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Cedar Falls Gazette from Cedar Falls, Iowa • Page 4

Cedar Falls Gazette from Cedar Falls, Iowa • Page 4

Cedar Falls, Iowa
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iK 9 A A FRIDAY, JAN. 18. 1895. A Burlington passenger train was robbed near Ottumwa in this state last Saturday by two masked men who Bur-ed and bound the express messenger. They secured 88,000 and -made their escape.

Prom fifty to seventy-five persona mostly fireman, were tilled at Mont, by an explosion of giant powder on the 15th. A cav load of the powder had been stored in a warehouse which caught fire. The Louis ville CouruWournaZ, in jj. caerful editorial, warns the democratic party of Tennessee, whom it says it loves, to "go slow in resorting to any imuaual proceedings to retain the governorship." The Courter-Jounial ad? mqnishes them that their feet are in slippery places. Instead of having great markets opened to the products of America as the result of the democratic tariff Jaw, are compelled to see the nation's Europe band together to punish lea.

It is a good time to have foreign nations unfriendly, business is so good we have no need of their trade; The house presented an exhilarating- scene Friday night when Springer gave the southern wing of his own party such a lecture as they have not received for some time. He pointed to the paucity of democrats elected in the north at the last election and intimated that if they continued with their work there would not be even a rem- bnths of patient Sabbath at 1 eath of Mrs. W. Her affliction has iancer. She was 48 a 4th of December, -kuaband, four daughters-- 1605 one son ftriiii a 1 The deceased was born to i i a 4 caine with her parents olil when she was five years Mrs.

"Van Tilburg- were. iage thirty years since 1 Deceased has been a faithful and devoted wife, and mother. Puner- at a W6t conducted at the home Wednesday morning, by Rev. and "at 10 O'clock at the church; by Father McCabe. interment in Greenwood cemetery.

whole life wa marked with great consistency, frugality and in- austry. She was a blessing-indeed to tter widowed mother. Her religious a Jg' was principally in the Roinan church; nevertheless, she poasessecl a fraternal regard and Affection for all of true Chris tians. The deceased was a worthy active -member of the Woioan'e Corps while she was able to get or Considerable time past, 'sufferings were severe; bui with great Christian fortitude anil she endured them all to end. The faithful wife, the affectionate mother, and the kind and generous neighbor has gone to receive her crown.

RESOLUTIONS. ni-imruiSt James Brownell Helie Corps, 20, has for the first time the present been visited by the mysterious, silent messenger who takes no denial, and'bur sister member, Mrs" Margaret VaisTilburg, has obeyed th final sunimorisy up higher," Resolved, That- while aware that mere formal words are powerless to-allay or'e deep arief of the heart, yet to the bereaved husband and iy in their overwhelming sorrow, would extend The 'sincere sympathy our corps, and them to th It is rumored that Ez-pension Agent Marine, Ban Blanchard, formerly of the Dubuquo Ledger and Fred Selleok, at one time connected with the Hegister in the counting room, are planning to start an evening paper at Des Moinos. All have had newspaper If the paper is started, Mr. Marine will occupy the editorial tripod for the new paper, Ben Blanchard will do the local work and Mr. Selleok will be business manager.

The democrats at "Washington, are appealing to republicans to come to their aid on the currency question, aa, will be seen by our letter from the capital. After knocking out the very thing they needed to keep up the revenue and aid our home industries, they are now admitting by their efforts, that the democratic tariff policy is a failure, and is at tho bottom, of their treasury troubles- It is a humiliating confession, but one they are compelled to make. tender love compassion of ou Heavenly who has permittet tliia sore affliction, and who alo'ne i able to heal the broken heart and wipe away all Sesolved, That 1 in' the death of ou sister, our corps sustained the loss one of its most worthy members, on who was ever faithful to her duty an obligation, a true friend and sympa thizer, who was peculiarly sensiUve tho needy; to the husband and famil; the irreparable loss of a devoted, ex emplary and loving wife and mother 'As a tolcen of respect an esteem, we cause these resolutions be placed upon the minutes of th Corps and a copy sent to each our city papers for publication. A NOTE Li. FAY, JANE PIERCE, Com.

