The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 6, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1935
Page 2
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MONDAY BANANAS Oolden Ripe 5 Ibs. 25c l jBEEP— J4-B». P*W»i ___^ 25c plications to choose from in continuing- the program. Ickes also will h"ave $262,000,000 which !• owed him by the FERA, money advanced for relief needs from the public works funds. He expects to have $450,000,000 for low-cost housing projects, Present : Advi m OF COUNTRY'S FAIE Affairs Watch for Our Hand Next Week Future Uncertain According *to Chamer of Commerce and Labor. PLORIDA.PtfTS. ' :Gaatinned from Page 1. , for the first time as chilly blasts . swqpt the state in December, with ' enow as far south as Tampa. A; total of $35,000,000 was wagered by 2,000,000 persons at the -State's horse and greyhound tracks, an increase of $7,600,000 over the preceding season 1 , which was a. record at the time. SECURITY BILL. 'Continued from Page 1. fits. In addition some administra- 'tion officials plan to drive next session for passage of a national insurance bill which ultimately, would call for a three per cent additional payroll tax on industry for sick benefits to workers. Congressional tax experts believe there will be necessary adjustments during the first few years of the new taxes. For that reason they are anxious to avoid heaping any new income (axes on at the present time. The $400,- OOO.C'OO in nuisance taxes, wEich will be extended in legislation •this-, session, probably will be equalized so that industries which will-be affected most by the social insurance 'levies will not be overburdened. .' ' . : • MANY RECALL. Continued from Page 1. ; Living conditions changed, food, ,fuel and other administra- t tors Jwcre appointed to see there was. no waste of any commodity. Women and girls of the county did Iheir full part in the matter of providing clothiirg ' for the many. "* One year passed and the government had already issued a Third Liberty Loan bond issue. Tho Fourth of July passed like a Sunday, its significance being lost in the mere vivid struggle in which the country was engaged. As the fall of 19IS approached and the -conflict was still raging, stricter regulations were made on the residents. Gasolineless Sundays, sugarless drinks and foods and many other inconveniences were placed on the country. Then came the news of the signing of the armistice on November 11, 19IS and for the first time in almost two years people breathed freely. Eighteen years have not erased the effects of that bloody orgy and the mark of the -conflict can be seen not only on the country but on the men who took an active part in the conflict. Now with all Europe arming, it is well for people to stop and check what happened in the other "conflict, which eighteen long yearg have not wiped out and which will be in evidence after many more years have passed. FIRST DURING HIS TER3r. Sheriff Cardwell Received 534S in Culi in Full of Judgment. For the first time during his two years and three months as sheriff of Trpton county, Sheriff Cardwell receive in full, the amount of a judgment rendered by the Tipton circuit court, In which payment was made in cash, before the date set for sale of the property. Many foreclosure pro- 1 "eedfngs have been had during that -period and a number of sheriff sales held. Saturday Harry Webb of Anderson was here and paid off in full the judgment in favor of the Elwood Lumber Company against Ralph Conwell and others. The judgment had not been paid and sale of a filling station property near Newby crossing had been fixed for April 20th. Mr. Webb has acquired the station and will operate it. He intends to do some remodeling and make several improvements. Samuel King, of Rush County, Knew 100 Years Ago, He Saw Garden Spot. PLATTED FIRST TOWN DILLI.VGEK. BOXDS. Fourth Coupon From Stolen