Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 7, 1948 · Page 23
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 23

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1948
Page 23
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Phone 4600 for n WANT AD Taker EVENING CUMTUW-ANn. Ml)., TUKSPAY. OECRIMRKR 7, J9-1S 47—Real Estate For Sale POTOilAC Pnrk rf«J citato UOUK&I. iuM knd exchanged. W. A. McGrmv. Vhoim > ESTATE boughr. sold, oscrin aienn Witson, 213 VirKlnia Ave. NORTH CUMBERLAND In^icdiule pos.yession, 2 sior; 1 irnmc. 5 rocir.!. and bath, hot TjUer heat. Located c^ rfsr o! 10'. on StamaK Arc. Price 54TOO, attractive icrini. Luiarus <£ Treibcr Phone 3270 REAL, ESTATE— Sou;!]', and sold. Ployd P. Gracf! Phoae 868-J-*. ?AP-.\:. 118 acres, house, barn, oul bulld- Z.1S. hill, bottom ground, slot;: :eee\. Prictd for cjulch sule. Harold Potvurs, SprlaK Gup. V.'. Va. SEW i ROOM brick house. D.-eei; •UC1-W. Bowling Phone 48—Roofing, Spouting Roofing - Spouting Ltncoi Warm Air Hea:, Air Conditioning J. E. TW1GG 1:00 C!d:o*r. Soad Prone 4598, :!98o-J ROOKING tpomlris. piintlnj, repairing S:hi:;c. 2258. • metal wort. Rool ftnd ventUatlni:. Aler Roofing-Spouting-Furnaces -Sheet Metal Work- MlaiKle* frTecl Pbonft ujnaconlns 3'JV WALTER E. REID £ SONS TW SHOP Midland. Maryland 54-A—Display Classified 54-A—Display Classified RADIATOR SERVICE. COR.N.weCHBNIc] a VflLLEY STS ret. soo WITCH & JEWEUIY REPAIRS 24 Hour Service SPEAR'S JEWELRY STORE 62 Boltimorc St. 51—Wanted to Buy WANTED to bur: Old and Crippled Horses toi Mini: feed. Truxm V.'llt. Barton. Md. WANTED—Two S'.r.scr Treadle Scu'lr.; Muchtifi resardicii of. condition. Phone 363. WANTED— Rtbbits < pounds up. Shobw'j Hesuurani. Ri03« £>25. UOXEL TRAIN' PHOXE 1927-M 53—Wonted to Rent ST. GEORGE MOTOR CO. "You; friendly fare Ocoiw" S. George St., Cumberland Phone 580 EMPLOYED t*\DV cl?str«r thre ur.J'jrni>h(-d room:.. Box 1B or four D-A, c-3 WANTED—< to 6 Room Apurimcni or SJDUsc try r.'w mannKfr of sinner Sew- :r.f C»n:tr, Phor.r 304, 3 'ill 5 weekdays. THREE oedroom house In good resldentlR] aecrion, vill pav a years -rent in advance '.'. desired. Write Box 758-A, c/o 3 OR •» HOOM untcrr.lslird upartiaunt or house irllri bail:, Johnson HclRlits or Mapleslde, Phone 284R-J. SETTUiD quiet couple WRIUS ulshed rooms. P. O. Box 13: thrc-! Jur;. City. BDSIXESS -B-omtri wants 3 or C room -jii- :urr.!shcd apnrtnicnt. Rf.'ercnces, Box 703-A. c-o Times-News. QITIET COUPLE In tnelr late aO':: Triint t—D or \\\Tr.r. uniurnlyht-cl rooins. central, Irr.msdlulf posscislon. "".Vrl'e Box B02-A, c-o Ttrnt^-Nt-ff. 54—Wanted Situations ITIACTJCAL. nursts provided, day or -weel:. Tr;-State Employment Azescy. L'.ccr.scd. SUKS1NO '.VAXTED 54-A—Display Classified USED TRUCKS 1M6 Chevrolet with Dump Body 825 x 20 tires (Practically New) Fisli I'liitKil I'ramL- T^vo SptH'tl Axlr A-] Condilion 1P41 ?lac'k Chassis A; Cab 9M x 20 tires (All Goodl Two Speed Axle | IJFT Mack Tractor Saddle Tank Fifth Wheel Completely KccojitlitioTicd 193T \ Ton International Pick-Up Practically. N«w Motor STEIN LA'S 218 S. MECH. ST. PHONE 2550 CARS WANTED! WE PAY THE LIMIT Reliable Motors