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Cedar Falls, Iowa
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THE J- -L A I A TICKET. of tte- Ml dent, a. Wit A'fir V-rfc. alEul Blrclorvat il IMIEL'llUKS. roidenfW Electors KUTIAttQE J.EA.

WALDO il. M. N. JOHNSON, LUCAS, A A I REVIEW OF THE REFORMER. Long John WenUorlh Pays his Respects to 5.

J.Tildcn. for 'I lie Farmer. Now the qiieslion arisen, how is it thai this purly that has been beaten so ollcu has Ihu presumption lo come forward al this llmo and lo discard till loyal alliance and make calculation that they nro go hi if to cany this election they 1'AVC I'ortncu new nlliancc. Thoy have united with the most corrupt combination of men that over existed iu tho eomitrv I mean Ihc railroad rings, and they expect tlicio Is power enough in these monopolists to carry them through this election. this Government.

road operation-- a i Haute i Alton road-- kcy-noto to llic expo frauds in relation to his which ho tries to gel out (hat ho expended it for his poor relatives An if the larrneni of ihU going to MI 1 1 purl nn hoi utivutf, Is their own po and not TihlcnV AVhen a man gels cerl half beaten. A a i a candidate on Ihc dof half beaten. Set thai has already begun to gc And read in a paper (I cut it out hut cannot name) that a gcntleu York Citv E.itd ho with Mr. Tildcn iu Ihcs WILUA: 4J Dletriet-1 Uti MU UMricl-H. J1OWD TAYLOIi, fith Dblriet-lY.

O. CHOSIIY. Till DLilrfct li. GODFREY, Stb UIIOOKS, Uilk K. KIDDElt.

was his rail- ct certificates. REPUBL1CAN STATE TICKET. For Secretary ot Slalc, T. YUIIJCU. Ftr Auditor or Slate, HUUHN H- SI1EIIMAN.

W. IIKM1S. Kur Stale taud DAVID BECOH. Attorney General. P.

I 11. SKEVEItS. For Judge of iho Snprcmc Cjurt, W. H. SEEVEKS, Pot rig ot llic Supreme Court.

I vacancy, Icnil expiring January 1, J. 11. UUTllllDCK. laic SujicrintciukTil of Tutillc Instruction iHL W. vox COELLX, or Ill-jet llnvk.

I A N. C. UEEIUNtf, 01 Mitchell C'fliinty. I I A TICKET. VorJndcLOi Circuit SYl.VKSTEtt RAGG, Of liUctc llswk County.

Republican County Convention. A lU'lCjguta oaiuX'Uliou or Iho voters of llliict Haivk count)' will Iw held at Hie Court House in Waterloo, SitunUy, Ocl. 1 o'clock r.Jl. For the (mrpon: tinff in uoiniiiiitiun one cntuliilntc for Cleft of District ami Circnil Courts ami nio candMatc lor County Tlio several follow iug wi It is tho monevcd power that they arc seeking.

They think tho people can bo purchased, and (hoy propose lo raise (ho purchase money out of THESE oT which wo hear so much iu Ibis country. Now soino years ago was slnrlctl railroad towards Galena, calleil the Galena Chicago Union liallroacl. It was made by tho people aiulfor their benefit. Kvery man along Iho line look a share; if he had not the nioncr, he worked it out himself. The road was a.

great success. got it as fur as Frecport in no direction to connect wilh the II- inois Central; and we had 1 got it veil lo Cetlnr JIapids in another li- Tho road paid a dividend 6cmi-annunlly all It was considered as gootl as jouda now are. Trust funds, the funds of widows and orphans were invested iu its slock. Tlio men who managed it were an economical set of men. Their salaries were very low.

Thorresiilewlgol aboul $1,000 for liis and the lawyer who tlitl Iho whole business of Iho road, now your Corporation Counsel, KL- llot "Anthony, he had $2,500 a year, nnd everything was done upon an economical" basis. 1 was member of the Auditing Committee. Every bill that was contracted on the road passed through my and 1 had no pay for my services. If ere was a ca se fa com pi ai along tlic litic of the road, the people knew exactly whom to speak when there "was an annual election, every man who had one share had a frco ticket for his wife and family, came hero and voted. Tlic vote Now, 1 beg ithmetical mailer of "ihcy were legal." Ami he says that "as a Christian gentleman m'd llepublican." Now Christian gentleman in 'financial transactions aro all played out.

Tho first I ever I'ouud these men did, when I waa in Congress, lo givo character (o TI1EIH A TitAXS.VCTIONS was to go and get sonic member of llic church lo stand at Iho head of it, and in ono or two instances they compounded their rascality by bntld- ing a church bcfovo starting out with their deviltry. And then, while endorsing Mr. Til den in all these transactions, ho says ho is a Itepublieau? Well, suppose lie is. There fire thieves in the lie publican ranks, and always have been. But there is this cliltercnce between the Republicans and the Democrats: tho Republicans ft re not running their thiavcs for President.

