Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 16, 1939 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1939
Page 4
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VINDICATOR AND REPUBLIGAK* ESTHERVILLE, IOWA, THURSDAY, MAY 11,1339 Attend National Wa-Tan-Yan Meeting Six members of the local Wg- tan-ye club represented that bss- iness and professional worsen"* grasp at a national ecnventi-™ being held at Ft. Dodge Stmday. Monday and today. Miss Margaret S=t:ti, president of the EstfcerviBe chapter. Hiss Benlsi Scbultz. secretary. Miss Mary Maass. Mrs. Fic-yc Coos. DEL-A-DEK CLCB HAS FAREWELL FOR MRS. GATES Mrs. Fred Gates was sarprised Tii^rsday afternoon, as a fare- •areil party gives by tie members of the Del-A-Dei. A ooe o'dod covered dish rzneheon was served at tenr smaB ah* PS. Aa-raon bridge was played car- HKXDRICKSEXS EXTE8TAES" CLUB AT DTXXER Mr. and Mrs. William Headrick- SOD were best and hostess to members of their bridge club at a seven o'clock dinner its their borne Thursday evening. Dinner was serred at three small tables decanted with fiwr- and Miss Adelaide Xiehols drove j tag the afternoon. The ladies pre- down ^rorc cere yesterday for tie jserted Mrs- Gates with a gift, afternoon meeting and evening- 1 Those present were Mrs. Geo. banquet. Miss Clara Kennecv -who ? Howe. Mrs. Frank Logan, Mrs. had beer a* tie postnsasters meeting in D=s Moires canse from that city and retrained over for today's sessions. J. J. Bowdish. Mis? EBa McCal- lozgh. Mrs. Louisa Post. Miss Hesen Servers, Mrs. M. C Petersen. Mrs. Magrtss Laacerrold, Fearcres 0= tie hascraet pro- j 2£rs. Fred fcisers. Mrs. J. L- Cer- gram wss Mrs. Georgia McAeants l^-k. Mrs. Floyd Johnson, Mrs. W_ Clifford. St. Lotus. Mo- presides! of tie National Association <?f St^ry Tellers. Mrs. Clifford r^ve a y \"' H=r cf TTV *-*^ icr&s in a verv T -Ieashtg r.rjg. Mrs. Uzrz Rose Orr of Ft. Daip ed ntt=ir-e~s by tie Fort Civic glee ciib. pro- V. Sweet. Mrs. C E. Zksaer, Mrs. Marrts Peterson, and Mrs. Francis Mant&ey. MRS- PETERSOX HOSTESS TO DEL-A-DEK Mrs- M. C Peter-son was hostess to rentiers of t fee Del-A-Dek bridge ehtb Mosesy sfterrsooa. A 1:13 cessert IttrgfeeaE was serred Dacge [arid saroj: bridge -was played at ffecr tables czzzsg the aftersooc. extract, bridge was played daring she evening-. Members cf the club are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Koch, Mr. aad Mrs. D. S. Kaodsen, Mr. aad Mrs. Com Alt, Mr. aad Mrs. Thomas Foster, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Donovan. Prepared by Vindicator aad Repab Sean -Betty Crocker Home Serric MRS. CLARK HOSTESS TO DLDLD . COOKISG CLCB Mrs. R. S. Clark was hostess to members of the D. D. D. dob Thursday afternoon at a ooe o'dock liiwhfon at her home. FoBowtag- the bmcheoa, a social afternoon -was enjoyed. Members present were Mrs. Sargeat Berav, Mrs. Soy Ridley, Mrs. G. H. Masse, Mrs. L. C Doo- iitsJe. Mrs. ML E. Wilsoa and Mrs. CJark. Guests of the cfcb were Mrs. Virrriio Loagh of Los Alleles and Mrs- W. F_ Bradley. tre 1 r;ere -sras a iarge sttescssee at j Metabers of iae crab are Mrs- c^et to -srixi other pvKrps | Geo- H-nre. Mrs. Frank Lc^aa, 5ee= —Tttec a acchsra ta \ Mrs- J. J. B-wcisi. Mrs- EBa Mc- Ws-t£s-ya=s asd tiere -was ,'Cc3r.t^i. Mrs. Lscisa Post Miss :--ri=<" rfte- tie -iia-JEefe Skr«rs. Mrs. Magsas 1ns- rer a=-f rrc^rras:. joerrtgi Mrs. Fred Eiders, Mrs. . _ ~\ " -— J. L. Cersriek. Mrs. Fiord Jobasos, MRS. ELLISON HOXORED v~ Glr „ v " AT BCFFET LO.CEEOX !Sweet, Mrs. C Jlrs. R. J. ESso- of St. Lot^s, M-TI _ -sns tie hsaored gttest a r -i =g river, by Mrs- D=2>ert ziSiZze -wis p:syea at two tables- Mrs. F. H. Erercs bad iigh sctre. » Guests were Miss Jean Ricsara- «>-- Mrs. F. E. E-ercs. Miss Le- E. Seiner, Mrs. Melrin Peterson Mrs. Francis Manifeey. DEGREE OF HOXOR JUVKX- ILES TO HOLD COXTEXTIOX The Degree of Honor Juvenile coaveEtioa sSI be held May 27 at Spirit Lake. AS juven3e icensbers are asked to attessd and bring their sotbers if they wish. The Brcwr. 