The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on December 29, 1973 · Page 5
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 5

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1973
Page 5
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Tips on how f o haot In farrowing houses AND Extension Calendar Jaw. 1 Jan, 8 fan, 9 Jan. 11 Jan, 12-19 . Jan. 14 Jan. 16 • Jan. 16 Jan. 1%, Jan. 21 Jan. 23 Jan. 26-27 Happy New Year. Extension Council Meeting, 1:90 p.m., extension mieting room. Home Economics Planning Committee Meeting, extension meeting room. 9:30 a.m.! Men's Knits Class, Renwlck Savings Bank, Renwlck, 1:80-3 p.m. 4-H Soys and Girls Leaders Meeting, extension meeting room, 9:30 a.m. Area 4-H County Officers Retreat, Madrid 4-H Camping Center. ' C & W 4-H Club Meeting, extension meeting room, 7:80 p.m. ' Weed, Insect and Disease Clinic, Hillcrest, 10 a.m.-8:16 p.m.; Mayor-City Council Orientation, Starllte, Fort Dodge, 3-8:80 p.m. Area Beef School, Carroll; Men's Knits Class, Renwlck Savings Bank, Renwick, li 30-9: 30 p.m.; Corn Management Meeting, Humboldt High School, 8 p.m.; Fort Dodge Leadership Seminar, Evening. Area Swine Seminar, 4-H Building, Fort Dodge, 10 a.m. -4 p.m. Men's Knits Class, Livermore Lutheran Church, 2-4 p.m. Area Beef School, Carroll; Men's Knits Class, Renwick Savings Bank, 1:30 • 3:30 p.m. C * W 4-H Club goes to Winter Camp at Madrid. -H fa* BEAVER WIDE AWAKE The Beaver Wide Awake 4-H Club met Saturday evening, Dec. 15, and went caroling at the care center. Then they' went to the Dale Kramer home for a program of musical selections and games. There was a gift exchange for the 4-H members and their mothers. LIVERMORE BULLDOGS The Livermore Bulldogs 4-H Club met Dec. 10 at the 'home of Bruce and Brent Foth. They talked about their trip to Dekalb. They elected their officers. Brent Foth was elected president; Dave Kiley, vice president; Greg Lempke, secretary; Steve Hauck, treasurer; Bruce Foth, historian. They had their Christmas party and they exchanged gifts. There were 14 members and two leaders present. RUTLAND TROJANS The Rutland Trojans 4-H Club met Dec. 12 at the home of Les Pleich. They discussed the roller skating party to be held Jan. 14. At Steelman's Roller Skating Ring in Fort Dodge. There were talks and presentations given by Alan Jensen and Les Bleich. They had a grab bag for Christmas. Lunch was served by Mrs. Herman Bleich. New members are Brad and Curt Daggy, Ron, Rodney and Craig Hanson, David Larson, Jeff Wiutt, David Donovan, Jeff Lampen and Greg Blomker. HAPPY FACES The Happy Faces met Monday, Dec. 17, at the home of Kim Knudson. They went caroling at Sisson's and at Myrtle Hewitt's home. The hostesses were Teresa Fuller and Kim Knudson. Thee were 14 members and one leader present. BUSY BEES The Busy Bees 4-H Club • met Tuesday, Dec. 18, for their Christmas .party with Debbie, Patty and Joann Klein as hostesses. There were 16 members, two visitors, two leaders and one mother present. They went enroling to homes of older people In Dakota City giving «ach of them fruit. They returned to the courthouse where a gift exchange was held. They also signed cards to send to 26 shut-ins and older residents of Dakota City ind Humboldt. WEAVER FRIENDLY FARMETTES The Weaver Friendly Farmettes met Saturday, Dec. 15, at the home of Diane Weimers. There were 15 members who brought Christmas ornaments they had made. Christmas carols were sung. They had a gift exchange. Each member brought a dozen Christmas cookies or candy for lunch and the beverage was provided by the hostess. There were 15 members and three leaders present. LAKE CLIPPERS The Lake Clippers met on Dec. 15 at the home of Edward Nervig. That was their,- Christmas party. The election of officers was held. 