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Cedar Falls Gazette from Cedar Falls, Iowa • Page 2

Cedar Falls, Iowa
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THE GAZETTE. FALLS, OCT. SOi 1S7C, I A I A A I I I J-ur 1'rfslJcnt, Ktn'OKD 21.;.v, of Obto. J'vr I'itf-l'rftMent, A.

vf XV-ir Tot PrLtlcnlUl Klcfldrt at VAN A WILLIAM IMltCraUIIN. For Ditlrirt-UUTUIiDQB I.EA, id niilrlct-WALDO M. POTTfiK. 31 DJaJticl-- M- N. JOHNSON, i i i V.

LUCAS, Ml) nUlrlcl-K. UOWBTAYMW, filli 0. CUOSUY. Till DWrlcl ftth nhiritt-Wil. SI.


YOUXU. Par Audit or of Slate, ItUUSN It. SHEHilAN. l-'orTreofarerof Stale, W. 11 EM IS.

DAVID SECOIt. For Attorney General. J. F. MrJUNKlX.

for JadjaoC IKe SnTiremc Cocrt, I'Jo fill vacancy by rcelgnemon ofC. C. line.) W. H- SEEVEHS, for Judge of tbe Supreme 11. SBEVE1U.

For Jndseof Ibc Supreme Court. Ell v.uancy, term expiring January 1, J. 11. IIOT11HOCK. 1 r.i KlDtc Superintendent of Politic InflrutLSon.

UAKL IV, vox COEI.LN, of BIsrk Ihwk. CONGRESSIONAL TICKET. FW IViiiwnlf.ilvo Ln Uli HMriel, N. C. I I I Ol MUdiull Comity.

I I A TICKET. KorJnilEi. 01 Circuit Court, SYLVESTEU BAGG, Of liLack Hank THE CAMPAIGN! AN ENTHUSIASTIC REPUBLICAN RALLY. The People Assemble from All Directions to Hear the Truth. Telling HIIOIH-IIOS Hy Si'imtor William It.

A i Hon. N. lld'i-ius, It. V. Daniels, and Cujit.

J. 11. JIoxoiu. lilt AN!) TOIICH-LIUIIT 1'HO- CESSION. Soul-Stirring 3lusie liy IJamls anil Itcpuljlican (5 Ice Chili.

THE NEWS FROM OHIO AND I I ANA CELEBRATED BY THE I A Hayes and Wheeler and tho Republican People. An Assurance of a Black a County Will Do in November. Last Saturday was a biy tiny in Cedar Falls, it being the occasion of the Republican mass meeting under tho auspices of ihc Hayes and Wheeler club. Meetings wore held both in Ihc afternoon ami evening 1 in Fhiia-nix Hall, lliccoltl wcotlicr preventing the meeting iti the park. The crowd in attcndaucD and enthusiasm manifested gave unmistakable evidence that the people tiro wake to to lite importance or Ihc cfimpaigi before us, anil thai the Republicans of Black Hawk county will do tlicir duty In November.

The meeting was In all respects grand succes niiilly in Now York, ant laiui was a It qr influence of fiorcrn hat rcditccil MID in gn is! line ii I a deb i i i i i dollars wine! lie i i i i ol t-i inneeussary, teased ernor t)3x'3 uflmimslralioii i I wus ctiiinnd far 'J for Hint. Ho considerct roimoction i William ind Taimnnny ring nn ion frauds by which Ciove tin was returned elected. might bo claimed tlml Mr. Tililcn was cliairmi: Jcuiocvatic state central although his namo circulars and doci iicans of which these fr icrpcLratcd, yet ho was zant of them and did iiot hem. JIo admit let! lie argument a this rue, anil then wanted to a man who could bo so cji an (I misled by hose arouti cform a great nation like showed bow the Soulheri the amount of hundreds would bo saddled upon with the ascendency of cvals to power.

His spec tirely free from bit (ernes couched in the most language. The Senator for the party ns well as Uis visit to our city. At the conclusion of 1 Quartette of the beautiful campaign Eong Hayes and Wheeler." our next Congressman, troduced to the an die IK cliucd to epc.ik at that la excused himself by a few Capt. Moxom rose to resolution thanking thcg the excellent music, mul for a speech but mere i i liv i -i nroul i rendered for nor llofl- Ho said of Hie THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. A Candid Review by a Demo era lie Newspaper.

The elections of Tuesday, which were looked forward to with keen anxious interest, Iiavo decided nothing, or ncxl lo nolliing, outside uf Iliu States in which Ihcy EichK Wo do not rugrul (his. TJici-o is no SCIIEQ in letting one or two Stules, which Jinppon to hold local elections in advance, virtually determine the President i election for tho whole The result in Ohio and Indiana i not have the weight of a feather on the November contest in other Slules. Tho result in Ohio makes It certain Hint Ohio will give ils electoral voles lo Hayes, but it will not fetrenglhen Ihc Itcpiiblicau parly in any other illy duped him could this. Ho tho nation politics aro ore like Uio tides Uay of Kundy, vldch rise and Tall seventy feet hi the course of few hours. There is no lelHngat wlial mark Iho water will stand on any given day.