TRIES A SARTOHI, of Black Hawk County. MONDAY MORNING, Jan. -7, TH35. The Board Black awk connty, Iowa, convened in regn- ir Present, Ashley, Burbee, Bahl, Brandhorat, McDougal, Bo'wnd Mr. Ko.w'nd' 1 wa.s ejected teinnpr- ry The Auditor'reported that Messrs: LShley, Burbee and Brandhorst.

had led theiroathof office as members of Ith'e Board of Supervisors'tif this Board proceeded to ballot for permanent Chairman and Ashley was elected Chairman of the Board or the ensuing year. Auditor was instructed'-to the publisher's of the 'several' newspapers of ified statement 9Jf iheir-boiia-fide subr. scribers, as provided, by Sec. 428-of Mo Glain' Code, on before 9 o'clock a. Jan.

ID, The rules'of business-'-of 1894 adopted for the year 1895. The committee on -seAlement with county officers made the' report which was adopted. Yeaa all. To the honorable Eoaril of. Supervisors JBtecfc Hawk County, Your committee on -settlement with county officers respectfully submit the 'allowing' report of the settlement-wfth P.

M. Co'auty Sevan months ending And settlemont.with Winjamp, Clerk of the County J. Superintendent of Schools for the year ending December 31st v-I894. 1 rri ilexes. aid elsewhere who-have "tried thjeii: op ac 4 from seal -lai-ge of-them-coine froterfarirfs- iri 1 west.

"'TheMittrd -times! homes, 1 fcwiee'- ch'eaply Iivjfe 1 --The" craze jfor is lately, peculiar the I 'Only allow a dollar of yours its freedom, -Jtiat let a little, with your grip on it; don't-ttiekm throw: it broadcast, Bat simply give it a chance to manifest to move, you'll be better off For it find its way to us. Our closing out prices are very attractive. money is Bang "Jin our stock. And are sure to win, Importance, at this store. YOUR DOLLARS WALK an expert faraflei'gc in--which 'he' it List of advertised letters for tip week-ending 1895: ry.lTtU, Mrs.

Oliver Z. Cheat Peter lira. H. A. Chaddoci.

AndnwJenseu UIcbaelSherrlD JB- Above letters -will- bo sent tc the Dead Letter Office. Jan 31st, 1895, B. HTJMBEET, r. M. We find the dilTerent'funds as.Bhown by sheet hereunto attached and marked Exhibit ''A' 1 and made a part of this report, showing "a total balance on hand for the- year ending Dec.

31st, 1894, of the sum of forty-one thousand, eight hundred and eighty- one, 54-100 dollars "We carefully examined, compared and checked all evidence, of, receipts from every source from Jincr 1st, ,1894, to Jan. 1st, 1895, and carefully compared the vouchers for payment on file with the County Auditor and found the vouchers for money's pa-id '6 be correct and the accounts between he two officers to be correct in every C1EKK OF THE COTJRTS' OFFICE. i We have examined and lie judgement docket, book and irobate this normal Motes The students have shown their generosity this week by contributing $88.42 for the benefit of the suffers in Nebraska. This amo.unVis to bo expended for coal and. shipped directly to the famine district yto supply immediate distress.

The students have always been known to lend their aid to a worthy cause): and this case has not proven an Sunday school is unuaSTally larg-e this rm and great iutertftt is manifested the work. The attendance last Sun- was 170. "TJie magazine cholera ia slill doing its work in Bennington township. Our odelightful 1 jather continues. Mr.

