The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 5, 1935 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1935
Page 7
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By CT HUNGEBFORIX /'SNOODLESL] LEMNTE see. ?QP PA There was not one angle passenger fatality frndyqin Railroad System in. 1934. -Rifle the mtertff-:: ban. Be safe—and save at V/ t c a mile, round trip. INDIANA RAILROAD SYSTEM Shortridge and visited the Hom.6 Mid-week prayer service TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOB SALE OR TRADE J.. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—8-room house, toilet and bath, garage, corner lot: has $600 school fund; trade equity for 4-room house, clear. L. W. Fuller. c-159 FOR SAXiE — White Leghorn eggs, pullorum tested; flocH is Grade B, under state control. Leroy Ehman. Phone Atlanta. p-F-170 FOR SALE—200 acre, near C'i«'e- ro; 6-room house, good barn, silo, doable cribs, cattle barn, good fencing; $13,500. A. L. Overman, Cicero, Telephone 540. p-160 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALfc—Full-blooded fox terrier puppies. David Carter, Sharpsvillc. p-15f* FOR SALE—Stark Brothers trees and shrubbery. Albert Gall. Route 4, Tipton. p-159 FOR SALE-=-Barii. Phone 2258. c-159 NEW 1935 t?ALL PAPER, Sc a double :roU, -at Rexall Wall Paper Department. tf FOU SALE->-CertiIied Reid's Yellow Dent -'seed corn; fire and rack dried; prices right. Earl Foster, ShafpSTHle. c-F-tf t\. e-\ JljirjiaiTAXT—Onl.-r chinks i> <sa-V-,}in .artvsiK-c. 'Hatch ' < ~jr TjfiiMim'-'^raJtfs $7.15 .per 380; '*fc.!j.ri».T 100j ,jo;76 par-sup: :S6..i* .wr ••!><iiV^.- < ^wvatarte'd chicks. Tlooalcr HMcli'cry,: MlChigJili- town, InU FOR SALE — Tip-Top chicks, proven the -cheapest tor farmer or pojultryman; a few started chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c.-lf FOR SALE — Super clean hard coal for brooder stoves. Phone 55. Edna Burkhait Co. c-tf FOR SALE—New Remington No. 8 noiseless typewriter, shopworn,.regular price §79.50, sale price $61.50 cash. Tribune Press. . if Good Used Cars REDUCED IN PRICE To Fit Your Pocketbook- Priced From $50 Up Factory Rebuilt Maytaff Ford Truck With Rack New Delco Batteries $4.95 Exchange Service Motor Co. Buick — Olds — 1'ontiuc CMC Trucks — Frigidaircs Used Car Bargains '29 Plymouth. Coach '30 <3afevrolet Ooach A.! H. Hinlon and:Plyn}oath _ . * i ••""".- For SiatJcor Trade '• 5 . " • • • . 1934 Vr8 Demonstrator ach^ AOoupe ~.r:W FOR SALE OR TRADE — Remington typewriter, No. 12, in good • condition. The Tribum.' Press. tf FOR SALE—Complete lunchroom equipment; best season now for lunch and gasoline: well established business; bargain if sold at once. Bunch's Lunch's. p-lfiu FOR SALE—Used Doo-AII tractor; Oliver 3-buUom 1-l-incli tractor plow; Oliver 2-boltom tractor plow; used Fordsou tractor parts. Phone 33XS, Tipton. c-tf FOR RENT WALL PAPER CLEANING by export; 50c ruom up. Phone 16S.J c-155 AIR CONDITIO.NIXC: — Today's big npporiunity; pliiinbiiiK and heating men' must know it; now,, nplo-the-minute- coursi; will lu-lu ynii enter this field: free booklet. International (.'o:'- respondeiifi- Schools, .lack Cuu- ninirhani. Reiiresentative. 1»:!1 S. Adams St., Marion, Ind. c-159 * Sunday Services* MAUCrs-DK-KLMONT 17577, Pilgrim Holiness i Church. (0. W. Barnes, pastor.) ^ Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Morning worship at 10.