A Stale whose polities Hop niul change at lha rale of more liian 100,000 voles in years affords no secure basis for political predictions. Tlio only i in New York politics which hua ai roach to steadiness is a lEepi majority, more ov lesa large, in the ny ubHcnn Slato stron where it wns not already It not so entirely certain "Vote for TICKET. lsiit District atitl Clrcuii C'oi J. U. C3ATKS.

Vor Iteconlcr. U. II. STILSOS. Snow fell two feet deep in this week.

The splendid a i a band arrived from lines viltc about noon and CH- erlai 13 LC topic ho amo i in from Ihc country. It with the booming of Ihc cannon on park w3rc the only noticable a day until A war panic prevails in Loudon Stock Exchange. Gen. lieu. Harrison confidently prciHcls the carrying of I i a a foi Hayes and 'Wheeler, hi November.

Since tho election the lie publicans of Ohio iinheailaluigly declare that they will carry that State for Hnycs by 30,000 in November. The gallant lien Harrison, of ludi mm, 1ms abandoned his visit Jo th Centennial in order State for Hayes and to stump th The President lion issued a proclu mation ordering the ritlc comiiaiuc in SouEh Carolina to disperse in three days. If they do not obc he will "push tilings." ThollepubHcnn hope of curry In Indiana lies in the fact that the me from other Slates who were impor cd lo vote the Democratic ticket last we ok will be needed at home. In the elections Ihus far this year in the mates of MaUic, Colorado, Ohio and Indiana, Ihcrc has been atolal Republican gain over the last preceding vote of The oflicint returns of tlio Indiana election give James U. "Williams 5,119 majority far Governor, but Ihey also give Ihc IJcpnblicatis a majority in the Legislature on joint ballot, and i of thirteen Con- Al'TKIiNOOX.

The martial baud and the Cedar Tails brass bant! concentrated, the rowel in Phoenix Hall between two nil tlireo o'clock. The speakers ad- were unable to get here un- il Ihc :15 train and Capt. J. 11. Moxom entertained tlie audience with one of his characteristic speech- s.

He talked earnestly to earnest iCftrcrs who wero before him, dealing willi the financial question at some length. The Captain never fails lo Interest his audience and this occasion did not prove an exception The larger part of his hearers were farmers who had come to listen to the discussion of tbc issues before the notion nud the I ten live manner with which they listened showed how well he was meeting the requirements of the occasion. Upon the arrival of tbe train from the North 1ION.N.C. IJKBIEISU, candidate for Congress, appeared and was introduced. He spoke for about thirty-five minutes.

Ho discussed HID record of the Democratic parly and ils candidate for the Presidency, illustrating las points well. He was frequently applauded. His a is candid and whit he niters impresses his hearers as coming from one who is sincere in what he says. Mr. Dee-Hug-is a man of strong political convictions and no otic who listens or comes in contact with lilm can not fail lo be impressed with that ed in the Bible, a counterpart of which, he claimed would occur on the Tilt of Nov.

The resolution of thanks for the excellent music was voted when the slec club sang the Slav Spangled Banner, and with three cheers for Hayes and Wheeler and the speakers the orowd dispersed for their homes. The executive committee arc entitled to great praise for ihc manner iti which everything was carried out and to them is largely due Ihc success of the day. DEMOORATIC SUCCESSES. that the result in ludlann insures llmt State lo tho Democrats in tho Presidential contest, but il will not EDITOKS do to reason from Indiana in 1S72 to Indiana in 3S70. In 1872 Indiana elected Governorllcndricksin October by tlie slight majority of 1,337, and tho next month it gave Grant ils electoral votes by a heavy majority of 27000.

But tins great change between i Ihal year did not result from anything ous but done in the Slate, but from tho great Springs, tide of Republican majorities In other There isnoUting Ibis year bearing any resemblance lo the Lplen- dlrt Republican majority of In tho Pennsylvania October election of 1872 find I he largo majority in the same month. It was not tho voto iu Indiana, but the voto outside of Indiana, In October, 1S72, that gave the Stale to tlio Republicans in tlio following month. In 1872 Hie Presidential election was decided beyond doubt in October, but In 187U tho October elections have decided nothing and liavo removed no doubts. There is no perceptible reason why Indiana should not go iu November as it did OIL Tuesday. Jlluo Jeans Williams is political ragmuflin, and he ran njjatust a Kcpnbiican of remarkable strength and popularity.