Cpwan ai-ehappy parents-dt'ii young danghter. Cahill it -vrill be indicted for French at Waterloo last Th.e -bicycle thief will get jt Severol of pur.citizens intend to take adyantaige' of)thecKeap excursion rates Jan. 28th. expect to go are to PJipJanix, B. son, E.

A. Spauld- Kiver of the finest i( country. --jyiiss Fairbanks, teacher in the New ECanipton soho.ols, spent Monday visiting the training; department Mr. IT. H.

'of Porresb City, representing the Inter- National Cyclopedia was a visitor onr Wednesday. The Shakesporean Literary Society gives its annual program in the chapel this evening. It promises to be ihterest- ing and entertaining and there will no doubt be a large attendance. already in progress, and class -meet- Ings have been in order this -week; The Fourth years held a meeting Wednesday and elected the followingr speakers for Commencement Day: G. W.

Randlett, A. J. Miller, O. K. Oleson, F.

C. Ensign and Myrtle Belt The Second Year High School elected Hieber and A. G. 'Morey to represent their class. The-Cottage Uterary Circle met ou Monday evening with Mr.

and, Mrs. Loughridge. Instead of having, the subject pronounced and prepared beforehand as has been customary, the Circle held a conversazione upon the subject, "Influence of The discussion was very interesting and the Circle will probably plan to spend several evenings in a similar manner. The topic for the next meeting ia "Noted Buildings," with Mr. Arey aa leader.

In spite of the severe weather, a ffood audience attended the Jenny Lind Concert Company last Friday evening, at the Normal school. When the pro- commenced in the well heated and lighted ehapel, the weather was forgotien and the audience gave themselves up to an opening's entertainment The young ladies' voices blenc and harmonize excellently, and the solo singing was One. Miss Munch's part in the program was eaixjcially Ingersoll is going over the country, to givo a lecture upon 10 Bible, but ia the main ia using the amo old falsehoods and misrepre- entations with which he has so long the sacred book. A man who shown himself eo unscrupulous and sucb. an arch falsifier, should not nd audiences so ignorant of the )ible as to receive his statements.

After the'Installation of officers b' tbe K. O. T. M. last Friday evening Past Com.

Dr. J. Scott Stevens was treated to a surprise which he greatly appreciated. After a few remarks Prot O. J.

Laylander in his interesting manner, he presented in behalf of the lodge, a beautiful' gol headed can to tho whoso ap precmtion was aa marked as the ovi dences of knidly feeling seen in th faces of all. Light refreshments con tributed to the enjoyment Miss Minnie Carpenter, a forme resident of this city, is sick in Chicago. Mien Nellie Knap who is at Joliel, is BO far recovered a to be able to sit'up. W. C.

Snyder who is sick al his homo in Ceda Rapids, ia not suffering so greatly a he was, but has failed very much i past ten days. Mrs. S. A. Bisho is suffering from la grippe.

M. Chapman is very low and can onl survive a few days, He is now in th 96th year of his nge, the oldest in our city. Mrs. B. F.

Wh'te wa detained in Chicago by sicknesa an has not yet recovered sufficiently make tha return trip. Daylight Burglars. While Agent Kilbourne and clerk at our Illinois Central depot, were dinner yesterday, one or more partie supposed to be tramps, succeeded getting into the office by pi-ying ope the door between the oillce and wai; ing Thoy then proceeded pry the money drawer and ticket cas open evidently got too badly scare before getting hold of the change nmounting to about $5. and lie trough the freight house. Some on tho front door who wanted to get i business frightpnod them an their scheme.

Marshall" Fel making every effort to Nothing was taken. and son, and 'ook over the Salt said to be' one 1 i8tricts----ia 1 the Jun by; urrnal and a J. W. Merrill nas acked over 3500 tons and says he ever'had such nice weather for doin 10 work, and never had nicer ice. 15 inches thick.

