Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 19, 1956 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1956
Page 17
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 195(5 ALTON EVENING" TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVENTEEN MISC. FOK_SALE 73 BUILDING MATERfAL FOR FREE ESTIMATE on instnnca ranting C81I 5-S511. No obligation. Senr«, Roebuck and Company 30* Plasa, Alton, Illinois. COAL COAL — COKE — WOOD HEATING HINT:—Plan your campaign against cold weather NOW! Order Sahara Washed Coal. It's clean, economical, burns hot. Call 3-8841, Kllnke Ice & Fuel Co., 1000 E. 6th, Alton. , FIREPLACE stoviwood and kindling cut to your order and dellvere-5 3-3914- PRES-TO LOGS More heat when you need It, at lesn cost to you. Clean, efficient. Perfect for fireplace. I1.5Q doz. 2-8898, LUMP COAL, $8.40. Stoker cotiTW.iu~ Egg coal >8.25 In load lots. 3-3914. "SEASONABLE RATES —"Driveway rock, «and, coal, dirt. GATE'S Truck Service. 4-2332. DON'T BUY COAL Let n« convert your furnace to oil or gt». Wiseman Plumbing Hi Heat. Ing. Prompt Service. For free etil- mate call 2-B2H4. V.A _ If YOU WANT c6AL7~dlrt~"or sand, or anything hauled, call JOHN KVERAGE_2-6838^ U«ifF1?AULi~NQ — Kindling wood? Basement and yards cleaned Driveway! rocked. 5-SBG5. t; KNERALHATJUNG DONE — Mia small kindling sold. $3 load. Phone 2-3359. JUNK, TRASH, hauled away. Base- menU cleaned. Get rid of old furniture. Phone 2-8307. 7UNfT~TRASH - Iron At coal. Other hauling. Quick •ervlcc. Reasonable. «-9471. MISC. FOR SALE CI OTIT1NO tf "hlRL'S DRESSES — Costn, Sklrt«, Rnbr; Girl Srmit uniform. Sl*e» 10-12. _ Uprl«ht pinno _ I3lnl 2-rrtOl "}K)Y'S~Bl'.tJErsi.'IT—Wfirn"oncie7"siie lt-14, *I2. Ladles grern coal, lined with Kruy cloth fi.i,r ^* length, si7.e 14, $12. 3-081.1. • IIUIISCIIOLD GOODS TWIN BEDS complete, for sale; also *pr<-adj._Phonc 3-B202 u 701_Condlt. 1> AloirsStM O NfTcO ilCir^" JI ake» Into bed, light gray. 4-2735. " _ - tecuTnaTdIva"iTrGrey. 3-72T?, ^408 California. 'rxl Shaded ifreen pattern, ll'xll* malchln,; run. Al«o pads. *25o for all. Walnut l>edroom • uile with twin 5l7/> 4-po«tfr bed«, complete, $100 3-374B. 2-PC. KHOEHLEH livlnir room nilte, Rood condition. Rcatonable. Call 2-B5.M. "Kf:NMORE~WASH"ER — Good~cond'r tion. Re»:onable. 2-4243. Bl-AN'KETS—Drnpciie*. ruRi. upreiids, curtnlni, firniitiir* cover* Convenient term*. Star Specialty. J-87:>.2. USED FURNITURE AND FLOOR SAMPLES - • 5 PC, Modern Blond Bedroom nulls Includes double dressrr. 4 drawer chMt. book en** btd and t right »tan<J». Good condition. ............................ JBMS MtSC FOR SALE HOUSEHOLD ooons KROEHLER HTDE-A-BKD and matching chair, like new, used only few months. Cost $289, 6*11 for $150. 2-3719. 