The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1930
Page 6
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(AilO MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, IMO LAtR.4 LOU BR.OOKMAN AUTMQ[?QP"RASr4 ROMANCE" C/' /tiiftN ricnoN xHllfV © IQ30 NEA from five) 'SERVICE INC. liEGI.X HERE TODAY CEI.IA HOBi:ilS, JacklnB one mutilk of btfui; IS and jutr oul ol )-fj;U tchool, ki'i'nil* n liot inij Mt-nry Jul)' joy looklnt; far n Jill*. 31fr tuolhor, JIAIIG.VIIIM 1 Klic- MJtS, [M ii uldoir nmt Clii|iln?ril nil a In a dress I.IKHI. Ther-lln- In llrtltlniorr, ullli nu ulhrr Inc-ai'.ir ihnri Itio iniilLor'i, en mine t. Crlln l» unbucc'tikfiil In krr apareb fur ivnrk and t?,irs home-. 31r». llilfrrrM arrival, ullli n Ipl- It-r fvhleh *hr c<ii]rmU from hi-r Jnni^htrr, Olln not* for a ilr]*r llvt-ft next dnnr. U'hllc Ike; nri> unti rm rrHtlfi tirr lidcr. It "Jnhn MlH-hcll," nml ilu- HfTi-r» ro (irovjilr nuvarilR riliicallon. (rr.vel nn4 aoi'l Alllon fur the iflrl If Slr«. v.-lll-Klv* her up. Jlnrcnrrl ,lp- rlair* ulic \\lll never do Hilt, Mrnnuhllf. fnr invar .on" n country rond, Slilelda inUi'ii Cclln Into hit arms nnd klthta' li?r> ' NOW co nx \virn THE STONY CHAPTER !!!;'• pEMA lirtqii starry eyes (o Dar^ ncy's. SJic was trembling bin hf.ripy. Bnrney'x firms hclil tier close.- Ills kisses wcro still warm on Ler Ups. . "Oh — !" Celfa whispered ".ml ! could not go on. j Shyly she dropped licr head tn restlo against Barney's shoulder Her clieek touched his. "Celia," Jjarney Shields was fay- Ing in a low volca thnt sounded far rnvay, "You're 60 «weet. Do yo:i know lliat. honey? Know tlint I'm ' crazy about TOII?" She would not look up. Cello's mind wns whirling. Tliis ecsuitii: i happiness was frightening. lint It ' was wonderful too. Then Colh ' Flr.'.l ArlJillon to Dtll In one s!Jc u'ai a picture ol Celia foro the; The ol/ar si'i/c o/ ilic locl(Cl n><is That did not satisfy him. "It Isn't the way 1 incuii," iu % y raid quickly. "I moan ilo you tliink yon couid care the way I do? Do you think you could many me?" Cella Uo^er3 had novpr in her whole llfo tltoiiyhl seriously about marrying. Slio hail entertained ! ilrc.iiny iiolioiis. us ilo nil girls, of (lie sort of hotnc elm would likcf sotno time for liei- own. bow It i woiilil Ecom to KU elinpiiliiK In a remembered that letting a yoi man kiss you was supposed to vrrong. JIow could anything phasant as tills bo wrong? "Barney," slio Bald, raising l:cr \ ug" CAr wj ,,, „ chauffeur nnd gu brad, "you—we niiistn't!" She , 0 c i CKailt parlies with a husband iltt-w away from him. ! vaguely lni:mlm'cl ns rich ami Instantly the youth wns conlrlle.! iianilsoino. lint she hail tmi-er ival- "You'ro_7iot angry, arc you?" he \ | y t lioui;lit about innrrylii^ nny<m<> wore li.:c!t at tho flat ai^ahi. Unitify KI.-I (be brake nml Ilirow opi:!! (bo I'.oor of Itic our. They slcppnl oul ami walki-il slowly (o tliu dnar. Tlicro were street laui]i:i u-it a <lo/:en yarils away, but they wcro illtii OUCH. No 0:10 elso was In slKlit on Ilic .'