Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 16, 1939 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1939
Page 6
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VINDICATOR AND REPUBLICAN, ESTHERVILLE, IOWA, TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1939 Country News DOLLIVER Neill Finn of the Jack Sprat store drove to Fort Dodge last Tuesday to see his father who is ill at the Mercy hospital at that place. Mr. Finn reports his father is improving. Coach Robinson's high school baseball team won both games this iveek. Tuesday afternoon the squad won from Gruver 7-1 at home and on Friday afternoon defeated Armstrong 15-4 on the Armstrong diamond. Mrs. M. O. Moklebust, Mrs. Jas. Stillman and Mrs. G. L. Lundahl were the guests of Mrs. Chris Feddersen at a coffee party last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. William Stow was invited but unable to attend. These women, with the exception of Mrs. Moklebust were fellow teachers in the Dolliver school. L. P. Stillman left early Saturday morning for Kenora, Ontario, Canada on a fishing trip. He was accompanied by his brother C. J. Stillman of the Emmetsburg vicinity. At Kenora these men will be joined on Sunday by two other sportsmen from Britt. Supt. M. O. Moklebust, Mrs. Moklebust, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph MONEY For Spring Needs Consolidate Your Debts. Reduce Monthly Payments. Get Needed Cash. 20 Months to Repay. Legal Rates. Iowa's Oldest Finance Company. Iowa Guarantee, Inc. 1st Door South of Sanborn's Estherville, Iowa Phone 1045 J. Robinson and the Misses Stephanie Cowling, Helen M. Peterson and Ora H. Thompson were guests at a 7:00 o'clock dinner of Vernon, Marie and Margery Tweedt at the John Tweedt home. ' Mrs. Chris Feddersen lis enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs. Williams of Washta, this week. M. J. Iverson is getting about on crutches at this time, having sprained an ankle when he stepped from a step ladd .?>• and on th«> other foot has an infected bruise. Mrs. Cliff Hazlett of Des Moines arrived Friday morning and is a visitor at the James Stillman home. Mrs. Hazlett and Mrs. Stillman are sisters. Sunday Mrs. Hazlett will accompanied the Stillmans to Leland, to attend the wedding of Miss Ada Colby and Ben Youngerman both of Mason City. Miss Colby is another sister. The basement to the new Evans residence has been completed and carpenters are now at work on the farm. The structure is a five room cottage style and will be modern in every detail. Thorvald Jessen suffered a painful injury to the middle finger of his right hand last Thursday when he hand a rusty wire into it while at work about the farm. He was given an anti-tetanus treatment following dressing of the wound. Mrs. William Maron who was taken to Iowa City Easter Sunday 'for treatment at the University hospital and later to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Leonard Harness in Newton, hopes to be able to return to her home here June 1. At a meeting of the county board of education and presidents of school boards in the county held in Estherville last Tuesday afternoon, L. P. Stillman of this place who has served as a member of the board for many years was reelected for another term. V.R. Our nominee for the "Forgotten Man": ^ That sturdy old fashioned chap who used to boast, "I have paid all my debts; I can look 'en* all in the eye and say * * *." V.R. - Try the Want Ads for results. Synopsis When the wealthy foster parents of Marjorie Wetherill both die she finds a letter telling that she has a twin sister, that she was adopted when her own parents couldn't afford to support both of them and that her real name is Dorothy Gay. Alone in the world, but with a fortune of her own, she considers looking up her own family whom she has never seen. A neighbor, Evan Brower, tries to argue her out of it and tells her ie loves her and asks her to marry him. She promises to think it over but decides first to see her family. She goes to their address, finds that they are destitute and gradually persuades them to accept things they need. When the doctor calls to see her mother she notices that he seems particularly interested in her sister. -Marjorie goes to church in Brentwood, where her family used to live, and becomes very much interested in the young minister there. She then sees the nice home there that her family had owned and determines to'buy it back for them. She consults a lawyer and makes plans to purchase it in order to give it to her father as a Christmas present. This NEW w SMART, OPERN, URNACE £12 save you plenty on FUEL BILLS! Healthier, More Efficient Heating More Comfort—Longer Life This attractive, new Modern-Aire Furnace actually gives more heat per dol- 1 lar regardless of what type fuel you burn. Its specially designed combustion chamber, of maximum strength with greatest heating surface, delivers highest, combustion efficiency ... saves plenty on heating costs. Precision made throughout of finest materials i with dozens of striking new features. \ See it—price it—before you install any type heating. OUTSTANDING FEATURES Gas and Dut-Tight Clean-oat . . Extra Large. Easy-fo-Fire Feed Deer .. Waist High Shaker. . Siip-On