Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 4, 1926 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1926
Page 7
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HEAVY WKfeK-EyilKl^kiLimG , sjkLKii WPRDEH. Bu;in^ Orden A^in Disirtbated Ov<T a WW*" List—Lire'. , >to<-k and Uraln. —i: . /By the Aa »oc ;ated IrcES) " New York, June 4. —Bttiyj' weekend- realizing sales inji^^ed, but failed to check the reSSiniiption of the upward moTerieni ol prices in ^ today's stock market. Buying or- :^rters Were' again distrtbq(ed over a broad list, 'operators on the long sJi '.e deriving iencou|-ageraent fron^ the fact tha.i'the induijtrial sn^erago li'ad risen above the high jfoint bf : the recovery: last month. • "Kai^fas Illy Grain. • Kansas -fcity, June -l.-jr-Cash . •wheat, receipts .10 cars; uncljinged to 2c Jiigher; .\"o. 2 dark hard $l .r >S ®l.COV"^; -N'o. .'5 darl? hard *1.54iii> 1 .5S; -No. 2 h»rd $1.5Sjg IGOlj .N'o. 3 hard |I ..i4 ©l'.57; So:Ji red 11 .5 ^15' •i 1 .55 li; .Vo. .3 red $1.50 /51 .54.! , ' " Corn, unchanged to higher; No. 2 white Tl',-2iS'T2i;; No. .'I' white Tij&VIc; .Vo. 2 yellow 72'^T.'!c; No. 3 yc.-llow Tlfi'Tl^Ac; No, 2 mixed TuHi'JtTl'•;(•: .N'o. :{ mixed 09ff/TOC; ^.f Oats-, unchanged; No. :i while No. white \>lU.Ai) 41U.: ^ •• . 1 Hy. SiMc - s- Harlfv - h'JfdUr. Kafir. $1.22T, 1.2.1. Mil.) aiaiw. .tl.2t;fil.2!5. Il ;(iv (iti-udv; 41 car.s. Close: \Vh.rat • July $1.29'4-: S.jii $1.25^'; I).--.', no tradlii;;. Corn. Jiilv "W-i'-;' ijept. TJ '-'O; KtniMIs City Liies -iiHtk., Kan.nas City, " .June 1. rl.'nited States Deiiartment of Agri'niliiini •f'altl.- 1.5IH); c.ilycs '.i'li}; Texas, grass steers sttaily at It 'lf/T.'jr,; uihcr killing tlasst-^ in too limiJe^ suppH*. to test valtie; sii'ort l «ad y.-arliiig steers; S9.25: practical top Veals J11.5'J;:;^stO(kors and feeders . low. weak, j Hogs 5.000; active mostly 10 to 2 ".i<- higher: top il 1.50 on 16u pound averages; bulk of sales il'.i.'J^i'ii' 14.35; desirable 1^Y• to 230 pouuds iH.SaftH.-;.); •-' 24lt(fj325 • :>)un <l.s ?13:>.M';i,14.25: packing .sows $12.50 ^/J2.S5;' 4itO (:k pigs .strong to 25c • ' higher. $U.75fi.lf.7."»; Sheep 2.0'".': lanllis steaiiy to strong; top natives .*17.10: li-tter gi-aiie.s ^Iti./n'Ti 17.10; .sheep .steady : with aged Te.xas wether^ at $7.75. ' Chicago •ir.-iin. Chicago, June 4. —Close: Wheat. J'^lv. $1.3S%;- Sept. ?!.3:iti; Dec. $l.:i6^. Corn. Julv 72'>c;. Sept. 77'sc; nt-<-._ 77%c. Oats July 40'-iL;' Sept. 41-%c; D ~~c. 431-ic. Rye. Julv SS'isc; Sept. OO'-ic; Dec. 93%c. , fhleaei) Lhestuck. Chicago. 'Jii.'ie 4.—I". .S. D ^pf. of AgriciiUuir—llog.s 15.1100: market slow, lot- to 2Uc jiigHer than Tliur.s- j day's aver :u ;i;; killing pigs mostly ^ 2.'c higher, big jiacker- iloing lit- ••I'r.' 240 to ;."25 pound !).iit <hers are larjrely ?13.)»0Ti 14.25;! lilUk de.sira- ble 210 pounds down SH.SSfi 14.C0: topj$14.(;5: hulk, packing sows at i $rjit ;it; sorted killiaiiVpics. ilt.'tit'ii 14.75; heayy weight, Jious $l:].