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Cedar Falls Gazette from Cedar Falls, Iowa • Page 2

Cedar Falls, Iowa
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THE GAZETTE. OKItAlt PALLS, MOV. lo, 181(i. HAIL COLUMBIA fill THE DUMGUm! Sound the Hewgag! A Close Shave But a General Victory. THE UTEST REPORTS GIVE HAYES THE ELECTION.

Republicans Claim a Majority in the Next House. Tllli DOUBTFUL STATES DON'T AMJ GO FOB THE IIAU'L 0' MONEY. Lnusinmij South Curolinn Florida, Wisconsin, CnlU'oniiii, Nevada, Oregon, ant! I'crliiips North Carolina, York Commercial Atlccrtisci; Kour o'clock says: Senator l-'rolinglicysca received a dispatch llial Iho can 1 uul win 1 cd Nor Hi Carol i a. (Ireal excitement. Nov.

il. r. di iTcolvi'd from t'liajiiiiiii lleii. Coin. i ('aiuliim, i'C- lurns from Iho noi'Lbcrii part of Slutc improve our nrosnccl.

I Ihink still lluil Huvcii Id eleclcil. l-'lorhln iibininc, Nov. E) Chandler iclc- graplicil Hi at, Hayes has 185 sine. WoonnuKF Chicago, Nov. S-- liclimis have jecti received up to lliis It our, from -131 loiviis and precincts in IIU- OuUido i ofClkiea- go -12CJ of Uiesc give Ilaycs TilJca three himilrcil anil fifty towns retiiL-iiIiiK a majority ou- give Til ilc ti majority of -101.

rheso returns give Hayes a net nia- tho San Krnucisco HitllctiH, reads as follows: San l-'runcieco, rcgardcil as a I ocratic has gono for Hayes 201 majority. Davis, lican, is elected to Congress aver per, DotnocrAl, hy arc probably elected frotn llio soiilhern districts in Cali- lo ni in. certain- Side. Kon. Zack Chairman of National Committee, Telegraphs that Hayes Has 185 Votes Sure.

IOWA THE BANNER STATE IN THE UNION. The Hawk-Eye Slate Never Goes Back on Her Record. A KHVA DELEGATION IN COXUKESS. Havli County Comes in a Solid llepnulicnn Vote, iority of 21,021. Deducting 2.000 ns probable Democratic majority in the city of Chicago, and majority EO far is 19,021.

If llic fltimc ratio is kept Iho remainder of llic Slato will be from to 35,000. Cnllnin is undoubtedly elected Governor over a combined Democrat and Greenback voto. Gen. Fartis- worth concedes tlio election of throp, regular lie publican in Fourili District, over himself Ilni'lbnrt. The Stale "ocs about 20,000 for llaycs nnd elects seventeen Itcpuuli- cans lo leu Democrats, lo Congress.

MASSACHUSETTS. lloslon, Nov. Legislation stands: ICO Republicans; 43 Democrats; 1 Prohibitionist. Twen- ly-five districts (which send Kcp- rcscnlaUves) to he licard from. Latest estimates give Hayes 115,000 vulity.

I A I'rovidcncc, K. 1-. Nov. from nil parts of the State show that Hayes will have from to majority. Eaincs and iJallou, Republican Congressmen, arc botli re-elected, VKK1IOXT.

Uurlitiglon, Vein eighty-lit no townships give Hayes Tildcn, scat- tcrhig. II. The same towns gave 1S72: Grant, Creole O'Connor, 21C. Ilnyes' majority over Tilden, 12,803. ly rc-clcctcd.

Lullrcll, Dcmocrtit, is robably re-elecled. Tho Slato has undoubtedly go no for Hayes by to 5,000 majority. Returns from portions of Oregon indicate that Hayes has 1,000 Nevada is believed lo have gono Republican, also. OHIO. Columbus, Nov.

great excitement licrc over Iho an- aouuccmcut (hat Governor Hayes is clcclcd. His private secretary is sending out telegrams claiming a majority of oue for Hayes in the electoral college. High street, in front of the Republican hcadquav- lers, Is densely packed with thousands of people, all wild "with excitement. In tbe midst of Iho general excitement nil cfl'orls to obtain complete re I iir us of tho Ohio election by counties Jiave signally failed. Thus far returns have only been received from nmclccn counties.

is, however, conceded by both Slate committees that Iho Republican mnjority wiH be from 8,000 to 10,000. After hearing the news nt tlio Republican headquarters, a crowd numbering several thousand formed a procession and marched to Gov. Hayes 1 residence. In response to repeated calls Gov. Hayes appeared hi tlio doorway, and after scores of cheers spoke as follows: My friends 1 assure yon THANKSGIVING.

