts Tr 4630 Ixit 1 JVOO .334683—Buck Fifteen Corp All Jlin Rts Tr 46S1 Lot 15 $7.10 3346S4—All Jlin Rts Tr 4691 Lot 14 »7.I6 3346SJ—AU Jlln RtS Tr 4?31 Lot 13 $7.16 334686—All Jfin Rts Tr 4631 Lot 12 $7.16 334SS7—All Jlin Rts Tr 46S1 Lot II $7.16 334CSS—All Jfln Rts Tr 4631 Lot 10 $7.16 3346S3—All Jlin Rts Tr 4631 Lot 9 $7.16 334630—AU Jlln Rt« Tr 4C9I Lot « $7.16 334091—.Vll Jlin Rts Tr 4691 Lot 7 J7.1S 334052—AU Jlln Rts Tr 4631 Lot 20 $S.0O 3316S3—All Jfin Rts Tr 4031 Lot $7.16 334094—All Jlln Uts Tr 40D1 Lot 24 $7.16 :34033—All Jlin Rts Tr 4631 Lot 22 $7 .1C 334636—Ail Jlin Rts Tr 4631 Lot 21 $7.16 334637—All Jlln RU Tr 4631 Lot 20 $7.16 33I69S—All Jlln Rts Tr 4051 Lot 15 $7.16 33I053_AI1 .MIn Rts Tr 4631 Lot IS $7.16 334700_AI1 MIn Rts Tr 4631 Lot 1 $7.15 331701—Bucli .Vine Corp All .Min P.t.i Tr )6M Lot 17 $7.16 334702—All Jlin Rta Tr 4630 Ixit 19 $7.16 331703—All .Min Rts Tr 4050 Lot 20 $7.16 331704—All .Min Rta Tr 4C90 Ixit 21 $7.16 331703—Ail Jlin Rts Tr 4050 Lot 22 J7 .I0 3:;4700—All Mill Rts Tr 4650 Lot 23 $7.16 334707—All .Min llts Tr 4050 Lot 24 $7.16 33I70S—All .Min i:t.s Tr 4030 Lot 23 $7.10 334705—All .Mill llUs Tr 4050 Lot 20 $7.10 .734710—All -Min RU Tr 405U Lot 27 $7.16 334711—Al .VIn Rts Tr 4650 L"it 6 57.16 334712—All .Min RtH Tr 4'i30 Lot 7 $7.16 33)713—All .Min Rts Tr 1050 Lot S $7.16 334714—All Jlin Rts Tr 4630 Lot 5 57.16 334715—All .Min Rts Tr 4690—Lot 10 57.10 334710—.Min llts Below a Depth of 500 Ft But W O the Right of S E Tr 4050 Lot 11 57.16 334717—All Jlln Rts Tr 4690 Lot 12 57.16 33171S—All Jfln Rta Tr 4630 Lot 13 $7.10 3.34713—All Jlin Rt.-i Tr 4690 Lot II $7.16 33472ft-All Jlin Rts Tr 4650 Lot 15 57.10 134721—All Jlin Rts Tr 4050 Lot 16 $7.16 .73473.5—Da.r, Fnincis W and Ernia .M Tract No 1964 Iti.-^eiine a.-<rde:is .\ li Lot 3 Blk 1 Ex u Jlnl Rts and Ex Ptn t'l Flood Control $36.39 .334755—llexter. G Gregory Et Al Tr .N'o 1964 llo.'-c Line Gardens N 73 Ft Lot S Blk 2 Ex ',i Jlnl Rts $323.32 3347o7^.Mc Orniond. Edward G and Belle Tr -No 1304 Base Line Gardens .\- U Lot 5 Blk 2 Ex ",- Jlnl Kis $191.SS 334777—Cooper. Floyd and Esther Grace Tr .\o 1904 Base Lino Gardens S >i U>\. 12 Blk 3 Ex V2 Jlnl Kts $55.53 334752—Deenier, Eileen Denney Tr No 1364 Base Line Gardens N '.i of Foil Dcsc Lot 11 Blk 3 Ex There­ from S in Ft Thereof .276 Ac M/L Ex Jlnl Rts $27.71 334S15— Henry, Vernon and Jlary A Tract .N"o 2121 B,-use Line Gardens No 3 S ^ Lot 11 Blk 5 Ex '~ Mnl Rts 533.13 .331831—O Brien, Pat and Kloise T Tr No 2074 Base Line Gardens No 2 .N U S '4 and S 23 Ft N '.i Lot 16 Blk 4 Ex 'i Jlnl Rts .. 5143.10 334S37—Case, James C and Bernese Tract No 2074 Base Line Gardens No 3 N Lot 15 Blk 4 Ex H Jim Rta $221.93 334S43—Ferrero, Stephen J and Jeanne Tract Xo 2121 Base Line Gardens No 3 N 100 Ft Lot S Blk 5 Er \i Jlnl Rts 5178.16 334907—Bailey, Paul V Tr No 333S B.Tse Lino Gardens No 4 S 50 Ft 150 Ft Lot 3 Blk 7 Ex '.i Jlnl Rt.s 5156.92 334909—Hart, Frank J and Gertrude B Tract No 233S Base Line Gardens No 4 Lot 10 Blk 7 Ex 'i .Mnl Rts $102.64 334911—Wasner, Dietrich E and Edith E Tract -Vo 233S Ba.-e Line Gardens No 4 N 'i Lot 12 Blk 7 Ex E 16 Ft and Ex W 10 Ft St Ex •.i .Mnl RI .1 $114.44 334926—Eichert, Vlrfrlnla C Tr No 233S Baie Line Gardens No 4 N H -V '.i Lot 9 Blk S Ex Jlnl Rts $60.83 334545—Peters, Clifton C and June A Tract No 2024 Canyon Road Tr I.ot 28 $212.93 334955—Jleyer, Grace A Tr No 2624 Cnn.von Rd Tr Lot 17 5.99.09 334981—Crass, Herman B and Flor ence L Tract No 2624 Canyon Road Tract Lot 45 Ex I'tn to Flood Control 5200.26 334993—Nlesinpr, John and Elfricda Tr So 2624 Canvon Road Tr Lo 3 $160.6: 335003—Jlarsolais. Wilfred H and JIar.v F Tr No 2307 Van Loon Sub N 4S Ft I.,ot 3 Blk 2.... $1S2.3S 335090—-Lesenian, Lawrence F and JIadonna R Tr No 2074 Line Gardens No 2 S 50 Ft Lot 4 Blb 4 $154.94 335097—JIartIn, Emmett A and Tin.!. I Tract No 3121 Base Line Gardens No 3 N U Lot 3 Blk 5 $333.08 333113—Halnlinc, James H Tract No SIJl Base Line Gardens No 3 N S Lot 3 Blk S.... $49.00 335114,-Babhltt. -WlUlam I Tract No 2121 Base Line Gardens No 3 S % 5 >i Lot 3 Blk 5 $180.68 335157—Reeves, Annlce Tr No 2338 Base Line Gardens No 4 X U S H Lot 25 Blk 7 $184.10 3351l!l—Gibson, Omer L and AJma A Tract No J33S Line Gar dens No 4 N 60 Ft S 100 Ft l^t 6 Blk S $77,02 335197—Scaramclla Delina Et Al R S B E 6 Ac Lot 36 Blk 54 Ex Flood Control 5.94 Ac Jf/L $23.44 333213—Santlnl, Au!;U5t R S B Ptn Lots 2S 29 and 3S Blk SI Com 93.7 Ft E of NW Cor Lot 38 Blk 54 Th S 24 DCS E 128 Ft Th S IS Dec W 330 Ft Th .S 23 Des 30 Jlin -W to a It In W LI San B<Ino City Annex No S Th S Ale Sd W Li to SW Cor Lot 3S Blk 54 Th -W 53 Ft Th S 13 Dec 45 Jlin W to a Pt In a Li Parallel with and N 179.41 Ft From N LI S H Lot 29 Blk 54 Ext Wy Th E AlB Sd Parallel LI to a Pt Which Is N 4 Des 27 JHn E ISO Ft From a Pt In Nly LI Sd S 'i I,ot 29 Which Is 43.7 Ft E From N\V Cor .Sd S H Th Sly to a Pt In N L( Sd .S H Lot 29 Which is 27.2.S Ft E of NW Cor Sd S 'j Ijol 29 Th N 35 Des OS Jlln 21 Seconds E SCO Kt to a Pt on SWIy LI State Hcwy Th NWIy Ale Sd SWly Li State Hs>vy to POB 8.17 Ac Jt/L $22.60 335222—JIartin, Gene and Luclle E Tr No 2307 Van Loon Sub Lot 20 Blk 4 $20!.SS 33522S—F.irson, Joseph E Jr and Yvonne Tr No 2307 Van Lonn Sub Lot 7 Blk 4 $128.79 3.3S272—Rickerf, Harold O and Doris JI Et Al Tract No 2J77 Arrow View Park S 50 Ft E 150 Ft Lot 20 $262.22 33273—N 50 Ft E 150 Ft Lot 21 Jiai.34 333274—Rucker, Ra>Tnond B and Edna Jt Tract .Vo 2277 Arrow View- Tract S 50 Ft E 150 Kt Lot 21 $43.52 3352SS—Noe. Ethelyn N Tr No 2277 333401—Rowe, Custer A R S B N 222.35 Kt E 53 Ft W 100 Kt ! 435.6 Fl E 333 Ft Vol 8 Blk 4: $12.36 K5402—E 100 Ft W JOO Ft N 2^.25 Ft S 433.6 Ft Lot 8 Blk 43 .53 Ac Ac 3r/I> $132.5$ 333404—E 20 Ft W 200 Ft S 203.15 Ft Lot 8 Blk 43 $12.36 3334IJ—JUchener. K .V and Eeta R S B Ptn Blk 41 W 303 Ft Lot 6 Ex E 20S Ft W 226 Kt S 315 Ft and El E 3 Ft W IS Ft S 102 Ft Ex Ptn to Flood Control $137.?3 133410—Rlppeneal. Gladys R S E 5 144 Kt E 65 F^ W m Ft Lot 6 Blk 43 $136.46 33541S—Hall. Halev D R S B E 35 Ft TV 64 Ft S 1C2 Kt Lot 8 Blk 4 $36.58 335422—Jlichener, K N and Reta R S B S 27 4.03 Ft W 305 Ft Lot 13 Blk 43 1.50 Acres $S.34 333431—Westervelt. Everett B S B Ptn Lot 17 Blk 43 Desc as Com on W LI I^t 17 S 0 Des 13 Jfin 01 Seconds E 434.78 Ft fo True FOB Th N 43 Deir U Jlln 27 .Seconds E 151.37 Ft Th N 43 De:: 41 Jlln 31 Seconds B 471.41 Ft Th N 0 De5 41 Jlln 01 .Seconds E H.41 Ft (o a Pt on S U .Vinth Sr Th N S5 Des SS Jlln E Alg S LI Ninth St to NE Cor .Sd Lot Th S to SE Cor ,sd Lot Th W to SW Cor Sd Lot Th .V 00 Den 13 Min OS Seconds W Als W LI .Sd Lot to POB S.47 Ac 51.S6.I7 333433—Smith. C R and Evelyn A R S B Ptn Lot 6 Blk 31 Com at Pt 300 Ft -N and 393.94 Ft E of SW Cor Th N 100 Ft Th E 100 Ft Th .S 100 Ft Th W lOO Ft to POB $S..