Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 4, 1926 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1926
Page 2
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TV THE lOLA^DA^ BBiaiSTEIR;. taoaUX EIE^ SOCmTY TOICES. : All dajr witbi aaxl^iw beart apd wondering.'fittr ; -I listened to the cUy; beud the gronod ' ' ' • ;Kcbo with rbumon thunder, and ' the s<>U9d . Go 'reeling d^ the streets, and ; ditapiwkr. The hcwIlnnK^ourH In their' wl|d ShotUttd and aanx ontU the world = was^ilrdwned Wiih bafieUvolceK, each ooa mora • profound • > • f All day It! Huricod —'but ndtblnfj . could I hear;: That Alght^Mie countri*, never seemed no stlli •.. .11 The, trees la^l grasses' spoke Without a word. To stars that brushed them v$th; their silver wings. , Together with the .moon I cliidbM the hill ; And In the very- heart ot Silence h6ard . ' i • The speech and music of immortal things. —Louts Uiitermeyer in Famous Stories.' ,: \ Sunday sihooF Class picnic Party Miss Pearl McKarnln', entertained the members 'ot Tier . Sunday school class. Junior Girls of the First Baptist church, with a picnic Tuesday evening at Pipe Line. The members' present were: Mary Moaher. Beulah Laqferman, Nadine Chapman, Josephine Schri- ;cr. Crystal Bpman. LUIiaii Chenning,.- Lola Lewis, Helen, Stanley, Doris Aloyer iud. Velma Stout. * • * Att«Bd8 CrauAeacenwnt J Miss Margaret Kelleyi will go to Psola toni »rHiw to'attend the'ac­ tivities of comm^ncemeat week at tlft Ursuline.Academy, which she attended several .years, receiving . liigh; honors. ' "i • • \' * +• * .%Johi>s Attar SocietT .Last Meeting of Year ' ' MrsL Francis Womaclc, assisted by Mrs. Mary Womaclc, entertained the members of St. John's Altar Society Wednesday night in the home of the former. 70« South Buckeye street, at the last meeting of the year. , Thtf evening yas spent socially ' and In sewing for the society..The I lioHtciJBeH fiorvcd rofrenhmentN. : * "*i Atten^H K. IT. (.'ommenceneat MlHM Uoris ChlIdH will go to Lawrfiucc! lomorrdw Ui uttond . '.(iiiiiii^noimcnt Sltinday.' nt Iho t'nIvcrHlty of Kansas. Miss. Clillds * lylll, be At the. dormitory during' '• iicT visit there. • " • • • = Birth. AnnoDDcement. Mr. rand Mrs. Victor Li: Kirk announce' the' birth of a seven and one -fourth pound daughter, Emellc Annette, at 9:15 o'clock this morning, Friday, iJune-4. • ^ <• €aiS «.flliolt • Th»—iarrlage. oCiUllsa Mitfred ' Carter and; Mr. William Harold Elliott took place at eleveh i o'clock Thursday morning, Juneatth* home of the- bride in LeRoy, Kans. The Rev. J. E. Reynolds, of the First Christian Church ' of lola, . was the oaiciating clergyman; using the ring service. The cere J miony was solemnized in- front of ' a wading bower of white crepe paper and roses in t|ie ciorner of the parlor. ^ The bifide wore a dress of whi^e • georgette/over white satin and a white bea'dje'd batideau on her head.- She. carried: a'shorter bouquet of pink premier tea roses and sweet reas. The jgroom j wore a suit of light grey, i , . ; "The bridesmaid. Miss Maude . Carter, of LeRoy, a sister of the liride. was'dressed Inj'a figured georgette. Mr.'George Clem,. Df Burlington, acted as bsBt man to ihe bridegroom. Immediately': after the ceremony a two-course dinner was served to the following relatives and friends: 'Mr^. CO. Denton and daughter, Rosemary Denton;'-Ur^ and\ Mrs. S. H; Carter and B^aghter, Irene Carter:' Mr. and Mrs. Dee Beach and daughter. Alma Jeaa Beach*; - Mr. and Mrs. B. P. 