Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 4, 1926 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1926
Page 8
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•JPAGE BIGHT GRAPESSG 0ZAKK tomi Anrnjivw FKDIT OHOlt'ISG IKDUSTEY. 'POLtXIClL AinfOmrCEMElfT 5 HITS A HILL CODOfKRCJAL GKAFKK. * HIGH FOR FACTOKV. TOO Wen Placed Ex |tlolla(ionilM FUfiilR '• • OwrJt HiffiiwiijN liltii : i TijnriiiCii. . ; ii .:(W.7R S.) . J Slloam SjirliiK8,<}Ark..*j JuBo 3.— Down here In' the OtHTk 'mpiinluliis • whore they Mltll hfcp a wettlhcrSbye . out for a . wr'wenlcr udU w |^bre BUinmcr rcsorlB ' iirc H» thick, utr hlllRMo. farms, a real i^ew ura hua J dawned.' . '' . / June 24inext Siloam itpriogii will be =46 years Qld aml'wlicn the au- nusl birthday party Is held guests will get ii gtibipstf yf the first pav- inglthe town evcr^has had. liurc • In Ithe "natural .Kravel" country, thiiHyAWocka or more WiU'be paved with cement.' Theri, too,, about the time the birthday' parti ja held,' .Siloam Springs, will announce the opening of Forest Park,; a thousand acres 1 of > mquntaih, valley,:. siroaih ; and lake with what It: .iniiouHced ';as a million dollar hotel and countless amusement park devices. '. The guests the birthday parly will hear another autfounccment that will grip.the ears and open eyes. §iloam Springs rs-a;"i*iu- nicip'ally owned" town. Tl^ people own the light plant and the sale of electric current-for-^^1 pur- ppses isinettlng the' owners a profit of f5,000. a month. The water ; plant Is returning a profit on the investment, in it, but tlie electric plant with a minimum: power rate of 2% cents and a minlhiura do- TOcstic rate of 7 cents is" the beat .dividendjpayer boa.sts. Tourists hear these facts the moment -Uheyi resell Siloam. The ,y Springs bubble dvl -r with the ef- ferveBccnce .of cdnimupity -pride. • Tourists by the thousands, aU mostja month ahead of'ihi; usual InfluJL are driving, caniiilng, fishing, boiiling, bathing lind enjoying them'solves to the utmbsf. Atouriltl (IroVo up lu a hotel here last night and after dlniier In- qulri'd «f a itownHmuii where ho mlglit find a garuge. "Where IH your cnr7 "~f ^(mi iho lownHman. ;'ln front of tlic hotel." } "Uicked?" ' "I,,<ickod." . "Then let it stand thoVc. Whnfs . the use of paying a garage fiie When any Arkansnwyer^wlio would steal a visitor's car would be run out of the stale? - We take care of our guests, we do." Slloaio (>ets the (jropes. , J • .Hospitality and tourists are hot the only things Siloam Springs and community deal |in, however. • .Grapes, for instance. Thousands .of acres of. grapes and with the price forecast at $80 toi J140 a ton in the car, as it was laht year, the - grape juice factory that was built here to take the grapes which.- it was fesiTed. would be ? drug on the market, i^ likely to be idle'again this season beca.use it cannot pay more than ?40 a ton for grapes and make juice out of them. A;citizen who deals in igrapes said today that . tic grape juice factory had heen j nnable to buy even a bunch of con, cords since it. *a8 constructed ibe- cause the price ran too high. J ' A drought of months was broke^ Sunday night following a' typical pzarlf mountain dust-storm, , A, heavy leaden-veil draped the town early in the,evening. I5own here they stillsciin [this mctcoro- loglcar -ilrapery to: decide whether It is time to Hunt tic Cave or brave (be storm, i ' "Looks like a bad 'un," a citizep saW. squinting at the lowdrinfe clouds. "Believe I'll; g <jt in. My .wife is afraid of storins." . r • "Mitib is, too," agreed a compan- jbn. ."Let's go." r ' j By the time the men disappeared, the storm brcike and the heavy rain that, followed rained | gold, A. W. Perrine, secretary of 'the Commercial Club, said. Strawbjyries