A Proclamation. Ujtlc L'rctldcut ol lUc UuHcil IA.C*. From year lo year we have been accnsloincd to pause" in our daily pursuits and set apart a lime to oiler our llmnkfi lo Almighty Gael for the special blessings Ho has vouchsafed lo us, with our prayers for a continuance thereof. have at (his time equal reason'lo be thankful for His continued protection, and for Iho many material blessings Hid bounty has bestowed. In audition lo thcso favors accorded to us as individuals, we Imvo especial occasion to express our hearty a to Almighty God that by his providence and guidance our Government established a century ago has been ublcd lo fulfill tho purpose of its louuders in limit nn asylum to (he people of every race, securing civil and religious liberty to aU within its borders, and meting out to every individual alike justice and equality beforo Iho laws.

Itis moreover especially our duty to ofl'cr our humble pravcrs to Iho Father of all Mercies continuance of His di- viuo favor to us as a nation und as individuals. By reason of all these considerations, Ulysses S. Grant, President of tho United Slates, do recommend to tho people of tho United Slates to devolo Iho thirtieth day of November next to the expression of their thanks and prayers to Almighty and, laying aside their daily avocations and all secular occupations, to assemble in their respective laces of worship and observe such ay as a day of thanksgiving and rest. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused tbe seal of the United States to be afllx- ed. Done at tho City of Washiug- lOWA COLLEGIA! If OlIATOlllCAL CONTEST.

The third annual contest of Iho Iowa Collcghilo Association was held at Union Opera House, Cedar Itapids, Iowa, Nov. 2, ISTC, John Campbell, of Ihc Stalo University, president. Tlio Opera House was completely Tilled wiih Hie ct'cmc tic in ic, not only of Cedar Ilapidpj but of the various colleges represented in tlio contest. The first gentleman upon floor was II. IJ, Has sell, of Iowa College, liis anbjcct "American Statesmanship." Tho oralion was finely writ- leu and Ihc sentences carefully bal aitccd.

His greatest fault in delivery was uniformity of manner. Slai Ling out with the Elatomcut that nation's history may be read a nation's statesmen." lie proceeded with the old story of American ahuso of power and subversion principle. In style and deliver) Hasscll was best. The next oration was "The 1'olitr clan," by Johu McCnniinon, of Iowa Wcslcyan University, In style ani delivery ho was peculiar, alihoiigl there was little of Ihc sylph-like graco manner, yet his ver peculiarity awakcnca an inleres! His oration was very good, allhougl hardly as finished ns Ms predcccssoi E. H.

College spoke on "Liberty of the Mind. Tiiis was one of the finest oration of Iho evening. Although Ihc first appearance of Mr. Ashmuu was not very prepossessing, yet Iho earnest- jain over Grant, 1,720. ii.ssissirn Democratic by 25,000, and five of six Congressmen elected.

A A Topcka, Nov. 8. The chairman ol" lac State Central CcnimlElo has returns Eiinicicnt to show tlmt the Stalo will give Hayes 30,000, and Anthony, Republican, lor Governor, from 15,000 to 20,000, Huston, Republican, THK OLD FLAU WAVES. STILL ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TO MEN." The Tidal Wave the Democratic Ship and It Went Down. xc 1 1 emeu i Nc Vo rk have not the official figures but enough lo indicate that tlic Kc- publtcans have elected Hayes, President.

The hiletil rcjiorls give us iii the electoral college sure, ami enough to win, and a strong probability that we have carried North Carolina; whkh would give us ten voles (o spare. Tlic result on Congressmen IB tmnnplianl victo ry. We have overcome Iho seventy Dcniocralic mnjority iti the House. Even Now Jersey, which went for Tildcn, giving 1 one tn.ijorily Republican on the Legislature, which secures a Hcimlilicnn U. S.