'C8rofyn Hahden WaS elected president; Cheryl Olson, vice president; Kim Rasmussen, secretary; Lynn Larson, treasurer; Kay Larson, reporter; Barb May, historian; Barb and Bev Rasmussen, recreation; Laurie Amerson, JoAnn Poutre, music; Julie Wanken, camera clicker. The junior leaders were in charge of the program. Poems were read by Jill Martin, Linda Crossley and Kim Coen. A fondue lunch was served by the leaders. There were 17 members and four leaders present. Rebecca Gates is a new member. WEST GROVE HUSTLERS The West Grove Hustlers held their meeting Dec. 21 at the clubhouse. They had their Christmas party and they handed out gifts. Then they filled out their enrollment sheets. They discussed the future skating party and about their coming projects for the year. There were nine members, two leaders and two guests present. U.S. citizens consume leis food during 1973 Food consumption in the United States dropped the sharpest amount in 15 years during 1973 while expenditures for food were rising at a record annual rate, reports an Iowa State University economist. Gene Futrell looks for food expenditures in 1974 to rise moderately reflecting both greater consumption and higher prices. The extension economist noted that food expenditures in 1973 are estimated to total $140 billion, up $15 billion from 1972 for a record 12 per cent yearly increase. The gain is totally due to higher prices. Americans ate one and one-half per cent less food per person in 1973 than they did in 1972, Futrell noted. USDA figures show consumption is at the lowest level in four years. In the year just past there have been sharp reductions in consumption of meat and eggs and smaller declines for poultry and fish, the extension specialist stated. A gain for crop-related foods, largely fruits and processed vege- Keep your baby pigs waf m, but don't Waste toftt t6 tit* outdoors, advises* Nefffian Moklestad, Humboldi county extension director. You can lose heat two ways: through the walls and ceiling and through excess ventilation. For more efficient heating, farrowing house walls should have three to three and one-half inches of fiber glass insulation or equivalent, The ceiling should have six to eight inches of fiberglass or equivalent, according to Vernon Meyer, extension agricultural engineer at loWa State University. In stud frame construction, batts or blankets of Insulation can be tucked between the studs. Cover with four mil polyethylene plastic vapor' barrier on the inside to keep the insulation dry. Use an inner lining over this of asbestos cement board, exterior plywood, tempered hardboard or plastic covered insulating fiberboard. If the wall has an inside lining but no insulation In the stud space, It can pay you to remove the lining, add insulation and vapor barrier and replace the lining. Walls can be insulated with plastic foam boards, but foam insulation must be covered with a fire-resistant material such as asbestos cement board or coated steel to provide fire protection. If your farrowing house has a mow floor above the ceiling, hay, straw, ground cobs, or wood shavings can be used as a temporary insulation. Keeping at least 12 inches of one of these materials over the ceiling will provide adequate insulation. Commercial batts, blankets or fill type insulation should be used for more permanent installations. A single window will lose at least 10 times more heat than a well insulated wall. Using storm windows helps, but will still result in five times more heat loss than through an insulated wall. If your farrowing house has a lot of windows, consider closing most of them* with a close fitting, insulated panel tabiesTpBTltly offset" the three per cent?, decline iio-Cbnsump- tion of livestock products. The ISU economist said the six per cent decline in meat consumption estimated for 1973 is the largest drop since 1948. He noted meat consumption in the last three months of the year had picked up and was only running three per cent below 1972 levels. Consumers also ate one per cent less chicken in 1973 and five per cent less eggs. The drop meant 15 less eggs per person than in 1972, the largest annual decline since 1960 and the lowest consumption since the 1930's. The specialist stated although milk production de- clinded in 1973, per person use was up slightly. Imports were up sharply while exports of dairy products-were down sharply. Cheese consumption increased by about five per cent. Fruit consumption per person increased four per cent in 1973 over the reduced 1972 level, Futrell said. Most of the increase was due to record large citrus supplies. Fresh fruit use gained two per cent while consumption of processed items rose about six and one-half per cent. Turning to vegetables, the extension specialist said the decline in fresh use about offset the increases in canned and frozen items. Consumption of cereal food products also has remained steady this year. In the year ahead Futrell sees prices rising again but by a much smaller amount than