=i4 .333434—Guzy, Charles A R S B Ptn Lot 6 Blk 51 Com at Pt on S Li Sd Lot 6 493.94 Ft E of SW Cor Th N 300 Ft to True POB Th N 101) Ft Th W ion Ft Th N 167.91 Ft Th E 151.3 Ft Th S 207.91 Ft Th W 51.3 Ft to POB $23.44 333325—Jloore. William John Tr 2311 Sunny.«ide Acres E 35 Ft W 79 Ft Lot 6 $98.22 33352S—Cameron, Eliiaheth J K Tr No 231) Sunnyside Acres W 4S.6273 Ft E 97.253 Ft Lot 24 $13.S0 333325—Wood. Ernest and Jiianita Tract 2314 .Stinn .^l-'lde Acres E 4S .6273 Ft W 97.235 Ft Lot 24 ....$63.05 333333—Cooper. Flo.vd If and Esther Tr No 2314 Sunnyslde Acres N \^ Lot 20 J5S.26 .33333.3—N'ieslncr, John and Elfricda Tr No 2314 Sunn\-aide Acre." S 73 Ft W,t 22 $19S.S9 .335344—Anderson. Robert L and Geraldlne Tr So 2531 Sunnyslde Acres No 2 N >i l^t 45 ..$109.26 333356—Moore. William .lohn Tr No 2331 Sunnyslde Acres No 2 S « Lot 62 51.".0.04 33.^39—Belcher, Rufus A and Bet- .V M Tract No 2331 .Sunnvslde Acres No 2 W 73 Ft S % I>ot 65 $13.20 335600—Gladney, John R and Dee R Davis Tr No 2331 .Sunnyslde ArreF No 2 N >A Lot 70 $13.18 333606—Toland. Rov A and Clyde A Tract No 2514 Sunnvslde Arre.t NUB'; Lot 13 $199.36 335012—Pe^n, Georee H and Irene Tr No 2314 Sunnyslde Acres NE *i Lot 17 $100.74 333614—Anderson, Andrew JI Tr No 2314 Sunnyslde Acres W H Lot , $12.36 33.3015—Lot IS $32.50 3.3.7634 — Frankenber^er. Ra.v and Bemlce R S B Ptn Lot 10 Blk 30 Com on Nlv LI Third St 110 Ft smv from Intersection W LI Tippecanoe and N LI Third St Th N 34 Dec 47 MIn W 91.32 Ft Th N 24 Des- -1.7 :\r(n W 19.9S Ft Th N 65 Dec 21 Jlin W 59.37 Ft Th S 3J Delt no Min E S1.40 Ft Th N 66 Dei- 30 Jlin 30 Seconds E 12.43 Ft Th S 21 Desr 16 .Min E 56 Ft to My I.l Tllird St Th on a Curve Concave to the Right with a Radius of 614.23 Ft Thru a Central Angle of 03 Deg 34 St of 3S.50 Kt to PDTl $.39.52 —Kellev, Euijcne and Weldon JTadlin Tract No 2439 Eastwood Farms Lots 9 and 10 Ex B .50 Ft and Ex TV 250 Kt $40.34 335603—Vonnc. Etta Mae Tr No 2439 Eastwood T^arnis E ,50 Ft W 292.70 Ft Lot 33 $46.40 333067—Jlontcomery, Jack R and M^TIIo L Tr No 2439 r:.astwood Farms N 420 Ft Lot 33 and W in Ft S 120 Ft N 420 Ft Lot 32 $163.82 .3.3366^JIiller, Einar R and Jlax- Inc R Tr No 2439 Eastwood Farms .V .300 Ft Lot 32 $537.86 335679—Wiihelm.v. Audrey H Cote Tr No 2439 Eastwood Farms Com on S Li Lot 43 163.10 Ft Ely from Elv LI Tippecanoe St To Ely 163.10 Ft to SE Cor Sd Lot Th N 100 Ft to NE Cor Sd Lot Th W 16.5.10 Ft Th S 100 Ft lo POB $51.SS 335680—lodlce, S Albert Tr No 2439 Eastwood Farms Ptn Lot 42 Com at NW Cor Lot 42 Th E 329.75 Ft Th S 100 Ft Th Vr 70 Ft Th N SS Ft Th W 239.7S Ft Th N 12 Ft to POB $55.10 335084—Skipper, Eddie S and Nettle Jo Tr 2439 Eastwood Farms Lot 32 Ex .N 500 Kt $151.30 335697—Ivelley, Eugene Tr No 2439 E:islwood Farms S W H Lot 3S $131.31 335713—Jlulke.v. Roy and Josephine Tr No 2439 E.-ustwood Farms Lot 28 $1.33.97 .335724—GilwoD, John L and Dellla M Tr No 2439 E.istwood Farms W M Lot 2 $27.70 333741—Krenti, Albert A and Hazel G Ida Stockton Sub Lot 1 3 Ac Arrow View Tr N SO FX W 150 Ft Lot 9 $S5.4S 315323—Chltty. Charles W and Ruth Myrtle Tr No 1379 Arroyo Vcrdo Park Ex N 10 Ft Lot J Blk 5 and N 25 Ft lX)t 5 Blk 5 $134.76 335331—DHlman. N E and Agnes E Tr No 1979 Arroyo Verde Park Lot 13 Blk 5 $S7.0» 335355—Sterling. Baptist (Thurch lac B S P S 110 Ft W 460.71 Ft E 660.71 Ft N 5 Ac S 9S8.6S Ft Lot 12 Blk 51 Ex W 2.30 Ft For St I.IG Ac M/L S3.1S 135369—JIc Andrews Hatchery and PItrr Sup Co R ."S B S 204.S2 Ft W 42S.S5 Ft Lot 11 Blk 43 2 Ac $750.24 535391—Kennedy. Sarah W B S B W 45 Pt S 4S5.S Ft E 535 Ft Lot R Blk 43 ,43 Ac $74.43 353399—Krlslc. Harold F and Kalh- OTi G R S B S H of that Ptn of Lot 10 Blk 43 Desc as Ccro at NW Cor Sd Lot 10 Th S 377.2 Ft to Pt 600 Ft X of SW Cor Sd Lot Th E 4G5 Ft Th N 177.3 Ft M/L to N LI Sd Lot Th W 463 Ft to POB Ac $537.74 $4S.2: ..$4S, ..$4S.2S Control . .$6L40 Teresa .r).3742—I>ot 2 5 Ac .33574.3—Lot 3 5 Ac 335744—Lot 4 Ex Flood 4.96 Ac M/L .3.35745—Haia.s, Frank and Ida Stockton Sub Ptn Lots 10 and II Beg at Pt In N U .Sd Lot 11 37.27 Kt W of NE Cor Lot It Th S 1103.52 Ft Th W 233.56 Kt Th N to .\ LI Lot 10 Th E to POB 6 Acres $326.05 335743—Williams. Jlorton o and Veda M Ida Stockton Sub Well on \Mt 12 Und 2S/60 Int $23.0S To be deeded to the State July s. 1963. See No. 1325 in addenda to this list. 333750—Hazas, Frank and Teresa Ida Stockton Five Acre Sub Well in NE Cor Lot 12 Und 6/60 Int $S.0S 335731—Krcntr, Alfred A and Hazel G Ida Stockton Sub Well on XE Cor Lot 12 Und 1/3 Int $1S.2S 333775—Askew. Ida X Tract No 2354 Cardiff Farms Ptn Lot 4 Com on X- LI Sd Lot 60 Ft E of XW Cor Th S Parallel to W LI Sd Lot 150 Ft Th B Parallel to X" LI Sd Lot 50 Ft Th X Parallel to E H Sd Lot ISO Ft Th W Alg X LI Sd Lot SO Pt to POB $39.13 335776—IVarCTove. Elsie L Tr Xo 2354 Cardiff Farms Lot 4 Ex Ptn Sd Lot Com on N LI .Sd Lot 60 Ft E of XW Cor Th S Parallel to W LI Sd Lot 150 Ft Th E Parallel to N XI Sd Lot 50 Ft Th N Parallel to B Li Sd Lot 150 Ft Th W Alg N LI Sd Lot 50 Ft to POB 1.76 Ac $256.38 3357SS—Boyd. Beulah E Tr No 2323 Cardiff Farms No 3 XW H Lot S $93.16 335S0S—Taylor. Richard A and Ellsa R Tract No 2323 Cardiff Farms X'o 2 S H Lot 7 $50.12 333513—Davis. Kenneth E and JIarie JI Tr No 2323 Cardiff FSmis No 2 E H S H I..ot 2 $I59.3S 335817—American Natl Bk of San Bernardino Tr No 2323 Cardiff Farms No 2 N 62 Ft S 262 Ft Lot 1 $13.S(» 3.35S22—Shlnault. Williams Tr No 2523 C.irdiff Farms No 2 S Lot 9 Ex S 94 Ft $94.SO 3.1SS24—Chambers. Julia A Tr No 2323 Cardiff Farms Xo 2 X 130 Ft Lot 26 $214.36 313S27—Brandt. Je.ssamyne E Tr Xo 2523 Cardiff Farms Xo 2 E ',i X M IJOt 2S $31.03 335S36—Ortez, I.,eroy and Emma Tr No 2523 Cardiff Farms Xo 2 XW ^4 Lot 35 $110.09 335845—Sandlfer. William P and Leota JI Tract Xo 2523 Cardiff Farms No 5 W 14 S tj Lot 32 $58.25 335S53—Bailey. Elroa Tr Xo 3323 Cardiff Farms Xo 2 X 50 Ft S m Ft S H Lot 25 $70.14 335S54—Shattwell. Charlene and Kenneth W Tr No IS13 Cardiff Farms Xo 2 S 50 Ft X 100 Ft S H Lot 23 $6L84 To be deeded to the SUt« July S, 1963. Set No. 141S In addenda to this list. 335839—Osborne. Tart H »Dd Doris H Tr Xo 23r! Cardiff Farms No 2 XW M Lot 13 $37.41 335S60—Ogden. Flo.vd V and Virginia J Tr Xo 2521 C4inllft Farms •No 2 XB U Lot IS $77,83 335 «62— Wilson, Boyd A iind Monica A Tr Xo 2523 Cardift Farms Xo 2 iJJt IS $151.43 315.5S0—Allen. Fiorina E Tract Xo 2521 Cardiff Farms Xo 2 X 84.5 Ft S 235 Ft Lots 21 and 24 $60.42 335907—Hopper. Klchard E and Ruth X Tr Xo 2523 Cardiff Farms Xo 2 W 44 Ft X H Lot 37 $28.51 135905—Ronan. James T and Dortha Tr Xo 2523 Cardiff Farms Xo 2 E 56 Ft X H Lot 37 ....