The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 6, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1935
Page 4
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British Financier Named as Lead- jer In Pepper Pool. ;' French Girl Reported to Have Received Payment from Ix>ew. County Recorder's Office Slowed Down Following March Record. IS NOT WANTED McGraws' Food Store TORTURE IMPLEMENTS. Found In Home AVhore Man •Charged Wife Attacked Him. Kansas City, Mo., April 6.— Implements reminiscent of a medieval torture chamber were found yesterday in the little, barred room where ifrs. Nellie Kurd allegedly tortured her husband Herbert until he shot her fatally Wednesday. Detectives found a Mexican rope handcuff with which a man's ivrist may be cut and twisted, a double-edged dagger, whips of stranded wire, two guns and .several small pokers allegedly used to burn Kurd's feet. The frail former railway watchman was recovering in a hospital from injuries which he charged that his powerfully 'built wife had inflicted on the night before the shooting. Stab woulds, burns and multiple bruises were found on liis body. Investigators learned from neighbors that Mrs. Hurd was wont to consult the "spirits" for advice and was involved in neighborhood quarrels. They told of hearing Kurd's screams at night. Police, meanwhile, held Miss Bertha Hurd, -14 years old, adopted daughter of the dead woman as a Tiiaterial witness. Hurd charged that the daughter knew of the tortures and provided matches for the burnin feet. of his COLLAPSED OX CALLOWS. Condemned Alan Sci/.ed by Just llcforc Hunging. Fit Business at the office of the county recorder has slowed down, following the usual March rush of business, when moving causes many transfers of real estate and •increased business in all lines. During the week ending Friday April 5, five transfers of real estate were recorded. L. G. Orr and others, trustees of the KemptoH lodge of Odd Fellows has conveyed to the Odd Fellows Home at Greensburg, part of lots 3, 7 and 4 in Block 2, in Kemp's north addition to the town of Kempton for a consideration of $1. Irene Harding has conveyed to Sarah Daum interest in part of lot 2, block 6, in the original .plat of the town of Tipton, for a consideration of $1. Alfred W. Bolton, as commissioner, has transferred to Jania Bogue lot 6 in block 5 in K. & W. Bast addition to Tipton for a consideration of $426. The Tipton Mausoleum Company has 1 conveyed to the Fairview Cejmetery Company the mausoleum grounds near the cemetery for a consideration of $1. Walter Leisure has conveyed to the Mitchell Investment Corporation: 40 acres of land east of Windfall;two miles for a consideration of $1. During 1 the week eight mortgages amounting to $20,720 were placed on Tipton comity real estate and 1 ten mortgages amounting to $30,856 were released. Ten chattel mortgages amounting to $1,729.20 were placed on personal property of the county during the week and seven chattels amounting to $1.672 were released. ; Three assignments of mortgages amounting to $14,078.41 were made during the week. Two mechanic liens amounting to $411.97 were filed during the week. 'BABY BONDS." (I!y I.'nili'd 1'ivssl. Warsaw, April fi. — A condemned man lay unconscious in a prison hospital today, unaware that In; liail been saved from hanging by a lit whk-h seized him on the gallows. Thy man is M. Czochura. -3. condemned to death for shooting a judge who had sentenced him to a long term of imprisonment. At ' dawn yesterday, Czechura was taken to the scaffold at Rzes- zow for execution. The noose was placed around his neck. Czechura collapsed. The executioner refused to proceed and Czechura was taken to the prison hospital where he remained unconscious. The prison pastor also went to the hospital, suffering from nervous shock at witnessing the incident. It was believed that Czechura would receive a commutation of I with S503.15 for the country, sentence. Bond sales in these .cities, which usually account for half of the regular postoffice business, amounted to S13.600.274, while the nation-wide total for March Larger Average Investments Come From Smaller Cities. Washington, April 6. — Larger average investment in the government's "baby bonds" are being made in towns and rural communities ! than in the largo centers, a treasury study shows. The survey also revealed that Western laud Southern cities were making heavier individual investments than Eastern cities. For fifty large cities, comprising 27,918 of a total of about 70,-. 