Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 4, 1926 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1926
Page 3
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- i Mr.,.Chas. Street of Colony was jin lola yestorday: on business.-' —For a rdal meal, go to Hart's Care. . tWcken every^Uay. j Mrs. George J. Wa»\r went to ' Fort Scbtt jeislerday Uo attend a l)!cnic"of Baitern Star lodge. —Dr. ,Mont goinery. Chiropractor. Iqla likundry Bldg. : Phone 138. • i .. , ; • Mr. P. D. piofler returned- ji^s- terday to Kaijsaa City on the 4:28 afternoon Sa^ta Fe. He had been called,here as a witness in a case ' In the! district court. -r^Farm I^anfl. See us lor FarmJ Loans. R. L.'; Thornpsou Ageiicy. ' Mr. Eimci^ 5>Ju<.k, mnnagfir of the Xe«h OH Co.,^.lias Installed a new i ten'-gallon easollun i"jmp at the . .ccrnor of R i.h I and Ki -ntucky »tr «>et8. iiMr. WrlKlii wfll h(ive charge" of the Hint ion. ' , •• " l)nnc>! -fpVysial Ijikt?, Carlyle. Tuesday •: . _ • • • i ;Mr8. Oortrudp Waiors ani little 1 prabdson.. Wilfbni If'cnr^'. v).\io had M'*^i iii lola, vlHlting the former's )rothcr, |Mr. H«'nry" Sauderjs and fAnlny of 51.'; North-. Syteamore street, returned home'to feansas City! Mo., yesterday oa the 4:28 afternoon i5anta Fe. —Swim at Crystal Lake at Car: lyle.'fhe oplyrreaj swimming pool in eastern Kknsas". i Mrs. A. O. Wilsofi of Kansas City, was in loL-i the first of this week, visiting Mrs. Imo Krause of •. 12 Nprth Sycamore street. " —Jiist. received another shipment ' of jraUon_ Thrift Jnps—keeps hot i ~br cold, and a real value at $L69. \ Cook'.s "Drug Store. ~ i • \i " — • MrJ and Mrs. AVilliara} Krause, jr., Mrs. jlmo Kraiise. Mrsj Effle Hul, bert.ind Mrs. A. O. Wilsonj drove •' to Lone Elp Decoration Day., i' —See Hargrove fqi^fhe best in •; auto tops and; seat covers. 217 •' South street. Phon> 30. .Mr. and Mrs irarl White drove up frpmChanui* the first of the 'week with .Misses Aleene and Imo Carter, who remained here while Mr. and Mrs. 'White drove on to Kansas City on a business visit. ;—Try It once^you will have no I oflier. Van Hoozer's Bread. I i , ' ' •Mr.; Pete Ogan who was severely Injured on Decoration Day while working on a telnphono line, Is getting along nicely now. ailthough ritill unablt! t -o work. Mr. Ogan liad four rllw broken in the a<<:l- dent. » • • • * F. Li B. LEATELIi, M. B. Special attention given Diseases Of Coloii and Rectum. .Electro-Therapy and -, j Physiotherapy. Office lola State' Bank'.Bldg. -Phones—147 and 705. 'S]T. Hallie Ngland has shipped •his I household goods ' to Bartlesville, where he has employment. . —Marcels, .50c\ Kathryn Clevenger,. 517 S. Sycamore; Tel. 729.. Mr. Ji A. Norman, who has had , his household .goods in ; ••storage •here for some time, has had'them shipped to Denver, Colo., ' where , they w-ill make their hom^. 1 Dr. Lucy Poison. Chiropractor Northrup Bldg. Phone 1326. 'Mr.-and Mrs.; Dennis Tucjcer have leased the Jf.vjVI. Clayton, tesl- denqe, furnished jat 225; South Fourth street, and; * m '1 I occiipy it during tjie absence;of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton in CoioradO. v —Try a sack of Newton's Fidel- -ity Chick i starter. -Its going good. M ^-s. iFj A. Boyer and little dly and Rose Marie, left yester Ihp 4:28 afternoon Santa ij)!'Ihfeir home in Otta^ay Kan.. vlfeit at the farm home of prrb. J. • D. Boyer, " near '.I i. ll 4 iO. F.'aiitl Rebekaht )UT ftnnual Memorial Service « h}ia at the First United iren-church Siinday evening, 13th. .Meet at the hall at O'clock. Public also invited. ELBERT AYLINfi, N.-G, JESSIE GOES, N'.