Senator from tluit Stale. Probably at no time iu ilie history of this country lias the news over an elcr.Uon been looked for ivith more intense interest nnd the "pent up Uticti" the Republicans over I be first ia uuEiippressiblo over Ihccorrcct ret Let us give Ihanks, rejoice and be happy for llic is snfc once elected in the 2n-I district to Congress by about 1.000 majority, aTEe- publican gain iti old Shawnce county, The whole licpubliccn ticket is elected with the possible exception of one representative. Topcfca, Nov. Republicans show that Ilaycs has carried 13ic SLile by over 30,000 majority, and Anthony, JJcpnblicnn, for Governor, by over 25,000. Three Republican members to Congress arc elected which is a gain of one in Iho Lcgis- which lands 3 to 1.

More lie- arc elected on the straight ticket Ihis year llian for a number of years before. 10 U'A. Iowa never goes buck on her record. The majority for Hayes i come close on lo 00,000, and wo send clean delegation to congress, wiping out the record of two years ago when a Democrat was allowed lo creep in Ly (il mnjority in the lid district. I I I Has done nobly.

The Republicans wipe out fusion majority ol given two years ago, and carry the for Hayes by Stale ticket is carried by about 20,000. The Republicans c-lcct leu members of Congress. Latin-op in 4th District is elected over Farnswortli notwithstanding Ihe triangular light law obliged for this hearty demonstration, lint if you will keep quiet half a moment I will say soincthinj to you which I think is my under Iho circumstances lossy. White our present advices look favorable, we must remember that several of Elm Slates which have been considered doubtful have a large territory remote from railroad or telegraphic communication, and it will naturally take some time lo receive definite returns from them. 1 therefore lake this call aa an act of your loyalty lo the llcpublican party and your dc sire for success.

If late advices should change the result from what it is announced at present, I assure you 1 shall frequently recall this vis it during the time 1 Ehall yet live among you. willi pleasure. I bid yon good night. Hon. A- (jralmm returned from Wisconsin yesterday.

He says that Stule is lie publican. NEW 3 The Slate was carried by Tilden by about NEW Nov. IS election districts lo hear from, in the city, 'JTilden's majority is 53,000. iwns and districts iu New York State outside Ibis city and Brooklyn ton this twenty-sixlh day of October, in Ihc year of our Lortl otic thousand eight hundred and seventy-six, and of tho independence: of the United Stales of America Iho one hundred and first. U.

S. A Uy the President, HAMILTON FISH, Secretary of Slate. The Pacific Slates all went for ayes and AVhceler. II. Grimih IB defeated in Hio Jlslrict by over 1,000 majority.

isiness generally was suspended livonghont Ihc on election mes Gordon IJciiuclt put up 2.1,000 on tho election of Hives, to can stand it. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Clothing Gov. Tildcn Is reported iu prcca- iotis health. Ills friends arc fcar- that bo may not. live long.

The election of so able a man as liram Price to Congress is a grcai lonor to Iowa ami especially of (lii District. Furnishing Goods Lew Stewart, Ihc Iliniocr.itic governor of Illinois, failed lo carry 1 even his own ist love him al county villftgc. They Advertisements, ONE DOLLAR BUYS Ono Sett Small Size Coin Silver Spoons MMrcssJf. JA. LOUOHEAD, Troops in the South.

1'resiilcnt Grant, iu an interview relative to tho presence of troops iu some of llic Southern States, said it must be remembered that under their instructions the troops cannot interfere with any of the rights of citizens; that they are simply to be called on to protect all alike, without regard to party or political action. Those who arc quint and law abiding citizens have- nothing to fear in the way of interference Irom cither officers or men, for both are well known lo bo practically indifferent to tlio course which political afl'aivs may lake, and, by reason of their profession, are naturally disinterested. Of the need for the troops in South Carolina, the President said, "Murders had been frequently committed, and Iho further sacrifice of life was imminent, which the State Government was powerless to prevent. The request for troops was properly preferred, and I could not, If I would, have davetl lo ignore it." ness and positive character of lustle- livery soon won the whole audience to his theme. The object of all education he avowed to bo the incentive to free thought and the destruction of bigoted ignorance and clouded prejudice.