000 buyers, the average investment was S4S7.10, as compared Honorable Mention. Carl Ludv.-ig, student in the Tipton high school, returned home Saturday afternoon from Bloomington. whom ho competed Friday morning in the annual state high school Latin contest, sponsored each year by Indiana university. ' Ludwig won honorable mention in Division IV 'in which he ^competed, the winners being an- inoujnced Frday evening at a dinner given in honor of the contestants. This Interested Us— Maybe It Will You, Too Why is .Scotland Yard so galled? _ .London's detective force and police headquarters are generally known by this name because they •were housed for many years in a group of buildings called Scotland Yard. This name was derived from a palace' which once stood -there and was said to have been >;e»t aside by the Saxon King Ed*ear for the exclusive use of vislt- JJng Scottish royality. Although Jlxindon police headquarters; are ,ow on the Thames Embankmeu'., Js still designated as the New Gotland Yard. a Tribune Want Ad. C, W, GBINSTEAD Podiatrist AILMENTS Monday Evenings was S3S>012,928. Of tho fifty large cities, Okla- hma City had the largest average nvestment, 31,044. Kansas City was second witK $997 and Houston third with S974. The lowest average iinvestment was $154 in Springfield, Ohio. COMES BEFORE BOARD. Charles i Crawford To Have Hearing on Application for Clemency. Charles Crawford, who was sentence'd to the Indiana reformatory for! a period of ten years for the holeinp at the Sharpsville bank May 2, 1931, will be before the state clemency board during the present month. Crawford ant Walter \ Small entered pleas of guilty and both were sentenced May 14J 1931, 12 days after the robbery] Craw:'ord had a petition for parole May 16, of last year bu was denied -clemency at that time He has jeen a model prisoner am it is the opinion his application will receive favorable action a the coning hearing. The youni man is i son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Crawford of-Tipton. Mond I. O. O. F.-Notice. : Regular'meeting r ^ ot I. O. O. V. lodge evening at 7:00 o'clock CLOT-ORD CHUM riticized Administration and Pointed to "Cloud of Fascism." POKE IN CALIFORNIA San (By United Press). Francisco, April i.—Giford Pinchot, former governor of ennsylvania, and his wife,, were o proceed to Los Angeles by air- lane today after a San Francisco islt during which Mrs. Pinchot riticised the Roosevelt admini- tration and warned against the cloud of Fascism" threatening merica and the world. While Pinchot himself remained lent, eschewing politics for for- s.try on which he is writing a ook, Mrs. Pin'chot plunged Immediately into the malestrom of olitical controversy soon after ley landed here after a vacation rip to the south seas. : Addressing a union labor meet- ng at the Temple M. E. church, Irs. Pinchot declared that the merican Federation of Labor of- ered' "our first line of defense nd the best against Fascism." "Believe me there are many pecial interests, and big busi- ess groups of one kind or anoth- r today who would be only too lad to see a dictatorship set up n America and who, more than hat, are living to produce both le man and the campaign fund o put him over." Her criticism of President looseveltt was based on his ae- on in approving the automobile idustrial code "which the A. F. of opposed. "I am sorry to say that automobile workers have learned in Vashington that there is one law or the rich and one for the poor," he said. "They have seen the resident force a code that fas bitterly unfair—certainly a iolation of the intent of the NRA —down the throats of the work- rs without even consulting la- or. It has a strange sound of 'ascism, a new and dangerous ling in this country. At the Diana. Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable, two of Hollywood's most opular stars, are teamed togeth- r for the first time in the Co- umbia production 1 , "It Happened One Night," which is coming to he Diana theater Sunday and londay. Gable sky-rocketed to fame a ouple of yeas ago following his (By United Press). New York, April 6. — Colette Francois, beautiful French music student, and her mama sail for France today, extravagant in their praise of Arthur Loew, millionaire theater magnate, and the American -courts. Colette claims Loew is the father of her 4-year-old child. She asked the supreme court to give her $100,000. Levy dismised Justice Aaron J. the suit. Reports of an out-of-court settlement, amounting to about $10,000 received some substantiation in hints of Colette's