But Governor Hemlocks is the most csteemed Democrat in Indiana, nnd, with no outside current lo influence the result, liis chances of carrying Hie State should ho better than those of Williams. Yet the extreme closeness of the voto on Tuesday puls Indiana iu tlio list of doubtful Stales. Of tho three elections on Tuesday that in West Virginia is the only one that throws even a faint light on the Presidential contest. Virginia is the otio Southern State whose i population might have been expected to ho in a witli the Kepnblican party. had, but few slaves, and was easily cloft asunder from the Stale of Virginia i tho war.

It was a steady Republican Slato for several years after the close of the war, ami gave ils electoral votes to fJrant boLh in 1SOS anil 1872, Iu 1S7-I it went over to tho Democrats by a pretty strong rural districts, and a Democratic majority, always reliable, but more or less large, in llic city. There is no oilier Slate In Ihc Union whose elections aro so 'mighty onsarlin." And il happens this year that Iho Presidential election will bo decided by tlio vote of I i exceptionally uncertain Slate. Second Letter from Noah Boyles. MUSCOGKK, INDIAN) miiTour, Oct. 8, The Democrats in New Yorl; city havo comutcnccd up how many fraudulent votes It will tabo lo over-balance llio Republican ma- jorllles in tho oilier parts of tuo State.

That is TilAcu'e best hold. New In my first letter to you 1 closed by saying that the country about Baxter Springs was infested by grasshoppers. Wo have now traveled about 11G miles in the Indian territory, and still the 'hoppers arc numerous, but not so plenty as at Raster REPORT Of the Condition of tlia First National Bank at Cedar Falls, In tho Stato of Iowa, at tho Close of DuslnOSS, Oct. 2, 1870. HESOUIUJES.

U) Due trotn oilier Nail oral Due from State and Hcilcblfltc, CnrrcafcxpcEiftcaaiKl Us.cspala HilU of oilier National llautit Frsct Toiisl curreucy (inclmliBg nUkutO cio gol" Treasury ectUa- Vtniitlao funil wlili U. S. TnMSurur clrcaliulon) WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Clothing! C. F. E.

W. BABCOCK Arc now rcceiviii" for tho Kail Trudu, it Lnrga und WELL ASSORTMENT of Staple and Nil t.lTi bo 00 (j.UTd fix G.iSO LU l.UOS 00 5U5 ffJ (5 pert Total LIABILITIES. CapUal ttocfc pMd In Saqilae fanil Uacdlrltlcd iiroSij. 13 I wish now to make mention of tho fruit and people. Apples were plenty on the route until we reached Cameron, Mo, Wo found no peaches to speak of i we reached Ka- glcville, Ho.

From that point to Cameron wo had all wo wanted to eat, at 25 cents per bushel. One day wo bought one-half bushel aud look a delightful fill. Now for (bo effect. Will said. Ills skin was awful sore.

Ted Bald he did not want any more, and, I felt very much as a pussy old Squire looks. I don't know what cfl'cct was produced on tho women, as they said nothing from Cameron nod ccniiicflica or fi.isa cfi Time ecu WWi Due to other NalloaalUaots ECO 70 Tolal STATK OF IOWA, lOUKTY OT LICK 1UWK, 4 C. J. Ciflilcr of tha abovc-usmcd ani, do filcmcly ureai Iltal ll-o above t-talernunt trim lo Che IKM of my knowledge and belief. C.

J. FIELDS, CaiUler- 10, djy of liUBT. C.J. FIELDS. AVI RON.

10 to Ibis point. except Frnit of all kinds' -lins lie en very scarce, All New COT I9TT, paying i adiraiLtt allcr Novcmlwr 1,1670, will rwcelvo tU paper weekly, from receipt of remUlancc to Jan uary let, 1STT, wliUciH charge. Combined I'apcre--Foily-Scvcnlli Year! THE COUNTRY GENTLEHAM. Thc Chicago All Hie facts of the situation warrant n. very i fore- a that the Democratic partisan majority in the next House of Representatives, inhere a majority' of a faction, icill not exceed rr tla'zen voles.

Ex-Secretary Bristow Declares a They Mean. In a recent speech lion. Benjamin II. Brislow gives tlie loll owing explanation of what "a solid South" means: "I do not now propose to go into details of tlic wrongs were perpetrated throughout the South; hut the history of the Democratic partv, its record and teachings and tendencies and traditions all shoiv that it a parly capable of bringing ahout just -what lias been brought about--a eolid South--for tho purpose of accomplishing by the instrumentality of power in Washington what they failed to accomplish in the war. Do I mean the separation of tlie i 1 do not mean thai, because they know that cannot be done- But a I do mean is to put the colored race of Ihc South in a capacity where they must obey the will of these people, whether you whit.

extort The best yet from New York Is given by the Times of I a a managers cannot perpe- a any extensive frauds nor give him any fancy majority iit thai city. The Registration i i tho i States Supervisor's law insure a rea- BOnablc fiiir election. A Tildcu and 1 clnh New York City, i went over in body to Hayes and Wheeler last week. The fdct is significant and shows whicl way the wind is blowing in Ilia Stale. They give as a reason for the chnngc TlldcnV explanation of th roller and Slymera tiwUcr regard his i tux and other matters.