The next oration, "Tho 1'owcr of Poetry" was delivered by L. E. Spencer, of Ihc Stnlo Agricultural College. As may be supposed this was beautifully written nnd very well delivered. An unvaried ca- clcncc in his voice, rising and falling in regular svrell like the moamugs ol i a a when the i blows in regular gusln, gave a ino- lotony Ihat, although not positively inpleasing, yet was far from render- tig the thought as ciiticlive as it have been.

Aflcr a short tho house being called lo order, an oration, "The "Way of Success," by Fred H. Abbott, S1IEUIFFS SALU. THE SPATE OF IOWA. HAWK "IVOilCEIs hereby given, ihat on llic ISiti da IT Of November A. 1).

1370. at 11) o'clock JI nt lt.0Court Ilonse, Ihc clly ot Wdtcrioo an counly alocctaid, will bcisoM at Public AuclioTi lolho hlshestblililur.for caeli, ibe followlnTM rj lieil It-vlcd upon nn or a special execution, Iti-neil Iran ihc of- Ice of tbe Clerk of ilie- Circuit Court. and ortfco county of Floyd, Swieof loiva. In fovor 01 JolinQ. Crosby, and agaliut Hie property ot U.

itlccamMV. V. Darker, lo wit: Tbo'Eut 7) SCVCD, ia rbc city of LViIur F-jlK or SJ mutrb tut may to EAtleFy ttlJ Wfll of ICD anil all ncctulus (J. IIAYZl.ETT, StieflfT ot Illack Hawk Counly. nt rue lira ORlre.

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Connecticut carried by Tilden by about 3,000. caused by llmllmL tlic candidacy of Gen. llnycs SS Tildou 55 Peter Cooper ISC I A clccls ihrcG ItcnnblicTin congressmen certain mid claims the Stale for llnycs by 12,000. Milwaukee, Nov.8.--K. Kcycs, chairman of the licpnblican Elate ccnlral committee claims "Wisconsin majority Tor Hayes.

Black Hawk County. 11AKCLA.Y TOWN'Sllir. Hayes 11 ayes SO JIayes2SO ttl.ACK A i i Tildeu TihlcnSl Tilden 10S Tildcn The Electoral College. The following is the result in the Electoral college at Inst reports FOlt HAYES. 1'ennsvlvnnin Ohio Illinois 1 own California Vermont ttiodc Island Colorado yfebraska.

Oregon iLiniicsotix iCansas Michigau Louisiana Wisconsin Nevada Xorlh Carol!" Soulh Carolinr Florida 'J majority For llnyes. Hayes 82 Tililcn A A I I laves Hayes I lives 70 Titclcn 212 Tilden Su Tilden 03 Tilden -ili Haves 11'2 Hayes 1 Tililcn :50 Tildcn Colnmbup, Ohio, Xov, il, A. M. Itcnublicans uxcitcd returns. Arc marching over latest procession.

Chicago, Nov. 8 dispatches say Nevada, Florida and certainly Itcpubtican, which elects I a Chicago, Nov. Chutnbcr- hiin telegraphs Ihat South Carolina by frorn lo majority. Also llic election of Caswell, rcpiib-j lican. in tlic second District over Orion.

One liuniliTd ami lowna and wards gives Hayes 1,001 majori- a net Democratic gain ofTTli. Milwaukee, Nov. S. Com pic I and partial relui'iis from tl counties a net Itcputlicau tjam of 4,000, 1200 over lust ycnr. This cannot bo Is for HnyeH.

Morriscy pool room in New York i Pools selling 100 for HiiycH to 50 for Til- dcn. JOHN U. I I A Chicago, Nov. 18, just received, by A. Logan from i Xnck Chnmllcr, chair' innii i i a Kcp.

anya al dispatches received up to lliia houi i a Iho election of Hayes by one majority, exclusive of Xorlh Cnroli irn. Glory lo God 1 We have pray ed and won I JOHN DitxiiK. Chicago, Nov. 0, i i i v. associated press dispatch to N.

