The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 8, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO : BUSINESS. Continued from Page 1. the Tear. They lelt that during the mil, with the improvement in IroBiness expected, the number of failures might increase in greater jropprtJon than' usual, as they do in aij upturn as well as in a defla- Rumors have been afloat for some time that local taxpayers would act In the matter, but the Public Service Company's step is the first actually taken. This action should clear the- whole matter, and establish finally whether city officials have acted in accordance with the laws. . tlon.: REVIEW OF POLITICS. •Continued from Page 1. appropriations for the Roosevelt national security scheme. Tlje farm bloc and the Retail ?Ief(}hant£' Association are the {-roujis that are most persistent in demanding an extra session. . • * * * Tfie dinner given Tuesday night -• Atinccnnes by the Knox Coun- tv Democratic club in honor of Picas Greonlec, Governor McNutt's patronage secretary, was a gubernatorial coming-out party, although efforts were made to convince the public to the contrary. Oyoenlee's friends from through- m. the entire state were present ir, iilgh glee over the enthusiasm (''splayd in his behalf. Political sharps who looked over away predicting be out In front WOMAN KUilS BANDIT. Wife of Tavern Proprietor Trailed Man and Shot Him. Chicago, April 8.—Mrs. Mary Boksa, 40, mother of two children, shot and killed a bandit today after trailing him from the tavern which she and her husband operate. John Jarecki, 26. 'who helped the woman trap the bandit, was woundtd when one of Mrs. Boksa's shot went wild. The slain man r,-as George Psioda, 44. THE -BELIEF 15 CLUB President Has Greater Power JNow to Bring Conj gress Into Line. WHAT WILL IT COST? the field came Croeulee v,-ould mm the start in the race for governor, although there is no telling tire far in advance what will be d:-;is in .the state convention. The race for ( the present is between Greenlee and Lieutenant ncvernor Ji - Clifford" Townsend but It is said that Virgil (Skit) j Simmons, Bluffton, head of the r.ut'j conservation department an'd another headliner among the McNutt- "bay scouts," is on the verge or entering the race. James T>. Adams of Columbia City, head of the state highway commission, is another prospective entry for the Democratic gubernatorial honor. THEATER ROBBKD. Uandit Held Up Girl Cashier and Got $700. Morgantown, W. Va., April 8. —A bandit who slipped into the Metropolitan theater today and held up the girl cashier, fled with $700 in cash. George Sallowa, theater manger, found the cashier. Elma Shockey, bound to a chair and gagged with tape. Washington. April S. — President Roosevelt finally' has put through his S4,SSO,000,OUO work- relief jbill, but at what price only the future can tell. Signs are multiplying that the Roosevelt new deal is approaching a crisis and that the president soon must redefine, clarify, and simplify his policies if his major legislative program for this session of congress is to be written into law. uli larly elec- public utilities, partic trie 'power plants. j If the plants, riowi privately owned, are not to bd purchased in certain instances, | then the money will be used tp build new municipal plants, according to this theory. In other words the <• i impression SU1T IS FILED. Continued from Page 1. lucre was criticism .(that the administration had acted rather too secretly r.r.d hurriedly. Quaker Oats 3 toxes, 25c Pure Ground Beef, lb,, I5c PACKED HOUSE. Continued from Pago 1. Mrs. D. V. Hin'kle, George Auble, Jr., G. D. Auble, Joe Kemp, Earl Mahaffey and Margaret Quick. Suffered Relapse. is abroad that the administration intends to foster the policy of public ownership of utilities through legislation intended to give relief to the unemployed and the destitute, through appropriations that are intended to put food into the stomachs of the hungry and clothes on the backs of the shivering. All of this is caused, perhaps, by the fact that no one has told congress and the American people just what this vast sum of money is to be used for. * • The domination of i state and municipal governments by the federal government becomes more and more apparent. Every state and city in the country tyrns hungry eyes to Washington. Some -make no pretense of putting up a full share of the money neede<} for relief. Denies That His Office Force Is Underpaid, That He Is Non-Union. SEES FASCIST TREND A definite: spirit -of Fascism is indicaWd- in America, Conghtln declared, in tie. activities of a congress "subservient" to a president both in! its •campaign for 'office and in the house where "permissive legislation is passed. instead of mandatory legislation." If congress "refuses to pass legislation beneficial to the .people" the national union will attempt through use of the ballot, to replace present Incumbents with future! liberals, said. ! Coughlin