The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 5, 1935 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1935
Page 8
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:JEederal Authorities Declare ' iBandit Used Real Gun at Crown Point Jail. SIS "MOLL" SUSPECTED PRE-EASTER SERVICES. .Series of TAVO Weeks' Meetings Will lie Held at Aroinn. A scries of meetings which will climax with Easter Sunday will opeii at the Aroma Methodist church Sunday, April 7th and services will be held each evening starting at 7:30 o'clock. Rev. Ralph E. Davison will occupy the pulpit and the first week will speak on the general theme "They Crucified and Crucify."! The second week the events of Passion week will lie followed day liy day with the climax on Easter Sunday. The public is invited to attend ! these meetings which will be featured with special numbers by the choir and individuals. THE NEW DEAL Says Onr Policies Are Patterned After Those in Soviet Russia: Rushed Through Congress This Week End. • Fort Wayne, April 5. — Wlu'ii John Dillinger broke from tho : Crown Point jail .March :!. 1!K!4. he carried a blue steel automatic jiistol—not a whittled wuudi-n .gun. The break was accomplished only with outside help. This was the meat of a long investigation into the sensational escape of the nation's then No. 1 public enemy, carried out by ilo- . partment of justice operatives, j They reported verbally here >^ ; j Work - Relief Bill Will Be night to I'nited States District! Attornev James II. 1~:< mint. | i No facts upon which criminal; charges could be based were nn-| covered, the agents reported afi -i' 1 exhausting all clues. ' Fleming called attention to the, fact that only by a confession could evidence be obtained to "inside" assistance in the break, n'nv that the government's investigu-i tion is completed. j The department of justice in-; vestigation disclosed that Dillin-j ger, after being returne<I from, Tucson, Ariz., was placid in the; Lake county j:iil and acciird-.-.l the privileges of ordinary oners, including the right to mingle with the other inmates i:i the .bullpen. CITES CHILD LABOR LABOR COST SET AT Washington, April a. —• Early final .enactment of the long delayed S4.SSO.OOO.OOO. work relief bill was assure'd last night after the! Roosevelt administration won what house leaders called the big einl nf a coin promise - • thorny labor cost The break in the week's dead-! Louisville, Ky., April 5. — Asserting the "present policies of the government are all taken from bolshevik Russia," former United StaHs Senator James A. Reed told Kentucky lawyers last night new deal acts "are nearly all unconstitutional and have been so declared by the courts." The fiery Missouri Democrat, pleading for a return to what he termed "common sense" in government and preservation of the constitution, charged the department of justice with "disgraceful pusillanimity." lie declared it has "rt-lnsod to bring these acts and laws to the bar." "Hut some trials had to be met, and court after .court has declared the new deal acts unconstitutional," Reed said. Arguing that the Roosevelt ad- GHCL ASgS IiyORCE,. . ^ Only is'Years Old] :jand Married to Youth ', 18 Years Old. St. Louis, Mo., A'prll B.—Thirteen-year-old Mrs. Wilma McClain Kirby, checkroom a night club here, yesterday filed suit-for divorce from her 18-year- old husband, Robert O. Kirby, a "singing waiter" game club. employed at the "I .can't understand what their parents were thinking about," Circuit Judge Granvillp" Hogan said. "And as for these children. I think a light barril stave or a keen cherry switch] is indicated." YOUNG'S STAGE TRAIN mm Rob Passengersj ^ West Fashion !on Train Out of Chicago. ministration is adopting policies. Reed declared Russia that charges of Dr. William A., Wirt, Indiana educator, have been proved by adoption into the official family of men whose views and .policies were similar_to thoso , ]le of bolshevik Rnssia, and "by th; amendment. I :lcls of <? le Kovcrnment itself." ONE MAN IS WOUNDED lock came a suddenly-called meeting of congressional confer- lasted onlv a few min- It is known, according to Flem-;ees that ing, t li a t Evelyn I'richett-. utes. "moll" attached to the