9 PC. DINING ROOM SUITE, $8fl— J>hone 2-8253. MARb6N~RUB—1J x 13: bluiT flcwT ered nig, 9 x 10','j, Mttra good condition. Dlnl 2-3163. HO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANO TUNING and Repair. Experienced. Make playing more nleasnnt. _Call_2-4n82. . EVERYTHING MUSIC A! Fender, Gibson. Martin Guitar* Kln» Olds, Artlt.v and LeBinnc Band in •truments. RCA Victor and Webcor HI-FI Phonographs. Records. Wur- lltzer Pianos. Shefet Music, Teaching Studios Repair Service. GOULD MUSIC CO. 551 E, Broadway Phone: 3-3213 Alton 81 BI.MrTRIUAI. REPOSSESSED—Phllco eiectric range All automatic. Light and timer across the top. Can't tell from now. No money down, take over payments of $7.80. WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES 2507 State. Phone 2-7511 Open Friday Night Till 9 R, C. A. WH'RLPOOL Imperial electric dryer, like new. No money down, take over payments of $9.25 per month. WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES 2507 State. Phone 2-7511 Open Friday Night Till 9 LATE MODEL Phllco refrigerator. II cu. ft. Freeze dept., excellent shape. Also Maytag wash machine. Charles Sauerwein, Jerseyvllle, 111. Phone 2961-R3. A1A TELEVISION RF.TS 12' '" TV. MOTOROLA Ion. Call 3-3615. 10" TELETONE~t able mode~$2jTTf" G. E table model, year warranty on picture tube, $99.50 WEBER'S TV AND APPLMNCES 2507 State. Phone 2-7.'ill Open Friday Night Till-9 MISC. FOR SALE M VEGETABLES * FRttTS HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS and watermelons, 25e each. Elm Produce »1 Elm Street Bridge. APPLES — Gtlmes, Red Delicious. Wtnesnp, bannn* apples. Bring con- Wlneri. Waggoner'* Orchard, Fo»tef- buig. WANTED WANTEDrO BUY 87 __ __ __ WANTED^Mctal shears, hnnd type. Call between 6:30 and 9 p.m. 2-52;)7. GOOD PIN G~PONG~TABL>;l_,^-;;3»3. SINKS^-Bath'"fixtufes,"furnitiirc. an.v^ thing of value bought, sold and exchanged. VROMAN'S, 217 St. Louis Ave., East Alton. 4-3932 or 4-2267. WANTED— Girl's 20' Call4-331!i. 'Or 24" blcvcleT SCRAP IRON—Metal inr cash. Pick up service. Phone 2-5243. Gordon Rubenslein. WANTED TO BUY — RabbHs, Urge type homing pigeons. Albert Brad-^L- _ Bo "te '. Brighton. WANTEtT — oil floor riirnaeeTRood _rnnd1Mon._Phon« _4-l(i32, JUNK FURNACES~and lron~nnuRh»~ JTrash h*led. Joe faither 2-52Kt. wXNtEbT SCRAP IRON" Picked up nt home or shop. Npison Hartmnn Phone 2-74HO I, A~D Y B1) YS > U R N ITU R E~~b Is he's"' baby furniture, anything from basement to attic. The Re-Sale Shop. 4-S219, days of evenings. 'HIoftEST CASH PRICE pa7d~for~ used _furrillure ; _Bnd appliances. Ph. 5-D441. GE~T Rlb"or"oid""fronTd l^f-_Reasonable. Ph. 2-8367. Hl6HEST~CASfr"pRICES paid for furniture, tooli, dishes, appliances. Phone 3-3024. AUTOMOTIVE 91 AUTOS — JAS8ENOER CARS JANE — Get your nicest dress ready for we have a big date with Roberts Motors. Inc., on Oct. ,10th, to see the newest of new cars In 20 years. BOB AUTOMOTIVE 91 AUTOS — JASSENORR. CARS REASONABLE BANK RATES for purchase of new or used cars INSTALLMENT LOAN DEPARTMENT, FIRST NATIONAL BANK 3RD_A_ BELLE _STS. _ IF you're wanting a car flnanced~sce EASY JIM at BEACON FINANCE. 1703 E. BroiMway or phone 2-9278. 9IA TRAILERS 1951 NASH STATION WAGON This car Is perfect In every way S3BS 1949 BUICK SEDANETTE This car has good rubber, radio. , ii,»/i >t>oi,Kii hentrr, new seat covers, dynnflow j "* AUTO TRUCKS ^ and in good mcchsnlrM cnnrtition \ 1949 CHEVROLET TRUCK"—i ton" $213 | $205. Phone 3-7722. 