declared his "people's lobby, numbering millions" will support the Nye-Sweeney. banking bill; the Frajzier-Lemke farm bill; the Patman bonus bill; the Thomas-Massingale bill to_ establish production at a profit for farmers; the "Wagner bill and the j TRAFFIC 'ACCIDENT^. At Least Six Deaths in Indiana Over Week End. Passage of the huge work-re-! They simply say they cannot do lief appropriation gives to the president an effective weapon By accepting relief j funds from use upon members of congress in; the federal government, the states the furtherance of the- other maj-j and cities avoid the (disagreeable or features of his legislative pro-'task of putting up th^ir local and g ram . I state taxes. Washington has a Reprisals can be visited upon members of the senate and house who refuse to go along with his Mrs. Ed Miner, Mrs. Harve Heflin, and C. C. Boyd of and near program, in the this great fund. The works relief bill came to congress in the first place in unfortunate shape. It was in effect a check made out to the president to be used as he desired. Thfe president never has takon whip hand over them as never before in the past. The state and cities argue that distribution of:'f their taxes or their! borrowings (Dy United Press). Detroit, April 8.—Communists "oftcntime parade in robes of the learned and In vestments o£ the j Wheeler-Rayburn public utilities church," Father Charles E.: bill. ; Coughlin charged yesterday in a , ••• reiterated denunciation of capito-l SCHOOLMEN'S BANQUET. lism. • [ ! ;— The priest, devoting part of liissi District Organization Will Meet weekly address to a defense and 1 Hero Tuesday Nfght. an outline of the aims of his Na- j tional -Union for Social Justice.; Schoolmen of this district will denied charges made last week ; hold a meeting and banquet at the in New York he paid his workers j First Presbyterian church basement Tuesday night, April 9, and a (By United Press). Indianapolis, April 8.— : Traffic accidents and other violence caused at least six deaths in Indiana over the week end, a survey showed today.' AVilliam A'Snyder, 70, ^Franklin, was killed when his automobile collided with a truck at a Franklin street intersection. J. A. Kennepohl, 61, of Lafayette, was injured fatally when his alutomobile struck a bridge railing and grazed another machine. Mrs. Sophia Sitki, 46, of FtS Wayne, was killed when struck by .an automobile while crossing GPOCEPY ALL WEEK SPECIALS Sugar pure cane, 10-lD. cloth bag .. Our Leader Flour, 24-lb. bag ...... 12 Years Ago April 8th. S. A. Porter of Goldsmith start- Tipton went Monday to Richmond I congress into his confidence as to to be with their sister, Mrs."Frank what i he intends to do with the Claybaugh who is critlcallyMH in a hospital there. She was to undergo the second mastoid operation Monday morning at 8:00 o'clock, if her condition would permit. money. Administration spokesmen who appeared before the house and senate committees in the early stages of the bills consideration could discuss it only in broad general terms. She underwent the first opera- One of the reasons for the ration a few weeks ago, and was cent flare-up in the senate, which getting along as well as possible! held up final passage of the bill until Saturday when she became .more than a week, was a wide- much worse, heart trouble devel-j spread belief that the president oping at that time, and her con-j intends to lend larse sums of UK dition was critical Sunday. ' i money to communities to buy up !are increased they will fa-ee loss of credit and ruin financially. So they turn to the federal government for funds. So far the federal government has done little about increasing taxes. It hiis been content to borrow huge isuins. Since ' the money of thr- people has been i unable to find an outlet in indus- 1 try— too many persoijs are afraid — it has been easy foij the govern- I inent to obtain all the money ii desires. But eventually. Hit- credit of the federal government will go by the board, just as wpuld that of the states, if borrowings are continued ad lib. The la.xing route would be more unpopular, but sounder. j DRIVK AGAINST VICE. Indianapolis I'olirp i\\Vre Very Active Over Week End. : - ft *» e RFORMANCE year after year, far outweighs all other refrigerator features combined Ttt rtfrigerater ttal dtfiit limit I j i ! Indianapolis. April j S.—Eighty: four persons were nabbed by ac- tice vice squads which, struck like i lightning and never twice in the i same place over one lot the busi- i est week-ends policej have spent '• in many months. j j The "bull-pen" in the city I prison, crowded with pacing, j shouting worrying card players I and craps shoooters,, the sweat- I ing turnkeys, the busy patrol wagons and the buzzing! bondsmen, were reminiscent of the last police drive on gambling five years ngo under Claud M. Worley, then chief of police. i Twenty-five men w^erc arrested and gaming equipment seized late Saturday night ahd the raids rontinucd through the! small hours I of Sunday morning [until early ! this morning. j ••* ;— rOXWTlOX General Electric "Ageless" Sealed-hi-Ste 5 Years Performance Protection for on All 3 Types—Monitor Tops, Flatops> Buy a refrigerator for listing j performance— look to the mechanism fint, it determines how long aadjhow well any refrigerator will I Mechanism y *1 a year 1 .Iftops to exactly, suit your requirements —any style, any size, any price ! AII-St««l Cabinet* .,«#*/'-**• i^-l- ¥*.