Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 8, 1948 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1948
Page 13
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Ml)., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER S. 10-15 THIRTEEN DRAFTEES & VETERANS GUIDE By MAJOR THOMAS M. NIAL For six wcess now ex-servicersitcrm Insunmcc alter Jtin. have been gcttins notices that their; would be bound to the f insurance . is abou: to run out. Here's why, and what to do about 1«0. .- • • National Service Life Insurance it. National Service me jnsu „ issued as term insurance. The lirst. servicemen to buy NSL.I did so on-Oct.-8, 1940. in the early days of the last draft. The insurance ihey bought \vns good for five years. It was officially known as "five year,.level premium, term insurance," and still is. What .that means is this: You buy the insurance at a certain premium (very low) and you pay that premium for five years. At the end of :the five-year term the premium goes up. The new cost is •what "you would have had to pay had you been five years older when you first bought the insurance. Every five years thereafter the premium ROCS hifiher, at an Increasing rate—unless you .convert to permanent 'insurance, in which case the .premium takes one big Jump and then stays the same until you die. -• Toward the en'd of the first five- year period- it" looked as though the war would still be going on by October 1945.--SQ Congress extended the live-year term for another three years.- It passed a law saying that everybody who -bought insurance before Jan. 1, 1946, would be able to op erate oh an eight, instead of a five year-term.- Anybody who bought f NOT ONLY RELIEVE BUfLOOSENS UP' The eight-year periods have been expiring since Oct. 8. this year, and insurance. You'll pay it for f:vc years (the new five-year term) and then the same thins happens all over asnin. 2. Convert your insurance to one of the six permanent forms of, NSLI. As soon as you do thai your, premium goes way up—but it, never goes up again. Once you have condo a lot of things for you that term For instance, it starts to build up value, against which you UAjJiJ •>•'*(-! »,it"^*- w»-. — . v Q C'TSn VJIJUU Up.UJJaU w.iiv-ii .1 "<-* holders of expiring insurance pol:- borr ow cash from the govern- cies pet a notice from their VA| n| . jn omc] . g . cncy limes . Or, if 11 offices telling them tnej convc rt, to an endowment poli- lavc to stnrt paying an m-;-' . ct income for life (CAUSED BY COLDS) PERTUSSIS has been prescribed by thousands of Doctors. It not only relieves such coughing but nlso 'loosens up phlegm' and makes It, easier to raise. PERIUSSIK is safe and mighty effective for both old and younj. Pleasant cies pet branch creased premium or drop their insurance. Actually the VA sends out two notices, one 60 and the other 30 days before the deadline. These notices are r.ot to be lightly regarded. They explain the eight- year term is about over and tell the two things you can do about it. These are: 1 Start paying the new premium, at your new age-rate, for term WOMEN! WHO ARE RUN-DOWN FROM MANY COLDS Take These Wonder-Worhing Tablets. The FIRST Of Its Kind! If you .-ire weak, run-down from frequent colug, nntl Inck rcsistnncp duo to « viuunln nnd minvrnl deficiency in your diet —tako famous McCoy's Tnbiota. McCoy'nTnljluts, alone with well-Wllnnced mciila, lire miirvi-louD to build up rcsl»tlince. thus wnrdinK oft calif null hcipinR you rcnlly enjoy life. Tnlte McCoy's for 30 ";!)