-.30 a. m. Young Peoples meeting at 6:30 p. m. ', Evening worship at 7:30 p. m. year-old sorrel Belgian, llax liiil Thursday evening prayer meet- aiul mane, will make the season! ing at 7:30 p. m. •with my Pcvc lievon, lloci; ( *** 1 1K9MN5, at my farm just west of Prairie srlunil in Tipton county; both nurses better than tun j horses; I am a graduate from the Ciraham Srientilic Breeding School, thui-efove SO '"„ of tlio barrenness in mures <-:HI lie elimiiiateil. Season. $1».HO t; insure. I'lione Keinplun. Kii- ward Shuck. p-lSS St. John's Cattiolic Crurch. (Rev. F. 3oa. Bilstein). Luw mass at T:30Ja. m. High mass at 10:30 a. m. Devotions at 2:30 jp. m. Devotional and Benediction at 7:30 p. m. i Sermon with firstj and second mass. : sing an anthum and Rev. Mr. Seelig a solo selection. Organ numbers of Miss Helen White will be: "Impromptu Religiose" by Armstrong; "A Reverie" by Land and "March" by Clock: Lenten evangelistic services will be held each evening next week except Saturday at 7:30. Ti\e Woman's Foreign Missionary society-wi! have their monthly meeting Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs. Paul UtterbacI;, 715 N. Independence St. FOR RENT — 5-rootn modern house, 325 North Main, § $12. C. V. Craft. c-tf FOR RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as 53 per weult Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. t' LOST AITD ?OUND. j TAKEN" t'l' — Mule hog. Claude 1'ctherford, Route 2, Tiptiin. l-'irst IJaptist Clmrvli. WANTED WANTED—To buy feeilini; shouts. R. E. Findling. Windfall, c-16.' (lli'V. C. A. WacliX pastor.> Sunday school, !l:3(!. VYrst Street Christian Church. (M. R. Pearcy, Minister.) 9:30 church school. 10:l!0 juvenile church. 10:31) worship and sermon: "Is Religion Vital to Civilization?" 5 y>. m. Christian Endeavor. Notes: The attendance at rhiirrh school is fairly good; we appreciate the effort on the part MONEY TO LOAN Morning worship.! 10:3n; !••<•!•-1 0 [ the younger contingent of our moil .subject. "Tlic; Heart of Chris| tianity." i FARM LOANS—Reasonable rati.! Junior and Senior! R. Y. P. U.. Fieldiu-; &. Fielding. otr.|G:30. j Evpiiine worship. 7:30: sennnn grouping, as well as that of some of the mature classes. How excellent for the stragglers to return and aid tlio faithful jn their endeavor. - WANTED—Small house wilh garden ;^_ rent assured. Box F. " c-153 WANTE-D—^Curtains to wash and stretch; no pin marks. Ph«n>; 4255. c-159 Ciira Sl<vlr Over •S-.-'WI Urfii.-rs tn Tiirn Ci-rlilinitr. I subject, "Sworn! Hand Religion."! Our evening service is atl- ! The mission study class will j jnurnec] to the Methodist churc.'i meet at the church Tuesday eve-1 at 7:30 o'clock, to share in theft niii!^ at 7:30 o'clock'!' '; I Evangelistic service, Wcdnea- j WANTED—Girl. Palace Cafe. C-15H WANTED—Garden plowing; work guaranteed. Ira O. Baden. I'hone 353G. P-11>1 WANTED—Boy. Palace Cafe. ': c-159 WANTED—SO to Kill acres land in Cicero township. A. L. Overman, Cicero, Telephone 549. p-lGii WANTED — Blachsmitliiiifc- ami plow work. William Boomershine, Binkley Bids-, bai-k of Tiptou Produce Co. p-15i) WANTED—Lawn mowers to shai- jien; guaranteed work; n'jw handles and rollers. 12G S<n:lh Main. C-M-W-F-1C4 WANTED—Overstuffed furniturn, rugs of all kinds, cleaned and renewed; oriental rugs and tapestries a speciality; all work guaranteed. Phone 3130. c-lOfl MISCELLANEOUS CHARLES BAHCHMA>5 —Furniture repairing, upholstering and slip pavers; corner of South and West streets. p-159 OLD HICKORY floor enamel, four shades, wears like hickory, G9c quart. Rexall Drug Store. tf STOMACH ULCER, gas pains, indigestion victims, why suffer' For quick relief get a free sample of Udga, a doctor's prescription, at Lewis' Speckbaugh's. p-M-W-F-158 GUARANTEED USED GARS FOE SALE •{ftymottth sedan Ptaaonth sedan coach INjnnouth l)0npe .„_,_._ fare at; Iiidiuiiiip-.iliK. April n. — IM-Cii- saMof -Miss Cura Stoulo. Ten-! Haute school teacher, to assig» :( 52,5liO iuvi'Stnuini curtilicule In the. slate u; delaying her parni-.; j from the stale prison, it \va.? ' learned here today. j Miss Steele is serving a one-to-' five year term on charges ol stealing .