Enthusiastic speeches were made by CUarlcs T. SI in nun others for Hayes and Wheeler, and their names were substituted on ihc banner instead of Tilden and llcndricks, amid enthusiasm. fact, lie in.ido an excellent Impression among the voters of this part of bis District as will be demonstrated on the of next mouth. A. J.

Felt, of Nashua, who was advertised, was iniahlc to get here. Tlti: I Al seven o'clock the torch-light iroccssion was formed and marched i street, to the music of the tiarlial and brass bands. was an nposing demonstration and but for he lack ol torches would have been oinposetl of hundreds more. The recession marched lo the residence of Mclcndy and escorted Senator Utison and Sir. Dccriug lo (he hall.

PHOENIX HALT. was packed to over flowing ami majority, and this election shows that, liko ita sister States of tho South, it Una gone inlet the Democratic party to stay. Its Democratic majority on Tuesday is a pretty clear indication that Mr. Tilden may rely, with reasonable confidence, on the ''solid South." The Southern Stales have electoral voles, and the Democratic party needs only forty- seven moro to give it a mnjority. The a I contest is therefore narrowed down to tlic question whether Mr.

Tilden can get forty- seven electoral voles iu twenty- three Northern States. It is already certain that he cannot unless he carries New "York, and even with New York, his ability to mnke that number is doubtful. The States in tlio following list are quite reliable for Hayes: Illinois owing to tho late frosts. Vfo find but IHUo fruit it: the Indian territory, and but fe.v orchards. What few there are look well.

A few ortla abon 1 cop Ic. Through Iowa wo found tho manners and customs of the people about the same as In Black Hawk County. Missouri tho people are very courteous, Some of them USD very poor language. I will relate one incident: Two men wero working on the road, or rather, silting. I to (hem, "You have some grasshoppers here?" He hur grasshoppers don't tlo any hurl." The majority of the people use good 1 angn age.

eople ilirough Kansas appear like the people of Iowa in most all respects. Through Indian Territory there are all colors. There is the pure while anil the pure black. The whites rent farms of llio Indians, pay no taxes, give but. one-third or one fourth, just as he makes the bargain, with all ttic cattle range lie can use.

If I am any judge, Ihc people Country GcnllomnnU published uecklj- oi i Ihe follow Irs terms, vih ilrlctly 1 Four Copies il copy tor tlicycar Tree Ii" One Cony. and an ht tender of tbe Clab: Tcu Copies, ddiilonal copy lor lha year frou lo tho reader of Iho Club. Tim Concur Gentlemen nncrjnal- ed Corps of C'orref pondcsiln, Iir null occatLnn- ttc Fwmew of All IMrU of the Furnishing G.oods FARMERS AND CITIZENS'! Wo Ask You a Question Don't yon tliink if this advertisement is true, that our advantages over all other retailers in our line of Goods are so large that under any and ALL circumstances, they cannot equal our Low Prices, and live? Men's, Youth's, and Boy's Clothing, BOOTS AND SHOES, Adapted lo the wants of everybody. HATS AND CAPS OF THE LATEST STYLES All Imving Leon selected wilh special rcjjnnl lo lliia Morkct, and will bo sold al prices which defy competition. We wnnl il distinctly understood lliat those wlio wish lo BUY GOODS FOR CASH Con save Cram 15 to 25 per cent, by from us, n9 uo dealer Belling goods on credit can touch our prices.

Wo mean just what we stiy Conutry, and rtQeeta ihc practical con- Tfac Country Ccntlcmin In iU i Department a continuous variety of tn formation or superior In the asj- rebate lowhai obtained In the monthly of tnon machines devoted to llortlcukotc The Country UcutJeman Las probably done uch rut all other a main combined, lo lalro- dnco and dlfeemmlcato Improved Stock of every tlud llic CQomry and commands to a eteatcrdcgrec than any conteranorarr Ilia confidence and support of breeders ann pnrcoapcrs. TLo CounlrrOenllemcncontalcianiK Qalij Can and trctluoiiliy Market nod i a i a i i Proinecti of tlirowlna apon one of Ihc moel important of all ijncitlona-irATM lo axil When to Sell. Tbc Country Gentleman embraces miner deittttmenlc of a practical cluracter, tticli tho Dairy, the I'oottry Yard, the Apiary, Ihc Vineyard, anil nnd weekly prosenta column or two for the Hoacenlle and an Interest Lnp railcty ot Vlreplde Heading U- eonialna welJ- cdlicdltevlewof Cnrrenl pages furnish If it is so, is not our Store THE PLACE for you to trade come and see if we do not. C. F.