-[reel. (Jutclily Itar- ney Klilclils Kathcrr-il tlio i;lrl to him anil in-c-i-eil a kiss rutlior cia/.ily on IKT finx'lu-ail. 'XJooil ]ih;hl!" hi: saiil bru:i<tUL'ly. Then bo liminl ami ran ilowa the | —that Is, anyone she knuw. After .all, Cells «-as not yet IS. ! "Why, ilartiry," slio paid, "yon know-I couldn't 111:11 ry anyone— • nut for a IUIIK time! I've got to take care of mother. Slip'n worked . ami done everylliiiu; for tno nil : my life.. Now it's my turn. 1 llko "Why. Cella, you know 1 ; iliilu't—t mean iilcaso duii'l bo mi- Ery! [ couhln't hcl|i It. Cella. Von'rc just so sweet I couhln't heir- It." Color was slowly Hooding the girl's chec!:-:. Sbc Ucpl licr eyes downcast, being nuablo lo dust herself to . look at him. Rarncy • y cl | a ] 0 t. Hartii'V, lielter thai misunderstood. Ilo launched itilit well, Ijellrr limn tilmnsl ninhndy—" 0:10 of the longest speeches lie had . -Honestly, do you 1 .' Sjay it over ever In all Ills lite made, ' again!" "Listen. Cella," be said earnestly.. "Honestly I ilo." "don't you understand? Ob. I know ' "And you aren't sore I you'ro really just o kid anil I— klMtrt you?" well I hnvon't any business expeeb | Cella shook her bead negatively. Ins you to care for a ilnb Illie mo : Slio ndinlttvil It n Irlllc reluctantly J guess I should have knuwii belter. Mint slie wns siniljim. How cmilil l!;it I'vo been erazy about ynu ever i you belli Inn srn'lo wlili ]J:u-ney Fluco the first day 1 saw yon a:ul' looking «t yon like tlial? nfler'tbat vvbenl eot_lo know you i |} 0 kissed her then on tu[i nf tier —well. I've TlHM you better all curling ' on bc-r ctieol; nml aions. Girls aren't much lu ray on tlic tiny Iclio of her risiil car. line. Guess 1 never knew any o! haunting as It did lo be convenl- 'c-in very . well before. Any'uow.! cnlly located, ycn'ro different from tbo rest. I • "IJariiey, you're—you'ro tcrrl- cliln't mean'to tell you a^I this llio'hlo'" way 1 have. 1 don't know wliai inado me. I'm—well. 1 sort o; laujilicd. became scumble. forgot everything else except yon tical young iiersnni n^ain. being bere beside inu and the resl ; "Somo day you're goiui; to uiar- of the world such a long way oft ry u:e," Barney Shields deciiireil Just von and me— and llio stars m. •• firmly. "It may be n tons lime, there—and the wind—! Celia. I'm ' off but you're going to." not going to be a photographer all j Celia looked oul over '.be dark my life. I don't know how yei: road nlicad. Shu rcincmhcivil linn but I'm going lo be one of tlie men it must borrowing very late. Slio who boss things Instead of taking . said It was time for them to turn 'RI.IA wen! ?lowly up the t«-n o( ;!alrs. She kept re- Jewel box and it still held lrcnbuio.1. Cellii Icok uut what sho HioiiKht the [irelllesl one — a small ^old locket of old-fashioned design. Its two heavily engraved sides opened In rev-ral liny glass surfaces. Beneath one was