3£ss Piyiiis Rcb-! Hteefeg wi3 convene a£ 10 a .'Bs. ----- 3fe, S. J. E2iso=. Mrs- 5er- | AD those pJaEEing to atieac Deti Bisir. Mrs. Dale Fsrgtsjst 1 please notify Mrs- Ernest Smith tri Evelyr. Xorby. ;or Mrs- Verz Xredway this wees. XEW POSTMISTRESS AP- POrXTED AT MOXTGOMEBT Miss Margaret Bibow has bees appointed by Postssaster General Jatses Farley to the posStios of acrirg itostzsaster at Moatgots- ery. The position was vacated by the death of Mrs. Docsa WatkiBS. Miss Bibow begaa her work Thsrsdav. Vi SOCIAL PARTY FOR MARRIED COUPLES POSTPOXED Dae to aa unforeseen ocenrreace the social get-fogetber party sponsored by the Holy Xante Soeiety for the married cocples of the St. Patrick's pwTKh win be pos^>osed from Toesday, May 16th trndl TtKsday, May 23. A PIE OF CHARACTER ___Here's a pie thafs weB worth eating and remembering. For in it[ JwrB £ad the fiavorfnmess of a baked fruit pie combined with the I «ow oebcacy of a cream pie. In fact, it is a cream pie made with fruit jmcc and chunks of the soft cooked font scattered through it Plump, I toewns prunes cooked to just the right degree of tenderness are used > an- tins enjoyable pie. Here is the recipe: Prone Cream Pie prunes were cooked) 1 tsp. vanilla 1 cup cooked prunes (J5 lb.), pitted and cut fine % tsp. cinnamon , % pint whipping cream, whipped ; and well sweetened j v- pd V.-s- x. E. Eogeis of I Gark^ride aed W. B. Sweeny 2 &p. Xcvrtz Dakota, rettrrtsed to jof Fort Dodge were in EstbervSle Sst=raay after a two | of basirsss yesterday with Lyle -e*£s -&T^Z::- :r i^therrflle w;th j Sells, braach scanager of the -S t ^i &£ *t < r^ J ^ : : r - Krs - 2--1T«rs. l& M Finance Co- Mr. Sweeuy a ^.er cf rise Misses Cayton, is lis president of tie S £ M Finance Pc-stmtstress at Zap. Cc asd Mr. Eide is secretary. rrs TR- LT: ROBERT VOUNG MRS. BAUMAX TO EXTERTATX CRESCEXT CLUB Mrs. Harry Rair ^»T» sx- wiU entertain members of tie Crescent clnb Friday afternoon at her home. Members include the Mesdastes Emma Clements, Fred Sternberg, Glen Burkart, Roy Mitts, Bert Swanson, Charlie Higgias, John Higgins. J. W. Tan Talkenbsrg, Chris JchL Henry Hanson, Ar- Saa Clark. George Frank, George tier Yates, Walter Swansos, Wtl- Swanscn. MacFineh, Less Eveletb T "J Harry Jones aad Harry Banman, sr. lOCALS Miss Marian Gray of Chicsgo, EL, spect the week end at the P. G. Gray, sr„ borne. Miss Gra> is a neice of Mr. Gray. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wilson of Pipestone. Minn., were mother's "day -visitors ax the W. W. Wilson and Mrs. X. M. Voiding- homes- Pastry for one 9-inch pie sheO 3 eggs 31 cup aD-purpose flour 1 cop sugar Is tsp. salt 1 cap m3k 3s enp prune juice (in which Line pie pan with pastry, brush with 1 tsp. melted butter, and set j in refrigerator to chill thoroughly (several hours, if possible). Beat; eggs slightly. Sift flour once before measuring. Sift flour, sugar and salt together, and blend into slightly beaten eggs. Beat just enough to make mixture smooth. Blend in milk, prune juice, vanilla, and cut-up I prunes with which the cinnamon has been blended. Pour