$U1.1« 335909—Brady. Jame.s Tr Xo 2523 Cardiff Farms Xo 2 XW VI Lot IS $140.M 315910-Xlchol8on, Robert E and Shirley J Tract Xo 2523 Cardiff Farms Xo 3 XE K Lot 38 ....$95 .66 335911—Gaddy. Clarence W and Mildred A Tract No 2523 Cardiff Farms No 2 W H X H Lot 40 ....$134.30 315923-Oahom. John H and Esther L Tr Xo 2S2J Ordiff Farms Xo 3 S SOFt X 150 Ft Lot 48 ....$1S.«0 335S26—Smith, Marian J Tr No 2323 Cardiff Farms No 3 S 102.35 Ft Lot 4S $29.44 :K 947 — Owens. Valter and Jiae Belle Tract No 2523 Cardiff Farms No 2 X ii and N 30.Ft S »i Lot S 9 .3$ Ac Jl /L $557.14 M3950—Hightower. Sterling S and Jfyrtle Tract No 2503 Gifford Cornstock NE U Lot 13 $23.44 3359S4—Barrlentes. George .A. and Ola A Tract No 2503 Gifford Cornstock X H Lot 17 532.37 335H7—Le Jlar, aifford L and Cla- C Tr .No 2395 Gifford Cornstock X hi Lot 15 $177.25 135373—Boatwright, Loyd J and Georgia JI Tract No 2303 Gifford Comstock W 50 Ft S 130 Ft Lot 17 $170.40 135581—.Spear. Charles E and Ruth r, Gifford Park Tract 1S46 Lot 5 Blk 15 $53 72 3359SS—Baker, Woody W and Helen C Tract Xo 2305 Gifford Comstock Lot 22 $49.08 313957—Kobies. Alexander and JlarT Tr Xo 2305 Gifford Comstock ly)t 23 $59.14 335953—Sanchez. Alex and Jfanraret Tract No 2305 Gifford Comstock W 50 Ft S 130 Ft Lot 24 $190.80 136024—Bahl, Ralph R and Gladys JI Tract Xo 3309 Eraul Sub Lot 50 $172.14 336025—Doylon Inc Tract No 3309 Ersul Sub Lot 35 $1S3 .30 336030—Uuddleston, Alfred W and Jlarlha Jane Tract -Vu 3303 Ersul Sub Lot 56 1U3.16 336047—Somdah;, Harvey G and Iva L Tract No 3303 Ersul Sub Lot 2S $74.41 336032—Brooks, Barnett J and Colleen Tract No 331'5 Ersul Hub Lut 33 $153.35 336037—Baker, Calvin C and Erma V Tract No 3305 Ersul Su !i Lot 41 $1SL30 33606 'J— Spear, 11 W and Pearl M Tract No 3305 Ersul Sub Lot 44 $135.40 336063—Brown, Leo and Helen Tract So .3305 Ersul Sub Lot 47 ....$63.73 336070—Ectlein. Edgar and OUlIu R S B Ptn Lot 6 Blk 47 Com at .VE Cor Sd Lot Th W IS Fl Th Sly Alg Elv Li Tr 3303 to SE Cor Lot 10 Sd Tr Th E to B Li Sd Ujt 6 Th N to POB $3 .34 33G0ii3—Herrington, E V and K JI Et .\i R S B Block 62 Well Located .Vear SE Cor W 300 Ft S lul.3 Kt .V 636.3 Ft Lot 3 Blk 62 59.SO 330085—Harreli, William D and Janis JI Tr .Vo 2614 JIcKinley Tract S 'i Lot 25 $57.36 33CU91—W li N li Lot 2S ..$5.54 336095—James, C E Tr No 2014 JIc Kinley Tr W 70 Ft S '.i Lot 2i $53.65 330096—Hamilton, Robert L and jrarjorle B Tr No 2614 JIcKinley Tract Lot 25 $250.35 336105—Patterson, James H and Geraldine L Tr So 2614 JIcKinley Tr Lot 32 Ex S 15 Kt $13.20 336105—C.irter, Alberta JI R S B SO Ac Sur Pin Lot 6 Blk 62 Dene as Com 60.93 Ft E of SE Cor Tr No 27S2 Colby Acres Th E 160 Ft Th X 114 Ft Th W 160 Ft Th S 111 Ft to POB 5512.S7 336112—Joseph, Louis R S B Ptn Lot 6 Blk 62 Com at NE Cor Lot 32 Tr 2614 JIcKinley Tr Th N 0 Deg 03 Jlin W 339.S6 Pt Th W 220.93 Ft JI/L to R Li Tr 27S2 Colbr Acres for True POB Th S ISO Ft JI/L to a Pt 174 Kt N of SE Cor Lot 24 Sd Tr 27S2 Th E 65 Ft Th N ISO Ft JI/L to a Pt 63 Ft E from POB Th W 63 Ft to POB $146.04 336U.">—JIcKinley, Haws Well R S B Blk 62 Well Located on Ptn Lot 7 Blk 62 $3 .S4 336136—Garden, Jlary C Tract So 2625 Kriedemann Sub S 50 Ft Ivrt SS.SS -;36I3.5—Smith, Carl E and Cora I Tr .No 2623 Frledcniann Sub S 'i Lot 10 $70.15 33S132—Arnold. Kred H and Glad.vs Pin Tr 2625 Friedeniann Sub s 'i Lot 20 $207.S2 33S1.3.5—R.iynard, Juanila I. Tract No 2025 Friedemann Sub W 6* Ft Lot 22 $95.06 33C1.35—Bragg. Frank W and Norma JI Ptn of Tr No 2623 B'rirdemann -Sub X Si and E 52.SS Ft S Si Lot IS $23.42 336163—Wesch. Earley anil Hazel R S B Ptn T.ot 3 Blk 62 Beg at SW Cor Lot 23 Tract 2623 Th S 0 Deg 11 Jlln K 715 Ft to POB Th S 0 Deg II Jlin E 45 Kt Th E 190 Ft Th N 0 Deg 11 Min W 43 Fl Th W 190 Ft to POB SI0.7S 336193—Berry, Luther C Tract Xo 2625 Friedemann Sub S 70 Ft I..ot 30 $116.92 336202—Goeller. Jllnnie J Tr No 2623 Friedemann Sub X H T.*t 34 $34.85 33620.3—Campbell, ,Tames V Tract No 2623 Friedemann Sub S '4 Lot 33 $101.62 33621S—Bridges, Jo.seph L and Alice L R S B SO Ac Sur Ptn Lot 7 Blk 62 Com at a Pt 97) Ft W of E LI Kd Lot 7 on the N LI C >T3rcss St Th W Alg X LI of Cypress St 132 Ft for Trim FOB Th W 30 Ft Th .N- ISO Ft Th E 50 Ft Th S 150 Kt to FOB Ex S 20 Kt St $6S.S7 336220—Swing, Richard 1. R S B SO Ac Sur E 50 Kt W 124.35 Ft N 200 Ft Ptn tj>t 7 Blk 02 Lying S of 9th St Dcsc as Com on S Li .Sd Lot 727.03 Kt W from SE Cor Th X S3S.7 Ft to a Pt I74I.3 Ft S of .