which had been .severely affected by the dry weather might pick pp and .return a late yield which would jpartlally compensate for losses ithat have been sustained. "The first setMn' Is all the ber- irtes ilint has been worth while," a grower explained. '. ; Secretary Perrine who rendi-r* "iiorviccs worth IhttuHiindH pf dol- 'larH a yuiir" to the town and «-oni- niunlty iijid who serves without piiy .declared that while the yield of strawberries' wns-uot normal, dun to dry weather, yet the eom- tnunjty would profit heavily nn the cr()pi--Uiat has been picked, The average price hero i |s $5.0p a crate , and iiaO to 200 crates may be pro- ducciF from the acre where propi;r attention has been g^vcn .soiland plain.. While Siioani suffered a cut In yield • from drought. Sprlngdale, twelve miles east, had showers and ba? sold its c ^op for appro.\iroately • a hjilf million dollars. The Ozarits Advertised. • Grapes, howeyer. secon to be the big hope of the Ozarks: Siloam is featuring the grape and. near here Is Tontitown, ^, settlement of Italians who are de \-pting their attention to growing grapes as they did in Italy. They; bave been so ' suc­ cessful'in the few years they have teenjnitheiir colony that not a one of -tike eighty-five families in the. coloiiy is Irjated at less than $2.'j,000. •Along with other sections of the Ozark«. Siloajin is developing rapidly; The tqWn Is a D |ember of the Czark playgrounds association, a feroup of j 84 Ozark mountain to wijs. organized for; the purpose of exploiting this iarea of the Ozarks., Last, year the association speiit $40,000 tor advertising^ This year, the polldy will be repeated /and Secr <!tairy Perrine saild ;adver- i tl«ilag has, proved. to be one of the , roost jMJtent factors In brinfInK new {people, new 'cipitia and new 'Industries. '". For Cleik of Ceort —I hereby aonounoa tba( Ii am a .candidate 1>etora'tbe Republican vdteFB !for nomination to tbe office of Glerk of the District Court. Having had several yeara experience in clerical work I can pledge ikn cfflclont and courtejons admin- iBtratiiin, ebould I ba nominated andoUctcd. B. M, GREaORY. For Clerk of tbe. Coort.: . —I ami a candidate tor the Re« publican nominutlon to tbe office of Clerk of the Diatrict Court. Kt'cllns capable of porformlnK'tbe duticb o|t this office, I aball appreciate tbo support of tbe voters at theiprlmurlos, and If nominated and elected, wllf pruralio' to perform 1)10 duties of the office In. an efficient uud courteous manner,' FLOYO L. OREEN. For Clerk District Court. . —I am a candidate for tbe Republican nomination for the office of Clerk,of the District Coiirt.and reapectfully solicit tbe support, of the voters at the primaries. Having been Deputy Clerk for the paat three years I feel I am qualified, by experience to / perform tbe' duUea of the office and shall be'grateful for the ,promotion. \- GLADYS MARMONT. For :Connty Clerk. i wish to announce that I am a candidate for the office of County CleVk. at' the coming Primary, subject to the decision o^ihe Republl- paii voters. . Having" had ^twenty years accounting and office ' experience, I feel that .L'^am well qualified to perform the duties of the office. I will appreciate the support of the voters, and if noml-; nated and elected, will, promise' to perform the duties of the office In PRIKT OLD STORIES EBS EKTER C03IFLAINI IfiAnrST FLAX. I Hei?e are the first photos of figures in |the bomb explosion in IVIuskegon, Mich., that cost' three livesrand has resulted in the arrest of one su.spect. Above is the Three Lakes tavern, where ithe .tragfedy occurred. Bfslow, left to right are August Krubaech, proprietor; Janet, Ms dau^ter,| and William Frank, her fiance, all of whom were killed when a package which they; thought Was a wedding present exploded as they opened it. • an efficient and {courteous manner. D. CLARK. For Coubty Clerk. —I wieh to' oiinounce that I am candidate for renominatlon and re-election to the office of County Clerk, subject to the decision of the ncnublican votersi at the prl7 marlcs, and shall greatly appreciate the support of my friends.. CEO. SBY.