Co. "The Lot With The Iron Fence" Cor. George & Harrison Stj. Phone 61 Evenings 3732 j ALBS HUDSON SERVICE Jenkins & Schriver Motor Co. 133 S. Mechanic St. Phono 12 Cash-For-Your CAR Taylor Motor Co. N. filechnnic MONEY" ON ARTICLES OF VALUE Unredeemed Plcde«, Lujrgage BarKains CUMBERLAND LOAN COMPANY 12 N. Mechanic ST. Phone 4165 Open to 6:30 P. M. Cully For Yovr Convenience INS'ST ON • GENUINE FORD PARTS •fr Sales -Jr; Stn-icc COLLINS G.M.C. TRUCK CO. Route 40 East Dionc S23-.7; OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOPPLE EGAD/ SUPPOS ASKS M5 5 OF XhMTHOCHgOlO t IT'S OrJ TrAE TIP OP AA-V NlGOc, BUT DSAT/? X- VJOWT B= AgLcTO SAT OUT OUR WAY TO KEEP FROM CARRV ING AMYTH'MG HERSELF, SHE'S SHOVED THRE BEFORE IT'-S ON HIM, BEFORE He EVEN (SETS IT IN! "THE HOUSE, HE HAS A MONTH 'B WEAR ON IT.' A DRY CLEANING BILL, A PE6SS- 1NG, A—OH-H-n. ER. EVER. COMB VJlLL MB SHO\N ? LOOK IT uP X'LL BRIMS WHY MOTHEKS GET GRAY Cinema Star TWENTY-THREE \T VOtlB; GROCEH! -.I'KCl.M.l/IM.l Hauilltoti, lilfia, Tavannrs COCLEVAKI) IVATCIIES MARPLE'S 23-1 N. CENT!!!! ST. £ t IP *> Ii A a in BAND INSTRUMENTS For Christmas! SPECIAL Boy Scout Bvurlc-s $3.75 SEE AND HEAR The Now DeVry "BANTAM" 16 'mm Sound Motion Picture Projectors 50 to 100 Percent MORE ILLUMINATION Phone 1055-W For Demonstration WM POLING XMAS~DELiYERY~ New '49 Kaiser-Frazer USED BARGAINS BANK TERMS 1947 Frazer, overdrive, and Heater ____ $1895.00 1947 Kaiser perfect $1695.00 1941 Dodge Sedan, only .......... $895.00 FLETCHER MOTOR SALES Jfc SEIIVICE 118 S. Mechanic St. Phone 2087 FOR EVERYONE! $50 TO $300 OR MORE QUICKLY— Without Hcil Tape: Your choice of Hie following additional LOAN PLANS. N" worthy pi'rson rcfiisiil. AUTO AND SIGNATURE LOANS $50 to StOOO Cnsli tov.imuia'.ciy or, niocie:. If .vnu n<r,> on "f\U cun vet u 2nc! r.iii or .1.51), S100, *^i jiipnitMirft no- r.i- (irivo [ixi'fty r:i;ji or r.ny ma!:o or cur. now. t;;:i:o nul.o Jon:l inori'. v:'.ti;'i- . Brirrr Li'.ic. ili "Get Acquainted" PAY DAY LOANS S'45 — $5D — ?75 on yulir iiurr.e to tide 7ou ovoi-. S5D for 20 cinys, total, on!;.- s:.5o. FURNITURE LOANS SI 00 to $500 or More! Money LO consoUdiii«j fuini'O' liUls and expenses. Convcnicni; credit terms W flt your pocktbook. Come In or Phone 5293 Fflwcpe •- •-'•••^•..k&'W.'A 7 N. LIBERTY (Opp. Fort Cumberland Hotel) HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured actor 12 Defeated 130ieic acid salts 15 Emmet 16 Flower parts 18 Compnss point 10 Goddess of W Rupees (ab.) infatuation 20 French city 11 Bird's home 21 Coin 12 Preclude 23 Size of shot 14 Harden 24 Mountain pass 1? Symbol for 4 Asiatic. kingdom 5 Leg joint 6 Extinct bird V Bulging jar. B Pauses S Symbol for gallium Arclibinhop Kcongh Invested Witli Pallium BALTIMORE —W>)— Archbishop Francis Patrick Keough, of Baltimore, was invested with the archbishop's pallium, at a solemn pontifical mass at the Cathedral jester-^ day. The Most Rev. Amleto Giovan:a Cigonani, Apostolic delegate to the United States, came here froaj. Washington to make the presecta- ' Archbishop Patrick A. O'Boyte, of Washington, headed-the delegation of high' churchmen who witnessed and participated in the ceremonies. Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro w;is among the laymen who attended. The ceremony carce a year and three days after Pope Pius XH announced the selection of Archbishop Keough to t-3come head of The Baltimore See, which is the oldest ia the United States. He had been Bishop of Providence, and came here for installation last February 25. The pallium is s. circular band of white lamb's wool with six black crosses embroidered on it. The wool is sheared from wo lambs and blessed by the Pope at the Feast of St. Agnes each January 12. Archbishop Keough succeeded th« late Archbishop Michael J. Curley, who died in May of 1947. Archbishop Curley had administered the com- Ibined" Baltimore and Washington 28 Male sheep 44 Abraham's 30 Dance step home (Bib.) 31 Abstract bcine 45 Heavenly Helm! E. Crn,btrrc Helen Elizabeth Crcibiree, two- day-old daughter of William and Miiudtt E- (Koegel) Crabtree. died yesterday at her home, 209 Emily Street. , _ Her father, who had gone hunt- ling earlier in the day. WHS located i about 2 p. m. in the Green Ridge 'section by Regional Game Warden Joseph A. MInke after a note was 25 Salt 27 Arabian 2D Exhibit a hiatus 32 Dibble 33 Light brown 34 Sheaf 3 S Promontory 37 Scottish sheepfold 33 Pinnacle 40 Exclamation 42 Station (ab.) 44 Employer 46 Symbol for tantalum 48 Courtesy title 50 Air raid thoron 20 Male swan 22,Label -'" 24 Antic 26 Tardier 27 Bustle 35 Legal poin 36 Neither 38 Russian stockade 39 Episperm 40 Onager 41 Strikes 43 On the body 46 Group of three 47 Circle part 49 Mythical bird 51 Sea eagle 52 Friend (Fr.) 54 Pair (ab.) JOSOJJU J\. 1V11U/VU *V*l"-, «v. J«ww- -- ^j.i . JT± . ^.i^.. ^..^ , left at Shipaw.iy'a Inn, deer check- | scrv ed as deacon ;ind Rev. Fr. AM- Inq station The child ciicd ai 8:45 W nlne was subdcacon. PnlibearW5 were F. M. Hout, J. B HJBgins. J. H. Fike, M. D. Eein- han. William B. Dycue, Marcus B. Reinhnrt and George Allen. The body was taken to Daytoa, sheltered side 5G Alleged force 52 Arrive (ab.) 53 Obstacle 55 Type of bomb 57,58 He is a star of - and VERTICAL 1 l\Toors 2 Rodent 3 Near 'ducted tomorrow at 2 p. m. by Rev.| Archdioceses. They were split when oc^eace Mitchell, paswr ol Pied-1 It came time to name a successor mow-Trinity Methodist Church. ' — ——» ™"™i" ™ "i*** Soehner Sen-ices \ solemn requiem mass for Elmer J. Soehner, 55, of 806 Gcphart Drive, who died Sunday in Allegany Hospital, was celebrated this morn- inn in SS Peter and Paul Catholic' Church by Rev. Albnn Hammal, O.F.M. Cap., pastor. Rev. Fr. Ernest Ohio, for interment Cemetery there. Calvary a. m. Besides her parent;;, she is survived by ' ^ brother. Roger Crabtree, at home, and her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Koegel, and Mr. and Mrs. Mil ford Craowee, tl:is city. The body was taken to the Haicr Funeral Home; lor iulermcnt tliis alicrnoon in Hillcrest Burial Park. ^^ _ _ Cliiruncc B. Dcshonjf .vestei'day ai his home in Meyers- HANCOCK — Clarence Blair De-jcale. Pn. shoiitf 08 of Buck Valley. Pa., died Born DC Deal, Pa., Mr. Piahler ™s ycstcrdny nfter a lingering; illness, a merchant; in Meycrsdale a num- Born near AlcComiollsb-oi-g, Pa.,lber of yews. He to the lie ha-! resiued in Buck Valley 431 Lutheran Church there, vor,. Hi, pHrcnw were the fcitcl Survh-inR besides Mrs. Vajcntine. Abrnham and Sarah (Onkmnnl DC- era five children. Mrs. Cha:les M. shon , r Mclntosh. Indiana. Pa.; Miss Caro' He is survived bv his widow, MrsJlyn N. Pfahler. Meyersdale: Ralph Edith iBe.