a ridiculous plclure of Celia herself as a h;iby. Tlio other side of the lockoi was empty. "Why didn't you ever put another picture In here, mother?" slia asked. "Oh, 1 — 1 don't know." Mrs. Rogers' bai 1 !; waa Turned Cella. Imay with her own thoughts, had not noticed anything unusual about her niolhei'ii manner. She ..rnibcrln^ JIMI IMJW lliirncy'a cyes]h:id not even noticed thnr her had lonkuil hefurc ho klsscil licr. [ molher's oycs were red-rlnnned. JUKI how lih when ho ::ai voieo had sounded d tho::e hcatitlful worth. Cella thought they were beautiful.' "You're so f.weel!"— thnt WHS what Ikirney had raid. Kho w:i^ Irving hard to look natural anil inalter of fact when she irachfil the third Hour and pitched opi'ii ilu door of tho :ii:an- tncnt. "Anylindv home?" Colia called. She know of course thai then 1 was. Sho could ?i'0 her mother In ihe lictlroom hiueliiiK heforo a lili; tr>.i:ik. ihe light shining over lier shoulder. "In bci-e!" Mr3, Hor;ors answered. "IJh! you have a nicj liilt. 1 " "Oli. yrs! It wnn lol.^ r^oler nfirr wo got oul a way. There was a sr.mtl lirccy.e. \Vbat have you been lining nil this time?" Mi'j, Holers said she was Ji:st otu-c loilgcil prondly in that Icwel i-::se, .ivi>ro M'uc now. There were bcaiN left, a pair of silver lillgreo failings, and Cclla's baby ring. '1'hpi? -.vcro a jialr of yellowed salin imckles. onee snow v.-blip. wlileli 1-arl i:ilorii(.'d dainty slippers. Newspaper clippiims. nnd oilier old Ihmr.s wiiieli to the girl seemed rather foolish. i Inohln:; through somo uM things. Tlic:i they laughed and, bavins Cell.i kent on talklni;. She lioiieil her motlirr bad not noticed linw "II?. did not UK. let me lake [hem now." 'clia :avi; the bux back. Slio tlio packet of yclhiwptl ICIILMS whlrli wcro placed tenderly in Die trunk before the lid went (iowu. Lout; nfier tbo liRbt had gono out In tlie litlln third llnor bed- roan that night Cella lay wido awake thinking alraut Darney. tell' Ing lirrsclf over mid over how hup- ]••>• slio \YIIS. wondering IT Ilavney l.nlo It was. She didn't say any | cere lh!:ilLiiig of her tou. more about Iho ride or alrjin Bar-1 At last she fell nslcep. It wan a ney. - heavy sleep from which she woko It was lucky her mother bad with a start. Her mother bad g<i:io. opened that old trunk! \Vlifiui\-cr i (.Vila arose, dres^cil, gulped a cup Mis. lingers did lliat ilie forgiil al! of coffee and was out of Iho bouse. orders! Some of these days I'm going to push v up out of Ihe order- taking -crowd. Do you snjipose somo lime,'maybe, you'could care lor DID? Celia—could you?" back. So fiarucy started the motor nml ii:rncd the car alionl. C.'elia Sleil close licsido him and let ney keep Ills nriu about her until ! they reached Ihe thickly travi-lci!' wondered 1! lio could hear j highway, Uo/.cns of ollior moliirj alioul lime. L'clia slipped out o! her dress anrl moved ahont'lh^: loom, tinish- ins preparations for Hd. Her how loud 'her heart was beat i vehicles crowded hofoie log. "Barney," tho girl a know Ii care alwml you!" motliei- was packing filings bad; in llio ti'unk now. Thi':i> \\as a \voodon box on the S'.c'ur wliicli wa:; fit m ill a r. "Oh—can 1 look at it?' "^'05, f>ir a minute. I've got to 'set Iliinga back In hero il.niigb."