The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1935
Page 4
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LINEBACKS The Tyre and Batri Men ;TIPTON Phone 38 FRANKFORT WOMAN US POSSIBILITY May I Be Discovered by Colombia j University' Professor. New York, April 8. — A new scientific instrument, a whirling tea kettle expected to brew heavy carbon, heavy oxygen and heavy nitrogen, was announced yester- Alignments Uncertain But Leading Woman Attorney day at Columbia' university. Names Six Women Competent for Office. SHE LEADS CAMPAIGN New York, April 8. — The requisite qualities for a woman President of the United States have been named by Lillian D. Rock, an attorney and founder of a movement! to elect a woman Chief Executive In this generation. ! The attorney! named several women' whom she believes to be presidential timher, but added: "Our woman .president, perhaps, All Nations Make Haste for Protection. PICTURE IS GIVEN By WEBB MILLER. (By United Prfss). London, April 8.—I telephoned to .some of the principal European bureaus of the United Press today to find out what nations are preparing for war, to what extent and against whom. Heavy Carbon is one o£ the probable secrets of the diamond. Par more important than diamonds are the biological possibilities of the heavy carbon that Columbia seeks. Carbon is probably the most important constituent of the so-called "life molecules;" the almost infinite variety of compounds which form living I tissues. The new work is directed by Prof.i Harold C. Urey, a native of Walkerton, Ind.. who just received the Nobel prize in chemistry for' his discovery of heavy hydrogen. or "heavy water." His new apparatus will be discussed They are all preparing. Align- at the terccntenary mestinK of the ments are uncertain, but everv na- American Chemical society in lion is taking precautions against ; Xcw York Ulo wpek of Apri , 22 . attack by every other nation. | T ,, Neighbor distrusts neighbor. There is more militarism in the \ ! world than at any time in its history. ' ! BABY IMPROVED. Here- is the picture: j The common people of Europe ; P:irnrt| fnfuut Slightly Better at Riley Hospital. will come fronii the younger ranks." j Of president caliber, she said, are Judge Florence Allen of the United States Circruit Court of Appeals in Ohio; Pearl M. Hart, public defender, of the Morals Court of Chicago; Josephine lected 'with the feifr of war. Here ! i, ome on south East street from Roche, Assistant Secretary of the! in England you me v t people in the ' Im iianapolis. where they have been Treasury; Dean Virginia nilder- street who tell you they are buy- for the past sevc ,. al days because sleeve of Barnard College; Dr. i'.iR sas masks and ^onsldcrin.? rf the aorious j]i ne ss of their son, Mr. and Mrs. Rav Parnell rein recent weeks have become in-j turned Sunday evening to' their Mary Woolley, President of Mt. PAID THEIR WAGER, LIQUOR PROBLEM. Losing firoup in IVst Killing Con- U-st Provided Wciner Roast. Members of the Tipton Future Farmers of America composed of boys enrolled in vocational agriculture have just concluded a farm .pest, contest during which 982 mice, 629 English sparrows, 1S9 pigeons, SI starlings, 62 rats,j 33 chicken hawks, rS moles, 12 crows and 4 ground hogs were killed. Most of these animals are causing heavy losses to farmers. 'A conservative estimate on the damage to grains, harness and • buildings by a single rat is $3.00 per year. The boys wore divided into two • opposing teams with Thomas .Cochran and Dale Achenbach as captains. The winning team led by Cochran will be given a weiner roast on Thursday evening by the losing team. The four high point men based on pests killed were Ralph Smith, Eugene Altherr. Dale Achenbach, and William Sink. City of Washington, I). C., Is Demanding Attention. This Interested Us— 'Maybe It Will You, Too • By what authority did the I'. S. '..'. enter the world war? . .- -Upon the recommendation of President Wilson, made April 2, • 1917, the senate, on April 4, • passed a resolution declaring that • a state of war- existed between the United States and Germany, the ', vote standing 82 to 6; the house {•passed the senate war resolution Jjon April C, (.370 to 50.) and the " | joint resolution was signed by the 4 president the same day. (By United Press). Washington, April S. — The liquor problem was back on the white house steps today demanding attention. This time trouble has developed over the manner in which thirsty Washingtonians are compelled to consume their drinks. Adjustment of that matter in a single city would have no national significance if it were not for the fact that the president of the United States has secondary responsibilities as the mayor of Washington. Whatever is done about liquor