Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 18, 1939 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1939
Page 6
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VINDICATOR AND REPUBLICAN, ESTHERVILLE, IOWA, THUESDAY, MAT 18,1939 Board Proceedings (Continued from Page Two) 27 and 28; 21 and 22; 15 and 16; 9 and 10 and East one- quarter (%) mile on the North side of Section 10-100-32. AND BE IT FURTHER RR, SOLVED, that the State High •way Commission be requested to proceed with the necessary surveys and plans on such work, in order that the improvements recommended can be placed under construction at the earliest pos sible date. E. S. CAMDEN, Chairman Board of Supervisors, Emmet County, Iowa I, Gladys M. Bringle, Auditor in and for Emmet County, Iowa, do hereby certify the above and foregoing to be a true and exact copy of a resolution passed and approved by the Board of Supervisors of Emmet County, Iowa ; at its meeting held on May 3, 1939. GLADYS M. BRINGLE, County Auditor On motion of Osher, second of Ellerston, the following were appointed Weed Commissioners for the year 1939: George McAdams, Armstrong Grove Township. Charles Gustafson, Center Twp. iCharles Gustafson, Ellsworth Township. Charles Gustafson, Emmet Twp, Charles Gustafson, Estherville Township. Lou Kimmett, Denmark Twp. Ole Opsal, Iowa Lake Township Nels Johnson, High Lake Twp. Nels Johnson, Jack Creek Twp. M. J. Iverson, Lincoln Township. George Holl, Swan Lake, Twp. Lars Thompson, Twelve Mile Lake Township. On motion of Osher, second of Ellerston, the wage compensation for the eradication of noxious weeds for the year 1939, was set as follows, all voting "Aye." Weed Commissioners 35c per hour and 5c per mile. Laborers for eradication work, 30c per hour. For Man with Team and mower or plow, 50c per hour. For Man with 10-20 tractor and plow, $1.00 per hour. 123.69 143.75 141.05 126.15 A4.70 36.70 On motion, the following claims were allowed as audited: COUNTY FUND Iowa State Board of Assessment and Review, Use Tax 19.18 N. W. Bell Telephone So., telephone 68.91 City of Estherville, lights, court house, jail rent 42.38 K. J. Ersland, Co. Treas. bounty- 30.00 Anna M. Jacobs, tax service by Chris Jacobs .. E. S. Camden, supervisor N. O. Osher, supervisor. E. I. Ellerston, supervisor W. F. Fuller, Assessor Armstrong Inc., 97.80 Julius Hanson, Assessor, Wallingford, Inc. J. C. Irwin,-Assessor, Gruver, Inc T. B. Petersen, Assessor, Ringsted, Inc 78.80 J. E. Wee, Assessor, Estherville, Inc 561.70 Lars Anderson, Assessor, Center Township 116.50 Alvin Brinkmann, Assessor, 12 Mile Lake Township 116.80 Paul Fredericksen, Assessor, Iowa Lake Township .. 102.20 Irvin R. Herbrandson, Assessor, Emmet Township.. 100.30 R. J. Herum, Assessor, High Lake Township .. 117.20 Jens C. Jensen, Assessor, Denmark Township .. 118.60 Silas Knutson, Assessor, Lincoln Township 101.80 O. L. Paugh, Assessor, Jack Creek Township .. 112.00 Nels B. Sevold, Assessor, Swan Lake Township 117.50 James Stillman, Assessor, Dollfrer &ic 37 .«0 Lewis Valen, Assessor, Ellsworth Township .. 117.20 A. R. Watts, Assessor, Armstrong Grove Twp. 118 .00 Chris JuhL, Assessor, Estherville Township.. 112D0 Gladys M. Bringle, County Auditor, postage, express, supplies, court house .. 20.43 Margie Anderson, help auditor's office -• 57.00 i Irwin C. Nichols, clerk, B. B. Vigdal, trustee express, postage, freight 4.85 John Vigdal, sr., trustee 4.00 4.00 115.20 36.42 11.20 7.11 55.00 20.10 1.00 24.2S 5.50 8.00 21.08 2.50 4.14 63.61 1.00 26.93 9.89 -7.08 Cliff Fredericksen, meals, prisoners .. Cliff Fredericksen, investigations, telegrams M. E. Huckaba, investigations Marie Sorum, visiting schools > Marie Sorum, postage, express Bette Hanson, help, supt. office Harry E. Coffie, Co. Att'y, rent, postage, telephone, mileage Ivadell Ross, stenographer, county attorney Wm. 