27 FT. MOUSE TRAILER — Reason- nble. Call after 5, 2-855n. AUTOMOTIVE M BtCfCtES * MOTORCTCI J M___ 1953 HAflt-EY-DAVIDSON— Skyline, 3-2216, Wett Alton, Mo. M FOR SALU—6 truck tires, two 823x20, four 750x20. Phone 2-5747. REBUILT BATTERIES - Guaranteed. $4 50 exchange up. Used tires. Maul INed Auto Parts. 1103 Belle, Alton. 2-4721. AUTOMOTIVE OARAGE — REPAIRING Complete Hydramatic Work • Overhaul • Exchange • No Down Payment LEIMBACH AUTO SERVICE 5117 Marsh Ph. 2-3938 Telenraph Want Ads "CLICK" STUTZ-f, mill- north of (~ulp Lane FOR SALK—18S2StiiiJ«baker pick-up, on Stanley Road, or phone 2-f)2!m _£' n ° a ??'J. ll _- b "lI or . * 425 _ 0ial 4 ' 24n7 :. in4« PLYMOUTH — Special deluxe. Rnrtio, heater, seat covers, outside sun visor. Good motor, solid body, fair rubber. S200. 7!) F.n^t Penning, Wood River. Phone 4-n4.v>. in.M FORD S cvilnder all accpsporirs. Reasonable, Call 4-r>742 after 5 p m. PLYMOUTH 'STATION WAGON," $i in —Phone 4-fil2fi. j 1P4B JFEP — 4 wheel drive, power ! take-off for shaft "or hell. Front ! tnounied power wench. Rebuilt mo| tor less than l.Ono miles; rp.'ir tires j | nearly new. Phone Finidon. 101. j 1954 >OUR-DOOR "HUDSON wASP— IB.nOo actual miles. For "sale or will _trajle.__Phone 4-88(!8 until B. TflsiT'pLYMbUTirV-DOOn Belved'ere Powerfllle, whltewalln. Other extras. 2-6H20. !)3 BIC:T?'1.E8 * MOTORCVCMvS TB54~ "" INDIA IT" BR AVE mot or cycle Used fl months. 80B Valley IJrlve, East Alton. ii i G H LA N U""BICYCLE" "SHOP- Bought, sold and repaired Open evenings. Free pick - up & delivery. _1302 Highland. 5-1847. __ _ "BICYCiiSs— Sold "and repaired .""Rubber tires, all kinds. UH24 Judson irearl. 3-BS75. »» H-ANTEtl TO TRADF RW4P~ FOR SALE or TRADE for anything of equal value, s x 7 Grnflex' Cain- era. Has F4:-1 - 8'i focal length len«. Phone 2-6120. BICYCLES TRICYCLES _ AH kind. •old n»irt repaired Eddie's Blcvcle Shop 3320 Fernwood. 3-B755 SC il~wl"N~N BfcYCLES— Ne«T~and used Repairs and parts Norsidf Bicycle. 2614 State St. 3-7I3S. AUTOMOTIVE ss Crnnbrook with heater; clean, low | _rnlleage._CaIl_2-2898. ! 19.'iT"sUPER~"8i ;r 4~door oid«. Radio' I heater, white walls, two tone paint. : Good condition. 3-6.106. 1950 BUICK SPECIAL — SlraiRht transmission, $200. Call 2-3198. 1952 NASH RAMBLER HARDTOP— Radio, heater, plenty of extras. Good tires. Price SW5. Ph. 2-7584. USED TV SET-17" Admiral ronsole, $75. 21" Dcforth. JlOO, blond 14" Admirnl radio, TV phono combination. S75. WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES 2507 State. Phone 2-7511 Open Friday Night Till 9 REPOSSESSES—2l"~Adrniral7~iwlveJ ; | console mahogany cabinet UHF- VHF. 6 months on picture tube. Payments $11.44 * month. KBBLER ELECTRIC aeoe State. Next to Tri-Clty Phone 3-7388 Your Car Deserves The Best! Bring It to . . . BRAKE AXD TIRE SERVICE 906 W. 9th 5-5211 WANTED—Someone to take up payment! of $5.B4 a month on a P cu. ft Frlgldaire refriRtrotor. Perfect condition. KBDLER ELFCTRIC 2606 State. Next to Trl-City Phone 3-7588 USED TELEVISION SETS—Reconditioned and iruaranteed. 