Tribune, says Itcpiihlicann liav caj'i'Icd North Cnrolinn by i then sand mnjority. JOHN I I Nov. 0, Keel very auvo I Is elected, hi not oltlctal. Woonit Intercepted dispatch at Cedar Ita pidi) from Abratn i chairtna of National Ui'inocnilic Ccnlr CoinmiUcc lo i i givo it up, Tildcn IB beaten. Norl Cnrolinn, ami Florida a Itcpnblican.

Chlcngo, Nov. r. Ixcllogg, of i a i a Itilcgrnp Hint news arc belter and ni a you can lct your bottom doll tlinl Iho Stalo Imn for Hayes, Tclcgranifl from San Francisco that Democrats conccdo Oregon for Uayca. Chicago, Nov. JI, r.

oinilics In the i jmrt olMho tale i liuluihlicnn nmjm-lly Kciuibliu.tti tfrciu vcr last yenr. IIASSACEIITSKTT.S. lloston, Nov. 8 Three nd Ecvcnteen tou'iis In Mnssnchu- etts gives Ilnycs 112,281, Tildcil crconic by llic counties lo be beard orn. The majority in will ho fully 1'ittMburg, Nor.

H-- Returns indi- to TjOOO Jtofiultican majority In county, ami a yain of two Hayes TJ-'I Ilaycs SI A I i WATKIfl.OO. Tihlen 21," Ilaycs -100 The total majority on the nnlional ticket is im The county ticket i he up to i yiatc, Congrcifiiona! rnul National. The I'oor Farm appropriation wns killed. The proposllion to restrain ilock carried by lar-jc majorily. Alabama Arkansas Connecticut Delaware Georgia Lniliana Kentucky iEaryland ALiseissippi Missouri Xcw Jersey Now York Te nncs see Texas Virginia Wcel Vli-glni TOTE of Cornell College, was announced.

Iu point of pure originality of thought and. richness of stylo Mr. Abbott excelled. Ilia delivery was more animated lhan that of his predecessors. His oration presented the appearance of a perfect whole in which cacb word and phrase was as frilly essential to ils grniul perfection as tho loftiest figure which adorned it.

Next the orator whom success awaited to crown, stepped out in the person of 8. F. Prouty, of Central University with "Faith nnd Doubt as Motors of Action." ''Faith moves the mtud--mind movfis the world. Faith is a iionnnl slate. Doubt an abnormal one.

Faith moves. Doubt slngnaUss. Faith the motive of all action, the incentive lo nil great human S. E. Wilson, Simpson Centenary College, descanted on "Our National rillar." His manner was a Lilt Kqnnl rights was the pillar and education its safeguard.

Lastly was John J. Hamilton, of Ihc Iowa Stalo University, his subject, "Price of Truth in Formation of Opinion. This was undoubtedly in point ofBiibjccL matter, of wealth of thought equal to any oralion of the evening. At the decision of llic judges Ihc successful contestant was hailed with a storm of applause and repealed crya of "Pronly, Trouly." Sir. Prou- howcd hisacknowlcugcmcnls and the Pros, dismissed the audience.

The judges wore Hon. E. H. Thaycr, of Clinton, Hon. S.

Clark, of Kco- loik, and Itcv. S. PhclpB, i The music furnished by Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. PrciUlsa, Messrs.

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Co. From Texas. cpuhhcau Odlily. tlic from other A i licpilblicail club rooms In Yonkei-s, N. a colored man made a few rcnmrkb tlic oilier evening.

He eaill lie wns not learned, but ho know what lie wrvs about. Ho continued 'I've licern a good'cal 'bout cliangc. l)e llcmocrals sny dariuust Lo change. Uey say do KepuWi- cans Imb hole of dis gov'ment B'I-X- Iccti ycaliB, nn' now dcy nuist look il. Snosen (lo licpublicana hab Imtl KOV'nicnl sixteen ycnbs? Diiln't lie Democrats lull for ober tin-Co linmlrcil nforo Dat'a lint I wnot to llou'O, lliu postniastci-, wlio ivas silting nt the front, observed lo endilenly clnap his onus iiboiit liis stninach nnd to roll oil' on the lloor in spasm.

