Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 22, 1963 · Page 52
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 52

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1963
Page 52
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44 - fiedfands Daily Fads Saturday, June 22, 1963 Cwlarplnes Park No S Lot 25 BIlc I 112.06 To be deeded to the state July 5, 1963, See No. 1303 in addenda to thii list. asUSl—Slraiimer. John A Cedarpines Piiri^ No o Lot 2 Hlk l.?*J.OS 32Hi5-Hall. Ilotmn K and Dorothy Ccdarpinc" I'ark No 5 W 'i "VV i.i I-ot S Blk 4 {3.30 321.100—Kc-niie'Iy. Tiinmaji B an-I Ter» .M Ctdarpints Park No o E "-J \\- 'i Lot 6 Jilk 4 ...S3.30 .•!2Ii;)0—K ;5 Lot 6 and All I^-n II Blk ^ i:.ii.'<<; I2IJI.1—W =,i L 'Jl 5 Hlk 4 ...{6.S4 2:i51.V_W i,i Lot 12 Wk 4 ...S.;.M •21531—';old(jfrK, -Mary ajid Jl.r- hert Ounii'-r C'-d.-irpinos Park -Vo £ Lot 20 I'.lk T !; r.21.'.r..*.—I.';.s *-r(iaii. I.;i\%r.'ii'-(. K an'l iJorina li ''•-•(larpiiieh J-'ark No ."» Lot 1.1 nil; 7 !:-.n S21.j3;'— .ShctMK. John \V and l:os»: K C<,(]arj>ines I'ark No o Lot ;f Blk " iMi.iit S 2 IJ 1' J—^ol^'Jn. <'har].-H l: ;ind 0<:n- .J '.Vdarpifi'..--; Park N" •*« Ixjl a l!lk 'J J'l.Oi S2I.''.^0— 'JoMl.f-rK. Mar!' and In".'?. iJankin*-^ <'.jd.Tri)in','> J'ark No '> J'tn Lot 20 l!lk 7 Dr>,'; a« "'oni lit -VW ''or y 'i l.'jt Til .< ,vf' H; .Min }•: 120 Ki AI? -Vlv l.i .s.| Lot Th .>;|y Al^- Klv l.i S.| l.ol S 30 Dti! 42 Min \V r.'i Kt Th .N yj D>K IS Min W '.20 Vt <o WIv J,i Hil L'.l Til Nly Al;; Wly Li .-^'1 jAt to PiJi: *2I."57]-IJnt -nf-nian, J. pin''H I'ark .Vo T, i ol 12 J7.<;i C.dar- illk jii.r.o .M and i:!!?.Park N" tll.oi and .\ ;irk N" 1 .1 L' . Sll..'.i and Al No .-. I S 21.' J 7. S —r^K-f. wii «l>fth A f'<]::r\ Lot li; P.Ik 'J E21.'.Sr,_i;van.-. J T Jr jorif. .M 'N.darpin.s P 5,ot B Hlk ;• I2ir.;'l-!';<llio.-. Jlarri.« I M lj*'dariiin':s park .Vo l!lk S 32P ;03— lioiis'-r. P.i. lianl .M herta J i-darpin'i.'s i'arii \i Lot .•; i;i!i .s f>.<-\ *21*;i0—llar<-ns, H'Th'.it t'.:uanon.-^ ]>ark NM .-, Lot l:lk 7 ...J'.Ms .•;21i;20—^-i^lif•. .\;.irlon V E an<i U l: A Snillll Tr No 20;':, Cn-sllinc. Villagi; .N'o H Lois i:')B'' and ]:c,o {r.i.::2 321i ;3.-|— mark, Karl J Crtstiin'r Vil- lafj .Sub .No I Lot $22.sS 32K2'J—i'arnsworin, Art.oM ii anil JCrva V Cresllinu Villai;.; .Snli N.i 1 Lot ;s fllC.Ii S2K.40-H:ir!;is-. Kol.fH T and U'-'-s 3 Cri-.-;tlinc Villaft^ Sub .No 1 Lol fiO S3V.S0 •21041—Jr.n.'.-^. Waynp J: Cr.....tlirn- Villasu .Suli -Vo 1 Lot (11 K.v .Mnl Ills f:;';.l3 S21C4f;—'lurlntT, AUx.-rlln.' f'ru^l- line Vllla---i. .Sub .\'o C .S«'h- <1.'. 3-'t Lot i;ii7 iir,.:,i: .•!2Ii;47—.«wiy r,.-, Kt Loi i:os..s)(;..-,i; r2!r,49—Mac Ki-nzie, Vir'.^inia Crt.^t- lino Vlllac- .Sul. .Vo il L>.ts Bl" niid (111 and Cl'J All .Min.'ril Iilcht.s ;i ;tf..'.tG 32ir,S0—Heal. Robt-rt \V anil Kliza- betil G Orc'.sIIine ^'iIlap« .Sub .Vn paret F Tr 2276 Runntns Spring.- Park No 2 I.0I 4? Blk 2 J23.o; Tract No ;46« as Per Plat Thereof Recorded In Book 35 of Maps Paj^tfs 12 and 13 Records of San Bdr.o Co Th .S t'J Dee DC Mill V.' 20 Ft to a PI on Sly LI Prei;ton Dr Th_Alc •,u;-,,r.- , „,<r-- T^ T;, ;r." 1 Bndry of Sd Prc-lon Dr .\ .ju lUl^}fJ^^''-a^S'"'' J" J"^- -^2 E'-'ir 5i Min v.- 20 Ft to True POB r '-'S SprinKs Park No 2 U-d pOB b«inK al.-^o Most Nlr NElv Lot 4S Blk 2 123.0: 322350—Hiis. Eric A and Norine B Tr No 2276 Runnlns: SprinK» Park No 2 N Lot 29 Blk 1. 1180.76 322357—Slm.», il^iX and Llli Tr .Vo 2276 Runninc Springs Park No Lot 43 Blk 1 !16.;.2 322364—Kiis. Eric A and Norin«r K (,' Tr So. 2276 Runninit Sprins.s Park No 2 H Lot 21) Blk 1. {I6.'jr 322365—Al.<!l. L-roy F Tr 2275 P.un nins .SprinBs Park No 2 \V Lot Blk i {16.:'2 3224IS—Voiitl, .Samuel K Tr .Vo 2.-.:,3 1: H Lot a Blk 7 Ex Min and Water Ut.i $20.42 32212;;—lltndersim. Donald L and .Mar^raret D Tract No 2r..'.3 E IS Ft Lot 12 and All Lot 13 Blk 7 Ex .Min and Water Ut.s tlS3.S3 322153 — LurinB Development Co Ltd Tract .Vo 2.753 Lot 17 Blk S Ex Min and Water Hts 525.64 ;;2-M60—Muinpor, <:harlf's A and .lulia A Kl Al Tract .Vo 2.'.53 Ptn Lot 25 Blk 6 Lyins W of a Li Desr af *'oiii at .1 Pt on NWly l.i Hd Lot N 7] Dcg 01 .Min E 31.63 l-"t From NWly Tor Sd Lot Th'MidinB K«ly in a Direct 1.1 to a Pt on .SEly LI Sd Lot Wlilcl, is .V 71 DCS 00 Min E 45 .v ,0 Ft From SWlv Cor Sd Lot Ex Min and Water Rls fS3.5i 322156 — Lurinp Development Co Tr -Vo :5.-.3 Ptn Lot 22 P.Ik 6 I,villi: W of Li Dniwn .Midway Bet .VE Cor and .VW Cor of Sd i^ol and SE O.r and SW Cor .sd Lot lilk 6 Ex .Min and Water Ris $S.65 322457—Lnrin;^, ftayinond A Tract .Vo 25.'.3 I'm Lot 22 Blk 6 Lyins 1; or l.i Drawn Midway Bet .VE for ami NW (.'or of Sd Lot and SE l"'ir and SW Cor Sd Lot Blk 6 :ind .Vila ' Ex .^fin and Water nt.«T 4 Lot 415 SI r,215Sl—Lot 415 S11S.74 3215S2—Lot 417 J22 .SS 32I';,'>3—Lot 41.S 544.54 3216S7—Shelbunie. William A and Annalec Cre.=lline VillaRO Sub N 4 Lot 3S0 551.''S r.215'j| — rin!^nniir.-«till. r,c:jr;z** mid Patricl.T. A Cre.'-tline Viila;;e Sub No 4 Lots 425 and 426.S1I5.7! 32177.5—Maleer. Ervin H and llel rn il Tract .Vo 24:il Crcslline Vil l.iKC Sub .Vo i7 Lot 234" ...S143.U0 321M5—Wilson. Victor O Crestline Vlllace Sub .Vo 1 Lot ll'...SH.S4 32IM7—Lot 20 545.15 321S1S—Wilson. Victor O Jr 3reno Elaine Crestline VillaKe Sub Ko 1 L"t 21 552.74 32I.'!I.'>—Wil.son. Victor I") Jr and JClaine Crestline Village Sub No 1 Lot 22 514.S4 321>i20—Shornlan. Stanley J and JIarCTret J> Crestline VillaKO Sub No 1 Lot 23 Ex Mnl Rts ...$12S.36 321841—Hnsanson. .MarKUcrite A Tr No I'.'SS Crcsllino Villaae Suli No JO Lnl.s- I2.'t5 12M and 12;i7 ...5226.73 r.2U13—Sullins. James l: and Viola O Tr No lliJS Crestline Villain Sub .Vo 10 Lot 121'9 543.72 32ISH—L..t 1300 SS6.94 32IS7;—Morello. Anthony H Tr No 19SS Crestline Village Sub No 10 Lot 126S 547.05 321S77—Salerno. John J and Olga 31 Tr .\o ll'SS Crestline Village Sub No 10 Lots 1263 and 126C J147.50 S2IS73—Salerno. John J and Olsa 31 Tr .No LtSS Crestline VIUaBe Sub Ko 10 Lot 1263 5104.41 S21S^3—Clark. Allen L Tract No 39SS Crestline Village Sub No 10 Lot 1252 $12.94 3:'1SS6 — Coniniunity Presbyterian Ch Crestline Tract No 19SS Crestline Village Sub No 10 Lots 1249 1250 I25I and 1294 5263.55 321905—.Mancl. Lloyd and Jean A Tr No 19;'0 Crestline Village Sub Ko 12 Lot 1600 Ex Co Kd. {290.10 32I91S—Linka. iriving I and Reva Trad No 1990 Crestline Village Sub No 12 Lot 159S and Ptn Lot 1597 Desc as Com at SB Cor Sd Lot Th 1\- Alg S Li Sd Lot .•:3.3S- Kt Th .V to a Pt on N Li Sd I-ot 39.36 Ft W of NE Cor Sil Lot Th K 39.36 Ft to NE Cor Sil Lot Th .S to POB Ex Co I!oad 5634.94 321961 — Boticher. Cliarles M and Vivian Tract .No 1990 Crestline Vil lage Sub .Vo 12 Lot 1705 Ex Ci Pid $123.0S S2I952 — Boucher. Charles M aU' Vivian I Tr -Vo 1990 Crestline Vil laga Sub .Vo 12 Lot 1705 Ex Co Ud 5170.7 S219SS—r.ell. Zona Hale Crestlim VilLage Sub No 7 Tract No 1770 Lots 79) and 795 J314.04 S22021—Blalock. William L and Margaret D Tr No I77o Crestline Village Sub No 7 Lot S51 Ex Coin Bt .Most .Nly Cor Sd Lot Th SEly 300 Ft to NEly Cor Sd I>ot Til Sly Ale Sd Ely Lf lo a PI 3 Kt Sly From Sil NEly Cor Th NW]y Parallel to .Nly LI 47.34 Ft Th on An Anglo 52.56 Ft M/L to POB J17.67 322024—Bradley. G O and Frances C Tr No 1770 Crestline Village Sub Ko 7 I.,ots S19 and S20 Ex Ptn 1.