Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 4, 1926 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1926
Page 4
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_ tlolilt'g*per Clty.of Bmifctt. Offlclat ^«per All«n .C<iunty l ;'Te(«^fcmk n h\ CFrlvate Branch £>ehaii.» Connecting 'V, : All DepartnifeiitB) h 'Mendbw of— : ~ ' ~ Natfenal Editorial AiMclatlon. ^ Kanaac ' Prew Aaeatol.atlon. 1; The KanM« Dally l-^-aoue. ' Audit Bureau of Circulation. Preik Congresi of ^i-" World. 'Jnlfnd Dally Prew Ati-ioclatlar ' CUBSCRIPTTOH a AXES. Ati-iQclatlon. iS. By Carrier In loIa.'-Ga- ijlty Bass-iu" One MTeelc .; i., 15 Cents OnS» Uonth . .. 70 CenU .One Tear .. 17.80 h r ev MAIL In Allen County I* One Tear 1 .00 One Month ..j... .i i.0- Outalde^laoXiauaty -. One Tear 7.;..-. .....r.... J5.00 Six Months :... 12.50 Three Months 11.60 e MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. i- " The Beglster carries, the Associated : Preas • report = by special leased wire. 1 The Associated Press la excliislvely cn- • tlUed to the Use "for republication of (Ql -aisws dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited In this paper, and ' also {the local new3 \publlshed herein. All •rights or repiibllcailon. of special dlqtetches herein are also reserve I BihUThoiightfm-'Today. 1 ' God iath not given vti the spirit ot fear: but of power, and of love. II Tim. 1:7. IfiT IfOT ittCR HEARTS BE TROUBLED. "An open break between the iihdani(jntallst3 and liberals oc­ curred-kt the. clrne of tire "l^c tjundred and tblrly-clRhUi ge: embly of the JPrcabyt* iurch In the UnlltJ 1 !^; accorMnf- : > U, BI S BBS ijtjUapatch; wlien Or. Clarfucp Mac- y^ixm of Attd 80 the founilationJs laid for aa9thcr TundamcntallHl and mod- ernldl cpntrovcrBy.. Let those who li'IrtVfeVr^w^dfiin^ fastl''" an<'I"«'nt ialth ?^8ued d f ' /....It ^i.arginp t- ' '1^' nround Mrs. OXeftrjr 'i urjr today, is bfobatiljr to« CiSy n iM ia' contem]|p'rar]r, hritory ir^o hlas the supreme right I of Tetotngr any pi th" legisllitive kcts of a "rie^pbllc wiihiij a republic." ; Mr. George is tu. founder of the George Junior R<iii.t )llc8, and be it isald to the creiit ot the citizens of his don^ains that he is seldom called updii to exercise his preroga^ve, It: was in the early '90s thai, he fiitst became interested in the welfare of poor children in New York iCity. Becoming appalled at i the ••lai%e number endeavoring to ilive on charity, in 1894 he, conceived a plan^of requiring payment in labor for everything' the children received and in addition • institnied self- government. Prom these reforms came the 'idea of the Junior Republic, first put In operation at Freeville, N. Y., in 1S95, and which now has branches in many if the states. been For fiity-ire years it has' thought and j?ehefally; believed that Mrs.' O'J.eary's cow; started the great Chicago^ fire in; 1871 by the simple expedient of kicking over a coal oil lamp by the light of which she was being milked. But now conies an iconoclast who denies the whole story declaring (hat the fire which Mrs. O'l^ary'*- cow started was almost immediately extinguished and that the real connagration began twenly-four hpurrt' a section far r«>mov- :ed frbfti the O'Leary domicile. ;! coalition j! had broil \ terrible : I Dr. MacAri iiurginp motiernists • 913 ' the Assembly > a •IK" According tp ': "our- church rapidly driUiJig away from its toric! and f-arl<^sa witness to the I 8 cow, K-auy to resist to the last ditch the tree thinking heret'«-« who would destroy one "of our most cherished articles of faith. > great truths of the reformed faith." ? .In support of this startling statement he goes on tS dpclare tli.-;^ Uhe ''modernists, indifferentif 3 i; .' I T pacifists^" hadwoji'a com''et'-'a'.;; sweeping \iictory i~ the •;-si .;iu;.. I;: and seemed to b" of th opinion ' -.that t^e Presby ;.