^^a 14.25; medium $14.i'i>^<; J (.55; iiplit Jl.;.7iHM4.!;5: likht liehis fl3.75«/ "i •".'is; packing iiows i:\Mi): slaughter- pigs i$'l1 iMjiii 14.75. Cattle :!.oOti;ffat iit-'iTH scarce: , DIAXOXD. ' |Mrs. McKfnney.) . This fine tain snrely baa done worlils of good and here's hoping it was a general raiij. The crops are looking fine. th| cut worms are getting their work in In" the com fields, hut corn - looks fine' aiid nil other crojis are doing welt. Mr. and Mrs. Don Kennedy and .son, flarry, w'ent to Kansas City fast Sunday on the excursion and Mrs. Ken,nedy visited her two brothers while there and ; reports &' fine time. ,Mr. and Mrs. WIH Unss and sons and .Mr. and Mrs. Kinney were on Ueer Creek fishing Hdturday. They took a lun< h and ice cream and en- Joyed 4h- day; fine. Even though Ihi-y 4>dn't get imy fish they bad the pleasure ;of- seeing them In the water and they looked good. l!)on't know how they would have tasted. \ • .Mr. ajid Mrs. .Jim Wilkins are reporting A spick and span new Foril tourlns car. .Who says they can't attend the baseball games thi.-i season? • .Mr. Jim Jones and daughters, <>rabel and Minnie v^isited over the week end With relatives in Missouri. ' .Mrs. Vick' Thomas was calling at the Jim ilarrison home Tuesday piorning. .Mr. and Mrs. ,E., O. Banta was in LnHarpe last .Monday'afternoon. .Mr. and .Mrs. Jolin Vickers'were in Colony for .Memorial Day. Mr. John Cantz and Mr. Jack nabcoi.*^ •\vere in .N'eosho Falls one 'day hist week. , ' .Mont and Harry Smith were calling at the McKinney home Sunday afternoon. • -Mr. George Jacobs was in Bayar<l' one day last week after feed. .\lr. and Mrs.: Bob Rogers of .Maple Hill. Kans.. drove up to the Doii Ki-nntidy home Saturday night, Arriyitvg in time for early break- f;:sf. They returned home Sunday. Miss Thelma accompanied them honie for a visit. Mr, Jim Harrison and Ethel and Mis; Bland were in Lallarpe Monday.- .Mr. Spurgeon lost a cow by. li.ehtuing. That is bad luck when a fidjow oul.v has two cows. Dickens Drds., "have changed their cattle back to the home'pas- Hire._ Mrsl Dave Bibens's sister is working at the J. B. Fergus home, h<lriifg with the house cleaning. .^Tr. Wiil Uoss has treated his house to a mice coat of paint, which AUCTIONS !ons leA JU.VE 5—I will sell at public auction Saturday at B^shop'^ i Sales Pavilion at 1 p. m., 5 or-6; bead ' horses, cows, .calves, chickens farm machinery, wagons, ;-hiig- gleK, 3 antomobilesi el< c- trlc washing machine. an<l all 1 kinds of good furniture. C. S. .Bishop. Auctioneer. ; AUTOlVlOtlVE Aiitomflblte Ancencles A GRAND MOTOR CO.—Hupmpbilc- Wlllys-Knight-pverland sales and service. Dependdble used ; cars, lie West Jackson. I'hone 60. HUDSON - ESSEX.^ • CHRVSI.KR — Sales and service. Bud White Motor Co.. 219 S. W.-ish. Plio ISO. Automobiles for .Saki li GOOD USED CARS—Thousands of unused miles, in open and tilojed models. Cash, terms, trade. .Marr Auto Supply^Co. , HIGH; GRADE USE^D CARS—At attractive prices; terms to suit. Used Car Exchange. 