\- Li Sd Lot Th W 242.35 Kt Th S .598.7 Ft to S Li Sd Lot Th E Alg Sd S Li 242.35 Ft to POB $13fi.SI 336224—B and D Enterprises R S B SO Ac Sur E 4S7 Kt Lot 7 Blk 62 Lying Sly of S Li Ninth St Ex Streets 6.46 Ac JI/1- $2,504.74 336232—Crowder, Billy B and Ollle R S B Ptn Lot 7 Blk 62 Com at Intersection X Li Cypress St and E Li L-inkershIm St Th N Alg E Li U-inkershini St ISO Kt Th E Parallel with N LI Cypress St S7 Kt Tli 5 ISO Ft to N Li St Th W S7 Kt to POB Ex S 90 Ft thereof $97.33 336234—Tol.son, Tom and Linnie 1 Cunningham Sub Ptn Lot 3 Beg X' S9 Deg 57 Min W 20 Ft and 806 Ft S of XE Cor Ixit Sd Sub Th X 89 Deg 57 MIn W 468 Ft Th N 220 Ft Th S 83 Deg 57 Min E to Pt which Is X 89 Deg 57 Min W 20 Ft from E Li Sd Lot 3 Th S to POB $140.82 3.16244—CasUneda. Qulrino R S B Ptn Lot 2 Blk 62 Beg 850 Ft X of Intersection Sly LI Lot 2 with W LI B H Sd Lot 2 Th N lOO Ft Th 218.5 Ft E Th S 100 Ft Th W 218.5 Ft to POB .50 Ac $15.80 336245—R S B SO Ac Sur Ptn Lot 2 Blk 62 Bee 7S0 Ft X of Intersection Sly LI Sd tot with W LI E H Sd Lot Th X 100 Ft Th E 21S.S Ft Th S 100 Ft Th W 218.5 Ft to POB $63.36 336260—Hamilton. Jlelbourne S and Jlona JI Tract No 3097 Cooley Hts Lot 11 $21S.S0 336266—Jlorris. Edgar L and Edith Jt Tract Xo 30S7 Cooler Hts lytt 5 $60.54 336344—Snappie Builders Tract No 3120 Cooley Heights Xo 2 Ptn Lots 1 and 26 Beg at a Pt In X LI Sd Lot 60 Ft E of NW Cor thereof Th W 60 Ft to .Sd XW^ Cor Th S 1R9.S9 Pt to SW Cor Sd I.ot Th E 65.69 Ft to SW Cor Lot 26 Sd Tract Th Cont E 23 Ft Th N S3 Ft Th X S9 Deg 66 Jlln W 32.39 Ft Th X 106.89 Ft JI/L to POB .35 Ac Jf /L $147.53 33636.3—Chavel Construction Co Inc R S B $0 Ac Sur S 140 Ft X 160 Ft E SO Ft W 91 Ft SW U Lot 9 Blk m $117.80 136419—Lc Vesque. Gerald J and JIar>- L Tract Xo 3585 Lot 14 $167.46 336443—Sldener. Gene H and Jenlce Tr Xo 43S0 Lot 14 $417.S2 336517—Sather. Irving E and Jlary B Tr Xo 233S B.ise Line Gardens Xo 4 S 50 Ft K 140 Ft Lot 10 Blk 6 Ex ;i Jlnl Rts $33.38 336360—Daniels. C O Sr and Essie L Tract No 2099 Bryant Acres S 50 Ft Lot 21 $77.41 33658*—Emerson, Ellstvorth C and JIarv A Tract Xo 2SSt B F Mc Glothlen Sub Lot 37 Blk A $109.40 336394—Henry. Jack Allen and Edih Jlay Tr Xo 2354 B F Mc Glothlen Suh Lot 30 Blk A $177.38 J3«S97—Granlch. Frank J and Jennie E Tr Xo 2384 B P JIc Glothlen Sub Lot 27 Blk A $72.34 J3685S—Tulll». Ro.tcoe H and Dorothy Jt Tr Xo 2815 Mc Glothlen Gardens Xo 2 Lot.* 40 and 41 Ex E no Ff naa Ex Water Rts $«2.s: 138704—Gay. James H and Barbara J Tr Xo 3737 Jle Glothlen Gardens Lot » Ex Water Rights ....$77.83 338730—AHen, George JI and Barbara Tr Xo 2S27 JIc Glothlen Gardens Xo 3 B 32.5 Ft Ix>t 125 and W 27.5 Ft Lot 126 Ex Ptn Deeded to Co $69.78 13<'42—Robinson. Dale E and Julia L Tract Xo 2S27 Mc Glothlen Gardens Xo 3 Lot 111 $1(1,14 136882—Daniels, Clem O Jr and Helen Tr 2145 Tates Sub X « W H S H Lot 11 $100.78 336884—Brantley. Roy E and Irene J Tr Xo 2145 Tates Sub Lot 2 L9S Ac $190.30 336S9I—Benedict. Laura A Tr Xo 2584 B G Mc Glothlen Sub Lot 59 Blk B $61.84 336S95 -JohnMin. Robert E R S B SO Ac Sur Ptn Lot 2 BUc 53 Beg St Pt 147 .2 Ft E and 422 Pt X of SW Cor Sd Lot 2 Th N 63 Ft Th X' !i Det! 59 Min B 99.S3 Ft to S U Lot 54 Blk B Tr Xo 25S4 Th S 5S Deg 17 Min B Alg Sly LI Lot 54 to W LI Elmwood Bd Th S Alg W LI ElmwDod Rd to Pt 422 Ft X of S LI Sd Lot I Th W 143 Ft to POB and Ptn Lot 54 Blk B TV 25S4 Beg at SEly Cor Sd Lot 54 Th Alg SW Li Sd Lot X 5» Des 17 .MIn W 46.45 Ft Th X' «» Deg 59 J^in U 34.15 Ft to E LI Sd Lot Th 5 11 Deg 42 Jlln 30 Seconds E 24.93 Ft to POB $39.13 S369I9—Gallo. John O Sr and Xa- oml W Tr No 2143 Tates Sub N 123.4 Ft Lot 12 Ex E 50 Ft $51.21 33632J—E 50 Kt .V 125.4 Ft Lot 12 $39.12 336924—Ptn Lot.s 12 and 11 Com at a Pt 125.4 Ft S of XTV Cor Sd Lot 12 Th E Parallel with X U Sd Lot 12 161.55 Ft to True POB Th Cont E and Parallel with Xly Li Sd Lot 12 1S4.95 Ft JI/L to a Pt on E LI Sd Ixit 12 Th S Alg Ely Li Sd Lot 12 to SE Cor thereof Th W 25.9 Ft Alg S Li I.ot 12 to XE Cor Lot 13 Tr Xo 2145 Th S Alg E IJ Sd Lot 13 19.64 Ft Th W^ Parallel to N Li Lot 12 135.05 Fl Th X to POB $12.30 336944—Robert.". Howard L and Jlil- dred L Tr .Vo 23S4 B F ilc Glothlen Sub Lot 11 Blk B $96.53 336954—Taylor. Peyton W and Glad- vs A Tr No 2Si; Mc Glothlen Gardens Xo 2 Lot 2 $33.00 3305S.3—Lot 1 Ex St $76.42 3365S6—Tr No 2737 JIc Glothlen G.irden.s S 13 Ft Lot II $11.52 337024—Brown. Glenn L and Frances G Tr -Vo 2S37 Mc Glothlen Gardens No 3 Lot 44 $224.02 337034—Lyons, Robert G and Neva D Tr No 2SI3 JIc Glothlen Gardens No 2 Lot 6S $163.71 337033—Pineda. Jo.seph V and Catalina R Tr So 2527 JIc Glothlen Gardens No 3 I»l A $24.6S 337212—Pa Da Construction Co Tr So 4110 Sterling Homes No 3 Lot 34 $236.50 337236—Burn.=. John JI Jr and Ni nma V Tract .No 4110 Sterlini Homes No 3 Lot 32 $176.46 3373S7—Williams, J B and Ethel F R S B .s 761.30 Ft .V 524 Fl W 22 Ft Lot S Blk 31 $16.64 337357—Rhodes. Frank W and Jlar- garet Tr .No 3220 Warm Creek Park Lot S $17.93 3.37451—Rench. Rachle II Tract No 2.536 Taylor Knoll Uit 46 $IS3.S0 337327—Jame .s. Ctcil and Doodle Tr No 1375 Arroyo Verde Park Lot 11 Blk 3 $123.40 337353—^JIc Donald, Alonzo A and Nancy B Tr No 22S3 Wolf and Yaten Sub S li Lot 43 $S3.45 337563—Lowther. Bert J anil Goldle J Tract -No 22S9 Wolf and Yates Sub N 45 Ft Lot 46 $19.1S 3375S0—Ewen, Lydia Jf Tr No 22a9 Wolf and Yates Sub Lot 29 $U3.20 33759S—LIsco Corp Tract No 2259 Wolf and Yates Sub Lot 13 . .$70.60 337016—Davl .s, Don V and Barbara Loe USB Ptn Lot 12 Blk 51 Desc as Com at a PC S 123 Ft and E 27 Ft from NW Cor S '.j E 6 Ac NW 14 .Sd Lot 12 Th E to E Li NW H Sd Lot Th S 61.S3 Ft Th W to a Pt 27 Ft E of E Li W 2 Ac S M NW U Sd Lot Th N 61.83 Ft to POB $IS9.'.5 .337639—Carhart, Louis A R S B E 53 Ft W 100 Ft S 433.6 Ft E 533 Ft Lot 8 Blk 43 Ex N 222.25 Ft thereof $213.90 337656—Ammons, Ray H and Mark and James T R S B Ptn Lots 5 and 6 Blk r,l Desc as Com at XE Cor Iy>t 1 Tr No 3552 Th X 89 Deg 39 Jlin W 170 Ft Th S 0 Deg 11 Jlin W 6.3 Ft lo NE Cor Lots Sd Tr No 35S2 Th N S9 Deg 35 Jlin W 7S6.37 Kt to XW Cor Lot 17 Sd Tr No 39S2 Th N 0 Deg II -Min E to a Pt in N Li Lot 6 Blk 51 R S B Th S 85 Deg 39 Jlln E Alg X Li Lots « and 5 .Sd Blk lo a Pt in .Sd N Li which Bears N 0 Deg II Jlln E from POB Th S 0 Deg 11 Jlin W to POB Ex N -ifl Ft therof Co Bd and Kx S 62 Ft E 120 Kt thereof 2.S4 Ac JI/L $323.37 337661—D%er. Clifford K and Jfuriel S Tr No 3714 Lot IS $53.5S 337673—Unknown Owner Ptn Lot 6 Blk 31 R S B as Com at NW Cor Lot 23 Tract No 3714 Th W Alg Wly Prolongation N LI Sd Lot 23 S.75 Ft Th N 0 Deg II Jfin E S.31 Ft Th S 87 Deg 30 Jlln E to a Pt on N Li Lot 21 Tract No 3714 which Is 13 Ft E of .V\V Cor .Sd Lot 21 Th W Alg N LI Lots 21 22 and 23 Sd Tr 3714 1S6.25 Kt to POB $7.26 337717—Crairr. Jesse A and Jlary G Tract Xo 2510 Balduf Tract Lot 21 $S9.74 337728—Hadjcs, I>ouls W and Jiia­ nita Jt Tr Xo 3714 Lot 3 Ex Com at SW Cor Lot 4 Th Ely Al? Sly Li Sd Lot 4 to SEly Cor Th S 0 Deg 13 Jlin W Alg Ely LI Sd Lot Extended B.37 Ft Th In a Straight Li to POB $ISL30 337743—La Jfar, C L and Clarlssia C Tr Xo 3996 Tandel Sub I>ot 60 $100.71 337749—Enlow. WiUhira H and Helen Tract No 2996 Yandell Sub Lot 65 $3l.8S 337750—Audet. Gordon Anthony and JIargaret E Tract Xo 2996 Y'andell Sub Lot 66 $170.42 33773f—Rodarte. Antonio C and Edubijen P Tract No 299S Yandell Sub I.ot 26 $114.76 33773S—Scogum, A Y and Jlyra I. Cooley Trset Zx>t U BUc A $53.7 338233—Wiastaaler. B A Cooley Tract H 51 Ft Lots 20 a «od 22 Blk A Tract No 2996 Yandell Sub Lot 2S $123.70 337763—Rampley. Clara Tract No 2596 Yandell Sub Lot 63 Ex W 73 Ft Thereof $39.53 337774—Thompson, Charles W and Mozell V Tract No 2996 Yandell Sub Lot 53 $1.?9.3S 337780—Lot 35 $9.3.66 X177S3—Lot 38 $179.7S 337790—Collet, Grantley H Tract No 2996 Yandell Sub Lot 43 and E \i Lot 46 $293.70 337S09—Green. Barnett L and Janet Tract No 2596 Yandell Sub iMt 9 $117.74 .337S20—Wing. Virl H and Jlclva E Tr No 2.532 N 'J Lot 14 ....