Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 7, 1948 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1948
Page 21
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Phone -Kind for WANT AU Taker EVENING TIM!-:S, CU.MHKRLATV I), m, TUESDAY, i'WENTY-ONE News Ami Notes Ou The Nttiwork They'II Do It Every Time "What Makes You Tick?", the popular psycho'.OR.v audience participation shov,-, is recorded in advance of the actual broadcasts. Thai's to enable producer Addisun Smith to do sonic discreet ocliUnir and avoid censor trouble. o Parodying the popular song, "She's Her own Grandma" is Mnry Lnnsini: of CBS' The Guiding Li^ht. When she's not playing grandmother "Julie Collins," she is play- Ing granddaughter "Betty Barton." ——o Ralph ("Truth or Consequences) Edwards' extra-curricular activities this week include some time at RKO Studios, where he's making a television film to be shown nest January in support oi the March of Dimes. j o . Little-Known Dcpt.: To Ten: Koane, "Hope Evans" on CBS' B',71 Sister, acting is merely a stcppinj I stone to a singing career, Teri even- j tually hopes to make a name for! herself as a lyric soprano. —— o Louise Barclay, star of NBC's Road of Life is a "soap opra' 1 queen •with cood reason . . . ever since her overseas stint with the American Red Cross her croatest extrava- j>y £ E, BUTTEKFJE1.D gance has been soap. j 7>fE\v YORK — (fi" — A television —— o :sct. like any other man-made gadget CBS newscaster Lowell Thomas i.v w .j. n a ; ot O r intricate parts, can go currently working on a newspaperivj. lt i oncc j n a while, column which may be syndicated I A/HAT DOES SOON 30V THNK HE'S DOIN6 7 pRiNTiWis THOSE STAMPS WITH HIS FIST OR PLAYING HE'S A PiLc DRIVER?^/ \\ T DUNNO- Y^/ BUT THE OL7 \%\ 6AL'S ABOUT ; •/ SEEN THSR^ TfN MINUTES N& ~O WRITE ONE By Jimmy Hatio L1 ! L ABNER By Al Capp Or TriOS£ POSTOFFICE P=: TO BLOW A. \) gAp EN!0j6ri .. rUSE.SMES A JUNIOR/ EARTHQUAKE -vi ALONGSIDE yoo- v AH FEEJ.S WEAK AS LOVA' LI'L SI-MOO//' YO' HAS PROVIDED EATABLES AGiN .V HARD-aoiLED AIGS/T- VO' KNOWS HOW AH LOVES "Erl.'r- OH fOvOrP.-; HCW VO' MUST OF STRAINED •YORE. LI' IS.V- WOULD OF HISSED HIM.'r- THANK BCV-SKMOO. VO'IS A TRAITOR TO OUR SEX— NAME1-Y . TM'BOf-SEX.'T, — RUSTY RILIiY frank Godwin VgL'-.V.'S M-7H TKS O?~HE WLL, ALLR'SHT 1 Slir TK= LISK7S A'"2 i==?=ss, BILL/ V.'HAT CO '.'.5 C'.'/ ? "TR/IN6 TO WRITE IM THE POST OFFICE As HERCULES STAMPS SEASON'S GREETlMSS. THANX'.' AND A HAT TIP TO MRS. KUHM, IIS v,'ATKiN TERRACE; ROCHESTER, N.y. Video Fans Find "Old" Radio Flat Mary Hawortlis Mail EDITOR'S NOTE: ivitc's clmnie oncc dcplornblc. improves duo to J Ixuu'.'.s iniit'velc-iis iindcr.stundliif;: womcn'4 Jeu^oiis lioitihty frlEli throughout the world. o Clifford Curzon, brilliant English . , , i DEAR MARY HAWORTE: You When that happens, it does t\vo; 1]ave hc]ped me see Jr ,any thinprs | things. Sends the .set to the repair shop. more clearly, and I feel that yo'jr - . penetrating insight 'is backed by a , Sends the ridco Viewer back to his lylje sense of juslice . . llercrore ! am pianist, will make his second ap-,f jrs t love— he now calls it "old-lasn- | omboldcne d to present ray special pearar.ce as guest soloist on the ioned" radio. roblem, namel: other women's . problem, namely: other Vcorhees Concert Monday. Febru-i i n going back, he sets hit right,', slik c 01 . distrjst O r me ary 14, 19-39, it was announced today I j n the ear. He reacts almost like ; by Producer \Vallaco R. Magill. 