Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 4, 1926 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1926
Page 5
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Gay cuw' home lirlth th{m for. k ntontlu' stay. Titer report -that Mr. Gay and fiaijold' have steady work at the ameltfera. . . IB' lieitibpence ot laar mail carrier. Le^ Moore. J. "v. Slack distributed tbeiinail on lionte One last 1hieeday,ai^ fWednesday. A telegr&m came-Ui the Slack home (rom: Melbonme, Florida, an- Goundng the birth of a 9-pound boy. Earnest Rnssell;'to ue parentage of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pstersoia, Mar the 27th. Oklahoma, were at RoUin C Bat- Ur'e last SaturdayJ • , I Mrs. Mamie Stanley' and Miss Marie Anderson, half sisters, are at present Tisiting at the ihome of Mr.^and Mrs. Millard Crook. Mr, Geo. Slack and J Miss May flicks and Mrs. Ben Sicka. iof near IMqua. were at the J. V.* Slack home one 'day last week. Mt WInfred and sistet, Mrs. Sar- ah Doolie, >ai at the Slack home .Toe^day-eTeiusc and .Misa Irene Gay'went home widi them for a Tislt ... :B4d)e'-Hernnan. who Is about the hitter on the Brooklyn team at the present' time, .has a! baseball record that! Is onique in one .respect. Since making his profe^' sional debiit with the Edmonton clttfo of ithe Western ^Canada League onjy fire years ago yoang Mr. and Mrs. Henry Conrad, ofJHerrman has displayed his wares in every minor league, except, two, and in both of the major leagues. The tulip is believed by many flower lovers to be a natire of Holland. Actually, it is of; Eastern origin, its name being a corruption of the Persian word for turban. —Phone your Want Ads to IS." GAS mr IfEWS HSIES UK. AKDVXRI EDWABD BUS. SELL XOYIDSG VFIO NEW HOME. Mrs. Bart Stewart RetnrBs arhuB Tfsft with Father fa Florida, i, . (Mrs. AL P. Holten) GAS iCtTY, iJnne 3.^Mrs. Bert Stewart )ilia retnmed from Florida where she. has ibeen Tisiting Ber father. She will be remembered by friends as Miss Rose Boyd. ,Mrs. ^obart Thompson returned from Leavenworth:where she ^ent on the excursion- to visit hef husband. Mr. N. Harbour of Emporia visited over the week end with his daughters. Mrs. Potfer and Mrs. Charlie Osborn. Mr. and Mrs.' Edward Russell ani-imimas tiitf .tbelr aev .home on North Taylor street* i; They rer cently^parcbased the property from Mrs. Maty Baicer ^jmd have completely remodeled the Interior' of the'hoose. ' •; ifnk Douglas Moore lOt Kusa, OUa .:Tisned in Gaa City. Wednesday a4^ kttended. the Ladles' Aid. Mr. andj/Mrs. Glenn Blbrrison and little, daukhter. returned to Pittsburg after, a week's/visit vrith their grandparents, Mr.\and Mrs. C C. Martin: Mrs. Lucy Comett received word that.her mother, Mrs. Odelt of Fort Scott, who waa quite ill, is much improved. ' ' Mr.. Jack Anderson -and Mr. Alfred Headricka from Waco, Texas, spent Sunday witb Miss Blondy McGrew, and Miss' Gladys Thornton.- - . j Miss Daisy Applegate of Carlyle Is caring for Mrs. Emma Moore. Messrs. George and John Thorn- 1 ton U KaoahK Oty, Mo., spent the week end 'With their parents, Mr. and Mrs. George S. Thornton. Mr. Bill Thomtim accompanied George and Joim Thornton home to spend tjie week in Kansas City, Mo. ^ ,.-1 -The Gas City 'orchestra, under the direction of Mr. George. Waitei. practiced as usual Wednesday evening. Tlie large hairy spiders known as tarantulas are bred in Australia foj: the sake, -of, t^eir webs, the filaments of which are mada into thread for balloons. Each tarantula yields^ frobi 20 to 40 yarda of filament, of which: eight pieces, twisted together form ja single thread of snfflcient stbotoess for strength and durability, and it is llghtfer'than silk. In 1839 the greet English Derby was run in.a' June snowstorm.: GMING W;e sure fully eqtnpped to grind oats, ear com and. all kinds of ';^rraiii.- WE GUARANTEE OXM WORK Newton Milling & Elevator^itk j W. W. Lam, Agent These three Oklahoma Oty (Okja.) l>o>-8 are believed to be the t,hree young, eat Eagle Scouts In-the world. They are. left to right. Harold Stuart. IJ; Marion Setter. 14. and Jtnimle Hopkins. 14. TH* boy's have been Boy ScouU for two years and won their "Eagle" honors last fall. • NEOSHO VALLKT. (C. L. Arnold.) June 2.