here is properly interpreted as an expression of new deal policy. Capitol drinkers are rebellious against restrictions imposed by President Roosevelt which forbid the display of bottles of liquor on any premises where the beverages are to be consumed. The "hidden bar" system of dls- pessing drinks prevails here. Bartenders must be out of sight of customers. Customers order whisky by brand, but there is complaint that in many drinking rooms customers are served with inferior beverages after they have ordered and paid for expensive bonded or' imported drinks. The "10,000-mile olive" is a product oC repeal as it has developed in Washington; There is reason for suspicion that olives served In cocktails are served over and over again so long as they are returned to the hidden bar sloshing in the heel tap of a glajis. ' >WUen a little bird tells you .', 'Something, don't repeat it until '* you find out whether the little la a cuckoo. house District of Columbia committee to abolish hidden bars. The bill should have been considered by the house today, but Democratic leaders maneuvered a postponement. Ultimately at this session the question must be decided. CARRIED OFF HONORS. Tipton Girls Were Fortunate at State Club Meeting. Members of the Tipton Junior Art club are quite proud of Miss Mary Hershman,. a fellow member of the club whose sampler won second prize in Class III of the junior hobby derby at the annual convention of Junior Art clubs held at Indianapolis Saturday. The Tipton club was also honored by having two of the three states officers, Joan Hughes, vice- president; and Mary Hershman, secretary-treasurer. Waldo Haley of Muncie is the state president. The convention was a most interesting one and was thoroughly enjoyed by the following Tipton girls who with Mrs. Sam Matthews, their sponsor and the state junior art club sponsor, attended the sessions: Madonna Phares, Joanne Hughes, Kathleen O'Banion, Mary Hershman, and .Kathleen Pyle. Holyoke College, and Ruth Bryan constructing private bomb shelters ; Ajlan Rav who js j,, the nj , oy Last "Big Shot" of Gangsters Believed Hiding in the West. TRAIL IS NOT CLEAR :n their callafs. in France, many , hospital Owen. Minister to Denmark. |"re buying a-pamphlet describing I W hen thn 1<lft the hospital The movement, which Miss! what to do in case of air raids or; Suml . iy p vellill ., lheir son v .- as re -l , I ported to bo somewhat improved, Rock calls the i greatest woman's; =as attacks. campaign snide suffrage, has; Impromptu survey of various i and jhe attclldillR physicians and adopted the title, "League for a i countries displayed the following: ; mlrsfls wr( , sliKht , } . encouraged Woman President and Vice Presi-! England is increasing thc '""I-i concerning his condition, dent." | . | K et of the three fighting set-vices ^ |Io ]ms , )eon suffering State chairmen are being 'ap-^ pointed, and tlie league plans to i awiizenanu is HJUBUIUUMIS tuu offer a woman vice .presidential! service of ija militia and acquir- ;„„ ; but ag snm as material to establish forti- bordering France and _ £10,539,000 (.$51.114.150.) 'pneumonia ami is still in the o*y::on room. candidate to the major political parties for the 11936 conventions. An astrologipt has prophesied Germany, that a woman Vice President will ' n ° le11111 be elected in 1940. "After we eject a vice president, we'll look to the presidency," said Miss Rock. "Only a woman president would give ultimate meaning to the enfranchise- Belgium is reinforcing cyclist j battalions. A cavelry regiment has j been moved closer to the German frontier. | Russia announced recently that j the army had reached a strength ! of 980,000 men. the largest on the i Both ears are drain- he is able X-ray examinations will be made to determine whether or not mas- tiod trouble has developed. MANY AT SERVICES. Funeral of John Scully He-Id at Stj John's Catholic Church. to grant woman suffrage and the sates that have had women Gov- ; I In Italy Bonito has ! The attendance at the funera! ment of women. . | continent. Huge augmentations of; ()f ^ ^ John _ of "It's inevitable. The first states |"" ™ ™* n » v «> £orces are 1U , was large, many friends \ hcrC;from a distance for the services,: which were held at the St. ernors will be ifirst to see it. | calleu OIIL " lv " ix "^ss'elTwTth '• John>S Catholic ehurch in Ti Pt°n"Forty-nine per cent of the vot-i the 1913 a " (l 19 J c . assc ^ ™ I |at9:'00 • -i _ * n, ,,MI the colors bringing his army ers are womenl Some day they lr " lv realize their power. They should vote to see a! woman called < Mussolini class, to by | president springtime. within 20 years." WILL A\\[ARI> Ql'ILT. All day Sunday there was a ,. ,, i stream of callers at the Guiseppe \allc. un-j ^^ , estify - ng tQ th . e pste|m in wiiich Mr. Scully was held.. " Following the services at the church interment took place in St. John's cemetery at Tipton. 