in 1973. Much of the moderate increase will occur in the first quarter of the year, followed by a likely price stabilization. Supplies of beef, pork and poultry products along with crop food supplies should increase after the first quarter of 1974, the ISU economist indicated. Farm prices may trend lower therefore and about offset increases in food marketing costs which will accompany inflationary pressures in the economy. Disposable income in 1974 is also expected to be higher so that the percentage of income spent on food may remain about the same as in 1973, Futrell stated. According to USDA figures, consumers spent 15.9 per cent of the disposable income on food, up from the 15.7 per cent level of 1972, the first such increase in 15 years. in wittier. • Another possibility is to cover -both the inside and outside of the window with clear plafttlc. This will result In a triple pane window, with the equivalent insulation value of one inch of fiber Ventilation should be controlled to keep relative humidity below 76 per cent, if the humidity is down to 40 or 60 you are wasting heat. The common control for a farrow- Ing house fan is a 10-mlnute cycle timer. In cold weather the fan can be operated less time and still ventilate well, Instead of operating four or five minutes out of 10, it may only need to operate two or three minutes. To summarize, Insulate well and watch your ventilation controls to save fuel this winter, Meyer said. At Home with Mary Jo by MtryJo Thampsen Extension Home Economist We can reminisce about 1973 all we want. The fact that it is nearly over, can't be disputed. With Jan. 1 comes the many resolutions for 1974. It seems Jan. 2 has forgotten many of those resolutions. Perhaps we set things too different from the way we live to even come close to keeping those promises to ourselves, and family. You'll likely get suggestions from everyone on easy and practical resolutions for 1974. So add me to the list of suggestion-givers. Try something easy. Like going to the library nearest you once or twice a month. They have volumes of reading to suit your reading appetite. And their staff is always ready to help you. Or resolve to make 1974 a more pleasant -year for yourself and your family by seeing the opportunity and humor in every situation. Learn to "bloom Where you are planted," and ' make the most of each day. Use a positive approach to living. Nothing can be all bad. And find joy in the little things-like cleaning the tracked in mud again (be thankful for someone to share your home—and track in mud.) Now here are the educational aspects of my column. Ah, but not till I wish you the very best in 1974. Save wear and tear on your favorite boots by following these easy pointers. Synthetic footwear may be washed. Spray-on furniture polish will Hardy Markets Celebrate 25th anniversary Mr. and Mrs, Dale Lemberg will be honored on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary with an open houie in Badger Lutheran Church. Their children will host the event from 2 to 5 p.m. Dec. 30. Mrs. Lila Mae Larson and her mother, Mrs. Minnie Proctor, went to Ames Saturday where they attended the wedding of Mrs. Larson's daughter, Mrs. Arlene Anderson, and Kenneth Jacob which was held in Lutheran Memorial Church, Also attending were the brides sister and family, Mr, and Mrs, Robert Abels, Annette and Angellque, Ankeny. They all attended a reception in the church parlors and another reception at the Fraternity House in Ames. Then Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Proctor and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jacob went to the Robert Abels home in Ankeny and enjoyed a Christmas gift exchange. Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Proctor remained overnight in the Abel home. En route home Sunday they visited Charles Thompson in the hospital at Belmond. Friday evening supper guests in the Keith Baessler home, Renwlck, were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wanken, Julie and Grain Quotations, Dec. 27 COM ...2,88 Oats .. ....1,28 BeattS .;,.... Paula, Hardy, Mr, and Mrs. Richard Baessler and Melissa, Algoha, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Palmer and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Rick Palmer, Renwlck, and Jody Wanken, Whlttemofe. Dennis Schipull, who is attending Hawkeye Institute in Waterloo, is spending the holidays in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schipull. Sharon Schipull, who is attending ICCC in Fort Dodge Is also spending the holidays in the home of her parents, the Schipulls, and will return to college Jan. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Krause visited Wednesday afternoon with Charles Thompson and George Bell, who were both patients in the hospital at Belmond. The Krauses then visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Vought, Clarion. Friends surprise John Keeton for birthday HARDY—John Keeton was pleasantly surprised Saturday evening when approximately 50 friends came to the Hardy Cafe for a potluck supper in honor of his birthday. He received many cards and money gifts. Mrs. Gudrun Andersen, Mrs. Betty Andersen and Mrs. Claretta Wigans enjoyed a dinner at Treloar's in Fort Dodge Friday evening. Then Mrs. Betty Andersen and Mrs. Wigans spent the evening in Mrs. Gudrun spruce them up. Wet linings can be dried over a heat source. However, synthetics don't breathe. So, perspiration may cause bacterial growth. Use a foot spray in boots to retard this. New leather Jjoots should be polished with paste wax and/or silicone treatment. Treat them periodically. Saddle soap- Mrtnoves stains. Rinse, then air,dry at room temperature. Reapply paste wax to lubricate leather. Silicone spray protects suede boots. Spray cleaner and a brush or dry plastic sponge cleans soil and salt. Wet suede and/or leather stretches out of shape. Stuffing them with tissue paper or paper towels holds the correct shape while they're drying. Remember as you present programs to your study groups, the extension service has many things available for your use. Andersen's home. J. C. Hefty, Glenda, Pamela, Shelly and Jill, Lu Verne visited Sunday afternoon in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hefty. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Hefty and Janet, Ottosen, visited Sunday evening in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hefty. Karen Godbersen, St. Paul, Minn., came home with Marcia Anderson Friday eveing. The latter came to spend Christmas in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Godbersen, Odebolt, came to get their daughter, Karen, Friday evening and were lunch guests in the Anderson home. Following the Christmas program in Trinity Lutheran Church Saturday evening lunch guests in the -Lewis Johnson home were Mr. and Mrs: Myron Weatre, Geiwand Virginia, and Mrs. Alvin Johnson and Debbie. Valerie Larson, who is taking nurse's training at Iowa Lutheran Hospital, Des Molnes, came home Friday evening for the holidays and will spend two weeks in the home of her parents,' Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Larson. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Larson and Brian visited Friday evening in the Harold Fitch home at Renwick. They enjoyed a visit with the Fitch's daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Box, of California. • I would advise you to open an account with Northwest Federal This fortune lady knows her stuff. Our savings account and savings certificate rates are the highest permissible by law. Schedule of Savings Plans Passbook Savings 3-Month Savings Certificate 12-Month Savings Certificate 24-Month Savings Certificate 36-Month Savings Certificate ANNUAL RATE 5'/4°/0 5V<% 6'/4°/0 6'/2°/0 6%% MINIMUM DEPOSIT $ 1.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 EFFECTIVE ANNUAL RATE 5.39% 5.875% 6.398% 6.660% 6.920% Interest on Passbook Savings is compounded daily from date of deposit to date of withdrawal. On Certificates it is compounded quarterly. All Certificates are automatically renewable. Interest checks are mailed monthly if requested on Certificates of $10,000 or more. Safety of your savings is insured up to $20,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. A substantial interest penalty is required for early withdrawals. SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 611 FIRST AVENUE NORTH HUMBOLDT, IOWA 50548 Phon. SIS 332-1840 Performance Forcewave JSMttSSS. THESE TIRES ARE LEGAL IN MINNESOTA: SNO TIRES!!! USED SNOS 45 WHILE THEY LAST SNO ' RETREADS BUILT IN ALGONA EAdH EXCH. NEW B.F. GOODRICH TRAILMAKER 700-13 17 EACH EXCH. PIUS 1.96 TAX All SIZES RADIAL SNO TIRES IN STOCK* DUTCH'S OK riRl f TORI PTO« 332-2064

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