^G. Iwr. F. A. Blxbx Is hovlng hard .hvood floors laid In three rooms ofV .tilr r^ldence at 409 East.MadlsOn iavQ>Al^. , ; _ ; . 1 • - .\ Dairymen! • ' ^\ ^ '• 1; —You?can get rubber stanfl^B-to *ittamp your name i and dalrjr-^n^m* 'ber on your -milk ticket* aj^the . Register. Call IjS'and give ua" your •order. J The, report circulated a» few days :ago Uiat i the; business block , occupied by the lEd Morris Furpf- ' ture. Store, and other tenants thd oytnet by! Mrs. C. -.M. ChoUette of 416 Ejast Wadispii. Jiad been offqr- ' ed for sale., or an;offer had been V made by a prospective purchaser, " is ientirely without foundation, so ipnc of-thetehants Informs a re, poster for the ttegister. Mr. Morris bias his room in this. building leaded until ;niext May and expects to Occupy, it until that time '"'at least ThIS; place will be better ^own as the old'location of \ the C, Plombiof Co: Mrs: E. E.^ Land and daugh^r, Blanche Land\ were buainess visitors in Chanute this afternoon. —Permanent Marcel, $7^00. North Side Barber Shop. Phone ^7. Mrs. Chas. Garner went to Nowata, Okla., today for a visit with Mrs. Jaiile Thompson. -Dr. O. L. Cox, Specialist Eye, Ear, Nose an^ Throat.; . Mrs. Frank Williams and son, Harold, of 220 -South Second street went to Eurek*, Kans.. this-morning to visit M »8. Nathan Pierce. ; —;Ju8t like Angel Food Cake, Van^ Hooter's. Qread, 2 for J5c. ,» Mary Martha Walker, who haa been vIslUng her aWter, Mrs. Edith OHwahl and family In Yates Center, passed through hero-today enroute tohu-'r home Jn Chanute. —Dr. A, B. rTwadell, Osteopath. New-Globe Bldg. Phone 19L MI hs Florence Stotiffer, who haa been here several weeks with 4ier sister, Mrs. Archie Northcott and family, ;.returned to her home in Buffalo,; Kans., today, —New 3rpiecei Reed Suite, J4^. upholstered in attractive floral tapestry. Hennlnger's' Furniture Co. Miss' Faye Hawkins, who l^as been visiting\ in the hoine of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Abbott of Gas, returned today to her home in Thayer, Kans. ' '-^Episcopal ladles cake sale to-, morrow (Saturday) at M. & M. Gro-; eery, 10:30 a. m. Several, carloads of S. B. Ai members are expected up tonight from; Humboldt and Chanute to at-^ tend; the dance at the S. B. A. Hall. An 'orcbestra from Chanute Will play for the dance. L 0. 0. F. and Rebefcah. —Our annual Memorial Service io be' held at the First United Brethren church Sunda.y evening, June asth. Meet kt the Jiall at 7:30 o'clock. Public also invited. J ELBERT i^iyLING. N. G. JESSIE GOES, N. G. Jlr, F. V. kessing'er of Kansas Oity t;ame down oniahe noon train for a visit with hts parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Kes.slnger and family. , —Eat your "home'cooked" dinner Sunday at i.,ewnian's' Cafe. \ Mrs. Nellie Beat and daughter, Alice, of Washington, D. C, visited yith their uncle and aunt, .Mr. and Sips. J. J. 'Varner and'other relatives.' yesterday, going to Moran In tlw evening. .Mrs. Beat formerly lived In Colony. . . -. . Correction. -Py ml .Htake tiie .Self Sertlce Grocery adverllHement. In , lant nikhrs Refflsler offered IS barsjof P and « or Cryitlal White Soap for 10 centK— the jirlce of the soap Is IS hnrs for SO cents. .Mr. Pliney Elliott Pitta- burg this morning where he will attend the summer sessiiln at the Kansas State Teachers College. ..Mrs. Elliott will remain here with relatives. .Mr. Elliott expects to: return to Leavenworth again nexti year. ; • ^ —Jergens Oppoitnnit}' Soap Bex,! a doz^n cakes of Jiergiens' Soap In their special Jane offer for 89c. Cook's. . Mr. . Porter Thomas, wh^> has been attending Bchool at Kansas University at Lawrence this winter, returned