Paper Fouud in Indianapolis. Village of Kingston Was All East of Main Street and North of Jefferson. Standing, rear ijow, left to right: Dr. L. P. Foster,! Miss Julia Catherine Chambers, Miss .Ksther C'arnine. Herbert Jones and Rev. J. W. Rose. Seated,'16ft to right: Miss Hope!Wiggins, Don Barnes and Waneta Pyke. The eight persons are directing the affairs of the EpwortH League o"f the Kemp Memorial Methodist church, which .was organized 1 April 7, 1S90, and is in a flourishing condition. (By United Press). Indianapolis, April 6. — The fourth coupon from bonds stolen by '3<5h!i Dillinger in a raid on a Racine, Wis., bank has been recovered here, police said today. The coupon was found in a local bank where it had been left as security for a loan. It was clipped from bonds issued by the Rundle Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wis., and was worth $.10. Police Chief Michael Morrissey said he knowa the identity of the person who has, been cashing the coupons but has been unable Co arrest him yet. MURDER SUSPECT. Back in Wnbnsh Jail Where He Escaped Starch 0. TIPTON EPWORTH. Continued from Page 1. . Folldwing this service the Ep- •wWth League will sit as a body in 'the auditorium for the even- x teg services. Rev. J. Floyd 6ee- •'UK.' president of the Muncle dls- •-trlct of the Epworth League, will ^,' tie the speaker and a special ser- j' ,inon-"for young people has been prepared. The public is invited ?*, to both services. «i» TO PLOW. *'fcontlnaed from Page 1. of Interior Harold (,;,who also is public works ftrator, will have a new •$900,000,000 for loans to states affd cities for aOng projects. ' "of this allocation i' spent lor labor. He has tfjjBOO worth of projects !>be started'immediately n\dbllars worth of ap- Wabash, April 6. — Robert Flnkenbiner, 21-year-old murder suspect, was back in the Wabash county jail today, three weeks after he had escaped and fled to El Paso, Tex. The youth is charged with slaying Howard (Pete) Holcomb, in a cell at the county jail March 9. Two days later. Finkenbiner escaped by twisting the lock from a door. He will plead not guilty when arraigned Monday, he told police yesterday. Ninety-seven years ago, this month, a pioneer of this county, who entered land of the government 100 years ago, which was located in what is now Tipton county, had a vision. This man' Samuel King, whose home was in Rush county, but who spent part of his time here, had foresight to know that the time was coming j Commercial and Industrial when a town would be needed for' the wilderness here, which would prove to be a garden' spot of the world. In 1835 Samuel King entered other j tracts and acquired others by i purchase. One of these was in i what is now section 11, which is; all taken up by the city, ex-| Agencies Have Repaid 53 % of Loans. SEVERELY INJURED. THE LIQUOR LAW. C. OF C. IS HOPEFUL ^'Apparently Some Hesitation" at Beginning of This Month. Clarence Russell, Near Windfall,! Fry Explains Sonic of the Provi- j iUnn Over by Tractor Wheel. Clarenca Russell, residing easi-j o£ Windfall, is confined to th sious of the New Law. (By Uniteil Press). Indianapolis, April G. — Hun, , *, .' . . , --•"idreds ofl retail beer permits whici home of his mother-in-law, Mr.;.,„„._„ ,!„_.., '. ,.,_,„.. ,. and Mrs. Elmer Swing, suffering with injuries received about noon Saturday. CLOSED BANKS AIDED expire April 1 arc not lively to b ; extended unless the holders can qualify ;nnder the "anti-saloon" regulations being drafted by tlu Ho was working on the farm of, . , ,< ,_ ,. , . „ _ ' "state alcoholic beverage comniis- D. C. Zehner southeast-of Wind- sioll j The fact was made knoHvu today by Paul Fry, state excise admin- j istrator. The new regulations are cx- (Dy Unitijil 1'rcss). Washington, April 6. • — Business is better—but the future is uncertain—two nation-wide surveys agreed today. Industrial production during tho early part of 19:!5 exceeded ; the same period a year ago by 10 per cent, U. S. chamber 'if fall, driving a'tractor onto whicii' was hitched a drill. As he at-: tempted to start thc tractor, tho. tonguo of tho drill became un-j commer-c-e and American Federation of Labor surveys agreed. Concerning the future the 12 Ybars Ago April fith. Mary Ann, small daughter of Paul Miller, cierk at the post- office was sick with measles. The Charles Shepherd lot on North Independence street was picked for the site of the world war veterans memorial building. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Epperson' were moving from apartments over the Tribune building to Detroit. * * * Mrs. Anna Miller purchased the European Hotel from Mrs. A.__G. Busick * * * Susan Ellen Heflin died at her home in Elwood at the home of, her brother Isaac Heflin. * ^£-f * Mr. and Mrs? Will Innis^ho had been residing at Goldsmith ! chamber of commerce report hopeful, but uncertain. The ftd-j during the winter with Mrs. Dessa hitched, ami pushed him off th- , , e( . tcd to renewal of por- ,«™tion tractor to the srottnd in ''r""!-i m i, s to establishments whose major business Is thc dispensation of j pessimist!", I5an ', while Mr. Innis was teaching, were moving back to Tipton. Washington, and ho was unable to move bc- • I'orc his left log was run ovor by April 0.—Of the tin front wheel of tho tractor. ; frankly far as labor was concerned. Another 10 per cent increase' beer. Only those places whoso j '" Production during thc 'second, l.iisincss is largely the sale of i Quarter of this year "would mean cept a portion- ot the southeast; 35,0-17,7-1-},25S.Su | advanced t<>( II C was rushed to the office of fooA will have thejr ii cellscs ,-<,.'; -substantial business .progress,"! attending the Methodist confer- Mrs. Otto Trittschuh and Carrie were at Kokomo quarter. I commercial and industrial asen-j ; , Windfall, physician whore six' , ;cwc . ( ] j FrV indicated j lhc -chamber of commerce report Ninety-seven years ago, Samuel cies by the RFC to March SI,! stitches were required to do.*--- \; n <lut terms of the new law. I said. II added -them "is apparent- King, whose Krandson Cassius M.J1935, S2,tiSi>.!>7i;,!>UJ. n ,, or about 5::-tho ugly wound made in his '•-•' permits issued under the 19;;:; :u : • lv sum e hesitation" at the bfgin- King, is residing on South East | per cent, has been 'repaid. Chair- just below tho hip by the tractor; ,, lay i )e 'extended until No'v 15 a' • ning of April, street in Tipton and is a man 77 [ man Jones says in] a review of lug. He was siven serum treat- v.hich time all permits expire. ! Tllc upturn iii business, the years of age, on one of his pil-jtho history of the HFC'. ; ments to prevent lockjaw. It wa; ; j Kxtensioii is not expected to b. Federation found, carried indus- grimages from Rush county laid j Total authorization and cum-i stated that only tho soft crindi- i ;J adu for that lon^ a period ''trial production in January to 1 out the town of Kingston. It was | mitments, including disburs: 1 -, lion of tho ground saved hi.:i however, since'annlication forms'i ncr cent above January, 1931. I!y February this, however, had dropped to 10 per cent. "It is clear now," the Federa; lion report said, "that wo cannot , all north of what is now Jefferson I ments of S72(l.57::.3-I!».7S to oth-: from what might have been most ^ro being printed and action on street and all east of Main street.; or governmental agencies and SI,-] serious injuries. j (hem will' be taken as soon a-; Later the plat was recorded. 299,978,536.22 for j relief, weroj Ho wan -reported :to bo getting 1 county i beverage boards arc or- once. Rt-v. E. G. Shouse of Indianapolis preached a trial sermon at the Baptist church-, that congregation seeking a pastor. ALUU:KI> KIDNAPERS. ?aiiized; Meanwhile, the excise depart- ' oxpe-ct this year's spring busy It consisted of 4S lots 66 feet; $9,095,830,1 61.S9. jOf this total,; along as woll as possible Saturday wide and 132 feet deep. Streets j $819,087.03-1.G.1 was canceled.' afternoon. The young man is tho were 60 feet in width and alleys j leaving $1,06 1,66 1J274.