-n • liurch i8_ln idanget of'-being ^!:i'-< rompletejii, .f, iawa yifrdm the i' v tlie fathers, "j It Js too bad that one should feel thisi way about ii, becsiise it is not true. ; The Register has taken occasion to recifnk "bw and then that members of Congress, .submerged' ; always in an atmbs- pliere of politics in Washington frequently bfecome terribly exc ted When ' the. people are not excited at all. In similar fashion'it would seem that certain ministers, who are theologians before they are Christians, allow thdlr ,ninds Tite Wets are always talking ?bout the imperious demand of .11 3 people for "light wines",along with their beer. The truth of the 'iriati .r is that the American people never were addicted to the use of wines, light or heavy, and so dbn!t know anything about them nd< don't care anything . about them. They- would not buy them i{ they ;were for sale on every corner, partly because their taste for them has never been cultivated an*? partly becauze they cost too much. What ;the'Wets really want is beer and red Hquor. They merely lug in the "light wines" because it makes the phrase sound a little better than if ttiey should baldly vleclarefor'beer-ind booiR,- • . Treasury officials are now estimating a surplus of 'almost 30(J aI!ln:illio:. luUara.for this fiscal year. the time to dwell on qu'^ uns that,and th. 1 .liavee^)een in the realii of controversy jfor a good mai./ centuries.' and-so get all "het -p ", over m; t- ters which do not d urb the la/- j wen'of the churcl To least 1'.tli I hit. "Certainly t'-'u n what has happened to Dr. M i'. they and those wlfo join whim in lexclted Statement \.liicl endeavored".to hrini; bofort i- Ooneral Assembly,iand failiug.ilh r: carriud It to'the nowsijaptTH. .' . i It would be'dif.ricult to-^l'- ' I idefinition !i!ir fundamentalis.ri n modernist^ that would'be aiccei-• able tis'ieitheK side. ;So far as wt have observed the. laymen regai'd the whole, controversy as in a great measure.a tempest in a tea-" pot and ard much .inclined to say "a'-rpltigueJ On both your houses." I . So fai^ as the average layman can : isee btith fundamentalists and modernists stand on the same ground lij all' essentials of the Ch«Btlai iaith : and •' are merely raising 1 pother because of a-difference in their (interpretation of words re, sultinif in a dispXite about non; essentials, which really ought hot to concern anybody. ; Perhaps this attitude .'of the av- \ eragc layman lis not wholly intel- i jigehtj and popsibly it may not:be \ jalr. But the ^average layman holds it nonetheless. He is iaclihed to think.that the' fundamcntaiist real. Ay belongs in the Middle Agps, that bis mind is of the typ^ ci jcfent theologians wha^ held that ;the ' Scripture piciaiy ta-iht the ;©arth is flat and statIor;^rj' rnd • "condeni =i' I i.-'the stake '*»'ho = lield.thft 11 Was round iJi-;- rj iiioyed ;!!!-T.;;-h space.; Ant h^. is t idlsposed i<: ''-.el'that tlie'^modern- .-Ist ought 10 pay no attention to "^e dismsl. wail %\\t go; on about . hV businesk preaching Christ and .; Hlnji crucilfed. • •> Bjut whether the layman is not • Intelligent or falH In these vi( A-. !, tit his in respect tb tiio parties ••• /Xittged in. the controveiiisy. ihe:- is one thing roasonably cf'tain. And V that Is tha^hf'; : fu failh is not V ^stnrbed. He doWa his New tt'«^tament jand : .i-r? finds the "Maatei^^ saying- ' :,"t; not your jpj^|U "bb •, trbubli i;. Ye 'jclievo "knlsod;. believe "jaiio in me|'' and ithat 'sieems to Him.; to }be | creed cnpngh.' / ' lions ali is aston Republic July 3. Cdmmftte^?l«r^?»r*L^ ed to plan ( at «; recent Aeet- Ing of the Chamber jof Commerce and they expect to have'one, of the biggest-celebrations in the liistbry of ihf - i.nvn. f K.\-O'ov(*raor. JonA- U:Siii .M; I;;iyl4'will i\- ifii- i)l \h" mpi-iikers. This vicinity" was visited, by' a heavy- downpour of rain,.Saturday afternoon which put- the creeks out of their banks In a f^w m.pments. There was also gome "hall" and wind. Several jains have fallen since. We were needing rain.but have pfenty now, for-the time be- Russel N'evitt [of St Louis is here yisitingjhome fdlks. \ .