'Ward, Andrey Ward, Maude Carter. Geo. .Clem, Mr. and Mrs. E .Elliott, Mrs. M. J. Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Pliney:.H. Elliott; Miss-Pearl Elliott and the ReT. J. K; Reynoldir< After the dinner. Mi*, and Mrs.' Wm. H. Elliott were accompahied to lola by Mri and MrK J. B. Elliott, Mrs. M. J. Lake andiMIss Pearl Elliott, and the' bridal t;auple left for a camping tour li^' Iowa, Rtdpplbg at ' points tn .Kansas anil Iowa, among them Kansas City,' Storm Lake, Clear Lake, Lake Qklboji. and Mac• shantown, la. They expect t(V be gone alx>ut tvo iveeks; The bride !B the daughter of : Mrs. B. P. Wird,, of LeRoy, Kans. She has l>een b teacher in the L©^ i%Hoy- schools the paist year. She ^auended the Kansas State Teach- Vers' College at, ranporla and Is- an r active wprker In the Bible school • «nd community in LeRoy., T> The brJdegroonV is the-: son of '.Mr. and*Mrs. J.,JJ. Elllotf of 624. jEast Jacksob avenue. He Is-'ia,^ igradnate of the Kansas Stata iTeachers'; College at Pitfsbnrjpi, • ithe class of. 182* and the past^vi taught science ^nd agriculture',in. • the Blgh School:) a,t Humboldt, . Kansas. ' j i .> . Mr, and Mrs. ElUott wUl reside . £1 LaCygne, Kaiisas. ' the coming ..year, where Mr. Elliott will be ; principal of: the High SchooL )MEB(mY SLIPP&>-^mEN ims! MAJRY : fled ba)eon,'soft Scene at the .Mansfiefd, Mass., wredk:pn^;he New Haven railroad, in which' one person was killed and ^ight were injured. The Owl, Boston to N6w York express, crashed into a standing freight, and the locorabtive (center) was hurled sideways across three bracks. At the left is a wrecking crane and,, right, one of the smashed passenger cars. Mil Trinity IS. E. {C'tanreh.ii We now have splendid new rooms and classes? for all from the smallest to the greatest in ; our Sunday school' ami we cxtbnd a hearty invitation to all who are not attending elsewhere. The pastor's morning theme will be "Hopeful Signs." and at the evening hour, "Meinory's Plac.i in Destiny." 'Junior League at .1 \\. ni. jEpworth League ut 7 p. ni. The jaubject will be, "Burxting Ilori- Wins." ! MId-wc'ck nu'etlng-, on Wedn»*>i- doy evening, S p. ni. 'Second llapUNt ntiircli. < lA fl. til'. Hiinday MCIKKII. II a. III., Siirmou by tlic paslor. Subject. "Till? Only Siifn Foiiiidu- tlon." 8 p. m.,.vSubJuvt. "Christian Wlt- ncKH." 8:30 p. m., U. Y. I'' U. We are asking each uiembur to come prepared to help UH (a reiiresont In |.our district convention at I'aola un the 8th of June. Otir pastbr Is returning from pqrts of Oklahoma and will look for a good nUmber rtf nipmbprs and visitors present Sunday." j •. «r<«( SCOJ^BlMJtastoi; First Churrh of Christ Scientist. Sunday school' at d:45 a. ni. Church, at 11 a. m. Subject. "God, the Only Cause and Creator/' Wednesday evening .meetings at 8.o'clock. 1 ' Services will be held at church edifice, corner of Sycamore and East- streets. ; The reading room over ,Ramsay's. Dry Goods storfe, 101 ^2 East Madison avenue, open each week day from 2 to 5 p. m. The public is cordially invited to attend the services of the church and to Visit the Reading room. % . As!ioeIal« Blhle Students. fPythiau Temple, 'corner Wash-! i^gto^ and .West street, 10 a. m Scripture study fo«- adult and ju-;j venile classes. Atlult topic. "The' New CreaOon." 2 Cor. 5:16, 17'. Juvenile topic, "Jacob and Esau." Gen. 33>1-11. 11. a.: m.. topic, "Character or Covenant—Which?" 2 Pet. 1:10. 