^1 SI3 Desc as Com at .NWly Cor .sd I^t SIS Th S 6 Dog ,11 Min W 41.5 Vt. Ale Wly LI Sd Lot S19 Th Ely in a Direct Li to a Pt In EIv LI Sd I.,ot Th.1t Is .s 6 Deg .Min W 35.43 Ft from NElv Cor Sd I^t S19 Th N 5 Deg 51 Min K 35.43 Ft to Sd NEly Or Tli N 6S Deg 13 Jlin W 103.4 Ft to POB. 5(5.60 322026-Stnith. Albert W anf Frieda M Tract No 1770 Crestline Village Sub No 7 Lots 529 S30 and S3I 5I32.3( 322(150—Radaker, Eva B and Rnth .30 Carawav Tr No 19<:« *'restline Village Sub No 10 Lot 1230 Ex Mnl nts J2.5.7" 522051—Lot 1229 Ex Mnl Rts. 525.7: 322056—Mncee. John Joy and la Virginia Tr No 19SS 4>estline Village Sub Xo 10 Lot 1221 Ex Mineral Right.i J229.IO 322101-—Adams. D,ile M and Edw i •na C Tract No. 19S9 Crestline Vil lage Sub No. II l^t 1495. 512?.36 322105—Lowder, Helen JI Tract -No ISSa Crestline Village Sub No U l«t 1490 599.24 322124—Rocco. Tony A and I.enora >r Tr .No 1990 Crestline X-illage Sub No 12 Tx>ts 35'."6 1527 152< and 3.529 Ex Co Rd 5549.10 322127—Kennedy. Stella M Tr No 39.'>0 Crettlino Village Sub .No 12 I/Ot 1724 S103.32 32212S—Lot 17:3 S125.9S 322134—Harmon. Altha Tr .No 1990 Crestline VilLige Sul) No 12 Lot 1733 S103.S6 522145 — Adolph. William K and Vlda Tr No 1990 Crestline Village Sub No 12 Lot 1513 529.53 S22145—Adolph. W E and V Tr No 1990 Crestline Village Sub No 12 Lot J515 556.06 S22161—Baume. Thomas A and Alice W Tract No 2919 Lot 12 Blk i: $33.<S 322172 — Luring Developmeno Co Ltd Trad No 2919 Ixjt 2 Blk 11 SIS.24 5221S3—Rose. Colin Jr and Dolores Tr No 2919 Ptn Lot 11 Blk 7 Ly- 1ns S of a Li Drawn JIdiwav between NE Cor and SB Cor Sd Lot and NW Cor and SW Cor Sd Lot $15.66 522154—Sarkis, S Jay and Sophie C Ti- No 2919 Ptn Lot 31 Blk 7 L.v- ing N of a LI Dra-wn Midway between NB Cor and SB Cor Sd 3.,ot and ITW Cor and SW Cor Sd I.,ot flS.SS S!SISS— Waller, Erlinc M and Jean E Tract No 2919 Lot 7 Blk 7 574.46 S221S.''—Tracv. Robert L and Carmen L Tract No 2919 Lot S Blk S J39.5S 322205—Waller, Erlin M and Jean E Tract No 2919 Lot 22 Blk S $90.15 332213 — Lurinp Development Co .Ltd Tract No 2919 Lot 17 Blk S $15.20 S22217—Traylor. Charles N and Esther M Tract Ko 2919 l,ot 13 Blk S $23.04 KS3296 — Luringr Development Co Ltd Tract No 2913 Lot S Blk 2 $43.08 S2331S—Etna. MohEen and Mar- 322477 — c.nison. R a y nj o n d J and Anna F Tract No 2553 I'm Lot 15 Blk 6 Lying E of a Li Drawn .Midway Bet .VE Cor and .NtV Cor .^.1 Lot and HE Cor and SW Cor Sd Lot Ex .Min and W.ater Rts $23.54 322l;i2 — .«ala!i.!i. Steve and Ida Tract No 2353 Lot 5 Blk 6 Ex Min and Water Rts 5127.60 ::22455 — Luring Development Co Lid Tr No 2553 Lot 2 Blk 6 Ex Min and Water Rt.s $';2.25 322527—Dial. Benton W and Jacqueline IJ Tract No 2553 Ptn Lot 13 Hlk 6 Beg at NWlv Cor Sd Lot Th S 61 Deg 4S Min E 37.5 Ft Alg NEly Li Sd Lot Th S 26 Deg 23 .Min W to a Pt in Sly Li .Sd Lot Th .V SS Deg 20 Min W to SWlv Cor Sd Tj^it Th N 25 Deg 23 .Min E PiS .26 Ft to POB Ex Mnl and Wtr IMS S91P .I4 322594—Shelter. Lloyd D and Ha^.e! L Tract -No 2533 Lot 1 Blk 4 Ex Min and Water Rt.s 5IS.57 322595—All I-ot 23 Blk 4 Ex Min and Water Rts 510S.SS 3225l'6—Sbetler. Lloyd D and Il.azel L Tract No 2553 I'tn Lot 2 l!lk 4 Lying SEly of .NEly Prolongation of si:iy Li I>ot 22 Blk 4 Sd Tract 25.53 Ex Min and Water Rts .. 5IO.,S3 322539—Lake, Will.ird J an.l Svlvia L Tract .No 2553 Lot 1 Blk 2 Ex Min and Water Rts 510«.44 322541—.Mallon. Jolin IV and Pa tricia A Tract No 2553 E '.i I-oI 30 Blk 2 Ex .Min and Water 543.0s 322547—IV '.i Lot 30 Blk 2 Ex .Min and Water P.ts 513.1 322590—Phelps. Le.> .md Mary Elloi Tract Ko 2.553 Lots 9 Blk 1 Ex Min and Water Rts $173, 322707—Harshman. Clarence D and Elaine E Tr No 2276 Itunning Springs Park No 2 Lot 21 Blk 4 $2S. 32270S—Henderson. Donald L and .Marg.-irct D Tr No 2276 Running Springs Park No 2 Lot 20 Blk 4 $76.63 322721—, Virginia Belle Tr No 2276 Running Springs Park No 2 Ptn Lot 17 Blk 2 Com at NEly Cor Sd Lot Th SWIy Alg NWly Curved Li Sd Lot 32.5 Ft to True POB Th Cont Alg Sd NWly Curved Li 32.5 I-t to .NWly Cor Sd Lot Th S 22 Deg 45 Min E 76.24 Ft to SWlv Cor Sd Lot Th .N .69 Deg 32 Jlin E 30 Ft Aig SEly Li .Sd Lot to a Pt S 59 Dec 32 Min W 30 Ft from SEly Cor Sd Ix>t Th NWIv in a Direct LI 73 Ft -Af/L to True I^OB $16.04 32272S—Dawson. Rojisye C Tr No 2276 Running Springs Park No 2 Lot n Blk 2 $16.04 322761—Ralph, Gordon M and Di ana Tr No 2276 Runninc Springs P.ark No 2 Lot .';4 Blk 2 .. $13.01 .322766—Gepner. Vola V Tr No 2276 Running Springs Park No 2 Lot 16 Blk 1 $20.4; 3227S3—Johe, •William Tr No 2276 Running Springs Park No 2 3..ot 60 Blk 1 $31.32 ;22.S10—Cooper, William S Jr and D A Freeman Tr No 2276 Running Springs Park No 3 Ptn Lot 47 Blk 1 which lies W of Li whicli Begins on N Li l.ot 33 Ft W of NE Cor Sd Lot to Pt in S Li Wliich is 33.50 Ft I'-rom SE Cor Sd Lot '. $11.70 322S17—Stowe, Robert P and Thelma H Tr Ko 1S47 Running Springs Park Lot IS Blk 21 $12.14 322S39—Tticker. Edward C and Grace H Tr No 1S47 Running Springs Park Lot 22 Blk 21 $15.69 S22S41—Robinson, Harold L Tr 1S47 Running- Spring Park Lot 24 Blk 21 29507126 $13.45 322S43—Hoelzcr. .Mice G Tr .No 1S47 Running .Springs Park Lot 26 Blk 21 $13.45 322595—Faulkner, William C and .Nancy Jane Tr No IS47 Rmming Springs P.ark I.ot 12 Blk 25 JI6.O4 322904—Owen. Patricia J and Caroline Sterlin Tr 1S17 Running Springs Park Lot 34 Blk 23 514.32 322966—Bank of America Ntl Tr and Snv Assn Tr 1^47 Running Springs I'ark S '.i of W 'i Lot 4« Blk 24 322996-^Young,'Robert 'Tr 1S47' Running Springs Park W ^ Lot 15 Blk IS flS.04 To be deeded to the state July 5, 1963. See ND . 1304 in addenda to this list. .323009—ILinsen, L.vle L Tr 1SI7 Running Springs Park E >.i Lot 3 Blk 16 $55.26 323020—Bail, Homer M and Vera Tr No l'!47 Running Springs Park Lot SI Blk IG $:i.2S 323061—Freeman, Gletm R and Betty F Tr No IS47 Running Springs Park E li Lot 3 Blk 17 $12.5S :iOP2—Flynn. John .M Tr IS47 Running Springs Park W* l~ Lot 32 Blk 17 $12.5S 323103—Ca.ssel. John S and Elaine B Tr No 1S47 Itunnlng Springs Park Lot 14 Blk 17 $31.2s 323149—Shipman. W W and Irene R Tr No 1S47 Running Springs Park Lot 4 Hlk 14 $144.16 3231S9—Sims. Max and Llli Tr No 1S17 Runninj? Springs Park T.,01 S Blk 12 $12.14 .323190—Ix)t 7 Blk 12 $12.14 323191—1^1 R Blk 12 $12.14 323192—1.01 5 Blk 2 $12.14 323226—Ahem, James J and A A and Mary E Tr 1S47 Running Springs Park r.K>t 12 Blk 2t $9.96 .3;.-.227—Ix.t 13 Blk 24 $9.96 32322S—Lot 14 Blk 2) $9.9S 323232—1.01 19 Blk 4 $9.96 323233—I.,ol 20 Blk 24 $9.96 323236—Gamer. William N and Ed rene N Tr No 1S47 Running Springs Park Lot 23 Blk 24 $9.96 323.30);—Ro<iocker. .Tackle and Det A Tr No 1S47 Running Springs Park Lot 32 Blk 1 $160.30 323413—Costello. Charles R and Hel en L Tr .No 1.S47 Runnings Springs Park Lot 35 Blk 16 $35.26 323422—Gurtner. Albertine Tr No 1S47 Running Springs Park N H Lot 30 Blk 16 $14.32 323429—Fox. H Donald and Edith M Et Al Tract 1S47 Running Springs Park Ixit 23 Blk 16 and NEly 20 Ft I.ot 24 Blk 16 $72.72 3234S7-2—Frost. William D Tr No 1S47 Running springs Park Ptn Blk 5 Beg at Pt in SE I^i Hunsaker Way S 49 Deg CO Min 00 Seconds W 260 Ft from .Most Nly Cor Sd Blk Th .S 41 Dee 00 Min 00 Seconds E 100 Ft to True POB Th Cont S 41 Deg 00 Min 00 Seconds E 50 Ft Th S 49 Deg 00 Min 00 Seconds W 100 Ft Th N 41 Deg 00 Min nn Seconds W 50 Ft Th N 49 Deg 00 Min 00 .Seconds E 100 Ft to True POB .113 Ac -M/L $9.94 3:34S9—Venturlni, Richard J Et Al Sherwood Forest Tr No 2476 Ptn r<ot 1 Beg at SW Cor I»t 1 Th S 79 Deg 32 5tln E 103.99 Ft Th S 66 Deg 32 Jlin E 215.04 Ft Th S 53 Deg 25 Jlin E 124.2S Ft Th S 51 Deg 11 Min E 12S.37 Ft Th S 70 Deg 26 Min E 106.11 Ft Th S 52 Deg 20 Jlin K 100.90 Ft Th S 56 Deg 41 Jlin