counsel, although denied [ by Loew's attorney, Nathan Burkan. Said Attorney H. Sandier, attorney for Colejtte: "Miss Francois and her mother sail today on the Champlain. They are well pleased and have the kindliest feelings toward Mr. Loew." ; The trial ended suddenly after Burkan had cross-examined thc big-eyed, well-poised French girl four hours without materially changing her story. In dismissing tho suit, Justice Levy said: i "This is a sad .case. Pathetic, in fact. These people — Colette and her mother — testified truthfully, but they had nq cause for action. They sued for seduction and breach of promise, but the testimony didn't bear this out, technically, j "They, declared that Loew seduced her on a promise of marriage, but they! also charged he was married. Under our Alneri- can law, a married man can't make a 'binding promise of marriage. Tfie Francois' evidence seems rather to suggest grounds for an assault Charge. I say this in view of thei fact that they swore the girl jwas plied with brandy and was under the age ot 17." - I . Colette was 'allegedly seduced in 1930, before! she was 17. Captured Bad Man, Heavily Guarded, Says He Will Not "Burn." KILLED PRISON GUARD (By United Press). Dallas, Tex., April 6. — Glum and depressed, Raymond Hamilton was started back to Huntsville the elcc- prisou and ultimately trie chair today. Shackled and closely guarded London, April 6.—John. Howeson, known as the world tin king, is officially named as the most prominent instigator of the great pepper^ gamble which collapsed in February with a crash that shook ! London's commodity markets. ! The bffl-cial receiver, in a long- waited'report, disclosed that Mr. Ilowespn was one of four men who sat at a luncheon table a little more than a year ago.and decided they could make money by cornering the supply of white pepper. The report spoke of "almost criminal rashness" in the operations of the pepper pool and se^ verely-criticized the stock prospectus issued last September by Woman Accountant Refuses Check and Starts Hun- - ger Strike. SAYS SHE'LL STARVE (Dy United Press). Santa Ana, Calif., April 6. — Lucy Craig, 45-year-old expert accountant, who was "insulted" because she was placed on charity relief, today, began by three deputy sheriffs, he left j James! & Shakespeare, the hrok-; strike to slarv ation' erage ihouse that acted for the ... I popper! gamblers. "Haying regai'd to the enormous committment on the future! a "hunger as a protest against the dole. The small, gray haired woman, who says she helped to organize in custody of W. W. Waid, war- j den and Lee Simons, manager ot i the Texas prison farm system. | mous "»nn""»>cnt on tne future | one of the first cooperatives in j position of pepper and'shellac,, it j' the United States—the "BREA Dallas Tex April 0 — Public | is t!inicillt to think of ; anything! Unemployment Association" — enemv-Vo. 1.' Raymond Hamilton.! blU a sinistcr reason for °' nittin si classed two relief checks for will be electrocuted at the con-j venience of Texas officials, it was j indicated toda}'. The captured had; man, heavily guarded in Dallas' j escape-proof jail, sneered at thej chair and officers alike, asserting that his life was by no means ended. in the prospectus any reference to this state of affairs," said the "•Responsibility for tho misleading nature of this prospectus is under very serious consideration.' Murderer and hank robb. Hamilton had succeeded to the Mr.! Howeson was not a dirsc- | tor of the James & Shakespeare ! firm, but Louis Hardy, his closo mantle of John Dillin-i ass<K ' ial;o in a dozcn tin minin S ity." she said as she announced relief checks 33.50 as an "insult" and sent them back to relief officials. "I'd sooner starve than accept these," she said. "It's an insult, not only to myself but to everybody. I'm able to work and so are many others. We could if there wasn't this discrimination against cooperatives." "People want work, not char- l3oy> Floyd I ( ' omlnnlil - s ' was ;l 'l' r «tor and. j hcr intention of refusing food un- /T , , ., , v i-m, l wi 's active in the affairs of the and George (Baby Face) Nelson concern. by a process of machine gun elimination. He had boasted he would j never bo taken alive. But ho sur- til relief officials act. "People are OFF SAX SALVADOR. rendered without firing a shot. having their self respect slowly killed. "I'm going to starve rather than see things like this go on. IOC BLUE FRONT DRUG STORE CIVIL SERVICE JOBS. L'ncle Sam Announces Examination to Fill Vacancies. Hamilton will never be for the host of robcries and shoot-1 ings charged against him sim:e) his escape from thc Huntsville j penitentiary deatlihousc-, July 22. He already is under death sentence for tho murder oC a prison guard. It may he ncy.