Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 3, 1926 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1926
Page 9
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V "wP! TOt.A DATt.Y REGISTER.>THURSDAY EVENING; JUNE 3,1926. PAGE NINE TESTED strawberry Baskeis. % cup flour; 14 teaspoon'salt 1 teaspiKfn sugar '•s cup miJk 1 eRK : . " ; . • 1 tablespoon butter or ail Mijc and sift dryl. Wgrtfdlentsl Combine;, ihfc bealeu eggS, milk and iuiter or oil. The bailer siiould be perfectly smogth. • 'Take enough lard fii when melited in deep,kelHe. lilt- bafek^ts will I 5)ftun aroun«I or not b»; jianimed.'JHt-ai limbal iron HO baiter just will stick, but let took 3 or 4 niin.utes. Slip off tfio iron on a wajted-paper. Whep rool fill witb stl'awberries coat.e<| wUh powder*^ jjugarfor whipped creiim. Vou will find this a very delittlilful dish tor the season—P. D. W. Fan Potaffle< .; • 4' to G potatoes / . ' j •12 or as many toothpicks neede^d •. Salt to , laaie Knough fat for -deep fryinR ,» •^eel and cut potatoes leugfhwisc. 1^^. potato will make ei^ht pieces, rastoti five stripes toRether at one end with tppthpicks spread in fan shape, and: pSrboil ten minutPS. Dizain, put' in a roastini; pan and " pour hot fat . oh and let hrowii, salt while browning.—P. D. W.-: t hirken T«rts for Picnlr. „ Cook eiiicken nntll teiider, te- niov<: meit from - bon «w. Majifi: . Bfavy with .stock-and add meat get away so it will MTngeal.' .Make Vi: trust but not rich.. Cut Tri i'«tu :«J *s aii <l prtt.a tables;>oon of chicken im squares, j fold cdf ;e .s and wet.'-fr.v. in .^ltep fat about fifteen or twcsity minutes.—P. D. W. ' >VhoIe Wlifat >ut Bread. 2 <u|)s whole wheat flour j 1 (ujr bread flouH ; , ;1 lea .sjAion soda. ! • :! iia-Mppons ba^klnfr powrler - -2 tea .spiionH .'^iilt '.-i cup water • .'> tableKpoi>nH of 'hrowM sutjar ' '1'. '"P tui )luMe .s • ' _ ^% fJJp milk : . walnuljfr: . (1 tabIesi)or .n4Crf «co" ~' -r- . MJ.t ingredHinls, their^ndd-lmo-T| lasses. wutiT and nillk, add nut..; Mii, Cr'isi I): ?>eat, thorouKbly. f.'t, .stand a 'l |i ;w .niiliute!< licfjire baking. • Then ibakfi I'-j liour (.1iM> derree .i K.t—Pi D. W. ('lioivtliite p ?n \vh(>el !>f . ••-J cup-butte- cup sugar r , 1 nybeaten ;e f^-yolk; . tablespoon i niJlk 1'-J-cups brebd l*li)iir' .' , 1-2 level teasr)oon.s baking pow-y^v • • ' ^ '; 1-4 tea.siiooh salt ' Crenra the, butter, add • sugar gradually, egg yolk: then"sjifted dry • ingredienlji alternately with the milk. T4) on(|!-half of the .dotigh add 1 square of melted chocolate. Roll, the white-in a roctaheular .sheet inch thick, then roll dark, sai/ie size, "and thicRness and pliutH? on to?) of the white. Rcill 'a.s for a jelly roll. J Place in ice box anti wheo firm I cut into Slice.s 3+ iaf'' thiik. Bake ill moderate ovieni 15 minutes. i i; , SILTEKLKAP. . (Mrs, Fred Duffey.) Mr. and *ri». H. D. Smith and son spent Monday with bis prarenta near Redfield.