E 100.09 Ft Th N 52 Deg 32 Jlin E 100.56 Ft TH N 52 Deg 34 Jlin E 100.55 Ft Th S SI Deg S6 Jfin E 101 Ft Th S $« Deg 19 Jlin E 100.22 Ft Th K 57 Dec 44 Jlin E 100.04 Ft Th S 71 Deg 39 Jlin E 105JS Ft for POB Th N 0 l>eg 05 Min IV 205 Ft to Sly Li Rim of the World Dr Tli Ely on a Curve Concave to N Having Radius of S30 Ft for a Distance of 102.42 Ft Th S 0 I>eg 05 Jtin E 205 Ft to Sly Li Tr Xo.2476 Ft Th N 75 Dog 32 Min W 102.06 Ft to r>OB $7.54 323500—Hart. Loren H and Pay Gentry Ptn X >4 Sec S Tn l.V R «W Desc as Com at Most Sly Cor Common to Lots IS and 19 Blk H of Sd POB being also Most Nly NEly Cor of that Parcel of Land Conveyed to A V and Helen Guillon by Deed Recorded 6/15/1937 in Book 1207 of Official Records Page I9S Records of .San Bdno County Tli W Ale Nly Bndry Sd Parc-<I of Land 231.20 Ft to NWHy Cor Thereof Sd Last Jlentioned Course being Hereinafter Referred to as Course A Th S 21 Deg 25 Jlin W 253.30 Ft Th S 66 Deg 57 Jlln E 3S9.10 Ft Th S to a PI on S Li N li Sd Sec Th W Alg Sd S Li N hi Sec 5 to SE Cor Land Conveved to Holli.H V.' Brunskill and Wife by Deed from Homer A Hansen and Wife Recorded 11/19/4S in 2323 of Official Reeords Page 2SS Th Nly 39 Dec "0 .Min E Ale Ely Bndry Sd Brun.skill l.and to Pt of Intersection with a Li Which is Parallel with and 100 Ft .Nly Jleas at R/A from Wly I'roloncatton of the Above Jlentioned Course A Th E Alg Sd I-ast Jlentioned Parallel Li to Its Intersection with IVly Li Pre.ston Dr as Shown on Jlap of Tract No 2156 Th Following Wly Bndry Sd Preston Dr SEly to POB 9.3 Ac .M/L $36.9ii 323502-Leal. William and Jlargar et .N Ptn Blk E Tr No 21C6 Sher wood Forest Desc as Com at SW Cor Sd Blk E Th N 7S Deg 55 Jlin 22 Seconds E Alg SIv Li Sd Blk E 95 Ft Th N s7 Deg I Jlin 22 Seconds E .^Ig Sly Li Sd Blk E 113.35 Ft to True POB Th N 5 Deg 00 .Min E 62.11 Ft Th K SI Dec 00 Jlin E 20 Ft Th S 6 Deg 00 Min W 5S.95 Ft to Sly Li Blk E Th S S7 Dec 1 Jlln 22 Second; W to POB 57. 2.32303—Ptn Blk E Tr .No 2156 Di as I'om at Most EIv Cor Sd Blk E Th N 64 Deg 32 Min W 50 Ft Th JS.65|S 27 Deg 12 Jlin W to Intersection SEIv Line I>rop Deeded to Stat Hgwv for True I'OB Th Cont 27 Deg 12 Min W to NEly Spring Dr 20 Ft Wide Th NWI, Alg .Sd .NEly Li Spring Dr to It Intersection with Sly Li Sd Stat Hgwv Prop Th N 57 Deg 1 Jlin 2 Seconds E to POB $5.60 323504—Tr No 2466 Sherwood For est Ptn nik E Beg at Most El Cor Til N 64 Deg 32 Jlin W 1 Ft Th S 27 Deg 12 Jlin W to 1 on NE Li Spring Dr Th S 43 Deg 01 Min E Alg NE Li Spring Dr to Beg of Curve Concave to the Left Having a Radius of 25 Ft Thru nn Angle of 109 Deg 47 Jlin 2';.I4 Ft Th N 27 Deg 12 .Min E 59.45 Ft to POB Ex Hgwy $11 3235)4—Perkins, Minnie Campbell Et Al Tr No 2750 Running Spring Visla Lot 29 Blk H Ex Water Rt and Ex Jlin Rts $23.0: 323575—Leal, William and JIargaret .N Tr No 230S Lots 14 15 and 16 Blk K $1,001.76 323609—Lichty. Robert N and Vera JI Tr No 2730 Running Springs Vista Lot 22 Blk C Ex Water Rts and Ex Jlin Rts $14.32 323617—Soutar. Lloyd A and Vivian F Et Al Tr No 2750 Running Springs Vista Lot 7 Blk C Kx Water Rts and Ex Jlin Rts $16.92 32361S—Lot 6 Blk C Ex Water Rts and Ex .Min Rts J'J.96 :.235I9—Leal, William and Jlargar et N Tr .No 2466 Sherwood Forest Ptn Lot C Beg at SW Cor Lot 16 Blk K Tr No 230S Th Alg Nly Li View Dr S 21 Deg 26 Jlin IV 20.32 Ft Th Sly .\lg a Curve to Right with Rad of 85 Ft a Dist of 23.14 Ft Th Continuing Alg Ely Li View Dr S 6 Deg 42 Jlin W 1.S0.I2 Ft Th Alg Curve to .V with of 9.6 Ft a Dist of 25.54 Ft Th N 33 Deg 42 Jlin E 13.39 Ft Alg -Nly Li Snow- Flower Dr Til Alg Curve to Right with Rad of 60 Ft a Dist of 5S.92 Ft Th N S9 Deg 58 Jlin E 16.73 Ft Th Aig Curve to Right with Rad of 110 Ft a Dist of 21.6 Ft Th S 75 Deg 47 Jlin E 39.23 Ft Til N 0 Deg 41 Jlin W^ 112.22 Ft Th W 30 Ft Th N 23 Deg 25 Jlin E 43.3 Ft to Pt Which is S 64 DCS 3 Jlin E 45 Pt From SE Cor f^ot 15 Blk K Tr No 2305 Th N 64 Deg 32 Jlin W 93.99 Ft to POB ..$39.64 323633—Smiley. Grace JI Tr No 2466 Sherwood F'orest Ptn Blk Beg at NW Cor Sd Blk Th Ely Alg Nly Li Sd Blk 55 Ft Th S 0 Deg 41 Jlin E to a Pt Which is N 6S Deg 12 Jlin 30 Seconds E From a Pt Which is S O Deg 12 Jlin B 120 Ft Prom POB Th S 65 Deg 12 Jlln 30 Seconds W to Pt on W LI Blk A Th .V 0 Deg 41 Jlin W 120 Ft to POB 5298.44 323669—Robinson, Durward B Et Al Tr Ko 2750 Running Springs Vista iMt 4 Blk B Ex Water Rts and Ex Jlin Rts $9.94 323673—Hunnicutt, Newel B and Harriet Blanche Tr No 2466 Sher wood Forest Ptn Blk B Com at Pt on B Li Sd Blk S 00 Deg 41 Jlin B 169.54 Ft From Intersection of E Li Rim of W-orld Dr Til S Alg E LI Sd Elk 30 Ft Th S 29 Deg 05 Jlin W Alg E LI 99.39 Ft to Jlost Ely Cor lA)t 1 Blk B Tr No 2750 Th .N 69 Deg 43 Jlin W 117.07 Ft Th Alg E Li Pine Cone Dr .N 20 Deg IS Jlin E 22.92 Ft to Beg of Curve Concave to W Itadius of 210 Ft Th Alg Curve Thru an Angle of 12 Dec .52 Jlin a of 47.95 Ft to End of Curve Th N 07 Deg 26 Jlin E to Pt Which is S 59 Deg 19 Min W of POB Th N 59 Deg 19 Jlln E 133.56 Ft to POB $16.04 32367.S—Pin SE ',i NE "1 Sec 5 Tp IN R 2W Beg at a Pt on E Li Sd .Sec 3 S 0 Peg 41 Min E 320.05 Ft From liie NB Cor .Sd SB 'i .NE "i Sec 3 Th Continuing S 0 Deg 41 Jlin E 1000 Ft M/L to SE Cor SE l; .NE 'i Th W 13'JO Ft Jl/L to SW Cor .Sd SE 'i .NB 'i .V 0 Dec 41 Jlin W Ale W Li Sd SE 'i Nl-: 1; 3Sl( Ft JI/L to SW Cor Lot 35 Blk D Tr 2151 Th Alg S Li Tr No 21SI .V 64 Deg 15 Jlin E 310.61 Ft Th N 36 Deg 40 .Min E 324 Ft Tli N 70 Deg 05 Jlin B 109.0 Ft Th S 62 Deg 15 Jlin B 300 Ft to SE Cor Lot ].-. Blk T> Tr Ko 2151 Th S 47 Deg 43 Jlln E 166 Ft Th E 92.6 Ft Th K 141.2 Ft to SB Cor iMt 11 Blk D Tr Ko 2151 Th -Ug Ely Li Tr Ko 21S1 K 38 Deg 10 Jlin B 28 Ft Th N 29 Deg 05 Min B 349.54 Ft to NE Cor Lot 5 Blk D Sd Tr No 21S1 Th S 69 Deg 29 Min E 79.96 Ft to VOB 20.60 Ac .. $46.56 323650 — Arbee Jlortgage Bankers Fund Ptn SE >i NE >4 Sec 5 Tp IN R 2W Com at NE Cor Lot 3 Blk D Tr Ko 2151 Sd Pt Being on E LI Sd Sec Th S 23 Deg 09 Jlln W Alg Ely LI Sd Blk D of Tr No 151 a Distance of 130.16 Ft JI/L to NE Cor Lot 5 Blk D of Tr No 2151 Th S 69 Deg 29 Jlin E 79.96 Ft to a Pt on E LI Sd Sec Which Is S 0 Dee 41 Jlin E 320.06 Ft From NE Cor SE 'i NE U Sd Sec Th .V 0 Dee 41 Jlln W Alg E Li .Sd Sec to POB .14 Ac JI/L $11.70 To be deeded to the State July 5. 19S3. See No. 130S in addenda to this list. 323556 — Cairney, Charles J and Edith E Tract No 4963 iMt 6 $67.05 323722—Courier. Jlerritt Jlortimer Et Al Tract .No 4965 Lot 25 $132.54 323747—Henderson. Donald L and Jlarearot D Tract 3009 Lot 1 Blk in Ex Jlnl Rts $16.04 32376,5—Soutar. Lloyd A and Vivian F Tract 3009 l»t 4 Blk 1 .. $1.5.63 323766—011 5 Blk 1 $13.63 323767—t^t 11 3;lk 1 $.57.46 32376R—Lot 10 Blk 1 $316.31 323770—Running Springs Vol Fire Dept Tr Tr 3009 Ixit 7 Blk 1 Ex Ptn Lying Sly of Fol Desc LI Com at a Pt on Ely Li Lot 7 N 22 Deg 43 Jlin E 40.75 Ft From Jfost Sly Cor Sd lx)t Th NWly to a Pt on W LI Sd l,ot Which Is N 23 Deg 42 Jlin E 44.30 Ft From Jlost Wly Cor Sd Ixil Kx Jlin Rts and Ex Water Rts $16.92 323776—Berg and Tal Ski Club Trad .-onj Lot 3 Blk 2 .. $76.20 323777—Title Insurance and Trust Co Tract 3009 Ixjt 2 Blk 3 .. $17.37 S2377S—Lot I Blk 2 J17.37 323754—SJoberg. Harry F .ind Norma A Tract SOO.-) Lot 6 Blk 9 111.70 323756—Van WIeren, Marvin L and Caroline JI Tr 3009 Lot 4 Blk 9 Ex Water Rights and Ex Jllneral Rights $152.55 323792—Crawford. Bill L and Constance R Tract Ko S232 Lot 3 Blk 1 $14.52 323554—Luring Development Co Ltd Tract Ko 3339 Lot 9 Blk 5 ..