'today's movie fan might feel if the To be truthful, my character was] quite deplorable until a lew years He was engaged following his jfilms suddenly went silent again, tremendously successful debut on | Even the best shows seem sort of the XEC program October 25. This [flat with nothing' to watch. nppcarance was his first in the; C ven impatient with music United States after his arrival from i casts. It just al! goes to England for a four-month concert i habit can do. 11 \seeir" to" attract hostility from tour and brought an unusual num-1 Topics' tonight: NBC—S Tins Isi womon ber of requests for a re-appeai-ance Your Life: 9 Bob Hope Comedy: 3:30 | Gcra j ct js vory P0 pula'- we have from listeners throughout the coun-!Fibber and Molly; 10:30 People Ai'cL ood fri cnc ] s v lc ! bccau's^ of his ins mesh of neurotic anxiety. One problem has to do with your ingrained guilt-charged devaluation Of self, an habitual refrain in yo:ir feeling' and thinking; raid the second lias to do with other women's fear of. your magnetic appeal to men. especially as combined with your earlier history of "deplorable" character—by which you mean reckless behavior. I assume. Hate is a derivative of fear and usually refers to damage done al some past time: and most people I (unaware of their emotional como: bu* with the help of my hus SUESS WE CAHT cw ANyTK"i'6 TILL CAN WE, BILL DOESN'T LOOK LIK 1 - IT, KIDS. I WISH I CCU'.V FIND A WATCH TO LOOK AT M'/ WATCH. I PAY=NT ANY ic2A a- Tr.= TIME- HE/ LOOK, E'LL.' I5.MT T BY JIMINY, THAT A SWCKCK SCtiSWKS 1 YOU'RE RISuT.' OVER THERE ? ^X WELL, AT LEAS7 VJS'LL HAVE SC.V.B STEVE CANYON By Milton l Canxff HOW'S flSOUT YOU \JUiT RECENTLY HIGH W6ETH HEETAH? MAKE YOU F5EL LIKE RIP KIRBY By Alex Raymond try. ! Funny. Mr. Curzon's tour -will take liimj CBS—8 Mystery Theater; D V/ej . i position I have to go to social gath- Into the west and mid-west and up | The People, Vic Damone, and others; into Canada, appearing 1 in his owr: recitals and with several of the 10 Hit the Jackpot; 10:30 Morey Amsterdam Show. quite often. Also at times I Til air Oicn, Ncurosi'* Love, in the good-will sense, is a derivative of phychologic:U and .social well beir.g, which in turn derives must go aione to represent him an sometimes I have noticed that women seem to hate me. country's leading orchestras. He will i ABC—7:30 Music Rclaxin' Time;:,_, r . , give his own Town Hall recital Jan-1 8:30 Twn Meeting "Is a United! »' omen O Hire sis uary S, 1949. •\\TBO HIGHLIGHTS TOHAV 3uc::.<::i;i- \ViIc 'N'OCI. Stella Dallas (NEC'. Lorenzo Joiir<; iNRC 1 . YoiiiiK WidcliT Brown i NBC at ?ivc. | Protestant Church. Possible?" 9:45|fl/ elt yj c /, Courtly Detroit Symphony; JO:SC .Let Free- Eycn ;]ly sisLcr . in .i aw sccms to be jealous, although I give her from habitual conditioning in sell respect and emotiona.l security. And as Scripture says, perfect love casts out 1'car. Further, it overflows in "charity." in that compassionate regard for one's fcllowmcr. that is; akin Lo Jove. All ol' which is preliminary to ;;ay- noiii-.K- that women who resistor "hate" ~*,.-w.- —., ...j.