-iuv Deshoiiy; two daugh-iR, Pi'ahlcr. Tampa, Fin.; Rev. John MLss Catherine Dcshong. at : W. Pfnl-.ler. Pittsburgh, nnd George , and' Archbishop O'Boyle was placed [ in charge o' the Washington See, Berlin Vote (Continued from Page i) the riunj) jjovurrmicui ior all Berlin in the Soviet sactor. The complexion of the vote hi western Berlin isn't at all surprising. The abhorring Communism ever since the First World War, The Reich naturally was one of Communism's first objectives, for while Germany had keen defeated in 1918, it had been the -econornJc-militajy . keystone Germans have been and battling against plJJlllll,W-CUW±AUilJ*v **'*•-"—'iT ' "— -I —- — Ralph D. Pfalilcr - cc;nu - a i Europe and was bound 10 Ralph Deal Pfahler. 65, brother of \ . 4 Mrs. C. D. Valentine, this city, died ""• b • home, :ii!d Dorothy Golden, Little' Orleans, a brother, Jnmes H. Deshoiiff, Necdmore, Pa., and five grand children. The body was brought to the Charles R. Bast Funeral Koine here. T. 7.. Kooken WESTERNPORT—T. Z. Kooken, ,7fl. retired employe of the Lrjke 1 plain, of the West Virginia Pulp land Paper Company, ciicd yesterday !nt his residence. 303 Walnut Stwet, i after iui illness of six years. I Mi'. Kooken was born in Barton but had lived here most of bis lite. Dannccker P[n.hler, Fl-ostbiirg, and brother, Karl Piahler. Hoqulam. Wash. Services will, be held tomorrow at 2:30 p. P.I. in Zion Lutheran Church, Meyersdale. The body will remain at the Price Funeral Home there until an hour before the rites. Pfc. Eaton G. Miller KEYSER, W. Va.—Thc body of Pfc Eston Gerald Miller, 19. who was killed in Italy July 12, 1944, will arrive here tonight and be home of his parents. but hixd Jivect here most ol i.snuj ]o (L , A son of the late Mr. and Mis. Joiin ,.,.•>,„ , ,, ea , H eadsvil!c. Registered U AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE Wringer Rolls Atl Waiben CUMBERLAND MAYTAG 35 H. Mechanic I'hone 2672 * Unredeemed Diamonds . . . OUT OF PAWN Offered to the Public ot Savings of MORE | / THAN /& • All Newest Mountings • Brilliant Stones 59.50 up Gentlemen's and Ladies' Watches, some <jj Originally Sold at S50 to $60 Gentlemen's SI5 Expansion Watch Bands, Gold Filled, White, Yellow, Rose i§f Ladies' Expansion Watch Bands, White %!? Yellow ond Rose Gold Filled Ladies' Gold Filled Expansion Bracelet and Locket Sets in Beautiful Gift Boxes .... 