$19.99 323946—Henderson. Donald L sind JIargaret D Tract No 3339 Lot 2 Blk 1 $27.40 323950—Luring Development Co Ltd Tract Ko 3339 Lot 34 Blk 6 $15.20 323963—Cullon. Guy G and June E Et Al Tract Ko 3339 Lot 16 Blk 2 $24.7fi 323977—Luring Development Co Ltd Tract Ko 3339 Lot 31 Blk 2 .. $IL7I 323950—Lot 13 Blk 6 $9.09 .32.39,51—Lot 12 Blfc S $9.09 323959—Lot 9 Blk 1 $13.55 32399S—<2anfield. James H and Alice K Tract Ko 4963 Lot 96 .. $23.02 321021—Vance, Donald L and Jlary B Tract No 4963 62 .. $11.71 324076—Long. David C and Effic V Tract No .-,0S9 Lot 233 .... $29.12 324077—Lot 234 $433.26 324106—Pepper. JLirtha B Tr Ko 1954 Arrow Bear Park Unit Xo 3 Lot 33 Blk 15 $4.72 324203—Rowco Inc Tract No 5056 Lot 56 $29.13 324210-Jenkins. Kenneth G Tract Xo SOSS Lot 82 J37.S1 324256—Harmon. T-eo D and Lawrence A Pratt Tract Ko 50S5 Lot 2.>1 $2.1.91 324275—Rowco Inc Tract Xo 5o?6 Lot 109 $3T..?4 3.^42S3—Lot 117 174.'.s 3242S7—Stockmeier, Albert A and JIargaret L Tract No 50S5 3>t 121 $42.;s 324294—Johnson, James W Tract No 50S5 Lot 328 $21.73 32I29S—Page. Lvman H and Warena W Tract No .5056 Lot 132 .. $22.59 324329—Stanfill. Lovd and Elvie Tract No 50S6 Lot 220 $55.38 324403—Thesier. Arthur D and Doris E Tract .No SOSS I.ot 230 .. $20.4: 324434—Kygaard, Herbert A Tr .No 5057 Lot 239 522.39 324453—llillcr. Tom Tr No 50S7 Lot 273 552.24 324453—Peel. Ferril L and Lucille JI Tr No 50S7 Lot 250 .... $32,62 324484—Lang. Herman and Jlona JI Tr No 3057 Lot 239 $20.42 321516—Whitehouse, Ronald D Tr No 50S7 Lot ISl $21.73 324522—Duddy. James R and Essie -M Tr .No 50S7 3,ot 166 5123.-.'6 324536—Sattler, Joyce A Tr No 50';7 L*t 124 $163.95 324575—Roivco, Inc Tr .No 50S7 Lot 26 $33.4S 3245SS—Dansereau. Joseph H and Rosemary Ann Tr No 30s7 Lot r/j S33.4J 321593—Rowco, Inc Tr No 50S7 Lot 53 $19.35 324601—Pugh, JIargaret E JI Tr .Nu .50S7 Lot 93 $17.37 321607—Rowco, Inc Tr No 50S7 I^-it 53 $.12.76 324629—Terhcieen. Hubert J and Ida Tr No 50S7 Lbt 55 .. ..5291.45 321649—I.ang. and Jlona JI Tr .No .50,S7 Lot 213 $20.12 324722—Rowco, Inc Tract .No 50<S Lot 4 522..59 324736—Lot 77 $16.01 324762—Koiimann, Jane JI Tract .No 50SS Lot 60 $79.23 324916—Rowco Inc Tract .No 5090 Lot 132 $37.SS .32.5024—r.ot 191 5.53.34 32303'2—Schoen. Irwin Et Al Tract No 3090 Lot 245 533.34 323073—Heffner, FJdward Randolph El Al Tract No 5090 Lot 251 .. 531.32 323073—Title Insurance and Trust Co All .Min Rts Tract 30o9 Lot 4 Blk 5 51.72 32519S—Friendenthal. Hans L and Cam- K Tract No 3338 Lot 19 Blk 5 S13.56 "25199—Lurinc Development Co Ltd Tract No 3339 Lot IS Blk 5 523.09 323214—Rockenstein, Donald G and Eileen L Ptn Gov Lot 1 NE Sec 6 Tp IN R 2W Bee at a Pt S 46 Deg 48 Jin W a Distance of 130.27 Ft from NE Cor Sd Sec 6 Th S 54 Dee 31 Jlin W 197.03 Pt Th S 31 Deg 55 Jlin W 134 Ft to POB Th Cont S 31 Deg .55 Jlin W 36.29 Ft Th S 46 Deg 05 Jlin W 119.79 Ft to Beg of a Curve Concave to the Left Having a Radius of 60 Ft Th Sly Alg Sd Curve Conclave to the Left Thru a Central Angle of 33 Dee 03 Jlin 43 Seconds a DIsLince of 33.37 Ft Th .N 75 Deg 5S Jlin 43 Seconds W 56.45 Ft Th S 47 Deg 32 Jlin W 33 Ft Th .N 42 Deg OS Jlin IV 95 Ft Th N 47 Deg 32 Jlin E 63.53 Ft to the Beg of a Curve Concave to the Left Having a Riidius of 270 Ft Th .Nly .Alg .Sd Curve Concave to the Left Through a Central Angle of IS Deg 25 Jlin 56 Seconds a Distance of 57.09 Ft Th S 63 Deg 47 Jlin IS Seconds E 54.56 Ft Tb N 31 Deg 49 Jlin 02 Seconds E 52.03 Ft Th S 58 Deg 05 .Min E 99.24 Ft to POB .72 Ac Jl/1 574.45 325225—Haley. Jasper N and Opal Tract No 50S9 Lot 22 523.54 325255—Angermeir, Paul R Tract No ,5059 Ptn Lot 229 Lying S of S l.i Sec 31 Tp 2.N R 2W $3.SS RIALTO OUTSIDE 323376—Rancheria Water Co Water Rts In and lo Lytle Basin Situs 10600 26923114 $114.00 325379—Hadco Inc S M KW U SW SE U Sec 20 Tp l.N R 5W 5 Ac 540.56 325350—.V 'i .NW U SW "i KB 'i Sec 20 Tp l.N R 5W 5 Ac ..$40 325381—SW l, -NW U SE U Sec 20 Tp IN R .-.W 10 Ac $75.12 3253S3—NE U .VW 'i SB H Sec :0 Tp l.V It 5W 10 Ac ..'.440 i253S6—SE U N '•• SW SE \i Sec 20 Tp IN R 3W 5 Ac.'521.7: 325357—.V 60 Ac E ',4 SB >i .Sec 20 Tp IN R 3W $227.15 —i3SS—SE U SB U SE 20 Tp IN R 5W 111 Ac 32;389-SW U SB i; SB 20 Tp IK R 5W 10 Ac S257I3—^^'ood. Vernon L and Helen L Truct No 33T1 Lot 9 .... $17.43 32i7!4—Lot IC \ $'.7.03 3:!572:—Retzel. Tniman and Mar. ian L Tract ,Vo 3971 Lot 19 $14-.30 3:5734—iiubert. Jchn Et Al Pt.i Gov Lot 3 Sec 21 Tp IN R SW Desc as Com at Intersection Wly Li Sd Gov Lot 3 and Sly Li S T L and W Co Th S 00 Deg 49 Jlin E Alg W Li Gov Lot 3 a Distance of 1044.13 Ft for True POB Th S 51 Dee 2S Jlin E 561.50 Ft Th S 36 Deg 28 Jlin E 362.53 Ft Th K S9 Deg 13 Jlin E 180.55 Ft to Ely Li Sd Lot 3 Th S Alg Sd Ely LI 136.23 Ft 10 a Pt Which is .N 00 Deg 53 Jlin 30 Seconds W 331.98 Ft From SE Cor Sd Lot 3 Th S S3 Deg 54 Jlin 37 Seconds W 1328.97 Ft JI/L to a Pt in W LI Sd Lot 3 Which is X 00 Deg 59 Min W 330.47 Ft From SW Cor Th N 00 Deg 59 Jlin W 507.43 Ft to POB Ex Co ltd and Ex Water Rights 11 Ac JWL $33.80 325735—Ptn Gov Lot 3 Sec 21 Tp l.N R 5W Com at a Pt in W Li Sd Gov Lot 3 .N 00 Deg 59 Jlin W 2159.5 Ft From S U Cor Sec 21 Th S 51 Deg 2' Jlin E 817.43 Ft to True POB Th Cont S 51 Deg 25 Jlin E 41.07 Ft Th S 56 Deg 25 Jlin E 352.S2 Ft Th -N S3 Deg 13 Jlin E 1S0.33 Ft to E Li Sd Gov Lot 3 Th .N .\lg !5d E LI 242.63 Ft to a Pt Th N 55 Deg 2S Min W 492 Ft Jr/L to a Pt in a Curve to the Left with a Rad of 500 Ft Th Alg Sd Curve Thru an Angle of 25 Deg to a Pt .N 18 Deg 25 Jlin 30 Seconds E of POB Th S IS Deg 23 Jlin 30 Seconds W to POB 3.3» Ac Jl/L $19.21 325735—Knbicek. Jcrrv J and Elizabeth .\ I'tn Gov I^ot 3 Sec 21 Tp l.N R 3W Com at a Pt in W Li Sd Lot .N no Deg 59 Jlin W 2463.22 Ft From the S li c .ir Sd Sec Th S SI Dee 28 Jlin E S6S.03 Ft to True POK Th SEly Alg a Tangent Curve with a Rad of .500 Ft Thru an Angle of 05 Deg 43 .Min 20 Seconds 49.9 Ft Th N IS Dec 25 Jlin 30 Seconds W 2.07 Ft JI/L to a Pt in a Li That Bears S 51 Deg 28 Jlin E From POB Th N 81 Deg 25 Jlin W to POB $3.54 32574.3—Ptn Gov Lot 3 in S 'i Sec 21 Tp IN R 3W Beg on W LI Sd Lot .V 0 Dec 56 Jlin W" 2139.S0 Ft From S 14 Cor Sd Sec 21 Th N 0 Dec 59 Jlin W I3I.S1 Ft Th S 51 Deg 2S Jlin E 230.23 Ft Th SWIy 130 Ft Th N SI Deg 25 Jlin W 205.40 Pt 10 POB Ex Co Bd .53 Ac -M/I $353.97 325744—I'tn Gov Lot 3 in S '.4 Sec 21 Tp IN R 5W Peso as Beg on W LI Gov Lot 3 K 00 Deg 59 Jlin W 2465.22 Ft From S Cor Sd Sec Th S 51 Deg 2S Jlin B 503 Ft Th S OS Deg 32 Jim W 301.22 Ft Th .N 51 Deg 2S .Min W 752.40 Ft Th N 00 Deg 59 Jlin W 305.43 Ft to POB Ex Beg on W Li Sd Lot N 0 Deg 56 Jlin W 2139.60 Ft From S I'l Cor Sd Sec 21 Th N 0 Deg 59 Jlln W 131.51 Ft Th S SI Dee 28 Jlin B 230.23 Ft Th 130 Ft Th N 51 Dec 25 Jlin W 20S.40 Ft to POB and Ex Co Rd 4.74 Ac JI/L $223.00 32382.3—Gian.-i-s. Christine Adm Est C A Glanas Ptn E E 14 .NW U NE >,4 Sec 34 Tp IN R 5W Com at .VK '.'or .Sd E i,i E >4 .NW >i -NE ti Th S 0 Deg 27 Jlln 21 Seconds E 469.3:! Ft Til S 59 Deg 32 Jlin 39 Seconds W 329.91 Ft to W' Li B >4 E '.i NW 'i NB U Til .V to NW Cor Sd E >; E '•. KW U NE 'i Th E to POB 3.56 Ac JI/L $136.15 323S24—Glanas. Christine Adm Est r. A C.lana.s E i'. E '4 .NW H ,NE n Sec 31 Tp IN R 5W Ex .N 535.33 Ft 3.91 Ac Jl/L 516I.S2 323556—Sanchez. Francos Corrales Rialto Jleights Lot 1 Ex Sly 40 Ft Vo Rd 4.73 .\c JI/L $69.38 32557,5—Lytle Creek Water and Im- provcnient Co STL and W^_t_]o Sec .$75.12 i See. -. - -- - - .-.