Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 19, 1956 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1956
Page 13
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ITUDAY, OCTOBER ID, ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTEEN It*ft Your Money Administering Program Takes Years of Study By tX B. (1A1J.AOHKR I For tho past five days, we! have answered several ob.iec-j tions to Hie Social Security proj pram. These objections were in-i spired hy a syndicated news eol- 1 nmn written by one or the outstanding columnists of the day, a man who covers a wide variety of subjects and as a rule isj correct in his reporting. j But even a Rood reporter oan't! walk into a Social Security office and walk out an hour later with the full, correct story. Social Security takes years of study to' master, even in part, an understanding of the complicated procedure necessary to administer the program on a fnir and equitable basis. Consider this illustration. An assistant manager of one of the district Social Security offices who has been with the Social Security Administration since 3937 is recognized a<; one of the bust posted men on the subject in the administration. lie has this to say: "Alter the details of the last Hrnendnwnt were released, I spent hours and hours in the o!- iice rind at home studying the changes in the law so that I could reduce 1o understandable l.ingiutge the effects of this n»'u legislation. And still. no\v .'iO days later, my as.-istants briny up questions requiring further j Miidy." ' From this, we can rcali?.* that i it doesn't make good sen^e for : someone to haMily read the re-! port of this new law ami ihen! report the real facts about So-j cial Security. ; Our U.S. Government has been over 130 years in the build-; ing, and while recognizing it is the best in the world, any sensi-, hie person will agree that there i ;<ie slill improvements to he', made. ; Thr« same thing applies to' Sue i hi Security. Let's give it a, 'air chance. Let's not join ihc| "Hammer Holler'' (jang. Rather, j let's recognUo the good that the' Social Security program i> doing j and has alrindy done for millions of people. ' Question: How can you as an individual help? Your newspaper is spending good money to bring you this column. You can express your appreciation by writing n letter addressed to the managing editor of this newspaper. ,)ust tell your story in your own language and if you will he kind enough to send a copy ol your letter to the writer, in care of this paper, it will be. appreciated. 'Copyright. 1RSB General Features Corp.) f Precincts For Nov. 6 Are Listed A list of the pollini.' places in Alton for the Nov. 6 election has lw»en submitted to the Tciegraph by lyouis K. Walter. Alton Township supervisor. It follows: Fret. No. Addre.-.s 1—Union Sloi-H^e, '.','22 .Si;.t? J—livid- School. 101'0 Stale .'',-• U'rtlertciwer. V~?>-> Slate •1-IIeiiflrick.^.n. Wfi Daiilorth .')—C.X.rdes. 2'.',M Stale fi-Lnken, 8'J7 Bello 7—\V. .lunior, l.">13 State S—\Ve-.stein. :W:l Hawthorne 'i-Fin-hoiise, 2-111. State JO—City Hall 11—Brown's. 403 E. 8th 1'J—Ilyndmann, 1217 Alb.v 1.1—Iloffmeister Pivgrnd .14—Ch.dlHcom ;\ .VsS Broadway l.WVot. 413 Ridge IB—Schnell. XTT Hfnry 17—Humholdt School IS—H-.'Ilning Pivgrnd lf»—Tar! <••!•.*. MOO Broadway ^0—Ahepa Hal.! 21— r.issal, riUt Brown 1'.'—.Ir.ncs. T.'iOj Centra! r.