District court was opened Monday Judge Blair who is creating 1 a avorable impression. The case oOTtfotaas vs Pierce o. his city, was on yesterday be oro a jury. It is underslioipd- that the grand jury has indicted Sbwrles Adams for murder in the firstegree for the killing Stephen Howard. Several other ndictmonts will bo reported.

Flnchford Notes. Mrs. H. Riddleman has been aid with, congestion of the lungs but is now getting better. A.

K. Smith's baby i also with the, same disease Several others are having the Gripp and sore throat. Pred Sigonor Selmonb. is visiting at Cbas Gorman's. F.

J. also Mis Snmia Eolof and her sister of Ceda falls, were visitors at John Kobe' ast Silvers returnei i-oni Dumoiit last Saturday. Re meetings are being held at th German church, aoutheuat of here with great success. Mr. ind Mrs 3C.

Sturm returned from Cedar Falls Saturday. They were down ti visit their son Charlton, and also ti attend, the Christian, ch and Mrs. Sh tracted meetings at th cli dowu tUora Mr el iwho havo been livin; of poods ItHs 0 aIso stated 'that pBtroleum 0li lire." Divhisk-ESga. cannot take place for contracts --One of the puzzling things incxp er 'enced housekeeper 11; terminology the grtengfticer ana the market gtfi-dener. fhe by but hej.aiways means tho Jnd dozen Is thirteen, the bnker'sdbzen, instead of twelve.

As to the bunch, its number uncertain. It may mean of or three of anothe of a third. Tlie market gard takes it for granted that the custoi icr knows Jacket. 'Advertisements. (22 Main Cedar'Fails, i (ind City Property in about tk and the ut explan; and becked all evidence of receipts from all sources and compared the same with receipts and vouchers for ihe disbursements filed and- find the sum of six thousand, six hundred, ninety- one and 57-100 in'the hands' of H.

D. WilUams, Cleck, Dec-r'aii, 894, as shown by Exhibit hereunto attached and made a part hereof, and said sum of money was counted 'J your cprpect. We also Jlnd 'that EL' D. Williams collected in fees during the year ending Dec. 31st, 1894, the sum of two thousand," feiwentyisevenl.

dollars all sum was fully accounted your committee. AUDITOR'S OFFICE. In this office you? committee com pared the'bills with the tor the year ending Dec, 1894, and found, and. Jqund a gjrery. warrant issued against the different funds in the county treasury during tho year.

Also verified the- warrant register- and found proper authority for all official ditor. 351efcotcchnls( Signer Mastracei's process 5r factoring petroleum briqui scribed; These briquettes of the shape and size of tho usual coal- dust a re pl raale bw mixing 1 of com- p. hofttedviujd tb i it begins times more heat than coal the same size, produce no take less room 1 a ten years atefi the case. Thouffh-nevor he was fond of athletic a.lwaysa-OTStHij:T6arCfP93 1 practicaT consumption; turely.developfid in his iiy.thoe late hours and dissipation Paris. He is in llteraSi'rei' -vyh'prJ.

for ysars left hii "Lucr'ezia undeiv'the nifne of Carol, as a petOjlant, complain.jnjf, thoroughly exasperawng nn acts of the amount money in; $hB Bands of ihe County Auditor due to different- partio'a Jan. 1st, 1895, was found to be three ninety-six and 72-100. doUt lars (3396.72);' as by Exhibit 1 hereunto attached and made- 'a' part hereof, and said sum of'money was counted by your' committee'and' found correct. C00NTY SUPERINTENDENT'S We have carefully dencQ of receipts in this office obtainable' 'from Jan. 1st, 1894, to Jan.