-e.ssary to r>'- sentence him. lie will he taken to Huntsville andT-executed at thc "convenience" bf the warden. Hamilton, in a criminal career that began in I : , i President Roosevelt About Ready i i have no children. People with to Head Kurk to Capital. i children must take what is givon : j them, but not me. I have a dog, Miami. Fla., April G.—Prcsi-lbut someone will take care of dent Roosevelt again'fished off him." San Salvador island .today, eager Miss Craig says she has no for a'record catch in the short; idea how long she will go without time remaining before he departs food. for Washington cither tomor-^ "As long as I am able." she row or Monday. ' | said .with a determined smile. "Or Advices to temporary White j at least until they do something spectacular I House offices in Miami said that! about it." the President would come in to I a convenient port aboard'the de-| The United States civil service commission has announced open competitive examinations as follows: Scientific aid, 1,800 a year, assistant scientific aid, $1,620 a year, under scientific aid. $1,260 a year, department of agriculture. Conservationist (forestry) . various grades, 82,600 to 55,600 a year. | Pathologist, ^3,800 a year, associate pathologist. 83,200 a year, assistant pathctlogist, $2,600 a year, department of agriculture. Optional subjeicts are barberry eradication and blister rust control, j Grazier. S3,200 a year, department of the interior. childhood, has escaped so many jails that oflicials took no fiances, jstroyer Farragut, which is escort- ] He was under the eyes of guard:; Back in AViudfall. at all hours. His confident buar-j ing, his inclination to sneer ami i hoast. indicated high hopes that he might manage to escape again before the lethal current • ;:t Huntsville strikes him. "They -can burn inc." In "But it's the truth that I killed anyone in my life." ^ Hamilton was armrcl with two, revolvers when caught hut he v.asj looking clown the barrels of a; ing the yacht Nourniahal. * \ Marion Mitchell, who has been Once on land. Mr. Roosevelt; spending the past few months in will motor directly to a special : Detroit, has returned to his home train, : which will -leave immedi-|in Windfall. His health is much ately for the capital, where pres-1 improved and he is reported to be ising administration problems, in-Reeling very fine. I eluding final action on the $•!.-! " * said.lsso.0000,000 work-relief bill.! Daily Bible Quotation. . ucvr await executive disposal. ' ' "TUMMY DOGGLING." New York Husbands Interested in Phase of Belief Work. (By United Press). New -York, April 6. — Hus-i bands of the Ninth assembly district Republican club today organized their own relief investigation. They want to know about those diaphragm doggling and tummy vibrating lessons their wives have been receiving at the club twice weekly. The husbands, after a private meeting, decided to attend in a body next Friday when Leopold Badia, an unemployed actor on work relief, holds his class in diaphragm doggling. Badia's teaching of. doggTing and vibrating was understood to be a prelude to courses in dra-: matic expressidn and oratory. The purpose of the exercises is to teach deep and proper breathing. What interested the husbands, Lloyd Bu-ckman, who presided at the meeting, said, was the manner in which doggling was taught. One Ninth district matron explained tfie method. Badia stands before his class, almost 100 per cent feminine, and inhales a lung-full. Then he exhales. The class then is told to imitate while he goes down the line placing a hand on tummies to see tfiat his proteges are vibrating properly. Another of his methods is to have. a pupil hold his four-in-hand tie while he breathes. The tie vibrates, showing his -proficiency. Rude Funeral. •If thoiL Shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt }believe in-thine heart that God dozen shot guns and pistols and j were amon had no chance, to use them. A'Saturday morning, at ppearance with Norma Shearer A Free Soul." and over-night Foreman and| layout man, n ecame the most popular male tar on the screen. Thousands upotf thousands of fan letters poured into the studios, and, as a esult, he was given roles with many of the most famous female ajars on the screen. He' appeared -with Shearer again in "Strange Interlude," and