$75.12 323390—S 14 SW l.i SE 'i Sec 2' Tp IN R 5W 20 Ac $152.42 325392—S 211.59 Ft SW U .VlV 'i SW t; Sec 20 Tp IN R 5W 3.66 Ac $)S.79 323393—S 301.75 Ft NW U SW '1 .Sec 20 Tp l.N R 5W Kx S 241.s5 Ft SW T,i KW J; SW l.i 6 Ac.525.60 325397—Wood, Donald R and Sally JI W >4 N ',4 N >4 SW H SW H Sec 20 Tp LN R 5W 5 Ac...$137.0! 32539S—E 14 N \i N hi SW 1; SW U Sec 20 Tp IN R 5W 5 Ac.$45.68 323402—JIaloof, Sarah S T L and W Co N B L Lot 61 13.S6 Ac $13I.0S 125409—Reed. Glad.vs S T 1. and W- Co N B I, W 110 Kt E 330 Ft Lot 59 FJC SWlv 200 Ft Thereof 1.50 Ac Jr/L $46.13 325419—Kallta, John and Eleanor C X >4 W ti That Ptn Govt Lot 5 Sec 21 Tp IK R 6W Lying N of S 990 Ft Sd Lot 2.50 Ac JI/L 325461—Ray,'' Bcrii'iso' T ' and Bernice E Baird Park Acres N »i N '4 W >4 Lot 6 2.5 Ac ... $13.12 323465—Wyatt. Stella JI Baird Park Acres E 244.2 Ft W 640.2 Ft Lot 5 3.70 Ac $42.26 3476—Ulil;r. James .M and Marj- B W 120 Ft E 1030 Ft S 660 Ft .NW >i .Sec 28 Tp l.V I! 5W Ex That Pin Lying Nly of a Straight Li That Bears N 79 Deg 11 Jlin 45 Seconds E From a Pt in W Li Sd NW U That is N 01 Deg OS'^JIin 10 Seconds W 270 Ft Tlicrcon From SW Cor Then of to a Pt In E LI Sd NW : That is K 0 Deg 54 Jlin W 749.7S Ft Thereon From SE Cor Sd NW IJ 1.55 Ac JI/L $51.12 325500—Hart. Charles S 330 Ft N 1020 Ft KW U KB U Sec 2S Tp IN R SW Ex St 9.79 Ac JI/L $105.02 325502—Retzel. Traman and Jlarl- an L Ptn KW ti KB ti Sec 25 Tp LN K 5W Com at SE Cor Lot 19 Tr .Vo 3971 Th S 30 Ft to S LI N 690 Ft NW U NE •! Sd Sec 28 Th W 100 Ft Alg Sd S Li Th X 30 Ft to SW Cor Sd Lot 19 Tr No 3971 Th E 300 Ft to Pt Beg Ex JInl Rts WOSE $3.54 323309—Donaghey. Wadw T S 30 Ft .V 690 Ft W 300 Pt E S63.I5 Ft .NE ti NE U Sec 28 Tp l.N R 5W' 53.5) 325523—Kailo, Frank JI Et .\l Tr SW U SE U Sec 25 Tn IN R 5W 19.35 Ac $162.25 32532S—Cole. Frank Orange Villa Tract I.ot 3 and W t4 Orange Ave V.1C AdJ on E 5.23 Ac $36.72 323,529—I^t 4 3 Ac $43..55 323537—Van Bergen, .\nle and H E Drake Et Al Orange Villa Tract •; 440 Ft Lot 11 3.10 Ac $29.44 25339—Sloatc, Nathan and Ruth R Orange Villa Tr I-ot 13 and E Orange Ave Vacated AdJ on W 3.23 Ac 556.75 325540—Lot 14 .ind B '4 Oranrc Ave Vacated Adj on W 5.23 Ac 536.7S J23531—Foiilk. Fred W and t''ar- mela B 100 Ft NW >i NE 'i SE ti Ex .N 220 Ft For Tract 3279 .Sc.;s Tp l.N R 5W $152.30 25563—Crouch. Jearl II B S 165 Ft NW ti SW U SK 'i Sec 25 Tp IN R .^W Bx St 2.3 Ac..$12.26 323565—Foiilk. Fred W and Car- mcla E 30 Ft W 200 Ft E 300 Ft XW 'i NE '1 SE ti -Sec 25 Tp l.N R SW Ex Ptn Lying in Tr Xo 3279 $14.05 325567—Homsby, Bobby Lee and Dorothy K 100 Ft S 310 Ft W ^30 Ft KW ti KB ti SB ti Sec :S TP IK R --W $60.53 :55SD—Hyatt, Vema B Tract No !79 Fontana Ranches L'nit No I Lot 16 $125.96 323596— "Van Bergen, Anie and H E Drake Et Al Tract No 3279 Fontana Ranches Unit No 1 Lot 62 $20.90 325601—Hoffman, W T and Jlary Tract No 3273 Fontana Ranches Unit Xo 1 Lot 57 $H1.S7 325611—Inman. John C and John E Tract No 3279 Fontana Ranches Unit No 1 Lot 47 $45.23 323614—Inman, John C Tract No 3394 jMt 2S $132.78 325633—Long, Robert P and Ovella U Tract Ko 3394 Lot 9 .... $53.82 525643—Desert Lawn Xlcm Park End Care Trustee Tract No 3279 Fontana Ranches Unit Xo 1 Let »S $114.00 323646—Plumley. Velma L Tract Xo 3279 Fontana Ranches Unit Ko 1 l^t 27 $124J!4 523687—Ondl. Alex G Tract Xo 373S N 165 Ft Lot 7 Ex Xly 30 Ft Thereof $100.32 325690-1—Smith. Chester L and aata C Tract Kc S75S E 150 Ft Lot 14 $268.56 325696—Jones, Constance Tract No 375S Ijot 20 $61.49 325699—Rauch, Miriam A Tract Xo 375S Lot 23 $79.42 325700—North Fonuna Land Co Tract No 375S Lot 25 .... $132.75 s;3711—Tract Xo 3371 Lot 7 J32.S6 .N I! L Lot 154 20 Ac $58 32.5593 — JlcAllister. Jolin N and Maxine Et Al Pin SW ti SW Sec 31 Tp IN R 4W Com at 11 Pt in S Li Sd Sec 557.57 Ft E of SW Cor Sd Sec Th .V 100 Ft Th E 334.45 Ft Th K 25 Deg 33 Jlin 3: Seconds E 67.05 Ft Th 3:iy 30 Ft to True POB Th N 0 Deg 30 Jlin W 664 Ft Th E 310 Pt Th S 0 Deg 1" Jlin E 664 Ft Th W to True POP 4.73 Ac M/L $54.10 325S9S—Rancheria Water Co Gov Lots 1 and 2 and Ptn Gov Lot Desc as Com 39.39 Ch W of NE Cor SE ti Sec 6 Tp IS R 4W Th K IS Deg 30 Jlin W 3.3 Ch Th N 14 Deg 12 Jfin W 6 Ch 14 Links Th N 22 Deg 45 Jlin W 7 Ch S9 Links to JIus Rd Line Th SE and E to R S B Th S to LI Bet Lot 1 and 9 in Sd Sec 5 Th W to POB Ex Co Rd and Ex Flood Control 17.47 Ac JI/L $25L4S 325899 — Rancheria Water Co Pin JIus Rd Beg at Pt in Baseline 2099.32 Ft E of Intersection with C/L Jleridian Ave t63 Ft Wide St Tlie C/L of Which Lies 33 Ft W of E Li Thereof I Th .s 0 Deg 26 .Min 42 Seconds W 30 Ft to S Li 60 Ft Wide Base Line Th S Deg 49 .Min 43 Seconds E 43.52 Ft Th SEly 284.40 l-"t Alg a Curve Concave to SW with Radius of 933 Ft and Central Angle of 17 Deg 23 Jlin 39 Seconds the Beg Tangent Bearing S 21 Deg 24 Jlin 04 Sec onds E Th K S9 Deg 47 Min W 630.66 Ft Th N S3 Deg 24 Jlln 50 Seconds W 170.55 Ft Th K 51 Deg 16 Jlln 40 Seconds W 1S8 Ft Th J't Lying -N 0 Deg 13 Jlin E 716.53 Ft from NW Cor Gov Lot 3 Sec 6 Tp IS U 4W Th N 0 Deg 13 Jlin E 190 Ft Jl/L to C/L Base Line Th Ely Alg .Sd C/L 750 Ft JI/L to True POB 4.53 Ac JI/L .. $31.16 323900—Ptn Jllis nd Beg at Pt In Base Line 2646.55 Ft E from In tersection With C/L Jleridian Ave 103 Wide St the C/L of ivhich Lie: 33 Ft W of E LI Thereof I Th ! 0 Deg 25 Jlin 42 .Seconds W 1I5I.3I Th .N 36 I>eg 39 Jlin 17 Seconds W 131.17 Ft to True POB Tli S 61 l>eg 21 Min 04 Seconds W 201.81 Ft Th S 31 Dec 26 Min 31 Seconds K 66.99 Ft Th S So Deg 33 Jlin 21 Seconds E 214.92 Ft Th .N 04 Dec 25 .Min 54 Seconds W SS.39 Ft Th -N 30 Deg 50 Jlin 33 Seconds W 108.12 Ft to True POB 03 Ac .M/L $5.54 325913—Ross, Irving and Arthur Brown STL and W Co K B L Lot 27 13.55 Ac JI/L $19.21 325914—Lot 29 13.55 Ac Jf/L $19.21 32591.5—Lot 31 13.53 Ac Jl/L $19.21 325916—Gov Lot 1 Sec 17 Tp 3.N R 5W 20.34 Ac $24.34 323917—Gov Lot 2 Sec 17 Tp l.V R :,W 30.23 Ac $33.02 325921—K t4 W 14 SW U Sec 17 Tp 3.N R 5W Ex W 30 Ft for St 40 Ac .M/L $4.1.69 325933—S T 3. and W Co N B L Lot 33 Ex .N 300 Ft E 300 Ft Thereof 12.93 Ac $16.63 323935—Fontana Ijind Co S 14 NB ti Sec 20 Tp 3N R 5W SO.OO Ac 5301.57 123933—Bagwell. Earl N and Bar- iKira L Pin .SE ':, .Sec 6 Tp IS R 4W Com at NW Cor Sd SE '1 Sd .Sec '111 .N S9 Deg 55 Jlin E 394.1 t Th S 45 Deg 22 .Min E 319 Ft Th S 14 Deg .38 Jlin K 439.3 Ft to True POB Th S 14 Deg 3S Jlin E 300.S Bt Th S 53 Deg 22 Jlln E IIS.S Ft Th S 13 Deg 51 XI in E .309 l-'t Th W 410 Ft to C/L Terrace Road Th .N S Deg 6 .Min W Alg C/L Sd Terrace ltd 168.3 Ft Th N 26 Deg 30 Jiin W 562.73 Ft Th E 45S Ft to True POB Ex Terrace Road and Ex S B Co Flood Control District 5.S3 Ac $90.05 325935—Rangel. Amador JI and Ro.sario T R S B Blk 23 Ptn Lot IS and E 'i St Vacated AdJ on W Described as Follows Com al In- ter>ection Cen LI Rancho Ave and S LI Blk 93 Th ,N 04 Deg 19 Jlin E Alg Cen Li Rancho Ave 496.76 Ft Th B to Cen Li Vacated Unnamed Rancho St for True POB Th Cont to a Pt Which Is 52S.97 Ft E of C«n Li Rancho Ave Th N 34 Deg 03 Jlin W 60.34 Ft Th W 10 Cen Li Vacated Unnamed Rancho St Th S to True POB $5.94 325960—Altimus. N Dean Lot 40 Known as the Lelch Placer Mining Claim In Sec 26 Tp 2.V R 6W' 19.89 Ac $150.60 325967—Gary, Bruce G and Cordyla B Rialto Acres S ti Lot 11 4.75 Ac $167.76 325954—Robinson. Jack and Philip J N H NW H SE ti KW ti Sec 32 Tp IK R 5W 5 Ac $56.58 325986 — Leuschen. Grace JIarie Com 990 Ft S of Nnv Cor E 14 XW ti Sec 32 TP IX R 5W Th S 1.65 Ft E 660 Ft K 163 Ft W 660 Ft 2.5 Ac $16.39 .125990—Taylor. Theodore R and Otrie Lee N t4 -V t4 E t4 E t4 NE t4 NW ti Sec 32 Tp IN R SW 2.5 Ac $35.74 325991—Sloate, Nathan and P J Robinson S t4 X t4 E t4 E t4 XE ti NW ti Sec 32 Tp IX R 3W 2.5 Ac $30.78 32599J-Levin. -Milton B and Ralph LIttlestone X 14 NE U SB ti N'E ti NW ti Sec 32 Tp IK P. 5W L23 Ac $9.44 326007—Glb.