01.239, Hk Adams Itoslou, Xov. S--Itcturns from owns, nil hut t'iva llnyca rililcn Tlic Seventh lis- rict, coniplelc, hlnnds, llutlcr I'arliox Hoar2 OiS. DCS Moincfl, from 7 counties and 22 prccincla In oUicrt) show a inajorlly for Hayes or a licpnblicnn gnin of 1'he Stalo will go nt least M.OOO He- The Remit by Slates. The CKlinmtcil nnil actual result up lo tbe lalogl hour showa the Tollou'- illg Alnlumn, Dem. by about 10,000.

Ark'unsns, Dem. ly California, Hep. by probably 10,000. Colormlo, Uepntlkan by Coiinccticnt, Dem. by Delaware, Dem.

by Hep. Cicorgia, Dem. 10,000. Illinois, Jtcp. 25.000.

Iinliaim, Dem. 7,000. loiva, llep. fia.OOO. Kniitos, Kep.

1X.OOO. Kcnlncky, Dem. Louisiana, licp. fi.lMKI. Maryland, Dem.

10,000. Maasachusclls, lie p. M.OOO. Michigan, Hep. 13,000.

Minnesota, Itcii. 12,000. Mississippi, Dem. Missouri, Dem. 30,000.

Xcbraska, S.UOO. Nevada, licp. Noiv Jersey, Dem. Now York, Dem. 20.000.

A committee of tu'clve presented the petition of 8,000 bus! ess men in Chicago asking A i lo resign on account of conduct iu the recent Sulflvan- U.inlord niunlcr trial. A tbe a i a hail nuule hia address scntiny il, the Judge remarked, Leave It wllli Iho clerk. It is mailer lc go on lilc. 1 liavc nolhing lo say," anil dismissed the mailer. 1 is not expected here that bo wll comply with the request.

HI.U, lll.jNov. mos Oct. Hi, 1S70. to previous a ment, 1 wrilo yon from Dcnison. nrrivcd hero the loth bcin.

compcllccl to travel some eight miles on Sunday to obtain BOIIIO provisions. From Mnscogco to Limcslono Gap the in mostly inounlain- Thcre Is eomo bcnnlifnl Iho shape of hills, elii-ubs am! rocks. A detailed description, I can not give at tliis time. There Is but little running land between Mnaco- gcc and tlio Ked Itiver; it is mostly fjood land. Vi were tvcnt- ed very kimlly by Iho Indian! while through Iheir territory.

The price of corn on the road through the Territory wns I I cents per bnshol. We liciml a it was i two miles from llii- road, 'f here arc SOTIIO snmll IOWIIH in the Territory but the Whiles have i them. I find by I i ttmt tlicro were about lifly crossiuj; C'olberl'a Ferry, cm Hod vcr, every day for the last three ccks. Well, it seems ns if TcxnB oulcl soon till up, am going tell you llic olhcr side. There avo bont four leanis a day leaving Tex- aml they give Texas a very bad nine soino suy il is loo hot some iy it is too dry sonic say it is loo ckly.

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Itc- gain: 'j'hirly connlieH heard frum in this Stale give Ilayea iniijorily, a gain over hist ycnr of These cinnlics cast fltout per cent, or tlic Slnlc. Similar gains in the rc- mainiler of tho Slalo Kill make 11 ayes' majority from 00,000. Iowa claims IbeLcll.aa Ihochamplon State. to the House an iinlirokcn front of i Kcpiiblican A I 1 I I A I 1 A I A North Carolina, Dem. Ohio, Ken.

lOjOOO. Oregon, Hep. Kcp. Klioilo I a Hep. 8,000.

South Carol inn, lEep. I.V.»Kl. Texas, Hum. 20,000. Tennessee, Deni.

Tennessee, Virginia, Dem. 17,000. West Virginia, llcin. Wisconsin, IWO. lien.