A short time no one supposed that this man Tilden was going to be nominated for the Presidency. It was cooked up by these railroad rings. Tho first men who began to manipulate his nomination in the northwest were men associated with him in these lings. All through Illinois, till through Wisconsin, nil through Minnesota, nil tnese railroad men, Credit Mobilicr men, and all that class of men were at work for Sam Tilden, picking conventions for his benefit. MURDERS IN THE NAME OF TIEFORH Extract from Speech at La- Faycllo, Indiana.

"They 4oll you that ihoy hail a peaceful election last year hi Missis- i a ar- of fad, and I mako this slat emeu deliberately. Although Ihuy cull this a peaceful one, last year transfer of that State from the Republican lo Iho Democratic power involved Iho death of more men than wore over murdered iu all the election riotfi thtit ever took place tit all Ihc municipal, Stale or national elections in all tho free Slales from JIaiuo lo California, and covering a period dating from Wash- Ing toil's election to Ilia present day. and a voice, "Hit 'cm Ligjiiu And they call this a peace- fit i election. 1 go fur (her, and I will jhako tho shirt they have made bloody, and Bay that since Leo's surrender to Grant till now ilicro have been more men killed for rtelr political opinions iu the South than fell on tho throe bloodiest battlo Holds of the rebellion. This is susceptible of truth by documents on file at Washington.

This system is going on to-day-- going on lo- night in North Carol ftm, Mississippi and other Southern States. And (his bofly of men aro boasting to-day as I proclaim it, that with a united Soulli and a small fraction of Iho North-- voice-- 'That's so.J-- they expect to master tlio great stalwart freemen of tho country. voice -'they never LETTER FROM NOAH BOYLES. Condition of Country Passed over- Soil, Crops c. BAXTEIC Si'inxfts, KANSAS,) 1S7C.J Tiffil.

Wtiotc ttvonlcr Wftlcrtiw 10 10 nt-r tcnlrjil PET Li lo be merely a matter of form, and no attention was paid te the collection of proxies. At one time, whilst we supposed tho thing was all Is War? The indications point to a genera European war. LONDOX, Oct. Ucriiu cor respondent of the Times comment upon the excited tone of the Russtai and Hungarian press, lie says it is in lercsling lo notice tlmt the organs both Iho Kussian and Austrian gov crnnienls arc cxchang hreats Kuivous (JAZETTK lly permission will write a few lines lo renders in ttio northwestern poiliun of Illicit Hawk Co. and as mnny others as mny think Ihcm of ncrusal.

The firat fourdays wo were on tho voail tho weather was nlcasaut and the road good except an occasional uuidhole. The next fourteen days it rained, sometimes hard and sometimes harder, of conrso the mnd kept getting deeper so much eo that pedestrians talked of going iimler to hold the bottom In. From llio eighteenth day of our trip lo tlio present lime wo have had but little rain the wcathci generally cool. Now a little abon Iho connlry passed over. From Par kcrsburg lo Steamboat Kock' the land was good and laid well, cori crop backward bnt good growth.

From Steamboat lo Stales Ccn tcr there la but little difference i the soil or lay of llic country, cxccp on the streams where it is consider ably broken. From Stale Center I Des loincs the soil seems to more of a cliycy nature, bordcrin on what tho people call gumbo' when wet it slicks to tho wago wlicris till you can scarcely ECO a spoko in tho wheel. From Des Moincs lo Osceola the soil generally is heavy clay of a light brown color; crops poor, exec an ccasi onal picceofcoru. The Iowa corn after leaving Gritndy county can't bo bragged on a whole, notwithstanding there arc some fine pieces. From Osceola, rand Republican Meeting at LaPorte Big Creek Awake.

h-U'oKTE Cm-, Ocl. 4, 1S7G. IHTOKS Hnycs club was ddrcEscd last night by Capt. J. H.

luxoin, of your city. 'Iho Uall ciiscly aud many who could iot even fnu1 standing room were oinpcllcil lo leave. For nn honrntid half Urn Captain held iho close nl- outtan of tho large audience, as he leal I The enlhtibi- sin was unbounded, its was evinced tho frequent and protracted cheers. Tho Captain lias tho faculty reaching Iho hearts as well as Ihc ind cr Laud ing of his audience. The occasion was further enlivened by tlic excellent music of 1'rof.

Suwall's Cornet Band. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Clothing! Tho meeting closed three cheers for the speaker, given with such vim as to convince tho Democracy of their utter defeat in this part of Iowa. A rising vote of thanks was given the speaker for his able address. I'ut Uig Creek down as all O. for Haves and Wheeler.