$241.82 337827—Hawkins. James T and Wilma June Tract No 2352 S >i Ixit IS $34.58 337S32—D and L (Construction Co Tr No 2352 N U Lot 27 ....$21.76 337833—Schermerhorn. Philemon D Tr No 2532 S 50 Ft Lot 26 $232.83 337838—Reavis, Edward P and Dorothy V Tract Xo 2352 N y iMt 24 ?..$147.91 337845—Wagoner. Dorothy JI Tr Xo 2352 W 14 Lot 3« $2l.-« 13784S—Johnson. Lllbnm and Edith Tract Xo 2552 W 79 Ft Lot 40 and W 79 Ft N H Lot 41 Ex W 20 Ft thereof $118.92 337857—Holt. Bnrlin C and Dorothy P R S B 40 Ac Sur Ptn Lot 1 Blk 51 Desc as Com on W LI Sterling Ave 419.S9 Ft S of XT: Cor Sd Lot 1 Th W 428.27 Ft to E LI Tr No 2332 Th S 101.72 Ft Th E 428.27 Ft to W Li Sterling Ave Th X 101.72 Ft to POB $196.12 337S94—Quillen. JIark C and Wllma Jt Tract Xo 2352 S 73 Ft Lot 32 $156.64 337903—Richardson. Bette Ro San Bernardino Blk 51 Ptn Lot 1 Blk 51 Com on W LI Sterling Ave 553.03 Ft X of SE Cor Sd Lot Th S S9 Deg 49 Jlin W 423.27 Ft to E LI Th 2352 Th X 0 Deg 01 Jlln 30 Seconds B 90 Ft Th X S9 Deg 49 Jlln E 42S.27 Ft to W LI Sterling Ave Th S 0 Deg 04 MIn W 90 Ft fo POB $134.23 .337915—Sheldon. Edward and Mae R S B S 60 Ft E 160 Ft of that Ptn I-ot 1 Blk 51 Desc as Com on W LI Sterling Ave at Pt 878.77 Ft S of XE Cor Sd Lot Th S to a Pt which Is X 946.73 Ft from SE Cor Sd Lot Th W 425.27 Ft Th X to Pt which is Doe W of FOB Tll E 42S.27 Ft to POB .22 Ac JI/L $291.93 337917—Jlorrison, Charles C Tract Xo 39S2 Lot 21 $135.14 337941—Hernandes. Henry B and Dorothy M Tract Xo 39S2 Lot 30 $65.94 337951—JIc I.jiughlln. Robert L and Bonnie Tract Xo 3982 Lot 17 $108.72 33795S—Johnson. Ronald E and Patricia L Tract No 3952 Lot 3 $88.41 337970—Newton. I..est»r and Charlotte E Tr No 4268 Lot 33 $164.58 317983—Welton. Helen B Tr No 4268 Lot 64 $171.08 3.17990—Jflchelson. Shirley A Tr No 4268 Lot 57 $173.92 137991—Snodgrass. Harold B and Xathelle E Tr No 42SS Lot S« $172.20 337592—nlen. Phillip S and Kathleen Tr So 4285 I^t 55 5S8.4S 337»9fi—Del Rosa Estates Tr .Vo I'W Ixit 51 $S«.75 333002—.«;chnelder. Fred A and Sfurle Tr Xo KHf Lot S 33S0O4—Parker, Willis W and Oer- aldlne Tr No 426U I/)t S ..$!2.91 33S033—^Hanssner. BIcbarrt snd Josephine Tract Xo 5448 Lot 20 ..$168.26 135066—Hart. Calvin A and Dolores J Tract Xo 4169 Lot 4 $159.44 138074—Joties. James B and Loretta Tract Xo 4389 Lot 35 $IM.S2 I3S077—Howe. David J and Rita X Tract Xo 4369 Lot 32 $38 .74 IISOSO—Kelly. Xorman P Jr and Leohi J Tract Xo 4169 Lot 29 $17L14 133051—Shnnk. Kenneth A and Irene J Tract Xo 4389 Lot 2S $92,32 138093—Hudson, James H snd Carmen I Tract Xo 5416 Lot 5 $U.I4 335155—Webb, Marjorie Tract X'o 5448 Lot 29 $167.10 33S201—Levlne. Charles S Cooley Tract Lot 24 Bllc B $1I1.IS 338209—E:ytcheson. Harold E and Pauline JI Cooley Tr Lot 12 Blk B ns.s3 13S213—Williams, Edith I Cooley Tract Lot IS Blk B $55.28 233221—Cusblng. JeaneUs Cooler Tr |>>t 10 Blk A JIJ3.72 338229—Durham, Frank and Amey 33S243—Koen&e. Oscar B and Grace E Cooley Tr Lot 34 Blk A $1S3.6S 333254—Gifford. John and Sylvia Tract Xo 2503 Lot 7 $53.27 335262--Xones. Constance L Tract 2.303 Lot 17 $9LS4 33S2SJ—Jones. Wayne and Constance L R S B Ptn Blk 44 Ptn Lot 9 Blk 44 Beg at XB Cor Lot 17 Tr 2303 Th S 11 Deg 01 Jlin E 6S.83 Ft Als B IJ Sd Lot 17 Th S 34 Deg 21 Min E 112.50 Ft to Jtost Ely Cor Sd t,ot Th X 13 Deg 41 Jtht E 137.0S Ft to Pt on S LI 4th St which Is 137.05 Ft E of POB Th W to POB $11.93 33S2SJ—Boone, Leiand E and Kathleen E Tr No 2343 Cottage Gardens N 5S Pt W 30 Ft Lot 59 $4L24 33S294—Hann, Arthur B Tract Xo 2315 Cottage Gardens X M Ft Lot 53 and E 25 Ft X 5S Ft Lot 59 $42.95 333297—Russell, Galen C and Emma L Tr Xo 2343 Cottage Gardens Lot i4 $35.27 33.3306—Cameron. Alex C and Maxine E Tr Xo 2345 Cottage Gardens Lot 43 $293.36 33S327—Pratt. George W and miz- abeth C Tr No 2313 Cottage Gardens Lot 114 $127.12 333311—Smith. Delmer J and Darlene Tract Xo 2343 Cottage Gardens Lot 127 $15.34 33S342—Lot 126 $63.92 33S345—Leon. Jllguel and Eloise Tr Xo 2343 Cottage Gilrdens Lot 123 563.75 335346—JIathews, Cliarles William Tr Xo 2343 Cottage Gardens Lot 122 $142.40 33S364—Schooler, L P and Carrie Tr Xo 2345 Cottage Gardens Lot 163 $4?.0S 33S365—Chavez, Crescencio and Josephine Tr So 2343 Cotuge Gardens Lot 164 5SI.I9 33S366—Bedlent, Gerard H Tract .Vo 2545 Cotiasa Gardens X.ot 163 $45.06 33S3S3—Adom. J D and Juiiita Tr .No 2345 Cottage Gardens Ij3t 179 3.3.S440—Slnor, Robert 1. and Jim- mle Ellen Tr Xo 2343 Cottage Gardens Lot 133 $103.26 To be deeded to the State July 5 1963. See No. 1329 in addenda to this list. 335442—Fergen, Thomas R Tract No 2345 Cottage Gardens Lot 133 $98.20 338443—Davis, David V and Hazel JI Tr X'o 2345 Cottage Gardens Lot 130 $63.S7 S3S446—Davis, Hczel Jt Tr Xo 2343 Cottaga Gardens Lot 145 $135.40 33S460—Gianikos, Emanuel Tr No 2345 Cottaga Gardens S 43 Ft Lot 13 554.00 335511—Graham, Benjamin If and Ruth JI Tract Xo 2315 Cottage Gardens Lot 5 $15.7,s 33S33S—Sauceda, Jfanuel R and Bcatriz L Tr Xo 2522 Cottage Gardens No 2 Lot 12 $173.80 33S5G3—Eson, R W and Shirley E Tr X'o 275S Cottage Gardens No 3 Lot 47 $309.80 33S567—Ford. R B and Jfargec Tract No 2522 Cottage Garden.s No 2 E H Lot 17 Ex N 163..'