—Salem Chapel service .boui-s': • Sunday School oh Sunday the 6th, at 10 a., m. Prpaching pt XI a. ra. and is p.- in. : G. 7 i>.! nt. Prayer mectinj^ on Wi-dnes- (lay evening ffach w^ok.r .Monthly missionary meetinK ipn rThursday this .week. -V. L. Vezib. pastor. ; Those having it in hah'd are novf I pnshiiiB. the practice woi-k on the Children's bay program to be rendered at the church this' comii^g Sunday evening. j Tuesday being a tine day, as far ' as going ,was concerned.-gave the ,r?op.'e a splendid opportunity to attfend Mr. ,C. R. Peck's birthday celehraMon.!but while, this feature v.-as favorable it was also pood for firmers to push their! work. Possibly a more vital c-ause for'there not being an . enormous crowd present wa.s the failure of our reference to the affair in our last week's items, givini; definitely the d .atP it »<as to lie. We did not know of this oversight until; our ^tten- tioa was called to if \vliile at the birtbday function. Hvc hnd no dianop to c()rrc(-t it by sp<>cial .an-^ noiincemeiili- Jlowevrr. nn onq need'- jump al the conclusion that this •p.'trty wa.s irt any way a failure or lacking in inter»-.»--t. On the contrary, oply In comparison with u few other events at this home, in nunihors only, was there, a shortage. Otherwi.<e the faellitiris of tbi.x .fair siz^id crowd wa.s such as to'niak.c if a season of high pitch pj(sisure and enjoymenl. Before dir,nir a niTmbf^r. of the younger men and qiiite a sprinkling of the older crowd cnKapcd 'in hotly ron- tf .sted horseshoe triwues. 'When din- nei* was .announci 'ir everybody appeared ready to do their share to unburden the tables of thcii- temfvt- ing' load. While some were yet ' eating, jRev. 'N. L. Vezie conducted a ."seasi^n of brief taiks.jall ot which placed a .strong'erajjljasis,'on the hpnefil and InflnPtice nf Mr. Peak 's life in the community during the ril yi-ars that he lias been a west side c.itiiten. These talks were responded to in' Mr. Peck's usual appreciative minner of treating snch tilings. He and his wife,were then siicwssful in extinguishing the T5 candles' that were burning • On the large birthday cajte. with one (iuft of breath. As the afternoon wore .away a ball gamt" is ahsi,ifl)ing the interest of th • >re youthful stalwarts of the crowd and ' as individuals finally departed they deposjied to the memory of Mr. Peck strong ex'pressipns of •good will and friendsiiip. The-following is a list.'as nearly as could he ascertained, .rof the names Of those in attenaancr: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prepioh an(l children, Mr. and Mrsi- Karl Hfck?; and son, Mr. and Mrs..Elmer Peck and children, Mr.anrf Mrs. E. If. f'rook. Mr. and Mrs. Fred V'le'aver and family. Mf. and Mrs. .V. Vt-zic. Mr. and Mrs-. Harry Flake'and children. Mr. and Mrs. Maynaril Peck and children, Mr. and Mrs. Alf. Rrownfield, of • Illinfjis. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Arnold. • Mr. and Mrs. Uay Peck and family. Rlanche Hayes, Lorejin and Dori.s ButtcTfield, TJeita Man-in, Mrs. Rolin. .Mr^ Xaihan B.olin and daughters. Mrs. .nurnv. Mrs. Miller of ,To'ppka. Mr^.n!. O. neahm nnd . .Mildred; of .Stralt'in.'-'Colo., Mr. ; and Mrs. Ilnymond H.ives. Mr. F,dd F Crook, Mrs. flln.ird. Kredri.'FrSin- >'"s ^nd rtachel niitterfield, Leona Marvin. Mr. Rills/. Mr. McPownn. Mrs. Voting, Will Young, Ksntond rti'li. fTias Williams. Mr. and .Mrs. Free\Pr((stnn aiid MHdrnd. Mr. and y-rj, 'Ocwi^y Peck and family.. Mrs. K. 11. Cr (Kik went. up to M-rlc Tallcy's on Friday of last v;;"k If) lieij;> take rare of their biiby. ;Mr!i. f'rook's grandilaughter who was at that time quite sick, hnx improved so Mr. Crook-went .up for'.his : wife Sundayj • The iBa.tleys ;ill' toiik supper-at tli-^ hoiiie 'oi .Mr. Logan Fronk iat •liijiiiholdt .Tuesday evening. Mrs. .Moliie Miller. Mr. and Mrs. •l.-'p -Miller, Mr. and .Airs. Walt,cr Ci'"ik. r .awrcnco;'and a. younger came down-frtun Topeka Sat- 'ir();iy hut all but" Mrs. Miller re•.iii%( home Tuesday. She remain- t-'i a few days longer.^). .Mr. Fred Cleaver and "faiiijly had tile plea.sure. of havin.P all of bis siM -^r -i at his home last Sunday, an'l fiinner was served; in. picnic mannt.r. The occasioniwas one of enjoyment for- the CleaVer family. Thus..