Duller is elected to Congress in 7lh Dlnlrlct. lien. Hill i a i attempt was mn.dc at 1 o'clock to-night lo stcnl the body President Lincoln from tlic Liucoli Something of i has been (inspected for some lime and a strict watch has been kept. I wan thought Hint i 1 selected for Iho job, nnd Kline Washburn, with UelccLiro Tyrrcl nml assistants waa secreted in Ih reception room of Ihc monuinci awaiting a i conic. Tli scoundrels broke I the outer an i doom of tho vault nnd hn opened the and ens nnd a out Iho i cnsc coi i i when Ihe tic tec lives ft prang from I heir hi din places.

I I C. Uccrlng, Itcpiihlica ca ml id ate for Congress, Id endorse by about 12,000 a i In this Dl IricU Ilc got 1107 majority In own town. Tho opposing a i a oUo lived in nnd I'roclor Knott (fave a blgh when they licard the and remarked cruel world Hlaino Id of our Chicago, Nov. private way but there will be Itutler to take palcli from It. rickerln editor acalpa." Tlic inilicatione are at iMs writ! that the next House i lo Itcpu Chicago REMEMBER ISRAEL BROS.

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have lo close for this time. X. H. Ilovi.r.*. The Centennial closes to-day.

I seen il you'll have a i years. IMPROVED IN 1876. SAFE, DURABLE ft EFFECTIVE men who Lave made a i record on Ihc iluririg' tbe campaign, is i i i of Con- sn, i ll.O.lVatl. IlissncccliCH Inive called forlh i prnUfl wbercver he has been. The Reason Is: 1,1.

Ilecansc llicy rm-cliano Uicii (Jlolli Direct of linportcrif, ami Mun- nfur.tnrc tholr own 2d, Ilecanso Ihcy Rcll It Couds llian oilier Finn. pay i nhlcR I i lo liny forcaslu -11 h. i chc.ipcr a a i by in larger Mil. IlccaiiHOj 4 I i there Is Strength." Eith. they i ecll on Email margin.

7lh. llccnuec they keep llrsl-class (ioods. Sth. Because Uicy i found In a first-class cstabllanicnt. llccaiifio they make one of trade nn exclusive busi- llccanso llicy i not lm old liy any i Timn.

Buy the Cheapest Best Quality of Goods Stock Complete in in pail of Cotlonadiis, Dnnltus, Cheviot Shirtings, ing, i i i llloachcd a i Uublcnrlicitl WIdo ami Il i i a I'rints, (iraln Ilnltinjffl nnd Very A a i Stock lltlu branch ness. lOtli Ttir furl 1- FOR dcnnnd I- gold IN great, la not equal to demand for D. II. DcLanil celebrated Chemical Sateratai, cspeciully where tliSfl Salcralna lias Eiccn Irlod and ltd worth 33 Try it and jalUfy yourself. For ealc by most merchants.

Use it instead of Sod A or JJaklng I'owdcr. For Sale By THOMPSONS CO CEDAR FALLS, I A Take no OIIO'H word for quality and prices of i Goods, but be Hiiro aud call at the A Store, i It lock, and bo convinced thai what has hccn said arc facts. liespcclfnlly Youm, ISRAEL BROS. COMBINATION, A FALLS, A WATKTU.OO AND VINTON. I Halcamcn.

nnil Kjishtnualile ciT Scnsou. Cloths, Cassimeres, Jeans, Blankets, Yarns, CHEAPER. Notions, Hosiery, Gloves, Laces, Ribbons and Trimmings. Table Linens, Bed Spreads, Crashes, Towels and Napkins. In Wool, MruDselH, HoinpH, i Wool and Hag.

nnd Hassocks, Mailings, Oil Clothi. PHILADELPHIA FINE SHOES or Ladlex, Misses nml Children. A Mrpo Asaorlmont of Hoc Is and of tho Ik-nt fur Men, lloyc and Clilldrcn. STAPLE GROCERIES CHEAP. If you wonlil cnnault your Tlost Iiilcreit, follow (lio crotvil, nml Conic nml lluj- liooila Wlicro They Soil Qnnnllllo), Tlicy Cnu Adbrtl lo Sell Cheaper Tlmn ttmnll Uuoil a Ijii)- oil Hid Koods t'icy wmili Time, nl Cash prices, BUTTER ftHB EGGS WANTED FOR CASH OR TRADE, MILLER, WILSON A Block..

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