The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1935
Page 5
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* - ? ^ - ^T^-W^^^p^^p - , "'' • T- - - -< Mrs. Ralph Waltz 1 Instead of at o'clock. The 'sapper waff the home of Mrs. Luther Bishop cafeteria style and all we who recently moved to ed at small tables. I PROMISED 1 IT To you IF VOO SWALCOWeD VOUR MEMORY I!S GETTIN •RUSTY* Hr\\|e TO oiu rT so IT vi/itu woRK The meeting was!called to order ers were used VOO I PROMISED SOME by the president throughout the house. FoIlO Bishop and the the supper tables were a for several games Prizes for'-mi Provinces." Mrs. D. B. Dickover scores were awarded to Mrs* read a splendid paper oh came -and Floral Wonders of the Kerr. The club will meet in two- World" which paper was to have •REMEMBER weeks in the afternoon with Mrst been given by Mrs. Williams who Mrs. Dickover then gave her own home in Indianapolis Friday after paper on ::The Polygot People spending last week here with his; and Mrs. Bishop read cousin Kenneth Morehead. an interesting pape.r on "Typee" Mrs. Ellen Hiatt and Mrs. Guy. —Herman Melville. Smith of Atlanta visited Fridajf evening with J. E. The Auction Bridge club held home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence their regular meeting Wednesda Hiatt who has been since Tuesday ref evening at the home of, Mrs. Paul Apple. At the close, of the games prizes were awarded to Mrs. Glen TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS Georgie and Mary Charlotte, Fri- from two per cent to six per cent Drumm first, Mrs. Vane Learning on payrolls and earnings of be- FOR SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE JOR SALE—200 acre, near Cicero; G-room house, good barn, silo, double cribs, cattle barn, good fencing; 513,500. A. L. Overman, Cicero, Telephone 549. p-160 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—Attractive 39-in. red mahogany bed at 333 N. Main. c-161 NEW 1935 WALL PAPER, Sc a double roll, at Rexall Wall Paper Department. tf FOR SALE — Two good Goodrich truck tires, 33x5, with rims; at International Harvester Co. Charles Beck. p-161 FOR SALE—Complete lunchroom equipment; best season now for lunch and gasoline; well established business; bargain if sold at once. Hunch's Lunch's. p-ICO FOR SALE — Tip-Top chicks, proven the cheapest for farmer or poultryman; a few started chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c-tf FOR SALE — Super clean hard coal for brooder stoves. Phone 55. Edna Burkhait Co. c-tf FOR SALE — Concrete gravel, mason sand, delivered an; where. Ezra Overdorf, Phoi: 13CR, Arcadia. p-S-M-Tu-17 FOR SALE OR TRADE — Remington typewriter, No. 12, in good condition. ; Press. ; The Tribune tf FOR SALE!—New electric and two used console battery set radios: music accessories; photography our speciality. Mendenhall's Studio. c-160 FOR SALE — Two Jersey cows, "calves by side; extra good. Guy Smith, Atlanta. c-161 FOR SALE—Used Doo-All tractor; Oliver 3-bottom 14-inch tractor plow; Oliver 2-bottom tractor plow; used Fordson tractor parts. Phone 33X8, Tipton. c-tf FOR RENT FOR RENT—Good 4-room house. Phone 2426. c-161 WANTED—Work on farm by experienced young single man; room, board, reasonable wages. Box S, Tribune. p-160 WANTED and care 4243. - Girl for housework of children. Phone c-tf WANTED—Two or three unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping. Phone 3410. c-lGO WANTED — Curtains; Nu-Way method. Smitson's Laundry. c-161 WANTED—Ironings to do; also housc-i-loaning. Phone 2241. c-160 WANTED—Tractor plowing and discing; gardens to plow. O. O. Mock. S35 North Independence. p-161 OLD HICKORY floor enamel, four shades, wears like hickory, 6 DC quart. Rexall Drug Store. tf i ON SO SHL W. Unless Gag Rule Is Adopted Security Measure Will Drag Along. tween 15,000,000 and 000 workers. 