- Mrs. Mae Moss of Morrison, Okla!, la visitiu'g at the borne of C. C. Eastwood. . Miss Klroa Cassell and Miss Es- tfic'r Cole of Kansas City are Visiting .Mi.s .M Hilda nrann.' Mrs. R. D. Smith antl son called OB Mrs. Qrcgory Wednesdayiafter- upoo. [J ' Mr. and'Mrs.. Eart Kendrlck of JJe«lfield were callers; at the J. Bastwpofl home §undajr.^ftprnoon. . Mr.iand Mrs. Wilburi Duffetr and daughter Betty Jean oj" Riohniobil. Kans. visited Simda>- night and .Mond; y with liis brother, Fred Duffey atd family. The H. and N'. cluli met Thursday. 3 ay 2?. at the home of .Mrs. Charlii y Wray. An exciting prbr gram, vas given by the lailies .and all en: oyed a good time. The next mectii g is to be with Mr^. Kendtr. Mist I'auline Engle and Mr. Ru­ ben Remsberg attetided the Junior League party giren at the home of Harold R^msbere Wednesday evening- • Mr. 3^ Eastwood is a very busy man • at present, working on the basement and foandation of his new hQusfe. Mr. and .Mrs. W. R. Cllne and boys left Wednesday afternoon for Uie West on account of,his health. Mr.iand Mrs. Jesse Fisher and family of lola visited Sunday with #3 IM -incess at iheahird annual hiiska. Okla., In June. She la Misa"^ Joycctte Jones." 16. of Qkeikh. Okla.." wUI represent Okfuskee coun«r convention of Oklahgpia Indians at Paw- i. tmsKa. uK.a.. ». -..V. J. the granddaughter of Mrs. Alice Davis, "pinole kader. who is be the only woman ch\>-J. of 4u tadfaa tribe in the country. -J. and Mrs. her parents*. Mr. I^sater. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. MarKI& called at the Smith home Sunday ^afjer- noop. i' Reuben Remsberirv^ moved His shing machine oter near Moran last week: C. RBerkihiser was vroTking the roads east of Silverleaf schoolhpuse Thursday of last week. I Rei thres —Phone your Want Ads to 18. .. • - * • REAL ESTATE TRAXSFERS • •> Issued dally from office of * IdUi Abstract jCompany. * •> •/ .<* •:• •:• •:• •> •:• • • * * * • « • • • • ! : June 2.- 102C. ' ^ .M;((y .\. Voung, widow jto Lc- nid.i J. Carler, lot 11, block 22, .\li)r;iii Cily. ?1.00. = .\Ijiry.:\. V.iiihg and Wf F. Young hu.sbanil and wife, to I..' J. Carter, lot 12. bidck 22, .Moran City, %-,m: 11. IrM nf .Mary E. .^'ortlirup to n. P. .Vorthrup, Utta G, 7, S. block !iO, lola. e.xcept .Ird and 4th siorie .5, fl. i D. F. P.abody and wife M. F. to Jos.sie O. Thomi«on and Minnie M. Thompson his wife, lot 1; Wock IS. Brooklyn Park Add.: to tola, $1.00. 1 • Radiator Scrren. • Onei of the choice radiator sereen.s- .Jii-ing shown i.'* the one of fiiur fifild.s. It is about IS or .2i) ill" lifs liii^h. sliieliliug an ordinary t-adlalrir <'iirircly from view. TliM iypit of ^<Tecti IS particularly (raitive • when the top Is ilonft in l!i*tii-e. work and the bottom plain;' KEEP THAT GpriER AWAY -Phone your Want' Ads to is; BE VIS IODIZED SALT It Shakes It Flows Ask Your Grocer DMrlliiiled hy n, V. .MeKliiiiey i'eed Stnro .'Good Illn^<.^^ Allow ypiir water to run a few- minutes before.using. Water tlurf ^.stiar.iis in pipes over night is un- whole.sonie. • . i A durable .and slightly, looking wall covering for-kitcheijp can'be maiie of oilcloth. Especially behind -sinkB.