- -~--., , J^VLll -Jly M.TLU1-Ul-lau ^UUlJIrt IAJ '-"* .fUJ LU UlJJtll .i |JI UI111UJU.I .) I.U .UL.) dom Rinst. jealous, although I give her noling- that women who resistor "hate" MBS—8 George O Hahlor. Sl;it; l ca . JSC to ] 3C: and all this makes me I (i.e.. feari of you, prcstur.ably ior 9:30io:ie Wolf: 10 American Forum' fee] j. at ; 1c; . badly. ?.s I have no ill!what you are "or have been, arc -Labor Policy"; 10:30 He;sman< wi] , towar( j s any body. I seem to at-1 thereby advertising ''to those who I Trophy Football Award. i tract men without trying to. and'have insight; their own private hell r..w :;?\v>. fi:15 T.'ic Tlirc..- Sun--. (;:JO The SporibiiKUi'.-. Corner. f,:45 AJcoliollcs Anonyiiiou. 1 .. 7,l'0 T!ir' Supper Club 'NBC'. I:!."! Nrn'S o! l!ir World 'NEC.'. 7:^0 Tht* Sinoothlc.s <SBC', 7Sj Gm'.s: s:;tr-~AVHitc!' Ercinuin. 2:(i£> T^in is Your Life 'NBC'. S:;o Datu Will'. Judy iNBCi. J:PO Bob Hour Shou- iKBC'. • i:30 FibDf'r'McCicc t~ ^.loll jn.OO BiK Tyv':i tNDCl. 30:30 J'roplo Arc runny (NBCj. 1! :00 Xi-\vv .11:15 SO:IK» by Morion Downey iNBC'J. 11:30 Dunce Orchcitra (KBC>. i::00 Ncwi i NBC i. TOMOUHOU' NETWORK PROGRAMS Tim', is e.isurn st.ina.ird. Forccn. st.ind.ird subtract one Hour, for mountain st.inU.T'ti sublr.ict two bout's, Sonic local stations eh.innc hour of rel.iy to (it schedules. La it minute program clin.nges cannot be included. ; should I try to avoid them there:'after, or just let social intercourse happen as it will? ot resentful misgivings I'M 6:!J 1:30 "'35 D:00 0:30 30:00 10:30 10S5 i:-ii 1:00 S:15 1:30 ;fai.l ou it. J'lrtllcr. , j:rcnl:!ast on a rl.itlcr. News. Lrciiltlast on 11 riut'.ci'. World Kcv.-i Round-Uii (NBC.'), Thr Mlnulc Puriidc. MoriUnt Mcdltu'.iou. Honcyinoou In Kc\v Vorl: (NBC. 1 . MuiJc for "\Vedueidu.v. Ncwi. Fred Wurlni Shoir iNuC). Road o: Li:c .NEC'. Tho Brijh'.cr Di\y \NBC'. This is Nora DraCc 'NEC'. We Love and Learn 'N'BCi. Jacl: Berc.'i Show iNBC.'. Music at Mid-Day. xna-Oiiy Nrv;. Tile Band-land, P.. F. D. Concert. A:r^ ( •Will-. Creel: Hot Down. New*. E'.uciei hi 3!ack A: W.lilc. To Se Announced. Waller O'Kccfe'i Double o:- Nuih ::30 Today's Chi'.d.-cn iNIiCi. 2'As Ir.'.crlude^. 3:00 Lite C:m EC Bcnlltliul INISC'. 3:30 Prppcr Your.^'^ ruinily (N3CJ. ;;-:i Klcht 10 Jiuppnu'M iNBCj. AUJNTHET By KOBEKT QUJLLEN TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7 Evening 0:00—%'cws r.ooort l. r > illn.—nbo Newscast livery Day—cbs Notwork Silent Hour—abc-cast Kidilics Hour (repeat)—abc-wtst Network Silent (I iir.)—mbs-cas: Kiddies Hour (repeal)—inbs-wesc 6:15—Sports: .Music Time—nbc Vou and Then lev—cl« 6:45—Ne\v.^ by Three—nhc JLowsll Thomas (repeat 11)—cbs 7:00—Supppr Cluh—nl'c-basic The! Skic—cbs Xoivs and Commcnui.ry—abc l-'ulion Lewis, Jr.—nibs 7:15—Xewa and Commen:—r.bc .facie Smith Show—el's JXiily Commentary—abc Dinner Date— mbs 7:30—Smoothies Trio—nbe Jlob Crosby Club—cbs ilusic KehiT-.iri' Mmi;—abo XCWE Comment—Elba 7:45—XCIVR Common*—nba Xews i:ro:ulc:iHt—cba Sports Comment—mbs 3:00—Thin Is Your Life—nb'e .Mysiory Theater Play—cbs Youth Asks Government—abc Uco. O'i-Jar.lon Show—mbs 8:15—XCTVS Broadcast—abc 8:30—Date with Judy—r be -Mr. and -Mrs. North—cbs America's Town ilfeliriE—abc • DDicclivo Drama—mbs B:L»—Hy Gardner Says—mb» 9:03—Bob liopo Show—nbc \\~<j the J'eople, Guest—cbs Cabric! llcattcr. Comment—mbs 9:1i>.