Fronts .. Precision Fit Doors . . One Piece Radiator . . Special Combnstion Chamber.Two-Piece ft Firepot . . Easy Operating Grates . . Extra Deep Ash Pit. W. T. Schildknecht Estherville, Iowa Phone 731 MODERNIZE M2£™&*i Twenty-ninth Installment "I've never been, but I've always been crazy to see one. Why? Don't you like them?" She,almost glared at Marjorie. Was Marjorie going to high-hat her now when she had been so pleased that she had a social advantage to offer her? "I've never been to a night club of course, but I don't think I Vould care to go," she said gently. "But if you've never been how do you know you don't like them?" "Why, I shouldn't care to go among people who are drnking," said Marjorie with a troubled look at her pretty sister. "Drinking! Why, for pity's sake' you wouldn't have to drink if you didn't want to, would you? And anyway, everybody drjnks in society today. It isn't courteous not to drink, I've heard. "Everybody doesn't drink, Betty, not in the society I know." "For pity's sake, and I've been envying you all the chances you've had to see life." "But I don't believe that's life, Betty," said Marjorie thoughtfully.' "The people I've seen who go in for that sort of thing look to me more as if they'd been seeing death than life. It always fills me full of honor to see people under the influence of liquor." "Oh, I don't mean really drunk," said Betty glibly, "people don't need to drink too much." "Don't they? I wonder why so many of them do, then!" "Oh, you don't seen so many drunk! They're only a little gay. They say a little drink or two makes you bright and interesting." "It makes people utterly silly," said Marjorie, "and entirely disgusting, I've, seen girls, coming home from vparties, sometimes in the public railroad station, acting like fools." "Then you won't go?" said Betty vexedly. No, Betty, I couldn't. I would n't feel at home in a night club." "I didn't know you were straitlaced." Is that strait-laced? I thought it was only a kind of refinement. Just plain decency." •Well, \ I'm sure most young people do those things today. All except fanatical people. Religious cranks, you know." I guess a good many do," said Marjorie, "but I don't like such things. I can't help it" "Oh, heavens! You sound just for all the world like Ted!" said Betty almost angrily. "Here I thought I.had something nice, to show you a good time, and you've spoiled it alL" 1 "I'm sorry, Betty, hut I couldn't hajp it. I couldn't go to places like that I just -wouldn't belong. I wouldn't feel it was the right thing." v Betty sulked almost all the way home, with stormy eyes averted, looking out the other side of the home Marjorie said sadly: , "Well, now I suppose you' won't want me to coma back and live with you, since you've fcund out I don't agree with you on the way to' have a good time." "Oh, forget it!" said Betty unhappily. That might before they went to sleep she had the grace to apologize to Marjorie for being disa^ greeable after Marjorie had got her so many-lovely things. But Marjorie lay . wakeful through several hours, and in her heart began to pray for her sister, the first prayer she had ever made for anybody else. How she would like to talk it over with Gideon Reaver! And then she fell asleep and dreamed that it was Gideon Reaver who had sat across from her at the hotel table and handed her the blue diamond and watched her while she-opened the box. Even in her dream a thrill of joy went through her heart When she awoke in the morning the first part of the dream was vivid, and the thrill in her heart was there whenever she thought of it, but "it was Gideon Reaver's eyes who looked into hers above the blue diamond, and not Evan Brower's eyes, and that troubled her. She must not allow her taxi. At last as they were nearing thoughts to wander off to absurd 1 things like that As if Gideon Reaver had any special interest in her, a stranger," to offer her diamonds, and touch her hands with that strange wonderful thrill. But Betty had slipped down to the store on some pretext a little after nine that morning and telephoned Ellery Aiken in the office. She told him that her sister could not come and therefore she would not be able to. But she had finally let him persuade her that she could come for just a little while. She came back to the house with a shamefaced look, and worked madly all day doing little extras for everybody, to make up for what she meant to do that evening.- After the dishes were done that night she hurried upstairs and came down in the pretty velvet dress that Marjorie had bought her. Marjorie looked up surprised. "How lovely you look, dear? Are you going out?" "Why, yes," said B.etty apologetically, "I have to, just a little ' while." CONTINUED THURSDAY V.R. Vindicator and Republican carries quite a complete supply of Legal Blanks. fiVVAHTAGES erforraance: 1 Uniformly brilliant ^J-^aUve- your lier iespo»se on the nilis. t —moie 3 An abundance oi it than any" kno-wn auto- p o*er- oan utili«. m obae eng^.° evett8UtpaB sin g] economy loWC08tp et* ever before. gasoline year's Bed Crown m Greater (last • mile. 5 Higher anti-Wck &an READY NOW AT ALL STANDARD OIL DEALERS

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