1st, 1895, compared and checked all vouchers for disbursements, verified the same with moneys paid into the county treasury, and find: JBalaQca on band lujt report Ain't rec'd elnce diubnrBed ainco loeb 4708.08 Dalace on band Jan. 1.1SS5 033.61 $1.431.0) Respectfully submitted, H. M. ASHLEY, 1 Cbmmitteo 'on. STOKES, PETEII BAHX, Co.

officers. acting an.d Frncttcc I English cavalry swords are made c.i^ttlng with difBtult to understand no'Wfe. ia to be preserved), and in the sword exercise cutting is jYBry, assiduously taught, and comp3tuion- i tB'f BivorasmanBhip prizes, ttie valief'SiE tHe'-p'SIht em- row, can anyone who kno our soldiers doubt that the grente them' jjwonld at once bcgi i to cut at They have been taught cut, c.nd they will cut, quite rccar new ajand -bSititifnl-iiew marked evfiry- hin'jfiSleiiii an4 sWetb-and will ba" Practical Art the World-n fair.) to uiaJte. their Urlai wlllTM.tid"to OKB meilUonlK 10 pabllcatlon a. copj or 1 5 for'Beginnere" (90 pages.) 23 Union Square, M.

Y. lie. Mrciit'i, rrTM. R' LUTTTT. Oaihler, GEDAK FALLS.

IOWA. CAPITAL STOCKS SURPLUS, in South 'Dakota, arrived at Char lei McBride's, a few days iigo, and will make their home in Iowa, for a while at least. Prospects where they lived were poor. Many well remembar Mrs. Share as Miss Cora Franzkie, who lived just west of this Saturday evening, Jan.

26th, the Finchford band will give a free concert in Miller Bower's hall, in connection with a Basket nppei. A good entertainment will be given tree for everybody. Each basket will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. It ia desired that everybody should bi-iog ft basket with provision for two. A present will be given to the lady whoso basket sells for the highest pi-ice.

For programme see bills ana next weeks paper. The Union Creamery Co. hold its annual meeting last Saturday to elect officers and to let tho work of putting up ice, hauling coal, butter, tubs, c. Officers were elected at follows: Directors, Chaa. Mntz, Pros ident; Chas.

Eickelbergy W. Jam- inerson, A. P. Baker, John Geisler; Secretary, A. Briggs; Treasurer, Janesvillo Bank.

The bank agreeing and the expenses of and ttto janeavillo nker were pro- sent aw thameetingyf Ln the arrangements nSTd'o" bunk will no doubt fas a benefit to Creamery Company. The job of putting up ice was'lotr lo chaa. Robe, the hauling ol coal, blister, tubs, c-, was lottoi'red Miller. irrht be stated that J. P.

Vio has so well conducted the trt the company heretofore, I0 accept secretary- ship any although urged to do so. The girl wh, 0 is up Tor a seal skin sacquc not l)o fnr-tiighted she aeos far, ahead. About thirty years ago Mr. Jacob Christman sold goods the amount of 8200 to a man n'amed- David '-Booth. The latter moVed to California, still owing Mr.

Christman, and after the lapse of. several years. concluded he might as the $200 to "prolit and loss." But a few months ago he. was astonished to receive $100 from Mr. whom Mr.

Christman had concluded was dead, and on Saturday last he received another letter from Mr. Booth remind- fng him that ho. (Booth) had not exertion which they cnta selves, and forgetting that ons 'have-- points -a ell-! we compare the value Wm. Rivenburg, Henry Johnson, W. A.

Dugane, J. H. 1 C. A. Itowsd, L.

H. Soverio. M. N. aii.KiH*,*^^*;,.,,,^.;...

feet on an enemy, it is inJiftWsjyjrklH the more effective. In a the sword does not turn? and if the edge falls true, re is always more than likely that it will belt, orapoitcli, ncounter hi tpo; iSspeJds.iCrttKroTy.Jon vigor 'of any way by the crash and-ijjnpctHajtf-; the charg-e. Except minority of cases, its erally be a bruise wound. To deliver a hand, requires Httlc i Tjhe of liorsoj aJi'd'if JJind tliovrord is Mufficieiltyto almost any if. tin does hit a piccu of laetal, ably'oifly pierced, and if it docs ullii will-if enk a- 'Sliffht'-fiesh: point, onS'ltte tilt gotteu that ho stilt owed him $100 would send it in time: IrA Booth is in his right mind, although from tho way he has acted there may bo some who may thing ho is not.