E. W. BABCOCK. Sep. 1876.

Money Saved is Klomey Earned! pil agr of tli all it slavery, peonage or ii Is intended ultural aud horticultural conn try. Specimen Addrc er Tucker Son, rn A a N. Manufacture our Clotli- ing, nt CHICAGO, niul run Kotail Stores tit Cedar Falls, Waverly, Waterloo and Vinton Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Putty, Wall Paper, Books. Stationery, c. All Goods 25 per cent.

Loss than Regular Retail Price. A Large Stock of Cutlery, Perfumery, Notions and. Lump Goods. Wall Paper from Five Cents a Roll tip. t.

B. VAN VALKEHBURG, Proprietor Uily Drug Store. 1H New Hampshire Aii-thcr treasure of money that is from yon by taxation and appropriate It ns conijic nsa for their Josses during ilic vrnv. Thai is Is not Ihnt what yon would do if you were down there If you wcve in tliuir place you would try to get it too. They arc just trying to gel that very thing.

They are trying to get from the Congresa of MIC United Slates compensation lor tlicir losses timing HID war. Gov. He ud ricks eaya tliey cannot do it because the Fourteenth Amendment stands in the way. This was the spirit shown by Gov. Ilcndricka in Inking shelter behind the Fourteenth Amendment, and I thank God that lie has at last been driven to do il.

lie stood tip in the Senate nnd voted against, it, lint, fellow-citizens, it is not true. It cuts oft" nil debts incurred i a of tbc rebellion, and nil a in the States. It doca not cover claims for cotton and oilier products ot tbc South, or for the use, occupation, tula mid houses. Kansas Michigan Minnesota Nebraska There is no 2L Colorado 11 Nevada Ohio 7 Pennsylvania I I Khode" Island ii Wisconsin possibility of Mi -i 10 Tilden carrying any of these sixteen States, i a tin aggregate of 157 electoral roles; or only 2S less titan a majority. If Hnycs can gain 28 voles in addition to those of which he is already certain, it is as good as certain lie will be elected.

The requisite 18, if he should get them, come from soino one of the following States: Xew York 111 New Jersey Indiana If) Connecticut California Ci Oregon tho Territory, both white, black and red, are too lazy to enjoy good health. The lay llic land I the Territory to MuscogCQ is delightful It looks very much like the prairie In County, Iowa, but I do not think il is quite as rolling. Mobt nil tbc highest, points are covered with very rough sloncs, which make wagon aud wliilc pass- Ing over them. There is also nice limestone. The entire far is nuderliiltl i stone.

"Water is scarce. Ttic creeks arc most all dry, In holes. 1 have not seen a slouch since 1 left Iowa. There is plenty of grass on the prairies, of good quality. Vegetation is still green, and cat tic are grazing on the prairie 8.

nrc all roads, good. next will be from Dcnisou, Texas. K. S. OB- IU Ifl Of States in the doubtful, or at least debatable list, the Republicans might carry four-- namely, Keiv Jcr- ecy, Connecttcnl, Unlifornia and Oregon--an by four iul still full short of a majority electoral votes.

Unless they carrv citlici 1 Indiana or York niiidrcds were nimble to gain oil- mission. The audience was one finest, ever seen in our cily, pail made up of ladles Tlie rrueidetil of the club i absent, Mctendy, the first vice 1'ros- idcnt, presided over the meeting and called tho vast audience lo order. The llepubliuin Gleo Ctub of Cedar Falls by a aonj, "ilouor to the Soldiers," a wliic)i Ii. Daniels, a promising attorney from Dubitquc, was In- li'Oduccd and spoke ubonl twenty Tho total losses by the Govern- since Its organization to were tlio tHIt'ercnl the ratio of i i i this aitminislrations, loss to a i 1,000 I a Adminia't'n. of G.

Was John Adams. Thomas Madison Jntuefi Monroe (J. Adams. Andrew Jackson a i a I Win.Henry JIuirLson) JC. Polk Xichavy i a Franklin I'icrcc i a A.

Mncoln Johnson U. S. Grant, i i The above figures arc from books of Ihc Treasury auil arc olVicial. minutes. He con II tied to a brief review of hid speech the Dem- 2 22 .2 .2 75 A Hi .8 58 4 IK) 52 11 71 A 03 the Democratic County Convention.

Our Democratic friends lield their county convention last Saturday afternoon, allEcck Xauman's Hall. Marl in III i in, chatrniMi of the county central cotnmillcc, culled the convention to order. S.ll. Packard, of Cedar Kails, was chosen tcmpora- rv clmirinan and nftcnvnviU pernm- iicnt. a A coininltlec of live was on credentialH, who rcportci! Ibiil Iwolvc townnuips were rcpre- by i i i i Iu order, J.

Smith, of Ivifit niul .1. 1' ICccfer, of C'cilar, were brought forward for tho i a i of County Clerk. On lit ocratli: platform and allowed up Its inconbislcncicd by pointed argu- menU. Ho made his poin(3 direct from the shoulder and spoke i force Imprcssivenes.q. At the conclusion of hid speech the glee club favored llic audience i i i anolhcr WIM.IA.M II.