-11 avail- son of Sir. and Mrs. Walter Riis- meut and state police prepared to,'season iii industry to bring any 1 make a state-wide drive tomorrow I further progress in putting the in enforcement of the Sunday i unemployed back to work. Wev ',£ feet wide. The town had no! able to borrowers iof preferred ' sell of Windfall. existence except on paper as not stock and capital notes. I - '• one lot was sold. Relief disbursements included ' RKSKRVR AIR CORPS. The town was forgotten by pio- S29!),9S-!.!I99 advanced dir.sclly. • neers, but not by Samuel Kins. | to state. S l!i!).D9:!,nJ7.22 to state:;; Xo \eril For Its Kvpansion Xoxv who knew that in the future its; upon certification liy tho FKRA I need would be 6n the people. The; and 5500,000.000 t|o tiKT adi:ii-i-| first step toward realization was : istrator of federal rcjlief activities. | when the settlers began to conic! Loans authorized, to V,:!7n j Old Bacliclors' Cluh. The Aid Bachelors' Club was delightfully entertained Friday evening at the beantiful country home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wimer west of Tetrsburg. The home was beautifully decorated in keeping with spring. Mrs. Wlmer served a delicious 7:00 o'clock dinner, after which games and various entertainments were enjoyed. Those present to enjoy the evening were Frank Hinkle and Mr. and Mrs. Don- Hinkle and family of near Kempton, Mr. and Mrs. Clurid Campbell and family and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Doeuges and family of near prairie, Mrs. Roscoe Samuels, Mr. and 'Mrs. Raymond Wimer and family. Bill and Taylor McNeal, Miss Hazel Cole of Anderson, Lloyd and Bob Cole, and Mr., and Mrs; Emmet Tudor. The club was just organized this winter with Bob Cole as president. Mr. Cole has'proved-to be a very efficient president for the club. Says Assistant Chief. ... . .' Ilv IT »i'< > 'l Pr^s \\asliinirton. April . 6. — Tho so fast that Tipton county was banks and trust companies as «,r ar '" y ' s roserve air cor ' 18 shoultl set off from Hamilton county and' March 31 aggregated $2.321.51:!,-' not " C cs P« ndcd " c - vond ^ P res a county organized in 1S-H. I 730.91. Of this ariioiiiit --'-iio,- Then came the need of a county! fiS-l,S2,'!.()9 was withdrawn or seat.- The legislature appointed canceled. , closing provisions of the liquor: can only hope for toriiporary law. i Jobs." Under terms of the new . law, j N'o progress whatever 'is being ! liquor sales must halt at 2 a. m.. j made toward putting unemployed ! Sunday and may not'be resumed j back to work and prospects tor I until 6 a. m., Monday. Violation i further reemploymcnt next fall of tho provisions, Fry said, would are slight, the labor report said, of permits i "Whatever work is given tho ' out authorized strength at pres- jont Mri};. (ion. Oscar Westovcr, assistant chief of air corps told result in revocation without' renewal. KIKOI'KAX TACTS. 11,000,000 unemployed.]' the report adds, "will be that fur| uished on a 'relief basis throiigu i thc government ?•!.880,000,000 four men to locate the county! Authorizations wj-rc made for' 1 ". 1 ; hous ° "iilitary affairs cnm -! i|,,n , S :i. v .s They Must Be Uascd on ! work-relief program. seat, while wild animals wero. tho purchase of jirofcrred stocl:. i roaming through the dense woods on the site of the town of Kingston. These men, David P. Adier of Grant county; capital notos and debentures of 6,809 banks and trust aggregating S1.2lf).J,343.03n.4 niittcc today. Wostovor said that tho present reserve force was sufficient, aii 3 is '' least until production Economic Stability. "Washington, April 6.