"An honest man is tho noblest work of God." Times. Passenger trains are now run on the Waverly Branch of tho Chicag-o Great Western Railway daily except Sunday between Sumner and Hampton, Iowa. Connecting with' ttuynight express -from Chicago and Dubuque, train leaves Sumner at 9.45ia.. m. and arrives! at Hampton at 12:45 p.

ml' Lea'ves Hampton at 9.00 p. m. and arrives at Sumner at 12.01 a. in. connecting with tho limited express trains for JJubuque.

St. Paul, Aliuneupolis, Dea Moincs and Kansas City. JiJw5 body of man or hor ous, if not fatal, sfflTjrjj niiifir ffarBy Napar I have -aboTirr stoct 5T ASSORTMEKT ey. BANCROFT. charg-cd, they left death I --Blaclnvood's Magay.ineJ Done Tlmt Ixve Dog-a have most acute ifojj; in iuff differences in the qualitjj said a musician the othef dlKSf.

at home a isapreat lover of in what portion of the house he Alt dining cars Chicago Western Kailu-ayiiire BOW run ojn the cafe plan, passengers paying- mo'dei-h" prices only for what is ordered. This applies to cars attached to Chicago limited Express as well as to all others and will doubtless bo appreciated by patrons of this line. 45w5 Rheumatism Cured In a Day. "Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and Neuralgia, radically cures in 1 to 3 days. Its action upon tho system is remarkableV and mysterious.

It removes at the the disk: ease immediately The firstdosogreAly ct8. by 0. A. SON'S Druggist's, 3lyl he always con to play, lying clos an old orffan. instrument with many few good qualities.

I able after lunch cndeal guishtivo different qualj all of the Inns 1 doff made it apparent 1 When 1- it It 6'nc doff see piano, all I pnll that stop out he suddenly rend cjrfjoy th much as thi i-pt one Bcautifol Piaiiie Plenty of. lufcfbei: in the 'it. If -crop 'tor 25 jyoarp Good Gratn; Cotton just the Oispatclu 44mos8' Cedar Iowa 'Waterloo Electric 0 Ttnrosm nra KAHAOIUKSJIT or and DR. EMMA 'A. in Chronic and Sub- Acute Diseases.

This certifies that I ctired of in the worst forin, by electricity, applied and Dawson. icn.ow" of twenty-seven other cases cored single failure. Four others are now staking treatment and are well. good in other chronic diseases when properly applied and I fully this firm. D.

SHEFFBX, Foniierly presiding elder of Cedar Falls Dist. M. E. Church. Sixty-five of the best authors in.

and Europe whose have read, and 'sa many others not high as specialists, teach Electro-therapeutics the chief or only cure for no less, than 260 diseases; that it is a remedy, so to demand complete apparatus, 1 and that operator must be thoroughly-, educated and trained work. Personal Callsj Correspondence, and Investigation Always Welcome. HUSTON, HEARSE AND! CARRIAGES FOR FUNERALS A SPECIALTY, CAREFUL DRIVERS. jes and Carriages. STATE BANK OF GEDAR FALLS, CtEDAXt FAJLLS, IOWA.

raid up Capital, C. A. WISE, JOS.SARTORi, SILLIMAN. Preeideat. a Cutle 3, Blllmaa.

sartbrii EirnMrt, C. A.VRow»d. Abr.TVIld, M. W. Bawyer.

F. D. C. E.S»ntw. I.D.'Gllker.

C.J. Wild. S. Geo. ZUeber W.

C. NUHM. Butler. A. M.


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i a ae ae tlik.teABd foilJptormatt toralee the tke.O* aid coaaertlfce; W.M4»SfS..

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