5 Y S I 5 E •i L 3~ c 5~ M S .U 8 B 5 H 2 V, S N 6 F U S b S 4 C 6 TI B T 2 A •1 E 3 H 6 R 6 Y t A •i E 6 I, 5 W 5 S 2 S 3 G 2 R 6 I 8 E' t R b W 5 H 7 A 5 A 8 G 5 E 8 N E P 5 0 a, G 4 L 3 I b O 0 U 8 R S R ij V 7 X 8 E 8 P 1 R 3 T 2 G 8 H 5 A b : G 5 A i O 5 I 7 T b \V ~~3~~ L •I D T* b A 8 E H 4 A S R 5 D 8 A 5 NT t) N 6 0 5 V S L T 6 R 8 T b D 5 U 3 B 5 R 6 O R 2 S 5 E H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message cvery_ day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. II the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4, If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner ol-the rectangle and check-every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message' the letters under the checked figures give you. Copyrizht 1»4», ky Wi!li»m J. Milicr. PUtributri by Klni Futtra. Inci 12 - 7 Kooken. lie worked tiie Luke plant 40 years and retired 10 years a^o His wife, the former Grace Rinc, died in 1932. He was a member of Piedmont Trinity Methodist Church. Surviving are five children, Mrs. ler. Route 1, tiear Headsville. Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 2 p. in. in Fountain United Brethren Church by Eev. Lowell B. Rogers, Burliflg- 'ii. Military honors at the grave in Meadow Point Cemetery will be ton. Surviving are me LVJUUI<= U , -.--' Meadow Point Cemetery will DO Virginia Suter, Pieainont; i^iss jsei- accorcied by Boyce-Houser Post No. lie Kooken, u member of the lacuuy, ^ American Legion, and Nancy of Bruce Hiph School, ar Kooken, both at home; Browne i Koolten, Wcstcrnport, nnd KOOlccn: a hnlf-sistur. Mrs. Annie i American Legion, and Nancy , Hanks Post No. 3518, Veterans of i Foi , eign WarSi i Haincs. Shanks, \V. Va.; a J.L.U1H..1. *"" • '• ,, Brother. Charles Dawson, Keyscr •uv! I'iRht srandchildren. A brother, Warren Kooken, 11, Westernport, died last Friday. The body is at the Boal Funeral Home where services will be con- (Contiu-jed from Page i) ,,w?ii;na;; me corner L.-^r instance— G7tn. and 54th Streets. Ai- srs must consist 01 Buy With Confidence—WE BUY, SELL & TRADE USED BUT NOT ABUSED CARS 305 S. Cent™ St fhon« • Buy • Sell • Trade Every Car A Guaranteed Bargain 1948's „ 1931's All Makes and Models • Big Trade On Your Car • Easy Terms • A Safe Place to Deal J&L Motors Co George & lliirrison streets ?lionc 1RH Open Eves S-P-E-C-I-A-L Gents 35 Jewel Blilova yellow gold Wrist "(Vatflies simiilatcd Diamoucl and Ruby Dials. Gold filled Sp expansion Bracelet. Very Limited Qu.-intity *- Complete Line of all Other Jewelry at T/cmenrfous Savings.' MORTON LOAN CO. 33 Baltimore St. Phone 3770 QUICK CHRISTMAS CASH ON ARTICLES OF VALUE >©? USED TUCK BARGAINS 1947 International 2 ton, ehassis and cab 1947 Hodge 2 Ion irith Stake Body 19-14 International 1|< ton -with Cattle rack 1W2 Brockway Tractor Tvith 5th wheel and trailer connections 1D39 International .': ton pickup 1934 Pontiac 3-i 'on pickup THE LIGHT & DECKED CO, SI 5 S. Centre St, Cumberland, Mel. 'Plume SBM BOARD OF ZONING AJTEALS C1TV OF CUMBERLAND Tlic Boiirrt of Zoning Awals ol the Cltv oi C-ambtrlui-.d \vill mret nt V:30 f, "M.. i!'. the CK.v Hn 1 .!, CLinberlanrl. :,J^rvh-,:ici. \Vccinescliiy, Dccc'rjbcr 3, 1£M8, 10 licar thu lo'.Iov.-liiK appeals: Jnhn Tsncr. who h;-.;. mittlt: upp!ic:L(.lon In occupy priimlbf.-s at "^cccnd floor rt.-ar. ]3 Di;c:aur ScrscU—on Beilvui- SLre^t,," :.s ":i-,nc Tt-piiir stiop." said priMii-.^es bc- ir; owned by C. P, Do'.ly. R. C, Mur]:ur. TVMo I'.dS muri': iippilca- tlon :o prcnilsi.-a at ".Hcur No. [>22 ; SU-ccL" ni "k p »I'ftK ! - C f| ." t-lirci: nnd .sto.