AI.1.1SOX di i ii ibhcd and honorcil U. S. Senator, was i Without a i of his speech we may remark that il was llic most logical and convincing argument of iho campatgn. lie scccncd inspired by tlio lino audience before i nnd won (he idmlrallon of all who heard him by his eloquent and candiil utterance. Ho a tlic rucortl.H of tlio two parties and showed.

Jiow Democratic was nu anti-war party. He paid a liigli tribute to (iranl, based on what ho i inati anil Ills a i i i i a i which viM received with applause. a Ihc charges of corruption Jimde against Die party aiLil ehowcil a llic great Ileinocmtlc investigating mill of the last Congress had been nnnblo lo Hml where a had been taken from the Treasury by tlie I i cau adminiatmtioLi, nnd only in two two cases were ail verse reports made. He showed how tlie Uttpuh- tican parly hnd Improved the public Gems For Reflection. "This war IB a perfct onlragc, und I will lent! nonsslslanca to ils Samuel J.

Tilden in 1801. "1 would prefer to go lo this war, If was to die, or ho killed in con 1.5 of it, rather llin live through and uftci 1 it without, taking any ixirt iu 1 UulhciTord B. Hayes, IStJl. "They (theframcrs of the Constitution) left i orgnnlKCcl wlicncvcr it should bo dcinatittcd by Llic public opinion of State left il i power lo a imp the tic of Confederation as a nation i repel ati J. Tilden, in 1SKO.

"The great issue is not hard or soft money, civil i reform or the taritl' question, but whether violence aiul disorder shall control this Government or Ihu sentiment ol the law abiding people. The Sonth wouli secure llic control of tho Govern ment by violence, and the Democrat ic pnrU is bnt (he a of Ihc South. aencrul llnnkp, in 1S70. they have no chance for success if all MIC Southern Stales voto for Tilden. It is possible, but not probable, that they can recover Indiana afler toeing it in Stale election with i in Ihc other October States to disco urago tho DcniocivUic parly.

It would be a waste nnd ani- imiition for tlio ltcpnblican to fight the lost bntllo in Indiana over agniu. There is a bare possibility that they light carry it, tho loss of Kcw Tcracy andConnecticut.wliich together have the same of electoral would deprive their victory of any practical value. lint if of those ix States they can carry New York, hey will have more voles than they tec'd in addition to those of which they arc already certain. lint Bncccs3 of the Democrats New York not In i manner car- thorn. They i need twelve additional voles.

I they save I i a a Ihcy will get these twelve votes, i three lo spare. It nt if they should lose Indiana, neither New Jersey alone nor Connecticut alone would help them carry them both, or carry Xew Jersey wiOa one J'acElk Slates, or Connecticut i bolh of "I inn sorry arms in ISfjii; MT. VEiisoXp Ocl. K-, ISTtt. KDITOKS October frosts have mellowed the green of Summer into the golden lingo of A i The days arc sadly bountiful.

a seems dearer in her i garments of gold and purple, Ihan in Spring ehc comes clothed in fresh emerald anil decked with faireslffowcrs- Around Lhis little where knowledge has established a branch office under A loved and generous i the hazy alniosphcrc hangs like a sombre shadow. The rclurn game of ball between the "Cadets" ami University Nino of Iowa City, was played at latter placo last Saturday. The "Cadets" camo off gloriously i Iho score standing: "Cadcle," Univerally boys, 18. Our new Comm a a Lieut. J.

E. U. S. has arrived, and the boys will BOOH ho marching over ly Flat" to i i i tones of big bass drum. The Adclpliian Literary Society gave a public a in llic College Chapel lust I'Yidny evening.

A largo audience I III 0. that 1 laiil down I ntn in favor of re-en 0 tlic negro, antl, i i i a a he clone at once, my ulca. Is I ilopt a plan which will about a condition of things, I would tlem-ive Hie negro of educational privileges; I pity him low wugci; 1 would him from real cslatc; I wouhl prive lilm of a i i ul aifriciillura) irnplemenls." Xorth Uarolinn. the 1'acilic. I iouhtfnl stale extremely of tho can- wsa well pleased.

War la IJiissi.i hna declared war Turkey. The I.nnloii (ilobc of 18th says: a i proraitif on the stock exchange, Tho news ot" I nia's a a i a i i i lo rnako war Turkey lias i tlic fears i for eovcral days have depressed the market, and i i i nd to-day tn an indiscriminate prcs- Biirc a a i i of slock, not only by speculators, stlm panic fcJirs.but by Ixmnajld holdcvft of flccurittes, especially foreign. Them was al Ilin opening a i decline in (iiiolations, and it was dillicnll to obtain prices at which could bccllcctcil, iluctiiatioiig bcinj? BO great nnd fre- vass everything la staked on New York, i will i i of UiU rrcitlciiliat cauvasn. A Ito- jnihltcan success is corlain if ihcy carry New York, and there arc alrong probnbiliUcg lliat if llio Dcni- orratR carry ll they i get twelve a votes they i need to give Tilden a nmjorily. The i i i have every motive for coucciilvating all i clforta fn lite Km pi re Hi ate, but Ihc Democrats cannot win i carrying pome of lite Slates In addition to New York.