12'i and 17 Inch, table models and console's. Lib- i cral terms. Standard Home Furni&hers. SOO E Broadway. TABLE MODEL 21"'TV—Ph. ft-5480. Read Telegraph Want Ads Dail • Fntflander Rnf« . uprinc con\lrxict!on. condition Coil Very good S29.M) i MAI-tUNf.)) l'S^D^EWiN^MAc7rrNES~7or~iiaie'. $7.30 up KBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 Stale. Next to Tri-Ci'.y Phone 1-7588 Sewing Machine! Repaired CENTRAL SEWING MACHINE CO. 14 W Broadway Pbone 2-3214 FIREARMS • l.trfe Platform Rocker — Wool Frlei* Cover — jood condition ........................... J29.M' • L«m* Double Dresarr — I.nnd- •cape Mirror and Bookcase Bed N«« Floor SampU GUNS. SCOPES, bmoculan, financed. I0'> down. Joe Brandt Hardware, 71Z E. Broadway. 5-5213. 12 GAUGF WINCHESTKH •— Double barrel, model 24. Used two traions. Perfect condition. $40. Phone 4-7619. 833 Madison. Wood River. M A FRUITS • » PC. Living Room Ensemble — includes Sofa. 2 matching Chairi. 2 End Tables with Cookutl Table to match. J Table Lampi and Picture -» ~Ke* Sample . . r J89.85 • 3 PC, Wrought Iron Bn«kf»ist Set ' ............................ $12.93 ' DELIVERED WEEKLY—Fresh country eKCT, Alton-Wood River area. Also corn fed meal type hogs for sale- Albert Bradley. Rt. 1. Brighton. WILLOW TWIG APPLES—S2 bushel. John Brady. 938 W. Dclmar, 2-1812. AUTOMOTIVE • 2 PC. Living Room Suite JI4.7J Gibson Furnifure, Inc. 417 Eait Broadw.y Alton, llHnol' Termi Phont 5-5541 AUTOMOTIVE GUARANTEED MOTOR TRANSMISSIONS FREE fowing; MOTOREXCHANGE 516 Bolle 5-1022 10,000 Mile Guarantee Cheaper than Overhaul \\ f Install or Do It VoursHf NO MONEY DOWN Retail and Wholesale STUDEBAKER. PACKARD TRADE-INS '53 Packard 4 door Clipper $1095 '53 Studebaker Commander Hardtop $1075 '53 Studebaker Champion $745 '52 Nash Ambassador 4 door .... $595 '51 Buick Super 4 door $525 '51 Studebaker Land Cruiser $495 Bargain Gars Good Transportation at Low, Low Prices '51 Packard 4 dr. ... $365 '50 Packard 4 dr. ... $295 '49 Packard 4 dr. ... $95 '49 Mercury 4 dr. ... $225 '49 Ford Tudor $295 '49 Packard $295 '48 Packard $295 '47 Pontiac 4 dr $95 '47 Packard 6 Cyl. 4 door $95 CORDES MOTOR CO. 2350 State 2-9555 REAR SEAT SPEAKER KITS Complete with twitch, n-rrrn. wire, etc. Ef». W.SS $O. «* Contoured Twin Rubber Mats Frond and Kenr Reg. $8.95 $0 (JC per 3-pleoe wet .. WitfU WINTERIZE VOUK CAR NOW!! THOSTATS DEFROSTER TUBING FLEXIBLE TUBING AUTOGLASS Terry Cloth Seat Covers Reg. $6.95 $3.95 DUAL AERIALS Complet* with Lead Ini 1C » 5 Reg. J10B4 Ft. 3 FENDER MIRRORS Ronnil or Oblonr Hoodtd t*} Rtf. $5.98. On »le now W WHEEL COVERS Fnll Chrome. Srt of 4 i<tnf $S4.»S Vmluc. Now **• Dual Exhaust Kits $10.95 up EAST ALTON AUTO PARTS "AST ALTC>V 'U OPEN SAT. - 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. DIAL 4.432 p 1955 PACKARD £ CONSTELLATION c HARDTOP Torsion-level suspension, radio/ heater/ power I steering, power brakes, fully equipped. A $2595 I CORDES Motor Co. STUDEBAKER — PACKARD 1850 STATE ST, PHONE 2-856S If Pays to Know Your State Farm Agent John R. Bloomer 1310 H'fishine- ton, Alton Phone S-M17 Thomas Cox , 2713 Godfrey Road I'tione 2-3U3 W.BIankenship L. E. Williams Alton East Alton Dial S-8330 Phone 4-5629 YOU MAY SAVE UP $ TO 100 Francis Ingram Itoxana Dial 4-9314 WITH STATE FARM'S UNIQUE PLAN FIND OUT ABOUT OUR LOW COST BANK PLAN FINANCING BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR NEXT