-iint for iood," r.-tid ]>rt--:n- hps bcuiT o'.viif:(! hy ^ppUciini, Joh:i E. Bec'Rl','. ivlio hits nmOe unjiilCKlloi: to occupy pi-on'.Lsos at "Lot^ -15 nna •IS schltme! Avenue," :.s ••rcsirlcuCL wuh , ^'.l!-uiry r;:!.r.c3lt!d or. side or, a 101 SO' by I 144'." snitl bt-lng ownr-d by flp- pjiciui!. At UK: !.:iid tlino r.iid pi^ct-. iJl pnrtli-f !r, liiuTtss aliiil! hiivc ilii- rinlr. ii; itstif;- '••- -.u uny :iiin.i-i-kil fiLCLs lr. cnni.'-f'.iitii with p[-!ipii'.c(l '.1st: of SHU! prcr.-.lM-.^. CHAHLES PAUL ROEDEK. Chiilnisiil:. R ,;. SHEPHE11D. Sccn.Uvy. JAMES C. GARDNER, .Nicnillir Board Of Zonlnc Apl'L-;<!;;, —Adv. X-T-P.-c. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL BSTATE . sri'LV-TED AT NO. 2.': 1U!)GE- -..^! ^VAV TERRACE, IX 'rilE CITV ^fei OF CUMBERLAND, ALLEGANY • COUNTY AND STATE MARYLAND. Under nntl by virtue ot a Docrtj at Circuit Cor.rt for Alli'Rin-.y Coun'.y. M land, Pii.ssct] on ih*; 16il: day of Novon- 1!I-18. in '•* c>-nf»:r. caiiiit th'.-rclr. ]n.-n ut.rri-ir. Harry n. W.irr.icl: K the PI tin. r.nd J^i'lln clnlr Skinner, c; :il. .ire l Ibc Dt'tt-iKlnnls, H bo:ng Mo. -J1.00I1 uu | li;^ Eniiiiy Doci:ct In suit! Cuur:. Ihi- uiiti^r.sJKnfti, hiivlnt: bucn duly iippoiiiw-'d ^l-.r.tL't 1 :: to ;nitl:r; iuch »»:':. ^'ill off,-:- ul '• '" ':-ctl(':i to f'n;: ]l!^!li;,-l i):d;ir;- At tlit 1 corner of EiltiiTiorw nnd Sontli Liijt;rty ..- y tin' .sldo at The Si-cond >'n- .111;: Eulldir.). 1 . i:i CunibtrlMic!. i Cuiiniy. Marylaad, on i WIWSHAV. nF.CKMr.KU Z!>, H'-IS I AT IUIHI O'CLOCK, A. .H, foDuwiKK property, to-w:l: All :li.,L lot of tii-o-ar.d Uoir.slH;-.- Addlrinn Large Sizes Too \VtVS tllC tjuii^^--» int*.'" _~---,—.one ever, and one odd numbered street. Nothing to it ... In the old days, or prior ' m ?J* i county. Pl'c. Miller was a mechanic's helper for the B. and O. here before entering service. He trained at Fort McClellan, A".n.. and landed in Italy Febr-jar;' 15, 1944. Pfc. Miller saw service with the 350th Roeiment, 83th Infantry-Division. He was killed on outpost duty while helping to wipe out a ir.achiiit.' gun nest. Surviving, i" addition U) his parents, are four brothers. Ernest E., Delbert L.. Bernard \V. and Curtis B. Miller, and a sister, Anna Belle Miller, at home. Hitler capitalized German Hatred or Bolshevism in his Jicrcc campaign aJrrunst it. Me succeeded in driving it underground, but when I was in Berlin just, before thc war, Com- rnunisl jiroiKi^inda still was :ip- liearinjr mysteriously over niRlit under oll'ice doors. The spies and fifth-columnists were busy. Naturally the fear nnd haired of Communism were strengthened by t!ie war with Russia. Moreover, German officers and soldiers who invaded Russia in the early phases of the war got a full and startling picture of how the Russian, people were being regimented by Rec police methods. So there never has been much support tot Communism in Germany. Such "support" as is being- received by tlic Russians in their zone of occupation is held by non-Communist observers lo Ije hirg-ely due to duress and to tlic importation of Russian Communists, There Is one other important point of encouragement