20,000,- IHED AT NOBLESVILLE. Klincr E. Reisingor Formerly Resided Near Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spurlin and Mrs. Emma Mitchell visited Miles Preschbaker and family at Rochester Wednesday. Mrs. ' Frank Striker iand two <;hildren accompanied them home for a visit. Miss Georgia Miller, instructor in the Chicago schools, returned Friends in Arcadia received j Sunday to resume her school -work TOO MANY OPINIONS Washington, April -House word Monday of the death of Elmer E. Reisingor, age 73, former resident of that community and of Tipton' county, which occurred Sunday night at 11:00 o'clock in the Noblesville hospital. Mr. Reisinger had been in t!ie hospital for the past. few weeks, suffering with kidney after spending a week's vacation with her father, Irvin Miller.. John Bryan, Sr., is confined to his home with the measles. John Bryan. Jr., is The Tribune carrier at Windfall. ' Mrs. Felix Crouch delightfully entertained the Ladies' Bible class ofi the M. E. Sunday school leaders debated [advisability today of an attempt to gag a rebellious group, of liberals bent trouble, but his condition was notja'. their! regular monthly meeting serious until Saturday when he j Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Phi took a change for the worse. Rcudder! read the scripture lesson Afti>r death, the body was re- the same. Mr. Hir att was taken ill in Florida withi second and Mrs. Walter Lewis the flu and has never recovered consolation. Class No. 13 of the I and the illness now is the alter- A •? • Christian mat " °* tue flu - Xotice of Administration. church entertained the cast of the minstrel and their j families at a banquet Friday evening in the . . . . . .. ,. ., • , - | , , . , Notice is hereby given that the basement of the church with unde rsigned has been appointed about sixty-five present. T h e' by the Judge of the Circuit CourV guests were seated! at two long!of Tipton County, State of Indiana, administrator of the estate of James Smith, late of Tipton County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. "•ft. ,1 H 4 tables. Following | the banquet with Vane Learning as toastmaster, talks were given by each member of the minstrel and songs by the quartet. John Kerr, teach- j CLEON"\VADE MOUNT!"" 3 ""'"" er of the class gave a talk andj Attorney. 148-54-60-65 at the close presented Mrs. John I Mar. 25. 1935. JAMES C- SMITH. Administrator. Noble, pianist for the minstrel aj Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc» beautiful leather .purse in appre-j ciation of their services. W. C. 1 !n the matter of the KIbert F. Legg, and Mrsl J. T. Frost offered pray- FOR RENT — 2 furnished rooms. 522 North Condo street. Phone 48. c-1132 FOR RENT — 7-room semi-modern house; one 4-room house. E. A. Foster. c-tf FOR RENT — 5-room modern house, 325 North Main, $12. C. V. Craft. c-tf FOR RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as ?3 per week 1 Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. t' FOR RENT—Light housekeeping rooms, 23S North Independence St. Mrs. L. J. Teal. c-lGl LOST AND FOUND. ,OST OR STOLEN — Rope hoist; please notify George Jung, At- FOR SALE—New Remington N 8 noiseless typewriter, shoi worn, regular price $79.50, sal price $61.50 cash. Tribua Press. Good Used Cars REDUCED IN PRICE To Fit Your Pqcketbook- Priced From $50 Up Factory Rebuilt Maytag Ford Truck With Rack New Delco JBatteries $4.95 Exchange Service Moto rCo. Uuick — Olds — Pontiac CMC Trucks — Frifjidaircs Used Car Bargains '29 Plymouth Coach '30 Chevrolet Coach A. H. Hint on Chrysler and Plymouth For Sale or Trade 1934 .V-8 Demonstrator 1933 V-8 Coach 1929 Model A Coupe —— . Sedan •Coach Oonpe,n«w lanta. p-lGl WANTED WANTED—Boy. Palace Cafe. c-163 WANTK-1)—Men to learn Mechanical Drawing: we qualify you in spare time. International Correspondence Schools, Jack Cunningham, Representative. 