CAR. You can save as much as $100 or more on the purchase • of a new or used car when you use our State Farm "BANK PLAN". You save on financing through your nearby bank—at their low bank rates. This saving, plus your saving on State Farm Insurance amounts to some real money. And—we handle all arrangements for you. Call today—we are only a phone call away. Maurice Stark Rosewood i'hono 4-0357 H. K, McConathy 2610 Edwards Alton Pbone Z-SMp F.Strejcek Phone 126 Edwardsville E. E. Foutch Wood River Pbone 4-8021 R. L. Claussen BethaJto Phone SS81 Bill Young Jerseyvllle Dl. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE EDWARD HEINMILLER PHONE 4-7058 T have a limited number of very clean used cars left to sell between now and Oct. 30th. See me for the best Used Car and the best Deal available. STUART MOTOR CO. CHRVSUCR — PLYMOUTH — INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS 315 K. Ferguson Ave. pi, ,1 IQXI Open Wood River l "' *-* d ' u Till 9 I'. M. Don't take a chance on fall and winter driving hazards in an unsafe car. Come in now and trade on one of these reconditioned, dependable used cars. 1955 BUICK SPECIAL HARDTOP \VliHc, !>lur», Lorn I rwnpr. Iri-rolor. Priced to sell . 1954 BUICK SPECIAL 2-Door Radio n nil hratcr. C'lioicn of Uvo .... Onn owner c«r. .... enc.h 1953 BUICK 4-Door SPECIAL Bpnutifiil RrrPn ami \vhitp finish. \VIiltP\vnll tires. One ounor car .......... 1995 1195 '945 $ 945 395 "Jf's Berger for Buiclc" WALLY BERGER BUICK CO. 1953 PLYMOUTH HARDTOP Thii is an exceptional rnr .............. .. 1950 BUICK Your choice of two enrh 1836 K. Rroadxvav Dial 5-1733 Best buys for your Money Mechanical Condition Warranted by NATIONAL Warranty insured throughout United States for one year from date of purchase ^ ANY CAR ON OUR LOT WITH THIS EMBLEM GUARANTEED ONE FULL YEAR! 1955 Mercury 2-Door Ivory over dark green, has Overdrive, radio, covers. At a bargain price..., 1953 Plymouth 4-Door j •jf^F 1 tone blue. Has automatic transmission. I | J|jj heater, seat covers. A nice car at a fair price ........................ Large 1955 Buick 4-Dr. Spec. Hardtop 1951 Chevrolet 4-Door Ivory over light blue, dynaflow, radio and heater, white walls. If you want a really beautiful $41 QC fc I V V car at a low price, check this one Standard transmission. Large heater. Nice clean car S 495 1953 19OO Station aiailUn Heater and radio. Looks and runs nice. Ideal family unit 1953 Plymouth 2-Door 2-tone. Large heater. Runs nice A 949 Plymouth 2-Door Standard transmission. Large radio and heater.^Seat. SCAC covers. Clean as a pin inside and out. Vvw An ideal lower priced car 1950 Chevrolet Club Coupe $£AIT New paint, seat covers, solid throughout. 5 0510 Large heater SIX 1956 CHEVROLET DEMONSTRATORS—BIG SAVINGS REILLEY BROS. 1025 E. Broadway Dial 2-8732 2 BIG LOTS * 912 E. Broadway Dial 3-7787 All New ... 1957 DODGE and PLYMOUTH WILL BE HERE... OCT. 30 So... Our Used Cars Must Be Sold *1955's *1954's * 1953's and Older Models GIGANTIC SAVINGS . . . , All Models to Choose From! Open Til 9 P.M. Phone 5-5575 QUALITY SERVICE • EXPERT BOPY WORK

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