\fOUR. For County Treasurer, TIrls Is to announce that I nin 1 cundltliilir for' the office of louiity TruuHurer, Hubjcct to the diHlsInn nf the Ucinibllcun voters nt the prl;n»rles In August. 1 shall iipprecint i the support of iHe |ioo- pl<! and . r noiuinniod uud' olooted shull give unremitting nttehtion to the duties of thoiofflro. O. W, HOLMES, For Supt. of Fabllc Instrnctlon. —I wish to ahnounco that I am a candidatd /or the office of County Superintendent of Public Instruction and respectfully solicit tbe support of the Uepublican voters at the primaries, and shall greatly appreciate) the help of my friends. . MISS DOLLY ADA.M3. For Connty Soperlntendent I.hereby announce that I am a candidate for renominatlon to the office of Connty Superintendent of Public Instruction befoce the Republican primaries. If nominated and elected I pledge the same unremitting attention to t)>e.duties of the office that I have given them in the past. I Shall' greatly appreciate the support of my friends. FLORENCE ROUND. nomination and election and sball deeply appreciate tUe support of my friends. ,.^'rr>l>. F-.-HALBERT. For State Representallre. —I hereby announce my candidacy for re-election as State Uep- resentative of the Seventeenth Dist. I appreciate the support' received In the past and shall bo grateful to the voters pf Allen County for their support In the coming election. -I LOyONIA M. DONICA. For County Treniiirer. —I wish to announce that I am a candidate for tlio office ofi County Treasurer, subject to the decision of the Kopublican voters, and I bliall uppreciut.u the support of the voters (it the primary in Aiigiisi. ; J. E. WAI.,QUI3T. For Counfiy CiimnilsNloner. I wish to announce that I nm n cnndldnto for commlsKlonerl from the first Allen County district subject to the Reinibllcan primary. I shall very deeply appreciate the support of my friend;* and if nominated tind elected shall give my very best attention to the duties of the office, endeavoring to serve the people to the best of my ability. , ' 1 F. H. McFARREN. Sr. For Connty Attorney, : > —I befreby announce that I will be a candidate for the Republican nomination for County Attorney of Allen County, at the primary, August 3, 1926 .1 I will greatly appreciate your mipport and your votes. ^ J. C. EDWARDS. For Register of Deeds. —'With grateful appreciation of the favor done me by the voters at the last election I wish to announce that I am a candidate for re-clectloh;to the office of Register of Deeds, subject to* the decision of the Repubjicanij at the primary. If nominated land elected I pledge the same Unremitting attention that I have,given to the:duties of the office since 1 assumed its responsibilities. ZELLA M. FREEMAN. For Connty Attorney. The undersigned respectfully ;an- nounccs his candidacy for the office of County Attorney of Alien county, Kansas, subjdct to the rules :Of the Republican party, at Primary Blec- tiqn to bo held August 3. 