1S31 South Ind. Adams Street, Marion c-162 MONEY TO LOAN FARM LOANS—Reasonable ratt Fielding & Fielding. c tf DKAI.NED GAS TANK. Charles Beck Had to Replenish Supply for Saturday Trip. Charles Beck, residing south of Tipton. is a man of even temper, but Saturday morning lie was mad all through. Friday he fitled the gas tank ol his automobile for a trip to Danville, where his daughter, Miss Ksther Beck, took part in a commercial contest. Saturday morning when he went to the garage to get the car he found some one WANTED—Your furniture to re- llad 1)eon there dllrin B llle ni S ht tion'.s social security bill. Liberals were i'eady to sponsor a scon? of umundniems which would increase' old-aqv pensions, revamp unemployment insurance drastic revision of the admini- moved to the Shaeffer funeral par- ! ". Business session was in charge ' lors in Arcadia for preparation j of Mrs. B. V. Chance: During th.e lor burial, after which it was rc-; soe -i al hour a delicious pitch-in turned to the home at the north luncheon- was served. Two guests. and change other vital phases of hollr of the of Noblesville. The body will lie in .state at the home until the and friends are welcome to call. Mrs. J. T. Frost and Betty Johnson, wer;e present. ' A large delegation from Wind- ifall accompanied the Windfall the bill, if a gag rule is not imposed. ; The rules committee was called] into session today to disctlss pro- . ^ * " * "••"•'"""""" "•' i , hppn "snendinir the week I services at the Shaeffer funeral i v>ooa - lias ueen spenuinj, int. wean Brief services will be conducted hi e h school band to Southport on at the home Wednesday after- Fri <iay. noon at 1:00 o'clock, followed by! Miss Ja >' ne Bobbins of Green- •cdure for consideration of the bill. Chairman John J. O'Connor. D.. N". Y.. is opposed to a gag. Other members <jf the committee arc divided. i Leaders wen:-hesitant to back a gag proposal unless convinced parlors in Arcadia at 2:30 o'clock, i with Miss Bett - v Hutto: Burial will be in the Arcadia cemetery. Klme.r E. Reisinger was the son i t:llarles Of Daniel and Rosetta (Croker) Mrs. L. R. VanHorn, jcounty | president of the W. C. T. U., Mrs. Mrs. Lore! Tolle innd Mrs. Ross Tolle attended a Odle, Mrs.'Clarke Burton of No-| blesville and James Bright ofi Cicero were present from out of j estate ot deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court, January Term, 1935. Notice is hereby given that; town Aubrey W. Legg. as administrator of the estate of Elbert F. Legg,. The Home Economics class of | deceased, has presented and filed the Arcadia and Cicero high his account and vouchers in final- school made a trip to Indianapo-. settlement of said estate and that ,._!., • . r _, i the same will come up for exami- hs Tuesday for a tour of L. S. nation and ilction ot said CIrcuit Court, on the loth day of April, 1935, at which time all heirs, Rnlslnpcr and was horn February' «'• c - T \ - u - meeting at the home 25, 1SG2, in Miami county. Some: rf Mrs. Alta Knowlton in Tipt'on the house would (back them. A veai - H latel . thc familv reni oved to | Friday three-fourths vntv- is necessnrv to Tipton county, locating on a farm! Virginia Hutto has been absent and warding off! amendments. Ways and menus for several years before removing j committee! to Arcadia, where for a number! pair. Ves Bunch. c-163 i alid drained tho tank. WANTED—Girl. Palace Cafe. c-163 WANTED-—To buy feeding shoats. R. E. Findling, Windfall. c-16J WANTED—Garden plowing; work guaranteed. Phone 353G. Ira O. Baden. p-191 WANTED — To grind and adjust your lawn mowers; 50c. Teal, Atlanta. Wm. The matter was reported to tlu- officers, but there is no clue to tho identity ot" the thief. The premises are protected against theft, and a reward of $50 Is awaiting the party who establishes the identity of the thief. 1'ROUATIOX WORKERS. WANTED — Cab for Chevrolet truck, 1929 to 1931 model. Wallace Meyers, Arcadia, p-161 WANTED— 80 to in Cicero township. ICO acres land A\ L. Overman, 549. Cicero, Telephone WANTED — Lawn mowers to sharpen; guaranteed work; jmw handles and rollers. 