1'ocaliontns Lortge to H:ive Curd Party Saturday Night. Saturday night, April 13. thej tlle 9 , ling Germany. The a der secretary for air, announced a 5100,000,000 reorganization of the air force. France retained under arms 00,000 conscripts who normally would have been released this month. Three army corps filled Ladies of theiPocahontas lodge will hold a euchre and bridge par ty in their hall, and the quilt made by them iwill be awarded. This quilt has been on display at the Boston Store for some time and many have commented on its beauty ship. ,; speeded up to complete within a ! HAS COPY OF ACTION". {Commander Flake Receives Rc! port of Executive Committee. , year 1.500 planes. A regiment j of Moroccan infantry was moved to Upper Alsace. Germany is promulgating conscription-for an army between j Commander Leroy Plake of Charles Sturdevant -Post No. . 46, American Legion of Tipton. has received a complete report of the Getting [very Weak. ound Beef, lb. 15c boneless, skinless, lb .'.'. ..19c r Food Store ..49c«md98c cocktail Liquor dispensers have been arraigned for serving drinkers with colored alcohol, mixed and poured in the privacy of a hidden bar. Washington is- campaigning now for a return to the customs ot prohibition or pre-prohibition days when the har and tender were in view of the customer with bottles aligned lor inspection. Democrats, Including . Air. Roosevelt, defended their 1932 repeal plank with the explanation that ample protection Was promised against return of the saloon. "We urged," said the 1932 plank, enactment of such measures as will * • • effectively prevent the return of the saloon." But a national platform Is not binding ojf the states. JJew York, sand other >et oomjnuntr RECEIVED HEAD INJURY. Charles Keith Suffered Fainting Spell and Fell Saturday. Saturday evening about 7:15, Charles Keith, residing southeast of Tipton, suffered a fainting-spell while at the Washington filling station on South Main street and fell striking the back of his head,. The man suffered a bad £calp wound and the Young ambulance was called to take him to the office of a physician wh'ere the Injury •was dressed. Later he was removed to his home and reports from there Mon- Mrs. Sarah kali, who suffered a bad fell ten! weeks ago, in which she bro|ke her htp, is reported to be losing her strength and is very w|eak. She is very" weary of being in bed in practically the same .position for so long. X-ray plcturjes taken of the broken bone show that it is mend- ins nicely, but kidney and bladder troubles havq are giving the developed which moat concern. Asking Foreclosure. day were that along, nicely. he was getting Dally Bible Quotation, Owe no man eny thing, but to love one another, Thou shall apt steal. Thou shalt not covet. jTKoi} Shalt IPYB thy neighbor as; thyself.—Romans l:8-.&. B. F. Leavell i has filed an action in the court against judgment; (and Hamilton Circuit W. A. Flppen and large as Britain's. Huge underground airdromes and munition dumps are being constructed and coastal defenses strengthened. Austria tacitly admitted nos- session of military airplanes forbidden by the St. Gerbain itreaty. Sweden considers increasing the number of bombing planes, artillery and gas masks. Poland: extended conscription ago and made! women subject to service in special branches. Czechoslovakia extended conscription iperlpd by two months. ilVilii Broadcast. Martha JJja'p Patterson. 13- year-oia ; dau ? h|ter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pa^erson residing in Others, in whloh he i» asking foreclosure of a mortgage) given to secure the payment of aesday mee«pg ! Lodge evening. emberi are nr«e4 J. NBL- executive committee's action | at Indianapolis, April 2, in which they urged the passage by congress of the Legion Vinson bill Tlie national executive committee Aassed resolutions urging the passage of this bill and went on record'as not being interested in the merits or demerits of inflation. 