- Put on just as yon would paper ati<l can be wasiied with gixJd suds and: will Jast for; years., To preserve b'rfght colors ^«li Sinphani when T^tarching, drop : ;pit<.. of aluinip as much as a'pin of ."tarch. ' ' • • 1 Come to 113 East Madison forJxtra Tallies Friday and S aturday^ THE UNITED STORES COMPANY PICGLY WIGCLY /ie/jo^ Those Who Help Themselves ' If Savinjj Moncfy on Good Merchandise is any At (met ion CERTAI^'LY you WILL SHOP AT I* To remove grea-'e spot made ".of black; oil. use bird' then waslriin wnrm:'sud's,—P. D. .W^. Formal Dinner Table. T^n-irrch dinner plate is ii-ed. m.^nt knife' with blade turned; in- .is ijext the plate to the rigOif, thpn i{'>'/:r: fisli knife, soup. .'•poon. fruit ^6 ^ou.'oy^•ter foVk. 'At left of plate ne ;irr .st it is salad fork, meat fork, fish fork. nf>ssert spoon and fo.^k ar'> brought dn with dessert courst. Forks are laid with prongs up. poons with bo \?]s lip. , theSe|f-% Mi i L. rvice ! I Phphe li)3 , . . We handle the Best by Te.«t- Meatfsjthat are always fre:»h and will please youi. The best erf. Steaks, Chop6, Roasts andi Boils. Morris Sliced and Biiied Bacon, lb. i. .....;40c Armour's Star Unslieed, p^r lb. —...i..;.....;...ij45c Peanut Butter, frisH per lb .L„ i20t BticJc) A Big Line iof Meat^, Pimento, Siciss and Cream,die Just received, A. Hirk- .mer Co. (N. Y.) Cheefee, J1924, just^e kind that's good, per lbJ..........,..^Oc Empty Lard Cans:.-20c iv. L. HARPEiCPropi Phone 193 Piggly-Wiggly li rrnTA For makinii bcUler Jamsi and JcIIie.s—either OQp ljhl =S 1i vlililU from fresh or canned fruits, S-oz. botlte Vrl^ S- Carnation, Pet or Van Camp's fS Milk, tall cans, 3 for— 2r,-o7.. K. CBakinjj Powder 25c value, can— 19c SUNKIST LEMONS —almost Indisppnwihie these warm somnier days—bnJ jou ran use tlieni freely at our lerj- favorable prke—for Friday and Saturday- Size 360'S 29c Per Doz. kingford's Corn Starch 1-lb. net, 2 for— Roman Gold Peache-s, Size 2Vz Yeltow Clings of Frees— 23c •ah iSamp^s Pork & Beans i (Medinmlsize) • 3 C ^nii 25c ^anbriti^: Cleanser, pkg.- 5c- Quick Naptha iSoap Chips, 25c size, 2 for— 35c Follow PIGGLY WIGGLX Advertising—Make it J You^ €[uidei to Betf eir ]; FOITD BUYING I i McKeima 's Cash & Carr^ 112 Soath Washington Our Counters and Tables are With Bargains—Note a Few Prices: 1 lb. Folger's, GoldenjGate Coffee 1 lb. Table Queeji Coffee 1 3.5c cah Del Monte Pineapple' : 1 .^c can Del Monte Peaches , l-45c can Del Monte Rpyal Anne Cherries . 1 lai-ge can California Apricots ; "4'large cans Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple—. 4 No. 2 cans Cprn — 4 No. 2 cans' Sifted Early June Peas 1 4.5c can Del Monte Red Salmon rolls Waldorf Toilet Paper _ Packages Macaroni ___ _ large Iwttle Heinz Ketchup quart bottle Grape Juice 2.5c can Heinz Oven Baked Beans 2-lb: box Iodized Salt ____ bo .K Lee's Toasted Corn Flakes 50-pound Sack Salt _: — 100-lb. bag Ice Cream Salt 48-lb. sack Fanchon Flour . ;___L— 3 2 Loaded of Oiir _^_l_55c;? _:.___35c 29c 29.C __89c _____20c .