Dillingi?r' An agreement was reached on mob of desperadoes, visited him the much-modified provision pro- in the jail and it would have been: viding that i. r > per cent of the a comparatively easy, matter for'costs of each PV\"A state project her, or any other of _his visitors to go for labor, pass a weapon to nilling<-r. Fli-m-; The president, liowever. was ing inclines personally in lief that the Free-hell" parsed the pistol. No attempt was'made authorized to determine just howl Reed charged that the child labor amendment, "backed by Mrs. Roosevelt, the president, Miss Perkins and the entire board of new dealers," was part of a "deadly scheme" to nationalize children. "The people of the United States are beginning to understand the betrayals at the capitol." said Reed. "The whole colossal machinery which has been set to much was spent for lahiir, Direct. i or indirect. -' Iniin* diately after the confor- i up is tottering to its fall. The nation has been plunged in debt to an extent almost inconceivable, force particularly strict suporvis-' once. Speaker Byrns made plans ion over Dillinger's visitors. ; to bring the conference report !in I but we will emerge in the end. sense will again gov- ' Fleming said the department justice agents told him. ofu'n the house with the view 10 i sending it tt> the senate for adop-i ' | *' * ! tion before the week end. He! G1VEX FAKM SKNTK.NCi:. isaid there was little doubt that' . ; the house would accept the com- Cal Welcher, of Kokomo Talkcil promise. Himself in Severe Penalty. j Pressure is to be put on both branches to speed final passage inj Common ern." ASK PASTOR'S RETl'RX. Windfall Church Wanted Rev. J. T. Frost Sent Bnck. The Windfall Methodist church Cal Welcher, Kokomo black- order to make much-needed funds held its fourth 4 uarterl y confer- Main street Friday fty Chief of Police smith, who was arrested on South j available for relief in April and of last week : to -carry on the civilian conserva- Jones on a tion corps, which legally expired charge of intoxication, was before March SI, last. -Judge Russell Thursday evening. Democratic leaders—who and was given a fine of $1 and have wrestled with the bill 60 days on the penal farm, which he must serve. ance Wednesday evening, the meeting being preceded Tvith a basket dinner at 6:30 with members of the official board and others and their families taking part. Rev. Clyde G. Yoemans, dis- "" %c "•""- l " "- "•" '"'jtrict superintendent, presided at seventy-four days-hope to send^ <. onference and d e, ivere d a now for the measure by airplane to rres-| short address Repons were Welcher was before the court idem Roosevelt for his signature. several days ago and entered a] He is fishing off the Florida coa:,t. plea of guilty and his case wasj Harry L. Hopkins, relief ad- iaken un'der advisement, while | ministrator. said today, however, the court did some investigating! that his agency had enough mon- on his own hook. The court j ey for the remainder of the week .found that Welcher had not told j and possibly the first half of ne:;t Hm the exact condition and his week. "talk caused him to receive a-sentence. . '' " ' <»» Assesses Minimum Fine. AVill Remain Short Time. L. C. O'Toole, who sold his (general store at the Junction to V. G. Carter, who was picked C. R. Hiers, will remain at the up Wednesday evening was be- store for about two weeks assist|i; fore Squire R. P. Rice Thursday, ing the new owner in getting and was given a fine of $1 and j started and in cleaning up "costs on a charge of intoxication 1 , ' own affairs, before starting ..'Wjiich he paid. Charges of operat- his vacation. '' a motor vehicle while intoxi- i -were not pressed. Now Have the A B C asher 50 And Jlp Little his Mr. O'Toole. was in business in the same stand for 31 years, opening the store when he resigned his position as conductor for the old Union Traction Company and -with the exception of a very few days has been on job steadily. *** —i— Taken in Custody. the Ferd Pape was taken in cus-j tody Thursday night by night officers on a charge of Intoxication: and plfteed in Jail. ! from different departments, all showing a splendid condition of the church. The report of Mrs. Emaline AJiddleton, church