$25,()iiii in securiti"«| from, the state fearbers' rcliri-! n.CMit fund two ytar.s ug:i. Sta'-..officials have rei'iu crcd npj>n>xi-j miitfly J12.75U of the original | aniount. ' | At ihi! time of her arrest hi j Terre Haute in November, i!)",::. [ officers found S5"o in cusb ami j two Sl.ono Liberty bonds sewed! inside a corset. • » » • i ACKI) VKTK11AX 1)IKS. T, evangelis,tiii services. The "morning m'ustca.1 program | day evening, 7:30. with choir re-j will be: Prelude, "Champs Rus- ! hcarsal at S:'Jfl o'clock. j ses," Lalo; offertory, "Medita- Thc Ladies Aid society will j-tion," Mailly; anthem, "Like as niret Thursday afternoon at 2:00 [ilie Hart," Novollo, by the.jun- o'clock. ior choir; postlude, "Postlude," Ivciniitun Holiness Church. On next .Monday evening at the- ; j Main Street church in Kokom r > Rev. Lee floins. and daughter! the regional Men's meeting of thri :iiul granddaughter j of- Klwoodi state organization will be held, will have charge of jthc Sunday j This is a supper meeting; three .-'.fternonn survlre at | the Holiness , speakers, t,wo from Tipton, will Mission in KempUm.i Wednesday evening in the sonage. 'Let us be especially faithful to the church and its services during this Lenten season. Visitors will find a cordial welcome at alf oar services. : . First Presbyterian Cirarch. ' t (Rev. R. Tunmer, Minister.) Sunday school, 9:30. Divine | worship, 10:45. Communion meditation and the Lord's Supper. The choir will sing "We Will Be True to Thee" by Crea- weli. The Christian Endeavor society meets at ;6 o'clock; Edwin Ferguson, leader. Next Wednesday evening the Foster class 1 win meet at th'e home of Mrs. Foster'for a favorite dish dinner, at 6:30. The congregational meeting announced for, Wednes'day the 10th has been postponed for one week, and will be held on the 17th. Wcsleyan Methodist Church. A. (A. E. Beyler, Minister.) 9:30 a. m., Sunday school, Price, superintendent. 10:30 a. m., sermon by the pastor. . ' <6;30 p. m., meeting. ; '7:30 p. m., sage. yonng people's evangelistic mes- Wednesday, miil- day .week prayecii Please In evening services Will .be SO- minutes later 'than Heretofore. A warm and hearty welcome to all our services.' Eindnuel Lutheran Church. (Rev. Theodore "Schwan, pastor/) Sunday school, Morning service, 10:30. Quarterly voters' assembly, 00 o'clock. . Adult class, 7:00 o'clock. Lenten services, Wednesday ev- |he on the prosram. Our men en i n g, 7i45 o'tiloci. The (.'iris will furnish special: should make unusual effort to at-J Walther League 'business meet- music on the arcnrd^nn and saxo-jttnd. phone, and Uev. Ooijis will deliv- On Wednesday afternoon next ing after Lenten services: •i- a stirring^e. The pub- week the Missionary society will; ening. '' Choir rehearsal, Thursday ev- is cordially invited to attend meet at the home of Mrs. A. V.'. this service. Holilis ami Arrima ' Methodist. (Ualph K. Daviuunl, Minister.) Ih-licvcil In 15<- J^ist Survivor ofi Hoblis--- : ILivn- I'arki-l Fire. '•< '•'•'•" »• '»-. church school. _ I 10::!(j a. m., class! metitins. :"f> p. m., evening worship in - (l!y Tnili-il I'ri-ssl. I Xnwraslif, April a. —Andrew I ,.,,„,..,,. ()1 - ,,,. v \\\,^{ a. Johnson, Jackson McCormack, S!i, '"'' l,»fal preacher. : licved the last survivor of th< church school. Sultana, Mississippi River packet which burned in ISGfi killing 1.500 Union soldiers, died here yesterday. He lived in Newcastle all his life. McConmick was one of 2,000 soldiers mi the boat when the boilers bursted and she burned to the water's edge. He escaped by jtim'|)iui! into the river and cling- in?; to a gangplank for four hours. roma — !t.