which we jet from Sunday's election. It shows that the western, anti-Communist nations are holding well along, the cold-war battle-line through central Europe. It is -unfortunate that this line should cut Germany in two, but a new and healthy western Germany is in the making and time may remedy thc split. Meantime thc rehabilitation of western Europe is making progress. That progress is likely to be stimulated by' the strengthening of the stand against Communism, in Germany. Ospreys. as well as some other birds, carry water in their feathers and shake it over their nests, to keep the eggs moist. OP CollierS ^"ui the low ax and tilt HarlL-y-Dnvidjoa 125. You can pc , Christmas delivery by orclcrinz DOW. Phone or come in for a FREE ride. Motorcycle & Bicycle Sales & Seruice Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co, 101 Virginia Avenue Phone 2943 »-"•- —•--=, , . Pilot Lands Plane In the old days, o: p.ior to, set-ing up the numerical system in In Iiicker rasture fluloloaM ••6ato-' - 'fcat) Street, ' , •La Vieja'' (the old woman). D.VZS. W. Va^Tha pUot or a BT _ 13 succ ,; SS fuj}j- landed in an ,„.„,„ „..., ..... 800-square foot cow pasture here Flcfante'' '(the elephan:) and I Friday mornlnif when his snip -ir« others developed engine trouble. As f co°*c"y to tlMse who had Tho pilot. Samuel Whatley. with sklo-jcrt school before learning: to: a coinpaiuoj:. Stanley Pi-op-, BOUI r^c "aintlnss of the figures rep-jof New York, took off npun from •esc-itin- the street, names were | the- pasture at Boon Sunday. Tlic placed on the corner buildmBS.jmcn were earoute to Greenwood, " Some of their, remain there today, , and there are old-timers about who still stubbornly insist on mect- on "El Elefante," rather; S. C., to visit Whatley's parents. Dinner Parly Cancelled $50, $100, $250 or More Drive away with tho loon, reasonable rate, cosy repay. Service right avay. MILLENSQN CO. 10G S. Liberty St. rh<inc »«: Irvlnr MlUenson. Mfr. — ------- ------ .. ansth Sn-eet! PIEDMONT. W. Va.-The dinner There are other things which sfcic:!:! party of tlie Past Chiels Asscciauon , - _____ > *• ___ i^rt n 11^1 *.-• t-*n i « 11 f ii/i T'mn «!»• MA fl "Pvt'.hin n Merlda and tlic wealth of u . Calanthe Temple No. 8, Pythian Sisters, planned for tomorrow eve- POOR PA By CLAUDE CALLAN <:c;i;i-jrs dti'.cc: corded ;'.':noni; Mie l^artd R<;corcs or n;tnv County' in LibT 75. T-'ii!io TiTj rfV(?:-;-,:r,^ siiic: thk'd line South T." o. V.'i-it. OU '.'i-r.-t: i.]:enct Nitrih \VT-.SL i. r iO l>-rt lo Rifi^e-^lty Tpt t!io m:i;!:inlriK. I.L bcini: t!if stunc prop(!r:y convi-ycd '.rt Crac'^ E Crt;tchl«y. dMCnsctl. . .,, Drocjk.- l.nj Gooi-Rr R. jlruitl^. l-.i 1 !' liu! bimd. by di'od dtiti-d July 1. I!i20. mul i-cordrii In Ulx-r :33, Folio 533, nm •Jie Land Record.'. oC jillopuny Mar'-liiniJ. Thi- property Is Improved by an cishi- rooin :iMir.B riouac wish both, cellar ir-.d :lot-:ilr I'nniuct.', Taxt-'s :idj'.iscod to d&t* o' iuli. 1 . TERMS OF SALS: Orfi-U-.Ird cash on !^ of snle ai^d tl:e bttUm in your mind about, YucHan alter thc WC'IIILJI ^ A ^^^ oi^i-uis, jjj.i.^i'i*.' *^^ ^v.—^^.