—Belief that thc new political and military The chamber of commerce saw indications in a number of directions that the "rise in business activity which became unmistak- „.. „.„„, „. , , Jesse Carter of'and 1,057 loans w«.jre authorized steppe(1 " p enough to keep Pacc- alnanceg , vhich European states-1 able in December, and continued Clinton county; Giles W. Thorn- in the amount of S!:<i.G53.2aa to Wlth the ^ pe(icl Wlt1 ' which fliers men are seeking must-fall of their i through. January and February be sc-cured by prefdrr.-ui stock, as of Cass county and Lewis D. Adkins of Miami county decided to locate the county seat near tho center of the county, and what isjturcs in 7.nii7 li;:n!ts and trust j known as Parrotsville, 2Vi miler.J companies of SI,23 j.-190.30r,.'ll. j north of Tipton, was chosen. | Loans were authorized for dis- can be trained. own weight unless based upon a I into March, has not spent itself." total authorization !for preferred j Thcrc aro approximately 1.500; foundation of economic stability I . Increased electric power con- stock, capital notfsj and debi-n-i a '' tivc rcscrve P' lot - q now - Wcst - and a revival of foreign trade was! sumption,' bank debits, use of today by Secretary- of f mails, telephones and life insiir- over said, while army leaders es- that between' 2.SOO and 3,-. :sta , 0 Corde n Wu n. would be needed in 1 event of! .»»•The locating commissioners an- tribution to depositors of 2,H.i2 closed banks aggregating SI.078.- nounced, howover, hear propositions they would and Samuel : To Visit Brother. Mr. and Mrs. "Ray Dearth will spend Sunday at Frankfort with relatives and will visit with Mr. Dearth's brother. Earl R. Death, who was injured i n an accident at thft Nickel Plate yards a week •go- 8ttnd*y.j The Frankfort man, <who Is a •witclnn»n-f|)r the Nickel Plate, cut at cKn.onltop King came forward with an offer of 100 acres of land in Section eleven, on which he had five years before laid off his dream town. His offer was accepted and as a result the county seat was not placed in the center of the county- Commissioners of the county met, received and approved the report of the locating commissioners and appointed William H. Nelson who laid off the town, which was named Canton, after a suggestion' of John D. Smith, who had come from Ohio near the town of that name. The town site was so dense 59S.232.59, but Slp9.72lfi,S32.S9 was canceled or withdrawn. ., i war. He added this ; figure would! | be attained in a few years at the. j present expansion rate. I C'ulbertsons Lead. niRTHDAY DINNER. MISS AJ1KRICA. H!y United Pi-ess). Now yorkj April 6. — Tailor- n'ado hands for game or slam 'boosted the Ely Culbertsons': lead iWooil Scc-Us to Establish u Xcw ove r P. Hal Sims to ; 14,640 Sheila fiardnrr Guest of Honor at Kvcnt Held Friday Xi;*lit. Sheila Gardner, w I Speed Record. [points, at the start of the. S9th I '_'• [rubber of their 150 rubber family I rr.v Tnit<-,i rrcss). ' j bridge match today. Miami Bea-h. Fla.; April 6. —j ; The Culbertsons toolc sev.en of i ance were cited, as "significa'nt." | (t. -found encouragement because •of "improvement in real estate [transactions." I ' Tho chember. of coinmerce report concluded: "A summary of the evidence of business conditions might be made in the brief form of a statement that elements of business strength are still accumulating. If; allowed to exert their intrinsic Tue Men Held at South Heiul on Serious Charge. (Tly rnUocl Press). South Ik'ud. April 6.