212 S. Jeff. Advice in Need Is Advice Indeed There are two kinds;of advice, the kind that comes to yo'j iin.solicited—and the kind that you .ask for. You dedfe'e the one, but you go out of your way to get theother. The peflple who turn to the A-B-C CIas.sified Ads evei5' day are looking for thi.s hitter variety of advice. They \\'ant inside information on buying.and. selling opporttinities. They're on the trail of .satisfaction. Aiid they're finding it everj' day in these columns of perfectly classified little ads! The tho'j^und.s * f reader.s who follow the A-B-C Ad.s rcralariy go out of their way to get this buying anti selling information,. Th^y i;elieve in the;,quality of tlie eVCTvday advice contained in these little'ads. . U.sethi.s valuable .service regularly! • Vi .' The A-R-C flassiOed Ads Always llie »raiiw^in Service Always Different—4li Uppprtnnitj -r-tr— irorses tattle. Vehicles . 48 STOCK—Full blood Duroc gilts, will farrow soon. Will Ensminger, Mornn. " ' Ponltry and SnppUes •»» Il.\By CHICKS—Several breeds, summer prices. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. Phone 446. FRIES—.Vice 2 lb. and' 2«4 lb. fries. .Mrs. Grant. Billbe. East Lawn. Phone 97.5-13^ .N'.ASH—l:i2."; iWiirihg. good tires, paint goo<l. sparh tire. 1926^ license, motonieter. Nash .Motor' • Sales Co. ' • * • MAXWELL SEDAN-In good> condition: also Overland sedati ior sale or. trade. Ross Arbiickle Garage. AUTOMOTIVE EiMPLOYMENT .Vuto Trufks for Sale 1:2 Help Wanted—-Hale J3 MAIIRIKD MAN—Wanted to work F,.r(l <h;: sis audi „n dairy farm. Apply W. .M. Staf- foril. Phone 946-2L KOlU)-0n..> tou . stetlj; c,:;1>. -Motor ii\ Al .-^h-pe Coi'd'!i:-es. rear tir.s ::::\5. ini::;. oversize. Tliis would ii:ake a ^ d.iiidy .job f.,:-hauling grav, 1 !,;mL_f' Carthy Motor Co.. 212 Sc.t,tu \\ash- ^^^.^ iui-'ton. I'lion'' SK: • _ ,,hi,„„ , Situsition.^i' Wanted—Female 36 REAL VALUES IN USED C.VRS — 1924 Ford touring: 1924 Ford touring, balloon tires; 1924 Ford tudor, new cord tiV**; 1924 Ford foup--" • n d wire wheels, balloon tires, lot^ of extras; 1922 Ford 'touring, ch^ap: 1923 Foi-d fortlor sedan: l'J24 Ford fordor sedan: 1925 Ford roadster;' 1920 Dodge touring;. 1922 Stephens sport touring, new tires. Vi down, balance easy payments. Big stock of new and used litres and tubes. Tippie Motor f;o., 2oB South street,Hsc-if cars since ill'lS. Ask our ; cu.s-. tomers. Open Sunday and ovc nings. ..'J Anio Afcessories Tires. Parts 13 _ .-'ifteen, wants work caring children or doing housework. Phbno 1192J. : . Situations Wanted-rMale 37 POKTAGE' CtjKDS — Full si/.-<l .:Ul.\3V-i fSciberling built! at mail : order prices. See them at. B. T- Barbers Garage, '209 Wcit street. Ptjoae 515. .raius it di^ U. smn^; .d.s much to the looks of.things .il^Tj grades ?>, to ,^^r<)n.j. . others sifjw; li>'st niatured steirs Jl".;;5: • few ioad:viJl').t)ij'f; lo.iS; v^arlings $10,10: Ijulk $s.7.i:« lO'lO,: fat «)Ws Wf -ak to 25c off; <,;itmers and cutt<r>i shr 'ring a'de- djtne-.: liuOs-strohK; Vj .'aler.s nctive, fiilly!