—Xcivs Eroadcast—mbs 9:33—Fibber anfl Jlol'.y—TIUC Jvifc \vlLh Lull,'!—t'L:i NIJIVE Comment—abc !Loae \VoIf Urarr.u—nibs 9:45—Detroit Symphony—abc 9:55—NCW.I for C .Mlnutca—mba 10:00—B:? Truvn Drain:i—nbe Jilt the ,tacl:t>ot—ubs American l-'urum—mba 10:30—Pcoplo Aro Funny—nbc M. Amsterdam show—eba J-et yreedC'm Kins—abc Dance Orchts-.-.-a.—mbs 10:45—Strir.s Serenade—abc 11:CO—NPWS, Variety. : hrs.—cbs News and Dance Banil—abc News. Band i: hrs.—mba 11:1S~Ncwa & Variely to 1—nbc 12:00—Dancins Con-.h.uod—abc-west about their emolionnl security, personal vnlue or lovcworthircss. And Sometimes I don't dare prolong a I you, on the rccclvlns 1 end ol their I conversation with u man, as anyone | anxious venom, guiltily led you've normally would at a cocktail party | got it coining to you, when in truth or concert intermission, for fear liisjjr. voflccts tlieii- problem, their spirit- wire or friend will be of fenced; and ; ual disorder. . although I wonder at times if I': Thus for advice: read Uie .signiii- should cai'c what people think. Ijcancc ol' thcit- l;chavior aright, ciis- imincdiatcly feel that I hate to hurt; miss Jt 1'rom, co:n- anyone's J'ecliiiRS. . I passionately, and never let il/ blight Won't you please tell me what'your afTablMty. This will altitude I should take t o war da 1 be progress, but even, so, it still people in general? Sometimes I am'doesn't gel at your primary problem, so confused that I can't sleep for: lo-wit, a frightened, guilt-complex, hours after going to bed. C. F. TivO'Parl ProbLvnis: J'ei'soiuiL And Social DEAR C. P.: It appears Unit you! have two problems here, one sub-j jective and the other social; each i playing upon the other in r. vicious I circle that aggravates both ar.d pro-j gressivcly involves you in a tighten-! Sn.nd for guidance in dissolving that, II recommend study of Rabbi Joshua !Loth Liobman's great book, "Peace j of Mind" Simon & Schuster, publishers). Mary jraworth co'jr.scls lliruunli Her colUHin. noi Ijy n'.iill or jjcr.sonni Intrr- vicw. Write her 4n care ol The Evc- r:i:i& Ti;nc:j, fCopvrigh:.. 10«8. Tin? 'vV.'thin^ton PosU [Dlstr'lb'jied by King Ftaiuros Syndicate) The Worry Clinic Dr. EDITOR'S NOTE: It require:, about -I) minutes for -js lo cci "warmed up" to our \vorl:, v-'hcther ic be ir.eiu:tl or ]jl:ys!gn!. thcn'Torc. tVilltinp -Of 1:1- .spl.--atloi! to spur you on. PljnKt jnu> yor,! 1 V'Ol'r: by slicci- crfort :;nd ivit'iin il>iir nil hou: 1 you'll i)0 -:n lll'^h seal', pui-nnp idonp; Miioo'.hly on nl) a r.icn- Uil cyllr.dcr 1 .. CASE S-232: Anita H., ngcd 22, has literary aspirations. j "But, Dr. Crane. I 1'ecl so ciis- ; sus'.cd with myself,'' she burst out ' rge \\". Crane__ motors in that they r.eed a warming tip period before they hit on all 8 cylinders. Uven in our factories, -,vc find Lhal the .first 30 minutes in the morning arc lov; ivi productlviLy, because the men and women haven't warmed up yet. And arter the lunch period, the first half hour is also characterized by .similar lethargy and inefficiency, though not quite so marked. Our schools also demonstrate this! ' I'LL MISS VC'J, HOM=V... BUT VCU'Li BE BACK IM NEW VOZ< SOON. eoco LUCK WITH VCLS FASHICM SHC'.V/ ffs V?»C SHIPBOASC .fi& -rcSvFURTATOXS' •L WAV HAVE TO 0:SCSEY ORDERS, DES... IS CABLE CAL.LHO F05 ACTION... AVD A FLIRTATION A'AV BS THE O.N'LV '.'