'Roberts, jr., postage, AAA office H. B. Sturtevant, stationary, Emmet Co. Board of Social Welfare Sorensen Studio, photos of prisoners 1 i 10.51 Dr. E. E. Lashbrook, medical aid prisoners, Walter Lau, Don Smith M. T. Morton, M. D., medical aid prisoners, Walter Lau, Don Smith Gardston Drug Co., medicine prisoners W. E. Vandevanter, labor, supplies, court house .. John Amundson, hauling coal, rubbish, court house Estherville Laundry Co., laundry, court house . Higley Chemical Co., supplies, court house.. The American Disinfecting Co., supplies, court house Northern Lumber Co., coal, material, court house .. Estherville Hardware, material, court house Golden Sun Milling Co., seed, court house .." L. W. Holley & Sons Co., supplies 11-72 Boone Blank Book Co., supplies 13.89 Jenkins-Fergemann Co. supplies 47.04 H. Welsh Prtg. Co., supplies 15.50 Vance R. Noe, supplies .. 18.77 Perkins Bros. Co., supplies .84 Koch Bros., supplies 349.63 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies •-. 9-1C Panama Carbon Co., supplies 16.83 Mason Publishing Co., Mason's Annetations, Co. Att'y 10.00 M. Bale, checking old chattel Mtgs., etc, as per agreement 90.00 Estherville Enterprise, Supt. election notice, Board Proceedings .... Estherville Daily News, Supt. Election Notice, Board Proceedings Vindicator and Pepublican, supplies, Supt. Election Notice, Board Pro Ginn & Co., school books . Edwin F. Ahrens, trustee Chester S. Anderson trustee A. O. Anderson, trustee •• Frank Barber, Board of Review F. W. Christenson, trustee H. C. Christiansen, Board of Review M. H. Chukker, Board of Review A. R. Eckhart, Board of Review O. A. England, trustee .. Chris Fedderson, trustee C. J. Fink, Board of Review Lester Grems, Board of Review Lewis Harvey, trustee .. O. L. Helgason, trustee .. Henry Holl, trustee Art Lee, trustee C. J. Lungren, trustee .. H. D. Mereness, Board of Review H. C. Mortenson, Board of Review O. E. Morton, trustee .. M. H. Natters tad, trustee K. C. Olsen, trustee .... O. L. OSelL Board of Review .. Harry Petersen, trustee .. W. L. Peterson, Board of Review C. P. Jackson, trustee .. John Quastad, trustee B. Sorum, trustee .... L. P. Stillman, Board of Review Olaf Thorson, trustee .... Maintenance Fund Iowa State Board of Assessment and Review, Use Tax 7.11 13.42 | city of Estherville, lights, county garage .. - 2.11 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., telephone, county garage 11.37 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., telephone, la. State Employment service 7.40 L. L. Boggess, county engi neer, mileage, repairs, postage, freight, ex. press, misc. expense .. 87.17 20.00 J Mayme H. Karr, clerk, engineer's office 60.00 Central States Electric Co., lights, county sheds .. 7. Joe Aalborg, labor 19.25 Nels Anderson, labor 42.75 Theo. QBertelsetf, labor .. 9.80 Wayne Bryan, labor 26.97 C. E. Conrad, labor 105.60 Burton Cronk, labor .... • 18.50 Irwin Cronk, labor 21.00 [Harold Peterson, labor Richard Cronk, labor .. Rufus Cummins, labor E- M. Danielson, labor 23.45 14.00 103.20 14.00 50 | Jim Dickerson, labor 17.50 V. L. Eckholm, labor .. 11.38 Marvin Edwards, labor .. "5.00 1,72 Albert Dick, labor 40. W. J. Ellis, labor 37.59 0. A. England, labor 74.70 W. 30.18 63.78 102.93 180.21 12.00 8.00 8.00 1.00 8.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 8.00 4.00 1.00 1.00 12.00 4.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 1.00 1.00 8.00 8 .00 8.00 1.00 8.00 1.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 1.00 8.00 Ray Evans, labor 17.50 Carl Griese, labor 23.00 Ed Griese, labor 56.00 Conrad Hanson, labor ... 