.9 Ft $130.50 33S577—BJorn, Nellie JIabcl Tr No 2345 Cottage Gardens Lot 85 533.14 333552—Phillips, Bobby R and Beverly Irene Tract -Vo 2322 Cottage Garden.s No 2 Lot 27 $32.74 333591—Healey, Elzada B Et Al Tr No 2753 Cottage Gardens No 3 I..ot o4 531.01 335.592-[A)t 55 $10.67 335554—Kickes, James S and Edith 31 Tr So 2753 Cottage Gardens No 3 Lot 57 $17.01 33S6I9—Davi.s. David V and Hazel JI Tr So 273S Cottage Gardens No 3 Lot 61 $41.72 3.1S622—La Jlar, Clifforil L and Clari.s'.a C Tract No 2735 Cottage Gardens No 3 N 140 Ft Lot 64 $96.0« 33S623—Smith, John JI and Dorthy Rose Tr Xo 2758 Cottage Gardens Tract Xo 3 N 140 Ft Lot 65. $65.06 33S624—Davis. David V and Hazel JI Tr Xo 2753 Cottage Gardens No 3 X 140 Ft Lot 66 $27.65 33SB2.3—S 114.4S Ft Lot 65 and S 114.43 Ft Lot 66 $14.32 33SC2S—S 114.43 Ft Lots 63 and 61 $14.52 33S627 — Giirule, Jllohael L and Phyllis JI Tract Xo 2522 Cottage Gardens Xo 2 S 110 Ft Lot 40 $41.25 3.33634—Long. Eugene W and Hazel H B S B Ptn Lot 10 Blk 50 and Ptn 3rd St Vac Desc as Cora at a Pt in C/L Tippecanoe Which is 1630 Ft S of C/L Sth St Sd Pt Being on W LI Lot 10 Th S 25S Ft Th X 72 Deg 53 Jlln B 135. Ft Th S 32 Deg 00 Jlln E S1.40 Ft to True POB Th X 66 Deg SO Jlln 3 Seconds E 12.43 Ft Th S 21 Deg IS Jlln E 66 Ft to a Pt In X LI 3rd St Th Wly 71.71 Ft Alg a Curve Concave SEly with a Radius of 614.25 Ft to a reverse Curve having a radiu.s of .331 Ft Th Alg Sd Curve 5S.92 Ft Th N 01 Deg 14 Jlin W 65.73 Ft Th N 66 Deg 30 Jlin 30 Second.s E 93.88 Ft to POB $120.40 338672—Palo, John R and JIargar­ et Ann Tract Xo 30.52 Lot 55 Ex Water righu and Ex Min Rts $238.42 33363.3—James. Cecil and Doodle Tr No 3008 Lot ISO Ex Water Rights and Ex Jlin Rts ... $231.62 33SSS4—Lot 179 Ex Water Rights and Ex Jlin Rts $262.20 ,335697—Chapanar. John P Tr Xo 300S I.ot 166 Ex Water Rts and Ex Jlin RLs $122.s« 33S704—Atkinson. Thelma Tr Xo 300S I.,ot 10 Ex Water Rts and Ex Jlin Rts $232.40 33570.3—Lot 9 Ex Water Rts and Ex Jlin Rts $19.13 33S71S—Hoke. Ira L and Benlah V Tr Xo 300S Lot 110 Ex Water Rts and Ex .Min Rts $147.43 338722—Ashenhurst, Rose J Tr Xo SOOS Lot 106 Ex Water Rts and Ex Jlln Rts $39.93 338721—Mayhill, M Wajme Tr Xo 3008 Lot 105 Ex Water Rts and Ex MIn Rta $69.72 338737—Fox, William A Jr and Xa- diuo Tr Xo 3008 Lot 73 Ex Water Rts and Ex Min Rts $137.30 33873S—Pickard, Mary Tr Xo 3003 Lot 72 Ex Water Rts and Ex Jlin RU $78.65 333756>—Dlllard. Fartis and Zelma JI Et Al Tr Xo 3008 Ixit 51 Ex Water Rts and Ex Jfln Rt.s. $10.25 333762—Lot 26 Ex Water Rts and Ex Jlin Rts $75.30 ,138777—Jlontebello Security Corp Tr Xo 3032 Lot 46 Ex Water Rts $70.13 3SS7S7 — Phillips, Walter A and Oley D Tr Xo 3032 Lot 32 Ex Wtr Rts and Jlln Rts $31.35 33S798—Bias, Xoah X and Garnet F Tr No 3082 I.ot 22 Ex Wtr and Jlln Rts $106.70 33SS03—Lacer, Arthur E and Josephine JI Tr Xo 30S3 Lot 17 Ei Wtr Rta and Jfin Rts $lll„S0 33S819—Orr, Jeanette Tr Xo 5008 Lot 157 Ex Wtr and Jlin Rts $125.40 338823—Saunders, Eli A Tr Xo 3008 Ixit 153 Ex Wtr and Jlin Rts $101.60 338332—Page. Leiand S and Jlil- dred K Tr Xo 300S Lot 143 Ex All Wtr and Jlin Kts $48.48 335847—Wood, Ernest and JuaniU Tr Xo 3008 Lot S5 Ex Wtr and Jlln Rts $76.52 333343—Freeman, James C and Peggy L Tr -Vo 3003. Lot 84 Ei Wtr and Jlln Rts $25.12 533350—Coker. Lewis J Tr Xo 3003 Lot S3 Ex Wtr and Jlin Rts. $117.74 33SS85-JtcCowan, Ruth D Tr No SOOS l.jjt 51 Ex Wtr and Mnl Rts WOSE $159.42 333872-Piper, Rupert L and Eileen Tr Xo 3003 Lot 124 Ex Min and Wtr Rts $43.38 338877—Owens. Marion E Tr Xo 1008 Lot 119 Ex Wtr and Jlln Rts $38.00 33S87S-Lot lis Bx Wtr and Jlin Rts $145.08 2388.51—Holmes. Ben and Audrey Tr Xo 3008 Lot 114 Ex Wtr and Jlin Rts $H2.6« 338S88—Applegate. Lloyd A and LotUe Tr Xo SOOS Lot 129 Ex Wtr and Jlin Rts $311.52 238900—Lewis, Edward A Bt Al R S B Ptn Lot IS Blk SO Com at a Pt In X LI Sd Lot 18 W 1118.11 Ft Ftom XB Cor Lot 20 Sd Blk 50 Th S Parallel with E U Lot 18 a DIst of 800 Ft to N LI Sth St Th W Ale N LI Sth St to W LI E »4 Sd Lot IS Th X Ate Sd W LI to X LI Sd Lot Th E to POB Ex 60 Ft X ITS Ft Thereof L7« Ac Jf/L $83.78 313914—Elmmerton. Sophia Bt Al Shays Sub Well and Pumping Plant Located on X Ptn I-ot 1 $71.80 338913—Quiroz. Joe C and Joy Leona Tract X'o 3582 Cllne and Evans Tract Lot 11 $79.92 238914—Fagnn. Ernest K and Adeline R Tract Xo 1382 aine and Evans Tract Lot 12.... $188.58 33S94S—Carlson. Paul R and Ira R Hart R S B X 181.7S Ft S 313.75 Ft B S1.12 Ft W 184 Ft E »i Lot 4 BUc (0 Ex Co Rd and Ex Alley $«3.7« 338947—Carlson. Paul R and Itary P R S B B 72.18 Ft W 307 Ft X 150 Ft S 463.75 Ft E »i Lot 4 Blk. 80 Ex Co Road $13TJ7 118M8-E 40 Ft W 234 .S4 Ft X 150 Ft S 483.7S Ft E H Lot 4 Blk 60 Ex Co Bd J3S-2S lJS9«0-<lulros. Carl P and Virginia. L B S B E 1S4J3 Ft W 307 Ft S 710 Ft E H Lot 4 Blk 6«l Ex S 5SS.75 Ft Thereof $14.0S 138562—Stephenson. J D R S B Ptn E H Lot 4 Blk 60 Desc a-s Com at a I't 81 1/1 Ft B of SE Cor Lot 14 Tract -Vo 3582 As Per Plat Recorded in Book 47 of JIaps Page S7 Record!! of Sd County Th Continuing E 61 H Kt Th .V OO Deg 11 Jlin 00 Seconds W Parallel with E LI Sd Lot 14 a DLstance of 125 Ft to a Pt on Ely Extension of Sty LI 11th St as Sd St Ls Shown on Jfap of Tract Xo 2382 Th W SI ij Fl Th S 90 Deg II Min 00 Seconds E 123 Ft to POB. rs .Ol 11S9S9—Dempsey. Edward J and Frances C Tract X'o 3552 Cllne and Ev.-ins Tract Lot 42 $102.38 33S957—Garrison, Don R and Dorothy R S B SO .^c Sar Ptn E 146 Ft S t.-. E H I.ot a Blk 60 Lving Nly of Sly Li Flood Control Easement Per Deed Recorded In Bk 4659 Pg 336 Official Bcords 2.243 Ac JI/L $38.84 3.3S559—Voting, JIarguerite B and C Brindley K S B SO Ac Sur Ptn K U w V. Lot I Blk 60 Cora at SB Cor W H Sd Lot 1 Th X to the San Bdno Co Flood Control Dist Th W SO Ft Th S to S LI Sd Lot Th E SO Ft to Pt Beg .SO Acres $42.27 335'>00—Brindley, John Charies R S B SO Ac Sur Ptn E W u Lot 1 Blk 60 Com SO Ft W of SE Cor E u W »- Sd Lot Th X' to S B Flood Control R/W Th W to W Li E li W Sd Lot Th S to S LI Sd Lot Th E to POB 2.-.3 Ac $29S.01 335005—.American National Bank of San Bdno Interest in and to 3 Shares Warm Creek 57.26 335063—Hughes, James Jf and Emily A Tr Xo 5062 Lot 43 .,.$252.92 339163—JIcLain. Robert P and Jo Anna Tr No 5S77 Lot 63 ....