home on' the noon train tgday to spend the summer vacation, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Thomas., -^We are prepared to supply your needs in fly dopes and sprays,' both' for horses and cattle. Cook's., Mr. and .Mrs. C. M. Jackson and children Clifford and William iPat- toiti of Richard City. Tenn., are here for a visit with Mrs. Jackson's par- ctits,, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Jackson and his,sister, .Mrs. Ralph Stover and family. Mr. Jacksoai Is superintendent of construction at the Dixie Portland Cement. Co. at Richard City. —Kelviiiator, oldest domestic system ' electric refrigeration, a beautiful line ;of white and porcelain cabinets using - the "Leonard Cleanable" construction, priced remarkably low. K. C, Plumbing & Electric Co. : "I think there ought to \>f. \d law comiielllng gum cfaewers to ^wallow ihi'lr wad when they { get through chewing It," remarked the: Weather Man as be caime in| this- morning .with hia today's giiesa, at tomorilow '8 weather. "Coining away from' the concert last night I squshed Into a wad ail big as a doughnut and li took the most of the rest of t^ night and about ten cents worth of gasoline to clean It off." There surely ought to be a law against it. • I:' .. ^ 'W ' ••• ' Big Face Powdersj Is not affwted m pmpuaikm. mSt not let u. ofljly uiM doBW throBdi; staTS [oa imtil janUlia it cff; fri* and pare; 'uBkM ilie pom Intirffale; bokB lika beaaiiM Bstml aUn; Civcfi • m A vdrvtr comrhricB. Gtt thia wic !«ond «fal;^lMSlif..(avdil «nedUdlo«lo ./'c COOfe'S DRUa STORB | j • Sathlni Ui^uty conteat time I. arbund again.-To prove It. here are »•»Wtowfl. In (earn It PulchrltiWe at Oalve.ioii. Tex. MUa Catherine MoyUn.."M«M DallM/' fourthifrom the left end. von the ftrat prize of »2000. and Mbu Oladya V )re. 'fMlaa Niw Orleana." aeoond from the left, won the MQ- gnd prize of $1000. Jiotlce—neither girt haa bobbed hair. .; Mrs. lO. D. Wanamaker and Miss Thelmd Wanamaker went to Chanute on the noon train to be the guest Of Mrs, Bc'n Caldwell ove^ the week-end. —Buy your l>at now at reduced prices.. Picture bats, dress, sport and silk hats. You'll find just what you want at Edwards Mil-, linery. ' Word has- been received here by relatives that .Mrs. M. C. Larsen, who underwent an operation at the .Mayo hospital at Rochester, .Minn., on Monday, is getting along as well as <:ould be expected. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Strode and daiighter. Colleen of Cherokee, ^^f ^^^an/:!^ W ^!^ii:i :^^oyed.the music, There_was_sotne aud on their return home they took Mr. and .Mrs. Baldwin home with them for Decoration Day. -Mr. and Mrs.'Baldwin returned home Tuesday bringing home with them Mrs. Baldwin's sister and husband. Mr. and Mrs. Hiie. —The following stores will close at 5:30 every afternoon except Saturdays beginning Monday, June 7, and continuing during June, July arid-August: Globe Mercaiilile Co., Perliam's, Barclay-Shields, The Hub, J. ;C. Penney. Shields Shoe Store, Palace Shoe Store, Royal Shoe Store, Spot Cash Shoe Store, Economy Shoe .Store.,- Mr. George *fetadler .received today a telegram announcing the death of Mrs. |Wm...11. Klein, at th^ faniilytionie' in Richards City, Tenn.. and stating that funeral services would! be held at that place tomorrow afternoon. Mr, Klein wa.s a reflideut of lola for .several years, coming as a and later serving as superintendent "of; the old Portland Cement Plant at Coiicreto, Tho .se still living here who knew him and Ills wife'will' be grieved to learn of YHe VfeaOi'fil" Hf^s.^TClelh.' • —Special for Saturday: -Cocoiir nut Brittlf. 