18.34 Ed Hanson, .labor 103.60 Julius Hanson, labor 99.70 Elmer Hassel, labor 19.25 John Heidecker, labor .. 12.25 Carl Higgins, labor 11.68 Wilbur Holyrd, labor 12.25 Henry Hupp, labor .' 12.25 Randolph Johnson, labor. 43.05 T. L. Johnson, labor 100.00 Dewey Johnston, labor .. 72.98 John Laffey, labor 23.45 G. A. Longman, labor 13.48 Pete Madsen, labor 8.05 Ed Meiners, labor 135J60 Clyde Miller, labor 100.00 Jack Miller, labor 14.00 Ed McNally, labor 19.87 Andrew Nelsen, labor T. G. Olseh, labor, H. ~M. Olson, labor Lon Race, labor Chan Redhead, labor Carl Sawyer, labor L. G. Sevatson, labor Leslie Sheldon, labor L. A.' Smith, labor W. S. Sorensen, labor Earl Sorenson, labor Knute Thompson, labor .. Lewis Twito, labor L. Ullensvang, labor ... Chas. Waldron, labor .... V. L.-Welte, labor C. J. Mathieson, insurance, county trucks Star Lumber Co., ripping planks Concrete Materials Co., mix —' Firestone Tire ar.d Rubber Co., tires 204.00 Jensen & Mickelson, material, repairs Jorstad Hardware, material K & K Hardware, material W. A. Mitchell, material Motor Supply Co., material, repairs 52.52 J. H. McKay & Sons, ma terial, coal, co. garage. 27.44 Sieg-Ft. Dodge Co., tools 4.49 Skaarup & Graves, material, county 1 shed 39.79 Leo. Weber Co., material, tools 11.73 Gibbs-Cook Tractor & Equipment Co., repair parts 159.32 Henaman Motor Co., repairs : Rhodes Motor Co., repairs Jerry Wegs, repairs ... [Wilson Road Machinery Co., equipment 52.28 National Cylinder Gas Co., oxygen - Gardston Drug Co., supplies, county garage .. The Miro-Flex Co., road r sign .' Mid-West Service Co., gasoline, Diesel fuel .. Swaney Oil Co., grease C. L. Toireson Oil Co., gasoline, Diesel fuel . 31323 Jas. E. Smith, labor $10.50 rejected Ralph Bryan, labor 31.50 Albert Dick, labor 75.15 Ralph Ebeling, labor V. L. Eckholm, labor W. J. Ellis, labor .... 75.00 40.93 5.42 W. J. Harris, labor 46.00 Chas. Heidecker, labor .. 22.05 John Heidecker, labor .. 49.42 Carl Higgins, labor 44.34 Wilbur Holroyd, labor .. 47.14 Henry Hupp, labor 45.94 Randolph Johnson, labor 44.45 Dewey Johnson, labor .. 12.60 Ed McNally, labor 67.12 H. M. Olson, labom .„ 43.80 Edwin 0. Osher, labor .. 15.00 L. G. Sevatson, labor .... 11.55 Leslie Sheldon, labor 58.87 L. A. Smith, labor 74.62 W. S. Sorensen, labor ... 25.55 Knute Thompson, labor .. 71.60 Chas. Waldron, labor 67.50 W. L. Welte, labor 36.64 Herman H. Brown Co., rental, parts : 1360.69 Eugen-Dietzgen Co., repairs 52.00 Gibbs-Cook Tractor & Equipment Co., grader, roller assembly 4740.99 Graettinger Block & Tile Co., tile 67.01 Motor Supply Co., repairs 17.51 H. McKay & Sons, material 741.82 E. 17.60 104.00 42.60 1150 19.25 112.00 79.80 31.50 3.93 24.85 5.60 31.20 11.85 73.27 23.62 1255 9354 3.00 36.78 4.81 17.29 57.12 15.00 2.88 2.25 3.40 8.74 152 7.65 163.6* 14658 i CONSTRUCTION FUND assistant engineer' 118.80 S. Camden, supervisor, KKPA No. 1 P. A. Pedersen, labor, EKPA No. 1 A. Pedersen, labor, EK No. 1 E. S. Camden, supervisor, EK No. 4! Art Guinn, labor, EK No. 4 Chas. E. Chubb, engineer, EK No. 4 Chas. E. Chubb, engineer EK No. 1 E. I. Ellerston, supervisor, DD No. 29 ., P. A. Pedersen, labor, DD No. 37 •N. O. Osher, supervisor, DD No. 38 Ed Griese', labor, DD No. 40 Adam Bieber, labor, DD No. 56 Ray Brannan, labor DD No. 56 . E. S. Camden, supervisor, DD No. 68 P. A. Pedersen, labor, DD No. 69 22.94 Ed Griese, labor, DD No. 70 ............ E. S. Camden, supervisor, DD No. 77 E. I. Ellerston, supervisor, DD No. 79 G. A. Longman, labor, ED No. 79 Chris Juhl, labor, ED No. 79 Ed Griese, labor, DD No. 86 Emmet Bradshaw, labor, DD No. 101 Adam Bieber, labor, DD No. 126 ..' N. 0. Osher, supervisor, DD No. 135 Louie Isakson, labor, DD No. 138 46.80 N. O. Osher, supervisor, DD No. 138 Hal Resh, labor, • DD No. 138 E. I. Ellerston, supervisor, DD No. 154 3.55 2.76 2.75 6.70 4.05 7.19 23.96 3.35 1.95 2.90 5.35 2550 750 3.80 350 3.90 350 12.00 8.00 4.80 12.50 18.00 3.10 6.00 39.37 S. O. Ringham ....... 