—Suspect- l of kidnaping a five-year-old _, Starke county boy, Clem Warton, 4 HO,-and William McCormick, GO; were arrested south of here today. The boy, August Marshall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bane Marshall, North Judson. was with the men on a truck when they were arrested. Wharton and McCormick said the boy's parents were separated two weeks ago and they Iwere br'ngiug the child to South Bend under instructions from thcj father. The Starke county sheriff charged that they kidnaped the boy just as Marshall arrived at the home of Clarence West, to visit his wife and son. Letter openers for the office or home desk. Tribune Press. . . tlT no celebrated '• Mi ° s Alncrica x - Gar eight tubbers played yester- INVITING \VILL HAVENS, 2U3 X. West St. As a guest of The Tipton Daily Tribune at the New Rita Theatre to witness "SWEET MUSIC?' Explanation: This Invitation is ! not transferable and. is good only 1 for the party whose name and address appear above. The party, named above, accompanied by a member of his family or a friend should present, this Invitation at the Ritz door the • same-as two his birthday Fridav. was thei' u | thc whec1 ' wi!1 ma1<c an at 'j da >' and picked up 7,460 points, guest of honor at a birthday sup-! tcmpt at a new world 's speedboat j for the largest gain is any ; one I..; influences they will continue the j regular admission tickets. . gradual and steady advance of recent months." per given by Mr. arid Mrs. Chcs- rccord today. round of play. ter Powell at their hWe north of At h ' sh m ~' the: genial pilot Hobbs. It was a country ham supper and Mrs. Powell toad prepared a meal fit for a king[ Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Gardner, Mrfl and M rs. Carl Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Boyd, Mr. : Dcaih of Aunt. with timber and underbrush that and Mra clayton YoUg, Mr. and It was necessary to clear part of it away before a survey could be done by a made a'nd this was force' of men who volunteered their services, the commissioners, surveyor and a few others doing the work. John Crtawell, surveyed the town. After the survey was made a sale of lots was held and by the 1st of March, 1845 SB lots had been sold {or »702.76, the highest sold" for $80 and the lowest MANCHUK Continnedifrom along, the rarfroad | .Yokohama^ whdre F tha^Ume on the town ed/tfnd"- 5 - '-' Mrs. Clintie Cochran Mrs. Alva Holman. The guests stayeoy and Mr. and late and enjoyed games and contests after tho splendid meal. Carl Miller won first prize for c( nsumlng the most country ham. who drove her to a new record of j 12JI.S6 miles an hour In "Detroit rivjer in 193-2 will shout above tho tiiiindering motors, "Pull 'em ba^k, Orlin." !;J| ; Orlin is Orlin Johnson, chief j mcjchanlc, who has ridden with ling by ttejdeath of Mrs, DENIED PAROLE. -Mr. and JMrs. Homer Michel ami j t,hc latter's mother, Mrs. John Katon ofj this; city, were caJled to nrpwnstowh, Jill.; Saturday niorn- Man Convicted With Tom Mooney ! Refused Clemency. Commodore Wpod for 17 yeara. Hej mans the throttle. Wood was confident, .but would noi definitely predict a new ' woHd's record.;; l: oute - from-! a j{Teytond- ee Takes fiteps to Retain Con grandmo herjrMrs. Alva "Powell. fill remain until after the qf girl's cloth belt ttjickie. was .nicked ; up InUependdnco street Saturday atternooi} ^nti loft at the Tribune o , Ice, wleieiit can be'secured ^y, l^JS ;Folsom Prison^ Cal., April 6. — Without explaining their reasons, tho state board' of prison terms and paroles refused Warren K. Billings a iparole. It was the sec- ojid time that Billings, coWicted •w^ih-.T'dto Mooney in. the Propared- ncss Day bombings, had been refused. | i ] Billings showed no sign' of his. 1 when informed 'of tho THE TIPTON DAD^Y TRIBUNE Entered as Second Qtasa Matter at the PoatofDce, Tipton, Ind. -• Ramsay & O'Banfoiv Props. Established Oct! 4, 1S95, deiisionJ Here. -—- , rFrank ton|gttUow r -% subscnption; Rates. One year, in stato ...-.,,..... Six months, in state Z.OT Three months, iln state ...,. : .. 1.8O One month, in: state :..*.:±.,... .40 One month, outside state ..v.,, .SO One yeor.i outside ntato ......',. 6.M ftv narrtcy I" fttv ,iw. r wmlf j, 1» V 15 to Quar^l

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