! vnlrc interrnpl It was i:eaily four o'clock that nflnnoon v.hon Cella Rogcu hnr- r.t-d ear.criy up the stairs leading lo the liithiK room of Margofs DiesH Sii.ip Slie toiilil hardly wait lo tell her news. "Why, where'H n'.otlier?" shs asked, pausing in tbo doorway. A v. like-faced woman turned bul she rould speak a man's i hind them and the girl drew away | The girl settled liorself cross- lied and opi-utiL the Once it had liccn an d. "you | sr'dalely. j legged on !li ! It sec-mod Just a short ride be-(wooden case. "M:s. iioseii Is resting now," he raid. (Tn Ho Continued) quietly •» V -Trit WKV I'O ft <*r^ t^ T\J' ' %, iuik'n Adihtlcu to Dell 1 .SMII.I. I 1 . Town of Ltac),vi)]e gold clialn v.liidi once had held tho lui'ket bad diimppcarcd long !;lnce So many nlhci- tilings, I n Russians Start Work on ( Building Paciiic Ports VLADIVOSTOK. U. S. R. U. (UP)—To meet the economic expansion of the Soviet Far East, existing Pacific "ports will be enlarged and several new ones mil be opened for extensive , commercial Tlie piers at Petropavlosk or. Kamchatka arc being extended and modern drydocks are under con- Urucllon. Restarchers are under way wltii a view to making ilie :w;; t:[ un Kamchatka callable of h:-,r.Jl;n = 300.000 tens of cartn 1: i= rx- pccted to be the c'-i»f iiuiic-i f 3; cannery products Of Nonii fiv-ri- Siberia. At the ^nius iini> ih- Korg Bay port v.ill be fi-.fd f-r the export of timber aixi several par IE .arc to be p-.r-pau;] 0:1 JLakhalien island. orrtf-riy ronrluct Klieii i;c> t:-l:l '.;• cc; rt :h^ nicio^i 1 'i:i;ov.,-i ncji" \M? m crini:\ n? i--:'i;.- T.H t' even if the cha:-.:-.- hi M.i A l>. Jlur 1 .V Them :. A. Tlin.'ii H. L. Haye^' Addition LtirLrnic Subdivision f-I I.ou W W. w. \V. ' I'nl ruo s i:. H"i Addlliou-- S\V XW XK SW NIV SW SK s^^ 1 ,HW SW l.'.lt t A u x. it ii K <'. WuoJ C. Woo.l «'. Wutnl <'. <: Woml I. jl .Ml *- ml.-r C U . •Ilic M:I IVII.. S^rn.' J. ['. i. i.i x. n s t: >LII». .1. A. A-liMl.rsnn. I.-, X. K 'J K ••:,!..,. .1 JI. Hu SEMI.. i:. }--. lli. I.-, X. U I" K ^BlUr Itrr.Kh \ Jlillil> S> ..... ll.,,r,,. .V I'.illll. I.'. X. II II T. S.nnu. ll.'.i. S^nir YI'. .1. r, Sam,. Mac]?,, . M. JjckEcn's Addition— Leichvillt A .S.inu- I'l MutthtW! 1 Adillllon— Lejctivllle KlnyJ I'l.l),! :i It. I'. Hi,.«!, S. .1. Mnnhi-w! S. .1. llaul.i-w! K. J. Mmili.-w. C. A. Tl.iir:n>i Ii. W. Travl S. .1. M«ltli..»-; Ahnu All .u Juii,.>. • s:: .'.': .«. S. W|Mii:«n: XK SW Will |-:iil^ritlit ! NW fW Jlill.,r) Miiiml .-r. .-V,' .It..,. 11. llfii.-r I .>W >W •tt iVr K II. ('« I W. 4.:l 1 n Til. •Ii.ui.»ik- l''i. ' hi-a Nt: \l \ Stnitl. X.VK i.f H NW M V Stiiitli ! s. ,.( K. H. I. T. .U'J.i/,,i, t - XW XK C.ii.i.i.