20c. lb. at Howard's Candy Shop. Mrs. A. C. Tudor and Miss- LoI« Ayllng^ left Wednesday, ni^orning I'or Hutchinson, Kans.. .Mrs. Tudor to attend the;Woi;ian's .Mlsslopary. cpnvfentipn aud .Miss Ayling To aV- teud the Uttcrbein-Guild convention' of the United Brethren choTclrj wiiich is being held there this we^k end. Mrs. Tudor will return htnne after the concluding sessions., of the convention Sunday but ,^lllss Ayling will remain for a few'^'days longer visit with Miss Alma Vaughan. For: i'onr Conrenlencet. •—we maintain at this es- tablisliment a repair and, alteration department—fully etiulpped to give expert service. Phone 105. ' Ableson Cleaners • * * • * Mr. ani Mrs. Lewis Clayton, who have been visiting Mr, Clayton's brother, and also relatives of Mrs. Clayton, at Independence, Kana., rsturned to lola last night, and in company with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Clayton, of 225 South Fourth street left "thjs forenoon for. BOuIderj Colo., In their car. \ Mr. and' Mrs.' J. M..Clayton e:^pect to remain In 'Colorado for six| months - or mOre. They have relatives living; in Boulder. AiihelUtz-r' Stijck Complexions! How they attain mxcb fireth .vigoroua tkiii*-> tise*e one' Met in the amatt hotebr. Hntf^ey keep their pore* ab> •olutel^eclean. Second, diey keep Che blood circulating normally in the jEtce. And ijhey liacjap Rote to accomplish bodi , —thecleareoapforadearddn. Dltcaidcoane toape w^iIch cloc ,sldn and try Jap Rote, you Will •ee and feel the di&rencei' Jht stcarjioap for • clear coaj^aaOfi Miss Doris My^r, daughter, of Mr. and .Mrs. W. H. ..Moyer of 70X Baesett, Is III of measles. '.Mrs. Adella Quinn of Springfield. Mo., and her eldest son, John Quinn.of Oklahoma City. Okie., are visiting In the home of the for»- mer's niece. Mrs. .Ralph McKInney and ,faroily. I 6ome. of the boys of the lola bowling club went to Chanute last night and were defeated by the Chanute boys. The Woodmen Lodge of lola has organized a base ball team and aU, ready have their unifoJ-ms. A big crowd attended the band concert last night and greatly en- coniplaint about boys mkking so much noise ;that it interferred with the concferi to some extent. Mrs. Evelyn. Townsend, of Wichita, is in' lola'today soliciting funds Jor the support of an orphans' home. Mr. Chas. Wood, manager of the Broadway hotel at Emporia was in lola today oh business. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. King and daughter Sarabeth, left yesterday afternoon for Emporia to make their home. They have been residents of Winfleld for some time. They have been visiting relatives here and at Elsmore for the past two weeks. Mrs. King Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Leffler of Elsmore, and a sister of Mr. Nathan Leffler and of .Mrs. L. E. Foster. Vote Satnrday and .Monday. —In the students of the 7th and 8th grade dressmaking contest. The dresses are now on display in Ramsay's show windows. The rules to vote by are: general appearance, trimming, color comblnatloifs, etc. 1st prize, $4.00; 2nd' prize,' $2.50; 3nl prize, $1.50; and three honor -t able mentions. Vote by number and sign your name. Place ballots In box at the front door of main store. Miss Hazel BeShears of;Kansas City is here for a short visit with her mother. Mrs. Lou BeShears and with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Newton, before going to San Francisco where she will make her home. i GOI .DE K TALtEY. Sunday .school every Sunday morning. Preaching every second and fourtlt Sunday. . j Mr. and>Mr>i. Jno. Man beck and Dclbort visited Sunday with .Mr- and Mrs. F. A. Knapp and-fa;nlly. Mr. Clyde