—M;m*!i<xit. 1'J09 Highland 24—F'lrrhouse, 1117 Cents al 1V>—HitsSteil House L'6—Central -School 27-Rrtl Crc*s ?S—Rflhertson. lll'll Pine I'O—U':!ken:nR. 1(514 Wshgtn 30—Firehouse, 1'422 Colleg? War1* Still Entertainment On Television By f'HAttLKS MKKCKR NK\V YORK /P-In ISiM Lmi- rcTO-.e Stalling* published a phnln- j graphic history which tip entiUrr).' will) grim prophrry. "Tin- First ! World \V'nr." Its titlf. as wnll asj its sjrisly pictures of war as it ! rraliy is, shnckrd many rraflorsj of IMP 10,'Ws; in UIOSP days nrarly | nil Ampricnns I) p I i e v c d HIPPR i would he no more w;ir. ! On Tuesday 'pvpnintr NBC - TV i piwiitprl flip first of this snason's ' filmed doctimrntarii'S on various • a>|)f'cts of modern life. "The! Great \Var'' \\;is (he litlr- of this! J'roject L'O proiirani. i It was absorbing television en-' tertainmenl. Old film. . Hips ir- vi\ed vividly such historic fimirrs : as the Kaiser. VYoodrow \Vilsoii. Theodore Roosevelt, Newton D. i Baker. There were the Liberty I Bond rallies, the sinking of the! Lusitania. the lasicab army i which dashed out of Paris to save! the city. There were many march-' inn men of many armies. i *'The Great \Var" was. essenti-' ally, a romantic view of war. So I it war-, inevitably, popular with those who saw . it. I's musical '. background and narration by Al- j cxandcr Scoiirby combined to in- ; (luce a nn «nl of no-talcm and the ' popular American theory that this i country saved eivili/almn — for; another UN years. Tbcrf v.'iis much ninnni; and shooting. But there were only a few rliMd bodies. Thri'p was no view of the starving millions in Belgium, no hint of such military debacles as that perpetrated by stupid tactical leadership on Die Soinme. An accurate picture of the slaughter, starvation and pestilence of war, such as Laurence ^tolling* presented back m \y.\':,. is perhaps too strung for tin? television audience. Yet any portrait of any war that totally ignores its apony is unbalanced histurv. The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart FRIDAY USD (NBC) 950 KC fcXOK (ABO) 630 KC RMOX (CBS) 1120 KC KWK (MBS) 1380 HC p. ML 8 JO 45 10 11 A. M. .00 .is I JO .45 7 8 JK .1! JC .45 10 11 12 F. K. 1 2 "Equality Style" Wyoming is known at tiif "Kqua!:ly State" because women tiiri'p were given !ho riqht to vote in ISo!). Til ;>c-ar.« before wrjjnc-n cf»ald vote generally in the United Slates. Ji M .45 J» .15 JO 45 News fredd.V Martin News Notebook: Hits News Man Un Go News One Mans fi E<1 Bonntt N«w«. M«tlnt* Mutinee Hirrv c«r*> Lowell Thom«« rivt Revut imtlj Ballroom N«w» News; Queeo Rov Queen Bob Burne* Ed Murrow FlrDt Flv* Boh A Ray Show Radio Fan Club Bob Hope Show Newt Snorts Bill Cr«bl§ Robert Q. Radio Workshop Bill Crabl* Radio Fan Club Inside Story Boxing Bouts Blng Cro«by Capital Cloakroom Eyes of Faith News Sports: D Allen Dave All»n Cecil Brown Dave Allen New*. Hentter Sport* Countersoj News bill Crabl* TfpntlCT: Spoils Spoi Is Amns 'n Andy Musical Hour Fir«t Five New* On TV! I KIDAV KVKM.NO G: 00— 1)1 N(-,v. - Ed Kratli (.)» \Vrallipr i^uppets (,'!6) Rfrvprr-nrl Oxrndinp fi:0:>— (5) Sports - Bob Insham 6:10— lit \\Vatlier - Bnwks 6:1.')— i H Le.= Paul S- Mary Ford (ji NP«-<! - John Roedel I'lti! ,\>w> - John Daly 6: L'O— i !» Labor Spc;iks 6.:)(1— (ti My Frinul Flicka i!;f)i News fi. 10— I:;HI Hu\>.-l : I). 1 l."j— iji Nrwc • John Caineion Nieht Mu-ic Ballroom World New* Harry Fcnrlcr OH Neusome Mrlody Time News NlKtit Music News Sign Oil Music Hour News; Weather News; Fender Harry Fender Rhythm Sultp !»mooth Sailing Thought for Da.T SATURDAY Newt Sacred Heart Time i Tempo* News Early Show Weather Early Show journal City Edition Ozark VtrletlM Weather World New- Weather Reoorl Time & Tempot Neus Ncw» Sports News Art s Notebook News: Monitor Monitor Bruce Hsyw«r<J Weather Bruce Kayward News Bruce Hayward World New* News Clockwatcher Sport* News World News: Davl* Clock Watcher The Drug Story Wake Up Muslo W.