- present were: Mr. and Mrs^ T,. i>. Mizt.. of Kilnsas City. Mr. nnd .MrsV .loe Brant and datj.ghtcr Nadine and Jootte of I'arsonsj^Mr. and -Mrs. John Jacc!bs .^-,,irr. 'and Mrs. Leon Schf U and children. Mr: and Mrs; Francos Anderson. Ibla, and Mr./ and Mrs. .Albert Cleaver. These vf.sitors. including Mr. Cleaver's large family, constituted an assemblage of ijo small proportions. . ;. • 1 ;i • : : '• Mrs. FJ. B. 13ut3er and son, K. C. Butler and ber' daugltter, • .Mrs. Doyle Caddell atnj-Mr. Caddel^n^- tored to Kansjfis City Monday In and and the Caddell car, returnihg home Tuesday. .. ' ^ Carl Williams and family Mrs. Williams' parents; Mr. Mrs. Wilds, were up from- Cbanute, Sunday,; visiting at the Willlanaa- Hicks home. ,Mr. and .Mrs; Dwight Miller came up from Chanute to be the home iof Mrs., Miller's father, Charles-wnUiams-and- her sister and family, Mrs. Earl Hicks. -Mr. and Mi^is. J. B. Panletic-and her parents and sister, 'tnotored out near Mildred and remained ovcvr Sunday. -.; ' • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lemon and .Mr; and Mrs. Henry Bedenbender of Oil Hill, were at the Baxley home 'a while ^londay. John Baxley of California la at present visiting his brother »and family. He is 'on a visiting trip that will take him from coast to coast. ' • ; Mr. and Mrs. L; J. Baxley were in Ba-ssett Sunday e.ven'ng to see .Mrs. P. t\ Class, who bad been a hospital paMeht for a while. .Sir. and Mrs. Rrownfield of 1111 nnis were visiting Mrs. Brown field's niece. Mrs. nay Pock and family the first of the week. Nathan Bolin came in for Decor ation D.iy and remained pver for ihePeck birthday celebration. -Mr.- and .Mrs. R. L. Hart and Lillian of lola. and Mrs. Billbe and Mrs. 'Andersoti, of Honryetta Okl.n.. were Sunday evenlriB visit ors at the Baxley hime. i- .Mr. and iMrs. j. V. Slack came heme from tjieir visit at Ilpnryetta flkla..-; last Saturday, Mis?! Irene tis. tb die codl^cenk regions m the Ico rA ^pna Boddcs and ih<^ Natianial come and f|o-^ Santa Fe&e Peerless way * rardctaas, i|iis«ii.lail—•.aMi W. E1 RAtSTOX, Agent \ Phone 375 lola^XanBas That is what lola merchants are getting these days when they advertise in the Register. A careful and accurate survey of the city, Qompleted May 2, 1926 reveals thesfe remarlmble figures: Total^ City Cireulatioii of the Register. . 2269^ Families in lola not talcing tlie iBlegister.. 71 > ... . V 96.97 Pereentage of Coverage In determining; the total number of families, in lola hof Talcing" the Register, a house to house survey was made which showed that the paper is delivered to all but 320 houses. But 144 of these houses are empty, and there are 105 papers delivered to stores and offices on the Public Square. It is, of course, proper vto deduct the 144 empty houses, which would 16ave only 176 occupied houses to which the Register is not delivered. But 105 of these houses, it is ; fair to infer, are occupied by families of busi- \ ness and prof essional men who have the Register delivered to them up town and take it home with them when th^ey go. Of course there are a few such men who take the paper up town and at their homes also, but to offset that there are a number of people who, do not take the Register because they borrow it from a next door relative or friend. ' The Regrister feels justified, therefore, in claiming' that there are not more than 71 families in lola that do not see the Re^ster every day in the i week—and it takes considerable pride in making- that claim i because there is probably npt another newspaper in Kansas today that can boast so good a record. These 71 iamilies represent 3.03. per cent of the number of families in town—and it is no reflection upon anybody to call attention to the fact that the buying power of these 71 families pi-obably dojBS not exceed that of 5 or 10 normally well-, to-do families. Most of them do npt take the Register simply because they .are too poor to iafford the 15 cents a week or else beca.use'they do not read. So far as puil-chasing power is concerned, the Register feels that it can justifiably claim that it reaches every home in lola. BIG COVERAGI means BIG RESULTS The Register Supplies the the RESULTS

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