• \ The hea\T rains whiih fell here Saturday . and , Sunday,, jihade the roads' So bad, that many who hail' planned being here for" Decoration did not get to come. The few re-j maining Civil War •retferans were una|)le to attend, but a good sized cro^l•d-gathered Monday morning and most of the following program which w^as planned, was carried out: Prayer Rev. Mr. Stlckney Song .Mildred Choir Gettysburg Address Miss Lovonla M. Donica America — By Toy "Orchestra Recitation ; ...Josle Moore Recitation — Velma GlUham Solo _ —Miss Hazel Hickman Reading Miss Marguerite Hosley Solo ... i-.I}arlene Wilson Recitation —. John McCormack Song, To the Old Couptry.. _..„ ^^..Glrls Chorus VJolln solo —^—,—'—Carl Rodick Address \ji;Rev. Jud Woods Solo —.-Curtiss Stewart Recitation ^^..Flbssie Rich Recitation -Lucin^ Gritton Song _ Mildred Choir Benediction — -Rev. .Mr, Rusk The program was excellent and Rev. Mr. Woods mide a fine talk after which "w-e went to the cemetery and the graves of our soldier dead were covered with floral (emblems. Many people had cohid to place flowers on the graved of their loved ones. Some did not coihP until after dinner on account of the bad roads. Our cemetery is well kept and beautiful at all times and when the little green tents were, all covered with flow- I DIO I FOSTTTME: A-A-OH-Miv»P «brt YT WAS A.GOOD AS -IfttT. JAME. O? CA-Urt ^A-UH-A-A- AS-bH A^^-VNELU — AS A3AMe:l SEEM IM A SHbW ers it was indeed beautiful.. Misses Eknma Long, Verl Bidweil, and Mary Shelton are attending*] school in . 'ittsburg. Harry Bisley and family of Alamosa, Colo, and Mrs. S. A. Busley of LaHarpd. spent Thursday at Gill Ruxton's.^ -John Barley and family, went to Garnett Sunclsy where Mrs. Barley sang at a funeral. Miss Elsie Hite spent Thursday nlghtvat Preston Patterson's. Rev. Jud Wood drove down from Ottawa Monday and delivered; a splendid address at the Fairview church. Mrs. Jerry Hackett and Olive went to loia Thursday and A'eta who has been there attending junior college accompanied them home. Mrs. C. P. Buckmaster of Chicago who has been visiting at John Barley's went to Garnett Tuesday. Mrq.,,,Ge9rjg?i, Stepjipnp quit the phone office Monday and Mrs. Daugherty expects to quit soon. They have been efficient, obliging central girls and will be missed from the switchboard. In fact this paper owes most of its Mildred news to t'-.ei kindness of these centrals in being sb obliging in s'w-itch- the face of tax reduc- '...g the line. It really I fng "for "thoL" "who"c°oiiec'^^^^ jj^ how regularly the bin we trusjt the new "iglrls will be party when it is m! as good, power scfc:: s able to manage the Tlnancial aUairs of the country so as to report a surplus year after year Instead ot a djeflcit which has bceii our common experience wltli another political party in control. By Ih^ Vay, what has become of' thpit Hiiit of our extinguished former Governor for five million Mrs. C. W. Sinclair has a new Essex coach. Mrs. Pearl .McCallen spent Friday with .Mrs. .Mae Patterson. , Mrs. Charley Harvey and daughter Zoln, of Eureka, are visiting Klmer Hites and other relatives here. Gill Ruzton and family t^ttendcd a family dinner at Lallarpo Sun< day. of bridge were played, two on the porch and one in the living room. Delicious refreshments were served and all present enjoyed a di'light- ful afternoon. Mrs. John Barley won the honors, and Mrs. l-rlfKi Nevitt the booby: Mrs. Wade's sister the cobsolatlon prize and the "uest prize went to .Mr."