The fact that tho Presidential contest is nan-owed to the ability of cither party lo carry New York- i ha admitted by every experienced politician who pcniRCfi Iho forc- i fitalcincnl. Nu i i man reach atiy oilier conclusion. lint fi narrou'ing of the basin of calcu- a i instead of relieving the result of uncertainty, only thickens Iho fog i reals upon the Presidential prospect. Of all Ihc Stales in Ihc i New York ii tho most incou- a i politics. It 1ms been a sort of a i i for moro Ihan a a a New York politics Jicvofr, "D.L.

I I a decided by both Xcv and I'ciinaylvaum courts a Hie publication ot a legal mlvcrtlse- nienl in a "patent outside" IB not fililllcient i lo Ihc parlies interested. In the Xow Jersey case a loyal a i u-as publlehcd In a comity, i patent outside The Latest Styles For Men Boys. RALLY Our Stoc7v be Sold for Less Money Before tJtc NO HUMBUG Bu? Plain Unvarnished Truth! FORWARD MARCH THE OJT 9 PQ CO 20 to 30 PER GENT. LESS Than you can buy these Goods of any other establishment In the City. THE ROUND OAK volea atid fjll.

Sir. Kcefcr wtis i i Ii. K. of OTiiirmlion of Counly first J. ICccfcr declared tlte 1'orlc City, crcdil, reviewed the Con fed crate Honse, imd tho inevitable rctuilt of the deficiency bills wliich will hnvc to be paiscd to make uji for what tho Democrat a ctnlm to have fiavcd.

He reviewed the Ahani reformer Tll- i i i i i i i i i i a for JEc- corder. Courier. Convention mljoiirncd. uent. The change great i ded re- of in a i a in nil cut.

(luctlon i In Kfjyptlan, in I i a i and less, but consitlcrable decline in i i clecwlicrc, uiuler which ccr- luiu properly was sold; anil the question arose whether, 1st, Iho publication had been legally made, and 2d, Ibo vested In the purchaser. Tlio a to tlic suit, who hid been divested of the properly by llio sale, put hi pica tlmt the sale of the properly advertised was not according to the mode provided by the statute, vrliicli declares in New Jersey tlml all legal advertisements i published in fir tilted in the cuuttty ttntl qf ycnerul circulation fn Ihc atunfy-- Ilia counsel a i a i ing lliis had not been done, hence, tlie procced- in case were void, and the did nol pass. A a of New Orleans hns a a a i lo people nol dcn. Mo iliaL the Dctnocrnu claimed thul Tildon had reduced a i seven i i an- TowntJCiul, of Troy, New York, lins a way of i Inilli very plainly. He Not a Republican in i State of New York has lecn accused, even, of complicity lit aclnal canal Not only to, but there Je not a contract over wliich the charge of fraud a a wne let bv ci Dctii- ocrntlaCaunl Hoard.

To cap llio wander of the fitftnnfuts c'aiHtt rinrf not only a Tilden now, fttcored U'rim'tiitlion, rcaidiiif in the State. In ihh re ppccl the Slfttc i a HA old rcp- i i Tlicro are other States, Ihey aro in dtlleretil way. In other a i Hlnlcs llicru In an clement of stcntli- ness oven In their llnclimtlona. They arc because i riro clone; I A I I the livo partictiarnfio evenly hnlnnccd thai a clmngo of a few a voles makcH ihc dlllcrcnce between defeat and victory. New York ia a Stale whoso Incalculable politics do not merely change, but "Hop." defies all tho compu- lations of political a i i In 1872 General Dix Jovor- a i 1871 IMPROVED IN 1876.

Miller, Wilson Wliei'e You Can Buy the Cheapest Ami Tlio Best Quality of Goods Stock la Complete in REMEMBER TH AT ISRAEL BROS. GAM SELL YOU Clothing, Hats and Caps, Fnrriislirn.g Goods, Trunks, Valises, :10 less you cati blty Ilicin i else. aisliii" in part of Cotloimdcs, Denims, Cheviot SliirtingFi, Stripes, Tickings, Drillings, Bleached nnil Wide nnd llcg- ulur Wiillh Slicclings, (jfngliania, Prints, iindn IlagR, and Carpet Very Allractivc Slock fo M)h diicii llav I ijiotth wifa on pivcc: enS tsn-iicl) unsafe to leave paper ahcinl Ida otlhre. i i Tilden was elected by a mnjorl- ly of showing a a i A of Kli.110 two clcclions. New York CAM.

foil tiif. yoi purchiitc nn article a ts cheap, of i but ahvaya caU for (he bent, for the dlllcrcucc in cost lliat and nn I i nrlicle will bo i i a i i Call for i. II. Jtel.nnd Jttxt Chemical Knl- erattts, und having once procured it you will nail for no Tho pro cere all have It, or should. UHQ it instead of Soda or Itaklng Powder-II Is moro healllifLit.