-sK-aidy IKpJ'*'.! i;!.75. •• Sheep iT.OoO; fit lanibs strjmg to 25c biK 'ber; l»-n<T gr:',d-s shi)>- inu advance: inyt- riatiwj lanili« at JU.75; other.s- mostly ' tl-SOO'Ii' is'lii; Kooil N2-lb. yearlinf: Wciliers Slfi.50; others 'mostly oiVl lots at ; J15.00frilfi.l)0: .IS p 'T cifll (if fhr'-e <"ir-i /•'allfornia .springers (o klll- iTs $j5 .(Ht: most cull natlv<- l.-iinbs '$l3.0<ij(;; upwarii l»i $15.00 to ^.jiall I kiilers; fat shetip^slow and .S|)Of.M !lo v>>r: heavy ewes mostly $i5e «j^5.|0. • • ' I .A neigiii)orIj< suggestion has «.. ^^"t"e "frdin Chailute gijlfer's ' that J** there be ^n-exchange of games iVtween the two clubs ditring the Slimmer, and an exchantft? also of the ciiuriesies qf the eUtb house and grounds of the two. clubs during the season. The ; suggestion -h.-is met with a gratified reception and such exebani;es w-ill doubtless he made. In anticipation of the games tjjat^ may 'be arranged all loi.n pjayer .s who would ' like to i> - participate are asked to file their r.ames with Charlie FajTweather. thp Club Pi-ofessional. Paris underground raifways car- r.ii.l r40 .0<i0.000 passeifgers during t;;'- first quarter of this year. , lOIA HIDE. FIR & WOOL CO. in 5, Olilo Plione 130 .3Cgg:i...:,-i........ .....„,-2lc • No. 1- H./ns - —i-21c No. 2 Hens ^ CiM-ks .j —09 No. 1 Siirim-'s 1 _-. 28c No. 2 Springs ...... 24c Will Come After PonKry. TTe Will Appreelnte Yonr Baiilness. , B. A. JONES, PrtJp. .. T • • . ' - • H'- iia.s .-iI.<=o put in a hay fork and track in his barn. [ .^rrs. Hnnta entertained h'er Sunday scliool class Thursday of last -.viM'k. .Her class consists iof Mable and -Mlnni"! Jones, Ethel (Tarpenter,' ituth Harper and Elbel Patrick. T|ie lightning struck a tree In .Mr. L,K. Uoiish's yard and killed siveral young crhl 'kens In n coop n'ar by." •'• • Til" 'f'-llow -thnt. borrowed . McKinney's collar pnd oft of his har\ .P'-Hs S.-iluril.-iy wliili' we were away; was kind ••notigh to return it Mon- d.ny night snni'- time, anrl we thnnk l/itjTi very much for being so sym- palhflic. , .Some of the neighbors were kind euoush to mall us some items for which we thank them and appreci- ati^. it very niuch. SKY ROCKET. (Mrs. J. R. Hibbs) . .June 1.—Mr. and .Mrs. Sam Hibbs and Opal and Mrs. Minda Wiklund of Humboldt visited atJ. R. Hibbs Sunday.; Miss Violet Samp,is leaving tor I^wronce Wednesday. 'J 'he Golden Link Farm Bureau Club met with Mrs. Walter Samp Fi:iday of last week. HazeL Alma and Russell Jack son called on Mrs. Leo Hibbs Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Zimmerman and family visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmerman and family. Mr., and. Mrs. Ira Bacon 'pnd baby visited Sunday with Mr. and .Mrs. Lester Baron" and family.' .Mj-ss Adah HIbh.s called on Mia.^ Ruby Wiklund Tuesday. .Mr. anil .Mrs. Victor Gregg and children of Moran visited Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hibbs. Aft- "t^noon, callers were Mr| and Mrs. Sam VVikli WMJfflLUS MARKET • WP. IW NOTkRETAILi 'Faii Mosroe and-Ctif. •n»it*i M. We paid tlr«rolloi«^Dff prices today: K«KH. loK .si-off _...i31c •Vo. ,1 'Hehs _ . \,..J.ZOc . No. 2'HenH.;— ..'