!. Gustavia- son. Tliose present were: Mrs. Don Ray, Mrs. Wade and her sister [ who is Iiere from Salina: Mrs. Don- lesky, Mrs. Russell Warren, Mrs. Urless Nevitt. Mrs. Gustavfason. Mrs. Lowell Davis, Mrs. Estel Dixon. Mrs. R.R. Nevitt. Jr., Mrs. John Barley and the hostesses, Mrs. H. H. and p. C Blaise. A little son has come to make his home With, Mr. and Jlrs. Clarr ence Bolze. Mrs. Rolze will be better remembered as Miss^ V.era Curlcy. Mrs. N. T. •Cu ^lcy ^iv5nt down to Walnut to make the acquaintance of her new grandson, le returned homo .Monday, Mrs. Ira Norton and MriftiyBla Rcnfroe were dinner guests at Preston Patterson's Tuesday - evening. Columbus Wilcox has a nbw Ford. Lester Stoker and his mother. Mrs. Olive Hegwood, drove to Gsr- nett Sunday and on account of tlie rain diH not Hcturn until Monday. Th-^^iriditfHdfsl ,6f' tlf^"RyHdk4h! lodge will have a picnic at- CamP Bandera, near Ft. Scott Tlinraday. The W. C. T. V. offered pci7 «3 for the pupjls writing the best <>s- say on "Injuries of Intoxicating Liquor" from the Mildred grade school. The fifth grade tried, for it. and Cecil Gott won first prize, wliich wa.s one dollar, and Maxine Walton ."second, one half dollaT. Mrs. Frank Isaac^olda Drury. and Mi'Z^Holeman spont Saturday with Mrs. Mablo Thompson. L. G. Vandeverr of Valley Center; Mrs. Chosier Dickenson .mil daughter Willa, of Moran; Mrs. Iva Shepherd, ol Bronson: and Mrs. Addle Hob.irt. of Kliicai-l, were here for decoration day .ind were calling on nld neiKlii;or.-'. Johnnie Youi.glifrg,, who -n-ork-J Mussolitii? jMIss Barnes of Kansas' City spent dollars alleged-damage to his rep-; 'he .week end with Mr. and Mrs. „,„./„_• v.-i.^.«. kf H. Blajso and other friends~herei ulatlon on hciount of certain publication^ in the Kansas City Journal?: The State court held that it did hot have jurisdiction and therefore; refused to hear the case. But the road to the Federal court is broad and the gate is wide open. Why ha^ •^t the .controversy been' taken to ; .<t tribunal? only 151 arrests made in May, 1926 as compared to 390 iii May, 1925, and 525 in May, 1924. Can; it be possible that the Volstead Law is failing to do its duty, according to the Wet^ and is actually permitting jcrime to diminish instead of causing it to increase? > Already the cross country higb- v^ays are beginning to be cluttered up with automobiles that obvious- pre filled with tourists althougii tlie regular vacation season is st^ I a month away. A.inost pronounced characteristic of the .average American is his. desire to leave the place where he Is and go .to some other plAce where he isn't b,-.'. where hie thinks he wants td i)e. ; • R. .M. Johnson and family and i'"S,'".'" •^'••>'"'''''7''>''7"\!?''''^^ ' at home and rc.nained for Decora. lion. The cement company hid a Thev rctdtned home Monday. ,!?"""« banquei it the VicU.- Mrs. C. W. Sinclair and Mrs. Eu.:^ """'Jay nght. ^ . gene Sinclair drove to Highland ! ^ ^'""S- -^iCu "'lv'Yho cemetery at lola Monday aher-11;''-^^"^'"'"'•''«''''•'''"»<'"'•' ' California and \vosi.;-.i sijtc's fore- Hoel ."Holy Topeka," as it used to be called in derision is becoming holier ..and holier according to the "To'- peka Capital. The records of the police department show there werej-^''^- Myers visited at JeSs ofi- jnoon. . Mr. and Mrs. Marrow amd daughter, Miriam, drove troth Kansasfl Clly Saturday and visited at the parental M. J. Keeton- home. Mr. JVfarrow returned hbmc Monday, but Mrs. Marrow and­ mained for a longer visit.' Mr. and Mrs. Rollln Nevitt Jr., spent Sunday and Monday at Nevada and other points in Missburi. Mrs. Claude Myers and Mrs. Ruth Daugherty went to Moran Friday. The dispatches report the death In Deliver of a little girl who while playing near her; home fell jwith-a lollypop in her jdiouth I and was almost jjnsta^tly iklllcd, the w-ad of candy being forced Into \ her tliroat and, choking hit to death. Considering how full the ^t-orlS is ot things, that may under certalii circumstances '• become . deadly w^pons i,t is a wonder that any of us ever managed to grow up. Rant's and Mrs. Daugherty at E. N*}McCormack's. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Harris visited relatives in lola. Mr. and'ilrs. Chauhce Trimble visited at Elmer Hites Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Lingo Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lingo. Walter .Lingo and Miss Liberg of Garnett visited at Mark Shockey's Sunday. Way- mov'd Shockey and family ot Tulsa, Okla., and Floyd Prather and family of Chanute, were w^ek end visitors of the Shockey's. Mr. and Jlrs. Ira Norton have rented' rooms of Eugene Sinclair's and inoved Mondav. .Miss Molba Dean of Kincaid took .Mrs. George Stevens place on the switchboard. Mi-s. Ira Norton has been.ap­ pointed perinanent postmaster. Mrs. Lottie Sutton and children of Eldorado are visiting fi'iends and relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. M. Havehhill and Mrs; Lucy Swonger of Kansas City, ^me i down for Decoration jand visited their mother, Mrs, C; E. Wilson and other relatives.; Mrs. Havenhill remained for a longer visit but the others returned home Monday. , . . Curley. Myers and family and Mildred McCready spent Sunday at Elsmbre. Mesdames H. H. and P. C. Blaise g^vfl a bridgp party Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. H.- Blaise complimentary to Jtfrs. Ma-- rle Ouatavlaaon. who Is leaving Mildred. The home was beautifully decorated in daisies. Three tables are 'visiting fri' iids and relaii-.c:; 1:1 Mildred. Mrs. Cnndy willli.: better .remembereil here as Miss Hcs- aie .Marsh who was superintendent of our school. • • Miss Pearl Elliot of loin. 1MS been 'employed to teach donicstic art in the Mild;-ed school uex: year. ; « : The! Rev.-Theodore Rudi.'sill, who was overseas as a chaplain-in the 1,'nited States army, will lec^ore on his experienres in the World War at the church Thursday nipbl. Rev. Mr. Rudisill lived on a farm west of Mildred when a.boy and his old friends will welcome a chance to hear him. I'liesday was Mina Lucille Patterson's sixth birthday, and her biOthef gave a party for her dur-| This 24.year^)ld Chinese general may arise us a sort of Chinese Musaollni to restore order irt his native land, uccordinff 10 ob.scrvera of the situation He la Gen Chanu llsueh- I.lang. «on tit the Mnnchurlan war lord Chang Tso-Lln. ing Iho afternoon. .Miss Elsie Hitp and .-.Jrs. Zola Renfroe .sii|icrin- tctided the games. Refreshments w.-re served and the little folks en- Joyed J. delightful time. Mina Lucille received several nicii pres­ ents. Tiiose present were, Charles and Russell Collins. June and Rodney Harris, Francis and Edith Nevitt, Jiuiics Kongorski, Evalyn Lovely, Marilyn, Patrecia Ann and Dorothy Jane Blaisf, Marjorie Sinclair and Elaine Isaac. The Rebekahs had a farewell party for Mrs. Marie Gustaviason Monday evening. All present report .i delightful time. . Mrs. C. W. "Wilson, Miss Sanderson, Mrs. Mamie Havenhill and Inez Wilson, went to La- Harpe Tuesday and visited at C. L. Wilson's. .Miss Myrle Stuckey and Ccdric Wilson were married at Topeka a week ago Saturday. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Stuckey. formerly of lola. and for the past year has been an efficient instructor in our high school. Mr. Wilson holds a responsible position at the plant. "We join their nuiny many friends in wishing ;t-!iein a long- and happy life. Wayne Wilson, the little son of Mr. and .Mrs. Clair Wilson of Oinalia. Neb., came to visit his grandmother, airs. C. E. Wilson, and other relatives while his parents are in Philadelphia., Pa., attending a Shrine convention. The "So and Sew' club met this week with-Mrs. M. M. Collins. Bob Muir was in Kansas City Saturday and Sunday. Miss Meador is here visiting her ."ister. Mrs. Sanders. A number of Mrs. Lee Hunsak- cr's friends went in and .surprfsed her Saturday evening and all re-, port a deliglitful time. The Ladies' Aid is having a birthday party at the church Fri-' •-V jii'ght. Tliey arc trying to send invitations to everyone, but if yOu are missed come any way. as everybody: is invited. Send or bring a penny f6r.each year of your age, und this is the only cost. The refreshments and program are free. The money received In the birthday sacks will bo used- to pay for lixing up the church. Everybody is invite^ and welcome. Mr. an .