1 Low Interest. the Hopewell, community! will I Washington,. April S. — The United States government, >s a result of its major refunding operations initiated in thp latter partjof 1933 with the retirement of parti of the Fourth Liberty 414 per cent bonds, brought the ayer- nterest on the public- debt to per cent as of March 21 last. was the lowest rate since age 2.S5 broadcast a v6cal solo Saturday morning 4at JLD:00 o'clock fr,om radio station jWFBM at Indianapolis. < " Miss Battetson is the granddaughter {of Mrs. W. D. Patfer- son of this *fty and of Mi;, told Mrs.' Fred Faster northwest of Tipton. ' In George iDov ill. Conditlo ibejgeit 1916!, or just prior to ; the entry, of this «ountry Into the world war. San Francisco, April S. — The federal agency that wiped out John Dillinger, Baby Face Xelson and Pretty -Boy Floyd intensified its search in_the Far West today for Alvin. Karpis, last "big shot" gangster remaining at large. . Department of justice agents, proud of their record in previous outlaw hunts, were scattered between Reno, Nov., 1 and San Francisco with orders to get the man who figured in the Brcmer kid- naping in St. Paul, Minn., and w'ho late last year shot his way out of a police trap in Atlantic City, N. J. There was evidence that Karpis might have had his face "lilted" to-prevent identification. Agents were checking the records of a Yallejo, Cal.. hospital to determine whether Karpis or Arthur (Dot-) Barker, his companion in many desperate crimes, had submitted to a face-lifting operation at thc hospital where George (Baby Face) Nelson and his wifoi at one time found shelter. A physician was to be questioned about such an operation, said to have, been performed just, before the outlaw pair returned to the Mid West to kidnap Edward Eremer. scion of a prominent banking family. Searchers -believed that Karpis had contacts in Reno, the national divorce capital, where Baby Face Nelson found assistance, funds, and ammunition before he returned to the Mid~ West to fall before the guns of department of justice agents. A red-headed woman, believed to be the consort of Volney Davis, minor figure ill the Karpis-Barker gang, was seen in Reno Sunday. She fled in an automobile believed driven by Davis. Sheriff Ray Root, who sold the gang hanger-on an automobile last year, said he thought the man in the car was Karpis' associate. The car fled toward the California state line but did not reach it according to highway police checking at the border. * * ** Married in Tipton. BLUE FRONT DRUG "^ WANT MONEY BACK. A well known Anderson couple were married in Tipton Saturday afternoon by Rev. John Ward Rose of the Methodist : church. Henry Hampton and Helen Millspaugh, former parishioners of the Tiptou minister were the parties in question. They were accompanied by Mr. and .Mrs. R. S. Suns also of 'Anderson. The single ring ceremony was read at the altar of the Kemp Memorial church. They immediately left for. destination unknown. They will reside in Anderson where Mr. Hampton is a tool maker in the Delco-Remy Corporation. Philatelists Not Satisfied With the Byrd Stamps. (By United Press). Washington, April 8.—Freezing ink at the south pole gave James A. Farley's postoffice department a new attack of philatelic jitters ast night- It is a sad and depressing story, this of the congealing ink. It involved the numbed fingers of an Antarctic sailor named Clark, and ce in the gears of his .canceling machine. The frozen, ink, the stiff fingers and the icy gears messed up the envelopes of some 50,000 stamp collectors, many of whom want their money back. When Admiral Richard E. Byrd went to the south pole two years ago he took with him 54,000 letters, to which were affixed special stamps. He was to cancel these stamps, with the date, Jan. 30. 1934, the day he flew across the south pole, and send them back for the .place of honor in Ihe albums of the nation's stamp collectors. He received 50c for han- Iding each letter. BUS ACCIDENT. Driver Fatally Injured and a Passenger Hart in Illinois. Vandalia, 111., April 8.—The driver was killed and one of seven passengers was injured when a Greyhound bus en route from Indianapolis to St. Louis, Mo., overturned on a curve on United States highway NO. 40 for miles west of here yesterday. Eldon B. Mathis, 31 years old, St. Louis, the driver, -was pinned beneath the bus and his chest was crushed. Miss Clara Wiggs, 35, St. Louis, suffered a fractured collar bone. She "was taken to a hospital here. MAN'S HEART STOPPED —STOMACH GAS CAUSE W. L. Adams was bloated so with gas that his heart often missed beats after eating. Adlerika rid him of all pas, and now he eats anything and feels fine. Blue Front Drag Store,— —in. Windfall by Schell's Drug Store. Try a Tribune Want Ad. AAAAA to BEE 95 — .ENN'A aETTICKS — »U America's Smartest Walking . Shoes. NTJ-WAY SHOE STORE North. Side Square — Tipton Hamburger, Ib .14c Loin Steak, lb*. 17c RUST'S Honey Ernst and Sliced Twin Bread %1 I And Now a Salt Considerable petty thievery, has bee going on in the country near Tipton ! recently, but the littlest theft! caps the climax. jSome. J arson tetrieijl away a Wocjt bjfj whip; the TIpfd jid been loft in A. 1 Binkley farmjno fo/tha s ""'" Every! Day a Cloudy Day "sj FOR SOME ?BOPLE It ia SHfonMng how 1 many people there aw -£-*- &sioV fa TIBtBi; they don't i-^i -J«l \Last Showing 7:00 and OirOO Y 10c

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