-;;() a. BurkhnriU on N. -Main street; Lho tonic will be "Lights and Shadows in Japan." On Thursday evening at 7 o'-nlock. next week, the seniors- will have the Rev. Reuben Tun-; mer for a program 'in magic; U> this program the public at large is invited to come, to aid the class in its projects. THE'DAILY WHEEZE • Isabel:! "Horw can I bring Count Damrowsky to his knees " Nadine: "Drop a auarter on the floor." Gocring AsKs Peace. Danzig, April 5. — Air Minister Hermann Wilheim Gocring made n plea for peace with France last night, but warned that "the attackers of Germany's honor anil freedom will bo driven away by the sound of German martial music." Notice of Administration. Notice ts hereby"given that tho undersigned has boen appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Tipton County, State of Indiana, administrator of the estate of James Smith, late of Tipton County, tepeued. -Said estate ts supposed la be Bolrent. ' ' '' ' 10:,'!0 a. m., m<):'i?ins worship. 7:00 p. m., evening evangelistic Wednesday. April jlO'tli, at !:»» P. in., tlir; Ladies Aid society will meet «'itii Sirs. Verilie Floyd. It is an Anniversary mooting . and tltcru will bo clccllojn of officers. *** f" Kvinp Mvmorlnl Methodist. (John Ward Rose,] Minister.) The Sunday schedule of services is as follows: Morning unified 0:30. The pastor wil! service at have for his sermon theme: "God's Supreme Gift." Tho anthem W 1 the choir is entitled: "When I iSurvey the Wondrous Cross" brjiCarrio Adams. Organ solec Helen Wnlto are "Fragment' 1 from ' Chopin; ''Meditation ions of Miws as fallows: Ibcturne" by Forman ond "Festal Recesslc n" -by Kevin. Tho Epworth! Leaf ne Is observing the -15th annJve'sary of tftat organ!»at!pn InjTlptin' in a joint Church of the TVazurcnc. (Rev. Gaston R. Coylier, pastor.) Sunday school, 0:30. Morning worship, 10:30. N. Y. P. S., 6:3(J. Mrs. Margaret Murphy, leader;; missionary lesson. ; Evening evangelistic service at T:30." Tonight (Friday) Rev. C. Mas-' on, minister, musician and chalk-; talk artist will be hero for a service; at 7-'30. A feature of the service will be the chalk-tarks'forj children. Special mn'Sic 'and aer-i Atlanta Methodist | Church. : ' ' ' ' , - . '. ' I • •; (Iiev. H. M. ThraBhdrl Minister.^ Church school, 9:30 a. m: Mas A.-SteckeV, superintendent. Sp«i cial 'ten minute feature preceding this service by|.C. Ml[ Hott. I ; Morning worship i;4nd J, Junioi LeaKUo, .10r30. ! ftrs. J Tpnimi'Davb juftibr BUperlntSiJdeiAtj •Sermon bj 'minister, "I ',';• Epworthi 'L«iine,'i!fl:iB";''«." .",•«?' ', KESU'TOX. ' Christian Church Services. Sunday school, 9:30. Morning worship, 10:45 a. in. Sermon by Rev. -John Clark of Indianapolis as trial. minister. Sunday evening service at 7:30, Methodist' Church Services. (Rev. jj. C. Bean, Minister.) i Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. 1 MornlBg •worship, 10:45 a. m. Sermon:' ''Jesus Christ." i Epworth; League, 6:30 p. m. Leader, 'Rosemary Gossard. ; : Evening 'Worship, 7:30 p. m. Sermon:| "The Life Devoted." • Hills Baptist Church. •(Rev. M. S. Sparger. Minister.) Sunday school at 10:00 a. m. No services morning or evening. ' . . The training course under the leadership of Rev. Sparger finished the work Monday evening. This course was the Old Testament study and twenty-three members received their standard leadership. training course. The Ladies Aid society of the Methodist church met Wednesday afternoon following the .penny dinner 'at the noon hour with Mrs. Clara Cunningham, president, in charge. Mrs. John H. Goodnight had charge of the devotionals followed by the business meeting in which several committees .were appointed for the new year. Plans were partially made, for the Brotherhood banquet to be held April 29. The Hoosier Cadets of Kerop-ton, boys of the seventh grade under the supervision 'of Mrs. Lafe Beaver, will. broadcast over Anderson station WHBU Saturday at 3:30 o'clock. These hoys broadcasted over Indianapolis station at Block's children's! hour last summer. The boys taking part are John Freeman, Travis Tunis, Eugene McDonald and Bob Floyd. - ' Frances Bickam of Wilmette, Illinois, spent from Monday until Thursday visiting with her sister Rev. J. C. Bean and family. Lela'Kemp was the over-night guest Monday of GeofgU Miller of Windfall. Miss Miller whb'Ts 'a teacher Jn the Evanstqn, • Illinois, high