126 South Main. c-M-W-F-164 Fourth District Will Aloof in Tipton Wednesday. WANTED—Work on farm by ex perienced young man. Walte Bates, Hobbs. c-lu WANTED — The best 40 acre that $4,000 cash will buy. L W. Fuller. c-16 GUARANTEED USED OARS FOR SALE 1934 Plymouth sedan 1933 Plymouth sedan J932 Chevrolet coach 1902 Plymouth coupe 1933 Plymouth coupe 1932 Pontiac sedan 8* coach Pick-up t '- ' Wednesday a number of probation officers, workers and others will hold a Fourth district meeting at the Tipton public, library from 1 to 4 during the afternoon. The meeting will be attended by a. number of notables in this work and addresses will be delivered by Dr. Francis U. McCabe, director of the state probation department; Solon Vial of Indiana- po'iis, and Judge Frank B. Russell of Tipton. adopt a gag rnlcj limiting debate I rast of T!pton where thev resided \ from school on account of a severe -•--•- i • attack of the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Buncji and "~. "' " """ -" '".' i daughter Dorothy and Clyde ot years the deceased engaged in i b : I Hunch were at Tipton Saturday to | see Mrs. D. C. Wiggins, a relative !-of the Bunch family. Democrats have spent two months working on the and insist the permanent "tanned security' program would lie nullified by adoption of proposed amendments. I Consideration 6f measure with gag rules would j leave it open proposals as: ! the restaurant business. Mr. Reisinger was married thirty-five years ago to Miss Emma Goldman and about fifteen ; years' ago they removed to Wainwright'farm on' the north edge of Noblesville where the re- Miss Martha Tolle entertained mainder of his life was spent. 1. The modified Townsend old-1 Surviving besides the wife are ago pension plan! for 5200 aj ll "'ee sisters, Mrs. John Scherer month to" all over 60 with less that $2.500 annual income. 2. The Lundeeh unemployment insurance plan for $10 a month to each jobless man for duration of unemployment. 3. Higes in federal aid to states for old age| assistance. TMe bill carries a maximum of $15 a month per individual as a federal RICH MAN SUICIDE. Member of Wealthy Steel Family Kills Self in Florida. Zelwood, Fla., April 8. — James Laughlln, III, millionaire sportsman and member of the family, which founded the Jones & Laughlln steel corporation of Pittsburgh, shot himself through the heart today. Justice of the Peace F. F. Witherby said it was a case of suicide and no inquest would bo necessary. Members of the family said that Laughlln was about SO years of age. contribution. Leaders fear the house if unrestricted would raise! this "ante." to $25.. I 4. Forcing tho "federal government to assume tlie entire burden for caring for needy aged in states financially pressed. 5. Reinstatement in the measure of the radicai voluntary annuity program permitting persons to buy old age .protection by pur- (ihasinj? federal antiuities. of Peru, Mrs-. W. G. Pettijohn and Mrs. Addie Wibel of Arcadia. I | at a slumber party Thursday night at the country home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Tolle, Roberta VanHorn, Francis Wetzel, i Xaomi Meyncke and Ruby Ann Phifer. The evening was happily spent playing games. Ayres* store. The classes went to Indianapolis in a school bus accompanied by their teacher Miss Ruth Overman. The tour through the store was conducted by n member of the personnel department and it included a fashion talk, and the model of dresses, shown and modeled! They were conducted through the fur storage and shown fur coats being made and from there they were taken to the home bureau department and shown home furnishings. At noon they ate their!lunch in the employes cafeteria. Members ofj the Arcadia class who enjoyed the i creditors r.nd legatees of said estate are required to appear in said court : and show ca'use, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved." Witness the clerk and seal ot' said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tip- tnn, Indiana, this 23rd day of' March, 1935. RAYMOND W. SIMPSON, (Seal) 1.4S-54-CO-G(i Clerk Tipton Circuit Court. 1 trip were: Harriet Clifford, June Baker, Jeanette garet Learning, Shaffer, Mar- Edna Waltz, Sanford Weaver, is quite ill aV Mr. Reisinger was quite wellj known in the Arcadia community ihis home following a heart attack'.- where he leaves several relatives, and a wide circle of friends to Wayne Mitchell moved Satur- .day from the Wolf property to the J. S. Mitchell property on Posey street. mourn his passing. He was a M , M Catherine Tolle and Miss member of the Christian church in Arcadia and was a .devout Christian husband and neighbor beloved by all who knew him. . and Mrs . Ro ss Tolle." Joellen Burroughs of Indianapolis spent Tuesday and Wednesday j with the 'former's parents, Mr. Ranyta Sowers, Margaret and Isabelle Campbell, Laura Alice Hall, Frances Hinton. Marjorie Sumner, .Martha Hiller and Hazel Stout. 