__._-90c _45c 45c 35c 25c 15c 25c 60c _19c .:__--10c ^_10c 60c 90c _.__?2.3;5 McKenna's Cash Grocery 112 South Washington The. Big liitlle Store Thayer's Gro. & Market Phone 260 We Deliver Try Our Fancy BabyvBeef ROA&X Corn Fed A Fresh Line of Vegetables Head- 1.ettace ^ Radishes Xeir Spuds .MM XmVf^.. ... .. J'Wh Tomaf<M» J ^S!^n^ Beets, Cac'amlierg Xew Pea.s RUB-NO-MORE • Large Size 25c—Small Size 5c For Washing Clothes Saves Half Yoinr Soap^ PEACHES ; In Syrup ; ; PKoaie For Fdod 28c Each • Business is better every day for which we are very ap- r .preciative. It is a pHeasure to us to ibi^ able to save yoii ^ mpney on your groceries. Rhortext patent floor ^£fUU sold in lob L-_ 48-111. has' Peeriess Or Floar, every sack JZ-Zt) goamnte^d » 'K**^^' APRICOTS PEACHES PINEAPPLE SOAP PEAS TOlHATOES BEANS 4y6. iH cans in Symp 4 Xo. m eana In Sjrni» _ . . 4 cans Xo, size Sliced or broken slice 1.1 bars P. & G. or Crystal White Xo. 2 size good teti. der Peas, Red Arrow Brand Solid pMk, S'Ko. 3 or i.So, S cans large or small' Xary- also Pinks and Pin. tos, S lbs. 5 llHt; Seedless^: 3.1k. bdxi. Loose WBea ^ 95c 95c 95c 10c lie 25c 25c 30c 35c |tUB-NO-MOilE 3 p^ans Sinks and Tabs and jDoes Not Scraltck Six Packs^es ...... ........ .25c - ^ '".C ; On the Sq^aictM the EaSt Side Paterrted^Safety Cooker' the Superior , MAOR0Ni .Snk6HEniwtEG6N000lCS B , andONE,Pkg. thelatesf and really SUPERIOR BRAN FOOD BARGAIN SaljlB Finlsiifd .\Inniinnm, (Jn-iranteed for 10 years At tiie Koliowlni: fJrocerics Only: Poi-ters—The Basket Store F^yer Bros.—^L. E. Foster You'll Like Our Service and Quality i of Our ; Groceries and Meats Phone 292 or 291 and your order will be Delivered Promptly Fresh Fruits ^nd Vegetables, Beef, Pork, Veal and Lamb—Broilers , SPECIAL FRIDAY AND S.\TLRDAY 1.1b. Fresh Marnhmallow.s 2.5c . 12 bars Kirk'.s Flako White Snap and 1 bar Kirk'.s . Cocoa Hardwater Soap for :___50c RUB-NO-MORE SOAP FLAKES For Wa.shing lOveralls it Cuts the Grease and Oil 3 cans Van Camp's Tomato Soup for 25c A. W. Aniieifsoii ? • GROCERY & MARKET; I C(;>m^ Second and Lincoln , We Deliver We have parking room for your carfr—Shop With Ease i • : AND SAVE THE ^ Difference .\. & v. stores liave I>een selljiiir grocer- les year in anil year ont at nioney-^iaTirig prices. Woraen everywlu-re are spending wisely liy shoppinsi at the A. & P.—and are saviiiir tlie ilifferenop. il (JRANi J.ATKD BEST PI KK tANE- 16 lbs $1 CAMPBELL'S BEANS »"«U--,- A. ii P. Beans, 2 for Vtc : KARO ?S!irL.5IKcan lb. Oar Famous ." S O'cfocli Brand __. CoiEfee Crape Juice Pt. Bottle ZSc 27c 19c 29c H Keiiogg's or Post Toasties pks- —— 9c COCO A loiia Brand 2 lb. pkg.31c Tomatoes Solid -Paeli,- 3 >'o. i cans -x—-'- 25c »Iilk anlolse Bd. 3 taicans25c Brooms''""'^ Regnlar WIc ralne __-— 45c lONA BRAND $1,09 Argo Starch Lb. Pkg. 8c ;Prmies KSSr. _.:„:Ib; IJc iSWANSDOWN .e^eHonr lb. 35c i Jelly Dessert 3 pkgs. 25c New Potatoes LB. 6V^c Navy Beans s^w 3 B »v2 (Jc THE 6reat IS X. Jeifc^on TEA CO. lola, JCansa^ 5..!-

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