mixture into j cfaiDed pastry-lined pie pan—distributing prunes evenly. Bake 10 min- j utes in a hot oven, 450* then reduce heat to slow moderate oven, '' S25* F, to finish baking <abou| 45 to 50 minutes or until pie is "set"), j When baked and cooled, spread with well sweetened whipped cream, j AmoaBt: One 9-inch pie. To make a smaller pie in a 7-inch pie pan, use 2 eggs, 3 tbsp ; all- •' purpose flour, 73 cup sugar, ft tsp. salt, y$ cup milk, J4 cup prune juice, ] i 3 tsp. vanilla, cup cooked prunes, and a dash of cinnamon. Pie Crust 1 cup all-purpose flour | 'A cup shortening ?s tsp. salt Ice water (2 to 3 tbsp.) Sift Sour once before measuring. Sift flour and salt together. Cut in shortening with 2 knives or a nastry blender—leaving some of the shortening in lumps the size of giant peas. Add ice water. (Sprinkle the water lightly—a little at a time—over the flour and shortening. At first, blend it in lightly with a fork; then gather dough together iightly with the fingertips. As soon as you can make dough stay together, yon have plenty of water in it Round up dough on cloth-covered board (using flour rubbed into cloth to keep dough from sticking). Roll out to St pan and place in pan loosely to avoid stretching. Let pan "rest on table while cutting off extra pastry—leaving % inch extending beyond edge of pan. Build up fluted edge. Amount: Pastry for one 9-inch or deep S-inch pie shell. » v -QOTUfac 1S3> tar Battj Cnefcer. lac • If yen have any specific cooking problems, send a letter requesting , information t« Betty Crocker in care of this newspaper. You will receive j a prompt, personal reply. Please enclose 3 cent stamp to cover postage. Spring Luncheons Enjoyed Mrs. Carl Boyster "and cbUdreirj of Langdon are visiting at the borne of her father, Mr. A. Fisher. They will return home the latter part of the week. Mrs. Chas. Heinrieh and daughters Rath and Eleanor drove to Ames Sunday and were guests at dinner at the Delta Zeta sorority boose with Mary Ann. Otis L_ Tamg J pastor of the Im- mannel Lutheran cbgrrh, drove to Gamer yesterday afternoon where be will attend * minister's conference. He will return to EstberriBe Wednesday afternoon. Hem York, N. Y-—"ITS TRUE! Oat a forty-cent tax •a ««^onarB «Mefaw <*pa^byMetro<kM»^Mayg iturSoa so that a 1909 Reach taaicab could be used in a scene of *Bddal Scflfcc," with and Robert Young," says Wiley Badan. "Tbe taxi is a 'Uhic* with ofl samps, tight-band .drive, brjlb- «Hnwrirn»»nm and hinged mat. ItwaseSscovgred jancyard abOBt ITT TrT** 1 * Aad bran- ir Mrs- C C Rost and her father, S. E. Claypool retsmed to Ksth- errDle Sumlay from Hampton where they "have been visiting snee Wednesday m\Qi Mrs-^ S. A_ McDowell and family. Mr. Cfaty- tpool and ios jxnheir, -Kennet9x..lEo- {Po«iiLtt> left • this morning for laewkkv '-1 Waslnngfaai where Mr. Oaypool -anE remain indefl- vUtiy with ins dasEhtecs and their fa wiilies. Mr. and 3fas. H. E. Re-Mx. and Mrs. A. E. Locke and lb. and Mrs. J. F. Bett. Een- n^ McDowell is driving Mr. Cagrpool to^Waaningtan-and ~*xB -to Hajaptm-after a brief Mrs. P. G. Gray, sr^ Miss Alice Gray and Mrs. P. G. Gray, jr., were hostesses at two spring hmeneons given Wednesday and Thursday at the P. G. Gny, sr., borne. Two course luncheons were served at 1:15 o'clock. Apple blossoms and lilacs served as centerpieces t«i the various small tables. Following the luncheons guests spent the afternoons in playing contract bridge. Thursday's guest list included Mrs. W. G. Gordon, Mrs- O. J. Mc- Eirchy, Mrs. Herman