6. Abolition of tributary old age the entire con- benefit section -SERIOVS PARIS FIRES. i Historic Palace of Justice Damby LIVER RILE- WITHOUT And You'll Jump the Morning I Ann' to Go n you M low md rank «nd th» world taokt punk, don't nrmtlo * * lot of nib, mlp- tnawmtw.ofl, 1 - 1 —-'^-- • • t rum Out of Bed in Paris, April S.-^-A serious, fire started today in the Palace of Justice near Notre Dame Cathedral. Tho fire started in the building's St. Louis tower, classed as a historical monument. The fire destroyed the roof; of tho Conciergerie tower, in which Marie Antoinette was held prisoner. ! - ; : The flames ate rapidly through the old itimbers o? the pointed roof over the round tower which marks the old political • prison. The palace was built by Robert tlie Pious about 1030 A. D.. ad a royal castle. ; Famous prisoners jvlio haye been hold in the Con- ;iergerle included Dautou, Malcs- herbes, Madame Roland and Louis XVI's siBter, Madapie Elizabeth.' The flro was extinguished after i e> eral hours: Dajha|ge was ea^I- mated at about 165,000, mostly i i 5 . . H 1 ' . i water, i -',.. i • •»*» I'Jtt ARCADIA. Mrs. Clarke Bur-ton of .Noblesville spent Wednesday night and Thursday here as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith. On Thursday afternoon Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Burton visited in Kokomp. as the guests of Mr, and Mrs. John Button, j , ; Mr. and Mrs. Ward Mosbaugh of Indianapolis moved Saturday into the iHershman property on North Olive street. Mr. Mosbaugh; will be employed on.the farm of his father.]! ' ' ;. . • j : The members of the Dorcas class of toe Methodjst church were | deJIightfulVy entertained, Tuesday aherhoon at the home ot Mrs. Ed^Vlblsler with Mrs. Whis-j ler and Mrs. Pearl Sumneri&s'thej hostesses. Miss BeUy Jean Whlsler of Indianapolis came Tuesday to ' with Mrs. Lelta her The Missionary Society of the Christian church held their regular monthly meeting Friday afternoon at the country home of Mrs. Ray Hildebrand southwest of town with thirteen members and two guests present, i the guests being; Mrs. Eugene Wilson of Noblesville and Mrs. j Carl Overdorf. The meeting was opened by the president Mrs. Glen Gunning and all sang "Open the Gates of Prayer" which was followed by prayer given. by Mrs. JE. P. Whisman. The minutes of the last meeting were read by Mrs. Hilde- .brand #fter which the president appointed Mrs. Hildebrand, Mrs. Floyd Cunningham and Miss Km ma Knause as a -; nominating committee to nominate officers for tho coming year. The president read an invitation to the society for them to be guests at Noblesville Tuesday. April 0 at a Religious Institute and also read one asking them to be guests of the -"Cicero society next Thursday at their regular meeting. Miss Knause was .program leader and ;the subject was "Japan." The program opened with ! all singing f'Falth of Our Fathers" and the scipture lesson by Miss Knause. Mrs. E. P. Whismaff gaVe the Hid- BIG SALE NOW ON! Home Trade Shoe Store Comforts, BlanketvQuiltS SMITSON'S LAUNDEY & DRY GLEANING' Phone 120 I BREAD— li/a-lb. loaf 9c KROGER GROCERY & BAKING CO. Radio Repairs LINEBACKS BLUE BEACON:] A Coal With Bemar Heating Qualities • j Don W. Coffin Erie Street Phon«' den Answers after which then Lauretta Stottlemyer an interesting review of the Japanese. Mrs Miss gave of the life Gunning spend her 1 spring vacation her grandmother atrd aun Sadie portiellus and Mrs, frox. Mb, JiHWen |« Thursday for a vfsit. aer; pave a review of j'Christ in Japan'.' 7 The meeting closed with he missionary Tjonedictlon. Fol- owtng the meeting, jthe members ave Mrs. R, L. Logan a mlscel- aneous shower as ahejapd Rev. liogatt will leave fhojrtly for their ' 1 i e'w 1 home in OnwardL Rev! Logan cu. .... . ..»_ ^L. See the New Le Electric Refrigeratoi H. J. SCHRADER&> ulC 118 VJ— 11B-1IS Sooth

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