C. F. E. W. BABCOCK Arc now recirlvin" lor the Fall Trmlc, a Large und WKLh SELEUTKD ASSOKTSI1SNT of Staple and COLORADO GIVES A CLEAN REPUBLICAN SWEEP.

Gains in Democratic Connecticut. Colorado held her election on Tuesday, and Ihc lie publicans have carried the State by a sweeping major it r. The entire Ktate and Congressman are elected, and bolh branches of Ihu Legislature ore Republican. This secures two U. S.

Senators and three Presidential It is a i to soc winch wny the lidc Even Democratic Connecticnl, in her local elec- right, no complaint WAS nuidc from any quarter, Hut OIL came Samuel i with a lot of men from Now York City and stepped into the ofliee. and. about fifteen minutes thereafter the road was wined out and was ever nftcrwn.ids known as the ler.J The documents were drawn the handwriting ofSain. Tilden the whole thing waa manipulated by him and now if you want to see the merits of that consolidation, how it was thatthoso men had claims upon the trust funds of the widows and orphans that invested in the will read it to yon Tilden bought up for merclj nominal sum, llrsl the bankrupt coii- cern called the Illinois Wisconsin lltulrond Company; another bankrupt concern--tlic St. Paul and Fond du Lacllallronil Company; another bankrupt concern--the Peninsula Marquctlc Hailroad Company.

Xpw, Die bcnnly of that consolidation with the Galena Koad was, that while it ran out of Chicago, yon had to go about 100 miles and a large distance over the lake in a steamboat to gel at it. Whether they consolidated the steamboat don know. They had also got llic Hamilton Extension Railroad Company and then tlie Chicago Northwestern Company. They had bought those tip for a nominal, and stepped right in and took ours. had not the least idea that there WAS any opposition to tions, gives Kc publican gains.

Carry tlio news lo Samuel. The Slate will bet on. Kr. Tilden's Explanation. Gov.

Tildcn 1ms at last deigned lo speak on the question of his income tax. Lawyer like ho pleads llic case nd then asks the American people acquit him. Much as (lie public might desire to do so Die evidence is not Buflicicntly clear to warrant any other conclusion than thai lie deliberately swindled the government. The New York been a great friend of ilr. Tilden; it claims to have made him Governor.

II has believed him honest butit unhesitatingly pronounce 3 Uia explanation fatally inconclusive and unsatisfactory. Perhaps no justcr criticism can be made upon tlio record of the rtfomt candidate than the following extract which we lake from a Tribune editorial OIL the question. It says Wo have never charged Gov. Til- dcn with committing perjury about hia income. W.c have never even held that there con Id.

be no plausible explanation of the meager return for 1802. We have Insisted that the circumstances demanded an explanation, and that, if it were easy to make, it would not have been so long Jti coming. Wo think so still The explanation as to 1802 ia technical and hard strained, bnt if it stood alone, perhaps it might pass. Whci that rctnra comes to be used steadih The Fcxlttcr declare that Austria would leave her allie In a conflict. Tlio St.

Petersburg Goha replies that Russia will nolfio stopped, even If she had no allies. The lone of Iowa to Liberty is as fine a nany of tj ling organs of Geria EtrfmHy opposed to the supposed nmbitWns designs of Hits sin. The Zcitunff says itiscon- vinced that no German government will support Russia's selfish designs. It thinks lEussla would recoil from a war if Austria and Turkey accepted her challenge. The Times correspondent remarks lliat this opinion was very general lierc some litnc ago, bnt recent events have somewhat modified it.

is now thought thai Russia, after her repeated threats war, might, if clwllaegcd, deem it incompatible with her honor lo remain at peace. The Democratic papers of Soulli Carolina advise the Democrat throughout the Stale not to emploj colored men unless they will promise to role the 'Democratic ticket. Here is a sample of their arguments, from a Charleston paper: them (tlio negroes) under iposi llort Lick, the eccentric Ciiliutr- iia millionaire, is dead. WIlli an honest election there is no question about carrying Indiana. The famruis Iowa traveler, Col.

P. San ford, of Murshalllowii is lying ill in llic north of Ireland. Colorado Ilcrnoeraliii in 1S7-J by majority. A Itapuhliuan gnin lliia year of over 4000. llobcrt Lincoln, son of the murdered I'rcsidtinl, is doing cJRvjtive work on tlie in I i a i James fi.

I i is lo make two speeches iri Iowa--one at Dee Monies and i other probably at liiii'lington. (jrcorgiu voted on Wednesday anil it rolled up heavy Democratic majorities--of course it did. A "fi' south" you know, is reform. Judge K. H.