with Joan Crawford in "Dance, Fools, Dance," "Possessed," and most recently in "Dancing Lady." He was co-starred with Jean Harow in "Red Dust" and in "Hold Your Man," with Helen Hayes in White Sister" and with Greta Garbo in "Susan Lenox." Miss Colbert's stardom and popularity is based upon her marvelous work in such productions as "Sign of the Cross," "The Torch Singer," "Three Cornered Moon," "I Cover the Waterfront," and "The Smiling Lieutenant," and is now equal to that of the top-notch feminine Btars of the Cinema capital. metal shop, $2,300 a year, Northeastern Pa. Full tained from Penitentiary, Lewisburg, information may be ob- Lfroy Plake, secretary of the United States civil service board >of 'examiners, at the postoffice in this city. A number of Tipton residents | l'«th raised him from the dead, g those who assembled jthou shall be saved. — Romans the Hills J10:9. haft dozen "times since his sensa-j Baptist church to pay their last tional escape from the death! respeats to Wenzoll Rude, son of house with three other prisoners, j Mr. and Mrs. Angus Rude, north- he had boon trapped only to.shoot west of Ekin. whose death oc- Tribune Want Ads Pay. Honey Krust and Sliced Twin Bread GASPS BAKERY Maxwell House Coffee, 29e Break o' Morn Coffee, I9c RUST'S his way to freedom. A bulloL wound in his heck, not entirely healed, .certified that he had not curred Wednesday evening. The many beautiful floral tributes banked on the altar about mi- the casket gave silent testimony man I emerged from these brushes scathed. to thc ' fact thal tne voun S Officials believed the exact toll was beloved by all who knew of Hamilton's depredations sine,-his escape never would be known, robberies in Arkansas, and At least 30 bank Texas. Louisiana. Given Minimum Fine. Books Repaired. (By Unitoil Tress). ; Indianapolis,[April 6.—Approximately 100,000 books in public libraries In 38 counties in Indiana have been cleaned, mended and bound by women on emergency relief payrolls,! Mrs. Letitia Hail Carter, director ot women's -work on the state unemployment commission announces. Ferd .Pape, who "was taken In custody-on a charge of Intoxication Thursday night, entered a plea of guilty before Judge Hus- aell Saturday morning and -was given a fine of $1 and coats making $11.80 in all, which he arranged to pay and waa released on his own recognisance. The court allowed him two months to make IF YOU BREATH HAS AS! CAN'T FEEL WELL YOU [ •astt.1 •ntfowhae Mississippi bore the imprint ot his technique. As a notorious | •criminal, he has been identified from photographs by scores of victims. But many of these identifications were believed to be untrustworthy. Hamilton himself denied he had committed any criminal act since his escape. CIRCUIT COURT XOTES. Several Entries Made In. Probate Mutters Saturday. Saturday Judge Russell made several entries In probate matters pending ;in the Tipton circuit court one being In the guardianship of John M. Samuels, world war veteran. The report of the Citizens Natibrial Bank, guardian of the ex-service man • was approved after hieing passed >ion ;hy the veterans' bfireau. Samuels has him. • Rev. M. S. Sparger, pastor of the church, was in charge of the services, and burial was in the Liberty cemetery. Diana Saturday Shows 7:00 and 8:45 Admission lOc and 20c 'Attended Operetta. • Mrs.- William Poole ahO- Otis Gerhart, grandmother Mrs. and aunt of David Simpson, who appeared in the high school operetta Friday night, was here froin Elwood to witness-the presentation. been under Iti'eatment he Marlon hospital for somo jitime. Final rei>orjti;iof the administrator of the estajib of Nancy Soujh- ard was approved, it showjbg! po amlnlstritor jjphn W. Sdutnfird had paid out| more than — IF re- affidavit] jpftjtiie. AAAAA to EEE §5 __ HXXA JETTICKS — W America's Smartest Walking Shoes. ' NU-WAY SHOE STORlS North Side Square — Tiptouj More Pyre* ENGRAVED !OR PLAIX jTomen want IPyi dial eir BUCK JONES in "THE FIGHTING SHERIFF" Buck anU "Silver," His Wonder Horse, in Plenty of Thrills and Action. Also Serial, "THE LAW.OFTHE WILD" _ EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION - Walt Disney's Silly Symphony, "The Flying Mouse" OUR LATE SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW "DEATH FLIES EAST" \VHh t.'onrad Nagel and Florence Bice SUNDAY and MONDAY — TWO DAYS SUNDAY MATINEE 2 O'CLOCK ' , Matinee, lOc and 15c — ADMISSION — JOgite^ lOc arid SOc; FORJHilTHOUSANOSlWtlO " FOR^THE: THOUSANDSlWI WANTitOliein

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