•». the way you feel—money bade. 60 tablets CDC. McCO Y'S 'TABLETS you cnn buy McCoy's n'.: Wiilsh- McCnRh. Ketch's Drug Store. you pay as premiums is money down the drain. You can never incike it work for you. By 1950 term policies will be expiring at the rate of millions a year, and it will be a major operation for the VA to keep everybody posted at the GO and 30-day periods before expiration. . Here, briefly, is a sample o; the change In premium, applied to a guy who was 23 when he entered the sen-ice: He paid $C,GO a month. His new for five more years of term insurance) is SG.90. If he converts!jyf.,,, Charged Will) Death cy. it pays you a set income for life • a'iter you reach a certain age. Term insurance can never do these things. Term insurance is nothing more than protection against your death, and the money CHRISTMAS SUGGESTIONS • Cellar Cbcsls • Sluillo Couches ^ • Easy Chairs • Living Ronm « 8 Sillies • Bed Ronm Suitrs • Oil, S 6 Can, HMtrr.i and Jlnntrs R \<'t » Baby Kith Chairs anil Bed* n : S? • Electric Itcrriccrator.H • Wiirth- fa ! y inff Machines • Kilrlim CabinctH fa •S? • Hrenkfasl Sels • SmnkisrH JS 1'' • qrwlnc Machine! •Piano* « a • «"•'"» »>•"•" n g • Itnilios R Any article you need can be K supplied by us K -r. •* _ I _ — V_»»ju?iiriM4h rfjj Peoples Furniture Store REINHART'S The Recognized Leading House Furnishers in Western Md. 17 Baltimore Street LOANS CASH FDR EMERGENCIES, OTHER PURPOSES On Signature, Car or Furniture NO ENDORSERS REQUIRED Do you need cash to take care of any of the many extras that come up at this time of the year? You can borrow up to S1000 at HFC and take 6, 12, 15 or more months to repay, depending on the purpose of your loan. Borrow For Any Good Reason Thousands of customers find money help at HFC every week! Tiiey get cash to pay overdue bills, medical or dental bills, seasonal or emergency expenses. Repay The Convenient Way Table shows sample loan plans. Household offers a variety of repayment schedules for your convenience. Coih You Gel * $100 200 300 500 1000 MONT 20 paymtf 5 6.41 12.65 18.80 2S.SS 56.81 HLY PA1 li /Jfl.l ftlts $ 8.08 15.98 23.80 37.47 73.66 rMENT P J2 paymti S 9.75 19.33 28.82 •16.09 90.58 LANS f pa\jntt $18.15 36.13 54.02 89.34 175.43 Pay-mfnts a!iarr inelndf loiti of thr loan If rrptiid on seltriinlr. CViirjn on loaiz <ib<r.'* XjQQ ar>- moil* imrfrr the ItijuUrtal l'\«a*r* JMV. Our therrff o« all balnnt't of MOO nr Inx ttff miMaiafitlly It** ""i" the Jull r<\!e ferrxififil l>y lc.w. No endorsers arc required and our charge on loans of $300 or less is substantially below the lawful maximum. 1878 • Our 70th Anniversary • 19^8 HOUSEHOLD * FINANCE y*""--^ij» j** -nS* -S>^fs j^tffrt * . _ Liberty Trusf Co. Bldg., 6th Floor • Entrance on Centre St., Just off Baltimore PHONE: 5200— Cumberland Loans Made to Residents of Nearby To:ms We try to keep 5 ycars^fihead of the babies! ' THcy'ro Leing L'orn in record nurnb'crs these days. 4 million babies last year—12 million since the war! They make one very important reason' for the giant expansion program of the iwfiness-managcd electric companies. ^ > Another reason is that everybody's appetite for electric service is gelling steadily, bigger day after day, year after year— •"in towns and on farms, in homes and in .