^,. -.culled' important information fadesining at Bums' Restaurant, Western- ! a way. There is no surface water in j port, has been cancelled. The asso-; •he state, yet its people are reputed!ciation will hold a party tomorrow; io be thc cleanest of all Mexico and;evening at 3 o'clock at the Temple, most Latin America, even though i hall. they must bring all water up from unciersrcund. If you're abroad in Mcrida after U o'clock (it night, you must share ihe streets with a corps of more than 500 men who are busy from then until dawn, washing the (cutters and cleaning the pavements. Speaking of water, one of the first tilings you notice about Yucatan are its windmills. With only underground rivers and other subterranean bodies of water to tsp, windmills become a necessity. There: are thousands and thousands of I i.hem. and nowadays they often use' them for electrical power as well as 1 water pumping- . . . One of the oilier tilings which slowly dawns on. you after being Emma says she feds younp. but she mails good books, an' if she didn't know her youth was (rone she wouldn't ivastc time improvin' her mind. r>iijut.i.i -tuu^, .-M.iini v.*i >."., >•••—. Roads rcacning (18-20), low MO-44>. EX. Lcu'RC' 110 ,. thcaxle ,. ly . po i (4S-50). Small size l : 'j yds. 3o-mch,; j . un jnto t j lc de ,, u _ This pattern. ei.*y m use. sii-i-1 ml)X . nctran >d .iiinsr'.e. Only by sea lo to sew, is Lo-tL-d lor lit. Has: , 1]ld ai] . is ^ oonncctccl with ilie rest jniplete illiistraie;] insi ructions. I Ql - M CX i c o and the world. Send TWKVrV-FIVE cenrs mi Tw . 0 thousand years ago. tiiatj TRUSS FITTING By Akron Graduated Experts,- also Abdominal Supports, Elastic -Hosiery and all types of surgical appliances. Private Fitting Room, Ford's Dm? Store Cumberland 5J N. Centra Et. A Loan? Come In or Phone Now! NATIONAL LOAN CO. Furniture Loons AUTO LOANS IN 5 MINUTES Easy Repay Plan :oi SOOTU Gnoncn STREET Lester MillcTison, Mar. PHONE 21117 Our Reputation— For quality work removes the iraiiible from your dry cleaning— Sec for yourself. , - -perfected a calendar that was more,|i county. NL - ? [ EK rt. i accurate than the one we use today. 1 ' Look pretty while busy: Choose! yet in Yucatan—of all the from the housefrocks and aprons j Americas—did that culture thrive, in'our ANNE ADAMS Winter Pat-j ,„ Ull . ^,.,~ - i Today, that isolation seems to] tern Book. Send for it today—only; have bred in the Yucatecos a: LCIJI JDUUA. t-^.jn j.^. ^» ^«««,T ---• .. I fu'Laen cenw more! Fashion un'.innt- rr oi .ij o o( the sn> by the Court and;' . fimr. nn"<;r cr .1 irood nnd sufficient deed. -cd. 10'. anj time, pu-se, LI __ p BROOKE WHITINO. i Gifts for all the [ami.y, phis FRLh ii.taoLD E. KA-JGCTO::. ! p; ,!,, ern OI - ' ' •- : " i " .. a hosiery case, printed iiuvi; ui t« 111 w*.v — .-ww-~~~ stroncly independent pride. Com-, parafively speaking, it seems to I have made them—in a somewhat, if,. s .voluble sense—thc Texans of. the United States of Mexi dci)! Hat Blockin; — Our Specialty HARRY FOOTER & CO. Cleaners ond Dyers PHONE 197 CumbcrlaJid — Frostburp: WesLernport i3463 Guaranteed Fresh At Your Favorite • Food Store

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