- <lM)mt,: SI-J .-JI-'J .1. >'. .M.-)ta.!i'rnlXK XK '. r Sl,i|,i..) 1M I .S'W NK Ti'U-J-ii- CV iM-'J -M--' : }( Tanl.' IN].-J- ,fK NK Si,iiih i IU..IU. j SW NK T..»-i..ii 1 - r.,. I XK NK I -X \^' N K I). A. Sniitl: I SK XK •|,,»i,»lri. C.,. I .-W SK .1 W. l).,i-.fl,rrlj- ' NK NW T. -I. I'ri..- NY.' NW win .I.II.HM..I (si: xw llar/y lltism I C\V NW i! W (V.uan : SK -SW SW SW C, .1 II.null S. Km! ; ('furry . Oartii-r * NVl.iiii •i- I'tili-y Kri-^niflii NK SK sw st: SK Lot 1 SK I...I :. UK NW XK XK SW X\V KVt SK SW K. if II. 11. SV.' SW K. ..( H. I!. XK xr, •£~ II. C.r Kl-i KI--J J \vi--j 1:1-2 i Xl-2 XI-2 SI-; S«iiic Sftlllr- Second AdJitlou—Leac^ivilta S ,1 S. .1. C. M lljnl * n,,. llynl & (.'Lii^li- 1 S.liiH' II. .I. H.lvi, •I .-.u Ituli SainliT* 1'irst Aildltlon—I.eachrlll< A Sunn- I.. I*. BiVi-r j A Sami' llrnilri,-t« It Snlin- Ili-ivl ft Hilii It S.IUK- 11,..i.i 4- Huff 1 K S.-IIU,. II. It. nnttinr Nelaou's Sccouil Addition—Leacliville i 1 . II S.inp (lirar Ifnynsr.l 1 H SMili- A. A. iltytixn] S 11 Sam,. A. A. Mnynnnl Wl.'_> :i I Sm:ii- Tutu Kfiii.c,l) T i- i I Samp H. l.''iMiiiii^:,<ii Kel'.un's ^ntiUvlslon of Lot i. Block A LeacliTille 1'itk Aildltlon—Lxchville SNIII" .1. T. Ko.lirli-k 1 I 11 Sami- H. W. SuilUi's Aildlllon —LtitLipl'.e 1711 T2A S.llnp Tuwnn C. U. Aihibrami«r AiltilliRn—Minlli •1 Sum. It. S. S. Hudson Alliion \- .la.-t Kpy llnli V n. 0. Sle IL A. Afblbllnner Addition — M r.m a x\v, l. Kl-i sv: XI 'J SW sr. xw nf II. Joe Killn n K W. SI. Hun. W. 11. Hun W. 11. Iliifi W. 11. I!in: It 11 K TUMI III:..: Tmil lib- it 12 K ll-iftiiisiv. Hi" linlTii^n 1!:, i.oa \, llli. It. A. .lor.f, Hr*. II. A. .loncs W. M. Hlm.lfs W. 11. HLoilt.i W. 11. W. 11. HI,u.Irs T SVin Oanlnpr Aslialiran. ..r. n al . N. H. Ashabranntr Addition— Manila Saini- .Fin,. Sl>:iincr Jc 1 [IPO. Ki 1 )SAI:I^ .Inn SKiiir.rr £ 1 Ii,n. K^j- 1 Sam.' A. Vouhtf 1 Sair.r Unknown 1 Same X. H. A.chabrancer 1 Sam^ \. II. Ashatiranner Carulhtr's AdJltloa— Manila 1 S.nip A. I'. Mi-JIrnry 1 Same- .fen. Cjiflp/s r»rt \liew Addition— -Msnlli :L Samp Unknown ^l SIM.I Unknown :i Sail,' L'nfcnown Sa tolil. II mi any rniisri|i] pil XW SK .N K. nf II. SW SK R XW SW 2-J Alt [ibrfnr.s wl.n to rnrli-ilril an,l Milr "r »»! >li,l lanils in tlu- Sl^li- u; II:.' fir.-.! l.-Ilr, *Jt,T Ihe l.ublir.Mintl of Itlis u-ii. an [be '2 il«y-''f r'i-liriurt*. 1901. nml Kho* i-nn> If any Ihi-'r^ !,<• vtl,y :ht> ss\r na n;3<k' lu lln- s:a • IN, :!.! i,i.: !<- f ..i,hr:r,.] nr..| :!.' li:l,- In ^\<] il *rribeil lar.ils ai.,1 ouch aral ev.Ty lra<-l thi'ti'C thn'.llil not bi- iiuicteil in lb>> Slatr (if ArLansn-. i:ivrn ..nil, r inj- linni] auil nr:>ial s<-j| .L-. ( 1^1 nf .lull, lyli'i. W. W. IIOI.l.lI'KTKH. Cirri nf M1>«i»i|i[>l ClaRi'iry Ci.nrl. pan-.p o. nvc 1 bcr:i unilty home wiion Livri 1 POUGHKBEPSIE. fi. ~. iUPi — William Mariin won Irfedcm l:mv a sentence of (luce months ir, i.ul on charges or intoxication and ilis- CKYSTA1, BAY. t.lkr M : .!i; '•,15'ui. Minn. (UPi—It lakes ;i ]• ^i v tnit l^h to gc'- invriy from V. \v. Tclierman oE Minn^.ip Wiii'.c fishing at Crystal Buy •.no-; Mrr. T-ibc-rman caii^i'.t a r.