$233.52 339232—Williams, Jimmy R and Viola JI Tract Xo 3193 Lot 2.3 $34.41 339254—American Xationai Bank of San Bdno Tract Xo 3152 Lot 31 $2.7.44 339260—Clark, Richard F and Wilma L Tract Xo 3152 Lot 37. $212.4S 339271—Jlclntosh, Kenneth H Tract Xo 3152 Lot 48 $173.SS 339303—Xorris, Jey B and Xellie I Tract Xo 2S30 Lot 80 $60.31 333320—Ilanner, John Tract Xo 2S30 Lot 33 $33.13 333326—Jfu.solf, Raymond B and Pearl S Tract Xo 2S90 Lot 40 $73.14 ZSOSSO —Thompson, Ted and Jlj-ra A Tract No 3001 Lot 8 $S3.71 3393S1—Lot 9 $13.67 339332—Dalrjmple, Faonia Tract Xo 3001 Lot U $113.33 335333—Hetzel. Fred Tract Xo 3001 Lot II $73.63 339336—Dodson, Jfclvin E and Pauline Tract Xo 3001 Lot 14 Ex Water Rights and Ex Jlineral Rights Except Highway $203.63 339101—Kaake, WiUiam J and Hazel E Tract No 2390 Lot 73. $121.13 333106—Eades, Frank E and Laura A Tract No 2614 JIcKinley Tract X H Lot 9 $157.70 339414—Puckett, Charies L Tr No 2614 JIcKinley Tr Lot 3 $142.83 339413—Norton, Rueben D and Wynona JI Tr No 2614 JIcKinley Tr Lot 2 $153.46 339417-.V 93 Ft Lot 1 $353.14 339417-1—Butowlcz, Henrj- JI anil Arlene B Tract 2611 JIcKinley Tr .N li Lot S $21J0 335420 — Brace, Charley O and GUdys O Tr Xo 27S2 Colby Acres S 20 Ft Lot 11 and W 175 Fl Lot 13 $33.37 335425 — Bering Jlonroe Jlotors Tract X'o 27S2 Colby Acres S 73 Ft Lot 10 $97.33 339427—S 73 Ft Lot 3 $0.30 335447—Flak. Judson S and Jlary .M Tr No 2614 JIcKinley Tract S Vz Lot 15 $67.66 335448—American NaU Bk of San Bernardino Tract No 2614 JIcKin­ ley Tract X '.i Lot 13 $107.36 33543S—Overmeyer, Orah Tr Xo 2014 .JIcKinley Tract Lot 22. $22.20 339439—Lot 21 $53.41 339461—American Xatl Bk of San Bernardino TV X'o 2614 McKinlcy Tr X 50 Ft Lot 17 $105.90 339465—KeUy, Oli%-e L Tract Xo 2614 JIcKinley Tr W 333 Ft Lot 31 $96.52 339469—Guzy. Joseph C and Fern G Tract X'o 2782 Colby Acres Lot 22 $173.10 339484—Coleman, Charles F and Pauline R S B 80 Ac Sur Ptn Lot 7 Blk 62 Desc as Com 974 Ft W and 1450 Ft S of X-E Cor Sd Lot Th W 334 Kt to True POB Th S 45 Ft Th E 150 Ft Th X 45 Ft Th W 150 Ft to POB $4L26 339494—Penrod, Everett D and Walla E R S B Ptn Lot 7 Blk 62 Beg at Intersection E Li Lanker- shim St and X Li 9th St Th E Alg X Li 9th St 70 Ft for Tnie POB Th X- 130 Ft Th B 94 Ft Th 5 130 Ft to X Li 9th St Th W 94 Ft to POB $274.16 339496—Dunbar. De Witte D and Lucille E R S B Blk 62 Ptn Lot 6 Desc as Com at NE Cor Lot 32 TV Xo 2611 Th X 239 Ft to True POB Th E 210.11 Ft Th S 75 Ft JI/L to X"W Cor Land Conveyed by Deed Recorded in Bk 2669 Page 236 Official Records Th E 60.3 Kt Th X 135 Ft JI/L to SE Cor Land Conveyed by Deed Recorded in Bk 25SS Page 439 Official Records Th W 270.K Ft to a Pt in W Li Lakerahim Street Ex tended Th S 60 Kt JI/L to POB $23.44 339497—Hopkins, Mattie T R S B Blk 62 Ptn 1.01 6 Com at XE Cor Lot 32 Tr Xo 2614 Th .V 174 Ft to True POB Th E 25 Kt Th X 65 Ft Th W 23 Ft Th S 63 Ft to True POB $3.54 329504—Dockens, JI H B and AI- lie JI R S B 80 Ac Sur Ptn Lot 7 Blk 63 Desc as Com on X' LI Sd Lot 1084 Ft W of XE Cor Sd Lot Th W 133.S Ft Th S 750 Ft Th E I33.» Ft to Pt Due S of POB Th X 750 Ft to POB. $313.46 S39512—Pugel, Fannie M Tr Xo 2126 Valaria Place X 60 Ft Lot 6 Blk A $101.64 339513—Bledsoe, Man-In and Harriet Tr 2128 Valaria Place Lot 5 Blk A Bx X 30 Ft $52.32 339514—Comstock, Raymond D and Vema C Tr 2126 Valaria Place X 30 Ft Lot S and S 30 Ft Lot 4 Blk A $51.04 339532—Poole, Andrew Jf and Loretta Tr Xo 3U61 Griziell Sub No 3 Lot 34 $173.02 339.337—Hall. Ella Hewlns Tr No 3061 Grizzell Sub No 2 Lot 39 $34.01 339342—Rowe. Jim H and Janet Tr Xo 3061 Grizzell Sub Xo 2 Lot 13 $102.87 339363—Quindipan. Robert R and Vivian L Tr Xo 2U5 VaUria Place S 8 OFt Lot 13 Blk A $178.10 339573—Sierra Homes Inc Tr Xo 2126 Valaria Place X 30 Ft Lot 7 Blk A and S 30 Ft Lot 6 Blk A $53.16 339605—Pope. James R and Betty J Tr Xo 3061 Grizzell Sub Xo 2 S 48 Ft Lot 48 and X 10 Ft Lot 45 $178.12 339609 — Fosdick. Harry E and Dorothy Tr Xo 3061 Grizzell Sub No 2 Lot 29 $151.78 339610—Welsser. Fannie Tr JCo 3061 Grizzell Sub Xo 2 Lot 2S $23.44 335613—Pope. James R and Betty J Tr Xo 5051 Grizzell Sub Xo 2 Lot 25 $149.20 335614—I.ot 24 $76.10 339636—Jensen. Donald W and Rita E Tract Xo 3296 Todd TVact Lot 21 $70.17 330616—Prather, Jerry D and Darlena A Tract Xo 3296 Todd Tract Lot 16 $SS.O« 339660—La Jlar. Olfford L and fHarlssa C Tract Xo 229« Todd Tract Lot 2 $37.85 339669 — Gerth. Edwin O and Mildred M Tract So 3197 Lot IJ. I8J.36 319699—Villega.s. Benito Flores Tr Xo 2792 Victoria Gardens Lot 37 $««.38 339702—Hopper. Samuel R and Betty J Tr No 2792 Victoria Gardens Lot 40 $205.30 339704—Robinson. George L and Hazel L Tr X'o 2792 Victoria Gardens Lot 8 IJ67.M 539708—Brocfcen. T M Sr and Shirley M Tr Xo 279J Victoria Gardens Lot 12 $195.10 119709—Lot 11 $190 .84 139751—BombalouKb. James A and Olive R S B 80 Ac Sor Ptn Lot 5 Blk 82 Com on S LI 9th St 1247.92 Ft E of W LI Sd Lot Th E Als S LI Xinth St 72 Ft to the E LI of Sd JM Th S 209.85 Ft Th W 72 Ft Th X 209.85 Ft to S LI of Sth St and to POB $239.32 339753—Pj>berts. Bob F BSB 80 Ac Survey X 48 ll;/12 Ft. Lot 4 Blk 82 and S 99 8/12 Ft Lot 5 Blk 82 Ex Ptn in TrJKt Xo 6013 L22 Ac JI/L 32977S — Warr*D, James D and Shirley R R S B 80 Ac Sur Ptn Lot S Blk 82 Com on S LI Ninth St S7S Ft E cf Intersection Sd S LI with E LI SterUns Ave Th E Alg S LI Xinth St 100 Ft Th Parallel wiih B Li Sterling Avs 209.63 Ft Th W Parallel with » Li Xinth St 100 Ft Th X Parallel with E U Sterling Ave to POB .43 Ac Jf/L $326.04 3397S6—Landrith. Jay T Tract No 2867 Van Wormer Tract l.ot 12 SI39.SC 3397S9—Worrell. Benjamin A and Estelle G Tract .No 2SS7 Van Womier Tract Lot 9 $67.1* 333S2J—Smith and Swan Coblila Gene and Addie Vrillianv« Tract Xo 2567 Van Wormer Tract Lot 2* $75.23 339S26 — Edwartls. Floyd L and Connie Jf Tract No 2S57 Van Wormer Tract 1-ot 31 $64.24 339S$1—Morales. Joe and Delplub Tr X'o 2330 Tetley. Fairview Farms S t- Lot 21 $64.31 233SS5—Brown. Willis C aod Wanda L Tetleys Fair View Farms 3 55 Ft Lot 19 : $769.02 339901—Bums. Vernon S a»id Donna JI Tract Xo 2330 TeOeys Fal.- view Farms X 60 Ft I^t 4. $97.3S 139910—Jlurphy, Thomas and Bettie Cunningham Sul)divu!i;on Ptn Lot 2 Bes 1036 Ft S and N *4 Dec 37 Min E 192 Fl from Intersection B Li EucaljTtus Dr and S Li Cv­ St T.l & 222.73 Kt Th S 59 Deg 57 Jlin E lOO Ft Th N 222.75 Ft Th .V 39 Deg 37 Jlin W IM Ft to POB $1S7J0 519912-Burns. Vernon S and Donna M Cunningiiam Sub Ptn Lot 2 Beg 1116 Ft S of Intersection of S LI Ci-pre."s and E LI Eucalyptus St Th S S-l Ft Th E 150 Kt l^h N 50 Ft Th W 150 Fl to POB 5110.13 335913—S luo Fl Ptn Lot 2 Desc as Com on K I.l Eucalyptus Dr 806 Fl S of N Li Sd Lot 1 Th S .59 Deg 57 Jlin hZ 4'!S Kt Th S 228 Fl to Pt 222.73 K T N of S LI Sd Lot Th N S9 Deg 57 .Min \V 46S Ft to E Li Eucalyplns Dr Th .V 220 Fl lo POB 1.07 .