-iKe UD Muile News Wa*r Uo~Muil« News Ed Wilson New* Ed Wilson News Ballroom News News; Weather Galen Drake Ed Wilson News News: Monitor Monitor Ed Bonner News Robert Q. Lewis News; Wil«on Ed Wilson Bandstand Revu* News: Weather Monitor Orchestra Ed Bonner News Phil Stevens GunsmoK* News; Revue Bari'Und Revu« News Fa_rm & Horn* Grourho Marx Bill Cubit Mews Country Journal Ivory Interlude Jack ti Jerry Ed Wilson News News; Monitor Game of Week News; Crabl* Bill Crable Harry Fender Ed Wilson Foo'ball Warmup i .V. Dame v«. Michigan! News: CrabU Bill Crable Goal Post Rh.ythn Pigskin Preview 111. vs. Minnesota Newt: Crabl* Bill Crable New*; Monitor Monitor Bill Crabl* Score* fs'ews; Revue 31—Swain. 2(100 Amelia Ml 1 —Legion, 1T.11L' Washington 33—Hunter Hail About 7 ! l million Americans over 6r> years olo get income 1 orn public Social Security programs. Freezing Weather's coming! Get... STANDARD uaranteed RADIATOR PROTECTION ALL WINTER LONG (SEPTEMBER THROUGH APRIL) Refills... if needed... at NO cost to you... at any Standard Station No need to boil-off now ...stays good all winter. To give you Guaranteed Radiator Protection, here's what your Standard Dealer does. First, he thoroughly inspects your car's cooling system for operating defects and leakage. Next, he drains and refills with the amount of ATLAS PERMA-GUARD* Anti-Freoze required for the protection you specify—even down to 40 below. Then, he signs a written guarantee which states that if you should need additional ATLAS PERMA-GUARD to keep your radiator at its guaranteed protection from now through next April, you get it without charge at any Standard Oil Station in Mid-America. So, why risk a costly freeze-up? Come in, todayl ...ond, whtn you 0tf Guorontttd Radiator Prottttton, ot tht Mint »imt dtongt t»... ...SuptrPERMAlUBE for wmpUri winter •n0int protection... and quick, toiy f tarti. You exgecf more from (STANDARD and get it! H«if CBS World Newi on KMOX, 7:00 A.M. Daily. See Standard Sports Roundup with Bob Ingham, KSD-TV, Ch. 5, 6:05 P. M. Monday through Friday. See the Chicago Bears and Cardinals football games every week-end on KWK-TV, Ch. 4. TB Tests To Be Given In Unit 9 MEDORA — The fifteenth an-1 nual tuberculin testing program, i sponsored by the Macoupin j County Tuberculosis Association will begin at. the high school in Medora for the Southwestern school district Monday at 1 p.m. At that time Miss Estella Hart, the county tuberculosis nurse, will speak to the student group to give some facts on the disease, tuberculosis, and the value of "skin tests." The testSj administered by a physician, will be offered to students and school personnel Tuesday at 1 p. m. All who have positive reactions to the skin test will be given a chest X-ray, without cost to them, at the tuberculosis office in Car-, linville, Wednesday, Oct. 31. Funds from the annual Christmas seal sale provides for the service conducted annually by the Macoupin County Tuberculosis Association. Third Birthday MEDORA — Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lowis entertained Wednesday evening with a birthday supper for their daughter, Mary Lou, 3. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Sarginson and lamily of Chesterfield. HoMevs to Club MEDORA — Mrs. Nelson Robinson was hostess to her bunco club Wednesday evening. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Elston Gaffney, Mrs. Tommy Gaffney, Jr., and Mrs. Harold Tucker. Others present were Mrs. Floyd Darr. Mrs. Herb Moore, Jr., Mrs. Wayne Chism, Mrs. Uel Sisco. The next meeting j will be with Mrs. Elston Gaffney. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Robinson. Quarterly Meetings MEDORA — Several from the local WMU of the Baptist church went to Litchfield Wednesday to attend the associational quarterly meeting. Those attending were Mrs. Ward Spencer, Mrs. George Barnes, Mrs. H. F. Shields, Mrs. Elsie McCrellis, Mrs. Hope Chism, Mrs. Agnes Chism. Attend Funeral MEDORA — Mrs. Stella Johnson, Mrs, Lloyd Bowker, Mrs. Alan Fricker, and Pearl Johnson attended the funeral rites Wednesday morning for Mrs. Delia Johnson at the College Avenue Baptist Church, Alton. Pearl Johnson was one of the pallbearers. Senior BVF Party MEDORA — The Senior BYF of the Bethel Baptist Church had a hay ride Tuesday evening and it closed with a wiener roast. Ifiardin i HARDIN — Robert Hardestyj returned Wednesday from i Springfield where he had been' attending Grand Lodge of the ! IOOF. Hardesty was a repre-1 sentative from Caihoun Lodge I 444. j Pete Heidersch?id has install-! ed a device by means of which i he can open and close his garage ] door by pressing a button in- j side his car. William Hagen Sr. of Brussels was in Hardin Wednesday. lij'ii TiHiik "j'our Lucky SI n \ * ?:Ull— i-|i U'i si Point - Afler jila.Miii; with M- . and Janet Willis during Juno week, a fiantee of a cadet has certain misgiv- inus. about marrying an Army Officer. Donald May protrays host Cadet Thompson. ijl L:te of Riley Riley invites his boss ' wife to a "brunch" then learns that Uncle Bixby is due to arrive at the same time which upsets his plans to impress the boss. iH 1 College Math. i:i6» Beulah Shov . "Bcu- lah'? Hidden Treasure". 7: ;{() — (.)i Zanr Gray Tlieatre — Dick Powell, as host and star tonight introduces the story "The Long Road Home". The avenging of his k 'her's death and the settling of a family fued is uppermost in the mind of a man returning to his Texas home. . <5i Walter Winchell Show (COLOR) Sammy Davis, Jr.. Roberta Sherwood and Bob and Larry Leslie new comedy act are quests of the columnist tonight: iCb i Movie - Johnny Mack Bruwn :>tars in tiie western "Border Bandits". 7:13— 1 9) President's Press Conference 7:35— ta.i Political - Republican 8:00— Mt Crusader - An innocent bystander is slain in a payroll hold-up and Matt Anders investigates. iji On Trial — "Twice In Peril" stars Joseph Cotton and Joseph Wiseman in a drama of a disbarred attorney who is he hind an unusual plot againsi. justice. S:15— 19) Frontiers of the Sea 8:30— (4) Playhouse of Stars- Charles Bickford and Kathleen Crowley star in "Enoch Prentiss". A blackmailer threatens') the reputation of a tycoon's I daughter. (3) Big Story • Ben Grauer narrates and awards the "Big Story Award" to a reporter Mrs. Bernice Freeman of the San John /V< Jone* Francisco Chronicle for clearing a young fellow reporter o£ a murder charge. if)) Frontiers of Health— "Rheumatic Frver". (36) The Ruggles Show 9:00—I'll Tl. > Line-up - A switch on H kidnapping story is told tonight in the "Sorenson Case". An investment broker pays money not lo have his wife and child kidnapped. i.")i Boxinj - Fr»in New York .Jimmy Powers reports the 10 round middleweight bout be- I ween Joey liiHiiibia and (ill Turner. <n> American Ai't Today—j "Rommilicis.m is the Beginning j of Expressionism". ' C.dl Internationa] Playhouse. Avis Scott stars in "Great- pr Love". 9:30—1-1) fount of Monte Cristo- Fiim series o. the adventures of the famous fictional character j starring George Dolcnz. "Victor! Hugo". j '."161 Person to Person— ! Actress Shelly Winters and: Blackstone and his wifp are visited by Ed Murrow tonight. ! 