8 p. m.. Topic. "The Battle of Armageddon," Rev. 16:12-16. Wedhesday, 311 South Chestnut,! Praise and Testimony S^vice. BlWe text, "Yef will 1 not "forget thee," Psa. 49:15. V . E. W. BOTLE.MAN, l^ec. St Timothy's Episcopal Cbarch. (200 Block, South Walnut) Church. School, '3":'30" a. linV Evening prayer and, :address. Subject: "Excellent Reasons for Being an Episcopalian," ; hy^ the Rev. Sumner Walter's, rector of StJ Andrews Episcopal church. Fort Scoit, 7:.'JO; p. m. Holy Communion Monday morn- lug at 7:15 o'clock. Klntt Methodliit Charcli. The Ministry of Jesus to • the world Indludcd the ministry ,t9 the IKU les oC men. In the spirit of (he MuNter, even, though belated, tli<> churih has taken up the 'tusk o( mlnlHterlng to the needs of the liodles of iiiDti. Dr. UaHcom llob- hlns will be with UH Sunday murn- Ing nnil will pri^sont the, hospital KJluailiiii. At Ihe evening service, he will (ell or his trip to the Holy Lund and from., bis uxperlencxH while (Ml his toiit* will bring us a dcllKlilful nieHsngeT ' The commiinlty Is corillnlly Iti- vited to wdrshlp with us at "The House of Happiness." ' C. 1. COLUSMITIL Pastor. • Th« baptist Temple. All Sunday services wIlLbe Veld aif (he 'reglilaf'h'6'uri'."' 'Crieai'p'fep-'' aratton is being made by the Sun-' day School for Children's Day to be. held on Sunday! week. Sunday morning Dr. Sowerby will preach on "The Other Cheek and the Second Mile." In the evening his suBject will be "Serenity." Let \\9 all attend the 'services and make it a great day in our church life., • We had Hoped to be able to open tile swimming pool next Monday but we. cannot get the necessary: work done in time, so the pubiid may I<Jok for: the opening on next Thursday, June 10th. Further announcement will be made. The rharch of Ood. (Fourth and Madison) Sabbath School 10 a. m. . Preaching 11 a. m. Prayer and Praise Service 7:30 p. m. , Preaching 8 p. m. ELDER E. S. PARMELE, ; Pastor. FlJst ClirisUan CliHrclk^ Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8^. m. by the pastor, J. E. Reynolds. Morning subject, "Jacob's Wres- tllnc,"; Ehr^n ^ng subjecj.; "The Salt of flie ISarth." Music liy the ihoir dlrected\toy Mr. Fred Steele. Bible .school at 9:4S a: m. will be led by the Superintendent. Dr. O. 'A. Montgomery. This iSunday will be obiierved'as Children 's Day with an appropriate prograin in the Bible ^School. Senior, and Intermediate 'Endeavor Societies will meet at 7 p. m. j Prayer meotllig Wednesday iat 8 p.; u. The public Is attend all services held at the chui^ch. , • . . . Woodson ' CouBfy. Journal: The }. lola Register, of May 2& coafained . a Ssectionidevbted to describing the . public schools aadj the jtmloir college of that city. It < was- a 100 .- per cent i'cover," showiitgrthe sor- pris^giy^ complete ^ucationial fa- • cilities of lola, and refliecting great credit on the Begist^ for its enterprise and the ability as • feature writers oi its ' -writing - staff. The Register has come to ISiiilsas. both' editpriaUy^end as a iews-purveyor. ; !