Baker who gruliiated this year from Moran HIgh.VSchool, haa entered Chlfllcothe Business college,; enrolling In the depart- m3ut,of telegraphy and typewriting. The Golden Valley Sunday school presented an excellent program Sunday morning. Mesdames I. O. Morrison, E. J. Baker, Ira Morrison and Chas. Kohler trained the children. Mr. H. W. Brown supervised the music. . Helen Adam8 presided at the. piano. An offering of $18.25 was taken. On Monday Mr..and Mrs. Cha^. Pierce visited Mr. H. H. McGlash- •jn of, Pleas-intca, Kansas, gran*:- f.ithrr of Mrs. Pie:-"e, who is at tlio-J.'eviuin hospital In Ft. .Jcott. The Sam Baker family Is en- Jpylug a ,'bjt wit!i...rcJ "cvi4 "rrom Color.!. 2 brotho!.. M.r Scot! Ijaker;ai;d wife, alo'j a =i«tcr. .Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Wood, Miss" I.nuise'-Wood and Mtitt.- Scoit spe:it Sunday at the E. R. Stewirt home.; - I , ' Lois -Gates, Helen and Ruth Adams visited Sunday with Arlene WalkeK ' ' ' • ' The Eldorado, Kansas Drilling Co., Jias leased the 320-acre farm of P„ ReistrOffer. On Thursday they began unloading a dialling rig and will commence work immediately. Georgee Hawkins entertained Wesley Templeman. Jewell 'and Clarence HIgglns Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mohr and son of near Wichita, left Sunday for their: home. They drove through III their Hudson Essex. . MK and Mrs. Casbeer of Colony aqdl, Roberta Gregg of lola were Suaaay guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. ,W. Brown. Mrs.- Marlon Edwards was called to the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Robinson, of LaHarpe, who Is -v-ery ill. \ much needed, rain has been falling and berries, gardens' and small grains will be greatly bene­ fitted. JIarlau Isaac spent Saturday nl^l aiiu Sunday with his cousin, Clyde E. Baker. Mrn. Chaa.4|Cohler and son, Chas. Jr., are visiting in Kansas City. aie4 at hls^etmnlnr home near Jcdf do schoolhonsj^-Kay; 30.^ at tbei'age of 63 yean, 10 moptba and 19: U^. after weeks of^nfferlnr frdm heart tronhle. . He camie with his parents to; Allen Cotmty, kanaaa. the spring of 1370 and setUed pn a farm five miles south of th**' present city of LaHarpe. Hit early boyhood years were spent, in helping bis parents and going to scbt^l. After completing the'country-school course he attended the -SUte Normal at Emporia from which he graduated In 1887. After this he Uught-school At various-iilaces for seven years and was an:employe In the census department at 'Wasbingto^,. D. C. lor a couirie of yeara. He then pur­ chased'his present home where be baa resided, continuously ,for over 30 years. He was married to Eloisa Ramsey March 18. 1897.. To this unloii two children were born, Hazel and Cecil Johii who bpth dle{d. at an early age, leaving the .hoine d.eso- late. He was very/devoted to his home and! farm life, preferring It. to any other mode of living. ~ He leaves to mourn his loss his devoted wife., one brother, Ellas Rhoads, of Roseburg, Oregon,, together with other relatives and a host of friends. Funeral services were held' front the home at 2:30'Tuesday, June 1. conducted by the Rev. C. I. Goldsmith. Burial was made In the LaHarpe cemetery.—A Friend. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Blunt and son Dale lieft today for their house In Cawker City, Kansas, after a -visit with Mrs. Bunt's parents, Mr. and Mrs.. Q. W. Leffler, of Elsmore. Mrs. Blunt Is a sister of Mrs. Nathan Leffler and also of Mrs. L. E. Foster, r The Sunflower Special on the Missouri Pacific ° arriving here at 8:11 in the evening .will come in four minutes later, 8:15, begliming Sunday. So Himy Ahotb: inowinS ita 5 minutes D ONT believe that just because: your mornings are hurried you must deny the family hot, nourishing breakfasts. Quick Quaker is faster than plain toast. That means the most delicious of hot break&sts without muss or hurry. i It means the excellently ' I m I- anced ration" of protein.