\c .M'L. $206.26 335519—Toolin, Nora A and Daniel J Cimninghant Sub Pin Lot 3 Com on E Li Eugculyptus Dr 356 Kt 3 of X Li Lot 1 Th S S» Deg 57 Jlin E ISO Ft lo True POB Th N S9 Deg 37 Min E 72 Kl Th 3 100 Ft Th W 72 Ft Th .V lOO Ft to POB $67.80 339923—Johnson, Lilhurti and Edith Cunningham Sub Ptn Lot 1 Com on E Li Bucal.ptus Dr 130 Kt 3 of S Li Cypre.-s -St Th E 100 Ft Th S 75 Ft Th W 100 Kt Tli X 76 Ft to POB 571.90 339937—Swing, Richard 1. Cunningham Sub Ptn Lot 7 Beg 630 Ft W and 20 Kt .V of Interaection Cfti Cypress Ave and Pepper Ave Th N 310 Ft Th \V 120 Kl Th 3 310 Ft Th K 120 Kt to POB. $1X5.14 339935—Gubler, John II I 'unning- ham Sub I'm Lot 7 Beg 510 Fl W of C/L Cypre.^.s anil Victoria Ava Th .V 330 Kl to W 51 Fl Th 3 330 Fl Th E to POB $31.49 339531—Beltran, Frank G and Josefina Lopez Cunningham Sub Beg in W LI Lot 6 430 Ft S of C/L C.vpress St Th E 450 Kt Th N 90 Fl Th W 430 Kt Th S 50 Kt to POB Ex W 20 Kl .53 .\c. $76.09 335959 — Ccrvantez. Crescencio L and Esther J Cunningham Sub Pin I.ot 1 Com on B Li Sd Lot 206 Fl S of Intersection C/L Cypress SI and .Vly Extension E LI Sd Lot Th W Parallel to C/L Cypress St 152 Fl Th .V 60 Ft Th E 132 Kl Th S 60 Ft to POB EX E 20 Ft St $11.52 335563—Wickershani. Walter H and John A Et Al Cunningham Sub W 66 Ft -V 100 Kt Lot 7 $11.92 335573—Noakes. William A and Wilma O Cunningham Sub Ptn Lot 3 Beg N S5 Deg 57 Jlin W 332 Ft and S 1026 Ft From NE Cor Lot 1 Sd Sub Th .V S3 Deg 37 Jfin W S3 Kt Th S 2:2.73 Fl Th S S9 Deit 37 Jlin E S3 Ft Th S 222.73 Ft to POB .42 Ac $132 .64 335577—Tolson. Tom and Linnie I Cunningham Suh Ptn Lot 3 Bes .V 89 Deg 37 Jlin W 20 Ft and S05 Ft S of NE Cor Lot S<J Sub Th N S9 Deg 37 .Min W 46S Kt Th .V 220 Kt Th S S9 Deg 37 Jlin H to Pt Which Is .V S5 Deg 57 Jlin W 20 Kt Krom E Li Sd Lot 3 Th S to POB $136.98 335553—Jlclntosh. l.eland R Jr and Jlattle K It S B Beg at Pt in B Li Lot 3 )!lk 62 396 Kt S of 16 H Ft R/W Th W 660 Kt Th S 66 Ft E to E Li Sd Lot Th N 66 Ft to POB Ex E 20 Ft St $141.33 340014—West, Clarence E and Effie JI R S B SO Ac Sur Pui Lot 3 Blk 62 Desc as Com at a Pt 1122 Ft N and 455 Ft E of Intersection W Li Sd Lot 3 with C/L City Creek Rd for True POB Th Cont B 75 Ft Th X to S LI PE RR B/W Th Wly Als Sd Li 75 Ft JI/L to a Pt 485 Ft E of W LI Sd Lot 2 Th S to True POB. $34.17 340015—Parnell, D J and Taylor F R S B SO Ac Sur Ptn Lot 2 Blk 62 Desc as Com at a Pt 1122 Ft X and 560 Pt E of Intersection W LI Lot 2 with C/L City Creek Rd for True POB Th Com E 100 Ft Th N to S Li PE RR R/W Th Wly Alg Sd Li 100 Kt JI/L to a. Pt 560 Ft E of W Li Sd Lot 2 Th S to True POB $56.30 340027—Pioneer Title Ins and Trust Co All Jlin Rts on Tr 2S15 Lot « 57.26 34002S-AI1 Jlin Rts on Tr 3001 Lot 16 $5.5* 340029—All Jlin Rts on Tr 3001 Lot 17 $3.5* i40037—Geer, Al JI and Dorothy A STL and W Co .V B L SEly 165 Ft Lot 43 3.25 Ac $56.44 SIOOlO-FI.-ihcr, Kay and Beebee .<? T L and W Co N B L X-JVIy 275 Kt Lot 47 6.23 Ac $42.90 340044—Karlian, Boyd S T L and W Co N B 1. Ptn NWly 220 Ft SEly "i Lot 47 Com al NEIIy Cor Sd .\Wl.v 220 Kt Sly .Sd Lot Th .VWly Alg .NEly Li Sd I..ot 100 Ft Th SWly Parallel with SKly Li Sd Lot 435 Ft Th SBI.v 100 Ft Parallel with .NEly Li Sd Lot to a Pt In Sly Li NWIy 220 Ft S H Ed Lot Th -VlVly Als Sd Li 43.3 Ft to POB 1 Ac $51.36 340052—Koenig. Sam and Frieda 3 3 Ac X' 510 Ft S 1020 Ft Gov Lot 2 Sec Tp IN R 5W Ex Ely 727.27 Ft Thereof J3LS8 340064—Hlpsher, Jlorris and Doris W 330 Ft NE H SW « NW % Seo 21 Tp IX R 5W Ex^ 120 Ft 4.1 Ac .M/L Ex Water Rts $24j;« 340096—North Fontana Land Co 3 T L and W Co N B L Ptn Lots 53 and 55 Com at Intersection Xly Prolongation of N and S Cen LI Sec 21 Tp l.V R 5W with a Li That is Parallel with and Distant 280 Ft SW at B/A From XEly LI Sd Lots 53 and 55 Th S 00 Des 59 Jlin W 223 Ft Th X S9 Deg 01 .Min B 306 Ft JI/L to a Ft in a Li That is Parallel with and 2S0 Ft SWly at n /A from XEly LI Ix)ts 53 and 5.-. Th XWly Alg Sd Parallel Li to POB Ex Co Rd $98.44 340117—Patterson. James H and Geraldlne L Irvington r.and and Water Co Sub S 75 Ft of that Ptn Lot 4 Blk 64 Desc as Com on Wly Li Palm Ave X 27 Deg SO Jlin B 293.635 Ft From Intersection Nly Li Ohio Ave Th N 27 Deg 50 JDn B 193.78 Kt Th X 62 Deg 10 Jtin W 430.5 Ft Th S 27 Deg 50 Jlin W 153.76 Ft Th S 62 Deg 10 Jfin B 430.56 Ft to POB and Ptn Sts \'ac Adj as Per B S Jlin Feb 21, 1510 .7S Ac M/L $218.30 340120—Jleyer P.anching Co Et Al Town of Irvington 2 Sn Ac In SW 1; Lot 2 Blk 60 and Ptn Sts Vac AdJ on SW and .VW Per B 3 Jlln Feb 21 1510 2 Ac $24.24 340I3S—Owen, Idris and Eva H Town of Irvington and the I.ands of the Irvington Land and Water Co Ptn Lot 3 Blk S6 Desc as Com at Intersection Nly Li Belmont Ave and Wly Li Palm flve Th XEHr Alg Wy Li Palm Ave 130 Ft Th X'Wly ISO Ft Parallel to C/L Belmont Ave Th SWly 130 Ft Parallel to C/L Palm Ave to .V LI Betaiont Ave Th SEly Als X Li Belmont Ave to POB and Ptn Sts Vac AdJ Per B S Jlin Feb 21 1910 .62 Ac $300.38 540143—Willmarth. Charles T and Mildred L Irvington Land and Water Co Lot 2 and Xly 264 Ft Lot 1 Blk S6 and Ptn Sts Vac AdJ Per B S Jlln Feb 21. 1910 14.23 Ao M/L $154.2* 340151 — Kanela. Harry Jf and George Kaneoka Tr Irvington Land and Water Co Sub SE «1 Blk 55 and Ptn St Vac AdJ on SW Per B S Min Feb 21 191" 10 Ac. 8109.20 34015S—SW U Blk 55 and Ptn Sts Vac AdJ Per B S Min Feb 21 1*10 10 Ac »n .7» 24015S—X 20 Ac Blk 49 and Pta St Vac Adj on XE Per B S Mia Feb 21 1910 20 Ac $120.44 340154—S 20 Ac Blk 49 and Ptn St Vac AdJ on SW Per B S Min Feb 21 1910 20 Ac $213 .42 340158—S of Perrin Survey Blk 39 and Ptn SU Vac AdJ on XE and SW Per B S Min Feb 21 1910 15.84 Ac $138.00 340160—S of Perrin Survey Blk 38 and Ptn St Vac AdJ on SW Per B S Min Feb 21 1310 10.81 Ae $99 .00 240161 — ladas. Harold S Meyer and Barclay Sob Com at Intersee- Uon Xly LI Cajon Stats Hgwy and Ely LI Lot 11 Th X 45 D«g SO Jlin W ISO Ft Air Nly LI Stats

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