- ' i Presbytlerlan Chnccb. : The prosperity zone In any community has a live church in it! What'are yon doing to keep t^e chhrch in your' sone alire? Vacation time does not meaiLthat 1oiie, sbddld eliminate the bhfarch from his' lite. Does it not ra'tUer mean that he-.has more time­ vote to Ills seul? apd attendance'iat church will help in soul culture. \ At' the morning worship the choir ^111 slag -JGod So Loved the ^VOrld" by Stidner. In the evening worship they will sing "But the Lord Is Mindfulr by Mendelssohn. The pastor's morning theme wil be -The ReaUty of Sin." The ev enlhfc topic will be "Christ or Bar4 abbas. Which?". Sunday school at 10:00 a. m; Clas^ for I every age. Come, in preparatfoh (or Children's Day oh June 13th. < Y.TP. S .,a E. at 7:00 p. '.m. Since school is ont 'ydnng -people hav« more freedom and should .give more ti^e to the C-- E. A good be one of thei g^e^itjwwspnpers^ofheader ,is Sovlded and you will nr^^^^^ K«»i. oiiHnWotiv W.I » " "mfss sometning by beinis absent' H. G. MATHIS, Pastor. • . . ; I • • . United.Brethren Chnrelu. Church services wiHP''he as'/oK Ipws Sunda.v.y.Jnne tei, at - the CTiurch of thd'.United'^rethreir in Christ: !):4.'> a. m., Sunday or Bible |!chool under direction of J. P. Knock.- S. S. Superintendent. This Is missionary Sunday. A large offering Is needed. 11 a. m., i'astor's sermon to the church. 7 p.-, m.. Senior ChrUtla'n . En- di^avor.' Miss Fisher, president. 8 p.i m.. Odd Fellows .Memorial Bcrvloe for all. Odd Fellows and Rcbekuhs and their families, the locallodge having asked the pas­ ter for this service. Come, beginning; with tite Bible school session and be in yoiir church to greet'dur friends'who will'come for the last service of the day. A. C. TUDOR. J'astor. First A. M. E. Church. The Superintendent of our Sunday, School. Wm. Rucker will expect you at Sunday School Sunday ati 9:30 a. m. . iPreaching at-11 a. m. and the sacrament will be administered by thel presiding ; eider who preaches botli-.mornlpg ..and evening. At 3:00 p. m. Rev.J. A. Broadnax of JFt. Scott, will bring the mess- agel ' 5 ~ ; MAalBy evening quarterly - con- ferej«je - will i convei^. Tuesday morning the! district conference will; open with Rev, (J. C? Hicks, pre^dfag. . N All are invited to attend our District Conference. Sunday School and "A. C. E. League Conventid^s. P. W. STEVENSON. Pastor. OMtoary—Jane Anii Phillips. Jane Ann Miller was born on April 15, 1847. at Alillersburg, Kh and died at Iola,^Kan., on Tuesday. June 1, 1926, at the age of seventy- nine years, one month and fifteen days. On June 16, 1805, she ..was united In marriage to ' Thoqia?. Phillips at Louisville, Ky. To t)ii4 union one son, David Swell Phillips, of Chicago, 111., was born. lii the'year 18S5 she united with thg Baptist Carrollton, Mo.t and has reuiulnbd a steadfast, and benevolently mladed Christian .ever since. She leaves to mourn'her death, her son David ,.EwelI and two sisters, Mrs. F. W Crouch.'-pf Inla, Kan., and Mrs. Martha Louise Randolph, of Kansas City, Kan.,, The fun^ul of Mi's. Phillips wits held yesterday afternoon In > t^e home of Mr. and Mrs.' P. V. CroiKh and was attended by a number' of friends.; The tloral.-offorlngs wew luimy and hcautlfui,. attesting Atte high <4iteeiu In which the deceased was Ill-Id. The Rev. Dr. J. H. Sowerby,v of the First Baptist i-hurch, conducted the. services and Mm,' A. U. Enfield sang very I'frectlytjy uH solus, two fuvurllu hymns, .';Je- sUH Lover,,of My Houl" ami "Ro<)W of AKCM." The body was taken (his iiifirning to Carrollton, Mo., ocenmpauled . by Mr. • IJavId EWell I'hIlllpH and Mr. Eugene Crouch, son aud nephew, of Chicago! Mrs, Mury Ix )Wdor, of Kansas City and Miss Mary Crouch, nieces. A short service; will be held at the grave In Carrollton w 'here the liody will be placed at rest In the family burying ground. ; ' •- ' SA'liBlL' • • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hering and Charles tspent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Coltrane. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Markley and family > motored to Atlautav' Kansas to spend the week end with Mr. Markley's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bowen-and Rex spent Sunday with friends In Golden Valley neighborhood. ' .Miss Marjorie Ring of Chanute; Joe Jnhnson and Don Markley .jjf Savonburg spent Sunday at the C5enrge Markley home. ~ -•"•]• Hurold Bdweu spent Sunday wl|h Hugh and Howard Studevllle. ^.^i Mr. and Mrs. ' Hubert Markley and Betty Ellen spent WednesiSlijr with Mr. and Mrs. George Marjtle^ and family. V' Miss Pansy LCwer of lola c^ma home Friday to spend her; vAdfc- tion. : . ' Mrs. E; E. Kalm delightfully entertained the A.' C. C. at an all-day meeting Thursday. - f's Day services will be held at Salem at two o'clock Sunday afternoon, llune 8. * • . Mr. and Mrs. JAarOn-Winner ati Albert Winner spent Sunday -witp friends In lola.' , ' ^. i Mrs.. Sam Hoefgen of SpAigflelt^ Missouri spent Thursday night wflh Mr, and ^If"- S. J. Markley and tomily. All employes at the P. O.jLaw- yer shop are .wearing caps Iwlth the. letters; T.; Y. C. A. p^in^ed ecross th .e front A lot of people have wondered jast what these letters stood for, and many, have asked-for information. The answer is, "ThankYon, Call -Again." Dalia:s, Texas, has sixteen golit courses, incladiag clnbs, municipal and semi-public links. Wbmen^s Of offendiog under the oldest hygKnic handicap now ended. Newwaypeowdestnieproteo' tion—discards Uke tissae . . TX7ITH the old-tine "^ni- I |^ VV taiy pad-womtai reaHre their constant danger of. offense, plus the (snbanajtsment of'disposaL And that spend unhappy days. * ^•TCOTEX." a naw and re- maiiEable way, JS,IKHV tuedby 8 ini la better class -womea* les fioe times as dbsofbaUas crdmory eott»» padsi' Yott dinie, dance, motor for boars-fa sheeresii ffof^ka vndif oat a second's doubt or fear. . It deodorizes, too. And thus stops ALL danger of offend-, ing. • Discards aif easSy as a r I piece of tissue. Nq' liuudry. No embarrassmenL You aklc for it at any drug or departmeot store, wHfaont hesitancy, simply by saying •XOTEX." ;. Do as milVona are dotni^ •JEad Mi insccore ways. Eiyoy^ life every day. Package frt twelve cost? on^y a f «r cents. koT mikfOB oh tout, lettuce Mndk Mehes, rhubarb taplocai milk, 'teg, J/- DinBe^-^lM>^oto of .«be«f prittki«iilki% buttered ricf. uh *^ tM fdad, ^hde wheat Vfe^ Vbeny-tlKmjre <wltli eookies, nakf coffee." p Oufsrol* of bMiC HSM a ihmp .edt' 9t mm.t'.U> gntA advantaga.': Tli* flavor is <|ult*lttausual and deUdoiui and UM rtlrins -incrsaM the fbod wlM.r .• • • : * ' Thmiirstia dishes Busgastad that are n ^t; suitable tor.childrsn .four ysara_ot )acb." ' . - v. "liStrairiMnTf'Spoags * ' . (Dn-pint strawberries, 1 tablsspoow' %i (Aitia^t (iail gelatine, 4 taMuawoM ceU' vwfilr, M cup sngar, 1-4. cop haXt^lf^^^.y^^, 1 tablespoon ^l^'^ffatf tMRles -attd let dnOa. tlotMg ^'sia ^'and strain oft 1 .2 Jtiioe;Y:'iL(aiI'teIlIiig water to iud Iprtxai tfr bOUng point,. 'gdaUlfe'aKEtii isd & cold inter. L imtll ft dlsMilv«d.#; 'strawberres; .sugar And^Iaiwm 'Jt^-^. tM miMi oata obollud beglnidng lieatiiiupta stiff and dry. Tnritlnte •'^miild and pftt on. loe to chOl iqil ftecome flnn.' Osivs .'witb A onstsrd auws^ mads. «tli the yolks of tlw i &Ocfl .ait DoWBS ^i'kanaasJ'la -.