Hoar is to pitted nyninsl Hen. I i i for Congress in the 7th District of Xfiss. Hoar runs ns sin Independent candidate. Cotoradn starts out right on licr liriit State election. A filiUe can fnil to he prosperous u'bnn il enrolls itself under tho Hepublicuii tanner.

the road, and made tio effort to collect tlie proxies. They went around purchasing stocks, and look a lillln here nnd a i (here i i they got a majority. WImt did this great reformer Ao'f The first thing was to declare a dividentl of three per cent, on llic whole of the roail.tlic most of which TMF.V I OCH A The more the better. Aud having mtutc tlic dividend of It per con I. it put their Block up nud enabled them lo unload, nml sold back tlic filock ul an euoinions profit.

I have never heard Ihc pro- lils of Mr. Tildcn cstitimtcd at less a a quarter of a million of dollars -in tlial operation. Now, what else did Ihcy do? 1 am talking farmers, nud I am yluil lo see romc farmers here. I am glad to BCC sonic of my Indiana friend. 1 The first thing they did was lo put up the lariUfon wheat 72 per upon coarse grain 21 upoti 71 per ccnl.

lumber Itf upon live slock per upon merchandise 8S per passenger trallic 28J per cent. These arc i Reformer's operations with Ihc Illinois Northwestern Railroad. Mow, look at Ihc enormity of the concern. 1L took every road i out of Chicago to the clear up Into the upper part of Wisconsin, Lake Superior, Iowa, Mincsota and everything, there was no tiling that coulit come to Chicago from "that direction that hadn't lo pay toll to them. And my opinion is, If Mr.

Tildcn is elected President ol" the United States there will be hut one railroad iti Iho whole Union (applause and anil lli'il railroad will consist of ull tho others. 1 This thing succeeded no well I hut he for len years, as the basis for escaping taxation on everything over fifteen thousand dollars at a time when his income was steadily a hundred thousand or more, per year, the situation becomes monstrous. Gov. Til- dcn mav indeed have, kept himself williin the letter of the law, but it is plain that lie evaded its spirit, lie could not be scut lo Ihc penitentiary, as he is trying (o send Jar vis Lord, for defraiiding the Government, but he contrived lo keep the Government from gelling out of him the money lo which was entitled. lie did not lell tlio horse-car conductor lie had paid his fare, but ho kcnt his hands in Ins pockets and looked unconcernedly nt the conductor, as if he a and the effect was the same.

When the American people find him running as a Reform candidate for the 1'resi- dency, they are going to vote for the stand that when hands are wauled, only those who vole iJie Democratic ticket will be taken, ami that when any money is to be paid out or any employment whatsoever is to be furnished, the Democratic, voters will "be preferred to all others, and they will open their eyes, see light for the first time, and give a solid support to the Democratic candidates. Do line In every county, and Hampton wil bo elected by an overwhelming majority. The game is iu our-owi haiida, if the cards arc played That's the way Tildcn is going to jet reform. country as I ever saw except a broken belts on the streams. Timber seems lo be plenty judging from iho tight vail fences.

The corn crop i rough this section ia abundant. I have no doubt bnt Iho average yield per aero will be sixty bushels. I never saw such cars of 1 i one car would be all any gran- would want to carry iu his pocket at ono time. From Liberty to City is mostly limber of fair Limlity. There a re some farms cleared, up.

The surface is broken except the river bottom which is level from Kansas City to Ft. Scott. By tho way of Sliwucctowu is a very handsome prairie country, just rolling enough to bo beautiful. Crops do not look very good, through this section. The corn has a very heavy slock generally, but rather small ear.

Tho best corn i i section is In Linn County. There eccms to be plenty ol limber in Linn Co. From Ft. Scott to Baxter Springs the people don't live; they only slay and a poor stay at that. 1 speak now in a general sense.

There sonic good (arms. The corn crop, generally, is very poor. The surface of Una sec- The Wheat Crop of tho World. At the Intevnational Corn market held at Vienna, Austria in August, 187(i, there were 5,000 merchants and Com producers assembled from every part of Austria, Germany, Hungary and llnssia. Tlic first doing of tho assemblage was the reading ol the various report of the harvest ol 1S71 in all parts of Europe.

has reaped IS per cent, less than a good average harvest, Mecklenburg, 20 par cent, leas Bndcn IU per cent. ICEB Wurtcmburg per cent, less; Havana and baxouj report a good average harvest' The Aust re-Hungarian Empire stands with a good average harvest of at moat 2 per South Kussia, (nil Russia mid llussia Poland have a good average harvest, and even more, whilo North llussia is 70 per cent, below an average: lEomaiua LAS 25 percent, less than an average Switzerland 10 ner Sweden, Norway and Denmark each 15 per the Netherlands with 30 per below the average. The Canadian wheat crop is below an average. It is believed that there is considerable old wheat ol the crop of 1875 still in the hands of the producers. Thu required imports into Canada of wheat will bo largo and will be Furnishing Goods FARMERS AND CITIZENS! Wo Ask You a Question Don't yon think if this advertisement is true, that our advantages over all other retailers in our line Men's, Youth's, and Boy's Clothing, BOOTS AND SHOES, Adapted to llic wants of ovcryboily.