.--nc , 4^ nrolitffs -.25c l>Kborn .4 andlilark iinjli«-rs ..20c .Cocks ...I.-:,- .«8c ©ucks 10c - iSrwrn-Hides; ^u-.iJ3u ---i-6c 192fi FORD COUPE—Like hew; 1925 Ford touring: 1925 Ford coupe, lots of extras extra good; 1921 Oldsmobile six toiiring. cheap: 1919 Oakland touring,|g<«jd condition: Bulck six touring, cheap, Hobdrt-Steelo .Motor Co. FLATLITE LAMPS—More than a million p;iirs in lu'vivA .ipcration; th^re must bo a reason. .\hCarty Btjttery Station. MAN—Want.s carpenter work , of anv kind. H. 11. Shockeir. *210 N. Chestnut oc 1838 N.Jefferson. .MILK FED FRYS—Fifth house south Kentucky street bridge. Mrs. Lee I Smith. MERCHANPISE Artfdes for Sale SI BABV CARRIAGE—I^argo size, erjod condition, cheap. Call at 20 West Campbell street. jiiaclitnen an* 'l'o"i< HAY PRES3 -r Admiral power press. : C. N. Cole. 225 S; Ohio: Xasical Jlercbandlse ORGAN— In. good condition, ouire .50S Scott street. In- Wanted To Boy FURNITURE—Wanted. Bird's n.w anjl .second hand store. Humboldt phone 173 or Iola,113SW. WANTED TO BUY—:Fiirniture of | ;aU kinds. "We wiil: pay highest' cash price.- Sea us before selling. Bfahop Sales Paviiion. Phone 3fi". ROOMS AND BOARD Rooms Without Board 68 ROOM—Pleasant sleeping room for rent. Man and wife pref-rreil. 51.=; S. Washington. Phone S7:'AV. P^.NCE — Just received carload .Vmeritan fence and barbed wire. Get our prices, .\llen County Im­ plement.Co. ICE BOX—Butcher's size. Stevens make. No. 1 condition, size.4x5%. 9 ft. high: also 22 gaL lard Chal­ dron at 10^3 -North Buckeye. Barter and Exchange ."HA GROCERY"—.And general merchandise stock to exchange for lola propertv. First class stoclt and fixtures. See M. A. Schllck. Uustntss and- Of lice Euulpw-nt a* BL.VCK BEAUTY AXLE GREASE. Closing.out oar stock Black Beau- ,ty axle greasje at cost and below. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. FINANCIAL TIRES .A.ND TUBES—I ea. h. :>2x *i cord, fine condition. Call :U;.|>2 -South Cottonwood. -TIRE SPEC'lALS-^'ihis wc'.l: enly new cords. 32x4 $19; 30x3 '.2. $10. lola Auto Wrecking Co. Business; Opportunities .IS RESTAURA.NT—For sale or trade for lola propi^rty. located at Paola. Phobe 1246. Inquiry 202 South street.- Money to Loan—116rtKaj?es 40 FARM LOANS—Quick service and reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthorne. 213 S. Washington. \ Ueptdring—Service Stations- IB AUTO REPAlItlNC.—'.Velding and Htofage. City Garage. F. B. Goodale, 214 N. Jeff. Phone 172. FARM LOA.N'S—3?3 base rate, 5, 7 or 10 years. Prepayment option. Stewart & Funk. GUARA.N'TEED USED FORD CARS 1920 FORDOR SEDAN—Ij«k wheel, niutomeler, balloon tirvs, naturtil Wood" wh<-elH. Hidly vapoHzer. driven le!..«i than 500 mlbs, '(•arrles new cur guarantee.- You : savi' about $125 by buying, this car and still have a nuw car. , 1923 COUPE—Extra good every •way, priced for quick • .sale. 2 1921 COUPES—New' paint good rubber, priced right. 