treasurer, showed a healthy financial A request for the return of Rev. J. T. Frost as pastor for another year at an increase of $200 in salary, was unanimous. The Windfall Methodist churcn dates its beginning from 1853, when a few .pioneers gathered at the home of Daniel Fouch and held meetings, later using a log school house. The congregation increased and they built a frame church which, in 1912, 'was replaced by the present brick and stone structure which is a credit to the community. The building is of shale brick with Bedford stone trimmings and has a pipe organ, given as a memorial to Mr. and Mrs. E. Perry, both deceased. Rev. Mr. Frost,-who came from Cicero, has been pastor for the past eight months and has proven very popular with the congregation and the public in general. Kankakee, 111., Aijril 5.—Operating in wild western fashion, four men, three masked, last night systematically] -robbed two score passengers on an Illinois fast mail and -passenger train, shot and wounded one man, and escaped with $843. The robbers apparently boarded the train, the "Louisiane," southbound for Louisiana resort points as it stopped either at G3rd street in Chicago or in suburban Kensington. j They posed as passengers until the train was well under way. and then, donning masks-and cowing the train crew, went [through four coaches, taking only cash. They made no attempt to enter the mail cars, first repoirta said. George Kerr,. Chicago salesman, was shot in -the hip by the sole unmasked robber, when he offered resistance, grappling for another desperado's! weapon. He was removed to St. Mary's hospital here for treatment after the train halted to j report the holdup. ; The men escaped j as the train slowed to a stop. Sheriff John Stack said apparently confederates awaited the bandit quartet here to aid them in the escape. He -organized posses immediately to scour the countryside. Poultry Code Brought Up and an Early Decision j Is Expected. j MOVE IS A SURPRISE Removing to Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Landrum of Crestline, Oliio, moved to their new home wliich they recently purchased, Thursday. The farm they purchased is known as the Claude Gritten farm and is located one-half mile east of the Frank Leisure farm! southeast of Windfall. j Mrs. Landrum was formerly. Miss Ratie Shockney, daughter of the late Stephen Shockney and wife. She has many relatives in the Windfall community. *»» Had Perfect Record. Harold Bryan, 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bryan of Windfall is confined to his home suffering with the measles. Harold is in the fifth grade at school and had a perfect' record until his present Illness. He had never been tardy nor missed a day of school. j Washington, April 5. — Belabored by critics within and -without congress for dropping its previous NRA constitutionality test -case, the administration moved suddenly yesterday to put up a new 'case for supreme court determination. ; The move uy the justice department was made with an air of urgency. It evidenced a desire to get a decision 'by the present term of the court before the NRA act expires on June 16 and - before congress, currently studying renewal of the recovery act, adjourns. ; The government picked the Schechter poultry -case—involving wage, hour and sales provisions' of NRA codes—as the strongest case it could find. The high court twi.ce has been concerned in recent years with operations of New York City poultry market concerns. Meantime, criticism of NRA in the senate finance -committee hearing ran on with the protest of another small business concern, a steel company, that it had been injured by NRA. It, also heard Lowell Mason, a member of the former Darrow review board, liken the blue eagle system to Mussolini's "Fascist" industrial set up. The little business complaint -came from Frederick S. Kellogg, representing . W. Ames and Company of Jersey City. i Flowers The giving of flowers in silent tribute to the loved one who has gone is a noble sentiment. We realize the deep unspoken emotions that lie behind floral offerings and treat $hem with reverent care. No single blossom loses its loveliness when entrusted to us, our service providing all necessary facilities for keeping flowers fresh and beautiful, | SHOT TO DEATH. Gary Night Club Owner Killed in His Front Yard. • *''-!