«on, Jennie W 2.5 Ac NW ti NW ti NE ti Sec 32 Tp IX R 5W Und U Int 2.5 Ac $12.92 326015-Carr. Isaac SW ti SE ti NE ti Sec 32 Tp IX R SW Ex X 2 Ac XW ti SW ti SE ti KB >i 8 Ac $42.70 32601S—LUton. Lucile S ti S t4 SW >i XE ti XE ti Sec 3! Tp IN R 5W 2.50 Ac $27.80 326020—Lett, O S and VirEla O jc ti SW ti XE K XE ti See 32_Tp | dltis o IX R SW 5 AC • 32«C22—ACai35. Enes C and die E E 126 Ft W 2JJ J> .•'T' .NB ti KH ti Sec $2 Tp 3N 5W 1 SS .vc $55. lO 326030—Jones. Hollis and Virginia Lee N 100 Ft S 430 Ft E 43a_.0 Ft E ti SE ti -VE ti Sec 32 xp IN R SW 326031—Jones. Hollis and ^'re'm^ Ptn E ti SE ti NE ti Sec — Tp l.V R 5W Desc as Com at a It 430 Ft N of SE Cor Sd E >^ SL ti NB li Sd Sec Tb N 100 > t Th S 435.6.1 Ft Th S 100 Ft Th L 435.60 Ft to POB 1 AC ... 522^54 326033—Butler, William H E 42.-..6 Ft SE ti SE ti XE ti Sec o2 TP IN R 5W EX S 630 Ft Meas to Cen LI Sts $S-9; 326035—Kandel. Jtaurlce and K Gruman N ti N t4 E ^ SE >i NE U Sec 52 Tp IN R 5W » Ac^M/^L 325639-3 '>-i N' '4' E' U • SE' ti NE"'; Sec 32 Tp IN P. 5W 5 Ac JI/L $52.62 3326013—Dolney. A B E 30 Ft E ti W U KB li NW ti Sec 33 Tp IN R 5W .91 Ac $H.SS 326045—W 30 Ft W ti W U XE 'i NW t* Sec 33 Tp IN P. 5\^ .91 $14.55 32604'.»^ones. H<»llis and Virginia S 2 Ac N ti SW >; NW ti Sec .33 .fp IN R 3W 2 Ac $40.,0 3;i6O50—Scott. Louis and Viola N U SW ti NW ti Sec 33 Tp l.V R 3W Ex S 2 Ac IS Ac $219.38 326054-Scott. Rita H SE 'i SE H NW li Sec 33. Tp IN P. SW Kx St Ex E 20S.7I Ft S 205.71 Ft YZx W 174.54 Ft S 205.71 Ft S.Pj^^Ac 525036—.S\V 'V SE "V NtV Sec"33 Tp IN K 5W Ex S 205.71 Ft 6.30 Ac SI«"'.'S 3:;6054—Bowles, Cassel S and Irnia D S ij SW 'i -N W^ Sec 33 Tp l.V R 5W Ex R 256.60 Ft S ti SW U SW 'i NW ), and Ex S 397.44 Ft E 444.42 Ft and Ex .N :;31.7ii Ft E 369.70 Ft S U SW H -NW 'i and Ex .N 357.44 Ft .M/L S 397.14 Ft W 110 Ft E 554.42 Ft ll.«< Ac Jr/L $313.70 ;;6n94 — Quinones, Jlanuel J ami Anita I'oni at SW Cor Gov Lot 1 Sec 22 Tp IN U 5W Th N S9 Deg 04 Jlin E 979.35 Ft to True POB Th K S9 Deg i>4 Min E 132 Ft Th N 0 Dec 5:. Mill W 330 Ft Th S 89 Dee 01 Jlin W 132 Ft Th S 0 Deg 53 Jtin K 330 Ft to POB 1 Ac $31.66 326107—Diltz. Everett K and Vera L Com at SW Cor Gov Lot 1 Sec 22 Tp l.N P. 5W Th N 59 Deg 04 Jlin E Alg S Li Thereof 547.3.5 Ft to True POB Th -V S9 Deg 01 Jlin E -Mg Sd S Li Being C/L Persimmon Ave 66 Ft Th N 0 Deg 55 Jlin W 330 Ft Th .S 89 Deg 04 Jlin W 56 Ft Th S 0 Deg 53 Jlin B 330 Ft to True^POB ;'!26ii.5^Buchwaiter, B N Co S T L and W Co N B L N 492 Ft Lot 91 10.76 Ac JI/L iZbO.aO 326123—Anderson. Gertrude, and Sally F S T L and W Co .N B I. Com at SV/ Cor Lot 96 Tli N 233.64 Ft Th in NEly Dirc.;- tion to Pt on .Sycamore Ave 910.14 Ft From SE Cor Th S 910.14 Ft Til W to Beg and E :;5 Ft Riverside Ave AdJ on W 16.35 Ac S111.U5 326133—Sanders. Roger r, and Riilli JI Com at SW i:or NW U Sec 27 Tn IN R 5W Th .V o Deg 45 Jlin W 2310 Ft Th N S9 lA-g 04 Jlin E 320.0S Ft to True I'OB Th N S9 Dec 01 Jlin E 3:;» Ft Th .N 0 Deg 55 .Min W 361.75 Ft to N Li Sd Sec 'Ih S S9 Deg 01 Jlin W 3.30 Ft Til S « Deg 55 Jlin E 361.75 Ft lo POB 2.71 Ac $""5 -"I 326137—.\shton, James B and Ruth A Ptn Sec 27 Tp l.V R 5W Beg at W >i Cor Sd Sec Th N 0 Deg 4S Jlin \V Alg W LI Sd Sec 1650 Ft Th N S9 Deg 04 Jlin E 651.44 Ft to POB Th N S9 Deg Ol Jlin B 660 Ft to Pt in B Li W c. NW •! Sd Sec Til N 0 Dec 5.. Jlin W Alg B Li 66 Ft Th .S 59 Deg 01 .Min W 660 Ft Th S 0 Deg 5; Min E 66 Ft 326!iJ^RUsscil. iiarold R and Carvl C Com K 0 Deg 4.< .Min W 1130 Ft From SW Cor .VW Sec 27 Tp IN R 3W Th .V Deg 4S Jlin W 390 Ft Th N S9 Dec 04 Jlin E 229.75 Pt Th !• 0 Deg 45 Jlin E 19i) Ft Th S s; Dec 04 Jlin W 229.75 Ft to POr 1 Ac tio.n 326150—Com at SW Cor NW . Sec 27 Tp IN R SW Th .V 0 Deg 48 Jlin W 1320 Ft Th N 59 Deg 04 Jlin E 229.75 Ft to Tme POli Th N S9 Dec 04 Jlin E 22S.75 Ft Th S 0 Deg 45 Jlln E 190 Ft Th S S9 Deg 04 Min W 22.S . Ft Th N 0 Deg 48 Min Ft to POB 3 Ac $1(1.34 326131—Armentrotit, Don D and Jlarllna L Ptn W ti X^' "7 Tp IN R 5W Com at SW Cor Sd NW i; Sd Sec Th V 00 Dec 45 Jlin W 330 Ft to True POB Th N S9 Dec 01 Jfin B 324.16 Ft Th S 00 Deg 31 Jlin W P.TT- allel With Linden Ave 90 Ft Th 5 59 Deg 04 Jlin W 321.1". It Th N 00 Deg 4S Jfin W 90 Ft to POB $''•'•'' 3-'6I37—Orr, Albeit W and Jlary L Ptn W U NW n Sec 27 -Tp l.V R SW Beg at W Cor ,Sd Sec -ni X 89 Deg 04 Jlin t Al-: S Li NW- <; SS9.57 Ft to Tnie Pt'B Th N SO Deg 04 Jlin B Alg S Li Being C/L Bolinert Ave 95 Ft Th N 0 Dec 35 Jlin W 163 Ft Th S S9 Deg 01 Jlin W 93 Fl T li S 0 Dec 55 Jlin B 165 Ft to True POB Mea.s to St C/L Lx S 30 Ft for St .36 Ac M/I. ..$131.30 •"6155—Stanfill, Ronnie C and Ju- ilith A Pin W '4 NW ij Sec 27 TP IN n .5W Bee at W Cor Sec 27 Which is Intersection C/L Linden Ave and Bohnert Ave Th N 59 Deg 01 Jlin E 504.54 Ft True POB Th N 0 Deg ..5 Jlin W 163 Ft Th .V 59 Deg ol Jlin E S5 Ft Th S 0 Deg 35 Jlin B 163 Ft to Pt in C/L Bohnert Ave Lying SS9.S4 Ft E From W , Cor Sd Sec Th S 59 Deg 04 Min W S5 Ft to True POB Ex S .>0 Ft For St .32 Ac JI/L $1S2.0S 326186—Ncllson, Thomas J aiid Helen C Com S 0 Dec 45 Xlin E 990 Ft From NW Cor bW >i Sec — Tp IX R 5W Th N 59 Dec 04 Min B 656.85 Ft to True POB Th X 59 Deg 01 Jfin B 6t,0 Ft Th S 0 Deg .55 Jlin E 330 Ft Th S 88 Deg 04 Jtin W 650 Ft Th N 0 Deg 55 Jlin W 330 Ft 10 POB Ex U .< A 50 R/W Lx B 30 Ft For St 4.77 -\c ^M'l ;26i9i—Phniips. jl Penn, Co S Ft \V 124.73 Ft Pin NW U SW , Sec 27 Tp l.V R 5W Desc as Com at W li Cor Sd Sec Th X 59 Dec 41 Jlln B Alg N Li SW ti S.I Sec Being Also C/L Bolinert Av. 3"4.5I Ft Th S 0 Deg 33 Jlin V. 130 Ft Th S 59 Dec 01 Jlin W ;25.52 Ft to a Pt in W Li Sil Sec Th N 0 Dec 45 Jlin W 330 l-'t to POB Ex W 10 Ft ...5131.50 ;26192—Frisone. Salvaiore J and Jennie J X 240 Ft W 124.54 Vt NW >i SW n Sec 27 To l.V R .W Ks W 10 Ft and Ex N 30 Ft J3eas to St C/L .69 Ac^jJI'J. -"6i;i3_lNorlon. Raymond L and IXdphine JI S 33 Ft N 255 Ft W 121.54 Ft N-^V U SW 'i Sec -7 Tp 3N R oW Ex W 10 Ft .04 Ac .M/I $6-56 ;26197—Kalleniyn. Wesley N and Adeline I I'tii NW <; sW Sec 27 TP IN R 3W Desc as Com Dee 45 Jlln E 660 Ft From NW Cor SW "i Sec 27 Th N S9 Deg 4 Jlin E 636.20 Ft Th S 0 Dog .53 Jlin E 330 Ft Th S 59 Deg Pt Jlln W 636.58 Ft to W Li Sd .Sec Th X 0 Deg 45 Jfta W 330 Ft to POB E.X S SO Ft W -;0 Ft Thereof and Ex USA aO Ft R/W 4.42 .\c Jt/L ...$256.01 26395—Hadco Inc Pto S t4 N-Jv >i SW I5 Sec 27 Tt> IX R 3W and Lying Within StHp of Land .50 Ft Wide Lying 23 Pt on Piich Side of Fell Desc Com at Jlost Wly End Sd Cen Li X 0 Deg 19 Min 43 Seconds W 1529.24 Ft From Common Cor Sec 27 28 ..3 and 34 Th S 66 Dec 17 Jlin 49 Seconds E 2252.89 Ft to Beg of Curve Concave to SW Having a Radius of 1026.06 Ft Th Alg Sd Curve 1130.40 Ft to Pt tn Cen Li Highland Ave and SE Terminus of Sd Strip Ex Com at Intersection X Li Sd s t4 s ti With swny Bndry LI of That Certain Strip of Land 50 Ft Wide as Conveyed to Hadco Inc by Quitclaim Deed Recorded Xov 15 1947 In Bk 2160 Pg IIS cf Official Records of Sd County Th Alg Sd ^S9 p*K 32 Jlin 03 Seconds B 35.15 Ft to W Li E 30 Ft of Sd E t4 Th Alg Sd W LI S 0 Deg 25 Jlln 57 Seconds E 113.SJ Ft Th Alg a Xon Tangent Curve Concave Sly With a Radius of 24.110 Ft From Tangent Bearing N 59 Deg o2 Min 47 Seconds W Thru an Angle of 0 Deg 00 Min 01 Seconds 5 Disunce of .12 Ft to Sd SJVly Bndry LI Distant Alg Sd SWly Bndr>- LI Being a Cun.