^ carbohydrates and vitamines—^Ins the "biilk" that makes lakatives less often needed —every day for you and yours. , Do as thousands are doing. Start every day with,'Quick Quaker. Your grocer has Quick Quaker— also Quaker Oats as you have always known them. Quick Quaker "Onyx . Pointex Hosiery"! DRYGOODS-WOMENS WEAR-MILLINER •OUI--KANSAS Northmp BIdff. Formerly Occupied by JanMs Bichardson lOLA'S NEWEST STORE '^ununing^ Bird Hosiery** We have made di-astic reductions on our entire stock of Spring ; Coats. A wonderful opportunity to purchase a new spring Coat at a great saving to you; K ^ Regular Price Sale Price $14.75 Coate Sale Price $10 J5 $19J5 Coats Sale Price $1175 I Coats Sale Price; $18.75 Coats Sale ^rice $24.75 Coats Sale Price $34.75 |25.00\ $29.75 135.00 $39.75) $45.00 $49.75 $59.75 $65.00 Every Coat is a bargain you cannot afford to, overlook if you want a- smart Spring Coat at a jbargaiA price. Just a few left. We advise an, early selection. Hom« of-Settw TT Last Times—A Real Shot^. AaeenJPriiigle in **ilie^M A mystery thriller that will hold you s^to the endt> Revealing the hidden, intrigue^ of, spirit workers. A sensational film, throkini^ the t* light of truth on-how &k^ mediur^ ojierate. The mance of a girl and a inaii.who flefe<!ed the wealthy^ how. the!y won regeiieration through loye^ Krazy Kat Karioido Komedy—.Oiir Gan^ Comedy, - "Good Cheer** 1 Admission; Children 10c; Adtilts 25c Saturday, 1 to 4 p. m. lOe—A Keia'Show .^ Buck Joi^es in <^he FIghtbi? Bnckaro<r—Ebno Llneon & ; "The AdrtntBrei of Tarian" • Kraay Kat Kartoon Komedy—Comedy two aiets, "Say it With BaWes" ^ I Honfday, Zane Grey'a Great Story, t^he Balabow 7r«Il''^-JSMid v to "BIders of tfte Purple 8f»tf'. ' > is offeriiig you FULL VALUE for ypur xnoney whenever he reoomxxieocis Same for ove^x 35 y^or^ 2S ounces foriSc Why Pay War Prices? i i - •' 'V- Millions pf Pounds Used by Out, Gopernment K E 't'i. E T THE COOLEST SPOT Df lOLA Matlneea 10c and 20c; Xlghts^ iOc and SOc; TONIGHT LAST TIMES ^ Adolph Menjou and Florence Vidor in **The Grand Duchess and the Waitei^'^ The snuirteRt, moat highly polished love comedy tbe screek : has erer seen. Ladles: espechilly don't miss this one. ' SATURDAY— Regular Hoot ^Gibson ^ctiotti in B. M. Bowers*'- gorgeoiui. ^ story of the shy cowboy paint^ er and the doctor who turried ' • out to be a girl. ; King of the western range In a gay, action-mad gorgeous picture of the,.wide-open spaces. A different, more entertaining story with many novel and startling twists, but the ^ same old, picturesque, smiling,: rarin', tearin', hell- bent-for-leather ridih'.fool of a-Hoot. . I • • • . .• ....... ADDED—A ^evr Chapter Flay—A new ehaptet every Saturday i for tejB weeks. . - i -^1 He-man fights? Thej'^ present! ; AetTenf Theve'a else but! Pep and zipt Yon telt'em£ If yoc'like yovr ezdto>. ment' In big doses, come early add- often, \0h, boy I How they r ride, lore and shoot! , y,. Follow; the exciting-eTents—see the. fast*moring aetfon. a9d^: startling climaxes.! East Is easi, bat the West Is where they (lay 1 hard and for big stakes. A \- ' Alos Comedy and News BeeL, Satnrday—Matinee lOe, b% iHtle^^Slght lOe and 'SOeJ .-^ Attend «ie Mattaees, save a dlnie and feet Jnst the aeat yea 'rmat^

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