2 1921 COUPES—Good condition, $1.50 each. 1924 FORDOR-^ood tires, motor recomliiioneil. SEVERAL Cheap Ford tourings at your own priee. These cars/can be bouglU for small down payment, .12 months on balance. . MCCARTHY MOTOR CO. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Sen Ices Offered IH FARMERS ATTKNTfoV-Cit voiir binder-rollers ;at the lola Planing Mill. Ph'.n" 404, 104 Nwrih str-»-^. rmfes<iIonnl Services 28 SUUOERY-rMedlclne. X-ray. Dr. F. Lenskl.' Phones: office. 8SG; residence. 1126\V. SURGERY—Ami consultation. Dr. G. S. lAmbeth. Office photic 250; rcsldeiice phone G13J. Hours. 1:30 to 5:30. ITATtM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms 5^, city 6%. Long or short time. R. M. Cunningham. .MONEY—To loan on farm and city property. Jackson Realty Co.» over Brown's Drug Store. PRIVATE MO.NEY—To loan on city property. low rate, long or short tliiie. Stewart & Funk. LIVE STOCK Horses, tattle. Yehlclcs 43 HKOOD SOW—With seven pig.s. a iiigh grade one. ; Phone 999. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Male _33 P'AR.M ;H.\.M>-^Wanted at once for month or G weeks. Phone 23 4 or. 9S.5-21. 212 S. WASH. PHONE 893 .MARRIED MAN—Wantrd for farm work: steady job for right party. S. H. W'eith Ldliarpe. SALES MEN -1 -Wante<l, two local ra!>n to Rail well known make of Electrip Washers in lola. and vicinity; Must ho men who are able to produce and preferably who. have had experience in thi.s line \ot selling. State experience and • give references. .Xddrosa. Electric Washer." care of Tiie Register. HOLSTEIN COW-iFine six year old. giving milk. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. MILK COWS—Five Ilol.steins. extra good, giving from 5 to 7 gal. -per day. G. IL Tannahlll, Vernon. Katis. , RED COW—Giving 3 gallons mtlk dailv. One mile cast of Kentucky and second "house, south of slab. Lester Morrow;. DESKS^For sale; 2 roll top 2 flat top and one high desk. Williams Typewriter Emporium, Rms. 10-11, Globe 'Bldg. ELECTRIC SIGN-Size 3X8 ft.; new candy case. 10 ft. long; S'/i floor show case. See Hart at Hart's Cafe. • Farmj Equipment KA HAY LOADER—With galvanized overslats. S2.5. H. G. -Walker, % mile south of river bridge. MOW'ING MACHINE—New Emer.<=on-Brantingham standard machine. G fL cut. . Hotort-Steele Motor Co. . ' WALI^IS TRACTOR—Secotid hand; new Deere tandem disc with tractor hitch. Steele. .2o:: S. Wash. Rooms for Housekeepins;:' G9 AP.ARTMENT—2 room modern, close in. .\Iso sleeping room. Reasonable terms. 202 East street. Phone 636. ROOMS—Twor light hoiisekei'ping and one sleeping room; modern home. 210 South Ruck^y^. THIRD. 201—Four, room house, coriler lot. in good, condition. Til^ quire 205 S. Third. Phone-1232W. REAL ESTATE FOR SM^i Bu.sfnes8 Fmperty; for" Sale G.VRAGE—And filling statipp. live _ room modem cottage in, North Ottawa, on Red Star^ Route. Will take lola property as part' pay- meitt. -lohn Reuthor. Far*is and. Land for- Sale QUARTER -SECTIO.V-Good - land ^ . in Brule County. S. D.,. seven -•miles south of county seat on highway. ,55 acres cnllivation. balance in^pasturc and hay. This farm can all IK- cultivated. Pos-session .March 1st if suld before -it is released; might consider trade. Call or write R. W. Doo- Uttle. lola. Kans. . ' THE lilCHARD EWI.NG FAR.M— . 