-e Concave wny With a Radius of 1.001.60 Ft Thru an Angle of 6 Deg »0 3.1in 07 Seconds a Distance of 119.49 Ft From POB Th Ate Sd SWly Bndry LI B«tng_a. Xon Tangent curve concave VTly With a Ba- 32TP |dlus of 1.00L60 Ft From a Tan-1 Tract Ko 6270 lot i $52.63 Uent Bearing N 14 Deg 3S Jfin 1213J711S—Title In.TOraao Lid- Seconds W Thru ar. ,\:ixle of « D«g 1 Co Tract No «37o Lot >10«.»» and Trust ..I1U.I* 5S Jfin 07 .Seconds a Ditt .rnce of 3:7111— R G W Ir.dostrlM lae Tract I9.41 Ft to POB ar.d Ex Ptc No »4a: Lot 10 tttM In Co Road 3„5 _Ac M/L.53S.9:!3,;;;,_Ejt,r. HoriM R aod fctih m J 3 Janktau^sb X» O ! 1 A I31V- li Lot 133 9.7S Ac 326246—Hodges. Riky p and JIar cella K Ptn E 43 SW \ SW ti Sec 25 Tp l.V R 5W Com at SW Cor Lot 12 Tract No 5945 Th N Alg W LI Sd Lot 12 A Dist of 40 Ft to Pt on S Li Gov Lot 1 Sd Sec 26 Th W Alg Sd S Li Gov Lot 1 A Dist 45 Ft Th S Parallel to E Li Sd Gov Lot 1 A DLst of 40 Ft to a Pt on N 1.1 Lot 10 Sd Tract No 3945 Th E Alg Sd N Li to Pt Beg $7.44 326254—Associated Piping and Engineering Co JlcDonalds Sub N "4 W !- Lot 1 Ex Hgwv S.35 AC JI L $261.93 326255—NE U Lot 1 Ex Hgwy 5.67 Ac JI/J $2GS.07 326261—Boyd, J C and Rose A S T L and W Co N B L E ^ Lot 145 and W 35 Ft Riverside ,\ve Ave .\dj on E 9.37 Ac $359.28 To be deeded to the State July 5, 1963. See No 1315 in addenda to this list. 32626S—Bates. Pearl E and Jewel .•V S T L and W Co N B L W t; Lot 143 Ex Com at NnV Cor Sd Lot on S Li Highland Ave and E Li Willow Ave Th E .\lg Sd S Li Highland Ave 359.53 it Th S Parallel to C/L Willow Ave 306.76 Ft Th W Parallel to Hiehtand Are 142 Ft Th N 239.76 Ft Th S .S9 Deg 30 Jlin 52 Second..* W 47.53 Ft Th V 0 Dec 39 Jlin 11 Seconds W 27 Ft Th S Sl> Deg 30 Jlin 52 Seconds W 20ii Ft to Pt on E Li Willow Ave Th .V 0 Deg 39 Jlin 11 Seconds W 40 Ft to POB Ex JInl Kts $450.09 326272—Hamlllon. Lynn 1, S T L and W Co .V B 1. W 1.. Lot 145 Ex S 135 Ft W 1911 Ft Jleas to St C/L and Ex .V l::5 Ft W 190 Ft Jleas to St C/L and Kx Cm at Intersection S Li Sd l.ot and E Li Willow Ave 50 Kt Wide Th N 0 Deg :;:< Jiiii 11 Second.-- W Ale E Li Willow .\ve 332.2 Ft Th E Par:illel With S Li Sd L<.t 15l. Ft to True Pi_>B Tli S Parallel with K Li IVilloiv .Kic l.:7.2 Ft Th W Parallel with S Li .s.l Lot 140 Ft Ifi Beg of a Curve Concave NEly Having a Radius of 20 Ft Th -Viy .Alg Arc .sd Curve 31.40 Ft JI/L to a i't on E l.i Willow Ave Tb N Alg Sd E Li 2:;3.3 Ft to Beg of a Curve Concave SEly Having a Radiij.s '>f 20 I't Tli Nlv -Vly Alg Arc Sd Curve 31.4"! Ft Jl/L to Its lntersc,:tiiin with a Li Panilkl with and 1'..5 Ft S of .V Li ^•d Lot Th E Ale S.l Parallel Li 140 Ft Til S Par.illel with E Li Willow .W.; 135.1 Ft JI.'I. t.. True Pob 7.37 Ac .M.L ...S!;2.;'5 ,326333 — Karahalios. Nick and Carole E ivt Al .V 1.. N "~ SW i, SW I, Sec 33 Tp IN R 5W 9.51 Ac JI/1 5211.45 326351—Kder. J'»hn and Marie K STL and W Co .V i: L 1-: \- SK U Lot 15S Jleas to St Cell Line Ex S 20 Ft Thereof I.Sl Ar JI.-L $117.93 325353—Wilev. Nell Kt Al T<.wn of 32SI15—Slu.nia, John and St»!ia C i fH'TVaor N -j' 1904 S T L and W Co N B L S H £„r"k- U . 3ni57-Non.m»it»r. Varf, LKo 3903 J J Jenkins Lot t Blk 14 • $sr7.c» 32715S—Nonemaier. Joseph T and Verda L J J Jenkins Sub Tr Vo 1903 Lot 1 Blk 14 »«.7« 327167—Bowman, Billy D and B«r- nice JI Tr No 1905 J J Jenkins Buh Lot 10 Blk 16 $24.» 327222—Horvat. Bertha J J Jenkins Sub Tr 1905 Ptn l-ots 10 and 11 Blk 17 Com at a Pt in Wly Li Sd Lot 10 S 6 Deg 33 Jtin W 63,25 Ft from Nli\nv Cor Sd Lot Th Cent S 6 Deg 39 Min W S2.05 Ft JI/L to Pt In -^ny LI Sd Lot 11 Dist X 6 Deg 39 Jlin E 32.H Ft from SWIy Cor Sd I.ot 11 Th SElv Alg .Approximate C/L. of a Stream to a Pt in Ely Li Sd Lot 11 Dist N 17 Deg 01 JTm E 12 Ft from SElv Cor .Sd Lot Th N IT Deg 01 Jlln E 59.36 Ft to NBy Cor Sd Lot Th N 72 Deg 39 Jlin W 40 Ft to SEly Cor Sd Lot 10 Th N 17 Dec 01 Min B lO.SS Ft Th N"Wly Alg Aporoxtmate C. L of a Stream to POB $14.6$ 327297—Gordon, Ernest P and Alic« I J Jenkins Sub Tract -Vo 1905 Lot 1 Blk 7 tnd Ptn Lot 17 Deso as Com at N'W Cor Lot 15 Sd Suh Th N 33.30 Ft to Pt tn S Li fyit I for POB Th 75 Deg 33 Jtin R 41.30 Ft Th E 40 Ft to E LI sd Lot 17 Th X to N-Bly Cor Sd Lot 17 Th SWIy tn POB El that Ptn that Lies s and W of SEIv Prolongation SW Li Lot 2 511v7I 327445—Powell, Harry Q and Genr- gina Tr No 2023 Tall.vs Glenn lianch Sub .Vo 1 Lot 11 Ex Jlnl and Water Rts $5i '.l5 327461—Sikes, Tliurman and Kvft Tr .Vo 2023 Tall\s Glenn nancti Suh .Vo I Lot 12 55.07 ::27462—I>it 13 $51.70 32747fc—l'ncer. Williani N a n d Joann P Tr V.T 2023 Talh.s Glenn Ranch Sub No 1 Lot 23 ...SI3.3S .327491—Ijii. Jack Jr Tr N.. 19-6 Tall.vs Glenn Ranch Sub N.. 2 L..f« 3 and 4 S2-*.r.6 327505—I.;iraiii.... Albert F and Naomi Tra^t No 1955 Tallvs Glenn Ranch Sub No 2 l.ot 111 $12.95 327507—Han.'ock. G S and Hetty Tract No I:'S6 Tallys Glenn Ranch Sul. No 2 Lots lie.i and lin...S22.?« 3275S3—Kerricre. Ch.arles K Tr N'o 2017 Lot SI 522.14 3275S1—Let SO SI61.20 3275S7—Briggs. Thcdocia Tract No :"17 I.ot 115 $55.15 32755';—Lot 111 55.(0 3275s:i-I.ot 113 $7.57 327590—Chase. Jack C. and Jean Tr .Vo 2017 Lot K $10.15 To be deeded to the State July S, 1963. See No 1316 in addenda to this list. 327591—Prices, Tlleodocia Tr No 2047 Lot 112 $52.11 327505—.ste;irns. Jack and Betty Tr -Vo 2i'17 Lots S2 S3 and IMn l.ot I Desc as Com at SE Cor sd Lot Th N 16 Deg W 73.27 Ft Alg Kly l.i Lots S2 .iml S3 Th .V 4 Deg 55 Min 30 Se.-onds W 25.7S Ft to .VE c..r Sd Lot S3 Tb S 71 Deg "o .MI.V F .lie Kly Extension N 1.1 .Sd Lot s./ :i l'i«t I'f 30 Ft Th SWlv lo a Pt in Kly Kxtension Sly 1.1 I.ot S2 a l>istance of 25 Ft from SK Cor Sd l.ot S2 Th S 56 Dec 29 Min 30 .Seconds VV 23 Ft to POB $153.70 327553—Chase, Jack .and .lean Tract No 2017 Lot .-V 513 .SI) 327557—Tli:it Ptn Lot L Tract No 2"47 I.vine .Nly of Foil,.wine De.sR Li that Kxfends Wlv and larallel lo and 1" Kt Sly of Nly Bndry Lot 7S Sfi Tract No 2047 to a Pt in 1.1 Connecting a Pt 10 Ft from the Ely <"<.r I...t SI and I."t 55 Sil Tract .Vo 2117 in KI.v Ivxtension of Coiii- nton Li S.l l.-.f SI and Lot S5 Th Wlv In Kt t" C'-imnnn Cor of Sd Lots 51 anil S5 Kx Wly 10 Ft AdJ Lot S7 on |.; Kx W 10 Ft ..\dj Ij't Ml on E Kx Wlv 25 Ft Adj Slv 40 Ft Lot S'l on K Ex Wly 10 Kt I.ving K of S 311,5 Kt Lot S3 and Kx SWIy 10 Ft .'\ilj .Vly 55.52 Ft Lot 55 on K ,=6.32 327670—Tnict No 2047 Lot B Kx thereof Wly 121 Ft Lying Bet Lots 71 and 72 an.l Kx that Ptn Lying SU- of a Li Extended Sly from the Kfv Li of Lot 7S to a Pt in Th -VKIy Bniiry of Lot 79 Tract So 2017 $7.9S 327671—Pin Lot L Tract .No 2017 Desc as C'oni at Ely Cor Common Lot Li Lot 53 and Lot SI Sd Tr Th Nly 55 Ft Ale Ely l.i l.'.t S4 to Jlost Nlv Corner Sd Lot Th Ely 10 Ft Alg a Li Extended Ely of Common Lot Li Lot SI and Lot s5 Th Sly to a I't that is 30 Ft from EIv Extension of Common Lot Li Lot S3 and Lot 51 .Sd Tr Til Wlv 311 Ft to POB Sd Pt being SKIv Cor Lot SI Sd Tr 55.32 327672—Ptn Lot L Tract No 2.'I7 Desc as fe-ioe .sl.v "T Ff.llowjjig Desc l.i ]:Ktendiiig Wly al I'.'X 10 Wlv Bndry l.ot 79 Sd Tr .No 2<i|7 at n Pt S 7 Deg 3s .Min 10 Seconds tV 43.5 Ft of .Nly I't Sd I-ot 79 to Pt in a Li Connecting a Pt in Klv l-:xtension of Sly LI Lot 52 Rcinc 25 Ft from SK Cor .Sd Lot 52 and a Pt in Kly E.xteii- sion of My Li Lot 53 Sd Pt Being 311 Ft from NKIv <'or .s.l Lot SJ Sd Tr Th Sly Ale Desc Li to a Pt that is 25 I'r from .sK Cor Sil Lot S2 Til S 55 Dee 29 Jlin 30 Seconds W 25 Ft to SB Cor I.ot 52 Sd Tr 56.32 •5;»7— I 'liiy. Le.»ii;ird K and Jo.vce Ij Lot Tni .S5n,^ NBl. 