^l^ Ise and-Scott ofUoran spent Sun- sc&i day at B. Bl'Stewart's: for. , ^, , HaQdelStewartsDeitt Friday aft- Mr. and |lr8.LjLeroyr;!Ayie>rs, eraooA isltb'Edna'Pierce. -- Fsatine Barttes df "LaHarpe spept fiarold CaiapI|«U' left'Sunday Tfor ^Wednesday; night-, a&d: Thursday he will Pittsburg where summer - school. , Miss LUlIan Ayers,. who taught Alberta Brown attend ' with Nellie Shaughnes^. ' Mr. and Mrs. FostOri Funk and drove; to Emporia -Sunday''^ftennoh ta-attend the coifialenc^ment-^ at the..Emporia i 8Udp Teach^s^ College, which was held Monday/ Their daughter. M{s« A Bertha- was a member ot^ the*- jF *i graduating class. Try the Regjlster Classifled^Ada. 26 Years Of I Merchandisih^ in Ibid On Sale NoMfc The Jewel Eve;risharp i s s dr s Flavor -'tlia stnea'Vritb almond es> itract In placa bf..viU>iUa. The «!• ^DdN^^ra^riberry oomblaatlon la jbomtifht. itfM, mlA Swriea.' Xaci INDSPENOENCE. (MyrUe Campbell.) Mrs. C6ra Wllhlte and Clyde and Miss Lengcraft of Kansas. City, Mo., are vtslting. Mr. and Mrs. Sert Wilhite and Jess. The I. N. S. club met with Mrs. Wlllard Lytle Ma/27. A good'tlme was enjoyed by all present The next meeting will |)e with Mrs. ,E. R. Stewart June 10. Mr. and Mrs. Bart RUey'and family of Chase, Kaasas: are Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shaughneasy and girls. Mr. ahd Mrsi Walter Wood, Lou- A strictly high grade scissors at a sensationally low price— 69c Shown in three different .stales and tw<i> different sizes, 6 and 8 -inch. The scis- sors'with the spefcial jeweled head, with carbonized cutting edge.s. Self-.sharpening," 8-inch family hair bobbing sci.ssors. 8-inch Lucky Jewel with 24-K gqld.plated handles and 6-inch Lucky Jewel Scissors with 24rK gold plated handles', with oriental designs. • While happiness js cheap at.any price, it's wonderful to k?iow that you can now secure the home contentnientand satisfaction that go with good furniture for such a small outlay that you'll be simply amazed! The better things in furniture—the^kind that will give you years of useful service are h6r£ in great ail-ay at prices to suit the moderate iricome. ' . , Porch Swing Special For Satnrday* , Four feet, solid oak swings complete with chains, and hooks— r $3.00 Cane Seat Rockers Comfortable! cane seats apd" baidcB, natural ma- irfe - finish. High ba^k styte— $t20. Low back style— SeaniTes^ Axmkis- ter Rugs A good choicb of patterns» size 9x12?feet—. $2^ Eight-Pfece Combination Walnut Dining Room Suites $85.00 Suites composed of 54inch buffet, 42x54-in. extension table, fiVe side chairs, one arm chair, chair seats covered in tapestny or 'blue leather. T'hree-Piece Combination Walnut Bed- Room Suites $69J5 Suite consists of semi-vam'ty dresser, chiffor- et^e apd ibed, well constructed throughout of Ameri- cap walnut veneer combined with other substantial wpods.^ ^ . Three-Piece Karpen Living Room Suites $135.00 Suites consist ;of full-length davenport, one rofcker, one arm chair, frame constrttcted of bifch brown mahogany finish, with cane msets in back. Karpeoesque loose spring cushions covered iR'Jac- qu^-velour, a good choice of patterns and colors. Specials in. Large Size Leonard \ Refrigerators * Three dooi-, side icer style in ten wall cori-^ striiction, one-piece whUe" porcelain ^lined, '12.'j-lb. ice capacity-^ $60.00 Big Mattress Values 50-lb. felted cotton •mattresses, rolled. etige, in good grades of ticl5— $11.25 iS^ew) Low Prices on Gcilfi Sea]l Cob^ goIeumRiigs; 9x12 |fo6t size _^-_?13.50 9x10-6 f oot'ske __$12.15 7-6x9 foot size i__$9.0<y 6x9 foot size $8.00 \ 1

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