333 high bottom iti one body, no -.vastc, no hardpan. or gumbo, oil choice .N 'otKho Valley siltdoam.W'ell fenced. : clear of weeds in corn, wheat and alfalfa. Good S room ^ modern house with basement, also 6 room house and 4 room cottage: .•? barns, one large, new and up-io-d.-ite:. one built for alfalfa: cribs, hog .ihd other out- building.s; fine shade and water. Part is rented at $20 per ftcre. and whole farm can be leased to responsible party for 3 years. $10 per acre cash. 5 producing oil wells connect-" ed with pipeline and power plant goes with farm, income S1250 yearly. Land reaches within 2 blocks of city limits, and hard. surfaced niad into barn yard. Might sf-ll 256 acres w-ith main itnprove- nients; terms.'Owner| bought- the farm withoHt a cent and paid for it out of crdps in a' few years. All .prospects in- ;vited to inspect this b4st farm jin Allen county. .1. If. Hamilton, 405 South .street. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flat.s . 14 Houses for Sale 84 • .'V AP-ART.MENT—Sn>all . cosy' fur-' nished apartment,; adults.i Phone 1033. A.PARTMENT—Furnished, moderns close in. 315 South ChestnutJ Phone 974-3. Houses for Rent BUNGAIJ)W—Six close in. garage, lola. room modern; John Reuther, BUCKI=ri'E, ^'. 214—Seven roon| modern, no garage: or will sell! Mr.s. Ida Faddis.. Phone 639. - ; HOI'SE *7 tconi. front, corner' lot. A. D. Hawthorne. modern, east with garage. MOUSE—Bargain in five room / modern., soulheu-st of^ square, ^ terms easv. Phone 925W.- ; ' ftiOCSE—Good tour room electric lights, water at door: also good l>iiiLding lot. east front. . Inquire 604 .N'orth Sy<-amore. HOUSE—.Mo'Urn five- room, newly paiiered and painted, or will 'rent to responsible party: gardrn spot and garage. H. .A. Laymon. • COTTAGE — Convenient, ilo .iets, pantry, screened back porjn. fl-^'c-; ti-Jcity. water, growing gardon; convenient for employed up or factories. 206 South -Eim. ELM. N. 41.5—3 room house, e'ec- tricity. city water, garden, paved street. Phone 920. tiood. Things to Eat «" CHERRIES -65C per gallon. Phone your orders.- Phone 964F11. A,. G- Speegle. . Household Goods S9 FI^OR COVERI.NGS—Rugs, linoleum; Congol«j«im. 9x12 Art Special, at »7.50 Saturday only. Henninger's. 118 West Madison. BARGAINS—Ih new goods, rugs, mattress, springs, beds, trunks, traveling bagd. ^nd all kinds, of farniture. Bryson Furniture Store. RUGS—Two 9x12 and" one 8x10. Phone 1232W. 20.5' S. Tliird. SPECI.AL S.ALE—.\rmstrong linoleum rugs, used pianos, phonographs, furniture stoves, lawn mowers, two Invalid chairs. 6 shovel riding cultivators, mowing machine; easy payments. • Curtis Bargain Store. LaHarp*. , FIRST, S. 1.11—Five room ern foj rent. Phone 12S3. 