*t ff : Yon pay no price penalty for ;t3-E e rformance. Wkether yoor income i »20 * week or a there ic * General • n£ . V «Uv OPMI, reomy Md «ompl«>*hr tonUdry Sliding Sh»lv»» « Ump.ralgr. Control AdloMtlc Inl^lor.UgliHps • fbo»-P»dol Door Optiw «V»s«le*I.O'ow«r. AdU(M Osclk StatnUii «le«l Sup«r- Liittlo Hope Kxtendcil for Recovery of Mr*. Kay Sheppard. Mrs. James Sheritt jof North Independence street' was in the Tribune office Monday afternoon and reported her daughter, Mrs. Fay Sheppard, who is ill at the home of her parents, Jin a critical condition, with little ihope of Tier recovering. \ Mrs. Sheppard, who is a young woman, .has been ill for the past five months suffering from a brain infection, which has so far refused to yield to treatment. : «•• j. i .' Victim of Pneumonia. New York,. April ,8.— Warren Delano Rabbins, United States minister to Canada und a first cousin of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt,! dice yesterday after a- week's j lllnepi of pneumonia. He was'49 years old. ' — ' ' '• •+• Accident Vlci 1m. Franklin, April 8. r -William A. Snjrder. 70 yeah) less than a living wage. "Men like Roger Baldwin and ecclesiastics like Bishop Francis J. McConnell, all friends of the Soviet union, attacked me directly and the national union indirectly with three distinct lies. "It was said I built my church at wages 40 per cent'below American Federation of Labor rates and that I employ a non-union printer. I paid wages higher than prescribed by the A. F. of L. and have sent the public liOO.OOO volumes bearing a union printer's label. "This remit attack good program has been arranged for the evening. County Superintendent F. L.' McReynolds is holding a meeting of all principals in his office at 4:30 o'clock on the same date and most of them will attend the meeting and banquet at the church. a street. ti. H. Hodges, 77, Fairmoiint, was killed when struck by an while pushing his bi- ed his cement block factory having orders,for a large number of the output. * * * Ed Coe killed a big chicken hawk which measured 53 inches between wing tips. * * * Joe Urmston was forced to leave the Farmers Loan & Trust company on account of an acute attack of indigestion and was reported quite ill. * * * The commissioners were takiirg" an inventory of the county farm. Huffcr Funeral. cycle along state road 9, north of Alexandria. The body of Clarence.Hendrick, Jr., 19, Palmyra, was -found in his burning automobile on state rqad 150 near New Albany. He 'was shot through the head and an automatic pistol lay on the seat. Authorities believed the car caught fire from the shot. Hubert Phelps, 46, Huiitingtou, automobile mechanic, died of carbon monoxide poisoning while working under his car in a closed garage. James Strickler, . 2S, former The Christian church in Kempton was filled Sunday afternoon with friends and relatives of Mrs. Lloyd Huffer, who gathered there to pay their last respects to this Shelbyville youth, died in a Lancaster, Pa., -hosiptal of injuries suffered in a traffic accident, relatives at Shelbyville were informed. APPRAISEMENT FILKI1. Word was received of the death of Roy Gray which occurred at the Home hospital in Muncie. * * * Mrs. George Campbell was seriously ill at her home on South | Main street. Old Equipment at Light Plant i> Mrs. Joshua James of Atlanta besan' work at the Clark & Miner from office boy to highest Valued at $3,450 in Report. Phil Schmith. W. N. McGraw and J. W. Addleman, appointed by ...K..I. m". ... .-nleiidid woman, whose death oc- der the cloak of religion charged, ,„..'•• _ , . . .. c.urred Friday morning. i I pav mv offh-p help less than ai i' , , , -., ' • • _, . ; .. - ,, ,! The altar; was banked with j living wage. The truth is that • ..many beautiful floral tributes paid * i- Judge Frank B. Russell to ap- wage schedule jj^ m .. L7?.! l^'l^lf",,^. i" praise the equipment of the old j Gardens addition to Tipton, sev- secretary our equals that of flees." office. * * An Indianapolis pany was opening realty com- the Lincoln government oi-i .^ ch f L _ II. Gray oflsheridan, assisted by "N L\oW I know why the G I Burial followed , cemetery. electric light " plant, have filed their r,eport with the court. in the Kempton | Rev. John Clark of Indianapolis. . , Tljie report places a value of | $3,450 on the equipment, consisting of engine, boilers, generators and smoke stack, which was Left !for Baltimore. tab is made of CAST-ALUMINUM" : Sirs. Albert Reibeling, who has been at thei home of her parents. maintained there as an emergency in case of failure to get po.