„ Lord Mayor Alfred Bjrrn* New Yorki Irish gave a rowing reception to the lord mayor of, Dublin, Alfred Byrne, above; when he arrived to participate in' the St. Patrick's Day parade.' Byrne is to' visit Washington and the_White House before returning) Mojrej 1 ^^^ P. E. NICHOLS HOGS UP AGAIN. General Sales Advanced 15c, With Light Weights I'p 15c. Indianapolis, April 5. .— Receipts ion hogs, 5,000; held over, 110; cattle, 400; calves, 600; sheep and lambs, 800. Hog prices early today -were generally 15>: higher, with the top, $9.35, :for 200 to 235-pound offerings; pigs and light weights, 100 to 160'pounds, advanced 25c and sold at $7.00 to $9.00; 160 to 200 pounds, $9.25 to $9.30: 235 to 300 pounds, at $9.20 to $9.30; over 300 pounds, $8.95 to $9.15; sows, $7.75 to $8.60. Cattle prices were strong, veal calves sold mostly up to $9.50, a few at $10.00, and lambs were strong at $8.25 down. Chieago-ApriUS.—Receipts on hcgs, 9.0QQ, including 5.000 direct to packers; held over, 1,000: market steady, top $9.20; cattle,3,000; calves, 500; sheep and lambs, 13;000. Trade In YOUR USED FURNITURE, STOVES, RUGS, ETC., ON NEW. Suite & Barrum Gary, April 5.—Lured into his front yard by the insistent honking of an automobile horn, Paul Talazzalo, 42-years-old Italian club operator and reputed boot- Local Grain Market legger, was shot to death last'Wheat, No.: 2, 86c; No. 1 —_ 87c night. Oats 1- —-—:- 44c As he walked from his front j Corn - P^ 100 Ibs. _ T $1.12 door into the yard two men dis- Locol; Produce Market. (Moore & Moore) charged a barrage of lead at him. The killers fled before police arrived/ WEATHER — Rain tonight and probably ^Saturday morning; colder in central and south portions. LEAVELL & BATES LOANS Citizens National Bank Bldg. Phoae 10. Former Windfall Girl Weds. ICE We are making: onr ice de» livery daily. Hang out yonc for prompt service. Boy one of oar new refrigerators',on rar lewy payment plan. MOVING TROOPS. Ethiopia Has lOO.OOO Well Armed. Men at Border. Addis, Ahaba, April B.—Ethiopia authoritatively is reported moving 100,000 well-armed, well- equipped troops closer to Eritrea and Italian iSomallland, -where Italy has been massing troops- in recent Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Elsie Mae Plummer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Plimmer of Anderson but formerly; of Windfall to Henry Oeuvrard i.lso of Anderson which took plac 3 In Anderson Saturday evening «t 6 o'clock. Both are employed at the Remy factory in Anderson. The bride has a large nnmoer of friends In Windfall where she resided the ereater i part of her life. She graduatei , from' the Windfall high schobl with the quite popular set. 198S class and vas among the yoftnger TWIN AUTO HORNS .48, $4.25 and 98? Auto Clock, on Windshield, $1139 FARMERS OIL & TIRE CO. Phone POULTEY Hens i. ---- 16c' — Eggs, pen dozen 20c Indianapolis produce Prices. Eggs—Indianapolis Jobbers' offer country shippers for strictly fresh stdck,;i8c at country points; 19c delivered at Indianapolis. Poultry! •— Jobbers paying for hens, I5c; Leghorns, lie; heavy breed stags, lie; Leghorn, 7c; old cocks, 9c;' geese, 7c; ducks, .9c;. guineas, 15c. Butter-j-Jobbers". selling' prices for creamery butter,, fresh; firsts, No. 1, 337S4C; No. 2, 31-32c; In quarters and halves, Ic more. Butter Fat—Buyers paying 30c a pound I delivered at Indianapolis. 'S V 130 -ft ?nonea — 27 Groceries—Meals Chevrolet Co. Car Prices Slashed! : TtSED OAR 8AXJB All {Cars Displayed at 21* Bast Jefferson m < •84 Ford Coach '84 Ford Ooupe 1 Coach i ! Truck , Master Coach Oonpe . Town Sedan, >0,<3b ra*Bt.a*datt - ^ L -l^Oogg P«ri «ew.| W%& Lump Your Bills and Have, Only One Creditor Don't let your credit go to ruin for need of time to pay your bills. We [are ready to loan you money on your personal security. Call at our office and talk frankly with us about your problems and we'll be glad to help you. Leavdl 6- Bates Tipton, fad. Phone 16 I eo TO f i BANBURYCRPSS-J MY SMILING tSANOWICHES -MVHEW WE^ ^ \QETTHE«e !.,' '. WasWi

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