'mod- FOURTH. N. 310—Small 'furni.':hfd house: large raspberry patch. In^^ quire 421 North Cottonwood: 1 HOUSE:—Furnished 5 room moii: ern, garden spot. :J30 mo. Inquire 816 N. Sycamore. Phone I'lOO. HOUSE—Six room modern at 305 North street, tor |20 month. Phone 14S0J. or 236. WALNUT. S. 320—As we have de-, |cided-to move in apartment over cafe, will our,seven room modern home; can he handled with part ca'fih. See J. H. Hart at Hart's Cafe. • •' • ^hore and .Honntain-For Sale .S6 - i OZARK CABIN SITE— :6ne hm- .drcd^ dollars. ; In beautiful In—- ili.'in river highlands in hf^ircti.of Ozarks. .\ fiv» hV;urs drive from lola. gr.-ivel and .slab road. Terms; $25.00 d(jv.-n will s*-s;nre, luiililing site. Lets go. ~it is 'lilaytrme.-. Call or phone .Mfs; A. R. Sands,' Kelley Hotel. lol.-t. ' To Exchange—Real Fslato- 8S COTTAGE—For sate or exchange; dandy modern, basement andgar-. age; also partiil mmlern cottage; best terms. Dr. .MUohelL ' CLASSIFIED DISPLAY -7- -SOWS—Ten nice piggy sows, will ..faJJow right away; white, red and black ones; 6 extra good milk cows, just h-esh; one riding cultivator; one walking cultivator; one one mowing niachine; one top buggy; one surrey; four wagons; oihe set work harness; one extra good bay inarer'6-years old. will weigh 1300 :lbs.; 10 good Ford cars, all kinds. J. C. Butcher. MATTRESSES—Yes. we are selling 45 lb. all-cotton rolled edge new mattresses for 57 cash. See us before you buy or ;sell. W*e buy, sell and, trade for anything. Furniture sold on easy payments. Chimney Sweep Store. Phone 903. Machinery and Tools 61 WALKING CULTIVATOR-r-Almost new 4 -3hove1, $20. Good used binders, mowers aiid: rakes. Shaniion's Have.Better Used Cars 25 GOOD USED CAHS 1924 DODGE CQI'PE, a real buy. 1925 DODfiE roadster. ' ia»4 l"HETR<n.ET Coupe, fine.shape- , 1924 fHETRQLET. Sedan, a real famUy car. 1 new 'FORD toarine. * 2 late model DODf.'E Coupes. 1 late model OIjD.SMOBILE Coape. 1 Ute model KITPMOBILE tonrinr., 10 late model FORDS, sedans, coupes^ tonrin*^ S nearly new roadstpfs. 1925 FORD TRrCK. K good^sed DODGE tourings, real Talaes. !• other good used cars. ; All thes^ cars must be sold at yoar price. I' T EllisSwonger Motor Co. Dodge Brothers Cars—Grahanf Brothers TFticfc!) 214 ?forth Wasbingtoa . : - Phone SOI (Open Evenings-and Snnd^) HorM^Hldea ..;_|2.7B Poaltry, |iiift Be Empty Cnwed. .l\\th<=. and Opal. Mrs. Minda i,<ii ndjof Humboldt. 1 i .Mr^. Ciias. .Alderman and Lucille callei <jn Mrs. Ira Bacon Monday. Mr. aiid Mrs. Albert Paytojn and baby motored to Parsons ' Sqnday. Mnj.jChas. AUlerman. Lucille and Pnnliifc Zimmerman visited Sunday .-It Robt "Zimmerman's. Mr. .Arthur Jackson bf KhnsAs , Cily visited from Saturday evening tinfll Mtwiday evening with Mr. and' .Mrs. Friid Krokstrpoi and family. Mrs. R'. \. Bell and Betty drove h<ro from BartlesyiUe, Okla. 1 Sat- iinbiy afternoon and vlslled at Chas. Aldcrraon's. Twilight KiBcball is very popular in Boston. wbt >re some of the seml-profe.islonBl dttbs attract an att«ndanc« of lOAOOO or moro during the season. . 4: -•J • / I - '-I

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