HATS AND CAPS OF THE LATEST STYLES All been selected i special regard to this Market, and will 1)0 sold nl prices which defy competition. Wo want il distinctly uuilcrsloinl llmt llioso wlio wisli to BUY GOODS FOR CASH of Goods are so large that under any and ALL circumstances, they cannot equal our Low Prices, and live? If it is so, is not our Stove THE PLACE for you to trade Can save from 15 lo 25 per cent, by i us, as goods on creilit cnn touch our prices. We menu jusl wliat we sny come nnd sec if we do not. no dealer selling C. F.

E. W. BABCOCK. Sep. 23, 1870.

Money Saved is Momey Earned! lion good, rather level. Soil ia of asli nature. "We have passed some live towns since leaving ITinchforil. Among Hie number is Kldora, Stale Center, DCS Jlolnca, Eaglcvlllc, Cameron, Liberty aud Ft. Scott.

1 must now close this letter by Baying that grasshoppers arc here in abundance; the air is full. They have just come to tl-is part of the Stale: we saw none i yesterday. We have enjoyed very good health since we have been on roud. AVc expect, to-ilay; to enter tho Indian Tcr- Schurz' Prediction. yon Iiavcbcen over the ground pretty thoroughly, and havegood opportunities of judging: what, arc yonr impi-essiona as to the October and November election? Gen.

the election had occurred the next week after the St. Louis Convention, Tilden would have been elected by a large majority. One of gwat political revulsions thai no philosophy can correctly estimate Lhe cause of which would huve swept liini into theWhilcHouseoverwhelm- ingly. lUit tlie American people are a leading and ihinking people. They arc ipiilc apt to correctly estimate Iho character of a candidate before they yet through with him.

They sec that the character cf a great reformer chimed by Tilden, and which secured liia nomination at St. Louis, is entirely tiswnicd by is misapplied. They ul'so plate a proper estimate upon the pretended economy of the last House of Our Centennial Fair is shown by the statistics to have been more largely attended thus far, in proportion to the of days it has been open, than any former international exhibition. During the 115 days up lo Saturday evening last. according lo tho figuring of the Philadelphia J.ctlycr, Ihcre were paying visitors, whose admission aggregated a sum in excess of the total receipts 1,025) from the paying visitors lo the Vienna Kxnosi- tion during the IStf days of its continuance, and only less than the total receipts of the Taris Exposition of 1S07 durmg ihe 217 days it was open.

itory. N.S. UOVI.ES. This hot week in Indiana. Tho UcpnblicaiiH have the best speakers, hut, iu the languiigcof a pjood Til- dcn mail, the Dcmocmls arc spending all the money.

Considcntblc surpriso is oil Jii eousc pnrls of the country over Ihc iitws of the explosion of Hcil f.iRtc and yet Ihc Chicago Times still continues lo bo published. Gov. I Tart ran ft did not many voted for Iho noi Tildcn, hut Tihlen's Centennial reception wasn't anywhere compared not gel RC anhialiun Tho campaign is lost, the organization and its legitimate purposes re- inaiu. But these, loo, are in extreme peril, and, under the demoralizing fatuity of llie hupoalcr, Tilden, they arc in danger of permanent eclipse. His candidacy is an error, a calamity, a fraud.

Before Ihc situation becomes more desperate, before Ihe vholc future of the party is involved the disaster of the present, a halt hoitlil be sounded. The National Committee ought at once to unite in emanding that Samuel J. Tilden, be pretender in management atidlhc raud iti political morals, Immcilialc- retire from the ticket, and leave he party ho has 60 nearly ruined a chance of salvation from ultimate -ilrgus, J)cm. a '1 'im w. There is well digested feeling among the Kcpubiicaiis which amoutit.s almost to a victory in ad- VAncc, IhaL they uro going to carry Kcw York in November, no mailer what may he the result in Indiana.

then went into the Tort Wayne railroad, and gobbled that up for the Pennsylvania Central. Not content with thai, ho went i the Torre Jlauto Alton road, and I can snfc- say that lie has been iu every operation lo consolidate railroads that has taken place in the Northwest Judge Trumbull lie is llic super-; ior of Gen. I a i potnt of ability. 1 lie i. in just one respect.