'lO.SS Ptn Uialto and .\dj Subs NW s 4. .33 .\c 325117—Goss, Klizabelii l ,Vo 6301 l.ot 10 325421—Lot 9 325422—Lot S 32542:;—Lot 7 325121—l...t 5 326125—l.ot 5 326)25—l.ot 4 325427—Lot 3 32542S—Lot 2 326131-S T L and W ( K '4 Lot 139 Desc as Being a Strip of Land 5i) Kt in Width in S.l K i-_. Lot 159 Lying 3ii Ft on l-::ich Side of a Cen Li Desc as Follows Com on I-; l.i Sd Lot 159 Sd I-; Li Being .Also W Li Acacia Av.- iJistancu Alg Sd E Li S " De-.; 31 Jlin IS .Seconds E .591.42 Ft From Xp; Cor Sd Lot 159 Th S 59 Dee 21 Min 12 Se.ronds W 96.74 Ft Th Ale a Talig-nt Curve Concave Nl'ly witii a itailius of 25o Ft Thru an .\nelo of 12 D. g P. Jlin 09 Seconds ;t Distance of 1S4.43 Ft lo Pt of Reverse Curve Th Ale Sd Reverse Curve Concave SWIy witli a Railius of 250 Vt From a Tangent Bearing N 4S Deg 22 Jlin 39 Seconds- W Thru An Angle of 42 Dec 16 .Moi 09 Seconds .A Distance of 154.43 Ft Th S 59 Dec 21 Jlin 12 Seconds W 200 Ft to W Li .Sd E ti Distance Alg -Sd W Li S 0 Deg 29 .Min 07 Seconds E 461.42 Ft From NW Cor Sd E t4 Lot 159 0.92 Ac JI/L $92.10 325435-1—Jade Investment <*o S T L and W Co NBL W 95 Ft Fol Desc Com at Intersection N Li E.aston St 60 Ft Wide Willi W Li K '4 Lot 159 Tb .V Alg Sd W Li 115 Vt Til E Parallel with S Li S<1 Lot 290 Ft Til S Parallel wiHi W LI Sd K 1-". to N Ivi r-:a.sion St Th W .Alg Sd' .N Li to POB I-;x .V 5 Ft 511.56 326435—R G W Industries Inc Tract iVo 6461 Ljt 11 325439—Lot 1 .326440—Lot 2 .326441—Lot 3 .32614."—r.^t 5 325444—Ixit 6 3251,56—Bird, Williani II Beverley A Tract No 41: 5IIS.S0 ....597.14 ...5104.55 5S1 95 ..!.«1S2!0S ,. .SlS'.'.iis Jr a n d "J Lot 7 $.357.52 anil Kd- 326510—Slioppard, Keilli 1 na M Tract No 139! Lot 3''553-.—Hodges. Rilev I' and Mar cella K Tract No .5'.. 15 I.ol l.<2.-..5| 3-J5531—I.ot 325537—L..t 6 525.51 3263IS—Lot 32 J-'5.5I .325 .5.57— Lot 5511 ,2 326579—Fow-ler, Klvis J .-mil Lncill. L Tract No 4529 Lot 12 5*7.21 3265S1—U S Coustruction Corp Tract Xo 4S15 Lot 26 ....$43.35 3'J5.5S2-I^.t 27 515.32 326553—Lot 25 $16.34 3255SI—Niehaus. James AV and * Jovce Tract No 5021 Lot I ' f29R.60 326.557.I_Lot 12 $294,66 326599—U S Construction Corp Tract .No 4513 Lot 19 $46.34 326600—Lot 20 $19.30 .325501—Lot 21 $47.32 325602-1.01 23 $49.30 .326503—Lot 23 $49.30 326604—Lot 2t 544.35 325503—l»t 25 $16,34 r,25fi05—Lot 19 $16.34 325507—Lot 3ft 515.31 ::2550S—l»t 31 ...551.25 3255119—1.*.! 32 $51.26 7,2561S—.Ni.'lians James W .ind .fovce Tract -Vo 61J21 Lot 10.fl51.2'i 325519—Lot 326623—Lot 5 32S521-Lot 4 32652S—i: S Tra.-t No l«t3 325629—Lot 3t 326630—Lot 43 325531—Lot 42 ;26632—Baumaiin Con: Lot «oi .M5I S3"5.50 ruction Corp 33 ....$11.35 515.34 $4'6.34 Karl F and Dor is J Tract .No 4513 Lot 41...5396.14 32553.3—I' S Construction Corp Tract No 4S45 Lot 35 $45.34 326631—Lot 36 $(6.34 3266.3.5—U.t 37 $51.26 326636-I.ot 35 551.26 325637—I.ot 39 $16.34 325635—Lot 40 $4.9..30 326616—i.'artcr. Alberta JI Tract No .3776 Lot 9 J510.46 326653— West. J Ros. niary Tract No 3776 2 5510.00 326571—Wintermntc. l-'iayton H and R .Maxine Tract .No 3265 Ij?t 30 $33.71 326674—Lintr. Jack A Tract No 525S Lot 33 $704,56 326679—Bonanno. Don V and Donna JI Tract .No 3255 Lot 35... .$10.5.44 326695—Lane, George V and .Sheila V Tract No 3265 Ivit 9 $604.06 326699—Dietz. Norman It Jr and Roberta C Tract No 5263 Lot 10 $256.29 326727—Keller. C W and JIarie H Tract No 53.59 Lot 12 $759.32 326731—Schwimraer. Jlichael and Ellen C Tract -No 5339 Lot 19 $297.12 326736—Tanner. Eldon H and June S Tract No 5359 Lot 30 5713.00 326761—U S Construction Corp Tract No 4545 Lot IS $56.15 326754—Seeley. Jr a r y Frances Tract No 4545 Lot 75 $173.93 326514—L' S Construction Corp Tract No 4543 Lot 44 ....$50.2? 32632S-Highland Terrace Tract No 5177 Lot 64 $138.43 326902—JIodi.«ette. James O Jr and Dorothy L Tract No 5638 Lot 23 $277.91 326916—Title Insurance and Trust Co Tract No 5538 .NWly 13 Ft Lot 1 Jleas at R/A to NW Bndry Sd Lot $12.52 326949—Jliillgan Enterprises Tract No 6077 Lot 34 $97.55 326950—Lot 33 550.78 326531—Lot 72 $50.78 326976—Lot 21 $93,62 32707J—.Squibb. Chester and Phyllis M Tract No 5360 I>5t 21..5:9.31 327073—Lot 23 Jl'Kl.Sl 327051—I»t 6 $252.14 327096—Titl« In.suraiice ami Trust Co Tract No 6270 Lot 11 $52.11 327059—Lot IS $106.44 327100—Lot 17 $106.44 327108—Sacks. Harry B and .Anna L Tract Xo 6270 Lot 7 ...$113.36 327109—Maloof, Georze and 0!a CUSI.S* Pt to POB $19.64 5IS.S0 and .lean $12.9S y a n d Lot 114 $Ki.45 $7.9S $7.9S Tr.-ict No 2" 17 Lot 26 327ii:'S— i.ftt 27 32771 l-Cha,«.-, Jack G Tract .V,, ;oi7 Lot D 327721—Guv. Leonard ./.ivce L Tract .Vo 2.:i( 327722— 145 .32772::—Lot 116 32772lr-Nly Lot II 7 $5.4^ 327731—liver. William II and Charles <: Graeber Ptn S W'i Seo 22 Tp 2N l: 6W Com at Intersection Sly Li Lot F and Ely Li Lot G as Shown on Jlap of Tr No 2047 Th X 58 Deg 39 Jlin 50 Seconds W 20.03 Ft to- a Pt on a Curvo with a P.adius of 421.18 Ft and Concave SEly Sd Pt being True POB Th NEly Alg Sd Curve 20 Ft to Beg of Tangent Th N 31 Deg 01 Jlin 10 Seconds E 75 Ft Th .V 75 Deg 31 Jlin 16 Seconds W 143.99 Ft Th N 31 Deg 00 Jlin 10 Seconds E 30 Ft Th N SS Deg 44 Jlin 50 Seconds W 335 Ft Th S 27 Deg 11 .Min 10 Seconds E 23S.23 Ft Th S 3S Deg 59 Jlin 50 Seconds E 60 Ft Th N 25 Dec 26 Jlin 00 Seconds E 59.06 Ft to Rec of a Curve with a Radius of 121.15 Ft and Concave SEly Th NEIv Ale Sd Curve 20.9* Ft to True POB .69 Ac J1.L.?2.3,S0 327732—Petracck. Jlilo and Rvelyn Ptn SW i; Sec 22 Tp 2N R 6W Com at 2 Inch Iron Pipe at Intersection Sly Li Lot F and Ely Li Lot d .as P(r Tract No 20(7 Th .V 5» Deg 59 jrin 50 Seconds W 20,02 Ft to a Pt on Curve whose Radius is 421,15 Ft and which is Concave SEIv Th NEIv .tig .Sd Cnrve 2'> Ft Th V 31 Deg 00 Jlin 10 Seconds E 75 Ft to true POB Th .V 31 Deg no Jlin 10 Seconds B 65 Ft Th N S5 Deg 4( Jfin 30 .Seconds W 153 Ft Th S 31 D.-g oi> Jlin 10 Seconds W 30 Ft Th S 73 Dee 31 Jlin 16 Seconds E 113.99 Ft to true POB .16 Ac Jr/L $7.5? 327735—Guv, Leonard F and Jovce I, Tract .Vo 2017 Lot 129 ...$11.30 327737—Lot 125 JI3 .,S0 3277.35—Lot 127 $16.30 .327739—Lot 125 J15.H 727740—Lot 325 $1.5.(? 327741-Lot 121 $17.5g 327776—Roberts, Albert K and Joephine D Ptn SW 'i Sec 22 Tp 2N R 6W Desc as Com at SAV Cor I.ot K Tr No 2047 Th -V 17 Deij 34 .Jlln 10 .Seconds B ISO Ft Th N 35 Deg 32 Jlin 40 Seconds AV 125.31 Ft Th S 62 Deg 39 Min AV 454.57 Ft Th S 31 Deg 32 Jlin R 51.72 Ft Th S 59 Deg 19 Min 10 Seconds K 429.27 Ft to POB Ex Co Rd 1.S6 Ac jr/L S.'i34.3? 513—Scott. Lula JIae Tract No 2017 Lot H $10.4? J27527—Tavlor. James O and Irma E Tract No 2273 Lot 173.... $17.9? 327529—Lingo, Edward F and Ruth E Tract No 227S Lot 170... $47,10 32753')—Tract No 2017 Ptn Iv^ls 169 170 and i71 Com at NEly Cor Lot 170 Tr No 2273 Tt Ely Alg Ely Prolongation Nly Li Sd Lot 170 Sd Tr No 2273 to Ls Intersection with a Straight LI Extending tn a SEly Direction from N'Ely Cor Lot 178 Sd Tr No 2273 to N'Ely Cor I-ot 158 Sd Tr No 2047 Th SEly AlK Sd Li to XEIy Cor Sd Lot 16? Th SAvny 9.04 Ft JI/L to SEly Cor I.ot 163 Sd Tr No 2273 Th .Vmy Ale NEly L: Lots 163 and ITO Sd Tract No 2773 to PC B«c JT H 327531—Tract No 2373 Ixit 169 tI1.9S SAN BERNARDINO OUTSIDE 327934-S a n Beraardlr.o Society Calif Pioneers Ptn =«e 4 Tp IX R 3W Com at Sta S P.o Kuenplab* Th S 78 Dep 30 Ttln S Aig >1y M Sd Rd 369 Ft T2s 8 II 0^ 23 Ifla W SI Ft Th X M D«» » Jflo W .... tu.u

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