\v r , or. The city has advertised for Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Foster, since bids for the equipment up to Tues- coming her^ from Los Angeles, day'April where her husband was with the Chevrolet Automobile Company, j left for Baltimore, Md., Friday to | • —:—— join her husband and secure an i Announcement has been Marriage Announced. made apartment. She will return hero! of the wedding of DoyI Pickard. for her three daughters as soon f as 1 an apartment is located. Her j husband was transferred to the | new Baltimore plant of the Chev- jrolet company as superintendent of one of tbe departments. Bill Delayed. eral local persons ested. being inter- INVITING KI) WHISbER, Hobbs As a guest of The Tipton Daily Tribune at the New Ritz Theatre to witness "SWEET No Maytag owner fully appreciates the many advantages of the cast-aluminum tub until after she lias used it. Not only does this remarkable! tub provide lifetime service, but it ia specially builtfor the most effective washing action. • There is an important reason for its square shape. The corners of the tub breik up tho water action into hundreds of cross currents, penetrating every fibre of tbe clothes. • The thick, cast-aluminum tub and the handy, hinged lid keep the Water hot for an , entire washing. This tub is bat one of nuasy advantages Price* are now Kematltabfy Low. Easy deferred ^payments arranged. i ' »>« Visit the Maytag Dealer Neiir You son of Mrs. Sarah J. Pickard of East South street, and Florence Rader, daughter of Alfred H.| Rader of Sheridan, which took; place several days ago at' thej Methodist parsonage in Dayton, Ohio, with Rev. Tilton officiating. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Phillips of Sheridan were the only attendants, the latter being a sister of the bride. The newlyweds are residing for ! the time being with the bride's Explanation: .This Invitation is not transferable and is good only for the party whose name and address appear above. The party named above, accompanied by a member of his family or a friend should present this invitation at the Ritz door the same as two regular admission tickets. (r.y|it"niteil Press). Washington, April 8.—Final house actioli on the McSwain war profits elimination bill was delayed againjitoday when Rep. Royj father , n sher i dan> but plan to go 0. Woodruff, R., Mich., demanded j to j5 ousekcep i ng in Tipton in the that an engrossed copy of the bill near f uture be ready, j; Taken to Kami. Monday Sheriff Cardwell took Cal Welcbeir to the state: penal farm to start a sentence of 60 days given j-in circuit court last week by Judge Frank B. Russell. County Cleiik R. W. Simpson, accompanied prisoner. U, e sheriff and his Getting Along Nicely. i Mrs. Wil Leonard of Atlanta continues to| make' a splendid recovery at thp Beechwood hospital wjhere she underwent a major operation We'ditesday. She is getting along splendidly and hopes to be able to return home in. a few days. Attended Funeral. i Mr. and tfrs. Clark Trittschuh oi this city jwent to Homer Tilou- to atterid the funeral services . M:. . - - ' held there 1 The dec Mrs. 'Joseph ing, the; at ter-ln-law of. Mrs. Trittschuh. Mrs. Rb haa b a wood' Mrs. Alba Hurst, ed is the mother of Jbtton, the latter; be- Much Improved. Pore of m a patient at ithc [ospltal Life Sentence Affirmed. Jackson, Miss., April S. — The Mississippi supreme court today affirmed the life sentence imposed upon Dr. Sarah Ruth Dean, who v.-:is convicted of the murder of! Dr. John Preston Kennedy in 1933. Xot Located. The holding a letter from the Philippine; Islands addressed to' Mrs. J.; F.; Shields, 544 Virginia 'Aye., Tipton, Indiana. It is believed the letter is for a former resident, whose address is unknown. ; Is Improving. William McAvoy, who has been Hens ^. Fed on Corn and Oats Soon Stop Laying You can keep them laying all summer and fall by balancing your own grain with— RED COMB Egg Balancer Buy One-Fourth of Your Feed and Keep Them Working — It Will Pay. FOR SAIiE BY Fear-Campbell Company THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice, Tipton. Ind. Ramsay & O'Banlon, Projfe. Established Oct. 4; 1895. Subscription Rates. One year. In state $3.00 Six months, in .state .......... J.OO Three months. In state ....•".. 1.W One month, in. state .40 haying a slow time recovering | Ona from a nervous breakdown, is improving nicely at this time and Saturday was able-to! be up town One month, outside state ....... 60 state ..... ... 6.00 .If He Is gaining dally and hoped his trouble Is it is g. CARTOONING LEARM AT HOME «n Incttnttloo tumid cittooolof,' «y~muv m\vnt/ Ol thfc I* C* S. bw'itatoVo* «wa*. Fte&tti* G. E. Mazda Light Bulbs Guaranteed 1,000'Hours: 15to6Q-watt 15c Guaranteed 750. Hours: ' """ '

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