He can sit down TO his table and draw I lie that will take move money out of the people's pocket nnd put it in hie own than any man living. Now, out of Una grew these fann- ers' organisations, Grangers, etc. Tliouglt a great many members were opposed to hccrct societies, they really overcame those ccmsciculions pica, and llicy didn't sec any other way than to "get somewhere where Ihcsc incii couldn't tlml what Ihcy were doing. Alt the whole connlry tliere baa been Ppnnging up these lives, since all the figures and records warrant the assertion that more profligate House has nol assembled in Washington during the past twenty years. Tlu-y also appreciate the danger that lies entrenched be hind a.

Solid South, which means re pndiation, a sacriftccof national lion or, and the rchabitation of ideas lha were supposed to have been sell let by the arbitration or the sword- I Hayes gains ground as rapidly with in the next two weeks as ho ha during the past two weeks, ho wil carry every Northern State. Th revolution has been thoroughly com plcte and rapid. 1 consider Ohi and Indiana sure Tor the Itcpuhl' cans 111 October, -md there is not Slate iu tho Union more certain 1 cast her KLccloral vole for llaye than New York, can sec i lint certainly for I and sure dc feat lor Tildcn. My eonlhlcucc i the patriotism, integrity, and intelligence of tho American people is too great to tlmik otherwise. A privalc lellcr from a Icailin; Jcrmau brewer of Citiciiinati by prominent brewer of Cleveland, in reply lo a question in regard lo Ihc sum ding of the (j arm ana in the former city, contains tho following I have to say 1ml few Germans will vote for Tildcn.

llcls offered on 2,500 Hep. mnjonly have not been accepted by Democrats; licncc, the Tihleu cnlhiislnain has cooled down. is llioiighi Hi at i Ihc exception of the Southern Stales) it From tho Centennial. Oct. 1S7G.

Centennial visitors arc plentiful, Cedar Falls being represented by six of the name of 1'Iclds and familj-, G. W.Clark and wife, E. Tow us (mil. JTrs. J.

T. Knapp, John Dlxon, west of low; rison, OrL Burr aud buy and olhcre we hivo not met. Mra. Clark Blart- cd Xew Yorkwnrd this morning, leaving George with large toe swelled far beyond the dimensions of his boot- upon which a "bus" man -oiled but it docs not prevent his gelling around to the shows nml "agricultural horse trots." Ho talks of staying here till the middle of October. Husbands and wivca who have never had reason to foci for each other should como here.

They can have cause for feeling and looking if ruthlessly torn from each olhci 1 it such a crowd as on Pennsylvania's day, Sept 2S. TLicrc were 57,000 paying visitors, 12,000 cxlitbl tors iiiElilc and, a world of people outside. It was saul lo be the larg cst collection of people assembled since the landing of Columbus at Ihc month oT Dry I We made the circuit of Hie grounds on Ihe steam cars to sec the crowds, would occupy one lill Christinas to lake much more than a eye view of everything here. Iowa 1ms a magnificent display of fruit, some of it the finest on Iho yrouinU. TLic i of soil taken from about 1mlT the couiiUoa over Ihc supplied those wants maybe from the United States' ports.

This will make a foreign outlet for 8 to 10 millions bushels of wheat. The average United Stales crop for years has been 100 millions of Spring, ami 150 millions of winter wheat. If the Spring wheat crop of ISTC averages only there will be a deficit, of million bushels. i Ihc large crop in 1S7G in California anil Oregon of Winter whcal, the aggregate crop of Winter wheat in is probably above the average product of the eight years from 1SU8 to 1S71-5 inclusive. DOM EST 10 LCONOSI ho us ek cep- er or cook 3s fully prepared lo enter successfully upon her culinary duties without having IX K.

UeLand JJeat Chemical hand. It relieves the mind of much of the care and anxiety experienced by skillful cook. Kor sale by most merchants and grocers. Call for the genuine, iu red papers. It is better than Soda.

Not beins adulterated it is much more healthful limn linking Powder. The Republican estimates arc ",000 majority In Indiana next Tuesday. Neiv Advertisements. We Manufacture our own Clothing, at CHICAGO, and run lie tall Stores aI Cedar Falls, Waverly, Waterloo and Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Putty, Wall Paper, Books. Stationery, c.

All Goods 25 per cent. Loss than Regular Retail Price. A Large Stock of Cutlery, Perfumery, Notions and Lamp Goods. Wall Paper from Five Cents a Iloll tip. A.

B. VAN VALKENBURG, Proprietor City Drug Store. GRAND RALLY AND A. The Latest Styles For Men Boys. Oar Stock will be Sold for Less Money than Before the War! FORWARD MAB.CH H.