9:45—(5) Sports Extra - George Abel. : 10:00—14) Warner Bro>. Presents: "ConfJict" • .Jim Backus and: Fay Spam star in "The Magic i Brew". A smaJl town is turned! into a battle ground over a beau- j ty contest sponsored by a medicine showman. (5) Code Three - "Water Skie.!-". (36) Movie - Jeffrey Lynn and Linda Carroll star in "Door-; way to Suspicion". j 10:30— (51 Adventures of .Jim | Bowie. Scott Forbes stars as i Bowie in the episode of "Natchez ; Trace". 11:00—14) News - Ed Keath (5) News - Bob Millie 11:10—(4) Weather - Allen j (5) Weather - Cliff St.; James. j 11:15—(4i Movie - Mona Freeman and James Dunn star in "That Brennan Girl". A young girl disregards ethical considerations in order to get what she wants. i5) Movie - William Eythe. Lloyd Nolan and Signe Hasso star in the drama of the FBI told in a _emi-documentary fashion, "The House on 92nd Street". (36i Weather - Mclntire 11:20—(36) Nitecap - Norman i 12:30— (4) Thought for the day 1:00—(5» Weather SATURDAY. OCT. 20th A.M. 7:30—(5) Film 8:00—14) A Look Ahead 15) Movie - Johnny Mack Brown stars in the western— "Trailing Danger". Captain Kangaroo 9:00— (5i Howdy Doody •« •9 : 3n_(1i Mighty Mouse (.1) Cartoon Time 9:45— (5) John Onagy 10:00—(4) Cartoon Carnival (5) Furv 10:30— (4) Texas Rangers (5) Undo Johnny Coons 11:00—14) Big Top (.">) Buffalo Bill Jr. 11:30— (5) Capt. Midnight SATURDAY P.M. Noon—i d \s Ranger (5i Fun Fair 12:30— M) Sky King "Uninvited Death". i Cartoon Carnival (51 EfMv Arnold 1:30-Ml Let's Face It (5) National Playhouse 2:00— (4> Movie - Buster Crabb« stars in the western "Texai Desperadoes". i.V* College Football (SPECIAL) Washington University Vt Western Michigan 3:1.'5—Ml Football Roundup •1.:iO—M) Fred Moegle Show (5) Treasure Hunt 4:o.">-Mi Political - Democratic 5:00—(4) Jungle Jim 15) Capt. Gallant »36) Movie - Eddie Dean stars in "Colorado Serenade". 5:30—(4) Bold Journey C)i Cisco Kid For Fast TV Service your set In our shop In the morning. I'irk tip before 5 P. Al. Square Deal Shop 720 K. Broadway I'll. 5-9411 WE REPAIR An> Makr of RADIOS. TV*. WASHERS, DRYERS. fi.AS and Et.tCTRIC RANGES. Tail and Dependable Service. We Are As Clo**- An Your Telephone. DIAli 2-7511 WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES STATE ST. ALTON* CALL 3-3500 P H 3 3 5 0 0 Television Service ALL MAKES EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS Guaranteed Parts and Tubes Milo Wells, Inc. 2513 State ALUMINUM Storm Windows. Doors, Air Master Tilt-O-.Malic ALUMINUM Jalouslt Door I's" Thlrk PORCH ENCLOSURE Jalousie Double Hunr Windows. Free Estimate* ORXAJIEXT.AL IRON RAILINGS—COLUMNS .ALUMINUM AWNINGS No Down Payment. 3<i Mos. Cox's Home Supply Co. North Alton in the Wedge 5-1513 Res. '-'-1811! Kit* and Cry MUSKOGEE, Okla. <P-Justlcp of Peace R. L. "Rags" Flora has married 500 couples in the last seven years. He says: "The younger ones kiss and the older ones cry" at the brief ceremonies. Telegraph Want Ads "CUCK" THE ALTON AREA'S MOST POPULAR SOFT DRINK ... revealed by the 1956 Illinois Consumer Analysis without fillin S HE'S SLUE of herself, the girl of today. For, thanks to her wholesome, modern taste for the lighter, less filling foods, she knows her figure's a joy to look at—that her slender waistline does things for her dress. Today's Pepsi-Cola, reduced in calories, goes right along with this sensible trend in diet. Never heavy, never too sweet, Pepsi-Cola refreshes without filling. Have a Pepsi. The modern, the light refreshment. The Lidkc refreshment i PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO., Uc, Alton, Hi., iDiUr 40 lb«t(ty ft PDPfl-COtA CO., INC., NEW YORK, N.

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