SAFUURABLE EFFECTIVE The Reason Is: let. Itecauso they 1'iirchasc I Clolb Direct of Importers, and Man'- nfnclurc i own Clothing. 1 2d. Itccauso they sell Al I (icoila than any oilier I'lrm. llcciiiific Iho rcaOy paysyslcm enables llicm to buy ItccniinC Ihey gel cheaper transportation by i in large rlh.

Itocausc, "In Union (here la Strength." Because they sell on a amall margin. Till, localise they keep llrat-claBa (iooils. 8ih. llccansc llicy kccpcverylhliij; found In a nrsl-clufts cstabllsnicut Dili. Tlecanpo they nmko one branch of trade un oxclusivo luisl-j 10th, Itccaiifto they will nol be nitci-aolil by any Hvo man.

I all the Dciirahlc Slindca and Fabrics of Ihc Season. Cloths, CassImerc5 Jeans, Blankets, Yarns, CHEAPER. Notions, Hosiery, Gloves, Laces, Ribbons and Trimmings. Table Linens, Bed Spreads, Crashes, Towels and Napkins. tianleil JwJKi ro In Hii u-l i a For Sale By THOMPSONS CO CEDAR FALLS, IOWA.

Tn Wool, tli'iiftiels, Humps, Dulch Wool aud ling. MiitliugH, Oil Cloths, lingua and IlaEsocks. PHILADELPHIA PINE SHOES I'or Ladies', Mlnacs and Children. A^e Asaortmcnl of Shoes, of llio flcftt Makes, for Men, Itoya and Children. STAPLE GROCERIES CHEAP.

If you llcst Interest, follow tho crowd, and Cm no anil lluy Cioodn Wlicro They Sell Largo Quantities, as They Can Afford lo Sell Cheaper Than Small HciUcra. Good pnrtlcs can buy all tho goods (hey want, on Time, al Cash prices, BUTTER AND EGGS WED FOR CASH OR TRADE, MILLER, WILSON A Phttnlx Block. Appropriationfor Poor Farm Take no one's word for quality and prices of Ibclr Goods, be i a call at tho A Store, I'lia-ntx Block, and bo convinced a a has been said are facia. RcupectfuHy Youri, ISRAEL BROS. GOMB1KATIOM, A FAU.S, WAVEIILY WATKIH.OO A VI.NTON.

I uxanUnea tlb Iht dlrectloni of a rnoln- Uaauf ot Stipeni.or» i CIBO- If. Ed op ted Ihe JUDO U. 1870, noard, InclrnciiDc ma (hereto, Noncr rt HCRIXT UITKX, lo tie hoWcn la Conuir on tho Unl laNortDibcr, A.I). Urjla tax of Ten Tboituad upon Con nir of nUrk lor Ibo of purthulnj; Inii ttui bo ndillon nf tbe poocof tin C'oonlr, liud Lo void ot Iba peopla of be upon nir i UwrBon for tiif ic- ill bo TboM TQioff ror wrtMca or pnaled on Ihclt biJtoLj ttui Monti. "Toor Fum Appcoprlillno 1 at Lion TUTB or pnntrd an tlielr tUe (ILvcp DTidcr mr hud uul Offiehl rarofflre In Oian.

aili dtynf J). ISTft. IJAN'I. XttOTK, Wwi HERD LAW. I ucnrdflOiiA vnlh tho of rtPirla Honor Ihe lirttrd talil 'ana- ty.

idopted Jn aitraciliur Ibc TiiTSK, ilna.A,l. of lo Tio holdei ntxin A. n. isTMhfl tL tcA la Uia Irnlroui. -abill ilock reiicRlacd from runnlajt Urfcf" Thoio vtnlnjr In ol ilia mdoplhmtr tiU qneitLoB wiltlcn or priotail Ikrlr tlwwordi, "for nfitnlainf itock Inim laoDlDI Ttiote TUDfT Kfalut nJopUre MM nOMilan hU on their ballad Ilia mtnlAlafi iUwktrom ronrlnc it offlta Conn' i ttJh ilifof HcplcTDbtt, A.

1. llfTd, DAK 1 FOOTS, County Audi tor. BMDBe. loO. P.

ft'J WELL A New for ViunpJiki of 100 eonUInlajc at ui nUeuttfft BlioMIDK ntl of tl ho icnoi.

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