school is spending her spring vacation with her father Irvin Miller and daughter Charlotte. Mrs. Milo HawKms and daughter Phyllis and son Harold of Sedalia, Colorado, who have been visiting relatives and friends 'in and near Kempton for the past two .months left Wednesday for Indianapolis and visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scott going on Thursday morning to their home :u the west. Mr. and Mrs. William Woods returned Monday evening from Gary after spending a few days with Carrie Daniels and family. Ary Scircle and family visited Sunday -with Airs. Scircle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Dennis. Mr^ Dennis who has been very sick i£ slowly improving. :Dale Waterberry of Indianapolis visited Tuesday and Wednesday with Mrs. Lowell Amos. Miss Waterberry is the head teacher in the Home Economics school at Economics class in . Kexantia ' while there. .: ' The junior class of the W'gftv j school under the supervision Herman; Briggs . presented their*: 3 play Xvlttnesday evening to a * large audience. The title of thtf-T play was "Correspondence Court"- 1 -'? 1 ?'. -.$£ ship." The play will be presented"! -J again Saturday night at o'clock at the high school. - «.» Notice of Sale. SCIENCE VICES .:;;, Is the subject of <&a fri *ll Ghorcneajof en Sunday, April 7. IB: "Judco not _ 1 -<_: -'- which com-. kinbllj 18 \Xai0 Bible: %* Sorrel Belgian Stallion j OWNED BY L. A. BtFHE Making' Season at Martin ; 'Farm at Jackson BV iL Paul Ripberger Notice is hereby given that the to..o.i«a City of Tipton, Indiana, and tha.J! jJ- :.-£ Electric Light and Water Com-' L "-•*-; pany of said City of Tipton, wlll-^^?*? offer for sale to the highest bid- >5tti?Jij der on the 9th day of April, . ! ,.-»r;,'ii;j 1935, the following described per- .!, y,;^: sonal property, to-^rit: , 'i' •"*-:.* One Ames Uniflow Steam En-f-;'- ! - f?; 1 gine, 500 M. P., connected direct-f.i- -ir^fi ly with General Electric A. C. : : •':-4^ Generator, 360 K. W. '";"-: Two Stirling Water Tube BSil-:" - fLl ers, 350 H. P. each, 150 Ibs. presr-'^^tfci 1 sure, including header line, re- ^.-ii', ^ ducfng valves, blow-off valves, all..-^ v^jj steam and water lines connecting"''i " * boiler feed pumps, heater and . Ames Engine; also •&. Smoke Stack, 104x5% feet; ; ; One Dean Boiler Feed Pump. ,j . One Gardner Boiler Feed Pump.:! , One Water Heater lor BoUers.'-'-K?^ One Force Draft Fan. ?lv* : A Said property will be sold in •i--;-,-jj?' bulk or in parcels as may be found, . to the best advantage, for not le«s than the appraised value thereof,' and pursuant to a resolution of :• the Common Council of the City i of Tipton, Indiana, and appraisal; made by appraisers appointed by i the Tipton Circuit Court,, said j 'equipment being sold as it now ;• stands, the buyer to assume all- . expense of dismantling .and . re- ;'•' nioval. Right to reject any and all bids reserved. i Dated this 1st day of April,, 1935. , W. A. COMPTON. Mayor, i BESSB B. BBYBRSDORFEB, Clerk-Treasurer, City of Tipton,;''' Indiana. 156-57-58-59 .. '" -" ran THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNBj1 Entered as Second Class Matter at. the rostofflce. Tipton. Ind. - " • Ramsay & O'Banion, Props. Established Oct. 4, 1895. Subscription Rates. One year, (n state Six months, in state Threa months. In state l.W. One' month. In state .40 One month, outalde state .SO' One year, outside state 6.00 Bv o«rrl*>r In oft*. «w»* wpftlf ., J^ See— YOUNG & MASON j Suits and Furnisbitt|j3 106 East Jeff erson Si Radio Repairs LINEBAOKS |ii *:••=* •':%% I9kni> • Otftmm TT" 1 —;•-•—-rr^" ""•W-'iS'R'"*'^ .^Vvj-..'!:---.''.-:-,^-.-:;^'!--. -C ^1-. ::-^|:iay>' BLUE BEA00 A Coal With Bemmxk HMting QfUOftlM DonW.CoCOn Erie Street Phona ' ' ~~ 'JxXi See the New Leonard^ Electric Befrigeratob^ H. J. SOHBADBB <fc ^cH^M

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