1926. The suffrages pf the electors will be greatly appreciated by mei KENNETH H. FOUST FOR SIIKRIFF. I desire to announce that I'nm a candidal^- for ithe Democratic nomination! for ohcriff of Allen county nnd| will most sincerely appreciate the good will and good words of my friends. I have served three years as undorsberlff aind h^v{hg"d6voted'myself loyally and faithfully' to the'^utfes of the office and gained the experience requisite for successful official conduct I:wiU deeply appreciate promotion at the hands of the pi^blic, - assuring all of careful, impartial; and efficient attention to the dutiM of sheriff in the event I ami nominated and elected. OLE OLSBN. For Sheriff. —I wista to announce that I shall be a .candidate -tot the office of sheria at the coming primary, aub- ject-tb the decision of the .Republican .voters. I shall apitreciate your support and if nominated and elected shall perform the duties of the office to tbe very best of my ability. ' H. D. SMOCK. I For Sheriff. —I wish to announce that I am a candidate for the office of Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Democratic voters In tbe primaries, and shall appreclAe the support of my friends. G. M. STAFFORD. ! For SherlfL I hereby :annOunce that I am a candidate for Sheriff of Allen County subject to the decision ofHhe Re -«1 publicans ht the pritnary. I shall give my undivided attention to the duties (rf tbe office in case p.t pgr SCOTLAMI. (Ruth HoUingshcad.^ Mr. and Mrs. Homer Cation stnd Verona visited Sunday with, Mr. and Mrs. Oene Fisk of near Piqua. Miss Ruth ;Hollingsworlh called on Mrs. Walter Roberts Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Will Barnett of Chamite spent TMiursday and Thursday night at the Herbert Barnett home. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Russell and Florence and j Miss'Ruby Kadcliff of G.arnetf were Sunday dinner guests bt the Groverj Russell home. Afternoon visitors vere,, Mr. and Mrs. Manfield Mills, Mr. and Mr.s. D. C. Cation and Lrc<yd and Grandma Camnbell of Humboldt. The pl|ly and bazaar at the Fnir- vieW schoolhbuse was very wall attended and a little more than. $12 was cleared. Mrs. Lloyd Kannarr and children of Neosho Falls are visiting her cousin, Mrs. Herbert Barirett and family. Sunday dinner guests at' >Iohn Gibson's were, Mr. and Mr.s; Frank Gibson and Charle.f, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Gibson, Corw. . dine and Mrs. Phbebe Thompson of Humboldt. j Scherl Walquist called on Homer Henson Sunday evtlning. Mr. and Mrs. 1. and girls, Mr. and » .. ' . ,r„. , j^'"- Will Bar- tday evening with Homer Hensoni nett and Charley Kemniercr; spent A largo-crowd attended. "A orhert Barnett Miss '-Elizabeth • Burkhart, pure, blooded Choctaw Indian of- McAlea- ter, Okla.. baa been chosen to represent that city at the third annual convention of the' Society ot Oklahoma Indians at] Pawhuaka,. Okla., f lihe 7. She is 18 and a high school Rraduate. ELSMORE.= (Dora Beamah) June 3.—Mr. Roy Williams and daughters, Dorothy, Lois and Wil- roa. left Monday morning fbr Kan sa.f City to stay indefinitely. ,f>eryonc enjoyed the nice rain Sundby evening. _ Several of the young folks spent Sunday at Bandera camp. ' Friends of Myrtle Wray were pleased to learn that,^o recently received a one ' lyindred dollar scbolarslilp at the Stete University. ^ . .Mr. llarve Ludluhi went to Kan SHs City .Monday with u load of stock for the farmers' shipping I as ^s(>cl(>ilon. .Mii. .('has. Krokstrom drove to Kansas (,'liy Tuesday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Rnsingcr and .duiighlnrs, Altu und Florence woro Blur' .Mound viKllors Sunday. Mr Elmer Price shipped a load of, mixed stock to Kansas City Monday. ^ Crundnia Wheeler, of Savonburg visited at the home of her son Andy Ludlum, Sunday. Mrs. Wray, :Billie and Grace, drove over to the Marlon' cemetery Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Setterstrom and dauglitcrs drove up to Burdett Sujiday. .Mr. Edd Ellis spent Sunday in HlattviUo. . Mr. Ilarfy Cox and family and Grace Wray spent Moqday afternoon In Bronsoh. Thursday evenin;ic at' the Grover Russell hame helping -Mrs. Russell rclcbrate her birthday. Wanda Scott spent Saturday morning with Eva and Ferno Russell. .Mrs. Mattfo Wisplmrg and Llane entertained tlie L. C. club Thursday, afternoon. A good time was reported. Upfrcslinients ot sandwiches strawberries and wafers and cnrree \yere scrveil to Mrs. Oscar Johnson and Virginia Lee; Mrs. Harry Pallett and Harriett: Mrs. Doc Wing anil Cleo and -Mrs. Hom.