.'AY. GCME BELOW, A.V3 I'LL TELL VCU S^. wwr\ ii I A-3O'!T IT... OUR FSiSS'CS IM V/ASi-'IS'STCM SLSfSTff li'S BUGS BUNNY _ IT'S - Bl& EHOU&H FE2. ME, D3C? /p IT'S OOTTA HAWS PLSNTV »_ o' SPEED / NEW CAR, HE OWES M= fox. 9.965 HE •A. E'-MES.' HOW p'yA. UKE %^"? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin TIM TYLER'S LUCK By Lyman Young "for I am certainly a victim of procrastination. same inertia of human beings. "Un••At niRlu I hnvc enthusiasm :indjleK.s we quiz our sUidcnLs every think I'll set the world afire—the | week on Llieir textbook assignments, many of them will delay opening a boolc until Just before linal exams, following day! ' "But v.'hcu I waken next morning. • I waste time and keep putting off . the task of sitting down to my desk. j "I manufacture excuses and sec- iretly am glad to have-an errand or I some other minor task to justify when they try lo dope themselves; wi'.h black coffee and cram far into| the night, | When we are "cold," so to speak,: our blood pressure is lower, our! heart is beating more slowly, and our j tlioiifi'liLs don't formulate rapidly. I After we set into action, our blood I never believe Amy's gossip. She doesn't fib: but if sliu tried to describe H lien's cackle, .slic'd sav it sounded like moo or ba. Court Colors ASTORIA, Ore., hish .school has a done in the school colors—purple and sold. The sold boundary line is dramatized by a three-fooi-wic'.c border of purple on the ouisicie. Fire Company At CorriganuUle Elects Officers I Officers of tile CorriKanville Vol- juntecr Fire Company were ejected | last nifht -it the Fire Hall with Joseph C. Stuckey being named — Astoria president, basketball court; He replaces Calvin Dclbropk | my being' away from the typewriter. "Dr. Crane, am I just jiaturally 'weak-willed': 1 How can I ever teach! I myself to accomplish things worth [pressure rises, our heart picks up its : w ''iilc?" speed, :n-.d wo think more easily. ' ' ' Words may cascade in torrents icil- when a man is all "steamed up", The I but they issue slowly at the bc- •innins'or a talk when he i.s still! Do It Now Procrastination is almost a versal trait of both sexes. Spanish have a Rood word for it in "manana,'' meaning 1 "tomorow." I know an author who used lo accomplish nothing before noon, because he manufactured excuses to avoid creative writing. For instance, he would decide his typewriter needed cleaning and oil- / WE CAN ALL EASILY ^ 1 SLIP AWAY AND TAKE -• N /^ ^^S ALETTA TOO ' SAY— THE WARRIORS \f YES/ IMAGINE W WHERE IS ALETTA? ARE IGNORING US f OUR OLD PET H SHE WAS i_yiNG COMPLETELY IN J WHISKERS NOW ^ UNCONSCIOUS — THEIR WILD \l BEING A SACRED XT GQSW / CELEBRATION '^ " "' ' ^ l gropiiif and stumbling along slug- - gishly. Even a track athlete must warm up, too, before his muscles function best. Since in mental as well as physical work, we all confront this .Mug- was cnoscn treasurer. Other officers to succeed Stuckey as elected include Robert Lcpley, vice president: Ron- a'id Clites. recording sscreUiry, Bdi- jamin Cordon, financial secretary; Glenn Murray. sei'Kcant-at-arms: and Maurice Murray, three-year trustee. The holdover trustees are Raymond C. Allen and Edwin Perry. H. W. Mart/, wa.s ro-clccl«l Gordon. L -d Tin 1 officers will be inslalk-d ntj,] ir; ' j-.g or the ribbon on it should yish first half hour., it