- industry. .sr- "• Ordinarily, the power companies work about S years aJiaad for growing electricity needs. (It takes n long time to plan, build and equip power plants.) . -".Today, in addition, we're working Hard i'o catcli up wtli mucli needed conslri7C-| tion we could not do during the war years! ; It's the biggest peacetime construction. program in America's history. Already,! in two years, it Las added as much new electric power as 147 cities, of 100,000^ people each, normally use! This nationwide project is made possi- 1 We by the savings of millions of Americans who arc investing in the Z>/is:"ness-managed electric light and power companies. ' How is this money being spent? It pays for new power plants and additions to others, thousands of miles of wire, equipment in vast quantities, and thousands of new jobs. Hear HELEN HAYES on ffc» E/eclrfc rhealre, Sundayi, 9 PM., EST, CB1 The Potomac Edison Co. forms i his rate is $14.80 a month...' BALTIMORE— Iff)— Duncan Liv- but that never will go up. | i :l!: stone, Jr., 25-year-old Baltimor- One more lipure—if he just keepsj e ' n 7-, f w iil be brought to trial in. Ci'i- rencwinff his term insurance. and' m i n[1 i court, Friday or. charges he c!oc.s no:, convert, his rale at the aneistrangled his IB-year-old girl friend, of G5 will be S39.70 a month. At', gjijrley Will, the ngc of 70. $01.80 a month! r.ivir.cstoni Bcrenparia, after whom a great ship wns named, was the wife of Richard the Lion-Hearted, 12th century Kins of England, been spent in hospitals under police guard. Murder charges were placed against him in Baltimore after it was determined Miss Will had been choked to death within the city limits, police said. The case will hi heard by Judge Herman M. Moser. Benjamin Franklin established the ilrst circulatiag library in Philadelphia in 1731. Livir.RStone was found in his car beside the dead body of the girl in Aberdeen July 30. He was in critical condition from bullet wounds in his chest. Most of his time since then has Why Worry-Stay Home And Use Our - F-R-E-E SERVICE - WE-CALL-FOR-AND-DELIVER-YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS-AND-DRUG-NEEDS-ON-THE-HOUR Emergency Prescriptions At Once 11 DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE FROM MARYLAND'S LEADING PHARMACY Phone 3646 or 943 WALSH & MCCAGH PHARMACY 101 M. Centre St. Cumberland Out of town Prescriptions by Bus or Mail DO ALL YOUR FOOD BUYING AT ALBERT'S FOOD-0-MAT SAVE TIME . . . SAVE STEPS . . . SAVE MONEY 5c SALE! •1 117.. Instant Clm ,t Snnl.orn P Coffee « \vlic» you buy one OQ a.t rrp. price of v3 Both for.. 44 I'ink Beauty Black Walnut sc Fancv Pink c _ , Kernels c Salmon C can 5/C *• 79C Hearts DrliRht AnrJcot NECTflR. ... 46-oz, can 3Tc JncksonjJ Delicious PUMPKIN 2 No. 2 ! / 2 cans25c CHERRIES... No. 2 can 25c Del Monte Pineapple JUICE 2^; s 33c 46 - 39c Del Monte Sliced or Crushed Pineapple «' 29c Ilc.idy To Eat PICNIC HAMS it- 45c Sugar Cored BACON SQUARES Sweet Juicy FLA. ORANGES doz. 23C Larfc Juicy GRAPEFRUIT 3 for 20c MAYBE YOU'RE MISSING SOMETHING- 1 Your old car is probably worth more than you think UT YOUR KAISER-FRAZIR DEALIR WAKi YOU AM OFFER, TODAY I YOU'LL GET FULL TRADE-IN VALUE, BECAUSE... Production Records are still being shattered at Willow Run KAISER-FRAZER BUILDS A NEW CAR EVERY 45 SECONDS That's why your Kaiser-frazer Dealer can give you a full trade-in value Now! No matter what you've been offered for your present car, your nearest Kaiser-Frazer dealer would like to teU you what he thinks it's worth. It could be much more tlicm you think. And while you're about; it, see and dries the 1949 KAISER or FRAZER. Power to spare, with many a long mile between, gallons. Room for yourself and your five best friends. Style and luxury that make the KAISER and FRAZER the most copied cars in America. A ride that smooths the bumps and hugs the road at any speed. Before you decide on any used car, bring in the 850.00 coupon and find out easily— and without obligation— what your present car will bring. FLETCHER MOTOR SALES & SERVICE Cumberland, Maryland C. C. MILLER & SONS CROVE & STRICKLER Lonaconing, Maryland Petersburg, W. Vu.

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