-or Cation and Veron<i. The Farm Bureau club met Tuc.s-: Chnrcb Xotlce. The First Baptist church of La- Harpe, Kansas will welcome you Sunday. June 6th, at both moaning and evening services. Pastor Rev. .1. G. Isenberg will speak to us at the morning service taking as bis topic J'Christ the door." Text John 10:7. "I am the door." What a beautiful mctaphore these word^ present to us. Christ is the door to all true happiness and joy In this lire and'' to all that heaven contains for tjte soul. Even topic. Spiritual growth. Spiritual birth ^is a declaration of spiritual infancy. Growth is j the logical sequence of birth, as birth is tlie genesis of all .life. If wfe ran determine what helps and what hinders all growth, we can determine how to avoid being a dwarf. Young people's service at 7:20. ' Pre.iciiing at 8. Good music and singing. Tho violin and saxophone are added interest to the devotional services and appreciated by all. Remember tlic date, June 6. Come hclif us bring our goal up- to the 150 mark. CHARLES LIMES, Church Editor. —Get the Classified Ad Habit Magasfoe Pabllsbers: Have Advan. tare Peeanae tke Anthon . Signed Away Bl^ti, (By the Associated Pross) Cambridge, Maas., June 1.— That magaxine publlaberB are reprinting without remuneration or explanation atorles' f^om Issues ton years dead, la disclosed In a letter from Pcrrltqn Maxwell, which Is com^ mentod upon In TJie Writer. "Tbls la another phaee of the bat- pe which abtbors have been conducting before tbe compilttce on. the new copyright law. Maxwoll .'a former editor of several magazines, said that one of bis stories which first appeared in- 1908 was' reprinted In tbe May is- sne ot another ma'^ulne. When Maxwell applied tHntxtvLTihet re- miinerBtlan bo leaned'tbat when he endorsed' his . nrst 'payment check be ,signed away all rights to thO' story. "The author is justified In complaining, when one of bis maiden efforts reappears without explanation, when jie is doing more polished work," said W. D. Kennedy, editor of The Writer. "Of course Mr. Maxwell has no legal stand-^ ing: ; This practice should be combatted: before It gains recognition by precedent 'Since tbe success of the tvifo magazinea which are'composed entirely reprinted material—for which copyright credit, is carefully given—many editors have been thumbing hungrily- over tbe stories they published ten to twenty years ago. They know the reading public.. h »4i>.gpi irely forgotten them. Why pay writers for new stories?!*^ r "The -vwrttertic «blef objectlona are three: An. unfair blow i? struck at tbe author's repuution In printing an. early story as thougb If; represented his ' present ability; ai market for the work of writ «rB is cut away; tho reader Is deceived, and, when discovered, will resent it to. the damage of tbe whole publishing business." Arnold Ryan, the New York National Guard featherweight champion, is a grandson of Paddy Rysin, from whom John L. Sullivan won the heavyweight championship in 1882. ' Th^ Xext. Tonmament Tbe Country Club' Golf Tournament -committee is planning .another "All-<J6lfer8" tciurnaihent |for an eiirJy AaXe, probably next Friday, that will be a humdinger. .The coming event,will foe ah aggregation of "Scotch Foursoijies." They are so named because 'of the splendid Scotch trait of thriftlness which leads them to spend as litr tie money as .possible, upon tijcir recreations. In a Scotch ^ourscmio only two bajls are played, one pair of partners' playing one ball arid the other pair ball, the partners taking tiirns. lO,' hitting (o? missing) the bal.