--Mrs. Mank McAdam went to lola Saturday to see their sister, .Mrs. John Busley. of Bron- Fon. who is in the hospital there recovering from a serious operation. .Miss Inez Jefferis erturned from Kanardo Wednescjay, where she has THOS. H. BOWXirS, President G. R. BOWLUS, Cashier Allen Comity State Bmk . lOIA, KA?(SAS Eslahlished a Quarter of aXentnrr Capital Stock ............ 30,000.00 Surplus and Undiv. Profits . 150,000.00 Deposits .1,000,000.00 IMEREST PAID OX TIME DEPOSIT.S , SAFETJf DEPOSIT B{ XES FOR BEST- The Best- Your Last Tribute We Can Do It ; I ' "I ' ' It makes I no difference whether the design you wish on your memorial ,is elaborate or .severely plain W;e can fulfill your' wishes. Ruby Red or Rock of Apes.Gran- ites make permanent, beautiful memorials. WILLIAMS MONUMENTAL WORKS 301 South Washington, Phone 676 i (By Lee Pape) . Xcstl4<lAy after dinnir ma sed to pop*. Wilyum, I regret to report that" your ^oin told me a lie today. Reely, and wat was your son; doing at the time? pop. sed. .Me Iieing Ithe buy .son either of them have, exsept ttie baby and he's too young to teU enything, including a lie, and ma sed. And ferthermore. it was not ony; a lie, it was; a deliberate faltshoQd, and by that I meen, premedicated."He was afraid,I would-stop him if I saw him gbing out, so he calmly told .me that the telefone was ringing, and I went to anser it and. by the time I found out it hadent bin' ringiiig at all he was out of the house and lost to site erround the neerest corner, i.she sed. . Benny, this is a serious accusation, pop sed. » To say the leest, ma sed. • Well, pop, it wasent a axual lie, for reel. I' sed. I am glad there seems to be ix- tenuating circumstances, the prizz- ncr may speak in his own detents, pop sed. Wich I did, saying. It- was oiiy a imitation lie. Wy the ideer, dident you deiib-^; erately tell me point blank that the telefopc was ringing? ma sed. Yes mam. I sed, and pop sod. Well, it wasent ringing, was It? and I sed. No sir, but as soon as I told her'iit was I sed to myself Somcwares, maybe. And I bet you there was a telefone ringing somcwares. too, I sod. That will make your punishment mutch lighter, pop sed. Im going to give you 3 good sulistantlal slaps with my slipper, and each lime you feel one you can think ro yourself, Somcwares, maybe, and perhaps that will convert them, into imitation- slaps. And he gave me .'? some place, ony all I thawt to myself each time was. Owtch, owtch. • been teaching in the city schools. She has the same position next year. Mildred is having a plentiful supply of rain at present. Hot Days'Aie-. Coming June show^ers bring' more than flowers. TTiey are the pleasant reminder that spring is well on its way :snd that your summer wardrobe needs consideration. We aye ready . to show you Palm-' 3eacb|; suits, underwear, straw Iiatsp caps, ties,^shirts, etc., to .fix. you up for the hot days; « : Come in when ready.- If —you haven't repapered^: or 'repainted your home for the coming season we urge you to do so now. • • ' A few'rolls of tasteful wall and ^ few paper gallons? of .Sherwin-Will-r iams paint wilj brighten' . your home' and make 'it a cheerful place, 6asy to. keep clean. The Evans Stor^ L. E. HORVILLE, President F. 0. BENSON, Cashier A .W. BECK, Vice-President E. D. LA5D, Asst. Cashier HARRY SHIYELT, Asst. Casliier TOLA STA TE BANK WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS Capital Stock ...........v.. .$50,000.00 Surplus ............^ :$43,00b.00 t - a Savings Is the Basis of SUCCESS. Start Your Account with ^.safety Secority 6uilding&Loan A'ssn ; lola, Kansas • , ^ '•• Office in First National Bank. • .1 'I THAT GOOD G A SOLI NE —and^— GOLDEN GLOW AUTO OIL REAL SERVICE FOR THE AUTO Also country deliveries by pur Tank Thicks 1 Phone 489 Lesh Service Statian ELMER P. SLACK, Agent \ Opposite lee Plant ' 1> "--4 •I •

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