80.00 Mrs. Carrie Nelson, rent/Mrs. Herb Nourse .... 13.00 Mrs. Herb Nourse, help .. 5.00• C. J. Mathieson, comm... 48.00 Olson & Peterson Grocery, groceries, Mrs. Tom Fretty ..... 20.00 Mrs. Herb Nourse, help.. 5.00 Mrs. L. A. Rhodes, help.. 15.00 Mrs. Margaret Gebest, " help '10.00. Chris Larson, rent, E. L. Barfoot > 5.00 Jennie Jensen, help " 8.00 Estherville Loan & Investment Co"., rent, Mrs. Frances Reynolds 12.00 E. L. Baker, care of Myron, Baker-children 20.00 Laura L. Gilbreath, help 10.00 J. H. McKay & Sons, coal, Mrs. Frances Reynolds, Margaret Gebest 26.39 POOR FUND 56 12.44 90.60 18.77 15.54 37.50 20.00 13.00 20.00 3.00 2.00 2.80 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND James Stillman, listing dogs 1.10 J. E. Wee, listing dogs.. 15.60 COURT FUND K. J. Ersland, county treasurer, petit jurors March term 504.50 W. R. Conklin, meals, jurors 5.41 Callaghan & Co., Callaghan's Iowa Digest Books 35.00 Cliff Fredericksen, taking Sebert kelson to Fort Madison 45.70 Matthew C. Grier, court reporter 13.00 INSTITUTE FUND H. A. Phillips School Service, 353 LIBRARY FUND Iowa State Board of Assess ment and Review, Use Tax -,. Holley School Supply Co., library books 59.75 Keystone View Co., library .books 148.44 UB9 SOLDIERS RELIEF FUND Dr. O. H. MUler, medical aid, Mrs.* Louis Sweet, Iowa State Board of Assessment .and Review,. Use Tax . ( .... ' N. W. Bell Telephone Co., telephone, welfare office Lucille Wylder, mileage, welfare office Luville Wylder, mileage, postage, butter tubs, bulletins, meals and room for Williams and Ash , Subdivision of. Aid to the 'Blind, pro rata share for blind-March Ebenezer Home Society, care of Tom and Julia Halverson 65.00 House of tiie Good Shepherd, board and room, Dorothy Fisher 10.00 Mrs. Guy Kesler, care of Nels Mfno ...'. Mrs. Mary Nelson, room and board, Mrs. Geo. Brisbin and son Mrs. Cora Palmer, care of Mrs. Ruth Cronk Mrs. Floyd Woodyard, care of Edythe and Dorothy Shull C. P. Jackson, posting and removing • quarantine sighs Anton Fisher, moving Mrs. Geo. Brisbin Upper Des Moines' Valley Hospital Ass'n, intravenous, James Clayton, hospitalization, Mrs. Chas. Mitchell, Helen Billings and baby, Mrs. Loyal Smith 113.50 C. E. Birney, M. D., medicine, medical aid, Mr. and Mrs. James Christian.. 14.25 J. P. Clark, M. D., medicine, Lou Williams, medical aid, Helen Billings, Lou Williams 28.50 Dr. Dean H. King, medical aid, George Barlean .. | 3.00 Dr. E. E. Lashbrook, medical • aid, Clarence Bowen .. 27.00 Dr. L. W. Loving, medicine, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Baker, A. Anderson, medical aid, Nels Jensen, Louis Sorenson, J. H. Baker, A. Anderson, Margarette Resh, L. Halverson, Mrs. J. H. Baker 56.10 O.-H. Miller, M, D., medical aid, Mrs. J. Webster, John Burt M. T. Morton, M. D., medical aid, Mrs. Sam Fritz, Wm. Quinn, C.-Bowen, Mrfe. J. Boyle, Mrs. J. !Feger, medicine, C Bowen, Mrs. Joe Feger Thomas L. Ward, M. D., medical aid, Mary Poffenberger Estherville Drug Co., medicine, John Burt Gardston Drug Co., medicine, Clarence Bowman Rexall Drug Store, medicine, Mrs. Albert Kroenke, Mrs. James Webster, Mrs. W; L. McAffee, Jas. Boyle A & P Grocery, groceries, " Ed Hubbard, Albert Kroenke, Harvey Solmonson, Mary Poffenberger Black's West Side Grocery, groceries, Mrs. Neal Paulsen, Mrs. Joe -Feger, Mrs. W. L. McAffee, Chas. Strom 41.36 Cut Rate Grocery, groceries; Albert Kroenke, Joe Aalborg 11.5S Le Vans Grocery, groe- • cries, Orvflle Clinton .., 7.00 Mortimore's Grocery, groe- (Continued on Page Seven) 22.00 17.00 2.50 .78 .45 8.68 2655

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