- For exi m- ple A. will dri«o the balL^ off the tee. B. will take tho next shot, blt>- ling tho ball from wborevei: it niay lie, and so on aroui;d the cutirml. In tho Touriiamtht now- being planned two : leaders will chobse Bides, as in the ^irst Toui^iimbiit played a few; days. ago. The siaos will . theri be divided into foursomes, with a "veteran", and a beginner paired together as portn|;r8 ore each side. By-this arrangouicnt it is believed the Tournament will not only be-made interesting, but Instructive. A beginner, bavlng whien his turn came driven bis ball Into a ditch or into the rough, will profit by learning how a veteran extricates , himself from that sort' of trouble, while the veteran •will profit by • watching the mistakes his tyro partner makes and thus get a 'better conceit of himself by being made to realize that he has really learned.a little something about the game since jlic started it a dozen years ago. i A record of the points made !l)y each side will be kept, and at the end of the day luheh will be served at tbe Club House for the;whole ^ crowd ait tbe excuse of the losers. —to warn them that they wbul4 better-pay:more attention to theliv gimc! ^ DeflnHe announcement the ^ date will be made as soon as it; can be determined. Lowney's | nPlaid Wrapped Assorted CbocoJates Pound Box 69c Half Pound 39c • Special for Saturday and Sunday .are ; delicious, high grade candies, made as oifly IVowney can make them. SoW at this introductory price on these two days only. The San Tox Store DRUG STORE. l»h(.nc ISl We Deliver T Philadelphia fight promoters expect a record crowd to witness the 10-rqund contest between Georges Carpentler and Tommy l-oughran, wblch Is'billed for the Sesqulcen- tennial Stadium oUvthe night of June 17. ^ According to baseball statistics tbe veteran Trls Speaker has more two-base bits to his credit than any other player In tbe history of the game. ' Richardsoiifs ; \ PAY DAY SPECIALS Vxa Saturday and Monday. - 91M Bayons; yard 89 <t. j $LaS Crepes, yard Soc. 85c Bai^ons, yard SSc 85e Yoiies, yard 23c. 60e Indlaahead, yard 43c. 83c Inqterlal ' Chambray> yard 29c. ' Ladles' Under.Arm Bags, Talnes up to %iJaO at $lil9. Ladles' Khaki Shirts ^$1,98. Ladles' Khaki Knickers, Special $1.9& Ladles' Tweed Knlcker.1, Special «e,98. 6 25c Turkish Towels $1»0. $1.26 Japanes Umbrellas 95c each. 2.5c Ginghams, yard 19r. fil,S5, 12-m. Pongee 79c. All Hats,-Talnes np to $a75 Choice 50 good looking Trimmed Hats, Choice 980. 90 Per Cent Discount on all Bayon Drekses.' See our new Silk Dresses at t6J8, fB.76, $10.75i Word to the Wise Is Sufficient 99 Ypl^ Have Oiily aXimiled iHihe to Take Advantage bf This SPRIHifi} SHOiB SALE For Prices^ See Windows STYLE LEADERS JG. 'mroBACHt SHOE STORE: •A Small Tbwn Stuff! As much as we prid offering lola the big timtj it appear.s—we never want ourselves in being capable of , big town apparel as soon as; it .said that we use big town tartics in selling our Small Town Stuff—Where the h.5tel clerk doesn't take your hand off! . • . Small Town Stuff—Where the man behind • the counter isn't too busy poli.shing his nails to get down to brass tacks! ' ' This is a Friendly Stbre and a humsln one. It looks you in the eye—tells you the truth—asks al^out the folks up at the house—arid means it. ' The Small Town Stuff—^Where we pass on to dur customers the advantages of Affiliated quality buying. • Come in and make yourself at home. AFFILIATED CLOTHIERS FOR lOLA ust tell one of oitr ad-takers .what, ymi Ml in to-^ morrows * • • ^ -'-r's-/' '.. • V--.-. •

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