A JORDAN, Photograph Artist lo MAOV.l Opposite tho A CcUui- iotnyraphi from Card to Life Jtoii Tons, ifcms, antl (tit kinds Ferrotype irurAr. Vopyitty (tntl Old NO HUMBUG But Plain Unvarnished Truth! OJT 20 to 30 PER CENT. LESS Tlirm you can buy other cstnblislit in llic Cily. of Slate and placed in large glasa I six feel In length, speaks wull for the Stale; IJlack i county apparently i be a second Orcelcy nmiir. have bet I Hayes.

Says tliu tf Columbia "The Slate of Konlh Carolina is an armed camp. Twenty thousand vetcr-m fioldiurs of the Confederacy meet and i and exercise and pa- mdo daily in open dclianco of law and Ihc 1 r. A I is lull lo-nlghl," waft Ihe openiii; liov. remark of lloston speech. "So is Mlko Dohcrty, he- dad!" i a reformer present who flporied a Tildcn badge and a Htrong breath, rtnd throe Hjecrs were (jlvcn for Mike Doherty.

I''armera iliun't ktiow what to do. They didn't know whom to Irusl. (ict'ou to a railroad car ami there would bo the of Llio courts, who hud. a pass in bli pocket There was member of Legislature, and hn hail a pass. There ivus yonr shcrlll'of your county, ami lie had a pagfl.

The re- wni your iiillunniial clergyman that kept Ihe brethren and he had n.psitis. Ami then every lawyer of any prominence around Hint could dclcm! a farmer, why he had a pass. livery- body had a pnes I nit Ihc farmers, ant he railrortds Ktild tlicy couldu'l live 1'hcy were nol making 1 any carnin Ahollior voio on Ihc I'rcsldunlini tMiicliilillcf; was tnkciL among; nial vislluri? lo IJie nt Wneli- 'rinirartny. It gave llaj-cn -rililcii Now York viallora Ilnyes -I5 'I'il 'Jt vifliturK, 30; Indiana 11; Dlila 'lUlctcn and You phifuly went frc tliu rciison. up went the prices The Canleil In Indiana and Ohio.

The State elections of I i a a Ohio arc hchl next Tuesday. The iilLlti those Stales, cspcc- Inlly, ia looked lo with ns nuch anxiety AS was the iicu'tiofa dceiaivo liattlc during the war. On which aide arc tins killed, and wounded to fall on Ihnt day is tlie absorbing question. The in I i a a hafl been tlio most exciting in the history i a Suto and tlicrc are few men who yo to tlic uolls without an opinion ns lo wliluli thcv ititcuil lo voter. Tlio only danger to Uepnbtican success IR found in Iho rclcr Cooper vote, which will be laryc.

Many will allow themselves lo lie swerved from the mainc issue by this lunacy ami deplete tlic Jlcpublicaii vole. Itcn Harrison has nmilo a brilliant canvass and his la quite coil fidcnlly entertained. The result in Indiana and Ohio if lEcpublican next Tuesday will sclllo cll'iictuaUy the Presidential issue. If those States should show Democratic leaning i would intensify the campaig Tlic (Jliic.igo Times last week pub ishcd a story to the effect that (iov Farea nnd every tiling el so, nud th jooplc Plruck out to tlio vltflit nni ell, hilling the nnd there a member of Iho anil i this liiuc were Kninncl Tildcn, whether they knew it or no I- And now thin umti hns the iminnlciico to appear lie fore the ngricullural clnKaot, and this rnau la a reformer nticl every otio that fltnrta talk saj'Bvote for reform. I tell tho farmers thai they may just, as well ficll out tlielr land anil move nwrvy and give up fanning to plrtcn Ihuir most Ijlllcr enemy nL the of fay lord Is to llic Ccnlennm to put dial venerable pipe on cxfiihl lion.

Wo tiro i him help V'o liavo no objection lo your ing tilonjr llro. Dyke but unlcflrt yon conduct Is very much belter thai usual yon i liavo a i pip your cum lo others close- ev, nnd refused lo re I urn il; but Hi slander has been nailed KO eUcclual- iy thai It will not sue the The mnii Is proven tt) be a disreputable black-niaitor and bifjnmist, ivliose word not to be believed iiiitier oath. Afore straws: On Ihc SUB ami Colorado have the nn- csl displays of any stale. Another icauty of Ihcir exhibit in greatly in- rc.istidby tlic inagiilUccntcoUcclioii of btnired aniumls and blnls belong- in-j to a Mrs. Maxwell of Uouldcr, Colorado, who sholand Plullctl them.

Slio lias them arninged upon the siilc of nil arlilicinl mountain, down which a nuinll atrcam of water falls from rock lo rock Conning wild romantic tec no. Fine A Hall and Iho Art (Iiillcry have KO many a "things of beauty," and aro fio full of people IhcfiQ days ihat description of them would i iliillcuH IH that of pushing OLIC'H way through the crowd. Tho show great one anil to be appreciated needs lo be seen. Tho nni rates but will drop ilown i. aa HID crowd Those writing lo fricniln here U.onld i Onlem-ial K.