Jensen, Mrs. X. E. Demoney, Mrs. Francis Shadle, Mrs. F. R- Everds, Mrs. F. E. Rosendahl, Mrs. Orin Manthe, Mrs. Vance Xoe, Mrs. Blanche Thompson, Mrs. Romaine Sondrol, Mrs. L. J. Bennett, Miss Marvyl Bennett, Miss Eva Sheldon, Miss Padine Wilson, Miss Kathryu Lyman, Mrs. P. J. Bennett. Donald Lawler, Mrs. C. E. Birney, Mrs. J. W. Morse, Mrs. K. J. McDonald, Mrs. H. C. Brees, Mrs. F. J. Kennedy Mrs. H. G. McTavish, Mrs. Stanley G. Ewen, Mrs. E. C. Strube, Mrs. F. G. Parsons, Mrs. E. W. Beck, Mrs. G. H. Raife, Mrs. W. C. Currell, Mrs. Charles Werling, Mrs. Dan Howard, Mrs. G. W. Robinson, Mrs Robert Ellison of St Louis, Mo., Mrs. E. J. Hines, Mrs. P. G. Pannkuk. Mrs. D. A. Bagan, Mrs E. W. Kepler and Mrs. C. J. Mathieson. MR. AND MRS. F. G. STTTH HONORED BY FACULTY Supt. and Mrs. F. G. Stith weie honored last night at a 6 o'clock banquet by the Estherville school's faculty at the Gardston Hotel. The two long tables were decorated with bouquets of tulips and Dutch windmills. Place cards were little Dutch girls. Following the banquet the evening was spent in playing auction and contract bridge, chinker-cheks and bingo, at which many prizes Fere received. Supt. and Mrs. Stith were presented a gift. Those invited to attend the ban quet 'were Mr. and Mrs. N. *E- Demoney, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Sandy, Miss Harriet 'Holland, Miss *r_ . _ — XI - n , o, , r „ 'Margaret Clark, Miss Enid Cope- Miss Mary Louise Peterson, Mrs WHliam McArdle, Mrs. George Lyman, Mrs. Clyde Sanborn, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Mrs. Deemer Lee, Mrs. John Rohlf, Mrs. George Lorimer, Mrs. Ralph : Rousseau, Mrs. George Bnmskill, Mrs. D. S. KTrnd-sen, Mrs. Guy TRmetts, Mrs E. C. Bilney, Mrs. Henry Myhre, Mrs. A. L. Anderson, Mrs. Leonard Carbon, Mrs. J. E. Wilson, Mrs. Lorence Sflverberg, Mrs- N. M. Voiding, Mrs. F. H. Rhodes, Mrs. James Rainey, Mrs. B. H. Brack ett, Mrs. Con Alt, Mrs. Wesley Dunham Mrs. B- T. Osher," Mrs. J. B. Osher, Mrs. Dettert Hinsch, Mrs. E. M. Munson, Mrs. J. E. Stockdale, Mrs. Harley Lambert, Mrs. R. C. Brown, and Mrs. Geo. Guest at Wednesday's courtesy jnemded Mis. Jay Howard, Mrs. WiHiam Johnston, Mrs. H. H. Drey, Mrs. Uoyd E. Stockdale, Mis. Sdby Broms, Mrs. L.«M. Chrisiensen, Mrs. -G. K- Allen, Mrs. Hugh Grog, Mrs. M. J. Groves, Mrs. P. G. ^fli, Mrs. John Gttag, Mrs. H. L. Mrlfithin, Mrs- J. P. Clark, Mrs. J. Ic^Hoye. Mrs. M M. Knapp, Mn..A1eE Mrs. John Blodes, Mrs. Caroline Kennedy, Miss Golda Harper, Miss Esther Idema, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Tate, Mr.- and Mrs. Andrew E. McArthy, Miss Eva Chaloupka, Raymond Minkler, V. T. Nordeen, Miss Sn- san Peterson, Miss Minnie Sage, David Grant, Miss Ruth Smith, Elmer E. Starr, Miss Burnette Thompson, Miss Jeannette Watson, Mr. and Mrs, S. Laird Swagert Miss Henrietta Miller, Miss Marie Myers, Miss Mildred Martin, Miss Grace McClure, Miss Gertrude Mohr, Miss Helen Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nielson, Miss Frances Smith, Miss Evelyn _ Cousins, Miss Elisabeth CoK^Miss Berna Hansen, Miss Helen Miller, Mrs. Ida Shuler, Mis. W, A. CSe- sap, Miss Bessie Mewhirter, Miss Blake, Miss Genie Gray, Miss Altea Kees, Miss Lola Wilson. 'Miss Margaret TJmbarger,SMiss Vers Brown, Miss Aleth* Whitcomb, Miss Maye Ctse, Misa ? 3dAr-- ian Orvis, Miss MaTgaret MMUS», Miss MttdreJ Shuler, MisslC«4bJ erine MaIon», Mis': Aldena Petet- . J son, Mr. asd ' t M». Knnte Hamwa, Miss .Oliv* WflWhs and Mjis ogene "Kuntscai." • ••••• -w^^^

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