behooves be changed, or he should RO lo the,us to buckle down and get it over stationery shop for sonic fresh car- : with, so we'll be hitung on ail 8 bon paper, or his pencils needed cylinders by D n. m. instead of by sharpening, etc. i 11:00 a. in., thus salvasir.p two more Finally, he oskcd his wife to uhesk i his typewriter and pencils each: morning 1 before he reached them, he wouldn't liave any fur- of. productive morning time. As an additional means of speeding 1 up accomplishment, each nigh write out an agenda or list o:' 'ther excuse to dillydally. morrow's duties, and then check ' v ., lu! , of Dcarifincs l!;i cm off next day as you complete i M;Uiy p,.j zc contests are nowjuach one. j ,.. ,,,„;,,„ ],, newspapers and inaga- i (Ccmyriaiii 'iy -n,- Ji.>;ii:in.'; sj-miisii-.i-. ii.c.i Oklen Geigc: 1 ii.ssisliini.l.,^,;,.. y hcy nx-quciitly give the con- : chief. Harry C. Walters wa.s elected , lcsl . mls (;' v ,. CP |:s warning about the i WOIIKHI :ill<l Sull Injured hall mamiyui-. .... i deadline, and may furnisli complete :, ,,,..,. live lire dual,-. , MZZ]fs ln advance, but do uic: Af! •"••""• •"•'"* - Martz reappointed us follows: Stuckey, C. Clinton Del- nnl Vi CS go into the mail early? brook, Albert Snclson, Lcpley an'.. | jj 0i -^g TJ U II< of Ihem aren't finish- till Hie reKUlnr meeting December tl'i.: witli a special pro'^ and socJail BOWIE — l.-i'i — Mrs. Ljllia:i V. Sl.tii'Bis. ^T. of Lanham Park. Md., the last week. Indeed, on and her five-yenr-oki son, Bornarcl final day or IWo before the j Canny, escaped serious injury yes- ..Ciidline there i.s a real sUi:npede. Many of the entries are thus dis- qualilJed for minor mistakes ami typographical errors occasioned by (.'his mnd scramble during the la.^t row hours, despite the fact that the contestants had leisurely job. C weeks to do a . If it weren't for deadlines, however, I would never get my "Case Records'' written cadi week, ar.c probably half the other stories wouldn't be completed for this newspaper except under the urgency |of a deadline. I Tlic "Warming 1 Up" Process I People are much like gasoline I arc scrfts by 153 exchanges. Icrday v.'iicn the family bile was demolished by a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train crossing here. The woman, wife of Bernard t.. Slurbs, an employe of a Brentwood, Md., eonstr.iu'.ion reported in K'ood condition al Prince! Gfioncs General Hospital. Wa.s released after treatment Hynttsvillc police said wns thrown almost 70 feet from U'.e IS'cw fiforl; City inure than 1,500,00* telephones in use. These ,„,-'< \ SMALL NOT PASS THROUSM THE CASTLE ALETTA? MY SISTER I PLEAD THAT YOU —r>~\ FLEE WITH us- GATES ALIVE/.. tfy Merrill Blosser FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS . L ONlV / To 6ET TO HEAVEN .' WE SURE UMDEZESTlMATED THAT HARP ' ,. HEY/ A MCBLE IMSTRUMENT; / A L/XTCHOMTO THIS, / HOT. SQUARE/ s{ HARP HUCKS, vou COULD MUSIC BY POUSIN&- SALT THROUGH scw- OLD 6ED SPRN&S ' // By Dudley Fiskei oi= U WOI?x' blD'OLD / US BACKED t> RING^ 00 TrllS 1 AML.l^/'iAAhJ AND 1i-l£ AFTEPNOOM ' V POSTMAN AND CHASED AMCWUwlM. X ^^ pApESBmM]0 CHEWED THE LEG OFF -(•^ ',T^^X \ THE KITCHEN CHAi(? .' •} DQMT GE.T EXCITED, DEAO ; 000!? 8IMCO WOODED SO . ln:S Ai=TEI?.-JOO.Nl, -'' IfOLD M'M WE CCULO

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