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Ilccausc llicv icll 51 II (iooils thnii oilier Ftnu. Hccnnsc llic ready imy ayKlcni oimlitrs tbciu lo liuv for llh. llccimiO Hiny gi'l chcniici fnlu lit rnu "In Union there la Strength." tllli. llcenufio they i sell on A RTliall margin. 7lh.

llwoiiflc they tirat-clnss CiOOlls. fillu JlecniiEClhej round In tirAl-clnHn cHlnbUflincuL Dili. Hccnnfic tbcy ninko ono brnticli of hade nn exclusive bust- Ifltli. HccniiHC they will not bo udcrfold liv live nmu. In nil lltu DceiraLIc Sliailcs KnshioiinMc KaTn-lcs ur the Bcnsoti.

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WILSON A. Phconlx Block. JttvtiUv. Vfn Hint it bu put llir a process of publication ortilne every i Clio Centennial bo nd- vlscd lo carry a seven pound Hitiol- lintf bolllc nrouud i him. N'cw York anil t'lilladelphifi Irain of Mntidiiy over Hie I'itts- linrff, nnd Kort Wayne lUilroad, vole fur President a i the fallowing result: Hayes, 1 1-1: Cooper, '2(.

Sccrclary Morrill nnnonnticj that the nntionr.l ilfthl was lessened tho nionllk of to the amount of whtrli looks lite practical retrenchment. but rruiLcm Ailanm I fur Govcrjtor In Mngsachi llH only in name. All Ilia illustrious in i Aclniiin i i a Eicnaralpdlnto fossilisin. Lnnl year at ihe general olcrtion lie voteil tils meat hill. i Ilhiliic'd friend lins reiioniiimtcd for Iml ivon'l linn Jliillcr tAiln i i sineiinvs ILUck Hawk foaoij.

O1K-K If ttfiebj UiU on I tie 11th nl Or-tolKf, A. II. lOnVtixl. llm Conrt Itiiuvr. ID Ibo i WAleiluo.

roanlr nlll Its luM it PoMlc A i i MjLi-rl! fteal Ktrile. Itih-d upui of of llm CEmh Cot A Kiwk.tJti Co, i tur I Mo rnuuty nf lltACk lloife ilac pmiicrtT of I Tlio 1 from lUi rt. wHUIn or IOVTI ot lLo N. W. Mcc, nh II.

i of Iho Clb l. Ibrn r. nxlu. ihirw luoih li flj Itio -IJ-HUtiHli norlh 13 b.VlDO:odt iroT Ir Id I' W. 11AV7I.K.TT.

Illicit Cnnnlf. TMffi I 1 Tflkc no otic'n word for quality nnd nrlces of their hut he sure nml mil at the A Store, Phniiiix lllock, and bo convinced that what hns been wild arc facts, llcwpcctfully Yours, ISRAEL BROS. COMBINATION. CliUAIl KAMA WAVKItl.V WATKItT.OO A I 1 VINTON. Lmria I.OKWKNBTIPK, fjnlcaninn.

Salo of Black Hawk County Bon STATBOP IOWA, I "WILL MFI.I. TO TUB II EST HinDKU. AT otficti lo Waurlfl fa Mitt roonlr. dn ihe arof ItJTii, oVUiek CHeen tLaniand (11,000) tlalUn nr HUck raantr dated OctoticrliMKTC. BM) pijaliLe wlitiln ten Iho jilfuuro of I No with tMrrcnU ncr will Irmtd tviTiSlo icml iRf In CrnomlMtloT tin.

tlldi 1 for la bo fUicrt In I'mpOMlt la ne wll! IM llio tame i hi I THE M1ABJKICT I J. B. JENNINGS, Ptvmcrlj run lj HUNT A DOUD, llio pLwo Tho brat In Cash paid for Hldos, Hogs, Cattie, Poultry and Shoop. Door lo Oarpttittr 1 Ifttr JHerk, Salo of Lands and Town Lots for Loss a A of Dol Tnxos. STATB OP IOWA, rt 1 OTICE hcrehr cinnaaiil lo Ihe tliklilJicu rrmiln llablo lotale tin and which have teroiofotv tAitnltcA ind oRamt at public vale, and paird for want nf blj nd "111 taken tn Ibo fall mount ol teutf.t nail dad That Ja uurlainlne lha InlrrcitaiidpenAlLira paid ndcnp- Ortn nt inch real fnnra inch ttla.

lha QBI on nan-el (if told Hie, IM takrB 10 be ltd i aiDcjqnl nf al i)ia puch anU all lha proirlalona or lha fHrcp ar.dit IDT ibtt ISlb day of Auga- u. n. WASHHUIIN..

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