^nibci of siiufis'.i. i:-:r.t ;\ liny iicnK and wo:m~. l-.,-v butter went under Ii'" 'i:io hrokr close to the pcvlr Uif.'iv -.ho coiilil land the fi<0i 'nnci !'''• ••:<": avoy. Tlie next ii:sr:ini;: M- • Tubrrnian wns [ishing at tlir :--i:ni-' ;n;ci::i when sV.e saw a lril;t'. i iliv.iing nearby. Slie ro'ied : ' '!i- ipnt and tills lime laiide'l •'••<• i.-'i*. which still had her tact:" '---•ly l-.nnkcri in h:s jaw. Unknoivn W. Ilillaril \V. Hillar.l Maynard 1'nknown I'nVnor/n uatlij i Itouen mlilin Kulale ail-lii] KutAte I'. Ctiiinillrr r. Clian.lli-r )•! nuinilli-r ,1. M. I)im!ap J. M. Piinln]] (i. W. llaVi-r 0. W. HaVrr O W. il»Vir n. w. n.irr I.. K. Xi.lty !.. P. X,.|l r I.. K. X,.lly W. W'. Itoforii W. W. Itnji-rt rtikncnvn . S. IVlly .lr-h« . S. IVlly .Inhn I. S Pi-lly JoUn W. W. Coi I.onnlr 1'lrilh I.or.nle Puriib l.t>nnic I'arijSi \V W. Cox W. W. f .1. %V. J. W. l.nhvcr 0. Shrrwood O. SLcrn- Slyrlln f!icr» Myrtle SapTw 0 S.1N10 Stnltb's Addition .1. .lotm l.ason .1. U Wilhain J. I. Whhani n." A n. 11! Smilli 1). A. Sinitb I). A. Smith P. A. Smith I>. A. Kmitil K. lli-Majt-rs n; S.i mo T. 1,. H. H. Minlta S Manila 11A Samr Sttrbfns Addltlou—: •J Mm, D Sam f D Si^-t Sit. Ir.t in-; il-.e Hef-ian fly causer, more than : lo;.r!on.OOO in lasses (o grain in In 1 Ur.ili'd stales every year. San.p S.MIIO SlOlf Samp A. A. Majr.-inl A. A. Miynaril Mullle AVnllwr \laitle \Vftll t >r \fmtl^ .WnlVt-r Matlio IValkcr •SUttit -Waller K. K. Knoll .'. W. l.afaver .1. W. l.afavfr \V. W. Cox W. .1. Woo.) W. .1. Wood \V. ,1. Wco.t W. J. Wood .1. W. Veador J. W. M»»il«r HK l'«. of Sf. l.i.l 1 SW Nl.2T.ol :t XW S. nl IV SW S\V N K XK XW XK SK SB Slilrhrll .ililrbrl! 5< liyrt H. Cool II. Conk i1»f? C'i> Stavp Co Kilvi'artt^ Ji XpKon A. II. llrl M.nniliTonniitp l'i j! w! Stpplifn .1. W. S1p|ih<-n .1. W. Sli-|ihpfi .1. W. Slrptiri, J.. W. Slejitipn .1. W. Sli'pbin .I..W. Klfliken -I. IV. Slrjihi-r. J. W. Slephrr. J- W. Slf]ihT .1. W. .Stll'liPn In Same .1. W. Sli'iihci 10 ^anitf J. V. Slcjihoi lil Sain*. J. IV. Slpplii-i Hi Sun,- -U W, Slojif-.i-n li> SJMO J. W. S ' Hi Sump .1. W. f 10 Same J. W. Stephen d & Oarrtion'l Addition—Ma&Uk 2 P>n:p Hallie Slajr Orii 2 Same llalllc Star (trim 2 SaTTi,i W. n. CM :i Samp J. W. Da- Town of Ytrbro 2 Saino SI. A. Port 2 Sunn ll-infh Iln 3 Samp r. llnfrman K: BLYTHEV1LLE DI3TKICT Tii i'. 11 X. R S K Ser. A.-r« You— --Want to Buy -Want to Sell --Want Work -Want Help --Lost Something -Found Something No matter want you what you will et quick action hy usinj IS Tw,, XK XtV SK SW M. of I! I M-S Nr': K. of I,. XK NK \m.- r. W. l.nlKrloTi • m.. p. W. I.till.rloli ' 11 X. It 9 K I MII« D. S. Farrar I a:ne T>. S. Karrar ' «>..- 1>. S. Karrar . Farrar1 Furnr C ourier Shonyo \V. M t am TtUmaa •r«p WANT ADS

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